Sunday, March 30, 2008

I have no words :O

The adventures of manga girl Jesus

The end of the adventures of manga girl Jesus


Of course she's blonde. XDDD

The 3 legendary artifacts of Ami :O

That is me :D It's part of a drawing I did for my friend's birthday today, it's me standing on top of Owly standing on top of The Thing b/c Owly and the Thing are her two favourite comic book characters :D

I think that's a fairly accurate representation of me :D Tho I wish I was that small.. XDDD

And yus, I recently dyed the tips (and inner back layer) of my hair darker :D Also, I actually own the cat hat, Supergirl shirt and angel wings so I find that neat :D While drawing me I realized that those are like the 3 legendary pieces of equipment that I own that define me :D The catness, the angel wingness and the Supergirlness! :D YAY! xD

I should wear all 3 to the next comicon I go to :O

Edit: Also this is the cutest pic evar! :D Awwww :]

Edit 2: Rob S. made me think about this. Are there any objects, clothing, etc that YOU own that you think would be a good "legendary artifact" to represent you? :D I'm talking something that you would want to associate with yourself in an "iconic" way like how Superman's cape is often used to represent him. :D

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Awwwwwww teh sweetest luff story EVAR

Awwww this is SOOOOO sweet


I was so sad at the end when I thought they died! But then they lived and it was so ... awwww :D

Even if they are cookies!

...and named after Stargate: Atlantis characters >___>;;

Friday, March 28, 2008

More game links courtesy of Ami :D

This is a fun shooting game :D

It's hard tho not to run out of ammo. xD Very creative however! :D

Thursday, March 27, 2008

How good are you at remembering faces? :D

How good is your facial recognition? :O

Take those tests and find out! :D

I got 50/72 for the first test :o But I think I did well up until I needed to memorize 6 faces :( My facial recognition irl is great, but my visual memory is bad :\ I dunno how that works xD

For the celebrity test I got 29/30 missing only Tony Blair xD

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's never too early to train your daughters in the ways of furry >.>

Cuz obv the one thing the toy market was missing was sexualized high heel wearing horses for young girls!

urk... B/c y'know, some girls might not want to play with Bratz and might like My Little Ponies and stuff, and then how will they get indoctrinated into sexualizing themselves for guys at an early age!? e_e

Srsly.. HIGH HEELS ON HORSES!? No fantasy of young girls is safe now :( Also while there are ethnicities for the horses (exotic pale Asian goddess! hot saucy latina!) there is no African American horse >.>;;

But then, I know *I* looked back on my childhood and wished my My Little Ponies were much thinner, taller, leggier with tons of make up and had strappy high heels with smokey seductive heavily made up eyes and preached shopping, sexualizing myself for boyz and spending money over friendship and love! :(


I miss when toys for girls looked more like the target audience was us, than to train us to be smex objects for the real target audience: men (and apparently furries) :\ Plus we need to teach girls to be power shoppers and what's rly important: looking like sexual playthings for guys and spending money! Teeheehee >.>

Also that's like.. a shirt at the front right? Not like pony panties? And since they're all up in mini skirts and stuff... do they have panties back there too? o.O I'm... confused D: How would they even USE those purses that are apparently hanging out of nails sticking out of their bodies!? Can their hooves (which are in high heels no less) navigate their wallets to pull out daddy's credit card? -_-;; Or do they just use their mouths? XD Who applies that make up!? *head explodes*

At least shopping for your furry friends will be easier this Xmas. XD

Also awesome (mostly) :D

This is ALSO SO COOL! And unlike all those whiny fanboys in the comments, I actually thought the ending was RLY SWEET! I mean it's not gratuitous just cuz men find lesbians SUPER HOT or nething, and I didn't think it seemed like softcore lesbianism as much as two women who rly like each other and stuff :] And why CAN'T we have more queer (and female) heroes!? >:O I def approve! And the reveal of Master Chief as a woman was SO AWESOME!!! >:D And of course there are whiny fanboys, intimidated by the idea that their awesome male hero might be female and might not be interested in BOYZ, complaining about that too XD

