Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Read or read not, there is no context :D

Here's a chunk of a convo me and Trish had just now XD She wanted me to share it so here it is :D
[05:20] Trish: I like my reinterpretation, in which Obi-Wan was taught by Ra's Al Ghul.
[05:27] Ami Angelwings: :O
[05:27] Ami Angelwings: that is a good interpretation
[05:27] Ami Angelwings: then obi-wan moved to america
[05:27] Ami Angelwings: and wandered for a spell
[05:27] Ami Angelwings: before coming into the service of a wealthy doctor and his expecting wife
[05:28] Ami Angelwings: and he became their butler and took care of the baby boy when he was born
[05:28] Ami Angelwings: unfortunately they were killed one night at the movies while their son watched :(
[05:29] Ami Angelwings: obi-wan swore to raise the boy as his own and train him in the ways of the jedi... but sadly like all of obi-wans apprentices
[05:29] Ami Angelwings: the boy grew up to be a stubborn, violent, anti-social guy who dressed in all black and wore capes



Haven't you always wanted to beat up on giant bearded heads in an old style side-scrolling platform boss battle?


No offense to my bearded friends :]

Altho I guess this game does perpetuate the stereotype of bearded men as giant floating villainous heads that shoot lasers out of their eyes and decimate legions of knights sent to destroy them :(

I'm sry for promoting such offensive material :(



Sunday, April 27, 2008

This is the very defintion of "hilarity ensues" XDDDD


I just got this anonymous comment on my Super Short Reviews for Sept 26 2007:

Good God in the morning, what the hell is wrong with you?
In the name of women and comics please knock this shit off at once!
You give the same, mindless, shallow review over and over and over, you never have any idea whatsoever what you're talking about and you seem genuinely disinterested in books save for the attention you get for reading them.
Oh, I went to your Myspace and you are not 25 honey.



Apparently I'm disgracing the women and comics gods... >.>;; Also has this person ever actually READ my reviews (my actual reviews not 1 batch of SSR xD)? XD

I'm genuinely disinterested in the books I read? o_O I am? :o

And... wait... do I look too OLD or too YOUNG to be 25? XD I'm confused! D: It's funny since that *IS* my age xD But.. now I'm curious :o

Also I never thought my SSRs were all that interesting.. esp not one that's EIGHT MONTHS OLD xDD

But then again, apparently having the last word on ancient posts is very popular lately. XDDD

I'm just infinitely amused. xD In the name of women and comics (and the moon.. and love... and.. rockets? :D) I will destroy you! *sparkle power away!*

I wish all trolls were this over the top. xD


And apparently I'm 25 going on 46 or 16 or 100006 or something :o

At least doubting my age is new... since I've alrdy had ppl doubt my existence and my gender. XD It's like I've collected the whole set! :O

Nebody want to trade? I have a few doubles! :D

Saturday, April 26, 2008

What's your favourite character death scene? :o

B/c I'm rly sick right now I will leave you with my favourite death scene in the history of tv and movies (b/c I've been watching it xD). :o The whole episode was just... amazing... and it was such a fitting send off for a rly beloved char :O Also.. this was a kid's show? xD Dinobot tried to commit suicide at the beginning, then of course the death, the Shakespeare quotes and the missing man formation flyby at the end :*]

Awww :D

*hugs Dinobot* I cried when I first saw this episode on TV and I still want to cry when I watch it :( Dinobot was my favourite character and that was such an awesome way to go. :o I always luff death scenes of chars who KNOW they're going to die, and CHOOSE to do so, who give it everything they have and ultimately are not defeated b/c they accomplished their goal, and their life was just something they had to give to accomplish that goal. :) Plus he took on all the Predacons by himself! :D

"What's a warrior without weapons?"
"A warrior still."

"He lived a warrior... and died a hero. Let his spark join The Matrix, the greatest of Cybertron."

