Friday, July 31, 2009

Great video on avatar!fail

Found thanks to Willow :]

This is abs brilliant, and spot on... and sadly true :(



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What if I fit none of those but I'm invincible, super strong, can fly and shoot beams out of my eyes? :D

This guy's personal ad redefines the defintion of "hilarity ensues" XDDDDDD

OMG I am so amused.. xDDD

With such low standards I'm shocked he hasn't found his goddess yet xD

I love the whole "her hair has to be her own" thing and then following it up with all the stuff about her hair that she has to do to satisfy him. xD I know he meant "she has to not wear wigs" or something but the phrasing and then following it up with all his strict guidelines cracks me up xD

Also that when you cut thru everything, ultimately it's "no fat chicks" but he's trying to convince himself it's way more deep than that. xD

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Help is on the way :D

These are brilliant :D

I esp like the fact that their bandages are just plain white cuz they said that they're not going to assume our skin colour :D

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pleasently surprised and impressed :)

Yet another sports post >_>;; If only I could find a way to fuse sports and comics together (and yus I'm aware of the Barkley vs Godzilla, etc stuff xD that's not quite what I would prefer xDDDD).. >_>;;;

My kingdom for a cute boy or girlfriend who is both a sports and comics fanatic! XD

Of course, I would need a kingdom first >_>;; So um... my comics collection for a kingdom! :D

Rawr :O

NEWAYS... so last night I was listening to the podcast of Primetime Sports (aka the Justice League of Sports) while I was lying in bed and Bob McCown was talking with their legal analyst Rob Becker about the woman who had accused Ben Rothlisberger of rape.

Bob was talking about how he found it suspicious that she took 11 months to take any (public) action on the crime and that if he thought he had been "hard done by" either "sexually or otherwise" he would have gone to the police immediately. Rob Becker responded by pointing out that as 3 men (Bob, Rob, Bob's cohost) it's easy for them to sit around and say these things, and that by saying "sexually or otherwise", Bob had jumped over the issue... and that survivors of rape often go through a lot of things including shame and fear and guilt and worrying that they had asked for it, or had brought it on themselves, or how the media will portray them, and the slut-shaming and everything else that rape survivors often have to deal with.. and that it's a very difficult crime to report and a lot of ppl dun report it and it's not like being robbed or something.

And Bob responded by saying "you're right" and that Rob had convinced him and that it wasn't suspicious with all those factors involved. :O

And... :) It reminded me why I respected and liked Bob so much as a radio personality.. I've never honestly heard a person actually go back on something like this when it's explained to them, and.. that's why I like Bob :) He actually listens and he's not going to take it personally if somebody disagrees with him.. :)

And just with the media coverage of this in general and hte general reaction I've gotten from men I know.. it's just refreshing to hear both Rob say something liek this and Bob listen and go "yeah, you're right, I didn't htink of that" :)

As a survivor myself.. it just.. it means a lot to me.. :) It's rly hard for me to talk about and I'll prolly still tiptoe around it a lot :( But I never reported what happened to me b/c it was a he said/she said thing, and he was well liked among ppl I knew, and.. as a trans person there's a whole other dimension that scares me too and just... I was ashamed.. and I blamed myself a lot... he was my best friend in HS and I trusted him... and I felt like it was my fault somehow... and after a few months I thought "if I talked about it now, wouldn't ppl wonder why it took me a few months?" and I did lose some friend over it too, ppl who said "if it happened why didn't you leave?" or "why didn't you run?" and ... :(


I guess.. just.. that's why hearing this meant a lot to me... hearing a man go "you're right it's not the simple" just... it makes me happy :)

And this is why I love Primetime Sports and I love Batman Bob McCown (and FYI, I think if you were in Kitwana Jones' position, you would have done the right thing too :) Even if you had to get out of your car xD)

Edit: (that and my JLA/PTS post was linked on, Bob McCown's official site, and is still on the front page which made me squeee SO MUCH when I found out! :DDDDDDDDDD I'm still squeeing >_>)

Gargh >.<;;;

This is something that's rly been pissing me off and this latest thing just made me want to rant a bit >:O

From this article about the media reaction to the awful spy video taken of Erin Andrews changing in her hotel room:

On The Fan 590, Rogers Sportsnet host Mike Toth suggested that young women including Sportsnet co-workers Martine Gaillard and Evanka Osmak get by with less than perfect knowledge of sports.

“This is going to sound harsh,” Toth said. “But be that as it may, here it comes: There are no female sportscasters that I can think of that have more knowledge than their male counterparts.”

