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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Awesome Rinoa is awesome :D

I dun remember if I ever posted this here or not, but I want to show it to a friend, and I need to embed it apparently xD And it's awesomely cute so I want to share it w/ everybody else as well so here you go :D It is a video taken a while back of how my cat (Rinoa :D ) chases her tail xD (she's very clever, she even gets it for a while here! xD )

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year @ Toronto 2009 via Ami-Cam! :D

Happy Chinese New Years everybody! :D

Since it was CNY today, I went to Chinatown (convenient, now that I moved into the city :] ) and watched the celebrations and the dragon and lion dances! :D I also took videos! (Unfortunately I ran out of memory before the lion crossed the river, so I didn't get that or the kung fu demonstrations at the end :( but I did get the lion climbing the pole which was very COOL esp since I was so close to it!) :D

So here are the videos for your enjoyment :) Taken from teh Ami-cam :]