Thursday, August 26, 2010

The comic book superhero genre in the mist... AGAIN xD

Today's superheroes all sex and cash

Modern superheroes?

Bunch of pumped-up pretty boys with too many toys and not enough good old-fashioned values.

Man, in the old days, it was simple — you got bitten by a spider because of lapse workplace safety codes or accidentally locked out of your spacecraft during a solar radiation storm, and after you discovered you were horribly mutated you just went out and did the right thing by society.

I totally agree! Why can't it just be that simple, that you got powers and want to goo..

But today, laments Dr. Sharon Lamb, a researcher at the University of Massachusetts who has looked at the selling of modern icons, some villain has drained the good values out of our champions.

After looking at the most popular themes in marketing to young boys, Lamb has found the influence of heroes like Iron Man and Batman still pack a powerful punch.

“But if you look back, you’ll find they’re not like the old superheroes,” she tells QMI Agency from her home in Vermont.

“More and more, they’re Rambo and playboy like figures.

“Look at what makes Iron Man cool. He shows off his wealth and exploits women.”

Lamb, who addressed the issue at last weekend’s annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, said yesterday’s superheroes had vulnerability and depth.

Today’s message on being a good guy, she adds, is being super-wealthy, steroid-strong and endlessly kicking butt.

Wait.. what?

>_>;; Dun you just love it when the "experts" and the journalists who write about them have only a peripheral idea of superheroes and comic books from their childhood, and not just have no knowledge but don't even bother to learn, cuz they just assume this "THAR BE DRAGONS" thingw hen it comes to comic books and superheroes (and also ignoring that there's a TON OF PEOPLE who have way more knowledge who have written and spoken about sexism and gender roles and etc etc in comic books and superheroes, but they're not "experts" that newspapers care about so who cares >_> )

Also... I love the idea of Batman as a "modern" superhero.. not like Spider-Man! Except.. y'know.. him being WAY OLDER THAN SPIDER-MAN in creation xD And also... okay I can't speak for Iron-Man 2 since I never watched it, but I can speak for Batman Begins, Dark Knight and Iron-Man and not only is she (apparently) cherry picking her evidence from certain movies (i.e. the ones she's noticed, there's been a ton more superhero movies besides those 4 and those 2 heroes >_> ) but those movies don't even match what she's talking about. -_-;;; Bruce Wayne has only a couple scenes where he PRETENDS to be a womanizing playboy.. Tony Stark has ONE, and that was before he became a hero... and otherwise they are trying to do good things, and be a hero... not... "women are for smex! random violence! no goodness!" >_>;; And Pepper Potts is awesome :O

I was gonna say "did she even watch what she's using as her evidence!?" but.. maybe it's not fair... cuz this wouldn't be the first time a newspaper decided to misrepresent research or a researcher to make it sound more certain and judgemental than it is :|

So.. yeah.. maybe there is more to this than meets the eye (hopefully :3) and the actual research was more nuanced and also more focused on male movie heroes and not superheroes in general... but... this article, and what it says... -_-;;; it's just.. more of the same.. "comic books in the mist" stuff...

and I think it's hilarious that you're choosing those movies as proof of sexism in comic superhero depictions (NOWADAYS! cuz there was no sexism or problematic gender roles in comic books BEFORE the last decade! xD ) when, in the actual books it's like... xD

And also there's the usual easy bashing of "omfg teh girls nowadays and teh slutty cl0thes!!1112" e_e


this annoys me in so many way

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nintendo, Sony and other such companies should rly donate to help the mental health of the trapped Chilean miners :(

David Wynne

This article about the importance of mental health and fighting boredom of the trapped Chilean miners made me think immediately that companies like Nintendo and Sony should really donate a bunch of PSPs, DSes, GBs etc (whatever will fit down the bore shaft) and battery packs and games (obviously) to help the miners get thru this excruciating situation and fight boredom and help their mental health, :(

And this not me trying to trivialize this horrible tragedy :( But food and sustenance isn't the only thing humans need to survive and be okay... mental health is EXTREMELY important, and seriously, Nintendo, Sony, etc, they can afford it. >:|

I just rly rly rly hope that the miners are all rescued and are safe and there's no tragedy or nething that happens before this already tragic awful situation is over :(

And I think that companies that can help in keeping them mentally okay and providing entertainment and alleviate boredom should absolutely do so...