Toth also suggested that women at his network get more promotional outings and publicity because of their looks: “From a public relations standpoint, do you want Mike Toth to MC your golf tournament? … The females within the confines of Sportsnet’s newsroom get more of an opportunity to do that sort of thing.”

To which Usual Suspects says, we will be happy to host a celebrity Jeopardy sports-trivia challenge between Toth and the female co-worker of his choice. Name the time and place, Mike.

I rly dislike Mike Toth. I always have, and this just makes me dislike him even more. It's hilarious to me that he thinks his female co-workers "get by with less than perfectk nowledge of sports" considering he makes SO MANY freaking mistakes and seems to know NOTHING about the topics he talks about on the radio and on TV >.<;;

And gd does his professional jealousy show thru. "THOSE WOMEN GET OPPORTUNITIES THAT I AM WAY MORE DESERVING FOR". e_e;; Yus Mike, you are that awesome.. >_>;;

And just SO MUCH of the media reaction to this just PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH! Like it's alrdy so freaking CREEPY and AWFUL what happened to Ms. Andrews and that she now has to worry that she's being STALKED and who is following her around taking videos of her while she's changing, but a lot of ppl in the sports media seem to be basically saying it's HER FAULT for happening to be attractive! >:O

NO MATTER what you think of her skill as a sports reporter, it's just BULLSHIT all the victim blaming that's being thrown on her, NOBODY deserves to be stalked like this! >:O And the whole thing has changed from "some creepoid is following Erin Andrews around (the videos are from at least TWO different hotel rooms) and drilling holes in her hotel rooms and filming her naked" to "women in sports reporting are there just for their looks and don't deserve to be there" and WTF




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The Prime Time Justice Sports League of Canada :D

I'm prolly talking to myself at this point since I suspect I might be the only fangirl/boy in the Primetime Sports/DC Superheroes intersection of the fandom venn diagram but I couldn't stop thinking about the superhero analogies for the PTS personalities while I was out today and I thought of some more. xD So here they are! (and even if you've never heard of PTS, some of these names might be familiar to some of you :o )

Well, first a disclaimer, I'm just a fan of the show and love listening to it, no I dun actually HATE nebody on the show or nething and none of this is meant to be an insult to nebody, this is just me having fun with a show and personalities on the show I lurve and my lurve of DC comicdom! :)

First a recap of the Justice League!

Bob McCown (host of Primetime Sports, former announcer for the Toronto Blue Jays and possible vampire) - Batman

Why? Well first of all he always hides his face (he never takes off his sunglasses) and he's super smart and super awesome and in debates takes his foes apart methodically and using his brains, not insults or yelling. Secondly, he lives in a giant mansion and owns a huge car with a billion features (or so Superman, I mean Stephen Brunt has said)... he's also anti social and tough on sports crime (doping, fighting, etc) :D Plus he's so damn cool I want to be his vampire bride. xD Anndddd whether we like to admit it or not, he's in charge of the JLA (PTS) and always will be :D Oh and the whole reclusive rich celebrity by day thing. xD

Stephen Brunt (acclaimed writer for the Globe and Mail and author of a LOT of great sports books, regular co-host of Bob's) - Superman

Why? In terms of writing, he's prolly one of the finest writers I know, in ANY genre. Same with speaking. I totally could listen to him talk about any subject, even if I disagree with him... He's got the super intelligence thing going and unlike Bob, he's a people-person and it seems like EVERYBODY who ever shows up on the show rly respects and likes him, as they should :) He's the positive shining force to Bob's cycnism and "hanging judge" mentality. They're both awesome, they're both intelligent, they're just different sides of the same coin, and even if they plow thru EVERYBODY tjhey argue with, the best fight is when they go against each other, they're each other's greatest allies and best foes. Sound familiar? :D The World's Finest. *nods* Plus, he goes north to Newfoundland every so often to gather himself and write books! Fortress of Solitude nebody? :D And he's an acclaimed journalist by day at the Globe. xD Oh and we all know those glasses are just to disguise your sekrit identity Stephen. ;D

Mary Ormsby (sports writer for the Toronto Star and the only woman to show up as a regular on the show and round table) - Wonder Woman

Why? Besides that she's the only female regular on the show, she's also kickass awesome, and like Wonder Woman, she's very good at deflecting attacks. She doesn't get pounced on the way some others do, she awesome at handling herself in debates and she's optimistic and great :D Plus I've had email communication with her in the past and she's rly nice and super smart and wise :) Like Wonder Woman! :D

