Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ami is apparently an illegal alien trying to destroy ur country

I'm in Rochester right now visiting friends.. but I almost didn't get there...

I wrote this in my LJ (it is slightly edited to take out names of my friends and stuff) and it's still upsetting me so f-ing much I need to put it here too >:O


First, the subway was delayed by 2 trains ahead having ill passengers and signal problems at a station...

I thought I would miss the bus but the bus was 1 hour late and I stood outside FREEZING waiting in line ;-;

I thought.. "the worst is over.. I have my ID, everything matches, etc etc".. WELL I WAS WRONG

The customs officer held me for almost 30 minutes, searching thru everything, and accusing me of being an illegal immigrant.

She didn't believe me that my one way ticket was b/c i wasn't travelling back via Greyhound (I found a cheaper deal but only during a certain amount of time using

She didn't believe I had a place to live in Canada despite my driver's ID having a place of residence.

She said I should show her proof i have a job and live in Canada, and I'm not some illegal immigrant (forget my birth certificate and everything)... a hydro bill, a LEASE, payslip, cuz we ALL KNOW I carry THOSE THINGS AROUND WITH ME ALL THE TIME.

She found it suspicious i had $80 in US cash saying that it was too little and proof that I planned to stay in the US b/c I *should* have $20 per day I plan to stay (um what? I have a bank card and VISA card but she said that they both might not work as far as she knows)

She found it suspicious I carried books in my suitcase saying that I can't read them if they're in there (yes well after I unpack I plan to READ THEM)

Said that if I only met my friends irl once, why would they invite me to thanksgiving (forget that I've known them on the internet for a long time too, we all know I'm a lying illegal)

Kept saying "home country" and "homeland" which is weird since I would think she would say CANADA since that IS my home country.

Found the fact that I had a coffee mug suspicious (was a present to my friend and explained that to her) b/c it was more "proof" I planned to stay.

Thought I was bringing in too many clothes for a 9 day trip (3 pairs of jeans, 2 turtlenecks, 2 sweaters, a hoodie, 9 pairs of underwear, etc.. this is too much?)

Thought it suspicious I had too much time off to visit my friends (if I was lying wouldn't I lie about a shorter time I was staying?)

Acted as if I didn't speak English even tho I CLEARLY DO. Like when she said "are these movies?" I said "yes they're DVDs" and she said "MOVIES. You watch them. Or CDs?" "They're DVDS." "CDs, MUSIC, YOU LISTEN TO THEM?" , "D. V. Ds."

etc etc finally said that "oh they ARE movies. You should have said that."

And kept asking me what stuff was and when I told her "that's my hair flattener" she keeps cutting me off and saying "*I* KNOW WHAT THIS IS, I'VE DONE THIS BEFORE"

And ARGH... she wrote a lot of stuff on me too and said that next time I come into the US, they'll read that I'm suspicious and I better bring proof of residence (hydro bill) and at least $20 dollars for every day I stay (that's EXPENSIVE too esp with the exchange range fluctuating the way it is, I could bring 180 dollars just to have to exchange it and get less money back in Canada and I dun even WANT to carry that much money with me).

She said at the beginning she didn't want to let me in and I had to prove it. Then she searched everything... everything was suspicious... and... ARGHHHH ARGHHHHH

i felt SO fucking humiliated, esp how she treated me like I'm lying about everything and can't speak English (despite what I say)

and just... *SCREAMS* I felt like afterwards it's my fault for not having a round trip ticket.. that i Brought this on myself.. but i thought... what if I was a white girl... would she ask me these things?

she actually held up all the middle eastern and asian ppl and asked them questions for at least 15 minutes each... but I was one of the first so I didn't see that at the time... and


I felt like crying and i still..

like... I'm still so UPSET and I feel like Im' just whining or something.. but I can't get it out of me.. I'm SCARED... each time I try to cross the border it seems to get worse.. and now.. like.. even with all my paperwork in order, it's the OTHER thingt hat makes me different that's making ppl suspicious!?


Monday, November 24, 2008

The National Post bravely discovers the world of webcomics, claims it in the name of their lord, Conrad Black

Isn't it wonderful whenever the conservative mainstream news media discovers something exists?


I just love how they act like they're telling ppl about the New World or something xDDD



(and I love the condescending attitude towards comic fans in the article in general too xD I felt it deserved some condescension right back :] )

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Remember my complaints about the TDoR being co-opted as a "celebration" or a chance for GLB groups to promote themselves?

This is even more f-ing ridic!!!

Not only are they have a celebration dinner and movie, but a DANCE PARTY and they're openly calliing it a "celebration" on the DAY OF REMEMBRANCE!? >:O Also that they've turned it into being about queer ppl in general, and are pretty much treating a day about paying respect to the murders of trans ppl, as an excuse to promote their own agendas, other issues and like... we can't even have ONE day where the T in GLBT is respected!?

