Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OMG Gamers have lives and jobs and stuff!? And 50% of them are women!? WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT XDDD

Video gamers high earners, athletic and dating: studies

OTTAWA -- People who play video games have better family lives, are more social and make more money than people who do not, according to two new studies.

The Canadian and American studies dispel stereotypes surrounding gamers -- largely that they are solitary, overweight teenagers who are wasting their time. According to the Canadian study, one in two Canadians can be considered a gamer, having actively played video games within the past month.

The average age of a gamer is 40, and half are women. More than 82% play video games an average of 7.1 hours each week.

The U. S. study, compiled by Ipsos MediaCT for video game review Web site IGN Entertainment, found that far from being loners, 55% of all gamers are married, 48% have children and 57% of those who are parents regularly play video games with their children.

The average age of a gamer is 40, and half are women

I hope that puts to rest the whole "girls dun play video games" crap that I keep hearing. xD

(of course you know the next one will be "oh they're not HARDCORE gamers" or "they dun play them WELL" or "they dun play the RIGHT games" or some sort of crap like that)

Neways, given what's been going on with the missing boy in Barrie (they still haven't found him :((( ) whose dad continues to insist gamers kidnapped his son and he has NO responsibility whatsoever as a parent for what happened, this study is a welcome breath of fresh air. :]

It's not rly telling some of us nething new, cuz we prolly knew or suspected that this stuff was true, but it's still nice to see out there given how eager the media is to put down gamers and video games sometimes :| And given how there's still this whole "women dun play games" crap out there >:|

Thursday, October 23, 2008

For lovers of VG music :D

For lovers of video game music:

this is an awesome site :D

It has soundtracks from a LOT of games there (even Doom xD). I know there are sites that have more games, but this one at least doesn't require me to sign ppl up to be allowed to dl a track or to register or do nething :D

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stupid media :\

this is so f-ing sensationalist!

"Was boy lured by gamers?"

Um? Reading that, he wasn't "lured" by nebody. His dad encouraged him to run away and packed his bags for him thinking "oh y'know, boys, it'll be fine and I'll have alpha-maled him good when he comes back begging for me!" >:O

I mean he let his kid out unsupervised with no idea where he'd go, and he's blaming VIDEO GAMES!? And gamers? Of course it's always the video games fault...

And the idea that "peer pressure" is the reason he'd play video games with his friends cuz y'know, he's a "good boy" and good kids dun play those evil video games... not like they're.. fun or nething.. no it's peer pressure.. like cigarettes!

The whole article is just so sensational now.. and the tv news has picked up on that angle too :\

It just makes me sad that they're ignoring the real tragedy that he's missing and might be hurt or worse :( I rly rly rly hope he's okay and I hope they find him... :(

Sunday, October 19, 2008


The radio in my car only works on 2 stations, one being talk radio and the other being a sports stn xD On Sunday's the sports stn is usually filled with something that bores me like the NFL or AHL, so I'm forced to listen to the talk radio station to keep myself from drifting off when driving >.>;;

Neways today was just so much ARGH that I have to scream about it >:O

The host was talking about all the PoC and immigants who have moved into Toronto and it's suburbs (which I think is the real issue, that there are so many PoC living in the suburbs now that he can't even avoid the city to get away from us >.>) in recent years, and how they're so "uncivilized" and killing ppl and bringing all the lawlessness and immorality and lack of civilization from those other countries and ruining Canada and... if that wasn't argh enuf..

he started talking about a Wal-Mart in his area that apparently has a lot of PoC shoppers and (this almost made me crash the car in WTF YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT ness) "I was wishing for the British to come and liberate it" and civilze it. And complaining that PoC and immigrant shoppers drop things on the floor when they decide they dun want them, or dun put things back, or if they find mismatched shoes in the box instead of fixing them just put them back, and etc... um ok... I wasn't aware there were no rude and/or apathetic white shoppers esp at like.. WAL-MART! >:O No... white ppl are AWESOME and even if sometimes they're a little less than perfect it's just being impolite not like with us where it's proof of how UNCIVIlZED we are! >:O And we just NEED BRITISH COLONIAL RULE TO SORT US OUT CUZ THAT WAS JUST SO GREAT AND AMAZING FOR POC EVERYWHERE!

And then the callers came in all about how PoC are "ruining" their neighbourhoods, with one person saying that we've "ruined" his g/f's suburban town and that ppl (I guess he means white ppl) have to learn how to survive "like don't go Sunday shopping, and if you have to, go to Fortino's or The Gap, places where you know the parasites won't shop".

*throws things*

Also all that crap made me think of all the smug white Canadians online and irl that I always hear saying "racism doesn't exist in Canada!" to Americans or to other Canadians complaining about racism and ... STFU, IT TOTALLY DOES EXIST, YOUR F-ING WHITE PRIVILEGE JUST ALLOWS YOU NOT TO HEAR/SEE/CARE ABOUT/NOTICE IT! >:O


Saturday, October 18, 2008



I am officially Ami now! :D (I also changed my last name, middle name and Chinese name, but those will remain sekrit for the moment :D )

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ryan Gosling to be Hal Jordan? :O

Ryan Gosling to be Green Lantern?


B/c I grew up watching him on Breaker High, I still have trouble taking Ryan Gosling srsly sometimes when I see him in other movies. I mean he's done rly good for himself and he's not a bad actor or something but sometimes I still have BH flashback moments and it's like XD

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

50 hours of Bruce Lee :o

China to air 50-part Bruce Lee biography

What jumped out at me was FIFTY PARTS!? One hour a part too o_o;;; Wow :o That's a HUGE DOCUMENTARY O_O;; Did they include full versions of his movies or something? xD I guess they didn't want to cut any material out of the documentary after they filmed everything :o

Thursday, October 02, 2008

How wordy and thinky are you? :O

This game is rly neat and challenging :D

It rly tests your brain and thinking abilities and creativity :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Calderon (finally) apologizes for the racist Spanish basketball team photo

Good. Finally

I'm glad he did apologize, even if it took a while, and that not only apologize but say he had learnt from it and it wasn't going to happen again. :) I respect ppl who dun just throw out some "yah I'm sry, go away" apology but understand what they're apologizing for and own up to it and say it wun happen again. :) (tho he is still saying stuff like "people who feel hurt" but English isn't his first language so I'll cut him a little slack)