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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Guest Post: Open Challenge to Samantha Berg: Put your money where your hate-spewing bigoted mouth is

The following is a guest post (the first of many I hope :3 ) by the great and glorious Zhinxy. This isn't exactly the debut we had planned but she was angry, and well... this is the place for rants! :D That guest post at Feminist Law Professors that she's ranting about is a total sex-worker hating piece of crap btw >:| It's thinly disguised hatred pretending to be caring about the harassment female bloggers get online. It's absolutely disgusting and I 100% support Zhinxy's anger in this matter. By Berg's logic by the way, shouldn't she already be giving scads of money to sex workers? She just spent an entire post attacking and degrading them.

Also, as one of my other friends, Holly Pervocracy said: If you perpetuate the idea that sex work means "if you do one thing for money, you'll do ANYTHING for money," then you're part of the reason sex workers get assaulted.

Zhinxy's paypal button below is real by the way, and she created it just for this. And she's being honest about it. Comment calling her a name and donate to a good cause. :)

It's late. It's the morning. I'm on one hour of solid sleep. I had to get my kid off to school, and my cat was scared by a dog, and all the rest of it. But I couldn't help but see this absolute piece of utter, vile swill by professional Sex Worker Hater Samantha Berg...


And dear god, is there a lot to say about it.

I gotta sleep. I got a lot to say about this, and please let them know at the formerly-respected-by-me Feminist Law Professors blog that this was not acceptable.

But I can't sleep until I say this!



You (any of you, not just Samantha) can call me ANY MISOGYNISTIC, DEGRADING, OR HUMOROUS NAME YOU WANT! Just pay at least 10 cents to the swear jar. That's it. Go for it.

No, really.

go for it. Call me ANY NAME YOU WANT.


Call it a swear jar, if you want.

Do it. Go for it. Knock your bad self out.

it's only 10 CENTS. See, if Samantha's correct, that's what sex work is all about. Being insulted for money... or... something.
And we allies, or "funfems" or whatever the fuck she wants to call us, would never ever do it.

Well, the reason we aren't doing it is because it's a stupid suggestion that has nothing to do with sex work or.. Anything, as far as I can tell. Or that was the reason. Cause I'm doing it now. INSULT ME FOR MONEY!w!!!!

I'm serious. Ten Cent Insult Special.

I will donate any funds recieved to Sex Worker's Rights Organizations, and that's my promise. (to be determined in conference with sex workers after I sleep!) So bring on the hate, insult away, click the button. If you want to donate more, perhaps for the right to a particularly vile insult, please do.


Okay Samantha, how's that?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ami and friends discuss the Vancouver Hockey Riots xD

[01:59] Pazi: Vancouver!
[01:59] Pazi: You're supposed to riot when you WIN.
[01:59] Ami Angelwings: yeah
[01:59] Pazi: Get it right!
[01:59] Ami Angelwings: like LA and boston
[01:59] Ami Angelwings: it was scary... like i heard the sports reporters on the radio and on TV
[01:59] Ami Angelwings: and it sounded like they were reporting from a war zone
[01:59] Ami Angelwings: oh my god, people are rushing towrads us, they're tring to get out of the area
[02:00] Ami Angelwings: another car just exploded
[02:00] Ami Angelwings: there's smoke bellowing into the iar
[02:00] Ami Angelwings: we have to get out of here
[02:00] Pazi: Shit! Someone spawned broodlings!
[02:00] Pazi: Get the siege tank!
[02:00] Ami Angelwings: xD
[02:00] Pazi: Siege mode!
[02:00] Ami Angelwings: INFESTED TERRANS
[02:00] Pazi: Nooo0! Infesteds!
[02:00] Ami Angelwings: GO GO GO!!!
[02:00] Pazi: Sunken colonies!
[02:00] Ami Angelwings: FOR AIUR!
[02:00] Pazi: This is CBC News saying goodby---hurrghhhghgh
[02:00] Ami Angelwings: ENTARO ADUN!
[02:00] Pazi: XD
[02:01] Ami Angelwings: now that's a sports riot!
[02:01] Ami Angelwings: that'd be korean riots
[02:01] Ami Angelwings: i wonder if they riot in korea
[02:01] Ami Angelwings: when like savi0r loses
[02:01] Ami Angelwings: or tossgirl
[02:01] Pazi: XD
[02:01] Pazi: Starcraft Riots. o.o

Sunday, June 12, 2011

This is what you get when Ami & Trish discuss what to name the new Winnipeg NHL team xD

