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I want to write fan fiction where Bob McCown and Grand Admiral Thrawn battle for my affections while I chillax with Violette Summer, Mara Jade, Scarlett and Starscream over iced lattes.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

WTFH!? 11 year old trans girl being institutionalized by her father to forcibly de-transition her

International lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights activists are expressing concern over reports that an 11-year-old German transgender girl is in danger of being institutionalized.

Though exact details on the case are slim (at least in the English language media), International LGBTQ Youth and Student Organisation (IGLYO) declared their support for the girl and her mother yesterday. The girl, identified by various media outlets only as "Alex," reportedly lives with her mother, who is supportive of her daughter, in Berlin. However, Alex's father, who is divorced from her mother, reportedly "rejects this view of his daughter's gender identity and wants to force her to grow up as a boy."

"If all else fails," Pink News noted, "there is a real and present possibility that pressure from her father, supported by the Youth Welfare Office in Berlin, means that Alex will shortly be confined in a closed ward of a psychiatric institution to ensure that 'he' returns to 'normality.'

Alex reportedly gave an interview to a German lifestyle publication earlier this month in which she stated that she has not only identified as female for as long as she can remember, but she is also accepted as female at school, where she has been registered as such from her earliest days there.

Meanwhile, Alex's father has reportedly insisted on calling his daughter "Alexander" and forcing her to wear boy's clothing. He is now believed to have gained the support of Berlin's Youth Welfare Office and is in the process of removing Alex from her mother's home.




That's fucking horrible! >:O

There is a petition here if people want to sign it. I highly suggest that you do.

Transphobic radfems prove that transmisogyny doesn't exist in queer communities by being transmisogynist


Okay, so there's a one day workshop hosted by Planned Parenthood at Sherbourne Health Centre in Toronto this weekend that discusses the discrimination trans women face as sexual partners. Apparently there's a petition alleging that this is akin to rape. Nobody's forcing, coercing or even saying that people HAVE to have sex with trans women, but we DO face transphobia and discrimination FFS. I mean that's pretty obvious >:\ It's hilarious that this petition is actually evidence that there's transmisogyny in the queer community. Since apparently talking about it is like advocating raping "women" (notice they didn't say cis women, they said they are protecting "women" because trans women aren't actually women.)


There's even more crap from the radfems... yes, apparently discussing cissexism and transmisogyny in queer communities is "lesbophobia"...

this person's interpretation of that letter is like Charles McVety's reading of Bill C-389. e_e McVety saw a bill against trans discrimination as meaning child rape was being legalized, and this person seems to be implying that talking about transmisogyny in queer communities is really about forcing lesbians to do sex acts they don't want to (i.e. rape.)

I also love how this person says "females" to mean cis women, and then refers to trans women as MAAB, b/c we're not women... it's important to make sure everybody remembers what we were assigned as at birth >:\

Talking about how transmisogyny exists in queer spaces and affects the way queer women see trans women is as related to saying lesbians need to like cock, as talking about transmisogyny in hetero dating is related to trying to turn cis hetero men gay -_-

And again. Second verse, same as the first.

If anything this proves how necessary this conference IS! I love how the response to talking about transmisogyny in queer women's communities is... queer women being transmisogynist. XD

This really is the same logic as social conservatives use against gay marriage, or any sort of queer equity... doing it will force straight people to become gay and do things they don't want to! If you educate children about being trans, soon every kid will be forced to transition! e_e

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Transphobic assholes need a good yelling/snarking >:\

They really shouldn't allow comments on issues about discrimination against oppressed groups because it always gets so so so disgusting and awful :(

There's been so many horrible reactions to this story and they keep pouring in :\ At least this article is good, but the comments...

Would a "naturally - born" woman want to compete in a transsexual pageant? Would she be upset if she wasn't allowed to be in a transsexual ageant because she is not a transsexual

Um first off, trans pageants exist because of discrimination against trans women, so it's a completely different dynamic than a trans woman being rejected from a cis competition. The second thing, is that trans people are seen as lower than cis people in society, cis women not being upset to be disallowed from trans pageants wouldn't be upset because we see trans pageants as inferior.

Jenna is still a male no matter what the outer covering looks like.

And you're still an asshole no matter what your outer covering looks like.

Mentally unstable
If I cut off my arm because I thought I was born a one armed person, I'd be committed to an institution. Why do we encourage other body mutilations?

No you wouldn't, and you shouldn't. And it's pretty ablist also to be setting up being abled as a thing everybody would want to be and strive for. And LOTS of people modify their bodies ALL the time. Piercings, implants, tattoos, etc...

