Thursday, August 28, 2008

F U (W)LPGA >:O Guess what the W stands for, you might as well add it in.

This makes me angry

Encouraging players to learn English is one thing, but to BAN players who aren't up to some arbitrary standards of anglophoneness!? >:O Esp since this is apparently targetted at the influx of Korean players, and they didn't seem to mind when they had white non-anglophones playing. >:\ Other sports, TEAM SPORTS, no less, where communication is even MORE key, seem to be fine without having to BAN players who can't speak English well enough! The NHL doesn't boot out every Russian player who can't speak English. The NBA didn't kick out Yao Ming. MLB doesn't ban Ichiro. >:|

If you're TRULY an "international" tour as you claim, you'd let ppl's GOLFING abilities determine if they should be able to play, and if they measure up, not what language they speak! >:O If you're an "international" tour you should ACT like one! You'll never be an "international" tour and get international fans if you continue to act as if white English speaking ppl are the DEFAULT PPL OF THE UNIVERSE.

They're afraid of losing fans b/c international players can't speak English well enuf. I love how they seem to equate "fans" and "sponsors" with "white anglo fans" and "white anglo sponsors", b/c honestly how many ARE you going to lose just b/c somebody doesn't speak great English? Cuz this move is going to make sure that they're not going to HAVE an international audience or sponsors period. But who cares, as long as you keep the small amount of xenophobic white ppl who would have sworn off golf b/c the champion couldn't speak English!


I would have thought the only thing that mattered in GOLF would be HOW WELL YOU GOLFED! >:O

It seems like b/c some sponsors have pulled out recently, instead of looking at the various reasons why the tour is suffering, or trying to find new sources of sponsorship (say, international sources?) they've just decided to throw Korean players under the bus and say "it's YOUR FAULT" >:|

Sunday, August 24, 2008

No words :(

The "trans-panic" defense works again

I dun have nething to say, just grief and outrage and upsetness... everything else has been said before a billion times :( This decision makes me feel ill ;-;

Rest in peace Alexis King :(

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A great reponse to those purplish and garlicky trolls and critics! >:D

This is a smexcellent post in response to the usual bunch of critics and trolls who show up to yell at anybody speaking out against offensive crap. :] In this case it's about Tropic Thunder and the problems a lot of ppl have about it, esp the racism and ablism (in particular this is about the ablism). >:|

It's rly good and a great rebuttal to many classic -ism bingo card tropes. :]

Friday, August 22, 2008

Every time you blog, God kills a journalist xD

This kind of afraid of change intellectual elitism amuses me xD

You see? Everyone's a writer now. Everyone's an editor. It's as if the College of Physicians and Surgeons not only encouraged patients to read all the medical websites, but also to do their own diagnoses.

This is the democratization wrought by the Web, and if it has actually helped open up closed societies such as China's, in the West its chief effect, at least upon journalism, is to diminish whatever craft, and there is some, is left in the business.

OH NOEZ BLOGGING IS DESTROYING THE WORLD!!! How HORRIBLE that ppl have more avenues to get their thoughts and opinions out to others!! How horrible that ppl can criticize you in more than a coffee shop now! How horrible that you have to KNOW if ppl are criticizing you! :O Only ppl you deem worthy and "polite" should be allowed a voice!

And I have news for her, everybody CAN be a writer! They may not be PAID for it, but they certainly CAN write, and ppl can judge their opinions for what they're worth. She seems upset that ppl have the audacity to write without credentials in an environment where others can read them and express opinions! :O

Also I think it's good that a few newspapers no longer control our worldview and what and how much of the experiences in the world we got to read about. I mean the Toronto Star published a ridic inaccurate, heteronormative and ciscentric piece on transppl recently and other than that they (and the other major newspapers) never speak about trans issues! When they do it's from the perspective of the confused cissexual outsider. Like when they talk about race issues, it's from the perspective of the middle class white ppl and meant for their consumption and to not rly rock their world a lot.

It's bloggers who provide me with opinions outside of that, and who link to news that the mainstream press would normally ignore, like the murders of transppl, or various issues that directly affect transppl (Zucker being chair of the gender workshop in the DSM-V conference for instance) but not cisppl.