But the bootylicious dance thing at the end end was :( That ruined it for me and seemed random esp them suddenly wearing much skimpier clothing :\ Why can't we have strong queer female heroes without them having to be reaffirmed as existing for hetero male consumption? :( Not even once? :\ The author's answer of "Plus hot lesbians are awesome." to why MC was a girl too didn't help -_-;; *sighs* Of course they are. Queer heroic women dun exist except b/c men think "LESBOZ R HAWT" and that's why we had that ending cuz the romantic credit roll was not "hot lesbian"y enuf for teh boyz :( And WHY can't she be called Master Chief? :( It's not like "chief" is a gendered word :\

Rawr :(

But I luffed everything else :] Esp the sweet romantic ending :)

Also to ME, Master Chief is ALWAYS going to be an Asian woman from now on! >:D

And watch the videos in the LAST POST if you didn't see them yet BTW b/c they are EVEN MORE KICKASS AWESOME!!! :D And they dun have weird fanservicey booty dances at the end :D

This is easily the greatest fight scene EVAR!!!! :OOO

This is SO F-ING AWESOME IT'S NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :OOOO I hate the name chick fight or why if only men fight it's not called anything, but with women there has to be special mention and I'm still not fond of the Ninja Gaiden woman design but.. I dun care b/c THIS IS THE BEST FIGHT EVAR!!!!!!!!! :OOO

EVERYBODY KICKS ASS!! And I luff how they just get back up and kick more ass and everything! It's kinda sad that I was worried they'd be portrayed kinda weak with "punching like a girl" and being hurt a lot, but they were SO TTLLY AWESOME!!! :O I luffed every second! :D And Rikku's bit of heroism when everybody else was knocked down was so great too, and Tifa going at them all by herself! :D And Yuna's desperation tackle to take out NG girl :D It's not just the fighting but they all displayed such awesome resiliance and tuffness! :D The story telling was GREAT also, how the FF girls were the underdogs and they showed us them getting hurt and helping each other out, and it rly put them (for me neways) in the hero role. :] I luff whenever ppl can tell a story JUST in a fight and this was such great storytelling using just fighting and no talking :D

PLUS! RINOA WITH A GUNBLADE AND ANGEL WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's like who I'd wish to be in that fight! :D Swords and angel wings! :DDDD I luff gunblades >_> And I have 2 Rinoa posters (along with a Yuna/Rikku/Paine poster, a Supergirl poster and a Wonder Woman poster) in my room and named my cat Rinoa :D



Why couldn't the fight scenes in the Star Wars prequels be this cool and creative? :( This was just so mind blowingly AWESOME!!!!!!! :D

Watch both parts *nods*

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Time travellers have mods too!

Internet forums are hard enuf to moderate without time travel!


That is the BEST THING EVAR!!! :D

Except for Asian_Avenger :( Poor Asian_Avenger :( Sacrificing himself for the greater good :\ It's also odd that doing something like that wouldn't change the future way more than just wiping himself out :(

Edit: Do you remember the game Mastermind? Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to play it against a Supervillain? Well, wonder no more! xD

I find it rly amusing :D

Friday, March 21, 2008

This is so grapes! xD

Even butter being sewn by the princess of Chesapeake! :D


*koff koff* I mean Even better being shown by the princess of chatspeak! :D

XD But SO AMUSING! :D *koff*


XD Truth in R&B :D

I have no idea why that amuses me as much as it does but it does! XDDD

Thursday, March 20, 2008

White ppl also like reporting on stuff white ppl like :O

It must be a slow news day


I'm always amused when the mainstream press realizes that the internet exists, takes a popular site or meme or youtube and goes OMG LET'S DO A STORY ABOUT IT. XDDD

Incidentally I luff the site :D It amuses me so much :]

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Transphobia apparently exists among turtles too! >:O

ETA: I didn't realize that the image got cut off when I posted it. I've fixed it :)

Argh. >.>;; Cuz y'know, all transgirls are obsessed with showing their dates their names on photo ID but who cares b/c no guy would want to date them neways! And as usual OMGTRANNY = INSTAPUNCHLINE! >.>