Tho, David Wynne is more cynical and pessimistic about this and thinks that it's a great idea but won't happen :( B/c the media (in "first world" countries) and the public (fed by some media potentially) would not see any worth to this endeavour and that companies wouldn't do it for fear of that sort of backlash :| And maybe it's cuz I've been listening to so much talk radio lately but... I can sort of see that in the cynical depressing parts of imagination :( that ppl would say "oh you're lucky to even be alive and now you get free video games!?" or the anti video game activists being out :( i dunno... I never thought of that b/c I think EVERYBODY would want ppl and companies that could, to do whatever they can to help out here.. but... there's been a lot of situations lately I thought everybody would be wanting others to be okay and safe in (Tamil refugees, G20 mass arrests, a deaf person being assaulted by a security officer, etc) and I've been wrong :(

So I munno...

but I rly rly rly think they should! Maybe comic companies could try to put something together too >:|

More Ami and friends IM goodness :3

Mew! :D Being Human is on Space finally so I'm watching it and talking to Trish for con-tecks :D

[01:01] Ami: being human is on
[01:01] Ami: for the first time ever :o
[01:02] Ami: well it was on earlier today this is a repeat of that
[01:02] Trish: :o
[01:02] Trish: :o :o
[01:02] Trish: (repeat shock)
[01:03] Ami: this should be a sitcom
[01:03] Trish: oh?
[01:03] Ami: various monsters living together in an apt
[01:04] Ami: they should get a zombie also
[01:04] Ami: and fans will complain that the acting gets worse
[01:04] Ami: every season
[01:04] Trish: is law
[01:04] Ami: well zombie law neways


[01:07] Ami: hmm what other monsters...
[01:07] Ami: weeping angels!
[01:07] Ami: they should get one as a boarder
[01:07] Ami: couple dalek supers
[01:07] Trish: <.<
[01:07] Trish: being inhuman?
[01:08] Ami: being in humans
[01:08] Ami: that would be when the goa'ulds join the cast
[01:08] Trish: :o
[01:08] Trish: !
[01:09] Ami: being noman
[01:09] Ami: diaries of odysseus
[01:09] Trish: :D
[01:09] Trish: being nomad: tales of a probe.
[01:10] Ami: being so mad: the psychology of daleks
[01:10] Trish: XD

Thursday, August 12, 2010

And lo there were souped up Hello Kitty themed Honda Civics and it was good

Trish mentioned that The Chaser (Australia political satirical program for the uninitiated) was saying that Julia Gillard (current PM of Australia) opposed Asian marriage as well as gay marriage and this popped into my head:

"Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones, such as tentacle secks. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women that involved watching a lot romantic comedies and pretending to like cuddling and were inflamed with lust for Asian women and sometimes with each other when they were too busy playing Dance Dance Revolution. Men committed Starcraft with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their Zerg rushes."

Wednesday, August 04, 2010



Ami is bark!!!! Kind of >_> I haven't had much time free to blog lately :| And also Twitter has zapped my wanting to blog xD Cuz I can jsut quickly jot out what I think there and.. boom! XD

But rawr.. I'm backish and hopefully I will blog more :D not that i have any readers at this point or nething xD but .. w/e

right now I want to just say that and also plug my friend David Wynne (creator of the awesome graphic novel Damnation (which you can buy in book form here (you're welcome David btw xD) ) 's new webcomic Particle Fiction which is basically a series of "one-off" (think England in the World Cup) short stories every time Brett Favre retires (and/or every month, whichever comes first) :) It is very neat and David is a great writer and/or artist and you should totally read and/or enjoy it :D

But specifically I am here to plug and (and not or) tell you to read PARTICLE FICTION #5 (which has a guest writer.. which may or may not be a good or bad thing >_>)...

Why? well... it's not b/c Ami's sold out and now is paid to endorse particular creators or comics (heavens knows I would never endorse David's comics no matter how much money I was paid... (I'm kidding David, I would endorse you no matter what! you know that :3 now where's my cat food?? >:O ) ) (although I would totally be okay with selling out and endorsing particular creators or comics >_> HINT HINT HINT) but b/c DAVID HAS PROMISED TO MAKE AN MP3 OF HIMSELF RAPPING A SONG FROM HIS OLD DJ DAYS if the comic gets 1 mega-ami-bor-rillion post views... or 1000.. either/or

prolly 1000

but neways... rly

1000 views of his comics = David Wynne Rapping

do the math...


that is all

(this msg brought to you by the Association for the Amification of Amis and Humiliation of David Wynnes... and by James/DarkseidWELIKEHOTANDFIREYPLACESANDWTHWELOVERIPPINGTHEHEARTOUTOFCLEVELANDNEWAYS '012)