Sunday, August 30, 2009

A nominee for worst news special evar

Remember Brandon Crisp? He's the 15 year old Ontario kid who "ran away" from home and was found dead weeks later. The media blamed it all on video games cuz his dad did, when in fact it was his dad who HELPED HIM PACK to leave and told him to go, thinking he'd just alpha-maled him good and he'd come crawling back, and they fought b/c his dad didn't like him playing video games. But the way it was reported and the way his dad kept framing it, his son was "lured away" by gamers, and the whole thimng was about how gamers across the world prolly lured him and molested and killed him.. and when they found his body and it turned out he wasn't captured by evil gamers, they then pointed the finger at gamers saying, despite all his friends online nobody gave him a place to stay... >.<;;;

Well I saw

This last night, and just ranted the whole time about it to Trish on skype cuz...


the phrase that immediately came to my mind was: "hatchet job"

it's a hatchet job on gamers, games and everybody who likes, makes, or plays games.

ANd I think it's terrible that they're exploiting his tragic death (that didn't even HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH VIDEO GAMES) just to use as emotional fodder for their agenda.

I love how the interviewer keeps saying "killing people" too when talking to gamers b/c she knows her audience wiill hear something different than they do. They'll think "OMFG THEY THINK THEY ARE KILLING REAL PEOPLE".. i mean it's like asking me how I feel when I've "killed off" a force of marines in Starcraft.. >.<;; It's a GAME to me,; but you can't win... obv if you say I LOVE KILLING PEOPLE IT IS SO AWESOME I WANT TO KILL ACTUAL REAL PPL that's awful, and nobody would say that, but if you say it's just a game and I enjoy achieving my objectives and "killing" my opponents, then OMFG YOU HAVE DISSASSOCIATED YOU SOCIOPATH.


And it's just all about FPS cuz that's the easiest target and the most visceral to show to audiences, but like do they actually think in a tennis game that somebody thinks they've actually beat the REAL Roger Federer or that they COULD do so irl? When I lower driver salaries in Traffic Giant to reach my profit goals, does that mean I don't care about ppl or how much money they make and in REAL LIFE I would not care about REAL PEOPLE?

I also love the glorification of hockey culture. This being the same culture that revels in bare knuckle punching, in hurting and "taking out" the other guy, that defends guys like Todd Bertuzzi, that has hockey parents beating each other up, and etc? BUT IT'S SO MUCH HEALTHIER THAN VIDEO GAMES. You only learn to physically injure REAL PEOPLE.

And then the portrayal of the video game industry and ppl who run video game competition as death mongers is.. -_-;;

And just the whole thing is so UGH >.<;; If you choose to watch it, you should prolly keep all breakables away from you...

Video games don't led to violence, horribly biased and exploitive and uncaring documentaries do. xD

Friday, August 28, 2009

Good game is good and Ami takes a break from comic buying and reading

I generally like "spot the difference" games in general but I thought this one was particularly inspired, if just for the cool theme and tone :D So I am putting it here and recommending it to ppl :D The best part is that there's some replay value too since there's many differences and they just pick 5 of them for each "page", so you can play it again and get different stuff to spot... tho eventually you just end up going thru all of them.. >.>;;;

Oh and as for the comic reviews, I've stopped buying comics all together b/c the money situation is rly bad right now, and I just dun want to buy comics I'm not rly interested in following... Red Robin for one, as much as I like reviewing bad comics xD.. but even like Blackest Night, I dunno, it just bores me... and I was hoping for something like Sinestro Corps War which was self contained but this is yet another super mega ultra crossover thingie and those are just turning me off lately... >.<;; And as for Detective... I was hoping for interestingness with Batwoman but again, it just hasn't been interesting me, and it costs extra cuz of the Question "bonus" stories... I think, if something is a bonus you shouldn't be paying extra for it but that's just me >_> I could do without paying extra and not getting that small story bit... but neways.. yeah :( So for money reasons and for lack of interest (and "bang for the buck") reasons, I've decided me and DC/Marvel comics are going to seperate for a while >.> So that's why there haven't been reviews... I might go back thru som e of the ones I bought before and never reviewed (the rest of Green Arrow Year One for instance) and maybe review some TPBs and etc I have.. I dunno yet... :o We shall see :] Stuff has just been stressing me out lately.. between the struggle to try to eat and not spit or throw up (sry if that's TMI :( ) and the compulsive running (which is so bad lately, I ran 75 miles last week apparently.. :\ ) and the lack of energy and job hunting and just general real life loneliness, It's been hard for me to keep my focus to write a review or nething :(