Jim Kelley (reknowned Buffalo hockey writer, now writes for as their "hockey insider" and is another regular co-host of Bob's) - Martian Manhunter

Why? He's old and wise and not from here (he's the only non-Canadian regular on the show, and Buffalo is almost as habitable as Mars >.>;;) and he doesn't get modern human society (he's not a big fan of blogs, bloggers or.. well.. kids these days! xD) but he's a force for good and to be reckoned with. :] Also he always seems to end up being the co-host for Rob Faulds (Aquaman) when Bob (Batman)'s away.. like MM and Aquaman leading Justice League Detroit! xDDD

Rob Faulds (tv reporter with Sportsnet, fill in host for Bob McCown when he's off-world fighting aliens on vacation) - Aquaman (without the beard)

Why? He gets to be in charge when nobody else is around to run the league. He's bland, not very interesting and always seems (at least imo) to need somebody to save him. He doesn't get the surface world (he seems to be completely confused and afraid of this blogging and intarwebz thing xD) and often needs others to bail him out (he doesn't seem to fully grasp the topics he talks about, again that's not an insult, merely my opinion as a regular listener). He's a capable hero tho, and has earned his stripes. :)

Gord Kirke ("legal advisor to the stars", former agent of a lot of famous athletes, president of the Sports Lawyer Federation, lots of other lawyerly credentials I prolly dunno of xD) - Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Why? Well honestly, I was thinking Hal or Maxwell Lord, but other than being a businessy person he's not very ML like and I think he Hal suits him way better. :D Like Hal, he's got his own association he's part of besides being part of the JLA (PTS)... he's a sports lawyer, and he's the greatest.. like Hal. XD Also like Hal (at least in the joking way he likes to act on the show), he likes women and isn't shy about that but he's quite charming about it and I <3 him. xD And as an agent, he seems to have had a whole lot of successes negotiating contracts, which would mean lots of willpower! :D Tho.. SINCE he was an agent once, that also means he had his Parallax phase too! xDDDD

Jeff Blair (columnst for the Globe and Mail) - Hawkman

Why? Honestly, I didn't like Blair much at first :\ I thought he was grumpy, angry all the time, and a bit of a jerk when he disagreed with ppl. Sound familiar? xD But he grew on me, and I actually rly like him now cuz I think he makes a lot of sense usually, and when he's on a tear he's unstoppable and awesome. :D Like Hawkman! :D

Bruce Arthur (columnist for the National Post, relative PTS newbie) - The Flash (Wally West)

Why? Cuz he's the youngest one there, he thinks on his feet rly rly well and he has a quick sense of humour. :] He may be new but he's super smart, I have a HUGE HUGE HUGE crush on him, personality wise, intellectually wise and just in general. He's huge on pop culture that I ACTUALLY GET, and he's always so funny while making a great point. :] Also he and his wife are HAVING TWINS! (the funny part is is that I chose him as the Flash BEFORE I realized.. omfg he's having twins too! xDDD)

Doug Smith (basketball columnist for the Toronto Star, runs a popular interactive blog on - Green Arrow

Why? He's a man of the ppl. :o He was one of the first of all the PTS ppl to have a blog and he's the only one I know that regularly interacts with ppl on the blog, and he often has real time chats with his readership. :) Also he has real-time play by play of NBA games where he also answers questions and talks with ppl as the game goes by. :] He and Bob respect each other but rarely seem to see eye-to-eye, and he doesn't show up on the show as much as some of the others above. xD And he's left-leaning in his politics, and even when you disagree with him (and I do often), you can't deny that he's thought about what he's said and knows what he's talking about :] Also he the master of snark. xD

James Deacon (sports columnist for AOL Canada) - Plastic Man

Why? Because I was stumped on who he should be... cuz he doesn't jump to mind when I think of the big main ppl on PTS, but he's there, a lot, and he's def one of the team. And that's how I feel about Plastic Man too. xD I mean for a while it was a big 8, with the big 7 (Supes, Bats, WW, MM, Aquaman, Flash, GL) and Plastic Man... but Plastic Man just never jumps to my mind as a member of the JLA... I guess cuz he's kinda different. And James is similar, in that he goes off on tangents a lot, he'll talk about stuff that's not on topic (and Bob will often go O_O;;) or he makes weird jokes, and his mind seems to work in a way I dun rly understand.. sorta like Plas. xD That's not a criticism, I just find sometimes I'm not sure how he got from A to B when he's analyzing something. But like Plas, he adds to the team, and the discussion/heroing and he belongs with the other heroes :)

And that's it I think it :D (Ami's note: I originally didn't have Deacon above cuz I couldn't think of who he was, but I've since added him! :D)

