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Monday, April 11, 2011

Back to the Future.. or is that Forward to the Past? xD

The return of the Commodore 64 and Amiga!

This is so v cool xD

Tho albeit, yeah, this is more from and to the Generation That Never Grew Up (or the Generation that TIME LEFT BEHINNNDDDDDDD). xD Our kids will be living a souped up (or screwed up in the case of some superhero companies >_> ) version of our childhood forever... and their kids... and however long until we die off xD But this is still v v cool xD I'm shocked this didn't rly occur to ppl beforehand (tho that might be a rights thing) to make modern computers in a retro shell but now they're here! xD I wonder if this will flop or be huge... I mean I get that now we've got a generation in "Western" countries with historically few children, high disposable income (or credit >_> ) and in a way, never rly grew up, ppl just want adult versions of stuff they grew up w/ (IGN, and a lot of reviews from 20-30 somethings online of kids cartoon shows based on our childhood exemplify this, criticizing it if it doesn't have enough "adult" themes, or seems to "kiddy", forgetting that this isn't in theory for them, it seems more and more we expect comics, weekend morning cartoons, etc to still be for US but as adults nao xD it's like we can't admit that we want to be kids, pretend it's for our kids, but make it adultized so it's rly for us xD ) and this Commodore reboot would def fulfill THAT desire. But is it enuf? :o I'm not that techy, so somebody else will have to tell me if this actually seems like a good COMPUTER, but I'm just speaking in terms of the nostalgia factor alone... I wonder how long term that can last... I guess as long as you put your foot in the door.. then it's up to you to make it last and prove yourself :)

But still, I admit to thinking this is v nifty :3 I grew up w/ a Commodore and.. well okay, I dun remember it all that fondly rly... I was too young when it was rly being used.. and I pined for an NES (& honestly I feel like I grew up as a kid in the 90s & 00s xD )... but... the cute little grey shape is still v cute to me :) I'm sure there's a lot of ppl who will rly SQUEE at this tho :D So yay! :D Maybe this will make a great mother's or father's day present >_> "here dad/mom... now can you please shut up about your stories of Pac-Man, Pitfall and your weird "20 goto 10" jokes!?"


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Realizations that make me want to dance around my house :)

This "If Your 8 Year Old Self Met You Would They Be Proud?" meme is going around and most ppl seem to be saying no. Oddly... I find myself saying YES. :3 Even tho I am pretty upset at the smouldering crater that is my life, and that I transitioned later than I wish. BUT I DID IT. And to my 8 y/o self it'd be a fantasy. I think she would be very happy :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pleasently surprised and impressed :)

Yet another sports post >_>;; If only I could find a way to fuse sports and comics together (and yus I'm aware of the Barkley vs Godzilla, etc stuff xD that's not quite what I would prefer xDDDD).. >_>;;;

My kingdom for a cute boy or girlfriend who is both a sports and comics fanatic! XD

Of course, I would need a kingdom first >_>;; So um... my comics collection for a kingdom! :D

Rawr :O

NEWAYS... so last night I was listening to the podcast of Primetime Sports (aka the Justice League of Sports) while I was lying in bed and Bob McCown was talking with their legal analyst Rob Becker about the woman who had accused Ben Rothlisberger of rape.

Bob was talking about how he found it suspicious that she took 11 months to take any (public) action on the crime and that if he thought he had been "hard done by" either "sexually or otherwise" he would have gone to the police immediately. Rob Becker responded by pointing out that as 3 men (Bob, Rob, Bob's cohost) it's easy for them to sit around and say these things, and that by saying "sexually or otherwise", Bob had jumped over the issue... and that survivors of rape often go through a lot of things including shame and fear and guilt and worrying that they had asked for it, or had brought it on themselves, or how the media will portray them, and the slut-shaming and everything else that rape survivors often have to deal with.. and that it's a very difficult crime to report and a lot of ppl dun report it and it's not like being robbed or something.

And Bob responded by saying "you're right" and that Rob had convinced him and that it wasn't suspicious with all those factors involved. :O

And... :) It reminded me why I respected and liked Bob so much as a radio personality.. I've never honestly heard a person actually go back on something like this when it's explained to them, and.. that's why I like Bob :) He actually listens and he's not going to take it personally if somebody disagrees with him.. :)

And just with the media coverage of this in general and hte general reaction I've gotten from men I know.. it's just refreshing to hear both Rob say something liek this and Bob listen and go "yeah, you're right, I didn't htink of that" :)

As a survivor myself.. it just.. it means a lot to me.. :) It's rly hard for me to talk about and I'll prolly still tiptoe around it a lot :( But I never reported what happened to me b/c it was a he said/she said thing, and he was well liked among ppl I knew, and.. as a trans person there's a whole other dimension that scares me too and just... I was ashamed.. and I blamed myself a lot... he was my best friend in HS and I trusted him... and I felt like it was my fault somehow... and after a few months I thought "if I talked about it now, wouldn't ppl wonder why it took me a few months?" and I did lose some friend over it too, ppl who said "if it happened why didn't you leave?" or "why didn't you run?" and ... :(


I guess.. just.. that's why hearing this meant a lot to me... hearing a man go "you're right it's not the simple" just... it makes me happy :)

And this is why I love Primetime Sports and I love Batman Bob McCown (and FYI, I think if you were in Kitwana Jones' position, you would have done the right thing too :) Even if you had to get out of your car xD)

Edit: (that and my JLA/PTS post was linked on, Bob McCown's official site, and is still on the front page which made me squeee SO MUCH when I found out! :DDDDDDDDDD I'm still squeeing >_>)