I didn't mean to throw all my issues out there... sry.. mostly to say why I haven't put reviews lately.. cuz I dun buy comics nemore... :\ rawr

But neways... good game is good! Play! >:|

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I've reached my breaking point about this BS going on in the media and from the IAAF about Caster Semenya

I know this has been going on for a while but for some reason I just haven't put my thoughts about it out in bloggy form... but

this is rly pissing me off

I'm just so sick of this BS and I feel so awful for Ms. Semenya that she has to go thru this (tho to her credit she seems to be taking it with good humour).

I'm with Jeff Blair (of the Globe and Mail who, despite his gruffness and stance on steroids in sports, is always awesome and amazing when it comes to anti-oppression stuff :]) , why the hell was this made public? They couldn't have done this quietly? Oh wait, she doesn't measure up to western white beauty standards, WE GOTTA SAY SOMETHING!

And why not test EVERY woman then!? Cuz apparently if you have an intersexed condition or you're a woman but dun have XX chromosomes, or you have other hormonal conditions, you can STILL be disqualified.. so WHY NOT TEST EVERYBODY!? It's not like ONLY ppl who do not measure up to western white "feminine" standards of physicality are ones who have those conditions. Or that even being trans (which everybody is bringing up in their ignorance) is limited to those who don't look the way women "should" (QUOTE UN QUOTE).

It's such f-ing bullshit.

I personally also have a problem with disqualifying women with hormonal conditions and etc.. the argument being that it's not fair that they were born with a biological advantage. Do ppl make this argument against basketball players who have hormonal conditions that cause them to be over 7 feet? Or swimmers whose bodies and limbs make them ideal swimmers? Or ppl in the tour de france who have abnormal lung capacity? Of COURSE good athletes will be physical "freaks", that's why they go INTO THOSE SPORTS!

But I feel so bad for the crap that's being hurled at her and at South Africa, like everybody is treating it like cuz it's not a white nation, cuz it's not a "First world country" (and I hate those anarchic designations), well OBVIOUSLY they're trying to cheat! ANd whenever other explanations are offered or ppl go "Well why would her family and friends also be saying this", well, y'know, they're not LIKE US, we can't trust them! They dun value family the same way we do... etc etc..

Iv'e seen so much racist, sexist, and transphobic bullshit about this that I think I'm at my breaking point...

And then there's this

Mind you, this is hte same guy who thinks the LPGA needs more sex and less talent, and also that it's not fair that Tiger Woods is so much better because he TRIES TOO HARD and PRACTICES TOO MUCH (you could almost hear him screaming "NERD NERD" the whole time). But not only did he apparently do NO RESEARCH on the topic (he just assumes nebody who failed gender tests in the past MUST have been "men pretending to be women" or have gotten a "sex change" (can we get rid of that term yet?) ) but.. his whole thing of that a MtF must NECESSARILY beat ciswomen in sports.. it's such.. bullshit.

I'm sick of hearing this from men honestly.. not that the top percentile of men would be taller and bigger and etc than the top percentile of women.. but that ALL MEN BEAT ALL WOMEN. The whole "throws like a girl" idea.. the whole idea that well if ANY man tried, he could beat even THE BEST WOMAN at any sport. Cuz that's the whole attitude. >.<;;; (also ignoring the fact that hormones affect physicality and muscle development quite a bit for trans women)

I'm mostly just sick of all the media attn to this in the first place... I'm sick of the fact that it's not like it's a positive result or nething and THEN they report it, but that "OMFG SHE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A "NORMAL" WHITE WOMAN GET HERRRRRR" is the whole thing here and every newspaper that I've read seems unable to get over that.



This thing has been so BADLY handled by so much of the press (esp the NA and UK press) and the IAAF that I just want to scream and throw things (at them)! >:O

A pox on all your houses! >:|

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ami's awesome ninja sports pic of the day!

At least the Jays give us something in yet another loss...