Neways here are the ones I thought of today! :D None of these are regulars on the show (i.e. have either served as co-host or been on the round table) but they do show up from time to time or have had interactions/relationships with Bob. :]

Doug MacLean (former GM of the Columbus Blue Jackets, now co-host of "The Game Plan" on the Fan590) - Booster Gold

Ami's Note: Originally I had him as the Riddler but thinking on it more I thought Booster was more like him :]

Why? Because he's washed out in his career in sports ("washed out" may be too strong a word but Bob always teases him about it xD) and decided to parlay his skills into a career in superheroing (i.e. sports radio broadcasting) and promoting himself xD And who better to do it than him? Like Booster, Doug doesn't need a #1 fan, he is his own #1 fan xD And he's never shy about self promotion or reminding us all that he traded up to draft Rick Nash. Okay, okay! You scored 1000 ultra touchdowns in the 2438 Sugar Bowl and/or traded up to draft Rick Nash. We get it. Shut up. XD And Batman doesn't seem to like him a lot, but you get the feeling in their interactions that despite what Bats/Bob may think of his skills as a hero/radio shot, the Dark Knight might just have a soft spot for him somewhere under those sunglasses. :] I guess that would make Jack Armstrong Skeets then xD

Paul Beeston (former President of the Blue Jays during the 80s and 90s, current interim President of the Blue Jays, good friend of Bob's, beloved sports executive in Toronto) - Commissioner Gordon

Why? Cuz it fits SO WELL. xD The Beeston/Gordon thing is what made me want to write this post in the first place. Both are glasses wearing, cigar smoking characters who may work for the side of "law" but is close allies with the guy always breaking it (Bob always dissecting and critiquing the business of sports). :] He's a strong and respected leader, who brought an organization (The Blue Jays/Gotham PD) from disarray into a cohesive force (Jays winning 2 World Series under him) but eventually left, and the organization fell back into disarray. :| But now he's back, and turning things around again with a little help from his friend in the shadows... >_>;; He always says he's getting too old for this, but he's always still there (he's been interim for almost a year, looking for his replacement, everybody still thinks he's the best person for the job, and even when he was gone he had an office in the Skydome). :] Plus he's just so darn loveable! :D

As far as I know he doesn't have a daughter who sekritly is a sports media personality tho >_>;; BUT YOU NEVER KNOW. (that would be awesome)

Gary Bettman (Commissioner of the NHL, refuses to be on PTS and blew up at Bob the last time he was on) - The Penguin

Why? C'mon he's PERFECT XDDD He's short, annoying, smug, and thinks he's a hockey/criminal mastermind when he's rly not. He runs a supposedly legit operation now but nobody's rly allowed to look at what's going on behind the scenes, or look at the books (the NHL, the financial problems in Phoenix, Tampa Bay and Atlanta that Gary SWEARS doesn't exist) and if only that annoying Batman would stop snooping around his operation (Bob is highly suspicious of Gary's claims and often has his own sources and numbers to prove that the state of the NHL is not what Gary claims it is) xD Also, if you cross him, he'll get you, one way or the other (just ask Jim Balsillie).

J.P. Ricciardi (General Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, possible Evil Overlord) - The Joker

Why? "It's all part of the plan". An ever fluctuating plan that only he understands. Are we rebuilding or trying to win in 2010? Are we drafting high schoolers or not? Who knows? Who cares? All that matters is the Blue Jays/Gotham City are in chaos xD He's the thorn in Batman's side, the one guy he can't get rid of (and Bob has been calling for him to be fired for YEARS). His logic only makes sense to him, and in the meantime the team burns. >_>;; And he has such disdain for his city (when he arrived he stated that Toronto had nothing to do in the summer unlike Oakland, and recently said that the only markets where trade talk about Roy Halladay would matter was in America, not Toronto, and we're ALL kinds of upset about it >.>;;). xD But he's not going away anytime soon, and the eternal battle continues. I know that he might seem a weird choice for "lifelong enemy of Batman", but keep in mind I haven't been around (or listening to PTS) that long xD And again, I don't HATE him or nething, I'm just having fun matching ppl up (plus while I struggled with whether he should be Joker or not, it just kept coming back to Mr. J >.> So ultimately I relented xD I also thought about Black Mask) :D Oh, and he always seems happy.. no matter how bad the team is doing... >_>;; It's very suspicious! xD

Cito Gaston (former Toronto Blue Jays manager from 1989-1997, current Toronto Blue Jays manager since 2008) - Harvey Bullock

