Sunday, September 28, 2008

Babylon 5 quote meme! :D

Ganked from Pazi Ashfeather:

B5 fans, when you see this, post one of your favourite B5 quotes in your journal.

"If you go to Z'ha'dum, you will die."

Friday, September 26, 2008


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lightbot :D

This is a rly fun and intelligent game :)


I think it will esp appeal to ppl who like programming :)

Plus the robot is cute :D

Monday, September 15, 2008

Street Fighter: The Musical! :D

Street Fighter the Musical! :D

I have some scripts I toyed with a long time ago for a KoF movie, now I'm tempted to try to make them into a musical b/c of this! xDDD

"Kusanagi Kusanagi, one day I will have my revenge!"



Maybe not xD

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear Mr. MPP, Please DIAF, Ami

This is the first question in the questionnaire of a newsletter I got from the MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament) of my area today (he's a Conservative).


What a f-ing ridic strawperson!!!! >:O I'm tired of this false choice "it's either you or the trannies!" crap that's been bandied about on this issue just as a political tool to turn ppl against the Liberals.

I'm sick of the transphobia and cissexism that's been ratchetted up lately, b/c this issue has been in the news, just so some politicians can score some political points!!! >:O

I love also how "medically necessary procedures" suddenly cropped up there when it's NEVER BEEN DISCUSSED IN THIS ISSUE NEWAYS!!! Regardless, that eye exams weren't cut TO fund GRS (they happened years apart and are ttlly unrelated and the costs are completely not comparable) they've decided to throw ANOTHER strawperson on and say "HAY DO YOU THINK TRANNIES SHOULD GET Y'KNOW THOSE CREEPY SEX CHANGE THINGS, OR DO YOU THINK MEDICALLY NECESSARY PROCEDURES ARE MORE.. NECESSARY??"

WONDERFUL WORDING TOO. By describing this nebulous thing as "medically necessary" you've made the choice FOR them!

Also, GRS isn't MEDICALLY NECESSARY!? Wait, I forgot, these are transphobic assholes hoping to play on the transphobia of others! >:O I just love how we have to suffer the consequences of MORE ignorance being spread around and ppl's prejudices and hatred and presumptions about transppl and GRS being played to and ENCOURAGED cuz some ppl think they can get some votes out of it! Cuz none of the fall out from any of this crap will affect them neways!

And of course he's going to turn around and claim b/c of this BIASED PIECE OF CRAP EXCUSE FOR A SURVEY that his constituents are against GRS funding, not him, and it's not TRANSPHOBIA on his part, it's just y'know, the will of the ppl. >:|

I can't even ANSWER this survey in any way to express my TRUE OPINION b/c ALL OF THE CHOICES ARE FALSE CHOICES!!! >:O

I'm so F-ING MAD that my MPP is throwing me and other trans constituents under the bus as scapegoats by lying about the issue as "THOSE EVIL TRANNIES ARE KEEPING YOU FROM GETTING MEDICALLY NECESSARY PROCEDURES"!!!!!!!!!!!! >:O I'm a constituent too, I live here too, and it's GREAT to have the person supposedly representing me and my area playing on and encouraging transphobia and ignorant presumptions about GRS (esp when I've faced a lot of transphobia including a scary incident with a security guard in my area)!!! And I hate that so many politicians in Ontario have been doing the EXACT SAME THING to try to get votes via transphobia!!!!


Monday, September 08, 2008

It's not an agenda, it's an industry xD

So there's an election in this country too xD

As usual ppl are very opinionated about it

I just have one question tho :o

Let the Liberal Smear Campaign begin! My taxes are used to support the gay industry, the AIDS industry, the snivelling coward industry (human rights commissions), the environment industry as well as the Liberal pension plan. The Conservatives are Canada's only choice, unless you're a corrupt politician, drug dealer, murderer or terrorist.

Alistair James Dunn, Woodbridge


what's the gay industry? o_O

"mom dad i know what i wanna be when i grow up! i wanna work in the GAY industry!"

"my son is a big gay industrialist now!"

"and in business news, stocks in the gay industry rose on news that a new microchip might allow for the production of better and more efficient gay ppl in the future"



From Nenena:

Greatest. Editting. Evar xDDD