It's incredibly privileged of her to decide that mainstream news sources are the ones that know everything, that know what's important news and have opinions and biases that are the only ones that should matter. That the rest of us uneducated, un mainstream shlubs should just STFU and not be heard b/c well, who cares about OUR opinions! Who do we think we are? People?

Also yes there's a lot of insulting and stuff going on... so they shouldn't be allowed the ability to blog? She's not just upset that they can comment (I mean comments ARE moderated on the G&M and I have nothing against sites and blogs moderating comments) but upset that if they are moderated they can just write about it in their own blog! Whut? That's like saying that if you kick somebody out of your house for badmouthing you, they should not be allowed to badmouth you elsewhere >:|

And journalism wasn't meant to be a conversation, anyway. It was maybe a monologue, at its most democratic a carefully constructed dialogue. If readers didn't like or agree with the monologues in paper A, they bought paper B. What was most important about their opinions was that they thought enough to spend the coin.

Yes, we should not speak out. It was better in the "old days" when we could only choose between which papers that catered to a few limited and very similar world views we should buy to have our voice heard! B/c obv those would be the only opinions and news stories that matter! We should only choose between those! "Journalism" (and she's not even talking about reporting, she's talking about writing OPINIONS) isn't meant to allow dissent!!! How dare NEBODY disagree with her! She writes, WE LISTEN, we can't talk back or express our opinions in a forum where ppl can read it!!! That's HER PRIVILEGE not OURS! Apparently to her "conversation" includes somebody not even talking to you but merely disagreeing with your opinions to OTHER PPL! e_e;;;

And how is "voting with your dollar" going to help ppl whose opinions are in the minority or who belong to a group that is a very small amount of the population? It's funny b/c from reading this it sounds like that in the past if I told her my concerns about this and all of the newspapers were transignorant and that no newspaper would rly miss the dollar of an transperson of colour she'd prolly dismiss me with "well write your own stuff". And now we ARE! I mean how is this a bad thing or any less democratic? >:| How is having a newspaper try to guess at what their sales figures are trying to tell them a BETTER WAY to have ppl's opinions and world views heard from than having them actually WRITE and EXPRESS their own thoughts and experiences!?

We all have a limited number of things to say, informed opinions, funny lines, quirky observations. We have only so many words in us. Do we really want to spend them on something as ephemeral as a blog?

Yes... opinions are a limited resource. CONSERVE PPL CONSERVE!!!! OPINION PRICES ARE SKYROCKETTING CUZ OF YOU!!! WE NEED TO INVADE A NEW PART OF AMI'S BRAIN TO GET AT THEIR OPINION RESERVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dunno about her, but my opinions and thoughts are limited only by how long I'm alive, so I'm going to get as many out as I can while I'm breathing! >:D

It's just ridic how she seems to think that things were better way back when ppl were more isolated, when communication was more limited, and when ppl couldn't connect and find opinions and news and have the ability to construct a world view from more diverse sources outside of just what a bunch of newspapers told you. >:\ It's wonderful (and part of her privilege as a white middle class abled hetero cis person) that the mainstream news and columnists cover the world she lives in, but not everybody lives in that world, not everybody wants to and not everybody wants that to be the only world view that they can read about >:|

Without the internet, without blogs, without forums, without news sources and resources outside of mainstream newspapers, I would never have realized that there were options outside of what I read in the newspapers and was taught, I would never have come out to myself, I would never have transitioned, I would never have found happiness >:| And without blogs, my world would be so much smaller, so much narrower, and I would know so much less and have thought about much fewer things and seen things from much fewer angles and been exposed to much fewer points of views, world views and life experiences. :\

I dun live inside the "mainstream" world she thinks is the only one that matters and I dun want to live in the society she seems to prefer where that world view is the only one that should be heard from and only certain ppl should have the "privilege" to be able to express themselves and be rea-



*powers down*


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rawr! >:O Strong heroic female chars are NOT mary sues simply b/c they aren't male! >:O

[warning: possible spoilers for Star Wars: The Clone Wars]

I'm sick and tired of ppl throwing the "mary sue" label on ANY female char that is competent in ANY way or saves the day in ANY way without the help of a guy! >:O

I mean I GET the term, but I hate how it seems to mean "any assertive female hero" to some ppl, and how ANY female char that succeeds is met with "oh she's a mary sue!"

