Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Toronto Star columnist mocks male assault victim, trivializes sexual assault

(warning for jokes about sexual assault in link) And the Star's worst columnist, Rosie DiManno is at it again with her rape apologia crap. She does this every single time there's an assault in the news (anybody remember the Eric Tillman situation and her article about how we shouldn't have sexual assault laws because women are just oversensitive?), and an assault involving a man and fat women? Well she absolutely can't resist going to town on that. >_<

Goddammit, how did this get published AT ALL!? She even starts out that she was told specifically not to mock a male victim... and she mocks him. And does the usual "one man's sexual assault is another man's fantasy" thing... well, and one person's physical assault is another man's MMA fight... it's about CONSENT. >:o  And of course men always want sex right? 

It's amazing how much she manages to make up from a very brief police notice that was short on details. She somehow made up an idea that these women are angry butches... and figured out somehow that the assault couldn't have been major... and ugh... just ugh... >_<

And THERE WAS NO POINT IN THE COLUMN AT ALL. There is no thesis. It's "hay, this incident seems funny to me. A man, assaulted? And look at the size of those women! HAHAHAHAHAHA"... which btw, is like every tweet I've seen about this since the Star published the police notice.  It's also depressing how much the "haha lucky guy" rape dismissal jokes are not countered by "shut the fuck up, men can get raped too" or "this is why men are afraid to come forward" but instead get "countered" with "do you see how fat they are!?  THE POOR GUY."

I hate that people turn a serious issue where the police are asking for help into rape and fat jokes.  And that because it's women raping a man, everybody's acting like this is a wacky "bizarre" story, rather than a fucking serious crime.

I have no idea why the Star continues to employ DiManno. She's a terrible writer, and by her opinions, a pretty terrible person. She's talked about how teen girls get raped because they wear short skirts and don't "understand their sexual powers", how a CFL GM sexually assaulting his 16 y/o babysitter was okay, joked about women being assaulted by their doctor during that doctor's trial, and now this (and that's just the stuff I remember her writing about sexual assault).

If you want to contact the Star by the way: publiced@thestar.ca is the email for the public editor, and @KathyEnglish is her twitter handle.

Let them know this isn't okay. (Not that it'll matter probably, they've never punished DiManno for her articles, and last time DiManno trivialized sexual assault English defended her.
I encourage everybody to mail the Toronto Star anyway.  Let them know that joking about sexual assault is not okay, that dismissing male victims is not okay, and that it doesn't matter who the victim is or what their assaulters looked like, sexual assault is not fucking okay to joke about, dismiss or trivialize.

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