That is an awesome picture *___________*

And now I want to restart my "caption this" contest for sports pictures I used to have (actually it was for NBA pictures only cuz I was mod of a Raptors comm and I wanted to spice it up since this was way back in the Babcock days when there was nothing else to rly care about xD)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finally put my finger on why that scene hits me so hard every time

This rly rly bothers me too >.<;; Not Willow's post, but the scene in the movie that's linked there...

Whenever I see that trailer on tv and that scene, I just cringe... it rly gets to me... and it's not rly for the visuals b/c we know it's a "comedy" right? It's not serious.. but what rly bothers me is that the humour comes from the idea that this is "over the top".. as Paramount suggests to defend itself, it's an "exagerration"... the humour comes from the idea that we're in a post-racial society and this type of stuff is just SO OUT THERE that it's hilarious.. IMAGINE white ppl getting mad at Japanese ppl and attacking the nearest East Asian person for being Japanese and then blaming the victim using stereotypes! I mean, that's OUT THERE

Except it's not

And that IMMEDIATELY came to my mind seeing that scene... I wonder how many white ppl immediatley thought of that? I wonder how many even KNOW of it?

This stuff happens in real life... it's not a joke.. it STILL happens... and ppl still use the word "Jap" as a slur, it's not over the top hilarity.. as Zhinxy put it rly well: "These AREN'T forgotten things that never happen anymore. We aren't talking about witch burning gags here, "

It doesn't have to be Pearl, and there are STILL ppl who will blame all Japanese (and all Asians, since we all look the same neways right?) for it. There's 9/11 and how all ppl with "brown" skin whether they're Arab or East Indian, have been blamed and attacked and treated with suspicion as terrorists or are deported for torture (as in the case of Maher Arar)... or the fear of China taking over all business (I once listened to a radio call in show where every caller was ranting about since everything was made in China, Chinese ppl were trying to take over), or a Toronto city counsellor saying that Chinese ppl were taking jobs in Toronto because "they work like dogs" and sleep by our desks b/c we're such androids... and on and on and on

this isn't over the top exagerrated hilarity, this ACTUALLY FUCKING HAPPENS! And that's my biggest problem, not that I think nebody will watch the scene and beat up Asian ppl, but that the whole thing implies that racism is basically dead, that racist ideas like that, that mob beatings and victim blaming are unrealistic and wouldn't happen irl, and that's why it's funny. We're EXAGERRATING racists! Seee how silly they lookw hen we take them to the extreme?

EXCEPT THAT IT HAPPENS, IN THAT WAY, and it's not hilarious or silly when it does!

I get that a lot of ppl would find it funny and I get why they would find it funny. To them it might seem over the top or exagerrated and that real life is less extreme, that this doesn't happen in real life, that maybe some ppl call Asians funny names and stuff, but y'know a mob beating and victim blaming? That's over the top, and that's why it's FUNNY to them b/c that's their worldview, but it's incomplete. And I'm not saying nebody is bad or racist for finding it funny, but I get why they would, and I hope ppl get why I and others *don't*...

We're not in a post racial and post racist world where mob beatings of PoC and hate crimes and accusing PoC of being terrorists and criminals SIMPLY BECAUSE of the colour of their skin, is some thing of the past, that's not a real possibility now and that the attitudes are just so unrealistic and ignored and dismissed that it's just a big joke... cuz it's not.. it's a reality... it's not an exagerration.

Avatar!Archecture FAIL

Photos from the set of Last Airbender

The phrase "it's all Greek to me" has never been more appropriate >_<;;;

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good article about border problems queer and HIV+ and transgender ppl face

This is a rly rly good article on the difficulties that queer ppl and transgender ppl and ppl with HIV face trying to cross international borders

It shocks the pants off me that the Star actually published a good article about LGBT ppl and didn't violate a billion AP style guidelines xD But then I saw she's a freelance writer and doesn't work for the Star so that explains it. xD I bet they wun let something like that get thru their editors again!

