Wednesday, January 09, 2013

If you're a trans person living in Brazil, regardless of age, ability, gender or size, Suzanne Moore thinks you're beautiful!

So there's a kerfuffle about a piece Suzanne Moore wrote about feminism for Newstatesman.

Basically, the issue is this quote:
We are angry with ourselves for not being happier, not being loved properly and not having the ideal body shape – that of a Brazilian transsexual.
I don't actually know why people are upset. Suzanne Moore is saying quite a positive thing about our society's beauty standards. Think about it. If society thinks that anybody with the body type of a trans person who lives in Brazil has the ideal shape, then people with ANY of the following body features has the ideal shape:

- people under 5 feet

- people over 5 feet

- abled people

- people with amputations, people with prosthetic limbs

- people with penises

- people with vaginas

- people with beards

- people without beards

- thin people

- fat people

- anybody in between

- people with long hair

- people with short hair

- people with dark skin, light skin, and anything in between

- young people

- old people

- bald people

- people with scars

- any body feature not on this list, and every body feature in between

That's actually pretty awesome. I disagree with Moore though, because I think society has some pretty narrow standards of beauty for all women to live up to (and even the ones that fit some, are told they have to change and fit the contradictory ones), but Moore apparently has a much more positive idea of what society thinks is beautiful.

UNLESS, of course she's actually stereotyping an entire country's trans population with a sexist and racist stereotype of what their women look like.  And using that stereotype to mock the bodies of cis women who are thin, tall and have small curves and imply that they're not REAL women & look manly.  But... she wouldn't do that.  She's so pro-woman!  She knows how painful stereotyping women is, and she knows how awful it is to shame and mock the bodies of other women.  So, she MUST be saying that society actually believes the ideal female body shape is super duper diverse.


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