Saturday, October 31, 2009

Clever self promotion :]

This is rly nice (and rly clever) of Hyundai :)

A clue to Toyota: Now THAT is how you promote your brand. Not whatever the hell you thought you were doing with the fake stalking crap.

I'm impressed by Hyundai now :) (both in terms of generosity and also on seeing the chance to be seen as generous and marketing themselves on the back of a viral video) :]

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Epic Parking Fail :O

This happened pretty near me (I'm at my family's house atm) too :O

How do you like, just... miss a parking spot and run over 2 cars!? xD

I love how they backed up and it looked like they were going to park too and I guess somebody was like "um I think we should leave" and then they kinda like.. calmly drove off, pretending nothing happened >.>;;;

Unfortunately my cape was in the wash or I would have been patrolling and grabbed the SUV and flew it to a police station >_>;;

So I apologize :|

It's a nice little advertisement for BMW SUVs tho... "if you hit the accelerator too hard while parking you won't run into cars, just over them, but your car will be ok!"

Grrr at all the youtube comments saying that it must be a woman or an Asian person (or an Asian woman) tho >:O This Asian girl could drive circles around them! >:3

Monday, October 26, 2009

Worship the white ppl and their jeans!



They're apparently ads from Jeans West in Australia....



Asian ppl exist as props to show just how awesome their jeans (on white ppl) are!


I hope nobody buys their jeans again >:O But.. sadly, I know better :(

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Awesome letter of awesome is awesome (awesome) (Nintendo Power)

I'm reading an old Nintendo Power with Zhinxy and came across this gem of a letter (I think the theme was games that didn't turn out to be the way you expected):

When I saw that my mom had bought The Magical Quest for Super Nintendo I thought it would be really dumb and boring because it had Mickey Mouse in it. But when I sat down and played it, it wasn't so dumb and boring - it was actually cool and also had awesome graphics. Whenever I had doubts, I just got out Volume 44 of Nintendo Power and found some awesome info on how to play better. Finally, a couple of weeks later, I beat it thanks to Nintendo Power. Now Nintendo Power is even helping my mom to play better. Mom said Nintento Power helps her to make a choice on what games to buy and probably always will from now on.

Ricky Cupp
Upper Sandusky, OH


Ricky (or his savvy mother) knows how to get his letter published xD


Srsly tho, if you did a drinking game for that letter with the phrase "Nintendo Power" you'd get alcohol poisoning. xDDD

Conclusion: Ricky is awesome and probably is a legendary insurance salesman right now. xD

Or his mom was >.>;;;

Friday, October 16, 2009

They should call it Twine! :D

Twitter wine! :O

Twitter is using its social networking clout to market its own wine and raise money to help kids learn to read.

Twitter founder Biz Stone announced Friday a deal with Crushpad, a winery, and Room to Read in San Francisco, a charity that builds schools, buys books and provides scholarships to children in poor countries.

Using grapes from California wineries whose products sell for $50 a bottle, Twitter and Crushpad will create a Pinot Noir and a Chardonnay that sells for $20 (U.S.) a bottle, with $5 of the proceeds going to Room to Read, Crushpad founder Michael Brill said in the announcement video.

"This will be the largest social winemaking project in history," he said.

Stone said Twitter was "really inspired" by Room to Read's work. The charity's founder, John Wood, said in the video that 50,000 "eager young readers" will benefit from the Fledgling Wine project, which is already taking orders at

"Because if you can't read you can't Tweet!" Stone and co-founder Evan Williams say on the site.

Brill promised "tweetups, blending sessions and a bottle release party" starting soon and leading up to the August 2010 release. This year, he said, promises to be "an excellent vintage" for California wines.

At the moment, neither Canadians nor Americans in 14 states where liquor laws don't allow the shipments can order the wine.

25% of the sales go to charity? :O I'm impressed, since at least it always seems to me that when they do a charity thing it's like "10 cents of a happy meal" or something...

Sadly it's not available in Canada :( Even tho I dun drink wine neways >_>;;;

We need a Twitter vodka >_>;;


Greatest goal evar :OOOO


That is crazy amazing awesome :O and he's 9! O_O;;;

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gross gross gross

Total Advertising FAIL

A bizarre "terror marketing campaign" for the vehicle, produced by Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles and creative studio Mekanism, harassed consumers via personalized e-mails. One target is taking Toyota to court.

Last year, Amber Duick received a series of nine e-mails from a fictitious character dreamed up by the campaign (complete with a MySpace page). The character told Amber he was coming to stay at her house to avoid the cops, and even sent her a motel bill for $78.92. According to AdAge, Duick was so frightened that she slept with a machete and mace near her bed.

The last email Duick received included a video that notified her how she had been fooled, and explained that this was an effort to market the Matrix. The campaign, which targeted thousands of consumers, invited people to nominate their friends to be victims of the prank, which is how consumers' personal information was acquired.

...The video invited viewers to "Pick one of our maniacs to mess with their heads for five straight days while you sit back and watch it all go down."




Who the hell thought THIS was a good idea? >.<;; Sadly I can see some corps thinking this makes them hip, with it and on the cutting edge or something >_<;;

Saturday, October 03, 2009



Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!