But still, good article is good :)

I'm shocked they didn't allow comments in this article cuz they seem to love allowing comments in articles involving queer ppl so that we can see all the homophobes come out of the woodwork >.>;; But at least I dun have to run into comments about how allowing me to correct my gender on my driver's license will allow terrorists to attack our country or something xD

Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's just all switch to "That's so anti-Ami Angelwings" :D

I know this Think B4 You Speak campaign will prolly fail and it's target audience will just laugh at it and say it's "lame" or "gay" or other awful names in lovely unintentional irony, but even if I do share Tycho's pessimism (tho not all of what he said in his posty thing, I think it's easy to take that attitude when it's all kinda academic to you) as to it's effect, I do applaud the effort. I rly do... b/c I rly am so sick of seeing everybody except white straight abled cis male identities used as insults and meaning bad or awful... :\ In online gaming (like I see it all the time, and in all sorts of variations.. from ppl saying "that's such a Jew move" (>:| )to "stop being a pussy" (>.<;;) and say "n**list" to mean "blacklist" (WTF!? >:O) to on and on and on... "lame" "gay" "tranny"... if you're disabled, your identity is an insult, if you're trans your identity is an insult, if you're Jewish, if you're Black, if you're female, if you're gay, etc etc... if you're not a white straight abled cis male, if you're not "default" then your identity is used as an insult... and I'm just so sick of it... and I do wish this campaign would be more widely focussed, but they still have the over arching theme of "don't use somebody's identity as an insult" and I rly do like the effort and I hope SOMEBODY gets it...

FYI this is my favourite of the TV spots... I think the other 2 are too easy to dismiss b/c the analogy being used refers to a vague description of ppl who aren't discriminated against.. and while no comparison to a privileged group can rly get the point across ("that's so white straight men!", like you could see a lot of white straight men just say "pssht what's the big deal I wouldn't care"), having it actually be their names I think hits a little closer to home, b/c that's the type of bullying that actually CAN go around... where it literally is who you are, that everybody around you is using as an insult... and I think what rly is the difference between the 3rd spot and hte first 2 is the focus on "everybody's saying it" rather than just 1 person saying it, cuz that's the point, prejudice against marginalized groups is institutionalized... it's everywhere, "everybody"'s saying it... and maybe that might make some ppl actually think twice or put themselves in that situation what if who they are was the butt of a big joke of the entire world?

I dunno, but I do like that commercial :] I'm cynical but I try to be hopeful.. or naive.. or Ami Angelwings-like :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

More WTFery about the KoF Movie

I think I need to kill somebody

We've already met and pitied the cast and crew of The King of Fighters Movie. Now, let's look at and pity official promotional images.

Have faith! It is directed by Gordon Chan, who helmed the Jet Li martial arts classic Fist of Legend. This KOF movie doesn't have Jet Li, but it does have Sean Faris (Pearl Harbor) as Kyo Kusanagi, Wii Yun Lee (Witchblade) as Iori Yagami, Ray Park (Darth Maul) as boss Rugal, Maggie Q (Live Free or Die Hard) as Mai, Fran├žoise Yip (Rumble in the Bronx) as Chizuru and some other people we haven't really heard of.

This is just like the Avatar movie.. it's like you can't get ANYMORE obvious than that... Iori gets to stay Asian but not KYO cuz he's the farking hero, so he has to be white!?

WT F-ing F!? And I dun wanna hear this "it's for the audiences" BS... no KoF fan would prefer a white guy playing Kyo to a Japanese actor! >:O And I dun think any KoF or video game fans would watch this atrocity in the making just cuz they had a white hero. >.<;;; And to everybody else it's just going to be a badly acted, B-movie looking action flick based on a video game they've prolly never heard of... whether the actor is Asian or White will mean JACK to them... and apparently it's okay to have Asian VILLAINS but not HEROES cuz that would be BLASPHEMY! >:O SRSLY how does NEBODY buy this "we're not stuck in racist story tropes it's just business" BULLSHIT!?

And they've wiped out the whole plot too since:

It also looks like the King of Fighters movie will introduce a new science fiction spin into the setting established in the games' universe by following the surviving members of three legendary fighting clans who are continually whisked away to other dimensions by an evil power. As the fighters enter each new world they battle that universe's native defenders, while the force that brought them seeks to find a way to invade and infect our world.


Well I guess in THIS movie dimension, Kyo is white!?