I think we're SO conditioned to see female chars as being limited to specific roles, or if they're heroes to still have certain criteria and to need a guy of equal import to mitigate their successes, that if they DUN have that it's "OMG MARY SUE!"

Specifically I'm talking about how ppl are calling Ahsoka in Star Wars: The Clone Wars a mary sue and I just got back from watching that movie and I LOVED it and esp HER. I loved that for once a Star Wars movie had MORE THAN ONE female character of importance, and that two women saved the day at the end. :D And FINALLY a female Jedi character of import in a movie! >:]

And Ahsoka was a wonderful breath of fresh air :) She was assertive and intelligent and brave, but inexperienced and reckless. And apparently she's a mary sue b/c like Anakin and Obi-wan in the movie, she was an effective character and succeeded in her mission? >:| I mean she wasn't given tasks BEYOND her ability that she solved, she didn't fight the sith lords and defeat them or even fight them to a draw!!! She fought 3 droids and completed her part of the plan to help save the day. Anakin and Obi-Wan fought the Sith Lords, and still she's a "mary sue".

I mean this is STAR WARS, the movie series where male characters, as boys, teens and young men ROUTINELY defy the odds and their own experience level to save the day! Where boys are destined virgin births who win podraces and blow up starships when they're TEN YEARS OLD. Where male padawans defeat Sith Lords by themselves. Where untrained teenage farmboys blow up Death Stars!

And a girl who is assertive and brave and helps to save the day by using her TRAINED FROM A CHILD LIKE ALL JEDI Jedi skills is a mary sue!? But not the guys cause heroing and being awesome is a guy thing! Not a girl thing! If girls are heroes then CLEARLY THEY ARE HORRIBLE CHARACTERS THAT ARE RUINING THE MOVIE!!!

She didn't STEAL the show, all the characters didn't gravitate to her and obssess about her! She's not the one prophecied to bring order to the force! She's not the one who was the virgin birth or the MOST MEDICHLORINES IN THEM EVAR EVAR EVAR! Nor does she have a special coloured lightsabre or use a fighting technique that nobody else can master but her! >:O


It pisses me off so much that if a female hero succeeds, not even to the degree that male heroes succeed at, but just merely SUCCEED, just merely SAVE THE DAY and not need a guy to hold her hand doing it, the cries of "OMG MARY SUE" come up! >:| It pisses me off that heroism is seen as a guys only job, and that the idea of a female char that can fight just as hard, stand up just as tall, and fight without backing down or crying, is seen as this UNREALISTIC thing PUSHED into the story, and any success she gets is seen as forced into the story by the writers... >:|

Ahsoka is not a mary sue, she's a wonderfully written character who is funny, optimistic, reckless, inexperienced, impatient, strong, brave and incredibly heroic and compassionate. She's a GOOD CHARACTER, male OR female, but b/c she's female in a role that's almost always filled by a guy, she's UNREALSITIC and a "mary sue"! >:O This is a kids movie, in a stereotypically "male" genre dominated by male heroes, in a movie series dominated by male heroes, and there's a strong girl hero who SHARES THE SPOTLIGHT with the male heroes! I think it's rly awesome and important she exists and it pisses me off that ppl are labelling her as a mary sue and a horrible character! What does that say to girls and women who want fictional heroes to look up to and be their power fantasies just as boys and men do? Sorry, you just CAN'T be heroic, it's not realistic and it annoys us and makes you a mary sue, so quit it, and dun be assertive cuz it makes you an annoying mary sue! >:O

What these boys are rly upset about is the fact that THEIR heroic avatars didn't COMPLETELY PWN AND SAVE THE HELPLESS HOT GURL WARRIOR WHO IS SPUNKY BUT ULTIMATELY JUST NOT AS GOOD AS THE MENZ! >:O So therefore that girl is a mary sue. >:| I'm not saying that the original meaning of the term is bad, but that I HATE when it's being used in the same way "bitch" or "slut" is used to demean any girl or woman who is assertive and breaks the traditional gender narrative. >:\

Sry for the long rage, but running into this attitude rly made me mad! >:|

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is when watching too much tropey tv can save the world! :D Also yes, the Olympics are a trap xD

Child Bankrupts Make-A-Wish Foundation With Wish For Unlimited Wishes

Oh noez! D: He must be stopped! >:| And tv has taught me that the only way to stop somebody with powers like that is to trick them into making a self destructive wish, or one which has consequences they didn't think of (like in Aladdin, or Justice League Unlimited when Batman tricked Mordred into turning himself into an adult xD), or contravenes whatever gave them their power in the first place! :O Like to wish away the Make a Wish Foundation! XDDDDD


The Beijing Olympics: Are They A Trap?