Transgender have unfair advantage?
Does this mean she (yes, I used she) can participate in Transgender pagents, Female pagents, as well as Male pagents (after all, she was born a natural male)? I think back to the track star who was born with anatomy of both genders WITHOUT MODIFICATION. She was ruled female and allowed to compete against female. This pagent contestant was not born naturally female. It's not discrimination, it's just the rules. Maybe the Miss Universe pagent should just get a lot more specific about who is allowed to participate. If they start allowing transgender individuals into the competition, I will probably start boycotting the pagent and their sponsors.

What? -_o Her gender is female, she wouldn't be allowed to participate in male pageants. And even if she was... she wouldn't qualify by their beauty standards... what IS this fear about? OH MY GOD SHE CAN PARTICIPATE IN MULTIPLE THINGS!? -_o Also, she's not intersex, she's trans. Learn things >:\ I love how important the cis only policy is to them too xD I'LL BOYCCCOTTTTTT.

Welcome to the Theatre of the Absurd
The Ontario Human Rights Commission has ruled that you don't even need to under any surgery, if a man "thinks" he's a woman, then he is a woman and entitled to join a woman's health club, use women's showers, bathrooms, etc. The Mad Hatter would feel right at home here.

I wanna hurt you so badly right now. Yeah, I should go walk into a male bathroom, that's REAL safe for me. People should use the bathrooms they feel more comfortable in.

Sad Model of Women
She is a "real" woman? I understand the need for transgendered individuals to represent as something other than their biological assignment but their representation is never of "real" women. Most women are not contestants on Miss Universe and most women think that such pagents are disrespectful of the rest of women who fight for their place in this world without hair extensions and perfect makeup. Want to be a "real" woman, take off the high heels and I'll show you what it is all about.

And there we have the radfem argument. TRANS WOMEN JUST PLAY AT FEMININITY! -_-

Seems to be a double standard here
This "girl" wants us to accept "her" for what "she" is now, a pretty "girl". If fact, we are basically being forrced to like "her". Why didn't "she" fully respect "herself" when "she" was born male?.........Given enough time and moeny we can change anythign into just about anything. Think not? Given enough time, I can take 115lbs of dog poop and sculpt it into a perfect image of Paris Hilton. I can then dress "her" up in $50k in clothes and accessories and then spray on about $300 in Channel No 5. My "Paris" would be better looking and less annoying that Paris and my "Paris" would be a lot smarter too.

That one is the most bizarre transphobic metaphor I have EVER seen, and I've seen some pretty f-ed up ones. XD "If we allow trans people into pageants soon we'll have human poop sculptures!" is the best slippery slope argument EVER.

"Equal Rights"?
Among the qualifications Miss Universe Canada contestants, they must be: “natural born” females (also a requirement of every other Miss Universe pageant) So, what Jenna (and her supporters) is looking for is not equal rights, but special accommodations. Jenna's application contained a lie. Disagree with that rule if you want, but the rule was in place when Jenna signed that from.

AND DISAGREEING WITH THE RULE IS THE POINT! xD That's the most hilarious logic I've ever heard. The rule is that women can't vote, disagree with it if you want, but that's the rule. So you don't want equal rights, you want special rights!

I think you over simplify the point 'isitin' makes. It has nothing to do with wanting to be happy or the 'rest' of us wishing anyone ill will. This 'lady' has made her own grief. She decided to lie in an attempt to break the rules. Her goal seems very clear and it was self serving. Now she wants the world to sympathize with her supposed plight. Well, in spite of the author of this article claiming outrage, the posts here suggest otherwise. We don't all have to bend over backwards or rewrite the rules to suit those who chose to take a different path. To suggest otherwise is ludicrous. I don't enter into anything knowing I don't meet the criteria and certainly would not in an effort to make a point. These rules are very clear and, in my opinion, seem very fair despite your bleeding heart rant.

This is true. A private pageant doesn't have to change anything. However, we have EVERY RIGHT to call them transphobic asshats then. Freedom to make your own rules doesn't = freedom from criticism.

"...the woman spoke of her struggle to identify as a male, the sex she was assigned at birth." "She" is a "woman" artificially contructed. Sex is not "assigned" at birth but determined by God the creator of all life.

And if I ever see him, me and your god are going to have words. >:\ Um actually, the idea of determining our gender by looking at our genitals is artificially constructed. My driver's license is artificially constructed. Having a state assigned gender is artificially constructed. The f-ing pageant is artificially constructed! Having a freaking society is a construct! WE are the ones who choose what that society looks like, not god.

