Monday, June 30, 2008

Ami Angelwings is Angel like :D

This was what I wore today @ Pride and on the float during the parade! :D (Except I had white shoes which I changed out of cuz they are hard to walk in for a long time) xD

Ignore my crappy smile XD This was the end of the day and I was rly rly exhausted from everything XDDD


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where's Ami? :O

I was in the dyke march today! :D I marched with Queer Asian Women, a group I'm part of :]

Tmrw I will be in the ACAS (Asian Community AIDS Services, which is the organization QAW is part of and the big Asian queer community group) float as a dancer! :D


Actually I am rly rly nervous about it :( I'm not a very good dancer ;-;


If you are at Toronto Pride and stuffs tmrw, see if you can spot me! :D (I may or may not be wearing my angel wings)

Have a happy (Toronto) Pride ppls! :DD


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A great and gut-wrenching comic about the earthquake disaster in China

Thx to Sooz for teh link :)

This is such a good but also rly sad and touching comic about the acts of heroism and other stories that resulted from the earthquake in China :(

There are gut-wrenching sad stories, brave stories, funny stories and cute panda stories... and I cried a lot while reading them ;-; It is rly well done and very powerful and a great tribute to the strength and compassion and heroism of ppl in the disaster.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yay Queen of Swords! :DDDD

I was looking at Zorro stuff and got the sudden inspiration to look up Queen of Swords remembering that almost everything is on youtube, even short-lived series that prolly nobody else remembers or has heard of! XDDD

And yay! :D

I didn't watch much of it while it was on, but I remember rly liking the concept, and esp how awesome she looked, that she kicked butt, and she was a female hero who used a sword :D Also her costume was awesome :D

Zorro was one of my childhood heroes, so I loved the concept instantly :D

Sadly the acting often wasn't so great XD (and what was up with that music? :O )

I wish they'd make a Queen of Swords comic book :( (if they were allowed to, since apparently Zorro Productions' legal action against the show may have been the cancellation of the show :( )

She (along with Huntress and Cyber Six) is one of the inspirations for my character Darkshayd :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Do not discriminate against partially synthetic Amis! >:O

[01:56] Ami:
[01:56] Ami: :]
[02:08] Pazi: *click*
[02:08] Pazi: Awwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[02:09] Ami: :D
[02:10] Pazi: Those are built out of cute!
[02:11] Ami: they are :o
[02:11] Ami: actual cute
[02:11] Ami: like i am :D
[02:11] Ami: well sort of
[02:11] Pazi: Yes, you are ^^
[02:11] Ami: i'm 65% cute
[02:11] Ami: and 35% synthetic cute fibres
[02:11] Pazi: No, you're at least 89%
[02:12] Pazi: *giggle*
[02:12] Pazi: Synthetic cute fibers are just as cute
[02:12] Pazi: People just think that synthetic means "unnatural" and therefore "false"
[02:12] Pazi: Which is dumb

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Given some of the racist stuff I've dealt with lately (I dunno what is up with the ppl I'm running into lately), I guess this shouldn't surprise me but still...

wut? O_O;;;

Mind you I had somebody asked me recently if I was "mixed" b/c they know a Chinese, Korean and Japanese person at work, and I dun look like any of them. XD B/c we all know that's a huge ass sample space, and Asians SHOULD all look alike. XD

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Batman > Darth Vader XD

where did he grapple off to? o_O

Dancing with the Star (War)s :D

Hehehehehe :D Those Stormtroopers aren't as good as the ones I met at the Wizard convention thing tho :D Those ones were cool! :D

But I bet they can't dance :o

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm just trying not to cry reading what happened :(

This is so horrifically disgusting I had no words when reading it D:

She is so brave to have stood up to that cop tho when he called her those names and expected her to respond to them. :( And it's horrible and disgusting she was punished and viciously assaulted for wanting to be treated with basic decency and respect. >:| That officer is a disgrace to the uniform tho, and a coward, not only was he beating her with handcuffs around his fists, he had to mace her too. D:


I am so glad this is getting some attn tho, and that this article uses the CORRECT pronouns for her at least. :] But still.. this is just utterly disgusting and my heart goes out to her :(

No Stepford Ami here! :D (unless I'm standing next to Ororo D: )

Thanks to Ororo I now know that if I was to marry a time traveller, we would NOT be settling in the 1930s! XDDDDD But I think we alrdy knew this about me :O

I scored higher than her tho! D: I'm sry Ororo, I bet I must seem like such a Stepford wife to you!!!!! DX I want to make it up to you :( You should come over sometime and I'll bake you some delicious cake! But it has to be before my husband comes back from work tho, b/c then I have to make dinner and tell him what an awesomely masculine manly man man man he is. Also polish his claws (don't ask).



As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

An Arkham escapee in Canada? D:

This is getting a little disturbing :\

I think we need Batman on the case >:|

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Batman + Lego = No sleep Ami :o

I lied :o

This looks amazing o_o :O

I hope it's as good as Lego Star Wars! :D And I hope it has like a billion playable characters like LSW too!!! Cuz then it'd mean Huntress, Batgirl (and Oracle too hopefully!), Cass Batgirl, Spoiler, etc etc etc would all be in it too!!!!!! :DDDDDDD

I would just play Huntress FOREVARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR *-*

Kk now I sleep XD

YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDD


I'm SOOOO exhausted and tired tho cuz I had a lot of issues with getting back and I had to stay at an airport super long over night cuz my plane was cancelled and so I got not sleep and now I'm EXHAUSTED. XD So sleep time first! :D

But I'm back! :]

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ami with Stormtroopers, Gears of War person and a very special surprise guest star :D

Here are pics of me at the Wizard con with Stormtroopers, a gears of war person and Rob :D He was super awesome and it was SOOO great to meet him irl and he saved me one of those "True Power of the DCU" posters with all the female superheroes in formal wear! :DDDD Neways I'm rly wiped right now since I just finished a rly hectic few days and I'm staying with friends in Boston now and stuff.. So I'll just leave you with the pics :D

Oh yus! Rob wrote an awesome new comic book (more info is on his blog) and it is teh smex! You should all read it! >:D