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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hey! A Nice Guy (tm) compares his plight to that of the holocaust! How charming v_v

This is the grossest thing evar (the quoted stuff, not the tumblr account)

When the Feminists came for the Rapists,
I remained silent;
I was not a Rapist.

When they locked up the stalkers,
I remained silent;
I was not a stalker.

When they came for the Players,
I did not speak out;
I was not a Player.

When they came for the men who they got bored of,
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a some one they were bored of yet.

When they came for me, the nice guy,
there was no one left to speak out.

Came from this whiny "nice guy"

He's such a nice guy he just took a poem about the holocaust and turned it all into some whine about the poor plight of Nice Guys(tm) e_e (his tumblr thing also calls us "femiNAZI"s a lot (his caps, not mine) >_<;;


I think EVERY guy should be offended that he thinks being a rapist and a nice guy are just two ends of a spectrum >:| WTF

And you do know that ppl being against RAPE is b/c rape is BAD? Not b/c rapists are some poor beset upon ethnic group or something >:\ Rapists HARM OTHERS by being rapists. Jewish ppl, Romani, gay people, etc... do NOT >:|

He makes it sound like we just target rapists for fun! And after we're done w/ them we'll move on -_-


And yeah apparently boring guys and nice guys are lumped in w/ stalkers and rapists in his mind o_O I think this says more about how he thinks than how feminists think e_e

I just want to roll my eyes forever e_e

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Something Awful mocks the MRAs and inspires Ami thoughts and snark :)

Something Awful mocks the MRA forum Spearhead

FRIGHTENING O_O;; If it wasn't for the hilarious snark of SA, it would be scary... o_o;; Well it's alrdy scary. I also often feel bad for these guys :( Well yeah I know they wanna kill me :( But I feel bad for them that they have SUCH low self esteem (and some persecution complex issues too :\ and all that self hatred and hatred in general that seems to be eating them up :( ). But... then they want to kill and rape me and they are incredible racists and islamophobic and that's about when I start not feeling bad >_>;;

But still.. I rly DO understand what it's like to be so angry and so depressed so maybe that kinda makes me feel kinda bad for them :( It's terrible to be in such a dark dark hopeless space :\ And esp when looking back, it seems like night and day... and how much darkness, depression and insecurity/anger can consume you :(

As I've said before.. these guys seem like the same kind of ppl (usually white guys who hate themselves and need somebody to blame) who would join other hate organizations or philosophies... the lost angry no self esteem ppl who get recruited into race hatred groups or cults or etc -_-;;; Where the ideology points at them and says "YOU AREN'T AT FAULT, THE WORLD IS AGAINST YOU, EVERYBODY HATES YOU ADN THAT IS WHY YOU ARE MISERABLE, IT'S [insert group here]'s FAULT! HATE THEM!!! " and... it's sad but then my sympathy ends when they start threatening to kill ppl or commit hate crimes >_>;;

What's always odd to me is how these MRA types always whine about the lack of nething for men, but then don't ACTUALLY DO NETHING, except maybe threaten revolution and rape and murder and death threats and "JUST YOU WAIT ONE DAY!!!!" -_-;;; But no helping women run crisis shelters for men (it's actually mostly women's shelter organizations that realized a big hole that society was ignoring in abused men and created help for them :( ), or protests, campaigns, donations... just "WOMEN ARE TO BLAME AND I WANT TO KILL PPL" :(

I dunno.. honestly, my snark is being dulled right now cuz I do feel bad.... such hatred and anger and dark dark dark depression is... both familiar and something I would never wish on nebody :\

It DOES scare me tho when ppl who just stated how much they want to kill ppl ask for advice on what to do, cuz a lot of these ppl seem like ppl who make excuses for themselves (THANK GOD) so they dun become the next Marc Lepine but would advise OTHERS to go and kill women >_<;; And THAT part is frightening (but like all sorts of other hate ideologies or even NON hate ones, you can never control or predict for who's gonna "snap" or has the unique mindset that they actually will kill so it's something you can't worry too much about :( just frightening to witness their thoughts like this o_o )

Neways... onto the snark! xD

Just some Ami thoughts on the things in that post O_O;;;

- there's almost NO solidarity there outside of their united hatred... nobody feels bad for each other, and ppl are surprisingly quick to start breaking out the anti-male homophobic slurs, misandrist slurs, etc etc

- they like to brag about things that they claim they've done irl about how tough and awesome they are for being rude to women.. I guess it seems like an accomplishment when they HONESTLY seem to believe the feminist/state conspiracy will decapitate them if they did (HAHA I WAS RUDE TO A WOMAN AND I SURVIVED! I AM ALPHA!) xDDD

- they rly seem to hate and fear women o_o despite the constant "WE ARE SO SUPERIOR TO WOMEN AND SMARTER AND STRONGER" they fear our ability to talk o_o and often our ability to even exist xD oooh ssccarrryyyy

- they have no concept of history or the understanding of society or NETHING, to the point where I even wonder if they leave home v much xD

