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*gapes* this is frightening and horrific O_O;;

Poor killed person! D:

Nothing but tears :*(

Apparently I dun get a break from this crap today >:O

As if the patronizing, dismissive response from police and Pride officials about the transphobia at London Pride wasn't enuf..


That night, Andrade questioned Zapata directly, according to the affidavit, and Andrade says Zapata responded, 'I'm all woman.' Andrade told police he grabbed Zapata in her genital area and felt a penis. He became angry and hit Zapata with his fist before grabbing a fire extinguisher and hitting her in the head twice, according to the affidavit. Andrade explained to police that he thought he 'killed it,' referring to Zapata but when she made gurgling noises and started to sit up, he hit her with the extinguisher again.

That makes me SO SO SO sick. >:O And also that he seems to be implying that it was "trans panic". Cuz y'know, after spending a whole day suspecting she's trans he sexually assaults her and only THEN he got angry? And of course then he just HAD to kill her >:O And he was alrdy CLEANING when she started to wake up... so... um... more panicking? WTF?

I HATE the "trans panic" "gay panic" defenses (are they still allowed newhere? :\ ) and the fact that VICTIMS are being blamed for their own murders simply b/c we believe that queerphobes are justified in their anger and hate!? And he called her an IT, so he doesn't even see her as being HUMAN! >:O He found out she was still alive and HE KILLED HER IN COLD BLOOD!!!!!!!!!


And what rly pisses me off!? The comments!!! Ppl saying that transppl ASK for it if they dun disclose their trans identity. PPL ARE IN CONTROL OF THEIR OWN ACTIONS!!! PPL ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY DO TO OTHER PPL INCLUDING KILLING THEM! >:O So they think we should out ourselves and open ourselves to MORE transphobia and MORE risks!? Maybe she was afraid of what would happen if she told him, it turns out after all, she was RIGHT >:O Maybe she just didn't WANT to. Maybe she just didn't think she SHOULD HAVE TO. >:\

Why is it just seen that transphobia is this NATURAL thing that we cannot combat!? Why isn't the focus on EDUCATING PPL AGAINST THEIR IGNORANCE rather than place the onus on US to hide, or not hide, to walk the tightrope many of us do when it comes to dating, to be ashamed of who we are and for it to be OUR jobs to keep OURSELVES away from cisppl and cismen. >:|

Cissexism is so ingrained in our society that just telling ppl you're trans can change how they see you :(

I've had ppl who never knew I was trans, find out, and even tho they are queer positive, open minded, wonderful ppl, still use male pronouns when they're not paying attention. :\ They treat me differently, even if they dun realize they are. Suddenly I'm not a woman to them.

And b/c of our transphobic society, b/c cis is SO VERY MUCH DEFAULT, b/c transppl are seen as "traps" to be seen thru, b/c ppl are taught to feel humiliated if they are "fooled", b/c so much of the media and our society says that transppl are actually men or women in drag... b/c of all this and more... if we tell ppl, they may treat us differently, maybe never want to talk to us again, maybe wouldn't even talk to us to begin with, and we run the risk of having our identity invalidated b/c they were call us the wrong pronouns and even if well meaning see us as the wrong gender, or they could be violent and hateful and harm or kill us. And if we dun tell, we run the risk of being "exposed", of ppl feeling that they have the right to KILL us, and that it's OUR FAULT IF THEY DO!

So easy.

I am so tired of feeling like being trans, being who I am is a slur, that I need to deny it just to be treated with the same respect of my identity that cisppl take for granted. :( When I was almost run out of my Starcraft clan b/c somebody "suspected" I was trans, and a lot of members apparently liked me and flew into a rage about it. I didn't know what to do. Deny it? Why should I be ashamed of who I am!? Admit it? Why should I have to be kicked out of my clan for who I am, why do I have to put up with all the harrassment and msgs and having the whole server mock me as the "tranny" b/c of who I am!? And why is it MY fault for not telling ppl and "bringing" all this transphobia and hatred down on me? :( Why is it my fault for just wanting to PLAY STARCRAFT!? I responded the same way she did "I'm a girl". B/c it's true. I am a girl. >:\ And so was she >:|

I hate that one of the commentators said that she was playing with fire. Oh? Ppl are a force of nature now like FIRE huh!? They aren't responsible for their own actions!?

give the woman her pronouns, but she is transgender, and if she called herself a woman without mention of the fact that she clearly lacked vagina and had an abundance of cock and balls, then what she did was wrong and violent, too. clearly not even remotely as violent by any stretch of the imagination as what she got in return, but it doesn't excuse her.


What she did was WRONG and VIOLENT!????? What did she DO that was so bad? Try to live her life? This isn't even saying that she was being naive or risky, this is saying she was somehow WRONG and committing VIOLENCE!?


HOW!? How was living her life WRONG!? It is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING to me that it is OUR FAULT if transphobic ppl HATE US, that is OUR FAULT if we disgust or disturb ppl! I guess we're violating transphobic and homophobic ppl's rights to live in an all heterosexual, cisgendered, non queer world!