Friday evening the groups will host a movie night and pot luck supper in the Shingwauk Hall room 407. The first movie Hedwig and the Angry Inch will be screened at 5pm. The movie a cult favourite is a rock opera about a trans-woman leading her band on a cross country shadow tour of her former pupil & lover who hits it big after stealing her songs.

Following the pot luck dinner the second movie ‘Before Night Falls’ will be screened at 7:30pm. The movie stars Javier Bardem as Cuban poet and novelist, Reinaldo Arenas who was imprisoned for two years in Cuba for his homosexuality and his writing.

The screenings are free and popcorn will be available by donation.

The 1989 stabbing murder of Rita Hester a transsexual woman in Boston sparked the inception of the National Transgender Day of Remembrance. To commemorate Rita and others lost to anti-transgender violence candlelight vigils are held in dozens of cities around the world in November. For the first time in Sault Ste Marie members of LGBT will join those other cities and participate in a candlelight vigil at 7pm on Saturday November 22nd in front of the Sault Ste Marie courthouse.

As a celebration of the accomplishments, struggles and spirit of LGBT people and their allies a dance party will be held on Saturday evening beginning at 10pm at Bottom’s Up Lounge. All over the age of 19 are welcome.

I like how the second movie isn't even about a trans person... and that they dun seem to find any irony in saying that this is the FIRST TIME they will be joing in vigils followed by DANCEE PARTTTAYYY AND ALCOHOL, LET'S HAVE SOME FUN PPL!!!!




Saturday, November 22, 2008

Killer Instinct: The Comic (or is that Komik? xD)

Also amongst my old Nintendo Powers, I found this Killer Instinct comic which was apparently a preview comic for the Killer Instinct comic series that was going to come out in February '96 (I have no idea if it did, or how long it lasted). xD I remember this was also around the time they tried to sell a KI CCG which didn't work out either (as far as I know). It's amusing to me how hot KI was for the short time it was hot, and now it's just.. gone. xD Only 1 real sequel ever came out, and it never got to a SF or KoF or even MK status...

Neways the comic is HILARIOUS, so I scanned it xD Enjoy! :D

Best. Advice. Evar. xD

I was reading thru my old Nintendo Powers this morning cuz I was a little bored. They had this section called Counsellor's Corner where ppl write in about needing help in a part of a game and the "expert" staff member would respond with tips or strategies...

I think it was easier before the 3-d era when they could just recommend what special weapon to use or which platform to stand on. xD

Neways, this rly made me laugh xD

This was a question about Castlevania 64:

"How do I defeat the male and female vampires?"

Their response:

One vampire is a pain in the neck. Two of them can be downright annoying. As you move through the Villa area, you'll probably think you have only one to deal with - a male vampire who's been stalking you like a bloodhound. Deal with him you will, using whatever weapons you have available. Once he's beaten you'll have to contend with his female partner. She'll release waves of vicious bats at you. Destroy the bats with any available weapons, then turn them on the lady vamp. Be sure to have plenty of chicken and/or beef on hand to maintain your strength.

Best. Advice. Evar. xD

Basically "defeat them both, make sure you dun die" xD

Or as Trish said:

"That's not strategy, that's a vague description of how the level is laid out."


Thursday, November 20, 2008



HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AWESOME :O I love this season so much! And the chars seem a lot more mature and closer to how they should be! :O


DOOOMSDAYY :OOOOO I can't wait for Doomsday vs Clark XDDD I'm so glad they didn't end Doomsday in one fast 5 minute fight sequence like with Zod and Bizarro :D

I hope they bring the Justice League together to fight Doomsday and everybody gets thrashed until it's just Clark vs Doomsday!!!!!!!!! XDDDD


No, TDoR is not a day of f-ing CELEBRATION! >:O


I f-ing hate how so many GLBT groups are using the TDoR as a way to promote themselves or to fundraise! I'm sick of how the T stands for "tacked on" for so much of the year until now when they use the day like a Hallmark holiday to wave their "we care about trans ppl, and if you care too you'll support us and help us!" flag!

For example the HRC suddenly cares about trans ppl, and telling ppl to push for hate crime laws and lobby their members of Congress into action... which is great... if THEY PRACTICED WHAT THEY PREACHED!!!!!!! >:O This is the organization that, along with members of congress who were working with them, threw us under the bus and removed the protections for gender identity and gender presentation from ENDA in order to not worry the straight folk that they were associating themselves with "men in dresses" or nething... >:\ I mean they're just regular queer folk, just like you, not like the REAL freaks out there >.>;;

*growls* And it didn't pass neways, so good job..

