Tuesday, January 26, 2010

D&D and the Dictionary banned by a school and a prison... but which one banned what? xD

School bans the dictionary

And calculators can be used to write 80085, so we better ban those too xD

Prison bans D&D

Wouldn't D&D playing inmates be easier to control tho? If they tried to escape, you could just play the DM over the PA and tell them there's like a beholder or something guarding the exit... or a giant pit.. or w/e DMs say in D&D (I dun play D&D xD)

By coincidence, I ran into both of these stories around the same time today which is why they're both in this post b/c as Trish astutely noted after I showed her both stories: "I am struck by the similarity between prisons and schools." I didn't even think of that with this (tho I've noticed the similarities in the past) but there is sad truth in it :\

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

But how would you tell the teams apart if they're all wearing white? xD

They should just call this the KKKBA e_e

The idea is headdeskingly awful but I'm not getting rly upset about this because I don't think it's real. Like supposed league ideas pop up all the time and most of the time they're either pie-in-the-sky trial balloons or a scam. I think this one is a scam, if it's real at all. Cuz if this is real (as in it's not some hoax or the news picking up an Onion article or something) it sounds like it's a guy who's trying to get racists with money to pay the "licensee" fee he's asking for, and then oops, we can't get the players or nething, things fall thru, sorry no league.

And the timing is perfect too, cuz it's in the wake of the Gilbert Arenas gun story and the "NBA players are just thugs!" thing with the usual "I'm not racist but..." racist undertones going on in the comments of news articles and such -_-;; But I dun think it's a guy trying to capitalize on that to actually start a league, but to see if he can get some racist businessmen to give him some money... >_>;;

That or he rly is that stupid.. and racist -_-;; I guess you can never rly underestimate the limits of human awfulness and stupidity.

If it's not just a hoax neways >_>

The sad part is, I can see some ppl actually mentally nodding that this might not be a bad idea, and not just the obvious KKK types :\ And maybe he can too and dollar signs with it... xD

What's funny also, is that the supposed idea would ban pretty much all the non-black NBA players too, since most of them are from South America, Europe, Canada and China xD

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday, January 08, 2010

Ami plug™(s) for amazingly mentally hot guyz

Norm Wilner is awesome and I love him so very very much (but not as much as Bob McCown, Stephen Brunt or Bruce Arthur.. whom I want his babies >_>;; but he alrdy has babies now.. so... nevermind xD)

That is all.


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