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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

:( but not surprising... but still :(

Study: Discrimination Takes A Toll On Transgendered Americans

More than 40 percent of transgender Americans have attempted suicide. That's according to a new, first-of-its-kind survey into discrimination against people who express a gender identity different to the one with which they were born.

I dunno whether to be glad that the comments aren't filled with transphobic cis ppl or to be annoyed that the comments are one giant troll by one of the "i'm transsexual not transgender like those freaks" types who believe the only "true" trans ppl are those who get surgery and go completely stealth and don't violate gender norms -_-;;;

I love how she goes into the "trans ppl who don't fit strict gender norms, or don't get surgery, or identify as neither gender are just confused gay ppl!" trope -_- CAMH must lurve her >_>

As for the article, the sad part is that rather than the high attempted suicide rate be seen as a terrible thing, and a reason why transphobia must be fought, it's always used against us as "see, those crazy ppl want to kill themselves! how can we trust nething they say!" -_-;; Have had psychs use that on me in the past, and transphobic trolls now -_-;; I had a recent run in with such ppl on an article about trans acceptance by families in the comments, and I just left it once they brought it out cuz it was clear they had no real intention of listening to trans ppl or when I correct them about how the process is like. xD I mean when you say "I'm against transitioning b/c it's forced on ppl by the medical and psychiatric types and they're told they're trans.. and I say actually um... society thinks a lot like you and I had to rly fight and push for this and psychs were always telling me maybe i'm NOT trans... and you then switch to "OH YOU NEEDED PSYCH HELP!? YOU TRIED TO KILL YOURSELF? SEE SEE!! YOU SICK PPL YOU!" it's clear that you dun rly care about trans ppl nor did you come to your transphobia b/c you thought this was the way things were since when you found out you were wrong, your transphobia changed arguments xD

But that's why we need more education and to not teach children that sex and gender so rigid and set in stone.. that biology is destiny, or that girls are pink and boys are blue... so that stats like this that shows the high suicide rate of pre-transitioned trans ppl show up the Occam's Razor is "it must be so painful to not be able to be yourself and also be in a society that hates you and maybe w/ family that does too" than "see this just proves trans ppl are crazy and can't be trusted".

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

*sighs and slumps* :(

This is so sad :(

I'm unsure of the pronoun use too(but after some thought I'm going to use female) because there's still no mention of her pronoun preference or identity, if that changed or what... using her old name to write again doesn't necessarily mean that... but :( The article seems to just assume that she de-transitioned but it doesn't seem clear to me what she would have preferred.

I remember when Daniels came out and it was this huge thing and I was impressed the comments were so positive and it was rly rly brave and must have been so hard, esp to do it publicly in a job that had such a profile... and... :\

*sighs* :(

horrible horrible world :(

Rest in Peace Christine.

Friday, July 04, 2008

R.I.P. Michael Turner (April 21, 1971 - June 27, 2008) :(


Poor Michael :( He died so young ;-;

I feel awful for his family and friends and loved ones :(


I actually got into superhero comics b/c of him and his art in the Superman/Batman arc where they re-introduced Supergirl and he made Kara seem rly happy and positive and it was inspiring to me :) I'm a fan of his art style, even if I might have issues with some of his work, and I always hoped to meet him someday (something I wrote on myspace which made ppl go o_O) :] I regret I never got the chance :(

This has been my desktop wallpaper for... going on 2 years I think :]

I guess.. I was rly shocked to hear that he had died.. he does have a special place with me for comic artists b/c it was his Supergirl (and how strong and happy and positive she looked) that got me into comics which got me into City of Heroes and playing Starlight Angel (the Supergirl of teh Ami-verse! :D) which led me to come out to myself and be who I rly am :) So yus. *nods* Sometimes I wonder how he'd draw teh Ami-verse XD

Neways.. in tribute here is a picture of his Wonder Woman and Supergirl as posters that sit above my bed and protect me at night :) They both look so awesome there :D


R.I.P. Michael Turner :( You will be missed. :(

*sends heavenly angel cats* :)