As part of the Chinese hivemind™, I can confirm, yes, it is a trap. xD And yes, we do have dragons and stone soldiers that come to life. Also cats... lots and lots of cats... and bunnies... and bunny-cats! And Ami-cats!!! >:D


*eats all athletes* >:D

Not even Aquaman can stop me! >:3

*nomnomnom* >:]

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yay! Sir Pengun! :D

Found from Lurker Without:

Awwwwwwwwwwww Norway knighted a Penguin! :D

Penguin Nils Olav has been an honorary member and mascot of the Norwegian King's Guard since 1972.

Over the years, he has been promoted through the ranks after being adopted by Royal Guard who visited the zoo.

During the ceremony, Nils had a sword dubbed on each side of his head, where his shoulders should be, to confirm his regimental knighthood.

A crowd of several hundred people joined the 130 guardsmen at the zoo. A citation from King Harald the Fifth of Norway was read out, which described Nils as a penguin "in every way qualified to receive the honour and dignity of knighthood".

Awww :D Adorable! Go Sir Penguin! :D He should have his own superhero comic! :]


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr >:O

This has been posted everywhere alrdy but I thought I should put it here too. Stuff like this is hard for me to deal with so I had trouble formulating a post :( It is important to read and spread around tho >:O

RAWR (warning, contains descriptions of sexual harrassment and assault, may be triggering :\)


Crap like that and the harrassment I've faced at cons, is why I only go to cons with friends :\ And even then I've gotten verbal harassment occasionally but at least no more than that. >:|

I hope that SDCC makes a policy b/c of this outcry >:O I should prolly check if Fan Expo has one since I'm going in a week >.>;; I'm glad ppl are speaking out about this!

Those incidents make me SO ANGRY tho, esp just how ENTITLED these jerkfaces are and how they feel that women exist for their amusement and consumption >:O And I hate ppl who say that women who go to cons know what they're getting into and crap. Men aren't unthinking animals not responsible for their own actions and we shouldn't treat them as such! >:O And they should be held responsible for this, instead of doing victim blaming stuff! Nobody "deserves" to be sexually assaulted no matter what they were wearing, where they went or what they look like! >:O Period. Period period.

I hope every con that doesn't have a policy or at least a place where such incidents can be reported makes one NOW! >:O

This makes me want to start Ami-Con. >:D

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fuck you FOX News >:|

I have nothing to say. The misogyny, the transphobia... FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

(and of course why would you have a trans model except to get attn? >:| )




Thursday, August 14, 2008

And the hole keeps getting deeper. >:\

So the Spanish Olympic basketball team has spoken about their mock slit-eye photo and it does not impress me. It's so chock full of "I'm not racist b/c.." tropes and I've lost a lot of respect for Jose Calderon and how he's chosen to handle this :(

''It was something like supposed to be funny or something but never offensive in any way,'' said Spain centre Pau Gasol, who also plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. ''I'm sorry if anybody thought or took it the wrong way and thought that it was offensive.''

At least he says "I'm sorry" even if he's apologizing for our feelings and not what he did. It IS offensive! >:O It's an offensive thing to do, and even if you think it's a great thing to do and are ignorant of it's usage to demean Asian ppl, it doesn't change that you did something offensive and you should apologize and learn from it! >:| If you accidentally hit somebody you still would apologize to them, even if you didn't intend to hurt them, you still hurt them!

Worse is Calderon:

"It happened in the photo session where the Spanish national team was introduced; one of our sponsors asked us to pose with a 'wink' to our participation in Beijing," Calderon wrote on his website.

"We made an oriental expression with our eyes. We thought it was something appropriate and that it would always be interpreted as somewhat loving.