Was there something wrong with the whole Orochi plotline or something? >.<;;;

Ugh... UGH

this is gonna be like the Street Fighter movie but worse cuz at least SF didn't make Ryu and Chun Li white! >:O


How did NEBODY think this was a good idea!? Not enuf bad c-movies out there?

And is it just me or is Ray Park the default "we need a martial arts bad guy" actor now? He's the last person I'd cast for Rugal!

Also, what's up with the redesign of Rugal and Vice and Mature? The thing I LURVE about KoF is how stylized the chars and their costume designs are... and instead of these awesome fighters who can kick your butt wearing 500$ business pantsuits, we have.. black faux leather!?

WAS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE WAY VICE, MATURE AND RUGAL LOOKED IN THE FIRST PLACE!? Does a well groomed guy in a stylish suit who is confident in his fighting abilities not seem intimidating enuf or nething!? (and isn't Ray Park short? o_O Rugal is like 6'5" isn't he!?) WTF WTF WTF!?

Is Vice even Asian? It makes me laugh that they decided Vice might be Asian but Kyo Kusanagi was definitely white! >.<;;


I've been out of it a bit so I didn't notice this:

After doing some research, I discovered that "The Last Airbender" wasn't the only recent movie that cast white actors in roles that were originally created as Asian characters.

For example, the character of Kyo Kusanagi will be played by Sean Farris in an upcoming live-action feature based on the video game "King of Fighters".

There's also the casting of Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince Dastan in "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" along with a British actress Gemma Arterton playing his love-interest Tamina. The movie was also based on a popular video game.

And then there's the recent announcement that Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are starring in a live-action version of the Japanese anime "Akira."

Kyo Kusanagi has been white washed!?



WTF!? >:O And of course we all know Prince of PERSIA starred WHITE PPL right!? >:|

But... FFS!

I LOVE King of Fighters... I love the mythology and the story and the chars (don't laugh) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kyo Kusanagi as a character... >.<;;; He's the only char I would cosplay even if it meant dressing as a guy (which is difficult for me to deal with :\ ) I've wanted a KoF movie for so long, I started writing a fan-script for it a long time ago.. and... THEY WHITE WASHED HIM!?

Asian ppl can't even be heroes in MARTIAL ARTS movies nemore!? WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK!? Even in the god awful Street Fighter movie with JCVD, even if they made Guile the hero (and fans complained about that, it wasn't like white SF fans flocked to the movie theatres cuz htey made a white guy the hero) they kept Ryu and Chun Li Asian at least, and if the SF movie is doing something BETTER than you, YOU HAVE FUCKED UP

And just... like it's like non stop now.. Asian ppl can't be heroes in ANYTHING, not even martial arts flicks nemore.... and just... it's ridic.. a movie based on a FIGHTING GAME, and they srsly are thinking "the main audience will be white ppl" yeah cuz we know Asian ppl DO NOT play video games and esp NOT King of Fighters.. noep nope.. NO ASIAN PPL LIKE THAT GAME *activiates Pacific Mall arcade cloaking device* nope >.>

And.. it's called Prince of PERSIA

*twitches and explodes in anger*

Athena's not going to be Asian either is she? If they even include her, since they'll prolly just be all about Mai...

*twitch twitch twitch*


I am so farking sick of this constant race failing S-! >:O It doesn't end, in fact it feels like it's getting worse! At least Liu Kang was Asian, and Ryu, and Chun Li, and even in the MK tv series, Kung Lao was Asian! >.<;; Now apparently NO HEROES CAN BE ASIANS!!!! THAT IS JUST TOO FAR FETCHED

And for the 21 crap, I love how the option to them (according to their explanations) is either "we cast white ppl" or "we don't do the story at all"... and it's just such BS excuse cuz they know that if they say "it's a business decision" all the white ppl defending this crap will latch on to that and just say "see see if they used Asian leads THEY WOULD GO OUT OF BUSINESS", and they've set up this strawman and told us to have faith in them that that's true.. that "hay either we cast white ppl, or nobody will watch it and we'll have to pick a story with NON asian ppl to adapt"... we're THAT POISONOUS!

