Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This is TOP TO BOTTOM the most awful fatphobic piece of crap article evar

As Rachel said, there is NOTHING good about this article! >:O

With more than 1 billion humans overweight, a third of them in the obese category, one must ask fundamental questions.

Ah the fear mongering! First, what is the "obese" category, who set it, did God come down and put it into stone? Secondly, that's 1/3 of 1/6 which is 1/18 (5.56%), but that's not as scary as "1 billion humans" and "a third of them" I guess... this person certainly HAS been watching CNN for sure and has picked up some handy tips about fear mongering and the obesity "epidemic". >.<;;

What I suspect is this: People have come to perceive indulgence in excess as a goal in life. It's glamorized, it's made into luxury, and therefore it represents aspirational status. It's become our duty to get and consume as much as we can.

As Zhinxy said, that was true (about food) maybe IN THE RENAISSANCE.. but certainly in our society, esp for women, "indulgence" and "excess" is HARDLY "glamorized" much less something we're told to ASPIRE TOO. Restriction, self control, UNDER eating, etc is glamorized >:O WTF WORLD DOES THIS GUY LIVE IN!?

So, if that's the problem, then what's the answer? Fundamentally, we need to depreciate the perceived social value for this kind of habit. What about taxing excessive indulgence? I'm not talking about US Federal Income Tax, I'm talking about inter-personal "social" taxes. Taxes that diminish that false perception in the social value of overdoing it. How would society react if obese people were required to stand in a different line at the bank? Only be allowed to see movies at certain times? Only be able to order certain foods in restaurants? What would happen if society fought back the disastrous perception that it's OK to eat yourself (and the planet) to death?

And that's when the rly awful fatphobic HATEFULNESS shows up. Discrimination and segregation as the answers! We'll get those fatties! >:OOOOOOO I CANNOT BELIEVE HE'S NOT SUGGESTING THIS IN IRONY EITHER! AND OMG WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK!!!

I also won't deny that a little peer pressure goes a long way, and this is important: People will change when their culture expects them to do so. What's being seen today as "normal" is just plain wrong. We need a major perception change, if we're to do anything about this problem, and it's a problem that's affecting our very planet. It's not just a problem with people who are overweight. It's a problem with everyone who thinks it's OK to be obese. That includes the makers of food, the distributors of food, the advertisers, but most of all, you and me.

What are you gonna do about it?

I'm gonna throw an asteroid at you, and a few meteors and a black hole while I'm at it. And a quantum filament! >:O WHAT THE HELL WORLD DOES HE LIVE IN!? (it prolly has unicorns.. fatty ones.. that we should not eat) And he thinks MORE PEER PRESSURE would help (or a "little" in his words cuz like he must think we have NONE right now, society is just SO KIND to larger ppl, esp if they're female bodied) and.. as usual, he just says "is just plain wrong" without having to justify WHY it's wrong.. it just is.. it must be destroyed!!!

It rly is "fat ppl are gross, i dun like looking at them, b/c they exist it means we tolerate them too much"! Like to THIS ASSHAT b/c there are fat ppl out there that have not been like.. I dunno, rounded up into camps, or destroyed or something, that means OUR SOCIETY LOVES THEM TOO MUCH! >.<;; HE'S THE LONE BRAVE VOICE FIGHTING AGAINST THE FATRIARCHY

AGAIN, WHAT THE FUCK WORLD DOES HE LIVE IN!? He's completely f-ing blind to ads and tv and movies and comics and mainstream media and the news and everything which constnatly pushes "THIN IS GOOD" esp for women. "EATING NOTHING IS GOOD" "EAT YOGURT" "WORKOUT" "IGNORE HUNGER" etc etc etc



Saturday, April 25, 2009


The factual errors and many of the comments in this article make me go ARGH


It is unbelievable to me how much ppl continue to, without hesitation, spread the MURDERER'S version of what happened even tho he's now been convicted of first degree murder and even tho it was shown in the trial that he had known that she was trans at least 36 hours before. >:OOOOO No, it's still the same "she shouldn't have tricked him" BS, b/c it's the cliched narrative that society and the media always feeds us, cuz so many straight cis guys are hung up over that, cuz well it's just what ppl expect to hear (even tho "trans panic" doesn't actually happen, it's an excuse, generally the murderers know a person is trans way before they kill them, or even seek out trans ppl deliberately) in these cases.. >:O