Why? He's not exactly the most liked guy in the city and every fan and pundit seems to have SOMETHING to criticize the guy about, and he carries around a (not necessarily unreasonable) chip on his shoulder from the way he's been treated in his career both as a player and as a coach. He and Batman do NOT like each other AT ALL, but still, whether they like it or not, both are on the same "side" (wanting the Blue Jays/Gotham City to get better). And despite what criticisms exist, the truth is we all love him and we're glad he's back with Gordon/Beeston :D (well *I* am neways, but I've always been a huge fan of his) :]

Bill Watters (Former Toronto Maple Leafs Assistant General Manager, Host of the Bill Watters Show on AM640 which airs at the same time as Primetime Sports) - The Riddler

Why? Well, he was originally a Gotham City villain (Toronto Maple Leafs executive) but has since turned "good" (i.e. became a media person) and has started a rival detective concern/radio program to Batman, but ultimately he just doesn't measure up no matter how hard he tries or how smart he thinks he is. XD

Jennifer Rolnick (Director, Camera Operator, Technical Director and Technical Producer of Primetime Sports) - Oracle

Why? No she's not the daughter of Paul Beeston (tho that would be hilarious) but without her, there would be no show/league. She's the one who works behind the scenes, behind the technology, bringing everything together, making everything work and providing the necessary information, stats and everything that Batman et al need to fight crime and kick butt! xD You never see her, but she's in some ways the most important superhero out there :D Also (from what I know from her blog on she is brilliant :D

Bert Randolph Sugar (Boxing and baseball historian, author of many books, older than God) - Wildcat

Why? Does ANYBODY know more about boxing than Bert Sugar? Yeah I didn't think so. Understands boxing and pugilism better than nebody, and was in the hero/sports media game way before the other heroes/reporters, he has age and experience on his side, and who better for the new generation of heroes/sports writers to look up to than one of the greatest? :D

Ami Angelwings (super PTS fangirl, comics blogger, won't shut up) - Miss Martian

Why? Wait.. where did she come from? WTH!? Why is she here? I haven't seen her before! Super cute, super smart, super caring! :D With a violent past living a life that wasn't hers that she's trying to forget, and in a body she's trying to get away from. :( Now if only Jim Kelley would teach me how to use my powers... >_>;;;


I'm silly I know D: It's just... once I started thinking about it I COULD NOT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD and therefore the only way to get it out was to SHARE IT WITH YOU!!! Now youv'e read it you can't UNREAD IT! xDDDD


Not that it matters cuz as I said, I dun think NEBODY understands what I'm talking about.. either from one end or the other. XDDD ANd that makes it more fun! :D And sekritive >_>;;;

Tasty Tunes :)

This site is awesome fun :D It's an online radio station that plays old school video game musics :D

The first ever Prime Time Ami Sports Radio Talk Show :D

Apparently if you mix blueberry liqueur, vodka and coke, you get some weird greenish brew. o_O;; Grosss... and it tastes weird >_> Also I'm tipsy if you haven't noticed so keep that in mind when reading the ramble that follows! xD

Neways, this post is inspired by listening to Bob McCown talk/rant on Primetime Sports which is "the most listened to sports radio talk show in Canada" and is super duper awesome (unless Bob is on vacation... >.>) and I listen to the podcast every day when I do my running :) I have a personality crush on Bob (who I maintain is a vampire overlord), an intellectual crush on his familiar co-host Stephen Brunt of the Globe and Mail, and a general crush on Bruce Arthur of the National Post who shows up a lot too and is just.. awesome.. plus he's one of the few guys on that show not old enuf to be my father... or grandfather xD I want his babiez >_> Except he's alrdy having twins, so that plan is down the drain >_> Early congrats to him and his wife Jennifer tho! (he mentioned all this on the show, so no I'm not stalking him >_> yet..)

Those 3 are my favourite ppl on teh show tho Jeff Blair (also of the GLobe and Mail) has rly grown on me lately.. and I like Doug Smith (of hte Toronto Star) sometimes too :D And Mary Ormsy (also of the Star) who is like the Wonder Woman of the show cuz she's hte only women who shows up to the roundtables and she KICKS ASS. Plus I've had email communication with her before and she is freakishly awesome :D Rob Faulds (fill in host) I dun like tho, and he prolly doesn't like me either cuz I'm a lousy stinkin blogger, and therefore I can't ever measure up to him cuz he works in the real news media (I've also never agreed with any of his opinions but that has noething to do with his fear of teh intarwebz xD). e_e;; Jim Kelley's the same way. We share very similar politics so I used to like him a lot, but lately, all his anti-internet anti-blogging stuff has been kinda making me go >______>;; which I'm sure has just destroyed the English language and now we're all speaking gibberish xD