Tho apparently not in the actual video games, since KoF, SF, Mortal Kombat, Prince of Persia etc etc sold very very well... and Akira is a huge hit even in North America

Also that they can't even take a chance in casting an Asian lead b/c.. OMG FIRE AND BRIMSTONE WILL DESTROY OUR FILM STUDIOS! Also the catch 22.. nobody hires Asian leads b/c they aren't well known, so nobody knows of them, so nobody will hire them.. but see see it's not their fault! It's just how things AREEEEE

And that nice little hidden threat "well if you want racially correct casting, then we're going to just take our ball and go home and you get no movies at all, how do you like THAT huh?"

But then I'm Asian so what I say doesn't matter since Asians dun actually exist irl, we're fantasy creatures like elves and orcs >.>;;

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Math to the rescue! :D

Ottawa mathematicians vs. Zombie outbreak scenario :O

Science is still struggling with how to get the jump on swine flu, but Canadians can take heart that a group of Ottawa mathematicians have found the key to beating a more virulent, if only cinematic, threat.

A zombie outbreak – the kind that always confounds authorities in movies – can be successfully overcome through “quick, aggressive attacks” on the undead, scholars at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University have concluded.

“While aggressive quarantine may contain the epidemic, or a cure may lead to the co-existence of humans and zombies, the most effective way to contain the rise of the undead is to hit hard and hit often,” the mathematicians say in a playful research paper, When Zombies Attack!: Mathematical Modelling of an Outbreak Of Zombie Infection, which is being published as part of a book due out later this year from Nova Science Publishers.

Those behind the paper include students as well as assistant University of Ottawa math professor Robert J. Smith, who receives support from a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada grant and the Ontario Early Researcher Award program.

The work is not a case of math geeks just cracking jokes. It's a display of the rigorous math, statistics and models used to analyze infection rates of real-life diseases and to demonstrate how a virus spreads through a population.

Ioan Hudea, a Carleton student who helped author the zombie paper, said this mathematical modelling is used to help authorities prepare for outbreaks.

This seems fun! :D And interesting.. :o

THey aren't taking into account the lone hero or small group factor tho >_> No amount of military intervention will work.. mass forces of SWAT and military ppls armed to the teeth will get overrun, one girl on a motorcycle and a rookie cop armed with just small arms will kick butt and save the day tho! :D



Math teachers should show this study to their kids next time they ask what practical use math will have in their future. xDDDDD

edit: The whole paper is here if nebody wants to read it btw :)

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Apparently Chicago Blackhawks star, Patrick Kane and his cousin have been charged with robbing and assaulting a Buffalo area cab driver

Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane and his cousin were arrested early Sunday morning for assaulting and robbing a cab driver in Buffalo, according to several news sources in that city.

According to a police report, the 20-year-old Kane and his cousin James M. Kane, 21, were arrested around 5am et after allegedly punching the cabbie after he said he did not have proper change for their trip fare.

The report says the cab fare was $13.80 and the Kanes handed the driver $15. He claims he had only $1 change and was not in possession of another twenty cents to give back. According to the police report, both Kanes took their money back and punched the cabbie in the face and head.

Both men have been charged with second-degree robbery, fourth-degree criminal mischief and theft of services.

My first thought when reading this (well next to "you weren't going to tip him? o_O") was how hockey fans were going to defend this "good ol (white) Canadian/American boy" if it turns out these allegations are true.. much like how they defended Todd Bertuzzi who broke Steve Moore's neck grabbing him from behind and driving his head into the ice ("oh Steve Moore asked for it" "Steve Moore should have fell in a better way that didn't break his neck") or Dany Heatley ("everybody can have an accident") who smashed up his car and killed the passenger while driving 90MPH in a 35MPH ZONE! (that's not an accident, you dun accidentally drive 55mph over the speed limit IN A RESIDENTIAL ZONE! he's lucky he didn't kill any MORE PEOPLE)

And I thought, there's no way you can defend Kane's actions... but of course... these being hockey fans, and Kane being a white North American player.. you can (from the comments):

Why is the athelete usually portrayed as the bad guy? If a cabbie wouldn't give someone change and possibly started playing the "I no speak English" game, it is foreseeable that a someone would grab some of their money back. There are not enough details in this story to make anyone a bad guy yet.

Yus, that SNEAKY FOREIGNER (I love the implication that the cabbie was necessarily an immigrant or a PoC and then the racist stereotype that followed) trying to scam them of TWENTY CENTS! It's ALL PART OF THE PLAN.

