Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cuz if kids read it was ok to be gay or fat or love vampires.. they'd become gay fat vampire.. penguins! xD

The Toronto Star linked to an infographic on the top 10 kids books most likely to be targeted by parents groups and complaints for removal from libraries

I'm against censorship in general (and since libraries are a public and government funded and provided resource, this would count) but... some of the targets rly anger me -_- Esp books that tackle body autonomy, fat-acceptance and homosexuality.... and of course one that WRITES LIKE I DO! xDDD (I've been considering putting some faces into my fiction to see if they add to the understanding of what the chars are saying or not actually xD )

but... the fact that they go after a book where the heroicness of the heroine is (apparently, granted, never read it) that she's standing up against her family's criticism of her body and being herself, rly... >:O as if girls dun have to alrdy deal with the unrealistic and TOTALLY NARROW ideas of what a woman's body should be like in society and in covers of books, and in comics, and on TV, and in advertising and from their own parents and etc etc... now ppl want to remove a book telling them it's ok? and that being yourself is strong? -_-;;; This sounds like another victim of the "obesity epidemic" hysteria in our society -__-;;; I mean, as usual, when it comes to these issues, we have it so back asswards... kinda like how fiction seems to love dealing with rape as a "after it happened" thing but hates actually not having it happen... YA books where girls fight w/ and survive (or don't) EDs get praise and win awards, while ones where girls fight AGAINST the very fatphobic messages that pervade society and INFORM EDs (not CREATE them, in case the straw ppl want to come out.. EDs are caused by ALL sorts of reasons, including trauma, low self esteem, etc etc, but how they MANIFEST is informed by society, much like how the same causes manifest differently in boys is informed by society) is targeted for banning -_-;;;




and.. y'know.. it just bugs me that they want to remove ANY of these books much less the ones I just mentioned (and yus, even Twilight which has some rly problematic stuff in it, but doesn't mean kids shouldn't be ALLOWED access to it).... cuz we can't have kids exposed to all sorts of different ideas can we? They might even think it's okay to be gay or fat! (or talk like me! xD)

and just... rawr -_-;;

It reminds me of how we treat television that deals with chars being gay or trans, boys kissing, chars that actually deal with complex racism or sexism issues, etc etc... are always NOT FOR CHILDREN, cuz it's TOO COMPLEX FOR THEM TO UNDERSTAND, but we are ok with them being exposed to "simple" msgs, like homophobia, racism, sexism, etc growing up (jokes laughing at cross dressing, EW UR GAY, THATS FOR GIRLS, etc) cuz well kids will be kids! And then we wonder why we have so many homophobic sexist racist or etc adults -_-;;;

Rawr... stuff like this makes me want to join the Library Defense Forces >:| (the concept for this series and the mangas is so great tho :3 I never got into the romance story in the mangas, but I just so love the concept of librarians defending freedom of thought from the state :D)

Realizations that make me want to dance around my house :)

This "If Your 8 Year Old Self Met You Would They Be Proud?" meme is going around and most ppl seem to be saying no. Oddly... I find myself saying YES. :3 Even tho I am pretty upset at the smouldering crater that is my life, and that I transitioned later than I wish. BUT I DID IT. And to my 8 y/o self it'd be a fantasy. I think she would be very happy :)

Hrm... it appears that somebody may or may not have a copy of the WW teleplay

WTH? (i know this is oldish news but I just came upon it now)

Apparently the teleplay of the WW pilot was leaked and it is very WTF o_o

According to the Daily Beast:

The Daily Beast has obtained a copy of Kelley’s draft of the Wonder Woman pilot script, dated December 16, 2010—and it’s laughably bizarre. In Kelley’s vision, Wonder Woman is presented as a weepy career woman-slash-superheroine with three identities (Wonder Woman; Diana Themyscira, the chairman of Themyscira Industries; and mousy assistant Diana Price) to juggle.

The pilot episode, which Kelley notes is designed to run “without commercial interruption,” revolves around Los Angeles-based mega-billionaire Diana—who collects planes and a multitude of transforming aircraft called “Ultimates” (no invisible plane in sight here)—as she attempts to take down an evil pharmaceutical company run by morally corrupt scientist Veronica Cale, who is mass-producing a human-growth hormone that is causing its users, mostly black inner city youth, to die. Along the way, she tackles criminals, a Senate subcommittee, and a broken heart, the latter courtesy of lost love Steve Trevor.


Managing to be both cloying and tragically un-hip, Kelley’s Wonder Woman script seems an about-face for this 70-year-old iconic character. Merchandise meetings and legal jargon jostle uncomfortably with superheroics, pajama parties with saving the world.

The result is a Wonder Woman who is more like Kelley’s Ally McBeal than the feminist superhero who stands side-by-side with her fellow DC icons Superman and Batman. This is a woman whose feelings are hurt by people commenting on her breast size, who is looking for love in all the wrong places, and who wants to have it all!



Now I'm just reacting to what I'm reading here, and not to what I think it'll ACTUALLY be.. b/c I have no clue. xD When these things are leaked usually the reaction is in 2 groups, one side saying "this is just a prelim, things change ALL the time! I'm sure it'll be great!" and the other side predicting doom and gloom xD Well it's more nuanced than that straw obv xD But it's something like that >_>

And it's true! I mean things change all the time from initial concept... just look at the original concept for Best of Both Worlds (imo not just the best TNG ep evar but one of the best TV moments evar) where in the original Picard and Data was proposed to merge into one being and other such things... mind you I think that was way way earlier in it's production... so... you never know.. this was 3 months ago xD Things could have changed greatly! MIND YOU, if this is his starting point and he's only fiddling with stuff like names (in the latest interview I read Kelley said "Prince" so that's clearly been changed) then... that would be problematic... so... we'll see...

However, this is a very worrying starting point for me cuz it hits on some of the big fears I have... and before I say that, I've never watched Ally McBeal so I'm not going to judge Kelley for that and I do wonder if some of the fears I'm reading has to do with that "type casting" thing with writers, where you're only remembered for your most famous work (or disaster) and from then on everything is compared to that and ppl expect and worry that all of your future works will be like that :\ So I wonder if some ppl are thinking "Hmm.. David E. Kelley, female hero... Ally McBeal in tights!" And that's not rly fair... but I was fearing that if TV right now got it's hands on Wonder Woman that we'd get the "spunky but confused and emotional heroine trying to find her place in this crazy world while navigating gender and love!" and this proposal/teleplay/visionfromthefuture/whatever xD is NOT MAKING ME FEEL BETTER ABOUT THAT.

Esp if she's apparently whiny or an emotional wreck or soemthing -_- And granted, CLARK in Smallville was incredibly whiny... but then again, I disliked Smallville until 3 years ago when he stopped being whiny xD Also Superman has occasionally been whiny.. Wonder Woman should not be. -_-;;; Also I hope the 3 identity thing has been dropped (how many does she need? I like her with NO sekrit identities! xD ) and.. yeah... please don't do the heroic white woman saves the poor helpless PoCs thing -_-

I think Wonder Woman + transforming robots is a great idea tho... just... not for this TV show xD

Tho that makes me think! Rather than having yet another Batman show... maybe DC's next animated thing for children should be a WW show! Well why not? She's the only person who hasn't gotten her own animated show and not just been part of an ensemble show... she doesn't even show up in The Batman (no female heroes do in the JLA) when they got the JLA together! -_-;; Why not? I mean lots of girls watch these shows too! And they seem so heavily oriented at boys, even more than in the past :( So why not have a WW animated show? Like Brave and the Bold! Something fun in that vein :D I LOVE BBATB and I'd love to see something in that style w/ WW :D

But that's an aside.. I just... wish there were more stuff going on w/ the female heroes and w/ WW on TV than just that, b/c... kinda like having Ryan Choi as the only Asian hero w/ his own book... the char and the show is expected to be everything to everybody and that's unfair, no matter whether the show ends up being great or horrible. >_>

However, if they rly are going the "confused girl trying to figure out life and love" thing... um... yeah.. I won't be watching >_>;;;

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ARGH -_- you slimy assholes, hiding yourself behind the veneer of protecting women & WoCs when you're ATTACKING THEM & their rights!