Srsly, who thought that trying to imitate a "feature" of a racial group was a good idea even if you had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA IT WAS RACIST!? Something "somewhat loving" uh... GUH >:O And that they did it DELIBERATELY b/c they were going to China, and.. UGH!!! I would hate to think what 'wink' they would do if they were going to Africa! >:\

And oh yes, we can't have a "well meaning" racist defense without the good ol standby:

"We have a huge respect for the East and their people, some of my best friends in Toronto are from China," Calderon wrote. "Anyone who would like to interpret this differently is absolutely confused."

SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE BLACK!!!! *headdesk x 100000000*

Srsly Jose!? D: omg, that was like bingo all over the place, you hit the most cliched tropes! We meant well! It was a compliment! I love Chinese ppl! Some of my best friends are Chinese! It's YOUR FAULT if you got offended, your brain must work funny!


I used to like and respect Jose so much too! Now.. I wish they had kept TJ Ford D:

I wonder if his Chinese "best friends" are still his best friends? >:O


JUST APOLOGIZE FOR IT! OWN UP! You didn't know, FINE. You made a mistake FINE. Just say that you're sorry that you did something offensive, that you offended and hurt a lot of ppl, and that you've learnt from it and MOVE ON!! >:O


Oh and more in the bingo card trope fest:

''We're surprised by the remarks of racism,'' said Juan Antonio Villanueva, the communications director for the city's 2016 Olympic bid. ''Spain is not a racist country - quite the opposite.

''The players explained what happened,'' Villanueva said. ''We think that's enough.''

I'm not racist, how DARE you accuse me of being racist, cuz I'm not! And since I'm not racist, therefore I nothing I say or do can be racist and you're WRONG!!!

Nobody's saying Spain is a racist country or not, they're saying that some ppl who happen to be Spanish were being RACIST!!! Whether your WHOLE COUNTRY or society is racist or not is irrelevent. Those players were being racist! >:O

And I'm sry that's not enuf. Simply EXPLAINING it doesn't change what happened, or that they did something racist! It was racist! You can be racist and not MEAN it! Racism is NOT JUST about the KKK! >:O Dammit, just say SORRY! >:o Is it that hard!?

Srsly, I hope the US defeats them hard >:\

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

W. T. F. Spanish Basketball Team!? >:OOOO


Spain's Basketball Federation has published a good luck advert for their men's team, the world champions, in which they stand pulling at the sides of their eyes in a slit-eyed gesture.

WT F-ing F!??? >:O

Um.. wth thought this would be ok!? And why would any of the players think this was okay!? >:O *angry* Esp since 2 of the players are players I rly like on the Raptors (well one is no longer a Raptor) and now.... >:O ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I HATE the mock slit eyed crap! I hate it... I had it used to mock me and other Asian students so f-ing much growing up in school and .... I can't believe somebody would okayed this or that ANYBODY involved was okay with this, regardless of intent!!! >:O

This makes me so upset and sad :(

I was cheering for Spain now I'm not. Go ahead US, destroy them >:O

This doesn't rly surprise me much at all XDDD

Your result for The House, MD Personality Test...

Dr. Allison Cameron

30% Eccentricity, 15% Confidence, 95% Kindness

Congratulations, you're Dr. Allison Cameron! You're without a doubt a big sweetheart, though your caring nature can sometimes make life more difficult than it has to be for you. You aren't the most confident person, but you're growing in this regard, and will probably be very sure of yourself in time. You're the loving and beautiful person many people wish they could be, and you are very strong in your moral beliefs, so be proud.

Take The House, MD Personality Test at HelloQuizzy

Monday, August 11, 2008

Apparently Ami is not real XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Your result for The RPG Class Test...


48% Combativeness, 27% Sneakiness, 38% Intellect, 22% Spirituality

You're an NPC! (Non-Player Character)

Sorry to say this, but you didn't score high enough in any category to be assigned a class. Simply put: You have no class.

But, hey, don't take it too badly. After all, NPCs live much longer than adventurers! Just stay away from spell-slinging lunatics and hungry dragons and you'll be fine!