*bows head* :|

As an added bonus, I challenge everybody to post in their blogs what their favourite movie/tv death scene was (or comics/novels, sure why not xD) It doesn't need a youtube clip you can just post it :) And write a short bit why :]

Consider this a meme! xD Do I have to tag ppl? :o

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kosher imaginary animals :O

Haven't you ever wondered what imaginary animals are kosher? XDDD

Vegetable Lamb of Tartary - A: “Oh, absolutely kosher! Vegetables are kosher and lambs are kosher! Nice combination. How about some mint with that meal!”



Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cuz assaulting pregnant women is just HILARIOUS >:O

Heard about thx to DJ Black Adam:




Cuz y'know assaulting pregnant women and taking away their right to choose = insta lulz


Geek Bling! xD

Geek jewellry! :D

You know you want it. XDDDD

Actually I think the earrings are rly cool! XD Just if they were like pink or light blue or something! :D

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

*sighs* :(

Here is video footage of the riot in Montreal that happened after Montreal beat Boston to win their first round series of hockey playoffs.



Omg -_-;; Like honestly, to me, whenever this happens, it's drunk (or stupid) trouble makers who just WANT to destroy things, and are looking for an excuse! Hay, look ppl are marching and celebrating, let's burn stuff! And of course the mob mentality brings other ppl in and ... ARGH

Setting police cars on fire and stuff? >:O What does THAT have to do with celebrating a SPORTS VICTORY!?


The police seemed to handle it well for the most part tho.. :o At least from that video >.>;;

Srsly, this is just the first round! If Montreal gets into the finals, are they gonna burn down a city block for every victory or something!? D: Why do ppl like to destroy things like that? :( It's mean... and cowardly too, since they normally wouldn't do it (even if they're drunk), but they see a big crowd and think "hay maybe I can get away with setting things on fire!" and just.. >:O Senseless destruction and violence makes me sad.. :( This is not about sports or celebration.. >:O

We need Supergirl to go talk some sense into them! >:D (my Supergirl, not the one that would prolly join them xD)

Awww.. I like the Emperor now! :D


That was so great! :D

I wish our leaders were so candid and accessible!

"First off, it's NOT a design flaw, it's an exhaust port. Energy is generated and it must go out of the Death Star. It is not a design flaw that your car has a muffler, is it?"


Edit: Stephen Colbert interviews the Emperor! :D

Monday, April 21, 2008

Best Comic Evar (for today :D ) xDDD






This is the best commercial evar!!! xDDD Dun you want to buy that car now? :D

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hehehehehehe :D

I found that amusing and cute :D

Hotness! :D

From Nenena:

OH MY GOD (possibly NSFW, but if your work doesn't allow such awesomeness, then you need to find a better place to work! xD)





Also Milo = VERY HOT :o

I have SUCH a thing for hot geeks :o Like Daniel Jackson :D

Oh and yes yes this is awesome too:


I want it so hard xD I'd like line my wall with a giant version of it if I could xD

Nenena wrote a great post explaining what's awesome and what's maybe not so awesome about it :D

Mrow! :D

Edit: OH AND Loren is back! :DDDD YAY LOREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs him* I missed him so much :(

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Best strategy game evar :D

It's like tower defense + Starcraft/Warcraft + sustainable living edutainment! :D

OH AND ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:D

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Best. Power Rangers. Episode. Evar xD

But the casting is bad for the Pink Ranger! Clearly if you're going to cast an Asian girl for the role it should be somebody with better hair.. possibly blonder hair (like Kat, after she replaced Kimberly) >.> *whistles innocently*



I ADORED both Pink Rangers as a kid :DDDD

Also the blue one cuz I think a thing for heroic nerds (like Daniel Jackson xD)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fashion Ami :D The new doll for girls! :D

So apparently for various reasons I have been hiding myself behind large clothes :O Like L and XL (and even Ms) instead of S, which is APPARENTLY MY SIZE :o Or in this case somewhere between S and XS according to H&M xDDD I have no idea why I've been so off and haven't realized it until now. xD

So now I have clothes that fit me CORRECTLY :D And b/c I rly like them I'm putting a couple pics of what I bought today here :D