As you can tell I am a HUGE FANGIRL OF THE SHOW. xDDD I luff it cuz it's not a bunch of old guys screaming at each other pretending that they're teenagers like Pardon the Interruption or something, and as Brunt said int he introducation to Bob's book (The 100 Greatest Hockey Arguments, which you should all read btw), Bob prefers to talk about the more analytical and business side of sports and prefers to talk to agents, GMs, etc than just fawn over celebrity athletes, and that's the side I like too, and I like listening to him talk (esp the roundtables) and the interviews are always rly interesting. I mean yeah, it's sports, but I dunno, it's fun to me :D ANd even if it's stuff like horse racing or NFL football or golf, which I dunno nething about and don't CARE about, I still find stuff that rly intrigues me and that I learn something about :)

>_> Ami teh sports geek away.

Oh yeah xD I also forgot to mention Gord Kirke who also shows up on the show a lot and is prolyl the only one who WOULDN'T be creeped out by a 20 something worshipping 50 and 60 somethings cuz he'd apparently prolly be staring at me too thru his binoculars if I showed up to a Toronto FC soccer game. xD (if nebody knows wth I'm talking about you listen to the show WAY TOO MUCH TOO and you need help.. but not me cuz I'm cute >_>)

Wow.. I rly rambled... Did I tell you I adore the show? o_O (tho I think Bob gets grumpier during the summer, but then there's less to talk about and I'm sure he'd rather be outside than stuck inside doing talk radio)

BUT NEWAYS, so YUS! I often have thoughts about the show but since NOBODY ELSE I KNOW CARES ABOUT SPORTS, I never have an outlet for it.. and suddenly I realized... OMFG I HAVE A BLOG.. so yus... now the Ami sports talk radio blogio show begins! >:D


Neways.. my main point of writing this is cuz Bob was talking about the all-star game which is always his big beef.. in this case it's the baseball all-star game but in general he doesnm't like any of them and in his book he suggested that the only way to make the NHL all-star game relevant and watchable was to put 10 million dollars in the penalty box and the winners take all.

THe thing is, I dun think that will work :\ I dun think you CAN make the all-star game, ANY all-star game competitive rly... even if you put the world series home field advantage on the line (which even to me, the non-traditional casual fan, is ABS RIDIC)... I mean in the era of inter-league play, and free agency and trades and a lot of teams that DON'T make the playoffs, much less have a chance at the world series, do you rly think players will care that much? And I dun think we'll ever go back to the time Bob grew up in where (according to him, I wasn't alive so I can't attest to this) the All-Star game was 2nd only to the World Series in importance and players rly wanted to win for pride and for their league and etc... b/c we live in an era where players get traded ALL THE TIME, where the 2 leagues basically aren't all that seperate (yeah I know, double switch, DH, but still... there's inter-league trading, inter-league play...) and where b/c of the internet and sports focussed networks, we're no longer limited to just Saturday Night Baseball to see the stars of the game. So no, the All-Star game of ANY sport is NEVER going to be meaningful in that way again.

But it CAN still be entertaining. And I think the way is to acknowledge that it's not meaningful. COMPLETELY. Stop pretending East vs West or AL vs NL or nething MEANS NETHING cuz it DOESN'T. What turns me off is that basically it's a bunch of guys having fun who are ALL buddy buddy with each other b/c they're all millionaire celebrities who don't see each others as enemies in any way shape or form playing a game where the commentators and league pretend MEANS something. It DOESN'T. So STOP! xD

Instead, I think that we should still have the fan vote (but also a GM/coach vote b/c otherwise, nobody from Toronto would ever show up cuz the US media thinks we're a backwater fur trading down north of Alaska xD) and the top 2 vote getters are nominated "team captains" and like playground rules, they take turns choosing the team.