Arizona enacts ban on abortions based on gender or race

Backers of the measure said the ban is needed to put an end to sex- and race-related discrimination that exists in Arizona and throughout the nation. They insist the issue is about bias rather than any broader stance on abortion.
"Governor Brewer believes society has a responsibility to protect its most vulnerable -- the unborn -- and this legislation is consistent with her strong pro-life track record," a spokesman said.
But opponents have maintained that while such abortions may be happening in other countries like China, no clear evidence can found of it occurring in Arizona.
Planned Parenthood Federation of America also said the measure may erode a woman's rights, fearing that doctors for the first time would feel compelled to ask their patients the reasons for seeking an abortion.
A Planned Parenthood official in Arizona condemned the governor's action in a statement to Reuters.
"This law creates a highly unusual requirement that women state publicly their reason for choosing to terminate a pregnancy -- a private decision they already made with their physician, partner and family," said Bryan Howard, the group's chief executive.
The law contains no explicit provision requiring doctors to ask their patients their reasons for seeking an abortion, nor for patients to disclose such reasons. But opponents of the measure feel passage of the new law might make them feel more inclined to do so.


augh -_- this is deviously evily horribly clever of them -_- opening the door to banning abortions by pretending that they're bravely fighting the scourge of Eugenics -_-;;; and yeah it will def open the door to fearful doctors asking patients for reasons why they are seeking an abortion... and you can just bet that some doctors will be put thru a kangaroo run of the justice system even if they weren't doing it for race or gender selection reasons (how many DO? -__-) just to scare doctors from doing abortions at all. it'll give the anti-choice Repubs a stick to scare ppl from seeking them or doctors from performing them b/c of the spectre of a witchhunt... whether it might happen or not.. ppl will be worried about their lives being turned inside out and them having to prove that this wasn't a sneaky attempt to select for race or gender =_=

and what do they mean by selecting for race btw? o_O Like that L&O episode where the doctor was sterilizing black women? how would a couple select the race of their child? o_O it's not like there are other races their child could be... or you could tell what colour their skin will exactly be in an ultrasound! WTF?!? as for gender... srsly.. is there proof this is a huge giant big problem here? and even if ppl did... i'm for choice... and I do worry about a future where ppl are selecting for straightness or abledness or etc... but I think that needs to be changes in society's attitudes towards oppressed groups, education, etc... not trying to mindread why ppl want to do things with their own freaking bodies! personal choice and personal body autonomy is JUST THAT.

and again I dun actually think Repubs fear this, or even believe it's rly happening... I think it's a useful excuse to start us down this path and open the door... I dun think they care about eugenics, real or imagined, at all... it's ideology... if they cared so much about women and women of colour as they claim, they wouldn't be trying to ban stuff that HELPS them and take away their right to control their own bodies! -_-;;;

this entire campaign against abortion and women going on in the US by the extreme right is frightening me... not just this but the ones criminalizing miscarriages and threatening the death penalty for women who miscarry if you think they even had a little to do w/ it (if a woman plays sports... or still goes to work and gets into an accident...? ) and etc etc... is scary as hell -__-;; and i feel like the more they win or the more the left backs off the more it encourages them to push harder and reach further... and it also feels like there's a "don't want these crazy laws? then just ban abortion all together" aspect too -_-

:( but not surprising... but still :(

Study: Discrimination Takes A Toll On Transgendered Americans

More than 40 percent of transgender Americans have attempted suicide. That's according to a new, first-of-its-kind survey into discrimination against people who express a gender identity different to the one with which they were born.

I dunno whether to be glad that the comments aren't filled with transphobic cis ppl or to be annoyed that the comments are one giant troll by one of the "i'm transsexual not transgender like those freaks" types who believe the only "true" trans ppl are those who get surgery and go completely stealth and don't violate gender norms -_-;;;

I love how she goes into the "trans ppl who don't fit strict gender norms, or don't get surgery, or identify as neither gender are just confused gay ppl!" trope -_- CAMH must lurve her >_>

As for the article, the sad part is that rather than the high attempted suicide rate be seen as a terrible thing, and a reason why transphobia must be fought, it's always used against us as "see, those crazy ppl want to kill themselves! how can we trust nething they say!" -_-;; Have had psychs use that on me in the past, and transphobic trolls now -_-;; I had a recent run in with such ppl on an article about trans acceptance by families in the comments, and I just left it once they brought it out cuz it was clear they had no real intention of listening to trans ppl or when I correct them about how the process is like. xD I mean when you say "I'm against transitioning b/c it's forced on ppl by the medical and psychiatric types and they're told they're trans.. and I say actually um... society thinks a lot like you and I had to rly fight and push for this and psychs were always telling me maybe i'm NOT trans... and you then switch to "OH YOU NEEDED PSYCH HELP!? YOU TRIED TO KILL YOURSELF? SEE SEE!! YOU SICK PPL YOU!" it's clear that you dun rly care about trans ppl nor did you come to your transphobia b/c you thought this was the way things were since when you found out you were wrong, your transphobia changed arguments xD

But that's why we need more education and to not teach children that sex and gender so rigid and set in stone.. that biology is destiny, or that girls are pink and boys are blue... so that stats like this that shows the high suicide rate of pre-transitioned trans ppl show up the Occam's Razor is "it must be so painful to not be able to be yourself and also be in a society that hates you and maybe w/ family that does too" than "see this just proves trans ppl are crazy and can't be trusted".

Awww.... no gender bending animals :( darn boring Canadian politics! xD

Tories tout their female roster

When I saw this on I thought that said female ROOSTER xDDDD

Now THAT would have been impressive! xD

But unfortunately no... sry Harper... still not voting for you xD

Positiveness on the WW costume.. look ma, no heels! :D

Actual on set pics of WW TV series show costume changes :)

Excellent :D

Tho that top still looks like a "wardrobe malfunction" waiting to happen >_<;;; And I still have issues with the build of the actress... but this is way better :) No heels! Non shiny pants! Less obtrusive make up! Tho the bracers and tiara are still very costumey :( But I'm SO GLAD for the more functional boots! Blocky heels or not.. it was v out of place for Diana...

Also she appears to have big feet which makes me happy cuz *I* have big feet xD

These pics also are a great reminder of how much images of women are shopped and redone before being shown to the public. You notice how much thinner her waist looks in the promo pics vs here in actual real life... and her legs. >_<;;;

I'm still cynical about the show (cuz I'm cynical about TV in general lately xD And cynical about them not making this a "confused straw feminist learning about truth and love in the real world" (and if they do a "Diana discovers false rape claims" episode that's it for me >_>) but this at least gives hope :) And I rly like this new costume, even w/o the old one to compare to. So yay :)

But we won't ultimately know nething until the thing comes out, so DUN DUN DUN the usual disclaimer: WE SHALL SEE xDDD

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

o_O before they fixed this story you have no idea how big my eyes were xDDDD

Government of Canada selling "like new" thong underwear


The government of Canada in its ongoing quest to balance the books is selling off government property, including—ahem – ladies’ thong underwear.

It’s all about the, uh, bottom line.

After all, the Conservative government has vowed to eliminate the deficit four years from now. Property seized by or forfeited to the Crown must be disposed of.

Why, last year alone, they raked in $14 million.

Public Works and Services Canada’s website is currently displaying a range of sexy thongs that come in pink, magenta, violet, blue, silvery black, white and nude.

And they’re going like hotcakes.

The lingerie, sized XL, was advertised for sale “as is,” and described as “like new.”

A used thong could surely go for — what? 50 cents?

As it turns out, the thongs aren’t “used” – a small translation error, a source explained.

The panties have not been worn, and still have the original tags attached.

However, they’re not exactly “brand new” either.

The thongs along with a pile of bras were among items stolen from an Ottawa lingerie boutique that had been recovered by the Ottawa Police Service.

Oh ok xD This wasn't in the original article when the story first broke so it was even more hilarious back then xD Cuz I was like WTF!? Whose underwear is this!? And does he or she know you're selling his or hers underwear!? xD

But apparently this is seized property o_o Apparently they alrdy got the insurance settlement so dun need the lingerie back... but still... :o any guarantee they've never been worn? o_O

It's not so funny now that it's been explained tho (tho that the original thing said they were used was frightening o_o are we SURE that it as just a typo? xD I mean this IS the Harper gov xD ) it would have made a GREAT election debate topic!

"Is it true that your government is selling used underwear?"

"Yes, but at least we're not selling underwear WITH COMMUNISTS AND SEPARATISTS!"




They're selling them at a pretty big mark up tho O_O FIVE DOLLARS A PAIR!? I get similar panties for way less.. (NOT THAT YOU SHOULD BE IMAGINING WHAT PANTIES I WEAR >_> )

To be fair tho, I feel like this is only news b/c the Toronto Star is trying to embarrass the Conservatives cuz I think they should have waited for a response from the gov on what was going on before the original story where it was UNKNOWN USED PANTIES ARE BEING SOLD BY OUR GOVERNMENT. xD It implied that they knew this was the case and there wasn't more to the story >_>


The Conservatives have way more issues to be angry at them than selling panties too... (this is the most you'll ever hear me say panties xD At least until the next Ed Benes comic review >_> )


Blah blah blah why women are genetically hardwired to like jerkface bad boys and not... you (Nice Guy!)

There fixed it for you!