[05:25] Ami: The Winnipeg Rabbitohs
[05:25] Trish: XD
[05:25] Trish: "rabbitoh? what's a rabbitoh?"
[05:25] Trish: the winnipeg stej
[05:25] Ami: the winnipeg stigs
[05:25] Trish: all helmets
[05:25] Trish: all in cars
[05:26] Ami: the winnipeg daleks
[05:26] Trish: the winnipeg triumphs
[05:26] Ami: the winnipeg TARDISes
[05:27] Trish: or the winnipeg weeping angels
[05:27] Ami: the winnipeg vulcans
[05:28] Trish: they should be the winnipeg romulans
[05:28] Ami: if you stay on your side of the neutral zone, they'll stay on their side?
[05:29] Trish: or will we?
[05:29] Ami: in hockey the middle part of the rink between the 2 blue lines (that delineate the 2 defensive zones) is called the neutral zone
[05:29] Trish: o.o
[05:29] * Trish is amused
[05:30] Trish: "hey, that player shouldn't be equipped with a cloaking device!"
[05:30] Ami: xD
[05:30] Ami: so the winnipeg players are twice as big?
[05:30] Ami: or they wear twice as much equipment? but it's mostly empty space in between?
[05:31] Trish: they can enclose the other players in themselves
[05:31] Ami: oh for the romulans
[05:31] Ami: their goalie is super tall and big
[05:31] Ami: but he's got a BIIGGG hole between his legs
[05:31] Ami: where you can shoot thru
[05:32] Trish: or hide in!
[05:32] Trish: the winnipeg breen have a player for all situations
[05:35] Ami: XD
[05:35] Ami: and they all wear facial protection
[05:35] Trish: very sensibly
[05:35] Ami: the winnipeg starfleet
[05:36] Ami: they strangely wear no armour and have silly tight uniforms
[05:36] Trish: leading goalscorer name "the photon torpedo" othername
[05:36] Ami: but they have the state of the art skates and sticks
[05:36] Ami: and annoyingly they always win
[05:36] Trish: :D
[05:36] Trish: but they are usually down at halftime
[05:36] Ami: yus
[05:36] Ami: the winnipeg cardassians
[05:37] Ami: they can only shoot at the net accurately if they're 5 feet in front of it
[05:37] Trish: which is nearly never
[05:37] Ami: yus xD
[05:37] Ami: the winnipeg bajorans
[05:37] Ami: plucky and tough but not a good team
[05:38] Ami: they do however have the most powerful owners in the league
[05:38] Ami: unfortunately they are never on time for meetings
[05:38] Trish: and reputedly have an ancient history of playing hockey
[05:38] Trish: which on closer inspection is actually curling
[05:38] Ami: xD
[05:39] Trish: the winnipeg borg, team mysteriously grows larger again
[05:39] Ami: XD
[05:39] Ami: all players can play all positions
[05:39] Ami: and yours too
[05:39] Ami: however they are susceptable to falling asleep
[05:39] Trish: bring bee-gas
[05:40] Ami: winnipeg tholians
[05:40] Trish: they keep the net in front of the goal
[05:40] Ami: xD
[05:40] Ami: new rules are made for them
[05:40] Trish: the winnipeg gorn play a bloody game. :d
[05:41] Ami: referee *blows whistle*: 2 minutes for webbing!
[05:41] Trish: :D
[05:41] Ami: until the winnipeg metrons intervene
[05:41] Ami: the winnipeg organians do not let anybody play
[05:42] Trish: this will be a peaceful game
[05:42] Ami: and the winnipeg Aldeans steal the children of the opposing players
[05:42] Trish: <_<
[05:43] Ami: the winnipeg Edo play by different rules, and they won't let you know what they are
[05:44] Trish: that would be telling
[05:44] Ami: however breaking any rule results in immediate suspension unless you take it up w/ their weird and demanding god... also known as gary bettman
[05:44] Trish: and so we've come full circle
[05:45] Ami: the winnipeg ferengi are good at making money but bad at everything else AKA they're the Toronto Maple Leafs
[05:45] Trish: <_<
[05:45] Trish: they sold their end-zone for new sticks

[06:01] Ami: the winnipeg dominion
[06:02] Ami: they're the 00 pittsburgh penguins
[06:02] Ami: they bascially have 3 players and their best player is awkwardly also their owner
[06:02] Trish: =^_^=
[06:03] Trish: they also keep replacing players with suspiciously identical substitutes
[06:06] Ami: Hey that Mario Lemieux looks just like the one who retired a few years ago!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Ami and friends IM goodness :3

Mew! :D Being Human is on Space finally so I'm watching it and talking to Trish for con-tecks :D

[01:01] Ami: being human is on
[01:01] Ami: for the first time ever :o
[01:02] Ami: well it was on earlier today this is a repeat of that
[01:02] Trish: :o
[01:02] Trish: :o :o
[01:02] Trish: (repeat shock)
[01:03] Ami: this should be a sitcom
[01:03] Trish: oh?
[01:03] Ami: various monsters living together in an apt
[01:04] Ami: they should get a zombie also
[01:04] Ami: and fans will complain that the acting gets worse
[01:04] Ami: every season
[01:04] Trish: is law
[01:04] Ami: well zombie law neways


[01:07] Ami: hmm what other monsters...
[01:07] Ami: weeping angels!
[01:07] Ami: they should get one as a boarder
[01:07] Ami: couple dalek supers
[01:07] Trish: <.<
[01:07] Trish: being inhuman?
[01:08] Ami: being in humans
[01:08] Ami: that would be when the goa'ulds join the cast
[01:08] Trish: :o
[01:08] Trish: !
[01:09] Ami: being noman
[01:09] Ami: diaries of odysseus
[01:09] Trish: :D
[01:09] Trish: being nomad: tales of a probe.
[01:10] Ami: being so mad: the psychology of daleks
[01:10] Trish: XD

Thursday, August 12, 2010

And lo there were souped up Hello Kitty themed Honda Civics and it was good

Trish mentioned that The Chaser (Australia political satirical program for the uninitiated) was saying that Julia Gillard (current PM of Australia) opposed Asian marriage as well as gay marriage and this popped into my head:

"Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones, such as tentacle secks. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women that involved watching a lot romantic comedies and pretending to like cuddling and were inflamed with lust for Asian women and sometimes with each other when they were too busy playing Dance Dance Revolution. Men committed Starcraft with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their Zerg rushes."