So yus! :D

Also you get to see my NEW HAIR!!! :D See... it's dark underneath and at the back tips! :D

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Paradoxical self esteem issues = the way to a girl's heart xD

So on MySpace, I got this msg from some guy (I bolded the best part):

dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm girl you are absolutely gorgeous and it would be my honour if i would even get the chance to be in your presence i mean honestly let's be real here i guy like myself probably is not even worthy to be with a man like myself but it doesn't hurt to try

There's more but it was creepy and followed in the "I'm putting you on my pedestal and worshipping you nao!" thing xD

But srsly.. I hope it's a deleting mistake or something but.. XDDDDDDD Every time I read it I crack up xD

He must have such bad self esteem D: He doesn't think he's nething great, AND he doesn't even deserve to be with a guy like himself!!! Isn't that paradoxical? Doesn't that mean he's getting infinitely less "worthy"? :O


I'm so amused.

Friday, April 11, 2008

So take my hand, tell me your name, let me come over and play video games! :D

This is such a great song! :D

I esp like how she sneaks in the themes of each game! :D

Monday, April 07, 2008

What's wrong with being different? :D

Ororo has put up some commercials that MTV made that depict "ordinary Americans" (and specifically in one a white suburban family) being rounded up to mimic what happened in the Holocaust with the message "The Holocaust happened to people like us"

I have nothing against the intent of this video which is obv to promote Holocaust awareness and presumably more compassion for others. I have nothing against the videos themselves, or nething. We absolutely need to raise awareness of ppl to care about the suffering of others. What bothers me is something bigger. :\

Why do we promote this idea, and try to use the technique of "you should care about others b/c those others are "like" you?" I understand why we try, that we feel ppl will feel sympathy for others if they feel that, well, they're like somebody that could be your neighbour, or your friend or something. And I GET that, but all this does is promote the idea that rly, suffering only matters if it can be relatable to you in some way, if somehow that suffering can be tied (in this case and often in this society) to white middle class Americans! :\

I mean we do it with EVERYTHING! With homosexuality "gay ppl are just like you, they want to get married, have kids, they're not all freaky effeminate guys or butch dykes", with people of colour "they speak like you, they act like you, they dress like you, they're not all [insert negative racial stereotype here], see care about them! they're just white ppl except with a different skin colour!", with even stuff like feminism with the "not all feminists are fat and ugly! I'm pretty and thin! See, so we're not all like that!" (I'm guilty of this :( ) and so on.

I mean, so... we shouldn't care about people who are different but NOT like us? Who aren't the same class as us? Who dun talk the same as us, act the same as us, who have completely different experiences than us? We shouldn't listen to them?

I mean so if the holocaust happened to people not "like us", then we shouldn't care? Cuz isn't that what happened?

SO is the solution to push the idea that "hay they were like you"? Or should we be trying to examine our own privilege and see that we need to try to understand, listen to, care about (not pity), and RESPECT others, even if they're NOTHING "like us"?

It reminds me of Law and Order SVU which I watch religiously. XD They had one episode that was their "aww let's be nice to transpeople episode" after many episodes previously where transwomen were deep voiced, "men in drag" sex workers, but yus, they decided to grant transpeople their awesome sympathy and pity with an episode where a suburban, middle class, white, pretty, passing transgirl is involved. They got a TON of stuff wrong, but that's not the point. And they had her get gangraped and possibly killed just to show "omg bad things can happen to transppl!" which also is not the point.

The point is that they showed a perfectly completely passing transgirl, white, pretty, and PLAYED BY A CISPERSON for their "transsexuals are just like us" episode. SEE, CARE ABOUT HER CUZ SHE'S JUST LIKE YOU! SHE LOOKS, TALKS AND ACTS JUST LIKE YOU.

Funny b/c she IS a cisperson.

But yet... in a LATER episode, they have another transsexual char, who shows up for a small bit (but isn't the focus of the show). She insists she's a woman but they insist on calling her by her male name and use male pronouns. She's tall. Her voice isn't "passing", she's BLACK, she doesn't "pass" in looks. She's a sex worker. They threaten her, they make fun of her, they use the words "he-she" and "tranny". She's played by an actual transsexual actress.