So THIS is what the host was talking about (and of course whining about how girls are such superficial bitches who don't like him and all his callers.. xD ) on the radio when baseball talk was on commercials on the sports talk channel xD


*sighs* e_e Yet another stupid faux evo psych piece of crap on why women are just so genetically programmed to love "bad boys"! And the list isn't even about qualities or interests., it's basically STRAIGHT UP GENES.. you're stuck boys! -_-;; So f-ing stupid. And of course this just plays into the whiny "nice guy" thing of IM DOOMED NO WOMAN WILL DATE ME EVAR CUZ THEY'RE LYING HYPOCRITICAL SUPERFICIAL SLUTS! DOOMED I TELLS YA!!! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also any of the non "WOMEN ARE DESIGNED TO" (I always love that.. designed by whom? xD ) things are just... why are these "bad boy" traits? PEOPLE (men and women alike) are susceptable to unhealthy relationships (and friendship and familial relationships and professional relationships) if they have low self esteem xD And most of that list is srsly individual -_-;; It also makes a GIGANTIC SELF FULFILLING ASSUMPTION (that women like "bad boys" and that bad boys are defined as any man a woman likes xD )

Also WTF is a "bad boy" or "alpha male"? Cuz I hear guys apply that to basically ANY GUY WHO DATES A WOMAN THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO. Or any guy with status they're jealous of. I've heard it referred to successful computer programmers, interesting slackers, writers, artists, athletes, underwear models, scientists... TRUST FUND BABIES... a bad boy is just a label that they can jealously give some guy so that they can be all sour grapes and "well I genetically can never have her b/c she's a superficial woman obsessed with breeding" and "i bet he'll abuse her too" (not like me! I love women! *sotto voce: those fucking superficial slut bitches*

(scene break >_> exit stage flounce xD)

Lists like this (and the fact that on the radio they picked it up and were saying how true it is and the "nice guy" host and his male caller compatriots nodding and sighing about women... and btw how is this OUR fault when it's apparently TOTALLY GENETIC.. if it's fate how come you scream at us or at the feminist conspiracy? ) make me want to throw things at ppl and punch giant robots >:O And also wonder about my own exps "before" (i dun like talking about it :( ) xD I had lots of g/fs in HS and like.. well you know I pass now and stuff... clearly I wasn't seen as some 6'4" giant ALPHA MALE OF SUPER DOOM xD (plus y'know, beaten up and bullied all the time growing up cuz of who i was :( ) and i'm super nice... i'm not a "bad girl" (except when exposed to black kryptonite and then I get flippers and a skin tight black outfit xD ) and wasn't perceived as a "bad boy" back then >_> but I guess my hidden repressed girl powers destroys all! xD srsly tho... I dun think I know ANY bad boys and yet they all seem to have no trouble getting g/fs xD i know many ACTUAL NICE GUYS THO.. hMMMMMMMMMMMMMM gee i wondar xD

Plus lists like these NEVER explain how these genetic hard wired "truths" apply to say.. trans ppl... gay ppl... or various fetishes or social groups for that matter! Is the short punky guy in HS, or the thin unathletic goth guy who have g/fs a sekrit bad boy? -_-;; Or for that matter why I'm COMPLETELY in love w/ writers and geeky sports writers who make Sonic the Hedgehog jokes xD Tho I ttlly lift up my butt and spray urine whenever some big jock approaches me... xD And of course OTHER CULTURES never factor in either cuz HARDCODED GENETICS only apply to white middle class straight Americans cuz they are the default human on which ALL OTHER HUMANS (travelling back thru time) are based upon!

But then again I forgot that One Million Years BC was a documentary xDDDDD

Sry... this stuff just infinitely amuses me even tho I often go >_> and e_e at it xD

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to sniff some men to figure out if they have dominant sperm or not xD

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ami's Razor (of DOOOM and cats :D ): if you need several conflicting feminist conspiracies to explain why...

Ah the MRAs have decided to appropriate the violence in hockey problem

Yes Mr. MRA, there is a feminist conspiracy... and we LOOOVVEEEE UFC and headshots in hockey and concussions in football b/c MEN ARE GETTING CRUSHED! It's AWESOME! We just throw back our heads and laugh! (i'm using the letter as an example, a lot of what I'm saying relates beyond it, to MRA conspiracy theories and ideas voiced by a lot of these kinds of misogynists (a lot of stuff that inspired this and that ties into that letter also are in various posts there, I'm too lazy to sort thru the hateful quotes, trigger warning btw, not to the site but what it quotes) and Scott Adams Trollbert comparing women to children (and cats! also aliens >_> *double mouth attark!* ))

oh ffs xD I can't believe anybody actually BELIEVES that UFC and hockey violence is cuz of some weird attempt to injure men. First off, even tho I'm AGAINST hockey violence and I think rules need to be in place and REAL leadership from the top of the NHL to enforce those rules to protect the players... it's STILL CONSENSUAL between adults. Same w/ UFC... and boxing... I love boxing, I'm not a fan of UFC, but I get that others are and I have no problem w/ it...

just like I have no problem w/ women's rugby... and I've been a HUGE proponent (as has pretty much any feminist I know when broached on the subject) of allowing bodychecking in women's hockey (much less giving women a shot to play in the NHL on merit instead of just as a marketing pre-season gimmick by a struggling sunbelt franchise xD )

Violence in male sports has nothing to do with women or men trying to hurt other men... and it has nothing to do with wanting to hurt men while protecting women. Violence in sport is seen as a GOOD THING by ... well... unless you're THIS guy apparently... everybody ELSE has heard the reasons from society.. I would think almost every boy growing up knows the pressure to be tough, to be manly, don't be a girl (see that's the key part... being violent and tough makes you NOT A GIRL which is BADDDDDDDDDD) etc etc etc

Nebody who's listened to Don Cherry or any other proponent of hockey violence knows that it's about "don't be a wuss", don't be gay, suck it up, take him out, prove you're a man.

And this stuff isn't created by the feminist conspiracy. In fact feminism is TRYING TO GET RID OF THIS CRAP. We're trying to get rid of this idea of gendered traits, toughness for men, fragility for women, violent aggression for men, quiet passivity for women, etc... and one of the double edged swords of the patriarchy is the pressure on men to do dangerous things and the "hurt or be hurt" mentality against other men to prove themselves as men, and not women.. backing off means passivity means femaleness...

In Canadian hockey culture this is all the more so, b/c sports intersects with Canadian insecurity.. b/c we're always the little brother to America's ingenuity and success, we've developed our own little thing where we're TOUGH, sure we aren't talented, but we TRY HARD... you hear it all the time in hockey: Europeans are skillful but pansies, Canadians are rough and tough, we can take a hit, they can't, we can shake off a concussion, they need to rest... etc etc

and it's BAD, i mean it's all bad cuz you create this culture where men feel like they have to rush back from injury, or not wear a visor (cuz only the "chicken swedes" wear those) or aim for a guy's head or they might as well put on the panties and bra now :(

And I'm not FOR THAT! But this letter writer rly screws up cause and effect -_-;;; as a lot of MRA types seem to.... plus there's that little fun threat at the end which I always love when misogynists throw in... "if we keep this up then of course women will get raped by men" >_<;; the "it's a dangerous neighbourhood, you could get hurt" mob protection money tactic -_-;; I love that he thinks that rape & violence against women come from bitter oppressed men & is using it as a veiled threat -_-;;;


it shouldn't be... again... this is a big thing for feminists... but the reason isn't some anti-male society hatred... it's an anti-female thing... it's also related to the idea of utter male dominance over women in physicality...

one of the things I read so often from misogynists and ppl also arguing against women in the military, women in the police forces, women in SPORTS... is that a 16 y/o boy can crush a 25 y/o woman (I hear that a LOT in hockey). I've heard trolls and misogynist men point out over and over how GENERAL TRENDS over a GIANT POPULATION of humanity related to phsyciality (specifically upper body strength and speed) somehow means that INDIVIDUAL MEN are greater than INDIVIDUAL WOMEN.. which always boggles the heck out of me... I mean sure, if there's a gender war (and I never understand why ppl seem to thikn there is... or refer to the genders as "species".. as if we're NOT ALL HUMANS WORKING TOGETHER TO SURVIVE... and should respect each other rather than try to KILL AND RAPE EACH OTHER) the top men will beat the top women in a UFC cage fight (and how many aspects of society should be much less ARE determined by a test of upper body strength? o_O ) but that doesn't mean YOU as an individual guy can beat ME in a fight... or that this relates somehow that I should be inferior to men, much less ANY men...

it's like the "but men invented everything so we're superior" thing (which of course isn't even true, but if you use that logic, Chinese men should take their rightful place atop the male, nay, human heirarchy xD )... but YOU didn't, as an individual male.. so how does that relate to you and me? stop hiding behind your male breathren!

but my point is, if you believe this, and I've heard ppl say BOTH in the same breath (men are superior... but why can women beat up men on tv?) if you believe this, truly believe the whole "16 y/o hockey boys can thrash the Canadian national women's team" and I've heard guys tell me braggingly that even if a girl knows martial arts he could just pick her up and slam her against the wall, etc etc

IF YOU BELIEVE THIS, and society in a way DOES, i mean we see enuf evo psych crap in the papers ... then women are like children to men... we've got no chance... and there's NO WAY nething we do can rly be a threat to you

THAT'S WHY the TV dynamics are that way... that's why women can cry, and are kept out of violent sports, and men are taught not to fight women... cuz we're porcelein dolls... we're children... and you don't beat up children (right Trollbert? xD)

It's why Bugs bunny can beat up humans... it's why kids outsmart adults in film... and it's why a 7up commercial where a woman headbutts a man for the soda is considered FUNNY while the opposite would be AWFUL... it's why children can outsmart principals and why a group of children beating up Kramer is FUNNY (but the opposite would be horrific, adults beating up 1 kid, CALL HOTCH! >_<;;) b/c, and I'm not saying it's true, or it's RIGHT, but society HAS THIS NARRATIVE, and we all grew up w/ it: men are stronger, faster and smarter than women, and so women aren't rly a threat to men... give the baby her bottle...

and again, I'm not saying it's RIGHT, but whenever I hear men scream out to the heavens: WHY!? WHY!?????

