Monday, February 21, 2011

New Ami review up! :D

Mroot! :D Like I promised, I have reviewed my first Nancy Drew graphic novel! :D (it was therapy homework, but also something I want to :D )

So yay!

There it is :)

I dun have #2 right now :( (had to return it to the library :| ) so I may review them out of order, or maybe I will review Pinnochio: Vampire Slayer next :)

It is scary getting back on the reviewing wagon, but it is done >:3

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Score, or score not... there is no try

So for those non hockey non Toronto types out there, we have a new rookie goaltender in James Reimer (Optimus Reim as some have dubbed him which is THE GREATEST NICKNAME IN ALL OF SPORTS outside of AK-47 and Run DMC >_>) and he's stolen the show with some great performances, so he's not only replaced the original bright star in Jonas Gustavsson but he's challenging our veteran starting goalie, J.S. Giguere for his job. :O

NEWAYS... so I saw this photo of them at practice in the Toronto Star and it just looked SO PERFECT as a dueling picture that I couldn't help but photoshop lightsabres into it xD And now it's Darth Reimer vs John-Sebastian Kenobi :D

"Your powers are weak old man!"

Also originally he had a green lightsabre cuz I rly like the contrast of green vs red (and so does Jesus apparently if Christmas is any indication xD So I'm in good company :3 ) but when I submitted it to the Toronto Star sports blog, I was worried that the Star Wars hardcore ppls would go all "SHE HAS NO IDEA THAT OBI-WAN HAS A BLUE SABRE" so I put in the blue one instead for the final thing >_> But I'm incl both here cuz I'm like that :3

Neways.. so there you go :D

On another note, I have been reading a cat-ton of graphic novel/mangaized versions of things from the library lately (since I have completely stopped reading any DC comics period) and I've decided that I'm just gonna read mangas of things from now on rather than the actual novels. xD It's like drinking food in milkshake form! :D It's fast and efficient xD

So neways.. I may post scans and reviews of the Nancy Drew graphic novel series (which is srsly KICK ASS AMAZING! It is like Batman but without the angst xD And with NANCY DREW UPPERCUTTING A BEAR.. plus magnetic tanks >_>) and Pinnochio the Vampire Slayer, Twilight: the Graphic Novel, Maximum Ride: The Graphic Novel, and etc etc etc :D

So.. yus.. I have them sitting in stacks in my room w/ the library police prolly watching me to see if I ever return them, so I prolly should get to it >_>

That is all.. may the puck be with you.