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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Awful ad is awful

This excellent post is BANG ON and perfectly expresses my thoughts on that AWFUL AWFUL tequila commercial about a guy raping his twin brother's g/f

First off, before ppl say that's not rape the law would disagree with you (and I wonder how many of the guys saying that it's not a big deal and she prolly had great sex, etc would feel the same if somebody they slept w/ didn't tell them of having an STD... or the usual male fear of a girl lying about birth control... EVEN if they didn't get her pregnant or get an STD, somehow I suspect they would feel pretty violented even if the sex was GREAT.. and I only use those scenarios b/c men always shrug off rape scenarios b/c they think they can never be raped by women -_-)

But that's not the point... the thing is... what came to mind when I said this is a commercial showing rape? Prolly not that huh... well maybe cuz you know me xD but in general the word... rape..

"this perfectly expresses my thoughts on that f-ed up ad where a twin rapes his brother's g/f >:|"

That was my tweet about it but even as I wrote it I felt like "well that's a little extreme isn't it".

But it isn't and I know most ppl's gut response is well that's not rape: cuz we have an idea of what rape is and follwing that commercial esp with how sexy and beautiful and seducty she is in the ad, ppl imagine hot passionate sex and that's not rape. -_-

When you hear "this is the ad where he rapes her" you think of something awful and violent and this isn't that, so the instinctive reaction is "hey that's not rape". We dun seem to define consent and consensual sex by what consent IS, but by what's "not rape" and what's "rape" is this very narrow specific situation where the girl is screaming and crying and begging and the guy is violent. Not like this. Never like this. And that's why rape never happens in many ppl's minds. That's why we get so much victim blaming and shrugging off and ignoring of rape. Cuz otherwise rape is possible, closer to home and something that can happen to them or somebody they know. And there's no way to distance yourself from it and that distance is how you we have ads like this, b/c while I'm sure if you asked them the ppl behind the ad would say "rape is awful" rape is awful in the way being killed by a death star is awful. Theoretically it's bad... but it's as real to them as Star Wars. >_<;;

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh f that noise >.<;;

From the IGN preview of The Last Airbender:

Cast-wise, Shyamalan chose actors with a "spectrum of colors" in their acting palette. Newcomer and dead-on Aang lookalike Noah Ringer (who, at 12, is already a black belt in Taekwondo) plays the title role; semi-newcomers Nicola Peltz (Deck the Halls) and Jackson Rathbone (a.k.a. Jasper Cullen of Twilight fame) play siblings Katara and Sokka; while Dev Patel -- in his first post-Slumdog Millionaire role -- plays evil-yet-vulnerable, Prince Zuko.


dead-on Aang lookalike Noah Ringer


And I have no idea if M Night said the "spectrum of colors" thing on purpose just to mock the ppl who are mad about this film or what.. but... if not *HEADDESK* how can you SAY THAT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE when you've whitewashed all the heroes!? And if on purpose.. then my opinion of him sinks even lower. >.<;;;