Well this is why... it's not some crazy conspiracy against men.. it's not feminisms fault,... feminism wants this gone... feminism wants violence against BOTH genders to be wrong... feminism wants women to be seen as equals, and society to drop the "men > women" myth and acknowledge that there's a GIANT OVERLAP in the groups, stats and trends... and yes, the top male olympians can outrun the top female, but that should have no bearing over our RELATIONS AS INDIVIDUALS IN SOCIETY

and feminism wants women to be allowed to risk their lives if necessary and engender the SAME respect for doing so... & not protected like children, or headpatted and kept away... and they want men to be able to NOT do that w/o any shame... we want men to be able to say "i'm sick of being concussed, i think head shots should be gone from hockey" without being called a wuss or a pansy...

we want abused men not to be laughed at... and we want men to be able to tell other men to not abuse women w/o being laughed at or called names.

we're agianst prison rape.. we're against men raping other men. and women raping men.. and of course MEN RAPING WOMEN...

this isn't a zero sum game -_-;; Men beating the crap out of other men for our entertainment doesn't mean that women gain in some way... admitting that rape against women IS a big problem doesn't mean that rape against men isn't... or that we don't care (in fact most of the shelters for men and counselling are set up by women who realized that men weren't creating these supports for each other b/c of that "suck it up" male standard).. we want a world where men can cry, and women are allowed to body check... and yes, we want a world where a woman punching a man is wrong, b/c we don't believe that it's just helpless hysterical battering his chest as he laughs... (& then the obligatory forced kiss that we GROW TO LURVE xD )

Ohhhkkaay... that was rambly... >_>;;

I think I've had a lot of that stored up xD But srsly.... the hockey violence thing is a big important thing to me, and a LOT of women I know... honestly, the ppl who defend it are MEN (not all men, Bob McCown, Stephen Brunt, Bruce Arthur, and other male sports journalists are HUGE opponents of it and they are also my sekrit intellectual crushes who I wish weren't married xD ) and they cite "not being a girl" and that it "builds character" and "suck it up" and etc etc... these aren't anti-male reasons.. they're ANTI FEMALE reasons, that have the unfortunate REAL LIFE side effect of HURTING MEN.. and trapping men in a gender box where they feel PRESSURED to allow themselves to be hurt... and it's not feminists who enjoy it, or push it, or want it there... I think men are pretty awesome just able to play this fast awesome game of hockey at a high level w/o needing random hits to the head or fighting to prove their manliness :D

I don't want to bring out that old saw of "the patriarchy hurts men too" but... for those like the letter writer screaming "WHY!? WHY THE DOUBLE STANDARD!?"

that's... why

Ami's Razor: The simplest and truest answer doesn't require feminist conspiracies :3

And you thought Garfield w/o the Garfield was deep xD

3eanuts... Peanuts w/o the last (usually 4th) panel

xD It's kinda like Garfield w/o Garfield, but w/o the punchline at the end Peanuts becomes this weird bleak look on life (a lot like real life! xD )

But then when I thought about it it made total sense, cuz Peanuts was often about that but it had "gallows humour" w/ the little punchline at the end of the bleak conversation... but w/o the humour, it's just gallows XD

(I'm trying to make more of an effort to blog now & not just be lazy & put everything on twitter xD )

Friday, March 25, 2011


Bioware responds to a self-identified "Straight Male Gamer"'s complaints that games aren't being made specifically for him

Wow... this is amazing O_O;;; For lots of reasons, not the least of which is the "stand up and cheer" gut response I'm sure many feminist/anti-oppression geeks had when reading Bioware's response :D But also... the fact that the guy just out right SAYS what a lot of privileged white straight dudes/trolls that we often see arguing w/ feminists anti-racist anti-ablist anti-queerphobia etc geek bloggers xD

To summarize, in the case of Dragon Age 2, BioWare neglected their main demographic: The Straight Male Gamer.

I don’t think many would argue with the fact that the overwhelming majority of RPG gamers are indeed straight and male. Sure, there are a substantial amount of women who play video games, but they’re usually gamers who play games like The Sims, rather than games like Dragon Age. That’s not to say there isn’t a significant number of women who play Dragon Age and that BioWare should forgo the option of playing as a women altogether, but there should have been much more focus in on making sure us male gamers were happy.

Now immediately I’m sure that some male gamers are going to be like “YOU DON’T SPEAK FOR ME! I LOVE DRAGON AGE 2!”, but you have to understand, the Straight Male Gamer, cannot be just lumped into a single category.

Its ridiculous that I even have to use a term like Straight Male Gamer, when in the past I would only have to say fans, …

SEE!!! xD Isn't he PRECIOUS!? xDDD He doesn't even try to pretend he doesn't believe that and then say it out of the other side of his mouth, he doesn't try disclaimers.. he just says "STRAIGHT MALE GAMERS" and also the usual "GIRL GAMERS DON'T COUNT, they play sims and stuff!" which I always hear from my male friends whenever ppl point out that women make up the majority of the gaming market xD I guess I should admire his honesty and not trying to be a disingenuous troll xD Also that he also says with a straight face (no pun intended.. BA DA BUM) that he shouldn't even HAVE to specify being straight and male because it should just be "fan" except that stupid Bioware doesn't seem to understand that straight guys are DEFAULT so he HAS to specify, but he shouldn't HAVE TO, don't all video game companies understand that straight guys are the default fans and should go w/o saying? xD I actually wish more trolls were like this rather than doing the concern trolling, or derailing, or etc etc thing.. just say "GODDAMMIT, AS A STRAIGHT WHITE GUY THINGS SHOULD BE FOR ME AND NOT JUST FOR ME BUT TO NOT LET WHAT OTHER PPL WANT INTO MY ENTERTAINMENT!" xD

But neways.. yeah the response.. wow.. just WOW... what's funny is that up until now I've only seen complaints about this game in various blogs about how white is the default state of the hero in the opening movie until you get to create your char... so it's funny to see some dude show up and say THAT IS NOT ENUF HOW DARE YOU LET OTEHR PPL PUT THEMSELVES IN THIS GAME AND QUEER PPL HAVE RELATIONSHIPS IN A GAME MEANT TO LET THE PLAYERS AVATAR THEMSELVES IN A PERSONAL RP FANTASY XD Also Bioware's response is great, and also brings great hope for future endeavours and that they might rly listen to complaints by their non-"normal" fans :D

The romances in the game are not for “the straight male gamer”. They’re for everyone. We have a lot of fans, many of whom are neither straight nor male, and they deserve no less attention. We have good numbers, after all, on the number of people who actually used similar sorts of content in DAO and thus don’t need to resort to anecdotal evidence to support our idea that their numbers are not insignificant… and that’s ignoring the idea that they don’t have just as much right to play the kind of game they wish as anyone else. The “rights” of anyone with regards to a game are murky at best, but anyone who takes that stance must apply it equally to both the minority as well as the majority. The majority has no inherent “right” to get more options than anyone else.

More than that, I would question anyone deciding they speak for “the straight male gamer” just as much as someone claiming they speak for “all RPG fans”, “all female fans” or even “all gay fans”. You don’t. If you wish to express your personal desires, then do so. I have no doubt that any opinion expressed on these forums is shared by many others, but since none of them have elected a spokesperson you’re better off not trying to be one. If your attempt is to convince BioWare developers, I can tell you that you do in fact make your opinion less convincing by doing so.

And if there is any doubt why such an opinion might be met with hostility, it has to do with privilege. You can write it off as “political correctness” if you wish, but the truth is that privilege always lies with the majority. They’re so used to being catered to that they see the lack of catering as an imbalance. They don’t see anything wrong with having things set up to suit them, what’s everyone’s fuss all about? That’s the way it should be, any everyone else should be used to not getting what they want.