The Neverending Five Year Plan™ is FINALLY out the door (it only took 8 years to realize the Five Year Plan™ wasn't working xD)

I also love how when it was inevitable that he was going out the door sometime in the next 2 weeks, JP then comes out and makes that statement that it doesn't matter if "J.P. Ricciardi or Joe Blow" is the GM, the Jays are DOOOOOMED in this division (funny that he was brought in b/c we weren't doomed and he could work miracles with Billy Ball), so basically, if he couldn't do it, nobody can or ever will. >.>;;

Personally, I say we bring in this Joe Blow guy.. I wanna see what he can do. At worst, he'd miss the play offs for 8 out of 8 years.. honestly, you can't get worse than that... make me GM, at worst, I'll never make the play offs every year too xD The details dun matter, b/c if there's one thing the baseball fans in Toronto have proven is that they dun care how close you get (and we haven't even ever got close) or what stars you have, if you don't win (i.e. make the playoffs, win the division, etc), we won't show up.

And I get that Rogers needs to pony up the money, I get the problems with the financial system in the MLB where there's the Yankees and BoSox who can spend tons, and the narrow playoff format where the Jays will be up against those 2 every year (tho Tampa Bay did it last year, fluke or not xD), but the thing is at SOME point, JP has to take responsiblity, and he NEVER does, just like he won't even admit to LYING (remember "it's not a lie if we know the truth"? xD ).. he's like the bitter "nice guy" of baseball GMs xD It's never his fault, he did everything right, everybody hates him, and if he can't do it NOBODY can (ignore the Rays behind the curtain). >_>

Also I disliked him from the beginning when he showed up with so much disdain for Toronto the city, and had that quote where he said it was gonna be easy to sell the Jays in Toronto b/c unlike OAKLAND (where he came from), there is NOTHING to do in Toronto in the summer besides watch baseball, cuz Toronto's not like the 4/5th biggest city in Canamerica or nething >.>;;; ANd then those stupid ads that came out when he first took over about "it's a different game up here" with all sorts of not-hilarious not-creative stereotypes about Canadians, as if he's selling the Jays to AMERICANS and not to Torontonians ourselves or something xD It was just so... ridic >.>

Neways, so YAY he's gone! But this is just the first (and a LONG OVERDUE) step. We need a new president (or Commissioner Beeston needs to commit himself to stay) and Rogers needs to commit real money to the Jays (the $120 mil figure that keeps being thrown around by media ppls and Beeston himself said is the realistic amount we need to compete) and we need break out the Bob Signal from the closet. xD

But stilllll.........

SUPER AMI SAYS YAY!!!!!!!!!!! The last of the Legion of Doom (JP, John Ferguson Jr., Rob Babcock) is FINALLY GONE!!!!!!!!! WE'RE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Friday, October 02, 2009

Ami Book Recommendation! :D

It's been a while since I posted I know :(

I just haven't had much to post I guess.. :|

Mostly I wanted to post about a book recommendation! This is for ppl who like sports and hockey I guess... it's by Stephen Brunt who is one of the smartest ppl I've ever listened to (on Primetime sports, as a regular co-host) and read (in the Globe and Mail and in his books)... :D It's non-fiction but it reads like fiction (as he described himself, he writes "creative non-fiction") and I think he's always at his best in taking real life events and putting them in a way we haven't seen before and describing the "characters" involved in an interesting way and laying out a storyline and meaning of how he sees what happened. :]

Neways, this book is called: Gretzky's Tears: Hockey, Canada, and the Day Everything Changed...

or in America: Hockey, America and the Day everything Changed (dun ask me why it has a different title in America, do Americans rly need to feel like everything is about them or they wun read something? xD)

NEWAYS, It is RLY good... altho expensive.. so mayube you should read it in a library or something (SORRY STEPHEN ;-; I LOVE YOU THO! <33333).. but rly good

at least for ppl who know or care about hockey or who lived thru the 80s and 90s (I kinda barely did, I was very young back then).. it's about the Gretzky trade from Edmonton to Los Angeles, and how that lead to the sunbelt expansion in the NHL and the current state of the NHL's problems (with teams struggling in Phoenix, Tampa Bay, Dallas, Florida and Atlanta, among others) and all the characters involved and events involved.. and some stuff you've prolly never known or heard of... :] Also he articulates rly well the way a lot of Canadians see Canada, hockey, Canadian identity and Wayne Gretzky (which is of course now huge news with everything going on) in a way that a lot of ppl have either not thought of, or have not been able to rly sort out that well (I've always seen Gretzky in the way he has, as a non-white Canadian who didn't buy into the whole "this is what it means to be CAnadian" thing, but I've never been able to rly nail it down until he talked about it, and he doesn't shy away from the race thing either which I give him full marks for). :]

Neways so that's my recommendation :D Whether you buy it, read it in a bookstore or borrow it from the library, for hockey fans (and maybe even sports fans in general), I completely recommend Gretzky's Tears: Hockey, Canada/America/South Africa/China/Australia etc etc and the day everything changed by Stephen Brunt (aka my "old enough to be my father" intellectual crush) xD

Actually Brunt is 10 years older than my parents o_o So maybe there's hope yet! xD Except he's married >_>;;; And has kids... and Bob McCown... >_>