Respect for the white suburban passing pretty transgirl played by a cisperson.

None for the black poor non-passing tall transgirl played by a transperson.

Funny how when they wanted to talk about "acceptance" they chose a cisperson for the role. Funny how she was white. Funny how she was middle class, passing, pretty.

This just reinforces the idea that we should only respect transppl cuz they can be "like us", and if they're not "like us" well then too bad.

Do all transppl look like "men in drag" or "butch lesbian" stereotypes? No.

Do many transppl "pass"? Yus.

Do many transppl not "pass"? Do some not CARE about passing even? Yus.

There are transppl who try to fit a stereotypical gender role, who don't, who don't rly care about gender roles, there are genderqueer ppl, ppl who fit elsewhere in the gender spectrum or outside it, ppl who are intersexed, etc etc etc

Should any of that change the basic respect that should be afforded them? ABSO-F-ING-LUTELY NOT.

Should the fact that some transppl choose not to get bottom surgery matter in how we treat them? Or that some choose not to have traditional gender presentation? Should we only give respect to the ones who "pass" (or who try to "pass"), who get surgery, who wear suits and ties, or pretty pink dresses?

Should we only care about the ones with life stories, backgrounds and experiences that are "like" regular suburban white folk? Is that rly the only standard from which we should care about ppl? :(

There are SO MANY ppl in this world that have experiences that CANNOT be compared to "people like us". What about them?

I mean THIS is privilege! It says "you must be like me, you must somehow be able to show me how your experiences relate to MINE, for ME to GIVE A DAMN". And it leads to all this crap like white people telling people of colour that they have it fine b/c "well I got bullied at school, that's like facing racism, and I picked myself up and went on, stop complaining!" >.>;;

Or cisppl telling transppl to stop complaining, or even NOT to transition b/c "I don't like my nose, I'm not going to get a nose job, I learned to like myself, so why are you taking hormones? You just need to like yourself more!"

Or on and on and on!

The truth is a lot of ppl are not "like us" and they deserve the same respect, compassion (not pity) and consideration that people "like us" deserve! :]

People's suffering and experiences should not be invalid unless they can somehow be compared to or made relevant to the experiences of straight white middle class cisppl! B/c sometimes there's just NO WAY without trivializing the experience and watering it down to make it palatable to the privileged group. And srsly, why do we need to? Can't we care about people WITHOUT thinking "oh they're like us... now I feel bad". What if they're not? What if you'll never be able to find a comfortable analogue to their experiences? Then should we not care?

Is there RLY any way for me to explain to a cisperson what it's like for me to be trans? Should the onus even BE on me to, in order to get BASIC RESPECT? It's NOT a superficial thing. It's not some lust to be the other gender. They will NEVER not in a billion years, "get" how I feel, or "get" WHY, except by trusting me that I DO. It's not something I can sum up in a few lines and have cispeople go "AHH I get it". Or what it's like to have your basic SELF IDENTITY denied you? To have some people define a very basic very core part of me despite what I say? To have to jump thru the hoops of a heteronormative medical community just to get the right others take for granted, for me to live as me? So are my experiences invalid? Should nobody give a damn about what happens to me or the harrassment I've faced, or the fear I get when I use my voice in public unless I can somehow convince people that I'm "just like them"?

What if I didn't "pass"? Is it on me to try to change myself, go deep stealth, fit myself into some heteronormative box and hide who I am in order to get cispeople to care about me?

There's so much pressure on every minority group to "conform". To be "good". To not make waves, to try our best to be "normal" to "fit in". Sure white people, straight people, cispeople, will accept us! As long as we're trying to be "like them". And sure they'll feel bad for us, as long as we can remind them "hey it could be you too" or "hey we're just like you, you dun want us to suffer!"

But if we're not?

What if our experiences can't be compared? What if we don't want to be or just aren't "like" you?

