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Friday, October 21, 2011

How The Code helped kill the Boogeyman

(this is something I just wrote on No Seriously, What About Teh Menz, and I'm putting it here too)

Fall of the Boogeyman (Trigger Warnings: depression, drug addiction, alcoholism)

This is a powerful and sad piece from Sportsnet magazine about the final days of Derek Boogaard, the New York Rangers enforcer who tragically died this summer due to painkillers and alcohol. He's one of three NHL enforcers who died this summer (the other two being Rick Rypien and Wade Belak). All three struggled with depression and at least one committed suicide (there are differing stories regarding Wade Belak).

Reading through, you really get a picture of just how dark and painful Derek Boogaard's world had become, physically and mentally. And after I read it, it felt to me almost like that, although he didn't commit suicide, he didn't seem to care if he lived towards the end. And, although I have absolutely no idea how he specifically felt, I do really understand depression, and the darkness that becomes your life, because I went through 10 years of that, and it angers me that there are some people who, in the wake of these men's deaths, have said "you get paid millions to play a game, suck it up" or as Michael Grange of Sportsnet said on Prime Time Sports, in response to somebody saying the players need a better support system, "your first paycheque is your support system". No. Depression, drug addiction and post-concussion syndrome, are NOT things you can just suck up, they're not things money can fix, and it can strike any of us. This isn't "I feel a little down today". This is (at least for me) a pervasive darkness that swallows up everything in your life, that is with you when you wake up, and is still there when you go to bed.