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Sunday, June 12, 2011

This is what you get when Ami & Trish discuss what to name the new Winnipeg NHL team xD

[05:25] Ami: The Winnipeg Rabbitohs
[05:25] Trish: XD
[05:25] Trish: "rabbitoh? what's a rabbitoh?"
[05:25] Trish: the winnipeg stej
[05:25] Ami: the winnipeg stigs
[05:25] Trish: all helmets
[05:25] Trish: all in cars
[05:26] Ami: the winnipeg daleks
[05:26] Trish: the winnipeg triumphs
[05:26] Ami: the winnipeg TARDISes
[05:27] Trish: or the winnipeg weeping angels
[05:27] Ami: the winnipeg vulcans
[05:28] Trish: they should be the winnipeg romulans
[05:28] Ami: if you stay on your side of the neutral zone, they'll stay on their side?
[05:29] Trish: or will we?
[05:29] Ami: in hockey the middle part of the rink between the 2 blue lines (that delineate the 2 defensive zones) is called the neutral zone
[05:29] Trish: o.o
[05:29] * Trish is amused
[05:30] Trish: "hey, that player shouldn't be equipped with a cloaking device!"
[05:30] Ami: xD
[05:30] Ami: so the winnipeg players are twice as big?
[05:30] Ami: or they wear twice as much equipment? but it's mostly empty space in between?
[05:31] Trish: they can enclose the other players in themselves
[05:31] Ami: oh for the romulans
[05:31] Ami: their goalie is super tall and big
[05:31] Ami: but he's got a BIIGGG hole between his legs
[05:31] Ami: where you can shoot thru
[05:32] Trish: or hide in!
[05:32] Trish: the winnipeg breen have a player for all situations
[05:35] Ami: XD
[05:35] Ami: and they all wear facial protection
[05:35] Trish: very sensibly
[05:35] Ami: the winnipeg starfleet
[05:36] Ami: they strangely wear no armour and have silly tight uniforms
[05:36] Trish: leading goalscorer name "the photon torpedo" othername
[05:36] Ami: but they have the state of the art skates and sticks
[05:36] Ami: and annoyingly they always win
[05:36] Trish: :D
[05:36] Trish: but they are usually down at halftime
[05:36] Ami: yus
[05:36] Ami: the winnipeg cardassians
[05:37] Ami: they can only shoot at the net accurately if they're 5 feet in front of it
[05:37] Trish: which is nearly never
[05:37] Ami: yus xD
[05:37] Ami: the winnipeg bajorans
[05:37] Ami: plucky and tough but not a good team
[05:38] Ami: they do however have the most powerful owners in the league
[05:38] Ami: unfortunately they are never on time for meetings
[05:38] Trish: and reputedly have an ancient history of playing hockey
[05:38] Trish: which on closer inspection is actually curling
[05:38] Ami: xD
[05:39] Trish: the winnipeg borg, team mysteriously grows larger again
[05:39] Ami: XD
[05:39] Ami: all players can play all positions
[05:39] Ami: and yours too
[05:39] Ami: however they are susceptable to falling asleep
[05:39] Trish: bring bee-gas
[05:40] Ami: winnipeg tholians
[05:40] Trish: they keep the net in front of the goal
[05:40] Ami: xD
[05:40] Ami: new rules are made for them
[05:40] Trish: the winnipeg gorn play a bloody game. :d
[05:41] Ami: referee *blows whistle*: 2 minutes for webbing!
[05:41] Trish: :D
[05:41] Ami: until the winnipeg metrons intervene
[05:41] Ami: the winnipeg organians do not let anybody play
[05:42] Trish: this will be a peaceful game
[05:42] Ami: and the winnipeg Aldeans steal the children of the opposing players
[05:42] Trish: <_<
[05:43] Ami: the winnipeg Edo play by different rules, and they won't let you know what they are
[05:44] Trish: that would be telling
[05:44] Ami: however breaking any rule results in immediate suspension unless you take it up w/ their weird and demanding god... also known as gary bettman
[05:44] Trish: and so we've come full circle
[05:45] Ami: the winnipeg ferengi are good at making money but bad at everything else AKA they're the Toronto Maple Leafs
[05:45] Trish: <_<
[05:45] Trish: they sold their end-zone for new sticks

[06:01] Ami: the winnipeg dominion
[06:02] Ami: they're the 00 pittsburgh penguins
[06:02] Ami: they bascially have 3 players and their best player is awkwardly also their owner
[06:02] Trish: =^_^=
[06:03] Trish: they also keep replacing players with suspiciously identical substitutes
[06:06] Ami: Hey that Mario Lemieux looks just like the one who retired a few years ago!