It's MORE annoying when you factor in the fact that Fillmore's characterization is that he's desperate and lonely and will go with ANY girl and that the whole week has been about women meeting him during speed dating and not wanting him. But HAY LOOK, trannies are just weird and they want any guy they can get (since she didn't reject Fillmore immediately like the other women), but even a loser like Fillmore wouldn't want a freak like HER! >:O

UGH! >:|

Srsly! I normally like Sherman's Lagoon but playing the "omg tranny iz funnyz and gross!" card is just... UGH

Cuz that's it. The whole punchline is "LOLTRANNY" and it's just so stupid how transppl in and of themselves are considered the punchline of a joke, esp when it comes to dating guys (when it's also all about the guy and how AWFUL it is for him to have the "tranny surprise") D: Worse yet when you consider how not funny it is irl, when ppl kill transwomen and transmen b/c they find out about their trans status and it's the whole "OMG TRANS RAGE I COULDN'T HELP IT" thing :( Plus all the other crap, like the media not even respecting the identity of transppl who are killed! D: Like in the case of Sanesha Stewart recently where the media alrdy started making excuses for the killer even before they found out the facts and that they used all the wrong pronouns even when the neighbours used the correct ones! >:O


Friday, March 14, 2008

If you're gonna be corrupt you should be geekily corrupt :D

If you're going to abuse your position as District Attorney to commit crimes you should commit awesome nerd crimes like this guy


A computer that Rockwall County District Attorney Ray Sumrow says he built as a backup server for his office contained documents related to eBay sales, personal e-mails and a cheat sheet for a computer game, an FBI computer expert testified Monday morning.

What was this computer you ask?

The computer – equipped with two hard drives, seven fans, high-end video and audio cards, a wireless Internet connection and cables that glow under ultraviolet light – is designed for playing video games, prosecutors say.


I think all DA's should have those! :D There should be an exception towards illegal spending if it goes towards geeky things like that! XDDD That and cats. Official lawyer cats! And bunnies! :D

So are video game scandals better or worse than sex scandals? :O

The Incredible Hulk Trailer! :D And amusements xD

It's SO OBV FILMED IN TORONTO!!! They might as well have said it was in Toronto. XD Unlike other movies it's not set in more generic looking parts, it's set right in the heart of the city XDD I recognize EVERYTHING and when I saw it I was like ROFLMAO!!! XD

And fyi, Zanzibar is a strip club. >.> <.<


The movie does look cool tho :o

Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is the greatest safe sex PSA EVAR

The follow-up more serious video is here :D


35 y/o woman lived in bathroom for 2 years


A 35-year-old woman who sat on her boyfriend's toilet for so long that her body was stuck to the seat had a phobia about leaving the bathroom, the boyfriend said.


The case drew nationwide attention after Ness County Sheriff Bryan Whipple said it appeared the Ness City woman's skin had grown around the seat in the two years she apparently was in the bathroom.

"We pried the toilet seat off with a pry bar and the seat went with her to the hospital," Whipple said. "The hospital removed it."

OMG... her skin grew AROUND THE SEAT!?


"She is an adult; she made her own decision," said her boyfriend, Kory McFarren. "I should have gotten help for her sooner; I admit that. But after a while, you kind of get used to it."

Um... way to give a damn there! I mean presumably you would get help BEFORE you "(got) used to it"! OMG!!! How do you get USED TO IT!? D: It's obv not healthy :(

I hope she is okay tho :( It said she had damaged nerves in her leg :(

Privilege as explained to us by sociology professor, Bucky Katt, PHD :D

OMG XD This is just the PERFECT illustration of privilege evar! :D

Yus, you are the only intended viewer, you are the default, you are the most important person in the world. Everything should be made for you and only you. And everybody else that's not you or like you, is wrong and don't matter. xD

Sound familiar? :o

Also cat privilege trumps all other privileges :D Except maybe bunny privilege :O

Gamer girls exist, maybe they just don't want to game with you b/c you're a sexist idiot

I should just... never play Starcraft again. Ever. >:|

I mean I can't squelch my teammates, I need to communicate with them but then I also have to put up with all their sexist crap! >:O Like just now, one guy was complaining that he hates tampax commercials b/c "it's nasty to think of bleedy vags" and then went on to say "it's like a pirate discovering treasure only to find out it smells like shit".