I hate that ppl act as if she was trying to trick him, like it was all about HIM and it was a plot to "get" him. >:| That that would be the only reason to not out herself... how about to protect herself? How about b/c she wants to be treated like a person and not a THING? >:O Do they think she is not aware of the crap that's out there!? >:| And NONE of these comments have a problem with the fact that to "find out" HE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED HER!!!!! >:O

And all we have is HIS version of events. The MURDERER'S. How do we know when he "found out"? How do we know she DIDN'T tell him (not that it would matter). He claims a surprise and these asshats take him at his word and start feeling bad for him (even when his story as is is alrdy unjustifiable!) >:O

Hello out there....Let's get this right, firsty it was a guy with boobs. It wasn't she. Like the guy that had a baby, it wasn't a male is was a female with hair on her face. There are two genders male and female. No other. A guy that grows boobs has his dick cut off it's still a guy. Same things with female. I don't know what people are thinking. The Adams's apple isn't removed a thing that is only male. Facial hair on a woman's face is always fake no matter if they grew it or not. I think that the only people that say they are going to get gender things done are making the doctors very rich. No such thing as gender change. Start messing around with your body and pay for the hate out there in the real world, unless you want to do drag in dark smelly clubs for the rest of your life. GO FOR IT.

Honestly I wasn't wanting to quote these comments, but the last one and this one... they make me so angry >:|

Yay biological essentialism. Yay biology as destiny! Forgot intersexed ppl, they dun exist!

So a transman's facial hair is.. fake? Um.. CISWOMEN grow facial hair too! Is that not REAL hair!? I wasn't aware that only MEN GREW REAL HAIR!! Do women grow polyester hair!?

WE PAY FOR THE HATE!? Cuz the only choices are either that we hide forever, or we DIE. And it's OUR FAULT!?

It's my fault if I'm killed for being myself.. for just living my life...

*closes eyes*

R.I.P. Angie, I hope you are in a better place :(

I have nothing else to say but tears now... :(

Transppl are NOT A HEALTH AND SAFETY HAZARD to cisppl! >:O

Remember this incident where officials at London Pride refused transwomen access to the women's washrooms? >:\

Well here is the follow up and the police response to the complaints that followed. (all bolds and links in the quote boxes are hers not mine :) )

After the incident, there were various statements flying around. In some of these, claims were made by the Metropolitan Police that, "Trans community members decided to stage a demonstration within the entry area to the toilets, an argument ensued, and the steward at the toilets was barged and pushed up against a wall, and inappropriate language was used." (my emphasis). In his personal letter on the matter, Commander Steve Allen says, "It is clear to me that the motivation and actions of the police officer involved were positive and he has my full support" (again, my emphasis).

Wonderful! Victim blaming! >.>;; Also apparently video evidence disproves the claim that the demonstration was violent in any way. And regardless, the real injustice and problem is that the police officer reinforced the "rule" that transwomen couldn't use the women's washrooms, not just that violence wasn't allowed, but that transwomen couldn't use the washroom >:| His actions were certainly not "positive" >:| So women who use "inappropriate" language are not allowed in the washroom or something? What does this have to do with what THE PROBLEM WAS!? As if, b/c they were (according to that letter) being rowdy, therefore... he was right to enforce the discrimination against transwomen from using the WOMEN'S washroom!? All of them regardless of if they participated or not?

But what rly angers me is what apparently happened at the follow up meeting by the police which was attended by many transppl.

First off...

The events of the day were further clarified:

Roz was allowed into the toilet as the demonstartion started up, because she was desperate. While she was in there, the LGBT Liaison Officer came out of the gents and started remonstrating with the other transpeople present, and then Roz, after she came out. This was around the time that the steward melodramatically called, "There's a bunch of trannies here, send backup!" into her radio. Believing that a reversal of the policy had been obtained, and being threatened with arrest, the demonstrators dispersed. Very shortly afterwards, the policy was reinstated and half an hour later, a transwoman was sexually assaulted after being made to use the male toilets. This incident was reported to the police (although Commander Allen said that he could find no record of it, despite several of the audience members stating that they'd seen the letter subsequently sent by the Met to the victim).

I love the use of the word "trannies" in the derogatory at a PRIDE parade by GLB*T* liasons >:|

And also that they got their wish, in order to avoid men (which is apparently how they see transwomen) sexually assaulting women, they forced transwomen to use the male toilets.. and one gets sexually assaulted!!!!! >:O

Which is exactly what they IGNORANTLY were trying to avoid, women being sexually assaulted by men, and CONGRATULATIONS YOU DID THAT!!!! >:O TRANSWOMEN ARE WOMEN YOU ASSHATS!

I hate this idea that transwomen are just pervy men who are "sick" and a danger to molest children and women and stuff!!! >:OOOOOOOOOO

What Paul Birrel of Pride London had to say was very interesting though. He stated that the security contractors involved were probably as good as they could get, and that if they'd employed anyone else to steward, things would have been worse. That was depressing enough. He also seemed to contradict the view that had been allowed to develop that this whole incident was sparked by a rogue steward acting on her own volition, stating that the policy to exclude transwomen from the female toilets was instigated by Pride London themselves, on health and safety grounds (the universal excuse - good for any occasion), and that they wouldn't have made this policy if they'd known it was illegal. How about not doing it because it's wrong?

Exactly, how about not doing it cuz it's WRONG!? So if it wasn't FORCED ONTO YOU, you WOULD discriminate against transppl!? >:O

What's more disturbing is that they dun seem to realize they did nething wrong (only illegal) or how they are harming PART OF THE GLBT COMMUNITY THAT THEY CLAIM TO BE SUPPORTING!!! >:O

And not only are they unrepentant, they do the pseudo bully thing with "oh well it could be WORSE, we can hire WORSE ppl, you dun want THAT right? So stop complaining or maybe we'll replace our staff with WORSE ppl" >:O

And yay for it actually being Pride London'S POLICY to exclude and discriminate against transppl! Health and safety?

