Sunday, February 28, 2010

w00000000000ttttt!!!!!! :D

w0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000t!!!!! :D

Canada wins hockey gold! (*hugs* to my US hockey caring friends :( ) And now we have the most golds in a winter games evar!! :D

We didn't own the podium (that was a stupid slogan and idea neways >:| and i hated keeping ppl off the courses and stuff beforehand... and I still think it had something to do with the horrible death of the Georgian luger :((( and i'm rly angry about how the media consortium and VANOC handled it with glossing over and victim blaming >:| ) but i guess we own the top of it >_> now to build some hotels...


and yay US for having the most medals and somebody finally toppling Germany from that!

so yay for everybody! (except Russia.. or at least the guy who wrote the Pravda thing... boo to him xD)

And what a great way to end the final event.. overtime! :o That was a great game. :3

So yay! :D

Friday, February 19, 2010

But how many seconds can it hold?

So on the advice of Trish, I'm posting this snippet of our convo about a post I put on Craigslist for a storage drawer I'm selling (the dimensions and photo were in the post) xD

(07:03:45) Ami: ok
(07:03:56) Ami:
(07:04:01) Ami: so i put that up for sale
(07:04:10) Ami: Dimensions are 3' x 2'8" x 10"
(07:04:17) Ami: and somebody emailed me asking how deep it is
(07:04:22) Ami: 10 inches >_>
(07:05:16) Trish: are you sure it is only 3-dimensional?
(07:05:24) Ami: it's also 20 minutes long?
(07:05:31) Trish: XD

Friday, February 05, 2010

R.I.P. Brendan Burke :(

Rest In Peace Brendan Burke :(

My condolences to the Burke family :(

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

How to lose customers and alienate women

What the hell!?

This is a women's t-shirt that says "Girls Rule" with various Marvel comics superheroines on it. It's pretty awesome.

But the product description:

Made from 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester, this cream colored, woman's T-Shirt features purposely faded images of your favorite female Marvel comic book characters! Well, they're your favorite, but your girlfriend (or sister) will actually be wearing the tshirt! HUZZAH! Hmmm...Can't decide which Marvel Super-heroine I wish to add to my fantasy harem first. Spiderwoman is DEFINITELY in there. Black Widow...maybe; she's just a little too...used for me. HUZZAH! Hellcat? Absolutely. Scarlet Witch? Maybe not. She could unmake me if I forget to dry the dishes or something. Invisible Woman? YES! It's the hot mom thing! And....Marvel Girl. NOPE! Too damn whiney, not enough character and she tends to die when things get rough! Now, this Marvel tee is EXTREMELY limited, so buy the shirt, tell your girlfriend which female Marvel character you wish them to emulate, get dumped, go back to the imaginary harem.


Not only does it assume no woman would be looking at their site, or thinking of buying that shirt for ourselves (or even READING this descrip), it doesn't even assume that even if it's guys looking at the site, they might want to buy it for their g/f or a female friend cuz they might like the chars or nething... nope nope nope.. THE ONLY REASON TO BUY IT IS CUZ SOME MALE COMIC FAN WANTS TO SLEEP WITH THE SUPERHEROINES (but apparently is so insecure that they have to nitpick every one too) AND THAT THEY WANT THEIR G/F TO ROLEPLAY THEM... and hten get dumped..

like wtf

it's even insulting to the ppl they assume would want to buy it (and i find it HILARIOUS that they assume that the target audience of a shirt that says "GIRLS RULE" with female heroines on it MUST BE MEN)!

i can't even BEGIN to fathom the reasoning behind anybody thinking that THAT product descrip was a good idea! Like I'm sure somebody thought they were trying to be funny, which just adds to the amount of fail in this thing... but just *headdesk*

and like not only are they assuming their customers MUST be straight men, they're condescending them and then they add this weird little thing that basically getting the shirt will lead to them being dumped... (i wonder how that meshes with "satisfaction guaranteed" xD)

isn't the purpose of a product description to inform and encourage ppl to BUY the product? you want to MAKE money right?

This better be from a disgruntled employee on their last day or something...

Caption contest of DOOOOM!!!!!!!!!

Okay ppls, caption this time! :D Winner gets a hug from teh Ami :D