Monday, October 31, 2011

Um no.. blackface isn't acceptable just cuz it's Halloween.

Hockey player, Raffi Torres dresses up as Jay-Z, complete with blackface

His wife dressed up as Beyonce.

Ugh >_<;; And what I hate more is of course the usual defenses are getting trotted out from the defenders. Paul Bissonnette, of the Phoenix Coyotes, said that it's okay b/c Raffi's a huge Jay-Z fan (with fans like that, who needs enemies?) and on the FAN590, Greg Brady and Jim Lang (the morning show) defended it saying that the people upset are just over-sensitive white people, and that "it's just a costume" and that blackface is part of the costume. Um no. This isn't green, you're not dressing up as an ALIEN, you're dressing up as a HUMAN BEING. Plus all of the historical baggage that comes with blackface in the first place. >:\

But more to the point, this isn't part of the costume, kinda like how when I dress up as Supergirl, I don't put on white make up or put tape on my eyes.

Just what I needed to start my Halloween >_> Racism-ignorant hosts on my favourite radio station...

UGH >_<;;

I hope the Great Pumpkin rises tonight and yells at Raffi Torres, his wife, and a couple radio hosts.

Friday, October 21, 2011

How The Code helped kill the Boogeyman

(this is something I just wrote on No Seriously, What About Teh Menz, and I'm putting it here too)

Fall of the Boogeyman (Trigger Warnings: depression, drug addiction, alcoholism)

This is a powerful and sad piece from Sportsnet magazine about the final days of Derek Boogaard, the New York Rangers enforcer who tragically died this summer due to painkillers and alcohol. He's one of three NHL enforcers who died this summer (the other two being Rick Rypien and Wade Belak). All three struggled with depression and at least one committed suicide (there are differing stories regarding Wade Belak).

Reading through, you really get a picture of just how dark and painful Derek Boogaard's world had become, physically and mentally. And after I read it, it felt to me almost like that, although he didn't commit suicide, he didn't seem to care if he lived towards the end. And, although I have absolutely no idea how he specifically felt, I do really understand depression, and the darkness that becomes your life, because I went through 10 years of that, and it angers me that there are some people who, in the wake of these men's deaths, have said "you get paid millions to play a game, suck it up" or as Michael Grange of Sportsnet said on Prime Time Sports, in response to somebody saying the players need a better support system, "your first paycheque is your support system". No. Depression, drug addiction and post-concussion syndrome, are NOT things you can just suck up, they're not things money can fix, and it can strike any of us. This isn't "I feel a little down today". This is (at least for me) a pervasive darkness that swallows up everything in your life, that is with you when you wake up, and is still there when you go to bed.

Nancy Drew and the case of the disappearing organs.

I just got the new Nancy Drew comic from the library and ugh -_-

It's part of the "new case files" which continues from the Nancy Drew: Vampire Slayer arc where she has some vampire who wants to be her boyfriend (he's not rly a vampire) and at the end Ned (her beard boyfriend) leaves her for Deidre cuz ... GIRL DRAMUH... even tho the best part of the entire Nancy comic series is that THERE IS NO ROMANCE OR DRAMA and she's like BATMAN! >:| And she PUNCHES BEARS! :D

Now there is drama :( And she spends the book whining about Ned and crying about him -_- Also George and Bess going gaga over the Hardy Boys -_- Bess, sure. But George? That doesn't jibe with how she's been portrayed in the comics. >:| (And George and Nancy are ttlly a couple >_> )

But what bothers me also is that the thinification of Nancy continues. -_- In the earlier books, she looked more like a normal girl. And slowly she's been getting thinner, and also her nails are long and coloured and she's wearing eyeliner and the problem w/ that is she SPECIFICALLY SAYS IN HER DIALOGUE that she doesn't wear these things and doesn't even know how to put it on XD So yeah... ENOUGH COMICS, not EVERY WOMAN has to have make up and natural eyeliner coming out of our pores! Especially not one who cares more about fighting crime than fashion. But she's also getting REALLY thin. The other stuff I blame on the inker and colourist since it only started to show up when he got on the book, but I'm pretty sure that he can't be responsible for the thinification... so that's prolly the artist, Sho Murase :\ And it's rly... I mean besides all the self-image stuff for girls, and that EVERY HEROINE HAS TO BE A SUPERMODEL... it's not even like SHE WAS NOT THIN BEFORE. -_-

But now she's like... well not Ian Churchill standards, but we're at Michael Turner thinness at least...