We should care about the Holocaust not b/c it happened to people "like us" or even that it could happen to "us". We should care b/c it HAPPENED and it happened to PEOPLE. Why does it matter if they were "like us" or not, or even if it could "happen here"? So if they're not like us, and if it can't happen here, therefore we shouldn't give a damn?

Shouldn't we care about, listen to, try to understand (BY LISTENING) and respect all oppressed people, regardless of if they're "like us" or not? Shouldn't we care about all tragedies even if they happen to ppl who are NOTHING "like us"? Shouldn't we be open to learning about these experiences without feeling like we HAVE to be able to associate with the experience before it's even acceptable for us to care about?

I understand that ppl are taught to empathize and care more about stuff they can "relate" to and people who are "like" them, but rly, if all we do is play to that that feeling of entitlement, that things only matter if it can get their sympathy, or be put into a context they understand, or that the only ppl who matter are ppl who are "like them", where does that leave everybody else and everything else? How does that shape the way ppl see oppressed and marginalized groups?

If we promote the idea that similarites and "sameness" are so important in accepting others, doesn't that just perpetuate the problem? B/c there's ALWAYS going to be a group that's more different around the corner, and then THEY get the finger pointed at them and "HAY THEY'RE DIFFERENT GET THEM!" b/c we've been taught that basic respect is predicated on finding similarities in others. And so they shouldn't be cared about until we can find out how they are "like us"? It's a superficial solution. The problem isn't that we see them as being different, the problem is that we see differences as something that's bad.

Srsly... respect for others? Compassion for pain and suffering? It's something we should have for everybody, regardless of if they look "like us", act "like us", sound "like us", or are any way "like us" at all!

Whether we can relate to a group or their experiences shouldn't matter in us caring and being respectful to that group and those experiences. :)

I'm sry... this might not have made much sense b/c I'm SO TIRED right now... but this is something that's important to me. And I wanted to get it out. :) *collapses*

Finally what you've been waiting for: Cisprivilege Bingo! :O

XDDD (brought to you by arionhunter)

Was wondering how long until somebody would make this! :D

I dun rly approve of shouting bingo at ppl cuz I think it's a little lazy (if that's your only response), but I still rly enjoy these cuz, OMG these arguments are SO overdone and tropey XD It's one of those "it's funny cuz it's true" things.. also sad cuz it's true :( Sably that card could be 100x100 and there'd prolly still be overdone idiotic stuff not on it D:

Ugh.. I'm so tired of hearing ALL of these! Dx Stupid ignorance! *waves arms angrily* >:O

Saturday, April 05, 2008


OMG WUT!!!???




It's like a random monster encounter in an rpg!!! xDDD

Friday, April 04, 2008

Gay scientists isolate the Christian gene! :O

This is the perfect comic about something that's always bothered me

Shown to me by Trish via Girl-Wonder :D

Exactly! It's like that other cartoon going around about how come women's bathrooms aren't represented with a stick figure and a male bathroom represented with a stick figure and a tie or something!

How come it's always male as default and women as default + feminine additions? >:O

I'm tired of the male as default attitude! Esp with stuff like aminals when female animals in cartoons have long hair or bows or eyelashes or something! Esp since NONE OF THAT IS BIOLOGICAL! >:O Grah!

The comic is amazingly great tho :D

Awww that's ADORABLE :DDDD

A wedding cake of game consoles!!! :DDD

pic brought to you by Ororo and the letter C :D

Thursday, April 03, 2008

We need more science fairs like this! xD

From SomethingAwful.com's Photoshop Phriday:

And finally I KNOW this one is lowbrow but I just can't help giggling like mad at it b/c of the creepy accomplished smile on his face! xDDDD I know :( I'm a bad person D:


Gr. 3 kids plotted to stab teacher, police say

A group of third-graders plotted to attack their teacher, bringing a broken steak knife, handcuffs, duct tape and other items for the job and assigning children tasks including covering the windows and cleaning up afterward, police said yesterday.

The plot, involving as many as nine boys and girls at Center Elementary School in south Georgia, was a serious threat, Waycross police chief Tony Tanner said.


