Sunday, April 28, 2013

Don't look into the Palantir.

I think reading too much MRA stuff/arguing with MRAs is like looking into a Palantir. Sauron can't lie with it, but he can show you selective truths to slowly bend you to his will, corrupt you to see reality as he wants you to see it. MRAs do that AND lie. Even if you disagree with them, it gets into your head. You win the game by not playing. Do what you believe is right, don't change what you would have done because you're worried it "proves them right" or do something because you have to prove that you're not a misandrist, or whatever. Either way, they win, because they've succeeded in bending you to their narrative and their world, either reacting against it, or compromising towards it. Their world isn't true, it's selective, it's false, like the images Sauron fed to Denethor and Saruman in the Palantir. Trust in YOUR world, what YOU know, and that you are a good person. There are real activists out there who fight for prisoner's rights, against child abuse, against rape and abuse of all people, and for rights of parents in court. Listen to them. Don't look into the Palantir.

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  1. I think this is true for a lot of communities, particularly any that decide they're a specialist community that doesn't interact well with the others - MRA, Radfems, "hardcore" fans, etc

    I see so many of them argue things based off the assumption that you will accept only their facts and truths, and never ever dare to look for information yourself.

    Awesome analogy for a widespread problem, I like it.