Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ami's "of the decade" meme!!!

This is Ami starting a meme for the end of 2009! :D

It's the "of the decade" meme! Basically come up with 3 categories and who you think wins that category! Be creative!

Like what I mean isn't just "best comic book of the decade"... like "best moustache of an comic creator of the decade" or whatever.. it can be serious (best Asian male film character of the decade) or not or whatever.. it doesn't have to be about comics, or games or whatever.. it can be about nething (worst hair of a world leader, weirdest food trend... etc etc)

and tag 3-5 other ppl! And then they come up with 3 categories.. etc :] The main part is to be creative!

I'll start it off!

Greatest weasel words in sports of the decade: "It's not a lie if we know the truth." - J.P. Ricciardi, (now, thankfully) ex-GM of the Toronto Blue Jays

Best Comics Blogger.. hell... Blogger period.. forget that.. WRITER.. named Rob Staeger this decade: Rob Staeger of Laughing at the Pieces.. I apologize to all the other Rob Staeger's I've slighted... it was a close vote...

Greatest Ami-centric event of the decade: AMI TRANSITIONED AND IS FREE AND AWESOME AND EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD W000000TTTTTTTTTTTTT XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I rock >_>

Neways, okay that was a little MORE trivial than I meant it for.. but you get the idea... GO NUTS!!!

I tag:






And a holiday bonus tag to:

David Wynne :)

YAY! :]

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

7 minute summary of the 00s for vampires, aliens and Apocalypse

This is a pretty good summary of what happened in the last decade (at least that Americans care about, it's very America centric, also it amuses me how hard they try to make it seem like an amateur viral thing rather than a mainstream news thing xD). So for those of you who have been sleeping or regenerating in your Lazarus Chambers for the last 10 years or who are aliens trying to infiltrate Earth and fit in, here's a 7 minute cheat sheet :D

So that's how he gets into your house...

This is Santa's third form >_>

Merry Catmas! :D

Now it's time to run >_>;; Santa Snake is coming to town...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This winter continues to bring positive queer sports news :D

Rugby Icon Gareth Thomas has come out of the closet :O

Wow :O That is rly amazing and brave of him to publicly out himself like that when he's still playing esp in such a "manly man" sport. And he's apparently a very high profile player too! And it's so awesome he has such supportive friends and family and apparently from what he's said, teammates too, and I hope this helps change the culture of sports even more where being an openly queer active player will be truly "not a big deal" :] I dunno how this affects the North American sports culture, but I hope if rugby can be accepting of an openly gay player (star or otherwise) then maybe the hockey culture, esp with somebody in a position of power like Brian Burke alrdy a staunch supporter of queer acceptance, and other sports cultures might also soon get to the point where the environment is accepting and safe for queer ppl to come out and be themselves :)

It's the safe part that concerns me, b/c esp in contact sports, there's a lot of ways for a homophobic player to deliberately try to injure a queer player and still have enough grey area that you can't tell if it was on purpose (I mean this happens all the time even without the homophobia part in hockey, the whole debate of "oh well the victim didn't know how to fall" or "oh he didn't MEAN to hurt him" etc).. I mean the thing is I dun think that we're gonna get over the top movie bad guys who will declare they hate gay ppl and then go out with a 2 handed stick chop.. I think they'd keep it quiet, and I've heard lots of queer players who won't come out in their leagues (even if it's like a very minor league) and etc because they're afraid of being run on the ice or field and not b/c of teasing in the lockerroom or nething... and I totally get that. :| (I've experienced similar things back when I played sports, except they were a little more blackhat obvious about it having to do with stuff like my race and etc >.<)

Also I hope that the majority of the fans will still cheer for him and stuff and maybe his fame and them seeing him as their hero and a player they like and etc, will make even some of the more homophobic types realize that their attitudes about queer ppl are unfounded. :] At least, I hope so... judging by the call-in shows today, I'm not exactly... filled with optimisim -_-;;;

Neways, yay yay yay for him and his awesome braveness and stuff, and I hope this is another step in a sea change :D

Monday, December 21, 2009

A potential super villain averted

Swiss court acquits geologist accused of causing earthquake


It's a good thing they acquitted him... putting him jail might embitter him to society and make him feel like "nobody understands MY (his) brilliance!" and he'd turn to super villainy :O

Now I'm wondering what law "causing earthquakes" is covered under xD

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The decade of the Ami!

Because everybody's in the mood of the "of the decade" thing lately with the end of 2009 coming, just cuz I think it'd be fun, I've decided to get in on it (tho personally, I think comparing '5s is more accurate if you need a decade, like generally when we think of the 80s, we think of late 80s and early 90s, and same with the 90s, 90s to early 00s, at least from my observations :3 but regardless...) so... who and what do you think are the:

a) Comic "event" of the decade

b) Comic artist of the decade

c) Comic writer of the decade

d) Comic trend of the decade

e) Non-big 2 comic company of the decade

f) DC Superhero of the decade

g) Marvel Superhero of the decade

h) Superhero of the decade

i) Anti-hero of the decade

j) DC Supervillain of the decade

k) Marvel Supervillain of the decade

l) Supervillain of the decade

and uh, I guess that's it for now... there's a lot more obv, but I dun wanna overload ppl, I might add those later :) The criteria is up to you... whether you think it's most influential, or best, or most sales, or best representative of... or whatever... just explain why you picked your choices :)

I'll have a poll for each using the nominees after :]


Also as a bonus one, if you could call this decade (in terms of comicdom) something, what would you call it like "decade of the.." or "the [blank] decade" etc :]

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Autism Speaks.. for themselves.. also give them money.. for themselves

Linked from Trish:

I know Autism Speaks is a pretty crappy organization (esp when it comes to actually advocating for autistic ppl) but this is rly awful >_<;;

Ugh.. just ugh -_-;; I mean for those that dunno, AS, alrdy has a long and (not so) storied history of ignoring actual autistic ppl and basically acting as if autistic ppl are monsters and a horrible curse of the ppl around them and their goal is basically a world without autistic ppl and thus they are the bane of the autistic community, and this is more proof of just how "useful" they are to "helping" >.<;; I guess promoting the plight of ppl in need is only useful so far as it gets them more bureaucratic dollars and not actually in helping the ppl they're supposedly advocating for >_<;;

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dear Headliney Person: You're not clever -_-;;;

Whoever wrote this headline should be shot... out of a canon...

Is hostility Bruin for Kessel?

It took me a few stares at that headline to realize they were trying to play off of "brewing"... -_-;;;

Whoever the headline writer is should be sent to the phantom zone for that travesty -_-;;; Tho I still dun think it's as bad as "Wings Conk-er Penguins" which is still king of the awful sports headline.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Stil waiting.. >_>;;;

It occurs to me, with how much Tiger Woods' alleged affairs all over every sports page (and news pages sometimes) right now... so when are all those people who complained about the Brendan Burke story going to come out and start screaming about "STOP SHOVING YOUR HETEROSEXUALITY IN MY FACE!!!!"


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

*sighs and slumps* :(

This is so sad :(

I'm unsure of the pronoun use too(but after some thought I'm going to use female) because there's still no mention of her pronoun preference or identity, if that changed or what... using her old name to write again doesn't necessarily mean that... but :( The article seems to just assume that she de-transitioned but it doesn't seem clear to me what she would have preferred.

I remember when Daniels came out and it was this huge thing and I was impressed the comments were so positive and it was rly rly brave and must have been so hard, esp to do it publicly in a job that had such a profile... and... :\

*sighs* :(

horrible horrible world :(

Rest in Peace Christine.