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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hilarious Sun News debut is hilarious xD

SUN News' debut is hilarious xD

>_>;; This sounds wonderful. They can't just be like "we're a new network, here's the news". I mean EVERYBODY knows they're trying to be the Canadian FOX news, but they gotta keep up the trumpets so their base knows "WE WILL SUPPORT YOU AGAINST THE LEFTY CONSPIRACY!" xD

The hosts and reporters all explained what they would be doing at Sun News. Bromides were involved. There would “be no sacred cows.” They are “raising the bar.” It’s “not going to be politics as usual.” And, most importantly, they “are going to cover the stories that matter.” The stories that “people really want to hear about.”

This, apparently, even extends to the weather. Krista Erickson, who will anchor the Canada Live afternoon program and who was given the unenviable task of hosting the Sun News “pre-game show,” introduced weather specialist Michelle Jobin, who showed off a fancy monitor with a giant “EXTREME WEATHER” banner on it. Ms. Jobin explained that the screen was state-of-the-art, and that she would use it to “tell stories about weather that matter to Canadians.” Finally, a network that is unafraid to tell the real weather stories, not like those lefties at the CBC with their pro-hail biases and their PC attitudes toward snow squalls.

Ms. Erickson noted that she knows viewers have a lot of frustration toward weather forecasts. “Not with Michelle,” she said. “You can count on her.”


Y'know when the National Post thinks you're a joke as a right wing mouthpiece, there's an issue here xD

Also I was talking w/ a friend about this and then this happened:

[22:54] Pazi: That was a real nice country you guys had once. >>
[22:54] Ami Angelwings: yeah D:
[22:54] Ami Angelwings: but it prolly won't catch on that big
[22:54] Ami Angelwings: i hoep not neways
[22:55] Ami Angelwings: maybe ppl rly are sick of hearing about spring showers without being told the truth that they come from China
[22:56] Pazi: They're outsourcing Canadian weather to cheaper atmospheric conditions in East Asia.
[22:56] Ami Angelwings: xD yus
[22:56] Ami Angelwings: also the slow islamic takeover of our weather system
[22:57] Pazi: The prevailing wind blows East.

Toward *Mecca*. Coincidence? I think not!
[22:57] Ami Angelwings: xDDDD
[22:57] Ami Angelwings: and towards quebec!
[22:57] Ami Angelwings: those frenchies want EVERYTHING
[22:57] Pazi: Like M&M's the color of their flag!
[22:58] Ami Angelwings: yesterday the CBC said it would rain, today they said it'll be sunny.. WHICH IS IT!? SUN News weather doesn't flip flop
[23:00] Pazi: Here at Sun News we're dedicated to finding the causes of weather and eradicating them, so that our forecasts will always be accurate.
[23:00] Ami Angelwings: xD
[23:00] Ami Angelwings: there should be no state restrictions on weather
[23:00] Ami Angelwings: why must it always be cold in the winter and warm in the summer? we say let the free market decide!
[23:02] Pazi: Tired of chaotic phenomena determining the temperature and speed of the air you breathe? Sick of being confused by seasonal patterns that change according to events outside your own country? Suspicious of foreign influence on your precipitation? Sun News is there.
[23:02] Pazi: XD
[23:02] Ami Angelwings: xD
[23:04] Pazi: Tornadoes rip through the Prairie provinces, devastating as many as dozens of lives. Sun News brings you a special report tonight on the possible origins of this terrorist cell!
[23:04] Ami Angelwings: City of Toronto issues cold weather alert for homeless. As usual the PC lefties give a handout and support the welfare industry. If ppl can get the weather for free where's the incentive for them to get off their lazy (encounter suited) butts and get a job and buy a tv and SUN news!?
[23:06] Pazi: Can freezing rain cause cancer? Our in-depth coverage starts on Sun News At 11...and the answer may surprise you.
[23:07] Pazi: Lightning and Thunder: Benign Atmospheric Discharge, or Alien Particle Beam Attack? Find out tonight!
[23:10] Ami Angelwings: I'm so sick of how the sun is red during sunset... how mcuh is it costing taxpayers for this Liberal propaganda!? how come we never have a blue sun? you just know our activist judges would never allow this!
[23:12] Pazi: I hear in BC the sun turns the whole sky pink when it sets! We let these people marry, and now they insist on forcing their colors, the symbol of their perverse lifestyle, on our skies and children!