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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Trans March 2011! :D

Today was Trans March! :D I wore my wings! (as I should since I'm Ami ANGELWINGS xD ) and it was pretty fun! Except that I was holding a banner -_- And was w/ the one woman who got more attn than me xD Which is fine, and I got tons of pix taken neways and ppl wanting to pose w/ me xD It was just amusing xD

Also there was a breakaway group who marched down Yonge St. which I wanted to do too, but was told they we weren't.. if I knew they were doing it, I would have... cuz we SHOULD >:| The other 2 marches (Dyke March and Pride) do... and we just walk down Church thru the village >:\ Why not us? -_-;;

But neways! it was still fun and I have a few pix of it :D


That is all :3

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Super Ami and Ami Angelwings :D

Today Supergirl and Ami Angelwings got to finally meet and have Brave and the Bold type cross over adventures together! :D Unfortunately Supergirl lost her cape somewhere along the way :( And Ami is lacking her magic bow and arrow (Ami Angelwings is actually a character in the Ami comic verse :D) XD But that's okay! :D

They teamed up and good fun was had by all ^___^

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pink Yoshis and White Amis :D

I bought a pink Yoshi today :D And the super cutest best evar Hello Kitty handbag :D It's so fuzzy! :3


I am pleased :D

Also I thought I looked cute today and I'm vain so I also posted pix XD I'm a little slouchy in the last pic :(

And apparently according to my poll nobody wants to look at me neways! >:O They'd rather read memes XDDDD

Does gold pressed latinum live up to the hype? XDDD

I thought that this week's Photoshop Phriday from was esp fun and creative :D

Here are my favourites :3 I would like to see these magazines! >:D

Esp Faxim and ARGH >_>;;

ARGH Magazine :D

Rolling Rocks, the magazine for the modern dwarf xD

Faxim :O

Right: The opposite of wrong!

Cookie of Fortune XDDD

I only linked instead of posting the pix to save ppl with dial up grief :D