ORLY, like.. whut? SRSLY, what health concern? That ppl might catch TEH TRANS from us? I mean it's RIDIC that this is at PRIDE, this is at an event started originally as a protest march against these type of queerphobic attitudes in the FIRST place, and now the same arguments ("omg gay ppl are a health hazard to straight ppl!") are being used!? Or is it again that they DO NOT RESPECT OUR IDENTITY AND REFUSE TO SEE TRANSWOMEN AS WOMEN AND TRANSMEN AS MEN!? And srsly, accusing transwomen of being a "safety" hazard, harkens back to the homophobic idea that gay men are a threat to children or other men in the locker room. >:\

It's also disturbing that a Pride organization does not do RESEARCH on anti-discrimination laws that AFFECT the GLBT community and does not make sure that their rules COMPLY WITH THOSE LAWS!

He'd brought along someone who I can only (and, I think, fairly) describe as his "tame tranny" - a transwoman friend of his who stood up and more or less said that the meeting was a distraction, and that there were more important things for us to get angry about, and that she couldn't see why people were upset. That went down very badly, with cries that she was being dismissive, patronising and minimising the experiences and genuine grievances of people.

I'm not sure what this proves. "I have trans friends"? B/c ONE transwoman agrees with you, it means there's no problem, the REST of us dun count!? Why is her opinion any more valid than the opinions of the other transppl there? Cuz she agrees with them? It's clear their agenda here is not to LISTEN but to say "there was no problem, stfu" and hay, now they have a TRANSPERSON say it so they MUST BE IN THE RIGHT. So what? How is her voice more important than the other transppl there other than being a transperson that agrees with them? Does she "outrank" the other members of the trans community in the audience? >.>;; Who is she to tell us what we should care about?

And what more important things to be angry about? Being discriminated and having your gender identity rejected AT PRIDE is NOT important!? The fact that apparently it was Pride's POLICY to treat transppl as "health and safety" hazards and to actively be cissexist, that isn't IMPORTANT!? Oh pray tell, what IS an important issue for transppl to care about if not BLATANT TRANSPHOBIA?

There was a transwoman police officer present, from internal affairs, or something along those lines, who said that there was no real point investigating this from the met's point of view, because even if the officer had behaved in the worst way possible, he wouldn't lose his job (that much is clear - your job tends to be safe even when you shoot someone several times in the head for looking a bit foreign) - he'd just get "words of advice", and they could do that anyway without investigating. This was met with murmurs that this missed the point, and that it was important to us that the truth of what happened be publicly recognised.

Who are these ppl, real life trolls?!? First we have "there are more important things to care about" and now we have "there'd be no change neways, why bother caring?". So b/c he wun be punished even if he DID HORRIBLE THINGS (oh that's... comforting) therefore an investigation doesn't matter. Therefore finding out the truth or DEALING WITH THIS PROBLEM is not important! B/c well it doesn't affect cisppl right, so who GIVES A DAMN!?




I love how they didn't seem to rly listen to nebody, that the meeting was just them saying "things are fine" "things are fine" "things are fine, srsly what are you trannies complaining about?" and bringing in everybody they could to say "you're overreacting! STFU AND GO AWAY"


this angers me to an infinite degree. >:| I'm very disturbed that a GLBT organization can so openly and ignorantly and blatantly marginalize and discriminate against ppl who are supposedly part of the community they supposedly support! >:O And very disturbed that even at Pride, the idea that transppl are a danger to the health and safety of cisppl persists. And extremely angry that their transphobic, cissexist policies led to a woman being SEXUALLY ASSAULTED >:O

But who cares about transwomen right? WE want to protect CISWOMEN, even if our fears are transphobic and ignorant, CISWOMEN ARE WORTH A HUNDRED POINTS AND TRANSWOMEN ARE WORTH ZERO POINT ONE.



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Are you speaking bat? Is that what bat sounds like?" XD

That is pretty much what I thought about Batman's voice in TDK xD It was funny but okay in small doses, but the more he talked the more hilarious it got for me XD I had a hard time taking him srsly with that voice XDDD Poor Joker D: Trapped in a room with it XD

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The Cosplayers in the Mist

I love it when the mainstream media realizes that ppl "not like them" exist XDDD

OMG A COMICON, COSPLAY, RLY? :OOO And I love how he acts as if he's bringing fire to the ignorant masses, telling them about these strange comicons, and the ppl that inhabit them! xD

From which we can draw only one conclusion: some people have way too much time on their hands.

I mean this in the nicest possible way. Over the past four days, I have met some of the friendliest, most intelligent and good-hearted folks I have ever seen gathered together at one time in one place.

I respect and admire their dedication, their passion, their enthusiasm, their fellowship, their uncanny ability to withstand intense temperatures ...

He seems to mean well, or at least want to say "no no no they're rly nice, rly!" but like all these articles about "this group of ppl that seem strange to me" it turns into "but srsly dun be too freaky ok?"

But if I see one more "adult" dressed up like a kid in a costume, cape or catsuit, I will be tempted to rip it off and smother them with it.

Fun may be fun, but enough is enough. It was amusing for a day or so, then repetitious, but when I started to notice their ranks being infiltrated by some of those creepy "furry" people – you know, the ones who get off on dressing up as plush toys and rubbing up against each other ...

I like how dressing up is a "kid" thing.. and the whole "hay hay hay... y'know I respect how different you are to me in my eyes, but there are limits..."