- the wanting to rape children is FRIGHTENING o_o;;; Tho they clearly are too scared by the law to do it (much like all their posts "BOY SHOULD WE DO THIS except I wouldn't cuz I'm a good boy, but I wish other men did it so I could be ok to do it" xD ), again.. thank god -_-;; Again, the self esteem thing comes up... "a 13 y/o would surely find ME cool right!? right!???" :\ also as Zhinxy pointed out, it rly does seem like they want a child bride to raise and make the perfect enslaved woman.. again.. scary o_o;;;

- they like to hide behind other men a LOT, despite their "RAWR IM SO TUFF" thing... >_>;;; AGAIN, men > women is in a GENERAL GROUP SENSE... there's LOTS Of overlap and unless even with a total societal breakdown, everything is determined by the top men and women in UFC cage matches or 100m sprints... it's IRRELEVANT to the individual interactions between individual men and women.. sure Dwight Howard could prolly beat up Perdita Felicien but that doesn't mean you could beat ME up... and def is irrelevant to the idea of whether YOU as a man should be "superior" to me as a woman.. if you WANT a free for all, FINE, no gender free for all, all you tough "beta male" guys who clearly dun even think much of your OWN ABILITIES, let's see where you stand when it all shakes out xDDDD Srsly.. it's PATHETIC! they talk SO TUFF and then hide behind these statistical bell curves xDDDDD

- The guy who thinks child rearing is EASY, but then claims "WELL NOT FOR ME B/C I'M SO SMART MENIAL TASKS ARE BORING AND HARD TO ME" is hilarious xD He's simply... hilarious xDDD I can't stop reading the post and laughing XDDD

- Blah blah blah women suck, Arabs will rape them and then where will they be... women are stupid and never mature mentally, etc etc etc... when the REVOLUTION COEMS you'll see!!! YOU'RE LUCKY I'M PROTECTING YOU! e_e did I sum it up just about? xD

Honestly, the whole "YOU WOMEN ARE LUCKY US MEN PROTECT YOU".. they give themselves a LOT of credit... I esp wonder when THEY seem to do nothing but sit on their hands and they feel they're SO USELESS at everything, how much they think their protection is worth o_O;; As for thanking the men in my life? My male friends would never want me to thank them for JUST BEING MY FRIEND AND NOT RAPING ME b/c they're DECENT HUMAN BEINGS WHO THINK NOT BEING AWFUL SHOULD REQUIRE NO THANKS -_-;;;

Other than that.. I would thank LOTS of women and men in my life for the support and love they've given me, teachers and librarians for keeping me safe from bullying, for helping me learn about myself, helping me deal w/ my depression... therapists and counsellers for helping me thru PTSD, my eating disorder and transition :) My family for their support and love.. my friends for being awesome... etc etc

I have a LOT to be thankful for, male and female :)

But thankful to any guy in my life for BEING A MALE? I think this rly reveals the little navel gazing fishbowl these guys live in.. and the assumptions they believe about the lives of women and girls...

should I be thankful to my dad for being an abusive asshole? o_O;; Thankful to somebody i trusted and loved for sexually violating me? >_<;; Thankful to the other guys who molested me or attempted to? The guys that stalked me? So much for that protection from the men related to me or close to me right? e_e;;;

I remember once, I witnessed an older woman being sexually assaulted on the subway by some creepy guy... he was touching her and she was trying to get away but nobody would move to help her or let her move cuz it was rush hour. LOTS of big guys in suits saw it and they didn't help. :\ I finally pushed ppl literally out of the way, helped her get past me and then blocked the guy off from chasing her, I stared at him until he finally left swearing at both of us. Where's all that GUYS PROTECTING WOMEN FROM OTHER GUYS!? huh? Where's all that "You'RE SO LUCKY THAT MEN NATURALLY PROTECT YOU IN YOUR DAY TO DAY LIFE" wher'es the magic male forcefield? -_-;; And so much for that guy being superior to me btw (he was shorter than me too, oops, generalizing by group is trumped by statistical overlap guyz!! xDDDD ) >_> So much for him being able to toss me aside like a rag doll and crush me e_e;;

Ppl SHOUDL help others, and I'm not saying ppl should put themselves in danger, but hitting the emergency bar on the subway, or calling the police on the street, or etc.. and I think ppl who do help (this isn't about me, I just used me as an example, not how great I am :( ) are great ppl, and we SHOULD thank all the unsung heroes in our society and our lives, teachers, and librarians, firefighters, police, regular citizens :) who help fellow citizens, male or female :) BUT why should you as a self centred woman-hating man be thanked JUST FOR BEING MALE!? TALK ABOUT ENTITLEMENT

holy crumbs o_o


Maybe I should be thankful tho... thankful to all my great male friends who DON'T hate me and want to rape and kill me O_O;;; But as I said, I'm friends w/ them cuz they're decent and good ppl who dun think NOT DOING TERRIBLE THINGS (or allowing terrible things to happen) is something ppl should be thanked for xD

neways.. that got longer than I thought o_o They engender thoughts :D Mrowr! :D

I still do wish they could find happiness in their lives though and let go of the hate :) They need more pink and happy and cats and good superhero comics in their lives I think :D *sends* :) (I do rly hope they do tho...not just for them but b/c of the fear that some of them might act out on their murder fantasies :( )

edit: I had the wrong link at the top :( But I've fixed it :)