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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas is about smex? :o I dun think that's what ho ho ho is supposed to mean mr. angrychristianpants!

This is a comment from a reader to the Toronto Star about Christmas shopping:

I thought Christmas had something to do about the birth of a man named Jesus Christ. We added the "mas" to his name and turned this event into a season of parties, drinking, sex and shopping. I decided long ago not to participate in any of this madness.
- John Missios, Toronto

That sounds like "Christian rantbot ver.1.2.5" xD

Not b/c he's Christian or nething (I am too :D Honestly I am! :]), but b/c it seems like such a generic complaint that he prolly uses for every single thing he feels is bad about modern society (this could also be "Cranky Old Man rantbot ver.1.2.5") >.>

Parties. Yus. Drinking and Shopping. Yus I can see how Christmas has turned into that... but sex?

I'm sorry... sex? XDDD

I KNOW that sex is in a lot of things nowadays but I honestly dun think nebody can say that Christmas has become about sex. At least not more than any other holiday (if he means that when ppl have time off to spend with loved ones, sex may happen).

I've never seen Christmas advertised as a holiday about sex. :o Shopping? Yus. Having parties and drinking and having fun? Yus. Sex? o_O

Althoo since Christmas is about the birth of Christ, maybe the holiday being about sex wouldn't be that off at all. :o

Tho personally I think the holiday should be about SMEX :D

Oh! And it's not our awful secular corrupt society that added "mas" to the end. It comes from "Christ's Mass". Talk about misguided anger. XD He doesn't even understand the origins of the very tradition he's claiming to be protecting!

I bet he complains that EVERY holiday he likes has been turned into a celebration of commercialism, partying, drinking and sex. xDDD

What's wrong with partying for Christmas neways? I thought he would be happy that ppl are CELEBRATING the birth of Christ (whether they intend to or not xD) :]

Also, I think that the rantbots need to be reprogrammed so that in ver.1.2.6, they say "smex" instead of sex :D

This is also the most you'll ever see me write the word "sex" xD