And that he got all his information on furries from CSI >.>;; Using the ... is a nice way too of him just hinting at disparaging them with an elbow nudge and wink of "y'know how these freaks are..." :\

And I love how accepting he says he is, and then turns around and says how he wants to kill ppl who are dressing up cuz it's just "too much" for him. Um.. believe it or dun, ppl dun exist to "amuse" you. XD He acts as if cosplayers are only good for a short time, then it's like "okay too much, go away now", as if it's all about him. xD

I guess any fringe behaviour attracts its share of excess. But halfway through the weekend I found myself longing for a real conversation with someone – anyone – whose voice wasn't muffled by a mask or helmet.

I exaggerate, of course. Comic-Con has its share of socially acceptable, normally dressed, perfectly presentable genre enthusiasts.

Pssht.. normal ppl.. your mainstream news spy here.. um.. they're not all crazy okay? There are some normies here... they look and act like you.. they're not nuts like the rest.. comic fans are ok.. at least.. some of them.. the ones that look normal...

blah blah blah

And "excess" as if there are some cosplayers who just "go too far" for his delicate sensibilities xD

I find the article amusing, as I do any article where the person JUST REALIZED THERE IS A SUBCULTURE OUT THERE THAT IS DIFFERENT TO THEM, and how he's like straining against his politeness to express what losers he thinks cosplayers are ("they're nice ppl! I just can't stand being around them!")

And funny how his report on SDC is less about SDC and more about how weird cosplayers are o_O;; And furries.. those DANGEROUS DANGEROUS furries!

Maybe it's just cuz I recognize this style of reporting (except less polite) re: transppl and queer ppl that it's making me go *sigh*, but I'm tired of mainstream news outlets thinking that stuff doesn't exist until they hear of it, and then omg we have to report on it cuz it's SO STRANGE and like.. that cosplaying is NEWS? Rly? Rly rly? *headdesk*

And also the whole "there are ppl who are socially acceptable and normal here too" thing.. *sighs*

I like cosplaying, it's fun :D Well... I like wearing my ear hats and angel wings neways! xD I wore them again at London (Ontario) Pride this weekend too! :D Hehehe.. I've been in 3 Prides in 3 seperate cities this summer now ^-^;;;

Neways, silly article is silly xD

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F you Newsweek >:| (partially imported from my lj)



First off, they never talk about Lawrence King's identity or gender identity and seem to chalk up zie wanting a female name and stuff as "oh y'know, those gay ppl!" and treating it with the usual stereotype that all gay guys are effeminate and want to be girls >:O


Also how the focus is not on ignorance of queer ppl, queer issues or gender construction, and how that has to be combated and kids should be educated about these things, but instead on OMG DO QUEER PPL HAVE TOO MANY RIGHTS? And that queer children do not understand the implications of being queer cuz our society just TOLERATES IT TOO MUCH and they think it's OKAY to be themselves. The problem is THEM OF COURSE! >:O It reminds me of that horrible Star column by Rosie DiManno where she talks about how girls dun understand the "powers" they have over guys and they are bringing rape and murder on themselves by dressing in ways or exploring their sexuality >:|


AND ARGH!!! JUST THE VICTIM BLAMING AND SAYING THAT ZIE was somehow pushing zir's rights "to the limit" as if y'know, okay we tolerate you silly queers and give you rights as long as y'know, you dun use those rights fully, then it's okay... KNOW YOUR PLACE OKAY!?

I mean zie was just wearing "girl" clothes and make up and stuff... OH NOEZ!!! THEY'RE VIOLATING THE STUDENTS AND TEACHER'S RIGHT TO HAVE A HAPPY HETERONORMATIVE CISSEXIST ENVIRONMENT! Must. Enforce. The. Gender. Binary.

Also how they trivialized the bullying King dealt with and played up what the ASSHAT WHO SHOT ZIR IN THE HEAD dealt with in being "bullied" by zir >:O Funny what a big deal this is, when girls being sexually harrassed by boys in school and kids being bullied and beaten up and KILLED by ppl for expressing their gender or sexual identity is brushed off so often! >:O But this? THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!


Those poor poor straight guys. >:\ And yet if it was a guy who said that he liked a girl and had told other ppl that they dated and the girl got all upset, these same ppl would be telling her how silly she is and how harmless it is. It's boys being boys! But a male-assigned person liking another guy? SEXUAL HARRASSMENT!!! KILL IT KILL IT That's not homophobia! That's just victimization at the hands of the horrible queer bullies and their queer privilege! Quick! Fetch the guns! Make sure the silver bullets are inside! *SCREAMS* THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE FOR KILLING SOMEBODY IN COLD BLOOD AND HAVING YOUR HETEROCENTRIC CISSEXIST WORLD IMPINGED UPON IS DEF NOT ANY REASON TO! >:|

And wtf is up with ppl saying that by being openly gay, the vice principal is bringing sex into the school? Do only gay couples have sex? Do straight couples NOT have sex!? Do we assume when a straight teacher tells us that they are married that they and their partner sleep in seperate beds like a 50s sitcom or something!? >:O And of course she has an "agenda", y'know all those queer ppl have agendas! They dun have the same values as "us", they dun care about the well being of students like "we" do, they're just out to advance their "agenda" >:O