Tanner said the students apparently planned to knock the teacher unconscious with a crystal paperweight, bind her with the handcuffs and tape and then stab her with the knife.


That's HORRIBLE!!! D: And kinda creepy :( Also creepy is how calculating the plan is too and apparently organized >.> How could kids actually seriously think of doing this to a person? :(

"We did not hear anybody say they intended to kill her, but could they have accidentally killed her? Absolutely," Tanner said.

But they were gonna STAB HER WITH A KNIFE! D: I mean apparently they planned for "cleaning up afterward" too so like... they were thinking ahead. If it wasn't to kill her how did they think it'd end? :(

Poor teacher! :(

I hope this is either an overreaction or the kids get help and counselling and stuff :( It's like something out of a horror story like the Midwich Cuckoos! :O

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I see your sex scandal and raise you a NAZI sex scandal!

Nazi Sex Scandals! :O

I rly dun care about the actual controversy, it's just every headline when this broke said "nazi sex scandal" which just amuses me SO MUCH! It's like the older comics with Nazi Cowboy Aliens or something! xD

Sex scandals are so passe now... we need to spice them up for the youth of today with NAZIS!


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A confession (PLEASE READ)

I've been doing a lot of thinking today and I've decided that it'd be wrong for me to keep up this pretense. I know a lot of people have had doubts and concerns about me and everything, and I guess I have to say... you're right. I'm sorry.

I'm NOT who I appear to be. It's actually kind of a relief because it's really hard to keep up typing the way I do just to keep this pretense up. It actually started as a bet with some of my friends that I could pass as a cute girl blogger with an IQ of 80 and still get readership, and it kind of went longer than that too, because, I admit, I liked the attention, but I guess everything has to end. Most of you have probably suspected this from the beginning anyway, but I think I did a pretty good job.

It was difficult writing from a feminist perspective though. Saying things I didn't really believe. Arguing for things I didn't believe. I'm still shocked at how angry some people are. I tried to be over the top at times, and amazingly I still got accepted, like feminists really do not understand how insane they come off as and still will accept my persona. It's really hilarious and sad at the same time.

I feel sort of bad for decieving everybody because honestly I really have had a lot of fun doing this, although the typing and smileys and everything is annoying even for me.

I guess I should say that I'm actually 35, male, married and a computer program at...


I can't keep this up! XD



I'm bad at lying :( Also being depressing.


Finally us "Orientals" get an apology from Slimeball McSkeeze e_e

Remember this? xD Well finally we get a conclusion to the story:

Toronto Councillor Rob Ford reluctantly apologizes for 'Oriental' remark

I like how he had basically be dragged out kicking and screaming in order to even MUTTER a "sorry" and that was after his vague non apology first! >:O CLASSY

Ford gave a quiet apology after Councillor Adam Vaughan presented a petition with 260 signatures calling for him to "apologize for wrongdoings'' publicly and "with humility."

Yesterday, Ford presented a 151-name petition from the Asian community asking that he not apologize.

What is this a competition? XD That's pretty.. ugh... to present that like "SEE SOME ASIANS DUN WANT ME TO APOLOGIZE THEREFORE ALL THE OFFENDED ASIANS ARE WRONG!"

Who brings out a petition like that to use? It's pretty slimy to me, even if he didn't ask for it (and given his history with sliminess he prolly did have a hand in getting it together). But srsly, what does that prove, that his remarks weren't offensive to some ppl? >:| That he CAN'T be racist cuz he has Asian friends!?



At least we got an apology :D Even if it had to be ripped out of him. xD In a way that makes it more satisfying :D There were many other letters sent in (tho not signed like that petition, just with many names on the letter) asking for an apology. I know b/c my name was on one of them :D

I forgot how much I luff this music video :D

I LOVE ensemble singing! And everybody sounds so happy! :D It's the best tourism ad evar! :D

EDIT: This student lip synch remake of it is SO AWESOME ALSO :D They look like they're having a lot of fun :D