And everybody agreed with him.


Women do not EXIST FOR YOU! Our bodies are not "treasures" for you to raid and claim as your own! And our worth isn't judged on whether it's "pleasing" to you or not! And that we have to be "on" and your perfect fuckbunny constantly with every part of us rdy for you at all times otherwise well it's just horrible right? You can't even THINK about it or be REMINDED about it!!

It's just more of these idiot guys thinking that women should be made for them, and that natural biological stuff like periods are just y'know too much for them and their delicate sensibilities and the worst of it is that all the hate comes from the fact that they feel entitled to women's bodies and they're mad that it's not to their liking whenever they want! >:O

Again it's all about MENZ! What about the MENZ!? Periods are ALL about sex and the POOR MENZ!!! What women? Who are they? Who cares! We're "treasures" to be found by those swashbuckling men and how devalued and useless we are if we're on our PERIOD! B/c y'know, women are worthless then!


I tried to explain to him that vaginas do not exist FOR HIM and he completely had no idea what I was talking about. And.. ARGH >:| I'm tired of dealing with all the sexism and racism and heterosexism all the time from my teammates and just almost anybody I run into! The rape jokes, one of them even saying that "sometimes (he) wants to go out and rape women", all the talk about girls as objects or worse, calling ppl "fags" or "jews" or worse as a synonym for "loser", the use of the n word constantly to demean others and just casually to replace the word "black" (a lot of these idiots say "niglisted" instead of "blacklisted" or refer to teams with the color black as the n word, etc), casually join UMS games where they play Nazis slaughtering jews or rapists chasing women, etc, and... just... ARGH... *slumps*

And these are the types of guys who always complain that there are no "girls who play video games"! Maybe they just don't play video games with YOU b/c you're a misogynist racist homophobic jerkface!! >:O

I need to teach cats how to play Starcraft! :D

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Justice League of 80s Cartoon Characters!

Many ppl prolly know of this but this movie is like the JLA of 80s cartoon characters!!!


Here's the full movie if nebody wants to watch :D

I luff how all the chars are played by their proper voice actors (except the Looney Toons chars) and they're all written pretty right :D

And Alf and Garfield have awesome chemistry together!!!! XDDD

Plus George and Barbara Bush show up at the beginning too! XD

Oh and the sister is adorable :D Awwwww :]

Tho if 80s cartoon characters show up and interact with you, you're clearly doing drugs xD That or you're in one of my dreams :D

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

WTF? Persecution is NOT the fault of the persecuted!!! >:O

From Rachel Edidin:

British Government rejects asylum request by persecuted Iranian lesbian

An Iranian lesbian who fled to Britain after her girlfriend was arrested and sentenced to death faces being forcibly returned after losing the latest round in her battle to be granted asylum.

The case of Pegah Emambakhsh, 40, comes a day after The Independent reported on the growing public outcry over the plight of a gay Iranian teenager who fears he will be executed if he is deported to Iran….


In turning down Ms Emambakhsh and Mr Kazemi’s asylum applications, the Home Office has said that, provided Iranians are discreet about their homosexuality, they will not be persecuted.

Wtf? o.O

That's some victim blaming there! You'll be fine as long as you hide well enuf, and if you dun, well it's your fault if anything bad happens to you!? >:O Yup! Oppression is just the fault of the oppressed for not appeasing the oppressers!!!



Ami Pixiewings? :O

Apparently I'm a pixie XDDD

I'm very amused that I'm included in this game as a villain in Matthew E's scenario tho XD Also honoured :D I think... >.> Apparently he thinks I'm smart enuf to weird powerful magic tho, so that seems like a nice compliment :D

Is being a Pixie good or bad? :o Trish says Pixies are powerful... :o In D&D or something... which I know absolutely nothing about but I'll take her word for it! :D

I WISH I had a cute and squeaky voice tho! XDDD

Sunday, March 09, 2008

No you dun get a prize for not raping women >:O

I know this is old but I ran into it in a post on Jedifreac's journal about how annoying and stupid the "nice guys" complaint is.