The truth is that making a romance available for both genders is far less costly than creating an entirely new one. Does it create some issues of implementation? Sure– but anything you try on this front is going to have its issues, and inevitably you’ll always leave someone out in the cold. In this case, are all straight males left out in the cold? Not at all. There are romances available for them just the same as anyone else. Not all straight males require that their content be exclusive, after all, and you can see that even on this thread.

Would I do it again? I don’t know. I doubt I would have Anders make the first move again– at the time, I thought that requiring all romances to have Hawke initiate everything was the unrealistic part. Even if someone decides that this makes everyone “unrealistically” bisexual, however, or they can’t handle the idea that the character might be bisexual if they were another PC… I don’t see that as a big concern, to be honest. Romances are never one-size-fits-all, and even for those who don’t mind the sexuality issue there’s no guarantee they’ll find a character they even want to romance. That’s why romances are optional content. It’s such a personal issue that we’ll never be able to please everyone. The very best we can do is give everyone a little bit of choice, and that’s what we tried here.

And the person who says that the only way to please them is to restrict options for others is, if you ask me, the one who deserves it least. And that’s my opinion, expressed as politely as possible.

That was amazing. :O What's even MORE amazing is that they used the P WORD xD An official statement from somebody who represents the company (and presumably has the OK to say these things) actually said the word PRIVILEGE and actually didn't just say "we care about women, we want them as customers" but said CHECK YOUR F-ING PRIVILEGE and explained to them that EVERYBODY F-ING COUNTS LARGER DEMOGRAPHIC OR NOT.

My exp has been that not only do companies not use the language of anti-oppression, politicians, media, etc are all afraid to use it too in public spaces cuz it always ends up with "I DON'T HAVE PRIVILEGE I GOT BEATEN UP IN SCHOOL" or some sort of complete not caring or understanding about the language and it's context in anti-oppression work and dialogue xD And not just saying that but saying the thing that so many of us non-kyriarchy fitting geeks have been saying for so long "LIMITING A CHARACTER CREATOR TAKES MORE PROGRAMMING". Like how in NBA Street or the WWE Smackdown series, they have the ability to create female chars but they're ALL LIMITED (height limited, and in wrestling, strength and move limited)... that takes EXTRA programming just to keep women from being able to enjoy THEIR power fantasies to the fullest in game world (or men from creating equal female game chars if they want) just to make some portion of scared straight guys happy (or less scared xD ) and I LOVE that this guy just said, YOU ARE NOT LOSING NETHING OR NOT BEING CATERED TO JUST CUZ OTHER PPL CAN HAVE THEIR FANTASIES TOO.

Holy crumbs YES

That's what we keep saying. NOBODY IS TAKING AWAY YOUR FUN BY ALSO LETTING OTHER PPL HAVE FUN! It's NOT A ZERO SUM GAME! It's not like guys who are like him are LOSING NETHING by the game being INCLUSIVE TO OTHERS! It rly is wallowing in your privilege and entitlement to think "I'm the default person in society, I'm the default person in gaming, it should cater to me and therefore I'm offended if it caters to NEBODY ELSE b/c that threatens my defaultness and my importance."


and oh yeah did I mention the response was great? :D GREAT! measured, intelligent and using ANTI OPPRESSION LANGUAGE freely and correctly and NOT HOLDING BACK on that either.. this isn't the mainstream vanilla Law and Orderesque idea of "don't be sexist/racist/homophobic" this is the stuff you see on blogs :D And the "it doesn't matter how big you think your group is... EVERYBODY is important.. NOT JUST YOU, this is NOT A NUMBERS GAME" thing... YES JUST SO YES! :D

And srsly... One of my favourite games is WWF No Mercy cuz it was a bit unfinished, and was tight for memory and so you could do basically NETHING in the character creator :D You could put "male" faces on female bodies and "female" faces on male bodies... and women could have stats just the same as men, be made as heavy, as tall, and as strong, and have access to ALL the moves (and you could make men have walking animations "like women" and etc) and that if you used a woman in story mode with one of the "male" storylines they would have a gay love story basically and WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT? it takes more effort to make the virtual world a defensive straight white guy's fantasy xD

w00t! :D

This is powerful great stuff and I LOVE that we're seeing it from a representative of a company and a major game maker and one that specializes in games that ideally allows people to indulge in their power fantasies and their romance fantasies and etc :D w00t! :D

Neways... so.. yeah.. w000t :D GO BIOWARE AND DAVID GAITER! Ty for getting it! >:3

Hopefully this speaks well of future diversity and possibilities for combinations & intersections within that diversity in Bioware games :D I've become so jaded and cynical about video game/geek culture, how everybody just accepts that it should just be for straight white abled cis guys (and games women play don't count yo! xD) and how we have games w/ character creators that DO NOT LET ME MAKE MYSELF OR CHARS IN MY IMAGINATION FOR ARBITRARY STUPID REASONS, that I become always very suspicious of the free for all type RPGs that promise to let me be me in a fantasy shaped by me, b/c I just can't believe they would, and not only apparently do they (with as I said, some complaints but this is promising at least :) ) but this gives me hope that ppl who make the games care about more than the straight white d00ds but WANT us to be able to create ourselves and whoever and whatever we can imagine in their games :D (and yeah I know THAT's GOOD BUSINESS, but as we all know, corporations don't always do what's best for business, often they do what's easiest, safest and what "traditionally" they've always targetted and done xD hello NHL! )

I never thought I'd see a company stand up like this, forget using the P word! :D Mind you, I didn't think I'd see a sponsor call out the NHL on headshots either, or a Republican tax-payer advocacy group say something I 100% agreed with and oppose a pro sports league but... these are strange days I guess :O

Maybe there's something in the water... or... we're on the verge of another super mega crossover! O_O



*gets angel warrior armor ready and brushes her wings*



srsly tho... AWESOME :D

edit: Having read thru the whole of what he said now I'm rly amused by some other things... one that he ACTUALLY ADMITS that in the past he felt all female chars in games were made for straight guys in mind, and as potential female friends or lovers... and now.. omg... women might not actually JUST EXIST FOR MEN... his constant whining about teh gay... saying that there should be a "no homo" option xD I mean you have to keep the homophobes in mind! (and i think there's a LOT of straight guys who will say that straight guyness does NOT mean homophobia... he seems to be afraid to say he doesn't like gay guys and just keeps saying BUT I'M STRAIIIGHTTTT) and that only gay ppl could possibly want gay chars in their games (and as usual bi ppl, lesbians, etc don't exist) xD it's funny that romance seems to be the MOST IMPORTANT THING to him in this game too xD Plus the "I AND OTHERS LIKE ME ARE at least 80% of the ppl who buy your games!!!! RAWRRRRRRR" xD he's just ADORABLE in his honesty of how he misses all women in games being FOR him and no reminder that there are other ppl not him in the world xD he shoudl just go play Thousand Arms or Star Ocean or something honestly >_>;; There's plenty of Japanese hentai dating RPGs for him too... he can get his fill of insecure straight male reassurance in those, and then go back to playing regular RPGs xD

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sexist response to racist white girl is sexist -_-;;;

(this is part from a comment I left in my friends LJ :] (just so she doesn't think I gave her boilerplate >_> ) )

Responses to UCLA Student's Racist Rant

Okay so yes, this is what racism looks like. It’s also what sexism looks like. People who objected to Wallace’s video (as they should), often did so with sexist language, including these examples collected by Caroline Heldman for Ms. magazine:

“I bet her grades match her cup size.”
“i have big tits and gave the dean a blowjob to get into UCLA is all I hear.”

But the most interesting thing I’ve heard about Wallace’s video and the response came from What Tami Said. Tami suggested that all the shock and outrage regarding Wallace’s racism was naive, at best, and delusional, at worst. Expressing shock, she said, may be a way to spice up a headline. Or, it might be reflective of a belief among some that this sort of racism doesn’t exist anymore. Or, she speculates, expressing shock may be a way for people to distance themselves from people like Wallace, a way for them to advertise the notion that they aren’t racist.


Alexandra Wallace’s Anti-Asian Rant Draws…Misogyny and Death Threats

Even on and, which targets a largely progressive female readership, many of the comments posted in response to Wallace were loaded with sexist name-calling. “I’m sure her mom also taught her to make sure you wear a tight tank top that exposes your boobs when ranting about Asian students on video,” a commenter wrote on Jezebel. On our site, the word “bimbo” thrived.

that link also has videos where people use similarly misogynistic language at her..