I;ve Seen ALot of Transgender People....
and there is usually some tell tail sign, usually the hands and the legs. Jenna looks more female than many XX females I have seen and what makes it perfectly ironic is that she looks a lot like Donald Trumps daughter, Ivanka. It is only relevant to the pageant if she has some kind of an advantage by being transgender, which she doesn't. Otherwise, it is purely prejudice.

Oh thanks. "She's okay because she passes." And I always hate the "THERE ARE SIGNS", esp since it always becomes this hilarious measuring thing. "Look at the shoulder to elbow to hip to toes ratio!" "Measure the nose compared to her collarbone!" "Look at the hands!" -_- As if cis women come in one size only.

What is the Star's fascination with this tranny? She's been on the front page for 5 days.

Go eat a cyanide pizza. >_> Actually, I think I need to report this comment as well. -_-

And the problem is?
Seems the rules are straight-forward. (S)he does not meet the requirements. -Or- Just another case of discrimination against 'males', no matter how hard they try! Take your pick based on your ideology.

Um no. Not discrimination against "males". >:\ And yes, she doesn't meet the requirements. The requirements are what PEOPLE ARE ANGRY AT. How hard is that to understand? Or do you just smile at every discriminatory rule that affects you? From now on all posters that are transphobic will be shot in the head. Don't like it? Too bad. Rules are rules.

she lied and got caught
If he was born a Male, and he DNA/Genetics shows she is a Male, then he is a Male. It doesn't matter how many surgeries he has, or how he dresses, she is still a male.

THey screwed up their attempt to de-gender her a few times. xD I've had similar experiences with transphobic asshats in the past too. They think "man man man" as hard as they can but b/c I just come off as female to them, they still subconsciously gender me female XD

Stupid, just plain stupid!
Why can't these transgendered people realize that there is a place for them & a place not for them. They were born the opposite sex & should live with that reality. All they do is complain that they are being ridiculed & life isn't fair for them. Well it isn't & never will be. They want to break all the "rules". They should be allowed to do things even if it breaks the rules. They don't care if it offends other people & causes a rift. They want it all & sometimes life's realities can be cruel & unfair. This ruling is fair & if "she" wants to be entering pageants there are ones that she can enter legally without lying about your natural sex.

We want to be fucking RESPECTED! Something you cis people take for fucking granted every day of your life! >:o And we want to get RID of the rules, because the rules are oppressive, discriminatory and ridiculous! (they also discriminate against a lot of cis people too)

Don't be fooled!
She knew exactly what she was doing - fist of all, every contestant knows the rule, and this is not her first time in such contest (BTW, she was also a contestant in transsexual women competition, where I am positive, naturally born women were not allowed, and no one screamed that it was discrimination). Then, most likely, she had a good consultation from someone in a show business, and decided to enter knowing for sure she would be rejected. Who knew her before? And now - she is famous, on every newspaper page, most likely already getting big offers and contracts from magazines, talk shows and so on. It worked!

Even if that was COMPLETELY true, it's still the fault of the pageant cuz they rejected her. So what's the difference? Does discrimination matter depending on if people should have known before hand or not? If I know a place is transphobic and I try to enter, get barred and I sue, is that difference than if I didn't? The problem is still theirs.

Talk to the women in Afghanistan and they would probably tell you they'd wished they'd been born a boy.

Um no. Some people (including in this country) may express it that way but what they mean is they wish they were treated as if they were men. And that's such a BS and racist derail statement neways >:\

Or could this be just another attempt to stir up more calls for "rights" of transgendered people and the like?

And we should have rights. So what if it's an attempt? We want rights and to have our gender respected! FUCK YOU!

This is just another protest from the overly vocal LBGT eieio community to have more rights than those who are straight

Ignoring that straight and cis are two different things... how would we have MORE rights? -_o What extra rights are we asking for that cis people don't have?

And how can we be OVERLY vocal for our rights? >:\

2 tlaking heads and a lawyer.
There's a deep (cess)pool of thought! So while these three spout their views on relevance and equality they fail to recognize that this pageant isn't concerned about being a groundbreaker and their rules are there's to dictate. If you don't like it too bad. I'm tired of self serving people trying to force their will, on the rest of us. Just as people are entitled their opinions, pageants are allowed to create their own rules. If they are so offside they won't last anyway. So while these four cry foul, and the lawyer says Trump has to abide by Canadain law, it is all irrelevant. The pageant, at this rate, will never be held in Canada, thus making their 'crowned queen' ineligible regardless of what our courts say.