I AM SO F-ING PISSED ABOUT ALL OF THIS AND THAT NEWSWEEK IS TAKING THIS ANGLE and you just know so many ppl are gonna jump on this now as a way to say "I'm not homophobic! I just think gay and trans ppl can go too far and be sexually harrassing me by existing!" Also love how zir dad doesn't think zie's queer, just y'know.. wanting attn is all! >.>;;

Zie was so so so brave to be zirself like that and dress and act as zie wanted to and was so tragically killed for being true to zirself and they're turning zir into the VILLAIN of this!? *growls*


*throws things*

Also the comments... :( Where we get the lovely ppl talking about gay "recruiting" in school being responsible. Ppl saying that kids shouldn't be allowed to wear clothing of the "opposite" gender. Ppl calling zir a freak, or taking the "balanced" approach saying that it was both their faults. And as usual ppl acting as if transphobia and homophobia is not something ppl pick up from societal attitudes or are taught or nething, but the natural state humans are born into, and y'know, you can't fault kids for being homophobic, that's just kids being kids!


Plus wonderful commentary about how children dunno their gender or sexual identity and are often confused about it, and how they get so much pressure from the media to be sexual and be queer, and that's why kids think they are. ORLY? Yus, I remember ALL THAT PRESSURE TO BE TRANS GROWING UP, not like there was any pressure for me to be a "normal" straight, heteronormative and cisboy or nething! >:O NOOOOO... not like I didn't get beaten up every day for being too "girly" ;-;

I wasn't brave, and I hid myself and who I am for 23 years, and I kept myself safe... and it also hurt me so much and robbed me of so much of my life.. but apparently this is what I SHOULD do? This is what ppl WANT us to do!? Otherwise it's OUR FAULT WHAT VIOLENCE HAPPENS TO US!? >:\

*sighs* :\ The ignorance and homophobia in the comments makes me feel ill... and the whole article just makes me feel upset in general :( Lawrence King's death was so tragic and I can't believe ppl are saying zie asked for it :(

*collapses* I'm crying as I write this ;-;

This amuses me to an infinite degree :D

Yay Screw-On Head! :D

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An imported rant: My sexuality, gender identity and ethnicity are NOT accessories that come with the Ami doll! >:|

This is a rant about the article that Heidi Schnackenberg wrote that I originally had as part of a Livejournal post :o Willow linked to it in her post about Schnackenberg but it was friendslocked, so I said I would post it here for her, so here it is :D (Also the "Potato Head" analogy came from Willow in a discussion we were having about how some white feminists were treating intersectionality :] )


This piece made me so mad I had to force myself to finish reading it >:|

As usual, feminist concerns = white middle class abled heterosexual cisfemale concerns, since y'know, they're the default pplz after all, and EVERYBODY shares their experiences! And all you uppity women of colour, transwomen, disabled women, queer women just get with the program OKAY and stop acting as if all those weird problems you face are somehow relevant cuz they're NOT, they're some other thing, we'll deal with it when the REAL issues, the ones that affect white women and therefore ALL women, are dealt with first OKAY?


I esp like how she uses her in-laws to claim herself as an honourary woman of colour >:\ And therefore she KNOWS what WoC deal with, and srsly, it's not that bad!

*headdesk x 100*

My sister-in-law, Gloria, is a Puerto Rican woman who grew up in Spanish Harlem in the '80s at the height of the crack wars in New York. She has witnessed violence and crime in both New York and Puerto Rico that is beyond my imagination. She says white people should have done a better job of integrating her community and providing minorities with job opportunities and education at the time. These days her community is safer, she's a homeowner, and she feels that she now has more opportunities to enjoy the privileges that white people enjoy. While racism is always a peripheral concern, her most depressing problems continue to be with men. She's constantly afraid her philandering husband will leave her for another woman, and she struggles with the misogyny and disrespect she sees in her teenage boys.

SEE SEEE... racism isn't a big deal! Not like sexism... so stop thinking so SELFISHLY women of colour! Wake up and realize that racism is pretty much dead! YOU HAVE THE PRIVILEGES THAT WHITE PPL HAVE! There is no white privilege nemore! YAY!

I love how she dismisses racism that her sister may face as "peripheral" and made it look like a choice between "which is worse huh? racism or sexism? huh? huh?" Can't BOTH be an everpresent concern!?

And her story about her mom IS sad :( But it doesn't.. prove... nething... it's the same as when cisguys say "I got bullied in school b/c I was smaller than the other guys, I know how you feel, I dun have cis privilege or male privilege!"

I mean.. it's the most basic fallacy, the idea that having privilege (white, male, cis, abled, etc) somehow means you cannot have bad things happen to you! I find it funny that she thinks this is all oppression olympics, and it's all about the worst anecdote you have or something! :\ Being a ciswoman doesn't mean you're not going to face misogyny or nething but you wun ALSO have to face transphobia and cissexism directed at you, you wun also have to face the unique challenges and oppressions we as transwomen such as transmisogyny! >:\

Also she thinks intersectionality is some sort of NEW idea. Worse than that, she doesn't even UNDERSTAND WHAT IT MEANS.

Intersectionalist feminism is a nice idea, if all the other intersecting ideas didn't constantly take priority over women's rights.

The whole POINT of intersectionality is that nothing takes "priority" over nething else, that the different oppressions work together! >:| I'm not sure why dealing with the concerns of women who are not white is somehow "taking priority over women's rights" are women of colour not women too!? If you fight for women you fight for ALL WOMEN, INCLUDING WHAT WE FACE WHICH MAY NOT BE WHAT YOU FACE BUT IS NO LESS IMPORTANT TO US AS WOMEN! >:|

You can't seperate our identities and pick and choose which ones you feel define us!