Take The RPG Class Test at HelloQuizzy

Hehehehe.. this amuses me :D I should walk around saying generic and boring things and never change unless you complete an important task! xD

"I hear the king has a new advisor" :D

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Explosion in Toronto D:

Massive explosion at propane plant in Toronto D:

Thousands of ppl were evacuated with only minor injuries but a fireman died and one person is still unaccounted for :( Amazingly enuf, there were no more major injuries or deaths :O

It's still so scary tho :( Esp when you see the actual explosion!!!! D: I'm glad that most ppl were ok... that must have been so terrifying! :( My heart goes out to the fireman's family and friends.. and I hope the person who is missing is found and is okay :(

*sighs* I woke up to this news and I freaked out b/c I have friends in the area (which is somewhat near where I am :\ ) but they were all thankfully ok. :] It was rly nice to read that ppl helped each other out tho and that Yorkville Mall and York University gladly took in ppl who were fleeing in the middle of the night :) It's always rly nice to see the city come together when there's a crisis. :]

Edit: Houses were collapsing, windows were exploding D: It's amazing that nobody living there died. o_o;; It must have been so terrible and frightening! :(

Saturday, August 09, 2008

How jerkfaced can ppl BE!? >:O


I'm sry, this group wants to disrupt and PROTEST at the funeral of the VICTIM who was killed in the horrific Greyhound beheading!? And saying that he DESERVED to be killed!?

WTF!? Just cuz they dun like CANADA!? Wtf is wrong with these ppl!? >:O Dun they even respect the family and friends who are MOURNING the tragic death of somebody who was important and close to them!? >:O

But then given what else I've alrdy heard about this group, they dun respect nething or nebody do they >:O

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


This is a sketch of CUTE Girl that I did for Trish's birthday present :DD

She ended up looking kinda like Megaman.. >.>;;; And I'm worried without the pigtails she looks like a boy >.>;; I'm generally pleased tho :D

(I actually had 2 versions, the first one had Chiyo-Chan like pigtails but I thought they looked kinda weird, so I changed them :)

*wooshes around like CUTE Girl* :D

Happy Birthday Trish! :D

And since I am putting up birthday sketches, Chiyo sketch I did for my friend El's birthday of her 2 favourite comic chars (Owly and The Thing) and me! :DDDDD Yay :]

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The science behind physically and mentally becoming Batman :O

It's not easy being Batman

XDDD It must be a slow news day.

The study sounds neat tho! :O But poor Batman! :( He has a predicted lifespan of 3-5 years D:

And of course there's the obligatory idiotic comment in the comments section about how a woman couldn't be Batwoman b/c "she'd be too emotional" *sighs* >:| Also funny, given how emotional Batman can be, esp since his whole raison d'etre is based on an emotional event and his emotional reactions to that event and how he's never gotten past that, but wait, I forgot, emotions in men are good and drive them to greater things, while girls just cry a lot! e_e;;

WTF is this? Eugenics!? >:O

Sweden wants to make castration mandatory for transppl!?



Yus, we can't let those CREEPY TRANNIES BREED, soon they'll be everywhere! This also apparently might be in response to the whole pregnant man thing so... what... that was too much of a violation of their gender binaried heterocentric world that they need to put an end to this!? WTF, how is there ANY BASIS to this law outside of transphobia!? It's purely about "AHHHH TRANSPPL!!! FREAKS! FREAKS! DUN LET THEM BREED!!! AND PREGNANT TRANNIES DISTURB US!!!!"

This is rly scary and disgusting >:| At least transppl who dun want GRS are exempt but only, I think, b/c there is no other mechanism they could use to force transppl to get castration outside of withholding GRS :\



I hope it stays shelved. >:|

And what's with the reporting!? a British transgender "man" who got pregnant this year.!???? Why is MAN in SCARE QUOTES!?? WONDERFUL REPORTING >:O Way to respect our identities! >:O

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Amicat in Paradise (Comicon) :O

B/c I was too lazy to unload the contents of my camera until now, here are pics of me at Paradise Comicon! :D First posing with some catppl who were advertising for a LARP and then with Agnes Garbowska, the awesomely talented and rly rly rly nice artist who drew the Supergirl picture of me! :D

So yay! :D

Also there is me in angel wings :D I'll take any excuse to wear angel wings >.>;;;

I look SO HUGE next to Agnes tho! D: I feel like an overgrown giant :(