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Thursday, November 20, 2008

No, TDoR is not a day of f-ing CELEBRATION! >:O


I f-ing hate how so many GLBT groups are using the TDoR as a way to promote themselves or to fundraise! I'm sick of how the T stands for "tacked on" for so much of the year until now when they use the day like a Hallmark holiday to wave their "we care about trans ppl, and if you care too you'll support us and help us!" flag!

For example the HRC suddenly cares about trans ppl, and telling ppl to push for hate crime laws and lobby their members of Congress into action... which is great... if THEY PRACTICED WHAT THEY PREACHED!!!!!!! >:O This is the organization that, along with members of congress who were working with them, threw us under the bus and removed the protections for gender identity and gender presentation from ENDA in order to not worry the straight folk that they were associating themselves with "men in dresses" or nething... >:\ I mean they're just regular queer folk, just like you, not like the REAL freaks out there >.>;;

*growls* And it didn't pass neways, so good job..

And then there's the Capital District Gay and Lesbian Community Council (well at least they're honest in their title for who they stand for) who has decided that TDoR is a time for celebration complete with food and drink and movies!!! Yay!!!

Kinda like how for Remembrance day at 11:11am, we have a huge party with cake and food and watch rousing war movies and stuff right?

I'm just so sick of our "allies" paying lip service to us only when it suits them, only when they feel "hay this is something we can use to promote ourselves" and absolutely disregarding what WE want and our voices! >:O And to do it on TDoR is esp infuriating >:O