It just... it always bugs me when somebody who isn't from the societal "default" (white cis straight abled male ... ) says something homophobic or racist or sexist, and everybody jumps not on what they said but on the part of them that is marginalized.. -_-;; I tried to rly consciously avoid making any sort of stereotypes or mocking her for her appearance or nething when I was writing my post b/c I know that that's irrelevant but it's a really easy thing to jump on... esp when one is angry, I mean I do get it... we`re all informed and pre-loaded with all sorts of stereotypes from media and society and when you`re angry, really angry, there`s a temptation to just wrap yourself in that anger and use another language of oppression that we would never use otherwise, but that doesn`t make it right or something we shouldn`t try to be aware of. Plus there`s another thing that plays into it and it is very much like what what I quoted above... that some white ppl feel comforted doing this, even if it's not a deliberate thing, to say "oh she's not like ME, she's one of THOSE girls!"

Also, honestly, I'm v annoyed at how people need to keep saying "she's not RACIST, she's IGNORANT" or "she's not RACIST, she's STUPID". Well can't she be both? What she said was racist so in that moment she was racist. Why must we always get hung up in what this MAKES a person innately? If you say hurtful things to somebody , they're hurtful, and at that moment YOU'RE being hurtful. Whether you're innately a hurtful person or not seems like besides the point and a derail to argue. Same as if you're violent.. at that moment, you're a violent person. Who cares if you're TRULY a violent person at your core!? Plus I don't think it's a good idea to start equating racism with stupidity or ignorance, it CAN come from that, often it does come from ignorance... stupid seems to imply that the person can't rly change b/c they just don't have the capacity to (and plays into ablism and ablist narratives), and again it just dismisses the whole thing.. these are attitudes STUPID ppl have, not smart ppl, like me! And it shifts the focus from white privilege (and rly this is what this was about, she saw everything she and other white ppl did as normal and the actions of individuals, like talking on the cellphone would be a person being rude, but what people of other ethnicities do as being representative of an entire race, and then extrapolated racial characteristics from that) and onto "oh it's just some small segment of stupid people who do stupid things"... as for ignorance.. as I said, it's true, but you can't have a discussion without addressing what informs that ignorance and where it comes from. Just saying "we need to educate people more" isn't enuf cuz it's not like our society doesn't say "racism is wrong"... it's stuff like entitlement and white privilege that has that message just get sluffed off and ignored, and why that sort of ignorance exists.

And by the way just in case ppl dunno from knowing, well, ME xD I'm rly against ppl tracking down her real name and address and stuff and passing it around >_< I'm against that in general cuz it's pretty low, and it's really not activism, it's harassment... it's easy to chase ANYBODY off the internet by doing that... what have you proven? Except that you can harass a girl IRL until she is too afraid to come online... and that can apply to nebody, racist, sexist, anti-oppression activist, you and me. And what's she ultimately learnt? Why what she said was wrong? Or that like so many women bloggers and writers online, white or of colour, talking about feminism or some issue (however valid) on their mind or even just video games, if she expresses an opinion, she can expect a torrent of sexist vitriol, sexual assault and rape threats, people judging her worth by her appearance, opining about her sex life and how "loose" she might be... reminding her over and over again "shut up you stupid bitch, you're a woman, and I can reduce your entire personhood to JUST your hair, or your breasts, or how many men I think you've slept with, if necessary". (And this applies to other oppressions as well: race, sexual orientation, ability, etc, plus their intersections which would make it worse :( ) Congratulations. We scared her off the internet. Us: 1 Fighting Oppression: 0.

What's interesting is, I wonder, and I srsly doubt, if most of the anti-her videos are gonna get called out for THEIR sexism or sexist stereotype (big breasts means she's dumb! blonde makes her stupid! she looks like one of THOSE types of girls.. you know the kinds!... etc etc etc) or the sexual violence some of these ppl are using (rhetorically, I know, they're not THREATs, but rhetorical threats of rape are still sexist and misogynist and a terrible thing to even joke about doing to an actual PERSON) in their anger (and whether they mean to or not), add to a rape culture where it's okay to casually use threats of assault or rape against women to shut them up. And that some of these ppl prolly aren't even THAT angry.. or angry at ALL: they're just jumping on the bandwagon cuz it's fun for them, or fun to be mean, or just a good time to bash a woman, make sexist jokes and oh-so-funny rape threats and declare their fantasies of assaulting or violating her, because they can, and because they have cover... after all, even the anti-oppression crowd thinks she's a dumb blonde bimbo right?

I wonder how many of them are going to get a response video, or this much attention? Prolly none, because their -ism is being hidden behind the veneer of social activism, and of (understandable, but not justifying this language) outrage. And THAT'S problematic too, because just like calling her stupid and ignorant is giving her too little credit as a person, and giving people too MUCH credit from issues of privilege and entitlement, all the sexist language has done is trade one oppression for another... and also again, distance her, make her not like us. She's a "dumb bitch", a "whore"... she's a fallen woman.... and therefore we can threaten to do horrible things to her even if we're HAHA joking, because it's OKAY!, she's bad! We've all agreed she's bad right? Stupid, blonde, ignorant... she's flawed.. so it's fine!

And you see the problem w/ that sort of thinking right? It keeps us safe, and safe from percieved moral judgments, from others and from ourselves. We're not like her, and we can never be like her... cuz she's not a thinking person like us, she's not a smart woman like me... and to do so we've used oppression judo... and turned her use of racism against us into our use of misogyny against her: the stupid girl, the dumb blonde.. let's threaten to assault her! Rape her! It's okay, she's not one of us! She's dumb and stupid and probably slutty!


The whole thing makes me angry. And it's not f-ing okay. It wasn't f-ing okay for her to say that, and it's not f-ing okay for others to be using misogynistic narratives and slurs at her. Good intentions or not :\ And the main part of why this bugs me, in a "big picture" sense is that all of this, the dismissal of her using sexist stereotypes, or calling her stupid or dumb (which is playing, in a way, into ableist narratives also) or even just a handwave that she's ignorant... it ignores the bigger discussion on race and privilege, on messages in the media and in society in general, and how that informed what she said, how she saw white people as individuals and Asian people as part of an amorphous mass and Asian people as the eternal foreigner. And maybe now there's also a second discussion too, one about sexism, and how society and rape culture has informed THAT and how it informed people's stereotypes of her and guys jumping straight to sexual threats and rape as a joke threat against her. And the intersection between both.

There's a lot of meat on the bone here. But none of it will be addressed if the narrative of all of this ends up being "stupid blonde white bitch said stupid things cuz she's stupid and boy do I want to f- those tits".

Nobody wins when we play oppression judo.

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SMALLVILLE SEASON 10 IS THE GREATEST CUTEST MOST AWESOME THING EVAR IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! (and honestly one of the most truly feminist, yet awesomely heroic w/ basically only male superheroes (*GASP* THE STRAWFEMINISM FAILS! IT'S NOT ABOUT LESBIAN SEPARATISM AT ALL XD), shows I've ever seen) AND IT IS SO ADORABLE! :D and it does romance WITHOUT stupid random dramuh (which believe it or don't, us women don't ACTUALLY WANT, at least not me and friends I know >_>) ... plus I love Aquaman giving the bro-feminist talk w/ Clark :D For once it's 2 guys talking that's not "those women >_> y'know how crazy they are" it's "dude, trust her and respect her okay? " :D









RAWR! *bops* xD

"it's only a fraction of a millimetre, how did you see that?"


"micro.. vision? o_O"

"it's my power, I can call it whatever I want!"




But Ollie has an Omega symbol on his forehead now :(



And Tess pwnd Lionel! And Mera is awesome! And Arthur is awesome and bro-feminist! And Ollie is so cute and romantic and Chloe is amazing x 1000000000000000 and and and and




that is all






Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who needs FOX News when you have CTV? xD

This was just on CTV Newsnet (CTV's all news channel) in Canada just now O_O;;; I had to get a shot of it cuz it's just so WTF xD Yes, it IS the voice of Obama speaking but that's not a pic of him, that's a pic of Muammar Gaddafi O_O;; (also is it normal to just refer to him as Barack Obama and not President Barack Obama? I dunno cuz I can't remember what I normally see on the news xD so it's an honest question not a leading one)

I just turned it on and it was there and I was like O_O;;; xDDD

I figured out what happened tho... they had the pic there cuz they were talking about the situation in Libya and I think they had a "Crisis in Libya" type headline w/ his face next to it and they never changed it when they switched to "voice of Barack Obama" xD But still.. bad planning/editing etc xD

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Something I've been thinking a lot about that a radio quote finally put into focus: it's more than a business

All cards on the table.. I don't buy or read DC nemore.. >_>;; Haven't in a couple years b/c I just can't afford it nemore, and I'm sick of shouting at the wind or being angry at something that I should just stop paying money for. I have kept track on stuff going on, various of my friends still rage about what's going on... and as a dislaimer this isn't just about DC, sometimes I hear things about Marvel too... but this DID make me think a lot about the comic industry and what's going on and finally gave a voice to all the things I and others were frustrated w/ in terms of not just the companies but their responses and reactions... and also why fan reaction can't just be dismissed as "it's a business"

The NHL has been having a lot of problems lately, PR problems, financial problems w/ certain teams (thank god for that Canadian Dollar at par eh Gary?) and facing a lot of heat, anger, sponsors threatening to pull out, etc at the problem with concussions and head shots and also they have what's going on in Phoenix, where the NHL is not just stubbornly keeping a money sink of a team there but whining for the Goldwater institute to leave them alone and not block the sale xD But this isn't about what's going on in hockey, or whether I or nebody else thinks the head shot issue is an isue or not... it's about the reaction...