Still, I often hear women of color say that because they've suffered from a considerable amount of racism from white women, it's hard to rally with them under the multilayered mechanics of oppression. That is fair enough, and unity feminism is speaking to racist white women as well. I say to them, "Stop identifying with your oppressor's racist values. You have more in common with your sisters of color than the man who beats you, physically or figuratively, each night."

That RLY offended me b/c it implies that white women cannot RLY be racist (or homophobic or transphobic or ablist or classist I'm guessing), it's just the men who are, it's THEIR values, white women are just coerced into it by men and white women who fight against misogyny can't be racist or have their privilege leaking out everywhere into their opinion piece or nething >:\ It's her whole thing of turning EVERYTHING ultimately about sexism (see if only we defeated sexism, then all the other isms would be gone cuz they're all caused by men!) and just brushing aside the other "isms" and the impact they have on our lives! >:|

She's SO blind to her own white privilege it makes me feel ill. :( I'm tired of being told that as a WoC or as a transwoman, the challenges I face, and the issues I deal with are not important or somehow not "women's issues"! >:|

You can't subdivide me! My race and my gender are BOTH part of me, you can't just pick one to define me by! >:|

And finally she ends with telling us to follow our "white feminist leaders" who of course know best and will decide for us which issues are important to us as women >:|

And just UGH!


Transwomen's issues are WOMEN'S ISSUES, WOMEN OF COLOUR'S ISSUES ARE WOMEN'S ISSUES, I mean... as usual white is default, cis is default, abled is default, hetero is default and those issues are ALL OF OUR ISSUES!!! And those are the only issues that RLY matter and are RLY important, and if the rest of us dun like it, well then WE'RE hurting feminism, and we need to STOP BEING SELFISH about our stupid "peripheral" concerns. >:| We should just shut up and follow our "white feminist leaders" to the promised land >.<;;

Just so sick of this and being treated as if I'm a Ms Potato Head, and my transsexuality, bisexuality and being Chinese are just accessories and not an innate part of my identity and who I am >:\ And that the oppression and challenges I face as a bisexual transwoman of colour do not intersect or interact >:|

ugh.. i'm so tired and i need smeep.. i hope that was coherent.. that article just made me so angry...

*flops* :(

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Now you too can be like that super intelligent Sinestro virus! :O

A neat flash game where you play a disease and try to infect and kill everybody in the world :O

The first game was fun but flawwed b/c it was too easy to make your disease SUPER infectious but have NO symptoms at all until you infected the whole world and then you turn yourself super deadly and kill EVERYBODY o_o;; But the sequel seems to have made it more difficult to do that with an involved evolution and points system :)

Also I like the idea of the different classes :D I just have trouble playing sometimes cuz I feel so bad I'm making ppl suffer and killing ppl, esp when the news reports roll in with the panic and desperation and suffering I'm causing :(

Neways, there it is! Have fun :D (and try not to be TOO deadly >.>) xD

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Super Ami is Super and wing like and cape like :D


YAY! :D This is a commission of me drawn by the awesomely talented Torontonian artist Agnes Garbowska at Paradise Comicon on Caturday! :D I also bought a Supergirl print also b/c it was rly rly adorable :D She is amazingly talented and stuffs and rly rly rly nice so you should all go to her website (the link I put with her name xD) and check her stuffs out! :D


I <3 it :] I was wearing my wings on Caturday with my hair in pigtails and my strawberry earrings if you're wondering why I look like that :D I wish I had a Supergirl costume tho D: I'm making it my mission to either make or find one >:|

*nod nods*


Friday, July 11, 2008

"You are the harbinger of death, Barack Obama. You will lead them all to their end."

From Rob:


I'm just afraid of the feeling, the rise of power that would happen in the more impoverished communities. I mean, you see what happens when there's some sort of crazy fallout in Madison Square Garden against boxers. You know what I mean? I just don't want - I don't like playing the race card but I don't want them to feel more empowered than they're beginning to feel. (laughs) If you want me to be honest.


*jaw drops*




*rawrs at the white ppl and runs around throwing kitties of doom at them*

Or maybe she means that if this keeps up we'd all get a costume that clings to our body and become plucky superheroines! >.>;;


Srsly tho...


Ami Angelwings is wing like :D

I'm going to be at Paradise Comicon on Saturday! Plan to wear my wings *nods* :]


*bounce* I can't wait! >:D

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Another Ami certified way of wasting time you'll never get back XD

The Nietzsche Family Circus xD


Zhinxy showed me this today and it's SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDD It's like a BILLION SUNSHINE HAPPY CATS IN ONE PICTURE! :D (I want to see a picture of a billion sunshine happy cats actually! xD)


<3 :)

(Also this is apparently my 500th post in this blog :O YAY 500! :DDD I talk too much XD)

Monday, July 07, 2008


Transmisogyny and cissexism at PRIDE


Official stewards who were running the toilets at Trafalgar Square announced that I, and any other transgender or transsexual woman, had to use the disabled toilets and was not allowed to use the regular women's toilets. I pointed out to the stewards that I transitioned and had surgery before they were born; I was more polite than a polite thing. No dice.
I went and fetched a posse of transwomen and transmen and we made a collective fuss. Their response - and remember these were official stewards AT PRIDE - was to radio in “we're being attacked by a mob of trannies! send backup”. They were joined by a policeman, who was a LGBT liaison officer, who claimed that we had to be able to show our Gender Recognition Certificates if we wanted to use the women's loos and got quite upset when I explained to him that I had been involved in drafting the Act and that it did not take away rights that existed before it. At one point he threatened to arrest us for demonstrating on private property - those loos belong to Westminster Council, so you are not allowed to make a fuss there.
At one point it was claimed that they had instituted this policy a few minutes earlier because a man had attacked a woman; at another they said it was official Health and Safety policy. I don't think it was particularly to do with how much I do or don't pass - I think I got read in part because I am so tall and turned up in the queue among a particularly short group of lesbians.
It was one of the most wretched experiences I have had in thirty years, only made positive by the love and solidarity of my community - including various transmen who proposed that, since they had no GRCs, they should be made to use the women's loos. Beards and all.