Also the other negative side effect, is as Nancy thins, so do the other characters, and Bess, who is supposed to be on the thick side, ends up... looking like yet another thin woman, which undermines that.. she's not supposed to be. -_- (and it also becomes problematic if you start telling girls that somebody who is drawn thin is fat... also that it was always cool that she's supposed to be the desirable one and not thin)

For a comparison (I haven't scanned the book yet, but I will), here is a picture of Nancy and the Hardy Boys as they might look IRL:

And this is the comic:

And yeah I get that it's NOT REAL LIFE, and blah blah blah stylistic choices (I get this a lot from troll msgs in my tumblr xD ) but that's my POINT. If it's a stylistic choice, THAT'S what I have a problem with, the style that says "men are human sized and women are sticks with human sized heads." Especially since NANCY DREW stories are meant for girls right? So there's none of this "SUPERHERO COMICS ARE MEANT FOR GUYS!" business this time... -_-;;;

I loved the series b/c we had an awesome non-Ian-Churchill-sized bear-punching heroine who wore constantly neat clothing (tho she claims to not care what she wears either xD me and Trish suspect that her nanny dresses her in her sleep) and saves the day and fights female-Bane (villain who can lift a car over her head) and other things :D She once drove a prototype tank! And besides all the annoying DRAMUH ROMANCE stuff now, she also looks like... just another comic book heroine -_-;; (without the giant beach ball bewbs)

Yeah, it's not the end of the world, but it's disappointing :(

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another cute thing that amuses Ami :3

My friend Summer Snow showed me this comic

Awww... yay! :D

I always liked Poison, and this comic handles the trans stuff well and I think it's kinda cute :3

So yay! :D


This is Antonio Garay, nose tackle for the San Diego Chargers.

That is actually his car.

I think I'm in love. *-*


(credit to Sportsnet magazine for letting me know about his awesome Hello Kitty car! :D Yes... I buy sports magazines >_> )

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Toronto Police fails again -_-

Oh Toronto police, you continue to impress

How would you feel if someone violated your privacy and space by following you, leering at you and then looking up the skirt of your school uniform while you were going to school? Then how would you feel if the response of local police was to tell you and your classmates to stop wearing your school uniform during your commute, indirectly blaming YOU for the victimization?
That’s exactly what happened to two female students at Greenwood College, a private high school in Toronto. After a man harassed them and looked up their skirts while they were taking the subway to school, the Toronto police advised the school principal to tell the female population to put on their school uniform at school instead of at home in the morning. The principal apparently supported the sentiments and shared the message with the whole school.

*SIGH* Has Toronto police not learned anything -_-;;

“This person was looking up the girls’ skirts,” said Hardy, who would not divulge the ages of the two students. “So the advice is given … if they had, for example, jeans or sweatpants on, it wouldn’t be an issue.”

What I find especially interesting though, is that the school didn't re-examine their uniform policy and allow their students to wear pants, or jeans or sweatpants (not that it's the outfit's fault, but gendered dress codes are stupid in general, and skirts can be rly cold)... no... instead they go "wear pants until you get to school, then put on a skirt"


Ugh -_-

Friday, October 07, 2011

Crimson Star Wizard

This was passed along my way via Escher Girls, and I loved it so much I want to promote it as much as possible! :D

It's an artist named Celebrenithil's take on a sexy male character, complete w/ Escher Girl pose!


Check it out, it's awesome! :D

(also check out Escher Girls if you haven't alrdy! :D )