As you all know, I'm sick and tired of the "nice guy" complaint. >:\ Like srsly, real "niceness"? It comes with no strings attached. It's given out freely, not with the expectation of getting smex in return.

As I said before, this would be no different than having money and buying things for girls and whatever and then being mad when they didn't sleep with you. In both senses, you are doing things with a "goal" in mind and are not being truly "nice" or altruistic. And yet those types of guys are the types that "nice guys" complain about >:O

But srsly.. I mean enuf with the victim/martyr complex!

This is in honor of the guys that obligingly reiterate how cute/beautiful/smart/funny /sexy their female friends are at the appropriate moment, because they know most girls need that litany of support.

Um, if you're "obligingly" doing it, it means that you dun MEAN it! You're saying it cuz you think "most girls" need that and that y'know it's such a chore. That's rly "nice" of you. Esp since you dun MEAN ANY OF IT! SO "nice"! WE AREN'T DOGS AND JUST B/C YOU GIVE US A PAT ON THE HEAD DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE OR DESERVE OUR ETERNAL DEVOTION!

And do these "nice guys" realize how utterly ironic it is that they're the ones lacking in self confidence with this whole "oh everybody hates me, oh if I actually asked girls out they'll never say yes so I have to "sneak in" " thing and they're complaning about women being the ones in need of compliments?

for the guys who are accredited as boyfriend material but somehow don’t end up being boyfriends, for all the nice guys who are overlooked, underestimated, and unappreciated, for all the nice guys who are manipulated, misled, and unjustly abandoned, this is for you.

"Somehow"? Yus, cuz y'know being a bitter, angry, self righteous, self centred, hateful, and totally self-pitying guy who never says what he means or feels, is just SUCH a turn on, yet "SOMEHOW" girls aren't falling all over you? OH GEE IT MUST BE THE UNFAIRNESS OF THE UNIVERSE AT WORK!

Manipulated, misled, etc? Um... we're not responsible for your fantasies. We're not responsible for you being attracted to us! I mean this works both ways, b/c as pointed out, these guys only seem to apply this to girls they LIKE. Girls that ARE THEIR friends, but aren't "attractive" to them, they ignore and do not see the bitter irony nipping at their heels! >:|



This is for the guys who escort their drunk, bewildered female friends back from parties and never take advantage of them once they’re at her door,


Wtf? They want a medal for not RAPING US!? Srsly? YOU SHOULD NOT BE RAPING GIRLS PERIOD! PERIOD PERIOD! It's like saying that you're a good person deserving of praise and rewards b/c you have not killed anybody in cold blood!

And if they've honestly BEEN thinking about "y'know how easy it would be for me to rape you?" um... if you honestly see that as an OPTION then... yus... "nice" should NEVER apply to you! >:O This is just BASIC DECENT HUMAN BEHAVIOUR! Not committing crimes does not make you "nice". Not violating others does not make you "nice"! And expecting to be REWARDED WITH SEX BY SOMEBODY WHO DOESN'T WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU? That pretty much runs contrary to the whole "I don't want to take advantage of you, I respect you" thing. They dun respect us. We're just "goals" to them!


*flails angrily*

Sry but being nice is being genuine, being caring, being altruistic, it's doing things cuz you genuinely CARE about the person, not that you see them as some hot girl that's your "goal" to date or whatever! >:\ And this pretending to be our friends and trying to "sneak" in and expecting us to react the way you WANT us to? So not "nice"!

Neither is basically saying "I could have raped you, it would be so easy, but I didn't, now smex me". That's... just.. so idiotic and disgusting on so many levels!