I mean srsly...


THERE'S A T THERE!!! How can you be a GLBT Liason Officer and be that cissexist and insensitive towards TRANS PEOPLE!?? Y'know that's what the T STANDS FOR!

Also that apparently transppl are disabled (or is the disabled washroom rly not for ppl with disabilities now?)? And if we're SUCH A THREAT to molest ppl, why are we being sent there, or is it okay if disabled ppl are molested!?

But of course the age old cry of cisppl, that transppl are nothing but pretenders and "traps", that transwomen are just men pretending to be women to take advantage of them! And that transppl are NOT the gender they identify as, but REALLY are their birth sex, and that's all we'll EVAR BE in their eyes! Biology as destiny. :(

THIS IS PRIDE!!! You would think the ppl working there would KNOW BETTER! (and wtf, did they RLY CALL US "trannies"!?)

And yus, again this goes back to "passing" or not having "trans" features (like being tall I guess). I "pass" even at Pride (I always use women washrooms neways) and I'm not esp tall, so I guess in this situation, I'd be allowed in but not transwomen who dun "pass" as well (or get seen as "trans" in some way even if they do "pass") b/c.. they're more.. manly.. and therefore.. more likely to.. assault women!?

I mean it's disgusting they even pulled that weaselly excuse of an implication that transwomen are a danger to ciswomen and that we might just be men trying to sneak into women's bathrooms to assault them! >:| (and it was just an excuse since they kept making up different reasons and there turned out to be no policy to discriminate against transppl)

And this is PRIDE, it's when ppl are supposed to feel FREE TO BE THEMSELVES, that we dun HAVE to HIDE who we are to avoid discrimination or prejudice right!? And we're back to "you better pass and not let ppl know you're trans, or you're gonna be treated poorly and segregated"!? >:|


So b/c I "pass" so well and I'm not super tall, I'm MORE women than transwomen who may not, or are "too tall"? I mean do ciswomen who are tall or broad shouldered also have to PROVE their "cis credentials" to be able to use the women's (women not ciswomen) washroom!? Should we do mandatory DNA tests, x-ray scanners and strip searches too to keep out those gross gross trannies!? :\ Are we going to be suspicious of all women who do not fit some arbitrary definition of what women "should" look like or how tall they "should" be?!? >:O


This is such a disgraceful dismissal of ppl's lives and identities! And this is PRIDE when supposedly you can be who you are, you dun have to hide, and you have your identity acknowledged and respected right? RIGHT?

Tho apparently the police officer was off duty and the police force has said that his actions contravened their policy so at least that is good. :) But still, it's rly intimidating to not just deal with official Pride ppl but also a police officer who is enforcing this discrimination :(

It's so UGH >:|

Yay for trans solidarity tho :D Those transmen were abs right, should they also be forced to use another washroom? Would they be deemed to be at too much risk in the men's washroom, and their testosterone too much of a risk in the women's? I mean wtf!? It just makes me feel so ugh about everything :( Esp to see this sort of trans ignorance, transphobia and cissexism in a queer friendly environment from ppl who are supposedly queer friendly :(

It's like some ppl feel as long as they tolerate our existance, that's enuf. Who cares about respecting us and our identity and who we are? :(

Saturday, July 05, 2008

I should add him to my blogroll! XDDD

Filby showed me this :D

Poor Black Manta! :(

Ppl need to stop being mean to him :(

I don't know why the world wants me to look like this.

It's going on all around me. People are born naturally and forced to change the way they look, the way they feel, the way they act. I was a black man. I have problems expressing myself because something in my brain won't let me say the words I want to say. Sometimes I want to stab people. But beneath it all I'm a man. A strong, black man.

It's changing all around me.

Batman had his back broken. He came back as an obsessive religious killer who shoots knives at people.

Spider-man is a clone. Or maybe not. Or maybe he's six clones. In a sleeveless sweater.

Superman died. Then he came back as a robot, a sassy teenager, a guy in crazy sunglasses, and Shaquille O'Neal after he grabbed one of those green exclamation point boxes in Mario 64. What can they do to him now? Make him two different colored guys?