Stephen Brunt, award winning Canadian sports journalist, bestselling author, my personal writing idol, and columnist for the Globe and Mail, is also a co-host on Primetime Sports, a Toronto based sports radio show, and this is what he had to say last Thursday about the commissioner of the NHL, Gary Bettman, and his handling (or mishandling) of the various issues surrounding the league (talking to host, Bob McCown, another personal idol >_> ):

"...everybody's got their owners to deal with, but the job is that even though those guys are your employer, the job is that you are supposed to be the face of the game, the conscience of the game... and I know, he's the owner's commissioner, he's not an impartial observer, we always have to remember that especially when there's a labour dispute, he's not above it all, he's working for one side not the other side. But fans think of commissioners as guys that are custodians of the game, this is somebody who has larger interests, in addition to the interets of making money, who should be able to voice the larger interests of the game, and set a direction for the game.. say "this is important to us, this is fundamental, this is right, this is wrong, this is something we have to fix." But with Bettman it's this continual defensive, back up, petulent, whiny, "there's nothing wrong, no there's nothing wrong here, don't look behind me, there's nothing wrong here." Where's the leadership Bob?"

Does that sound familiar to nebody?

He's bang on, as Brunt usually is, and not just about the NHL and Bettman but by the big 2 and their leadership and lack of leadership, esp w/ Didio and how front and centre he is and the criticisms about the percieved lack of leadership, lack of communication and contempt that seems to come from the editor in chief to serious concerns about the state of the company, the direction or lack of direction, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.... whether you think it's real or perceived, there have been a lot of criticism from readers and criticism of how they feel their criticism is sluffed off.

Not to pick on him (as I said, Marvel critics might v well feel the same way about Quesada), but Didio, like Bettman, doesn't own the company. He's not the head, and he has his masters to answer to... he works for them, and they're a business, and part of his interests is in making money (which like the NHL you wonder about some of their business decisions too >_> and whether narrowing the alrdy narrow niche of hardcore fans you have is a good idea)...

but there's another thing at play... because while they ARE a business, like the NHL which sets itself up as a public trust, as the custodian of a national pastime, as the custodian of identity, culture, childhood memories and childhood heroes... DC presents itself as MORE than a corporation, and fans see it as more than such, rightly or wrongly, they do see it as a public trust, as holders of their childhood, of heroes and memories, and deep seated cultural stories... and Dan Didio is more than just the editor-in-chief, like Gary Bettman, he's seen as the custodian of the DCU... and the fans expect more from him than defensive "everything is just fine folks!" platitudes. Fans expect more than band aid solutions of resurrecting fan favourites, or a retro comic book. They expect leadership. They expect the editor-in-chief to tell them what the direction is (and honestly when your company presents itself this way, the fan expectation isn't just a random thing, it's part of the JOB), to say "yes this is a problem, this is wrong" or conversely to say "no this is not a problem" but all that they get, all that we get, is whining, distractions, why won't you women read Supergirl!? Things will get better next issue! Just hang on! Everything is fine, everything is great! And have you seen the new issue of the next build up to a super mega crossover!?

As Bob McCown says "there's a fire? He'll try to distract you. "Yeah but look at the cheese we're making over here!" "Your building's burning down." "Yeah but look at the cheese!" "

And people do look at the cheese... not because of faith in the company but because of faith in what they represent, of what we see them as guardians OF, our childhood, our heroes, our stories and our dreams, and those of our parents and parents parents (well not mine, but my family's not from here xD). They may be a business, but they are so much more to their fans, and they themselves play into this, they themselves PRESENT themselves as guardians of superheroes, of Superman and of Batman, as storytellers, and not businessmen. So this isn't just deluded fandom, this is a business model, that takes advantage of that fandom, of the culture. But it cuts both ways, if this is who you want to be, it's who fans will see you as, and they will drop their cynicism that they'd have for Wal-Mart or other corporations, because they want to believe, and because what you hold means so much to them, their identity and is so infused in their culture.

But eventually people stop seeing the cheese (best. random. analogy. evar. xD). And they'll leave, and your building will burn down.

Because the opposite of that is that when you or people who defend you keep using the "it's just a business" thing, your fans, your loyal devoted trusting fans, will BELIEVE IT. They'll realize it, for one reason or another... and you will be a Wal-Mart, or a Gamestop, and if you don't shape up, if you don't put the fire out.. they'll leave, and no amount of appealing to their childhood will help.

And that's what's happening now... in the NHL, in the big 2 tree trunk of superhero comics... ppl, reactionary or not, are calling into sports shows, writing in or just venting to whoever will listen at the office, that they are finally finally done w/ the game that their parents helped them love... and worse than that, more IMPORTANTLY than that, they're not sure they want to teach their children to love the game... and I wonder how many people are questioning that themselves... Superman holds so much to us, but do they rly want their kids to read what's on the shelves? And once ppl start wondering THAT... the quality of your cheese is the least of your concerns. The death of Wizard, at the very least, suggests that the lack of leadership, the lack of direction, the whiny defiance, the dissonance between fan and company, everything might be catching up, that ppl ARE finally moving on, and they're not being replaced. That maybe, just maybe, the faith has been broken.

And I know that's melodramatic, and maybe it's unfair... but the business has never been about fairness. It's never even been about business. It's been about playing to concepts far beyond supply and demand, cold hard profits, and the cynicism of target demographics and uncaring ownership... it's been about fans who truly love not what the company produces, but what the company COULD produce, and what they DID produce... and what they represent and the characters, stories, narratives and little pieces of our memories that they hold. Like the NHL and Canada, that's what DC/Marvel has been selling, and that's what people have been buying... hope... dreams.. memories.

But eventually, for some of us, that's not enough. And if you keep it up, keep the platitudes going, everything is fine, everything is fine, don't look behind me, why do you hate us? hey look at this new thing... eventually, more and more people won't find it enough either. They'll grow up. And they'll see you as the mismanaged corporation you are, as they always knew you were but didn't' want to believe, as you keep claiming you are when it suits you to defend yourself. And you won't just lose them, you'll lose their children.

This isn't meant to be an attack on DC... or Marvel... or even the NHL (well maybe kinda xD ) this is meant as... well I dunno what it is... it's something that's been on my mind for a while, trying to sort out the dynamics between fans and companies, culture and business and businesses that wrap themselves in culture. It's just something I wanted to share, the reasons some ppl might feel for their love of comics and the frustration they just can't put their finger on about why the responses from the custodians of superhero comics just don't cut it. And it's not, at least not meant to be, a call to action, or an indictment of Didio or individual writers or authors, or an attack on ppl who are still fans, who always will be fans, who love the product or who still stay. This is about how they handle the critics, the fans who don't like the direction, and the lack of leadership in dealing with real serious concerns in the industry and in the fanbase. But it's ultimately, obviously my thoughts, and what I've been thinking of on what I've observed :|.. and maybe it doesn't mean all that much, cuz I've been reading Nancy Drew, and Pinocchio Vampire Slayer, and Particle Fiction and other such for a while, and never looked back. Just at least for me, at some point, no matter how hard I try, the only thing I can see is the burning building. And Supergirl and all the cheese in the world, just doesn't cut it nemore :|

Like Blizzard, Ami takes a billion years to complete her sequels XDDDD

This is an interesting post on fan porn art of supheroines and the fetish of breaking down or humiliating or reducing female superheroes to purely a sex object or esp a submissive or broken one.

Honestly, I have no problem w/ it as a fetish since I get that there is an appeal to many ppl (not just guys) of submission of powerful ppl (esp powerful women, for prolly lots of societal reasons relating to gender roles, transgressing traditional mores, etc etc that isn't what I want to talk about atm xD ) or sexual domination... or reducing powerful or intimidating ppl into base sexual creatures (think of it like a more involved version of the "imagine the crowd naked" speech thing, the idea is "you're not better than me, you're just like all the rest inside") I mean fantasies are fantasies and they may say something about the person, or about our culture (the fact that this fantasy usually manifests as a take down of powerful women to men prolly does, but there are also many of the idea of powerful men being taken down too in fantasy, culture isn't not involved in almost nething we do and def does inform sexual fantasies (it's not like nurse or librarian fetishes are genetic xD) but again, not exploring that) so I rly dun have any issue of that nor do I want to say that this is therefore what they think of women b/c it's fantasy porn...