I'D watch that, and I do not watch all-star games (tho I do watch the skills competitions xD) b/c it'd be intriguing, it'd be FUN, and there wouldn't be this idea that it's some arbitrary division of players that means something. I would LOVE to know who Kobe chooses first, or Lebron, and to see how they fill out their line up. I'd love to see who gets chosen last. And can you imagine if a disliked egolike A-rod didn't get chosen first, or gets left towrads the end? xD

And most of all, it'd be FUN. And we need to acknowledge this. The AS game means JACK, it's NOTHING, it's a celebrity/corporate schoozefest, and so let's not put the WS home field on the line, let's not announce "WEST MAINTAINS DOMINANCE" or nething when the MVP for the west might get traded 2 weeks later to the East. Let's just.. make it a playground game, cuz we all grew up with this, regardless of generation, and I think it'd be ... fun :) And that's what the all-star game should be about now... cuz it's not going to be about serious competition or honour or pride or glory rly nemore, it's about fun.. and what's more fun than having ppl pick their teams and play aganst each other? If nething you might get a MORE competitive game for honour than right now where the teams are arbitrary but we all pretend they mean something xD

That or have the winners get their faces on the cover of the next EA or 2k sports game >_> Cuz srsly... what's 10 million split among 20 or 30 players to these millionaires? :\ The truth is, at least int he NBA neways, I think a lot of the younger players would care more about being rewarded by being the cover of a video game than getting a little more money on top of their 80 million dollar shoe contracts. >_> (tho with the EA sports curse, you NEVER KNOW xD)

So um yeah, that's my idea.. and honestly, I can only speak for me, but I'd watch and I think it'd be fun and awesome to wtach "team captains" pick their teams and just have it out like that :D It'd be fun, and that's what AS games are about now, and they should embrace it completely :)

AND THAT IS IT FOR SPORTS GEEK AMI FOR TONIGHT >_>;;; (I rly DO care too much about sports >_>)

Oh and if nebody else has any ideas about what they would do to improve the all-star game(s), I'd luff to hear them :D Also if there's any other sports topics or sports in general you'd like to hear my thoughts on xD I often have SOME opinion on something XD Tho if it's like MMA or soccer, you might just get me going O_O;; on it xD But w/e :) Sports talk is fun :)

Edit: And out of randomness cuz talking about Mary being Wonder Woman made me think about the others... Bob is Batman xD smart, anti social and is always hiding his face; Stephen Brunt is Superman, he's very likeable, articulate, has super-intelligence and the one person you want to see him fight is Batman xD; Bruce is the Wally West Flash, the young witty superhero who isn't as experienced as the others but can hold his own and is hilarious :D; Jeff Blair is Hawkman, has strong opinions and isn't afraid to give them, comes off as kinda grumpy sometimes; Jim Kelley is Martian Manhunter, old and wise and looks at us and our society like we're crazy, also he's from another land cuz I think he's the only non-Canadian regular on the show; Gord Kirke is Hal Jordan cuz he's charming and uh.. has a green power ring? >.>;; Well you never know!; Rob Faulds is the unbearded Aquaman b/c I dun care about him but he runs the league/show sometimes and he always needs one of the other heroes to rescue him xD; and Doug Smith is Green Arrow, champion of the little guy (he runs a rly popular blog on where he regularly has live chats with his readership and always replies to comments on his blog) and not afraid to get into it with Batman xD I dunno who James Deacon is yet.. >_>;; This is what happens when my sports fangirlness and comic fangirlness collide btw >___________>;; I'm sry xD

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Golfy and Memey Ami :o

I actually watched golf today! xD For the first time in my life XDDD It's cuz Tom Watson had a chance to win the British Open and would have been the oldest major champion by quite a bit.. :O But he missed his putt on the 18th and then lost in the playoff to Stewart Cink :( It looked like (to this non golfing Cabbit neways >_>) Watson was just tired out by the end :\ He couldn't get his legs into his shots and everything was just going left... :( I was sad... I mean everybody else was imploding and I rly thought he'd win, but he missed that putt and it was downhill from there :(

It makes me want to play Mario Golf (Toadstool Tour) now tho! XDDD I <3 that game xD But I prefer playing with ppl than against the computer just cuz it's always more fun to have ppl around. :] Also I always get the feeling the scores the CPU players post are a little rigged >_>;;

NEWAYS, this is not a golf post... it's a meme post! xD Rob S tagged me a while back with a meme and while I did it in notepad I kept forgetting to post it here.. >_>;;; Neways here it is! :D The answers aren't all that interesting tho since I dun rly want to elaborate on any details of my past and stuff >.>;; But I like doing meme quizzes and it was fun to fill out :) So here it is! :D

1. What was your FIRST job?
Shelving library books at the University of Toronto Schools library. :o It was during a time I was bullied rly badly outside of class, so during lunch I would hide in the library. But being bored, I started to shelve books that were on the cart. After a couple weeks of this the librarian came over and offered me to pay me to do it. :o

2. What was your FIRST car?
Technically I've never had a car of my own >.>;;

3. Who was your FIRST prom date?
I never went to prom :( For reasons that might be obvious...

4. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?