That's my favourite part tho XDDDDD It's so true D:

Friday, July 04, 2008

Supergirl returns? :D

This is such a neat design :D

I rly like how they extrapolated a Supergirl costume from the Superman Returns costume design. :D (I wish the cape was longer tho XD)

If it wasn't $200 (or newhere near $200) I would ttlly get it! :D

I wonder if Supergirl will ever make an appearance in the new Superman movies? :o Or better yet, if she'd get her own movie again? :D

I vote me to direct it! ^-^;;


R.I.P. Michael Turner (April 21, 1971 - June 27, 2008) :(


Poor Michael :( He died so young ;-;

I feel awful for his family and friends and loved ones :(


I actually got into superhero comics b/c of him and his art in the Superman/Batman arc where they re-introduced Supergirl and he made Kara seem rly happy and positive and it was inspiring to me :) I'm a fan of his art style, even if I might have issues with some of his work, and I always hoped to meet him someday (something I wrote on myspace which made ppl go o_O) :] I regret I never got the chance :(

This has been my desktop wallpaper for... going on 2 years I think :]

I guess.. I was rly shocked to hear that he had died.. he does have a special place with me for comic artists b/c it was his Supergirl (and how strong and happy and positive she looked) that got me into comics which got me into City of Heroes and playing Starlight Angel (the Supergirl of teh Ami-verse! :D) which led me to come out to myself and be who I rly am :) So yus. *nods* Sometimes I wonder how he'd draw teh Ami-verse XD

Neways.. in tribute here is a picture of his Wonder Woman and Supergirl as posters that sit above my bed and protect me at night :) They both look so awesome there :D


R.I.P. Michael Turner :( You will be missed. :(

*sends heavenly angel cats* :)

Thursday, July 03, 2008



That's like the biggest load of weasel words evar! >:O

Esp the whole "we haven't been able to fully accomodate transppl" thing!

How? o_O Like srsly.. how...?

What possible accomodations could we need!? It's the community of ppl who frequent this dating site that would be accomodating us or not, not you! If ppl want to date us and find us interesting, then what's the PROBLEM!? And shouldn't it be up to US to decide what (if any) "accomodations" we would need?

If the problem is something about the gender selection drop box (for ppl who dun necessarily identify as male or female, which isn't even the problem here) or adding that to the search engine then FINE, say that you dun currently have a non binary gender in your choices and let your clientelle decide if that's fine for them (it prolly would be for many transppl) but that shouldn't mean you have to BAN TRANSPPL FROM YOUR SITE!

Srsly, if transppl dun think you have proper accomodations, then they can CHOOSE whether they want to join or not, but to just BAR US FROM JOINING!?!?

And if a transperson joined and didn't reveal their trans status, then it'd be ok? But if we even mention it then, bye!? B/c .. you can't accomodate our needs... of.. what.. needing to have a budgie delivered to us every Wednesday for our sadistic sexual rituals or something!?

basically their flimsy excuse boils down to "we're banning you for your own good"

Srsly.. whut

"The founder and CEO is gay, and we have an operations person who is gay. It’s a very liberal workforce and company as a whole," said Brown.

Um.. so... then you can't possibly be transphobic right? That's an even dumber excuse than "I can't be racist against black ppl, I have black friends!" that's... "I can't be racist against black ppl, I have Asian friends!" xD


Ugh, what a poor excuse for an inclusive queer friendly site! >:O And what makes me esp mad is how they're being so weaselly about their blatant cissexism. >:|

"I am sorry, as a transgender, our site would not meet your needs. I am afraid we have to remove your profile," wrote Dupuis,

"We do not have a site appropriate for transgenders.

"Transgenders"? "A transgender"? Could you be ANY MORE BLATANT ABOUT HOW YOU VIEW US!? I am a bisexual woman, I am a transsexual woman, I am an Asian woman, I am a transgendered PERSON, I am not "a transgender"! That's the THING!!! They act as if "transgender" is SOMETHING TTLLY DIFFERENT from "regular" queer ppl. That "transgender" is our sexual orientation and our gender, NO MATTER WHAT WE SAY. We can't possibly be male, female, gay, straight or bi, we're strange MAGICAL UNICORNS!!! Or magical UNICRONS which would be great b/c then I would be a giant robot that can level their company XD

Brown told Bay Windows that despite TangoWire’s exclusion of transgender customers the company strongly supports the LGBT community.

That's the most hilarious thing evar. You know there's a T in LGB*T* right!? >:O

I'm getting rly tired of this attitude among some GLB ppl that transgender is the least important part of GLBT, as if the T means "tacked on" (as somebody so perfectly put it) or something. >:|

He said Teich violated the company’s terms of service by changing the gender on his profile.

If it's against your terms of service, why would you even allow ppl to do it? >:O Nice try to cover your butt. EPIC FAIL.

And the way they accused him of trying to "sneak into" the lesbian site too just shows their ignorance of trans issues and our experiences and that they wun even LISTEN to his explanation! (also it shows that their site is set up horribly)

Maybe those are the accomodations that they supposedly can't provide us: understanding and respect.

Edit: Rachel has pointed out the feedback/contact link on their site as a means to protest, and I agree with her *nods* I encourage any and all ppls who are also disgusted by this to write in saying so! >:\ I dunno if it'll help but it can't hurt. >:D

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ami in moving pictures! :D



I'm not dancing very awesomely there :( BUT I'M THERE!!!! :D Honestly, I've never danced in public before... b/c I HATED moving my body pre-transition (for obvious reasons) so I repressed any feelings of danciness, so this is kinda new to me :O I got more into it as the float went along tho! :D It's crazy that I even volunteered for this cuz it's like "whut, the first time I'm going to dance in public? SURE LET'S DO IT IN FRONT OF A MILLION PPL!!!!" XDDD

But it was super duper AWESOME fun and I'm glad I took a chance and did it! :D

I could use 100 of these. xD

This is the best idea evar

I esp luff that the "gun" that you use to shoot the target looks like a Phaser! :DDDD

Edit: Also very awesome: Wonder Bread Woman! :D