And it basically treats us like we exist just for them and women dun get to make choices or decisions for themselves, no cuz y'know all it takes to be with us is to earn enough "points" and since they think they have, they DESERVE us, and HOW DARE we make our own choices of who we date?!? >:| How dare we decide who is NICE to us? Nah! Girls can't decide for themselves! We're too silly and stupid! These "nice guys" get to be the ultimate arbiters on what's best for us, on who we should like and who we should think is "nice". -_-;;

It's just so... ugh... like they see themselves as the poor underdog chosen heroes in their story and we're their destined princess brides that aren't fulfilling our "roles" in their little fantasies :\


I still can't get over the whole "you should thank us for not raping you" thing! XD

And as I said, it's completely discounting that when they mean "girls" they mean girls that they think are "hot". Otherwise they pretty much ignore the "nice girls" around them too who are friends with them. B/c why would they want those girls, even if those girls like them? I mean they're too plain and lack self confidence and stuff... why would they be attracted to those qualities? XDD


And if this is how some of these "nice guys" actually think, with all this passive aggression and self-centredness and seeing us purely as objects for them to possess? Why WOULD anybody want to date them? >_>

I'm just sick of them blaming THEIR choices and their actions on US as if we have some sort of DUTY to fall in love with them, as if we're not individuals but roles in their heroic story! >:O

But yus, true nice ppl give out kindness freely and without expecting anything back, and say things they mean and do nice things b/c they CARE. :)

Also they dun RAPE WOMEN b/c rape is WRONG >:O Not b/c they expect smex afterwards! >:|


This calls for another intervention from my good friend Mr. Vader. XDDDD

Neways XD So ppls, if you haven't murdered somebody in cold blood today, pat yourself on the back and tell yourself what a pinnacle to humankind you are and then demand money and favours from whoever you chose not to murder in cold blood!



Or you could just hug cats and eat cheesecake like me! :D

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Perhaps you think you're being treated unfairly?


I luff how the blonde girl basically said "everybody on the plane was ugly". >_>

And the last line "I feel like I was discriminated against for my looks"

Yus... you rly know what profiling is like! Yub yub... >_>

Why did this even make the news? *sighs*

I'll let Darth Vader have the last word on this :D

A super fun and SUPER CUTE game! :D

How good are YOU at counting sheep? XDD

It gets rly hard :OOOO

Nintendo: Pigeonholing girls with toys for a whole new generation!

I complained about this on my LJ when it first hit but I wasn't rdy to be blogging publicly back then. :\ Ororo wrote some great stuff about it today that you should read :D And it reminded me of the utter stupidity again :\

Cuz y'know...

Pink (and yus I luff pink but I luff it cuz I like the colour not cuz it's a "girl" colour xD I hate the blue/pink divide >.<;;)! Cooking games! Baby raising games!


Yus that's what girls want! Srsly the more things change the more they stay the same. Now that girls are a market to target, we have to make sure to raise them on Barbie and EZ Bake ovens, except with the video game parallel! >:| Boys get the awesome fighting games and strategy games and everything, and we get the cooking and baby games directed at us! Oh yay! >.<;; And they're still treating video games like this phase girls will move out of when they get older and date boyz and stuff and well we should just teach them what they need to know for their happy homemaking future! >:O

And video games are our escape fantasies! And we're being told that the games aimed at us, that the fantasies we SHOULD be having should be cooking and raising kids! YAY! >:| We can't even escape those stereotypes in our fantasies ;-; When I was a kid I used to dream of being Captain N II, with cooler gear and everything! Now apparently, Nintendo says the best I can be and what I SHOULD be is Princess Lana II :(

There's nothing WRONG with sim games, but there's MORE THAN THAT and girls, just like boys, have way more diverse tastes than THAT! >:|

*sighs angrily at Nintendo*

How about a video game magazine for girls that has pieces about female heroes and protagonists in games? Or at least dun have all the "how to get your girlfriend into gaming" or "hottest video game babes" stuff that EGM or IGN has? :\ Why is it a choice between that stuff and PINK! BABYZ! COOKINGZ!!!!!