But it reminded me of a guest column I wrote for Girl Wonder way way way back that was about a similar thing... but it was related to how it seems like these "take down of powerful women" fantasies were starting to show up in mainstream non porny non erotic fantasy comics... the Heroes for Hire tentacle cover is one, it looks straight out of fetish porn... w/ the heroes tied up, fearful expressions on their faces, scared, some look beaten, etc... or female chars being depowered, beaten up, raped, killed, etc... and yus it happens to men too, but they usually truck on.. it's portrayed (like the Batman death or the Superman one) as a quest of defiance... also there's the lying in sexy positions with shredded clothing thing when women are defeated or beaten down... which is a mirror to some of the superheroines in peril fetish comics/stories (there are whole sites devoted to this.. honestly i'm not mocking it... i share.. some of the fetishes.. or at least i have submission/domination fetishes... and they aren't feministy or ball breaky or nething xD fetishes are fetishes)

I mean the whole thing got semi-derailed b/c trolls tried to turn it into a referendum on porn and fantasies... and maybe it'll happen again xD... but for me, that's rly missing the point and not what I'm interested in :3.. I just noticed how similar the mainstream comics were getting to this fantasy of imagining the audience nude all the time, and it was... fascinating.. also annoying... not b/c I\'m against the fetish, I just dunno why it has to be in comics that are supposedly for a) all ages b) both genders c) power fantasies and involve superheroes who ARE the power fantasies of both genders. It just seems like that sometimes you get writers or artists or whoever, who feel not only is their demo men, but that this isn't just a power fantasy for men to be heroes, but that the women exist.. not just for men, but to be part of another power fantasy, where they get broken down into base parts, base poses to reassure, or to titillate...

this doesn't mean ALL (yeah yeah standard boilerplate dun straw me! disclaimer xD ) writers or artists... and I'm actually not writing a NEW post... just I've had a while to think about it, and this post rly clarified the fetish, and I just wanted to expand or clarify or w/e xD what I was writing about like... a billion years ago xD it's not the fetish, it's not OMFG AMI HATES SMEX... it's how comics which were supposed to be a power fantasy where superheroes and superheroines represent us, our childhoods, our childhood fantasies, and our OTHER base desires to save, to help, to be strong, to fly... were being changed ot be about a very specific fantasy, and a very specific point of view, and that might explain some of the things ppl were noticing or being put off by, or feeling that comics weren't for them, even as a straight guy, and not rly understanding how to put into words. :) I was trying to help w/ that before... and I'm trying to clarify it a little more now :)

It doesn't mean that it's necessarily good, or necessarily evil... tho I think superhero comics that attract a wider diversity, a wider power fantasy base, a wider age range, etc is something to strive for... and good for business... and I always will :) but... I just think that analyzing comics, pop culture, etc is always a useful and important exercise :) And it helps us to ask ourselves, is this what we want? as fans.. as individual fans.. and is this what we rly want in our power fantasies? that one gender can't be powerful w/o another gender not being so? And is this good for business? Wizard's death and the increasing issues w/ the "main" trunk of the genre seems to suggest that even the niche might be getting more nichey (niche-ish? niche-y-ish? nichee? o_O ) These aren't just specific questions, they're age old questions, in every industry and genre... and they're important questions b/c fans, consumers, customers benefit from being informed, from knowing more about their product, their art, their entertainment, even if they end up disagreeing w/ what they read... and it's important to know what we want, and why we feel dissapointed if we do about stuff that's important to us, that we want to like, or that we even, just merely consume as product :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Racist white girl is racist

Holy Crumbs O_O;;

Racist much? >_<;;;

I love her doublespeak too... she has nothing against Asians... BUT... she's learned to be okay w/ us BUT.... she feels bad for the tsunami victims BUT....

Dear Racist White Girl: if you have to keep prefacing everything you say w/ "but I'm a decent person REALLY!" platitudes, you're anything BUT >:| (but you may be a butt >_>)

Also wtf w/ the eternal foreigners/invaders crap? >:O That got old at the turn of LAST century! -_-;; But as usual... white Americans have families, who are American, while Asian Americans have "hordes" who "they bring over" (cuz we're ALL born elsewhere or must always be reminded we "came from" elsewhere... and she makes it sound like there's something going on too... like immigration is unseemly... she prolly thinks it is >_> )... and Existing While Not-White™ is ALWAYS unseemlier than doing things as a white person e_e;;; Like... having family come on the weekend! Or having them bring meals or help w/ laundry.. (also as usual what SOME Asian ppl do is attributed to ALL Asian ppl, b/c we are a hive mind and we can't POSSIBLY be individuals...) and cuz we NEVER see older white folks around dorms at all.. NEVARRRR... WHITE BOYS AND GIRLS AT UCLA ARE THE MOST INDEPENDENT PEOPLE EVARRRRRRRRRRRRR... they're just pushed out of the nest and they fly! No spoiled white kids in LA... nope nope...


And we're ruining her epiphanies! xD She could have invented the goddamn transporter by now if it weren't for us jabbering on our cellphones in our primitive tongue (another thing white ppl do not do) and caring about relatives or friends that might be affected in Japan! (Here she gets her racism mixed up, you're mocking Japanese ppl w/ mock Chinese language! GET YOUR RACIST STEREOTYPE MOCKERIES RIGHT! JEEZ... xD) But oh yeah.. she PREFACED it.. so that means she really DOES care about the terrible tragedy in Japan and those affected by it... except.. y'know... STFU SO I CAN SOLVE FERMAT'S LAST THEOREM ALRDY!

I guess we should be lucky she isn't at Empire State University or she'd have stumbled into Dr. Connor's lab to get away from those noisy Asians and been zapped and turned into some anti-Asian supervillain.... >_>;;;

But... srsly... gross >_<;;;; gross gross gross

Also beware the coming invasion!!! It may alrdy be too late! We are like Skrulls! >:3

(also I'm a little offended that her hair looks like mine >_<)

Friday, March 11, 2011

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan and the friends and families of those lost and I hope so much that nebody looking for ppl they know there end up with good news.

I dun have much to say when these things happen and I wish I could do more :( It is rly hard to process and comprehend such a massive loss of life that happens in an eyeblink. :(

I'll give you some links I've gotten from friends and on twitter if nebody hasn't seem them alrdy and might be helpful:

That is all :\

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

NY Times victim blames 11 y/o girl for being gang raped, feels bad for the rapists.. Petition to sign

That's a petition to tell the NYT to apologize for an article victim blaming the 11 y/o girl who was brutally gang raped by 18 men in Texas. Please sign it.

I cannot f-ing believe that they actually wrote that, or some editor let it through!? I saw this on a gossip TV program thing the other night and EVERYBODY THERE was rightfully outraged and angry and talking about rape culture and etc and this is a "fluff" program that usually talks about Charlie Sheen...

I thought FOR SURE the MSM couldn't victim blame this case, for SURE most opinion would be that this is wrong, cuz this is A CHILD, and pretty much hits all of the strawperson ideas for rape that rape apologists always throw out there (violent, gang rape, force, etc)


apparentlly i underestimated just how deep victim blaming goes >_<;; WHAT THE FUCK NEW YORK TIMES!? And it seems, at least ot me, that the reporter was the one specifically going and asking people how the girl was dressed, not that they just were lamenting this out of nowhere (tho that could be true too) b/c well.. y'know.. it's rape... THAT'S WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW... HOW WAS THE VICTIM DRESSED!? WHAT WAS HER REPUTATION!?

And the POOR POOR RAPISTS thing.. OH NO IT'LL RUIN THEIR LIVVVEEEZZZZ.. FOR FUCKS SAKE... it's bad enuf there's that narrative out there about how even reporting a rape will ruin the lives of scads of innocent men and most women are lying liars... nobody disputes here that she was raped.. and a 11 y/o child can't consent... and that they did it... but still.. THE POOR GUYS!? they have to live with ittttt?!? OF COURSE THEY DO B/C THEY COMMITTED THE FUCKING CRIME AND THEY RAPED A PERSON!

rape apologists always talk about "personal responsibility" and "you made your choices" and other crap (of course it's never directed at.. y'know.. the ppl committing rape.. cuz they're bears)... WELL ASSHOLES, YOU CHOSE TO RAPE, YOU CHOSE TO VIOLENTLY ASSAULT A YOUNG GIRL.. GOODBYE FREEDOM

Those are YOUR choices... and that's YOUR consequence


end rant...

please sign the petition >:|

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Analysis of Teh Amis :O

Text analysis is probably written by a female somewhere between 26-35 years old. The writing style is personal and upset most of the time.

o_O I'm shocked they got my age right :o Also according to the graph I'm upset about HALF the time... (sounds about right) tho I have no idea how they even tell that xD Lots of caps? :O

Since the choices are between personal and academic, I guess personal makes more sense >_> They missed that I'm also a cat tho >_>



Apparently i'm 10-15 years younger in my review blog xD And I'm happy most of the time, which seems odd since I review mostly DC comics >_> *ba da bing* xD >_>