Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well what DID you think the T in T-800 stood for? xD

This is absolutely the best fear based argument I have EVAR HEARD against acceptance of transppl

So dead women’s bodies will be harvested of their uteruses so that male-bodied people can feel female? And they’ll have to continuously pump themselves full of hormones in order to sustain the illusion? And you really think that’s a viable solution? And you really don’t think there’s any misogyny in it?

I guess this is what happens when transphobes completely lose it...


"If we keep this up in the future killer transwomen will roam the earth harvesting ciswomen!"

RUN RUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's like some post apocalyptic Mad Max or Matrix future or something! xDDD

She's figured out our end game!!!! Quick, move up production of the T-69s!

I have NO idea what goes on in ppl's minds that they let their fear of "freaks" completely dominate them :(

I guess I had better start creating transsexual Skynet now... >.>;;


Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year @ Toronto 2009 via Ami-Cam! :D

Happy Chinese New Years everybody! :D

Since it was CNY today, I went to Chinatown (convenient, now that I moved into the city :] ) and watched the celebrations and the dragon and lion dances! :D I also took videos! (Unfortunately I ran out of memory before the lion crossed the river, so I didn't get that or the kung fu demonstrations at the end :( but I did get the lion climbing the pole which was very COOL esp since I was so close to it!) :D

So here are the videos for your enjoyment :) Taken from teh Ami-cam :]

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Greatest. Couch. Evar.

Why would you ever give this up!? :O

If I didn't have room, I would MAKE ROOM.


And in the same vein:

[21:46] Pazi: I saw this odd little piece of furniture the other day, a "gaming pod"
[21:47] Pazi: Like a big carbon fiber egg with soft cushions and everything you need to play videogames inside.
[21:47] Ami: and then when non gamers peer in
[21:47] Ami: you jump up, latch onto their face and lay a catridge inside them!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My donut, my choice. xD

They rly are the anti-choice movement

Apparently "choice" is a dirty word now >_> And they'll tell you which donuts you should eat!

It's immoral to eat nething but plain donuts!

Maybe the nicer ones will let you eat a chocolate creme.. but only in cases of incest or rape >_>;;;

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Toronto Star will tell all about this.. RAM.. thing.. stuff.. that.. does.. computer.. things..

Remember how like a week or 2 ago the Toronto Star discovered comics for the first time (and Wolverine in particular) and just had to tell us unwashed masses about it? XD

Well now they've discovered computers! xDD

As usual, Trish says it best :D

[09:39] Trish: that's... i feel more confused about upgrading RAM than before

It's funny what this says about who they think is reading their paper too >_> And I guess not reading that article in the online edition! XDDD

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why Ami and Co. should run the multiverse :D

Me and my friends Trish, Rachel and Ceridwen were having way too much fun coming up with Craigslist ads for superhero universes today and the results were too amusing not to share :D

This was all from IM btw if you wonder about the format :)

[12:19] Ami: OFFER: Giant Robot Dinosaur
[12:20] Ami: i upgraded to a freeze ray, this is just taking up space in my fortress, pick up only

[12:20] Trish: decalcifier ray - suitable for excavations or deboning your enemies. mutants only - no humans!

[12:27] Ami: Black leather corset, cape and 5 inch stiletto thigh high boots to give away, suitable for any aspiring villainesses
[12:27] Ami: i recently turned good, don't need them nemore

[12:28] Trish: for sale: bat-shaped lapel pins and cuffs, bat-shaped bowtie, manchester and towels with bat motif. nothing wrong with them, i just don't reuse stuff.

[12:32] Ami: OFFER: 50 belts with pouches on them, frequently worn during the 90s

[12:33] Rachel: Wanted: novelty clocks, all shapes and sizes. Destructive potential a plus. Will pick up.

[12:34] Ami: Free: bag of size 00 clothes, i recently changed artists, don't fit nemore

[12:35] Ceridwen: Seeking a writer/artist combo who can provide me with a semi-decent plotline and depth of characterization. Artist must have a good grasp of female anatomy without descending into cheesecake. Would prefer a female writer, but an understanding man could do me justice. Just as long as I get out of these heels. Interested? Contact Kate at

[12:37] Rachel: You: innocent bystander in red cardigan. Me: giant ant ravaging city. Did I see a glint of understanding in your eyes?

[12:43] Trish: Surplus gadgetry available to highest bidder. Mostly working order, some in need of repair. Superman need not apply.
3x Deathray (various kinds)
1x Freeze beam
1x Exoskeleton
1x Time Freeze device, good for 30 minutes outside causality (may need adjustment)
1x Mystery Vial, may be cure for cold or deadly neurotoxin, I dunno, the label's come off

[12:46] Rachel: Death Ray: $50 OBO. Needs TLC, diamond core.

[12:46] Ami: Offer: 1000 white cats
[12:46] Ami: captured my nemesis recently who cloned himself and his cat... killed the clones.. dunno what to do about cats.. yours if you want em

[12:48] Trish: Offer: house robot. Does chores, responds to natural language. Not evil or anything, but I built a better one. Call before pickup; trespassers will be vapourised.

[12:52] Trish: We have all these dead bothans and nothing to show for it. If you can secure the plans for us, we would be eternally grateful.

[12:52] Rachel: HfS - Tech-based hero looking for apprentice. Start p/t, clerical, with eventual advancement to f/t sidekick. Must have 2+ years experience working with machinery, no living relatives.

[12:52] Ami: FRAUD WARNING: re: smuggler with a fast ship willing to take passengers for a price
[12:53] Ami: The OP claims to have made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. A parsec is a unit of distance not time! DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS PERSON

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Oh Wizard... XD

Oh Wizard >.>;;

Favourite Hero, Favourite Villain, Favourite Female...

Not even Favourite Heroine and Favourite Villainess...

>.>;; Why is Skrull Queen in Favourite Villain then? Cuz she's not human (and therefore not female enuf) or is the implication that no female heroes and only 1 female villain is good enuf to compete with the men so favourite female is the "PC" minor league category? >:|

This reminds me of that Top 20 Superheroes, Top 20 Supervillains and Top 20 Supervixens tv special before -_-;;


Favourite Trade Paper Back:

The Boys Definitive Edition Hardcover (Dynamite)
Batman: The Killing Joke Special Edition Hardcover (DC Comics)
Wanted: The Director's Cut Hardcover (Top Cow)

Um.. Hard.. cover.. paper.. backs? o_O

Maybe they have hard covers and soft backs! XD

Good job Wizard!

I'm not even mad at them about the sexism cuz.. like.. when you dunno what a paperback is... it's rly rly rly hard to take your seriously at all (and when was the last time ppl not working for the Toronto Star actually took Wizard seriously neways? xD)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

That obscure Wolverine guy might finally become popular! :O


I love it when the mainstream news reports on something like the brave explorer telling tales of the new world! XD

he's an unlikely favourite of comics fans. But the mutant anti-hero is about to become more popular than ever before

What, Wolverine? Popular?



2009 is going to be the year of Wolverine.. like.. every.. other.. year... >.>;;


And I love the attempt to compare Watchmen and Wolverine at the end that the reporter tried to use neways despite the comic book store owner saying "uh.. whuh? bwuh? why are you trying to compare those?"

*infinitely amused*

Thursday, January 01, 2009

*dies laughing x 1000000000* xDDDDD




I need a sign that says that irl to hit ppl with.. made of metal.. with spikes.. and lava...