And then there's the Capital District Gay and Lesbian Community Council (well at least they're honest in their title for who they stand for) who has decided that TDoR is a time for celebration complete with food and drink and movies!!! Yay!!!

Kinda like how for Remembrance day at 11:11am, we have a huge party with cake and food and watch rousing war movies and stuff right?

I'm just so sick of our "allies" paying lip service to us only when it suits them, only when they feel "hay this is something we can use to promote ourselves" and absolutely disregarding what WE want and our voices! >:O And to do it on TDoR is esp infuriating >:O

Day of Remembrance

Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance in honour of those who were taken away from us too soon by hate and ignorance and bigotry :(

I have nothing much to say except silence and sadness :\

I'll leave with a link to the TDOR webcomics project and the awesome and thoughtful comics there.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008


I've been generally pleased by this season's Smallville which has been a LOT better than previous seasons and the new producers seem willing to move the story forward instead of going into a holding pattern.. but... still..


I've LOVED the build up to Doomsday and that we're not even halfway thru the season and there's still so much more that I think is coming (esp if this is the last season as rumoured) like the Suicide Squad and possibly the return of Zod! ^-^;;


I also hope that if the Suicide Squad is going to be introduced, then Amanda Waller can't be far behind! At least.. I rly rly rly hope so! :D

Still... DOOMSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD

Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 great blog posts about prop 8, race and the queer commnity :D

There's been so much said in the past week about Prop 8 in California and also (annoyingly) a lot about how this is the fault of PoC or something..

I'm not going to re-post some of the more "known" bloggers or pieces about this or nething... I just wanted to stop in and post 2 rly rly well written blog pieces about this whole issue from 2 rly great friends of mine, Willow and Snuggle Bitch and I rly rly want to share what they wrote b/c they're rly well written and rly nailed stuff on the head :)

So neways:

When Chickens Come Home To Roost

"The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house."

There they are :D I rly recommend giving them a read :]

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


God F-ing DAMMIT


Rest in Peace Duanna Johnson :(

And why are there always so many hateful awful transphobic in the comments section of these articles. You can't let up on your hate just for one second to be respectful to somebody who was killed in cold blood!? >:O


Sunday, November 09, 2008

*amused* :]

Barack Obama = Mary Sue? :O


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Would nebody interested in buying some games? :o

When I was still mired in my suicidal depression (before I came out to myself, before I realized what I was repressing and who I was, etc etc) I.. for reasons I completely dun understand now... bought a LOT of video games... I barely played many of them, some I *never* played and a couple I haven't opened o_o;;

I've finally gotten around to dealing with them and am wondering what to do... if I sell them to a store I'll prolly get very little for them and I kinda need money right now... and before I try ebay or something, I like to always offer my friends first :)

So, was wondering, would nebody here be interested in possibly buying some of the games off me? :) If so, I'll put up a list or something. I'm asking b/c a lot of my friends dun have the money to, so I'm wondering if there's even a point to put up a list here or not :) They're mostly GC, PS1 and PS2 games :]

*sighs* :( A kid is dead and all nebody cares about is how to spin it :\

Remember the 15 year old boy whose dad encouraged him to run away and helped him leave the house after a fight hoping to teach him a lesson? Remember how the media spun it not about bad parenting but that video games had made him run away and that he was prolly kidnapped by gamers?

Sadly, they've found his body :( The police say there's no foul play.

However dun let that stop the media from continuing to blame video games and gamers. >.>;;

Despite the camaraderie Brandon found among participants with whom he collected on the Web, it appears the teen had no one to turn to when he pedalled away from his winding street of two-storey brick homes and spindly trees in a new subdivision of Barrie.

I love how before the media spin was that Brandon had went to stay with ppl he met online who kidnapped him and hurt him and stuff. NOW the spin is "oh those crappy online friends wouldn't EVEN take him in! see how crappy those gamers are?"

Both the owner and the manager of Colossal Video said they worry that their own teenage sons spend too much time playing such games, whose participants wear headphones and talk to other players, who could be in other parts of the world.

Ms. Demaria said her own son became so hooked on the games he barely slept, could not concentrate, and has since dropped out of high school.

On the shop’s shelf beckoned games such as Saints Row II, which promises: “Demand your respect -- build your empire using an arsenal of rocket launchers, stun guns and satchel chargers.”


And you just KNOW that his dad, rather than realizing what a bad parent he was in basically pushing his kid out of the house just to alpha-male him good, will instead be starting some sort of crusade against gaming and gamers and want some sort of "Brandon's law" to protect kids from game addiction >:O (even tho, y'know he BOUGHT his kid a M rated game).


He deserves so much better than this and not have his death used and manipulated in this manner by the media and by paranoid parents >:O


Rest In Peace Brandon :(

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yay! :D