Also, and I dunno these things this is just my own experience taking cabs, cab drivers dun always carry a lot of small change b/c ppl usually just give them whole dollar amounts and ask for whole dollar amounts left and the change is part of the tip. >.>;;

And even if he was trying to take twenty cents from them, this commenter seems to be implying that it's OKAY to rob ppl and PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE. >.>;;


I hope this is just the exception this time (so far it seems to be in the minority), but when it comes to fans defending sports players and NHL fans defending North American hockey players, no amount of victim-blaming and pretzel logic shocks me. >.<;;; If these allegations are true (and I'm not saying I KNOW if they are, I'm just talking about ppl alrdy jumping to the defense with these hilarious theories and assumptions based on NOTHING) I have this sinking feeling more NHL fans will find a way to explain why it's OKAY to rob and assault ppl. >.<;;

:O He should play the anthems at all games from now on xD

This is so awesome :O

He handcrafted an electric (battery powered) violin into/from a wooden baseball bat :O

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Quick linkage before teh tired and sick Ami heads to bed

My awesome friend Christine has written a great piece about the horrific shooting murders of 3 women in a Pittsburgh fitness club :( and the media and general societal reaction to it. I recommend everybody to read it cuz it is full of smartness *nod nods*

And now I must collapse. x_x

Friday, August 07, 2009

If only life were like a point and click adventure game xD

[02:46] Trish: Myarmbada. Am searching room for lost birth certificate.
[02:48] Trish: Found cinema ticket stubs for Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Superman Returns and X-men 3.

[05:47] Trish: i found a bike lock today!
[05:47] Ami: yay!
[05:47] Ami: while looking for birth certificate?
[05:47] Trish: yup
[05:47] Ami: is like an adventure game
[05:48] Ami: keep these items
[05:48] Ami: theyw ill be useful later
[05:48] Trish: yusp
[05:48] Trish: also a torch with no batteries
[05:48] Ami: that is very adventure game like
[05:48] Trish: verr'
[05:50] Ami: "I'm so upset! I was walking along when some oaf ran by and knocked me down! My boom box is now totally broken!"
[05:51] Ami: "Oh it's just not fair! I was going to rock out to celebrate finding the ticket stubs for Batman Begins and Spider-Man 2!"
[05:51] Trish: :D
[05:52] Ami: "I collect ticket stubs. Oh how I love the touch and feel of used tickets, the uncaring rips and tears, the thought of each one being used to see a delicious movie."
[05:52] Ami: "What? You have the Superman Returns ticket stub? This is amazing! It is the only one I'm missing in my superhero collection! Oh can I have it please please?"
[05:53] Ami: "Yes! Thank you! Oh I'm so happy now! I must thank you! But I have nothing to give... oh wait! You can have my boom box, it's probably broken beyond repair but the batteries still work."
[05:54] Trish: XD
[05:54] Trish: and then we can explore the basement?
[05:54] Ami: yes
[05:54] Ami: :]

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

An Ami Sports Challenge! >:D

Helping Lurker to make an "vampire" team of all time MLB greats that are still alive in his LJ made me think about the same question in other sports :O

Then it made me think about an "all zombie" team, i.e. a team with ONLY deceased players... vs a team with ONLY living players (who are now brought to their prime without performing enhancing substances) and I realized that it's a LOT easier to make a strong "zombie" team in MLB cuz of it's history and how many of it's great eras were in the past than like the NBA and NHL where most of it's great players are not only still alive but not that old.... xD

And so I got RLY curious and while I make my own lists I want to issue a challenge out there (to my 10 or so readers neways, and I dunno how many care about sports)... try your best to come up with an all time greats "zombie" team (all deceased players, in their prime) and an all time greats "vampire" team (all living players, but in their prime) for any team sport you care about (MLB, NHL, NFL, CFL, NBA, FIFA, etc etc) :D

I think it'll be fun! It's alrdy fun for me to work on MLB, NHL and NBA :D MLB is easy for zombies.. NBA is hard... I mean other than Wilt, almost every great player that I consider one of the greatest is still alive. xD

NEWAYS, so I hope some ppl try to come up with some lists! Post it on your blogs if you do :D