I dun think I've ever had a real first love D: Gah.. I hope the questions get less depressing! xD

5. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink?

My mom bought some beer for me and my sister when we were kids to try to turn us off alcohol forever.. it didn't work xD

6. Who was the FIRST person to text you today?

7. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning?
Trish! :D

8. Who was your FIRST grade teacher?

I don't remember nemore D:

9. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?

Hong Kong! :D

10. Who was your FIRST best friend & do you still talk?

I remember his name but I dun wanna put it here xD And no I haven't talked to him in a long.. LONG time... I actually ran into him in high school again after losing track of him after I left the Catholic school system in Grade 5 :o

11. Where was your FIRST sleep over?
At a friends house but I dun remember who or when.

12. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today?
Trish! :D

13. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning?
Get into my running clothes... and then it started thundershowering xD

14. FIRST tattoo?
Not yet :| SOON THO! >:D

15. FIRST piercing?
Left ear >.>;;

16. FIRST foreign country you've went to?
Hong Kong! :D

17. FIRST movie you remember seeing?
Star Wars :o

18. When was your FIRST detention?
I.. don't remember...

19. Who was your FIRST roommate?
Annu and Lee :o

20. If you had one wish?
This question seems to have nothing to do with this "first" business >.>;;; Um... to have the correct parts... >.>;;;

21. Did you marry the FIRST person you asked to marry?
Well no, cuz I haven't asked nebody to marry xD

22. What was the FIRST sport that you were involved in?
Soccer.. I think.. and I hated it...

23. What were the FIRST lessons you ever took?
Piano lessons.. and I hated it...

24. What is the FIRST thing you do when you get home?
Take off my shoes! :D

And thus ends the boring answers of Ami! xD

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stabler would grab the UFO as it tries to fly off and slam it into the ground xD

I just had the best idea evar xD X-Files with Stabler and Benson from SVU instead of Mulder and Scully XDDD

The aliens would stand no chance >_>;; There'd be no hiding from Stabler! xD

"You're an alien aren't you you sick alien freak!? You LIKE being an alien don't you!? HUH HUH!? I bet you get off on having no skeletal structure!!!!! YOU MAKE ME SICK!"

And Mulder and Scully can go to SVU, they'd prolly be better (and NICER) at it too xD

Monday, July 13, 2009

Now I'm trying to imagine the dance moves for the Lantern Oath xD

Ryan Reynolds is going to be Green Lantern :O

I dun even know who he is xD

But I do know who Justin Timberlake is... and... XDDD Srsly? He was one of the finalists? xD

I kinda wish he was picked now cuz that would be hilarious xDDDD

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Good article is good :)

Top 10 Reasons Why The BMI Is Bogus

Good article is good. >:]

I wish we'd have more of these rather than the "OMFG OBESITY EPIDEMIC, LET'S PUT CALORIE COUNTS ON MENUS" crap reporting >.<;;

edit: Just to expand on #9, b/c of my bone structure, and muscles.. and w/e else, my BMI is right in the middle of "healthy" for my height.. which is ridic considering I barely eat, and I keep exercising to near exhaustion and that I've dropped tons and tons of sizes since my ED began (but not much weight)... I def dun FEEL healthy... but I have trouble convincing medical ppl b/c my BMI is right where it should be >.<;;;

*blink blink* WTF!? So do they have chromosome scanners at the door or something!?

"Women's only pharmacy offers safety, comfort"

Starting Tuesday, any woman who was born a woman can visit the pharmacy to have prescriptions filled.

Starting Tuesday, any woman who was born a woman can visit the pharmacy to have prescriptions filled.


I assume this is from the same ppl who brought us Vancouver Rape Relief (and their wonderfully transphobic supporters) >.<;;

I'm just curious how they're going to enforce this? Strip searches? DNA screenings? >.< Banning all women, cis and trans alike, who dun look or talk or act like what they feel a woman "should be"? I feel oh so VERY comfortable alrdy dun you? >:O

I just love how they HAD to make that clear too.. "WOMAN WHO WAS BORN A WOMAN". Like, we need to make that clear just in case!!! We can't take the chances that we could be infiltrated! You trannies, go away! >:O You have such an easy ride with getting your meds and not being humiliated in pharmacies and stuff alrdy!


I also love how they keep using phrases like "dedicated to women" and "women against violence to women" when what they rly mean is "dedicated to cis women" and "against violence to cis women" >_>;;;

But then again they dun need to qualify b/c not only is cis default, trans women aren't rly women in their eyes neways! We're just the ninja infiltrator units of the patriarchy! >_>;;