And just ARGH... cuz I've seen this in the comments in this article and others since the verdict.. which is guys showing up and saying "I completely disagree with him killing her, but she was wrong too" or "she still shouldn't have tricked him" or "she deserved a black eye not to be killed" (somebody actually said something like that in the comments >:O ) and... ARGH.. ARGH.... FUCK YOU ALL.. first of all you dun even know your facts, secondly, SHE IS NOT "TRICKING" NEBODY BY BEING HERSELF AND THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOUR CIS PRIVILEGED HETERO CENTRIC BUTT. Believe it or not ppl do things that have NOTHING to do with you or a conspiracy to "get" you! That includes transitioning and dating. >:O

And finally, it's funny how ppl are always talking about the "gay agenda" or how trans ppl have an "agenda" or etc... you know what an agenda is?

An agenda is showing up on an article about the tragic COLD BLOODED MURDER of a trans woman to shout "BUT YOU SHOULDN'T TRICK TEH POOR CIS GUYZ!!!" and "THINK OF THE CIS GUYS" and etc etc FUCK FUCK ARGH

That is a f-ing agenda. When this isn't even ABOUT YOU and you make it all about you and your cis privileged homophobic transphobic fears and "remind" trans girls how you expect them to behave >:|


*twitch twitch*

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Angie Zapata's murderer gets what he deserves

Angie Zapata's killer guilty of FIRST DEGREE MURDER and hate crime charges

My first thought:


I'm glad nobody bought his "trans panic" crap >:|

I wish this never happened period :( But at least they gave Angie justice.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

We need to accept supervillains, not try to "fix" them >:|

I just thought I would share this from a convo I was having with Zhinxy about Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender (aka the HOW THE HELL CAN NEBODY THINK PPL ON THIS SHOW ARE WHITE!? show) and how being a supervillain just seems to be who she is and always has been (esp in the Ember Island 90210 episode, which btw I would ttlly watch a Zuko/Azula's crazy teen drama like that spinoff xD). xD

[21:54] Ami: Welcome back, continuing our theme of "my child is a supervillain, we've invited noted alignment identity disorder specialist, Dr. Ken Zu from the Centre for Addiction and Elemental Health in Fire Fountain City."
[21:54] Zhinxy: HAH HAH HAH!
[21:56] Ami: "Thank you, it's a pleasure to be here."
"Now doctor, you believe that supervillainy or alignment identity disorder, can be treated and in fact cured, in children?"
[21:56] Zhinxy: alignment identity disorder... Is the greatest name ever
[22:01] Ami: "Yes I do. But it is important to start reparative therapy as early as possible which is why I have a clinic where parents can bring their alignment confused children in for treatment."
"And after this treatment, their child will be normal?"
"Yes. Alignment nonconformity is often the result of insecurity in the child of their natural alignment and my treatment is aimed at helping these kids be more content in their biological alignment."
"And how do you do this?"
"Well, first of all, it's very important that the parents remove all black from the child, and only dress them in white.
[22:01] Zhinxy: oh my god, ami
[22:02] Zhinxy: I think I nearly ruined my keyboard
[22:02] Zhinxy: *dries off(
[22:02] Ami: Also they need to take away any action figures or toys that represent villains, only heroic figures should be allowed.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Do I rly need to say nething else? xD

Maybe after the Avatar movie is a miserable failure, they'll do a Hulk-type take-back-do-over in a few years and give Bay a shot. It'll become a tradition. Every gimmicky director/producer will get a turn to ruin Avatar >.<;;;

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dammit I need like $500 now XD

This is me being bored and browsing thru the upcoming DC Direct stuff xD

And there's a lot of other great statues besides those ones coming out too. :O But srsly.. gorgeous *-*


Oh and DC, thanks for the Blackest Night spoilers. xD