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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Apparently cis men can't be topless either if they could be "deemed" to be female -_-;;

Bookstore chain censors magazine cover of topless male model

A major U.S. bookstore chain has censored the cover of the latest Dossier Journal fashion magazine, which depicts an androgynous male model with his shirt off.

Barnes & Noble requested that the magazines be sold in black, opaque plastic bags at the publisher’s expense because “the model is young and it could be deemed as a naked female,” according to reports.

The move shocked Dossier’s staff, and local censorship experts are calling the explanation “bogus.”

Other media have also reported that another chain, Borders, is censoring the magazine cover, but a company spokesperson told the Star it never made such a request. Barnes & Noble could not be reached for comment.

Oh FFS -_-;; So apparently even cis men being topless is "lewd" if they might be "deemed" to be a woman? -_-;; If this stupidity doesn't put the lie to our arbitrary gender divisions and assumptions in society, I dunno what does -_-;;;

Plus it shows just how much our perception of gender is based on social construction (make up, pose, size of body, facial features, etc) and not on what's between ppl's legs like all the transphobes love to talk about >_>;;

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Cosplayers in the Mist

I love it when the mainstream media realizes that ppl "not like them" exist XDDD

OMG A COMICON, COSPLAY, RLY? :OOO And I love how he acts as if he's bringing fire to the ignorant masses, telling them about these strange comicons, and the ppl that inhabit them! xD

From which we can draw only one conclusion: some people have way too much time on their hands.

I mean this in the nicest possible way. Over the past four days, I have met some of the friendliest, most intelligent and good-hearted folks I have ever seen gathered together at one time in one place.

I respect and admire their dedication, their passion, their enthusiasm, their fellowship, their uncanny ability to withstand intense temperatures ...

He seems to mean well, or at least want to say "no no no they're rly nice, rly!" but like all these articles about "this group of ppl that seem strange to me" it turns into "but srsly dun be too freaky ok?"

But if I see one more "adult" dressed up like a kid in a costume, cape or catsuit, I will be tempted to rip it off and smother them with it.

Fun may be fun, but enough is enough. It was amusing for a day or so, then repetitious, but when I started to notice their ranks being infiltrated by some of those creepy "furry" people – you know, the ones who get off on dressing up as plush toys and rubbing up against each other ...

I like how dressing up is a "kid" thing.. and the whole "hay hay hay... y'know I respect how different you are to me in my eyes, but there are limits..."

And that he got all his information on furries from CSI >.>;; Using the ... is a nice way too of him just hinting at disparaging them with an elbow nudge and wink of "y'know how these freaks are..." :\

And I love how accepting he says he is, and then turns around and says how he wants to kill ppl who are dressing up cuz it's just "too much" for him. Um.. believe it or dun, ppl dun exist to "amuse" you. XD He acts as if cosplayers are only good for a short time, then it's like "okay too much, go away now", as if it's all about him. xD

I guess any fringe behaviour attracts its share of excess. But halfway through the weekend I found myself longing for a real conversation with someone – anyone – whose voice wasn't muffled by a mask or helmet.

I exaggerate, of course. Comic-Con has its share of socially acceptable, normally dressed, perfectly presentable genre enthusiasts.

Pssht.. normal ppl.. your mainstream news spy here.. um.. they're not all crazy okay? There are some normies here... they look and act like you.. they're not nuts like the rest.. comic fans are ok.. at least.. some of them.. the ones that look normal...

blah blah blah

And "excess" as if there are some cosplayers who just "go too far" for his delicate sensibilities xD

I find the article amusing, as I do any article where the person JUST REALIZED THERE IS A SUBCULTURE OUT THERE THAT IS DIFFERENT TO THEM, and how he's like straining against his politeness to express what losers he thinks cosplayers are ("they're nice ppl! I just can't stand being around them!")

And funny how his report on SDC is less about SDC and more about how weird cosplayers are o_O;; And furries.. those DANGEROUS DANGEROUS furries!

Maybe it's just cuz I recognize this style of reporting (except less polite) re: transppl and queer ppl that it's making me go *sigh*, but I'm tired of mainstream news outlets thinking that stuff doesn't exist until they hear of it, and then omg we have to report on it cuz it's SO STRANGE and like.. that cosplaying is NEWS? Rly? Rly rly? *headdesk*

And also the whole "there are ppl who are socially acceptable and normal here too" thing.. *sighs*

I like cosplaying, it's fun :D Well... I like wearing my ear hats and angel wings neways! xD I wore them again at London (Ontario) Pride this weekend too! :D Hehehe.. I've been in 3 Prides in 3 seperate cities this summer now ^-^;;;

Neways, silly article is silly xD

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Oh Noez! MAH MEDS MADE ME GHAYYYY!!!! (glarfed from Megan Julca :) )


The compulsion and stuff I can understand and see as being a result of the meds, but clearly there's something ELSE about him he's prolly in denial about xDD Also it's silly that they make it sound like the meds turned him gay, rather than focussing on the real problem (that it apparently made him compulsive and he couldn't stop gambling).

Gambling is a real problem >:|

Plus it implies that being gay is a disorder (since they said "Jambart was given different medication and his disorders disappeared.") >:O

Hopefully he comes clean with his gay/bi-ness to himsef now xD But sably, he prolly wun and will prolly sue in the future that it permanently made him gay/bi :(

On another note:

Somebody searched for:


and found my blog. xDDD

I enjoy how it's in all caps too xDDD

Of course those pix aren't on my public blog, they're on my pay-per-view site! xDDDD

Sry to dissapoint. :D