No, if people don't like it, then they will boycott, complain, protest, etc... >:\ Also, rules of organizations are not the same as individual opinions. I can choose who I want to be friends with, a business can't discriminate against trans people.

[quote]Reality time
The reality of the situation is that a line must be drawn somewhere. Because if you allow a post-op transgender, then why not a pre-op transgender? And if you allow a pre-op transgender, then what about pre-hormone shots? Which means a "male" must also be allowed to run if he feels or thinks he's a female. So the line is drawn at natural-born female, and that's reasonable to me.[/quote]

So? Go ahead! What's wrong with that? If they fit the beauty standards and are voted to win. What's the big deal? -_o

[quote]No one...
...who has had surgery should be in a pageant. Regardless of whether it was weight reducing, face lifts, breast augmentations, or gender re-assignment. Are these pageants to judge the beauty of a woman, or the work of a plastic surgeon? I also disagree with pageants and think they are glorified versions of "Am I Hot or Not", but if we're going to be judging them, make them fair. We don't allow steroid use in sports, because we want to see what people can do naturally, how is a pageant and plastic surgery any different?[/quote]

Are there lots of genital judging in these contests? xD

What's so hard to understand?
"Natural Born" - pretty cut and dry if you ask me. When you are born with male genitalia, that would typically indicate a naturally born male. Not sure I get the big deal's one thing to have the right to gender re-assignment - not my cup of tea, but an individual's right/choice no doubt...there are no fundamental freedom of rights that I can find that says you have the right to then compete in a beauty contest. Or athletics. When a male re-assigns gender and starts tearing up and dominating each week on the LPGA tour, or women's tennis or any other sport, then where do the rights go?

I love the idea that this would happen xD first off, if your'e that good, you'd be on the male tour anyways (not EVERY man, or even MOST men, can beat the top women at sports), why would Roger Federer transition just to try to win a WTA title? xD And secondly, so a cis man would transition, take hormones, get GRS, etc and then have to relearn how to be good at that sport because his body would have changed, and deal with transphobia and everything in society... just so he could win a trophy... and then what? Who would he brag to? -_o

"Look at this son, this is your dad's WTA trophy he wno when he pretended to be a trans woman to show those bitches!"


The fact is this individual has obviously undergone massive plastic surgery to get her looks where they are currently at.

I hate when ppl just assume that if a trans woman is attractive to them, therefore she must have had facial surgery or other surgery. -_- B/c trans women must be hideous without surgery amirite? >_<;;; ARGH I hate people >:\

Saturday, March 24, 2012

*sigh* Miss Universe contestant banned for being trans

Miss Universe Canada contestant banned when it's discovered she's trans

This is ridiculous and disgusting >:\

It also makes me wonder... what's their excuse? Sports claim that trans women have an unfair advantage... I'd LOVE to know what advantage Miss Universe Canada thinks a trans woman has over a cis woman >_<;; Not that any of the excuses would change that this is wrong and transphobic, it's just I'd love to hear their reasoning xD Ugh >:\

We can't EVER forget about the horny fanboys can we? >:\

I'm currently playing Velvet Assassin because I love assassin/stealth games (I'm a huge fan of the Hitman series) and I get to be a woman assassin! :D So far, I'm enjoying it EXCEPT... what the heck is up with the white negligee!?

Besides that that's the loading screen, it's also what she wears when I go into "morphine mode" (it's when you use Morphine and time stops allowing you more options to take out enemies.) What!? I don't remember male heroes wearing sexy underwear when they go into bullet time!

I get that she's in a German hospital and I'm replaying the missions in her fever dreams, and that she's in a white negligee because she's lying in bed in that, but... WHY IS SHE IN BED WITH WHITE NEGLIGEE? It's not even normal 1940s bedclothes, much less something the Nazis would put their POWs in (maybe Canadian history textbooks lied to me.) WTF? >_< See, this isn't complaining about "omg porn is evil", it's "what the heck is this doing in my action game!?" If men are put off by a female hero, they're unlikely to buy the game regardless, even if you promise them naked bullet time, and I'm getting sick of developers caring so much about fan service for the male gamers that they end up hurting their own product because it ends up making things make no sense.

I have no problem if female characters are in negligee, if it makes sense, but in the middle of a WW2 assassination game where there are also scenes of the horrors of that war!? And that she's the hero and this happens when you're trying to KILL people? Um... no, wtf.