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Saturday, November 28, 2009

To Jeff Blair: You're Not Helping™

Dear Jeff Blair (aka Hawkman),

I normally respect you even when I dun agree with you, but your statement on the Primetime Sports (the most listened to sports talk radio show in Canada) roundtable on Friday about how you would never wear a hockey jersey because "I'm not certain I would want to wear the name of a male who is 24 years old on my back, I dunno, you know what I mean?" is NOT FUCKING FUNNY. What's esp screwed up is that you just co-wrote a great article in the Globe and Mail the same day about homophobia in sports, and about the casual homophobic insults and jokes that happen in the lockerroom that make queer ppl afraid to come out in a sports setting (there are still no "out" active players in any of the pro sports, and in all of hockey, until Brendan Burke came out, there were no players OR staff at either the pro or university levels of hockey that was out either) and YOU ARE F-ING CONTRIBUTING TO IT WITH THAT LITTLE "JOKE" of yours! >:O I hope the irony smacked you in the head after the show when you realized what the hell you said >:O

No love, your ex-fan-girl