*sighs in annoyance*

Also the VGCats strip about this was great except for that last panel. :\ I felt the implication of domestic violence was completely unnecessary there and struck home to me in a really really personal way (ppl who know me will prolly know why) but ultimately was just unnecessary! I mean... the joke and message is there. A girl can be so much more, ESP in their fantasy life, and still we're being told to get back into the kitchen and that's all we can do. The panel doesn't need to compare it to domestic violence b/c... it's just in bad taste and it's NOT domestic violence :( And I just get the feeling it's a "haha violence against women!" type thing and ttlly has no understanding of what that implication MEANS :( Tho I rly like the msg behind the comic which is that we CAN be so much more and Nintendo thinks cooking and raising babies is all girls should aspire to IN THEIR FANTASIES!!! >:O


Now I need to play some KoF with a team of Athena, Mai and King and just kick butt! >:OOOOO


Friday, March 07, 2008

yay for stereotypes and outdated colonialist terms! >:O

Toronto City Councillor believes that "Oriental" people are taking over the city

Speaking last night during a debate over expanding business openings on holidays, Ford said, “Oriental people are slowly taking over.”

Ford went on to describe people from the Far East as workaholics. “Those Oriental people work like dogs … they sleep beside their machines.” he said. “They’re hard, hard workers.”

>_> I've never liked him, but.. srsly. Beware the ebil Asian ppl! >:O We're coming to steal ur moneyz!

Asked Wednesday night about his comments, Ford said he meant Asians are further advanced in business than they were a century ago.

Translation: Apologies are for losers.

I guess we should be grateful he didn't say "Me so solly". >:|

I work like a cat tho :D I sleep beside my computer b/c it's near my bed! :D And I like sleeping.. :] *curls up and purrs*

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

DC Heroes for Starcraft: An Ami Angelwings production :D

XD I'm posting way too much lately :O I guess it's to make up for all the not posting I did before XDDD

So I've been playing a lot of a Starcraft UMS (Use Map Settings, i.e. custom user created content) game called "Marvel Heroes" which is loosely based on the Marvel Ultimate Alliance RPG video game. xD

And I rly enjoy it even if I'm just using Starcraft characters, but all the XP gaining and levelling up and stuff is there :D

So I was thinking of making a DC Heroes RPG too! :D But then I got to thinking about the heroes. I can support prolly 12-15 heroes as selectable/playable characters :D I was just wondering who SHOULD be in it?

I realized that obv the Justice League would have to be in it if it was just an "all heroes" sorta thing, which means 7 of those spots are taken, or even 8. And that kinds limits the characters left. Also it means I have to leave out Supergirl since she and Superman would be identical. D:

However I also have other ideas, so here they are :D

1) Justice League + Others
2) Justice League is CAPTURED, and it's 12-15 other heroes - the big 7
3) All the MEN are captured and only the female heroes are left (which would allow me to use way more of my favourite chars than I would otherwise XDDD)
4) A Legion of Superheroes game :D
5) A Justice Society or Teen Titans (or both!) game! :D

See it's just if I factor in the big 7 and then there's the other big names like Hawkman or Hawkgirl, Black Canary, Green Arrow, The Atom, Plastic Man, Captain Marvel, that leaves maybe 2 spots for a Blue Beetle or Zatanna or Big Barda or somebody that is not necessarily a "big name" but certainly very beloved :D

I personally would have no problem having the JLA get captured and having it be all the OTHER fun chars that are left over :D

But due to the limited number of units I have available and that I'd still need to use units for the enemies and the bosses and stuff, I can't throw in too many heroes. :\

Also, who do you think the bosses should be? Def Darkseid is there, any others? :D

And in the Marvel Heroes game, somebody has to play SHIELD and defend and upkeep the base that the heroes work out of. Should I do the same with Checkmate or the Watchtower, or should I not have a base?


The possiblities are interesting :O

Neways, I have plenty of experience making UMSes so I think I can do this, I just want ideas on WHAT I should do :D Nebody who plays Starcraft can help me play test this thing later too! :D

So.. what do you think? Any different ideas? :D Mostly I want to have a great variety of heroes and maybe it'd be bad to exclude the big 7 b/c there would be fan favourites :o So I dunno :o I alrdy have an idea of what to do with Batman if I include him :]

Jaime/Traci 13, a doomed pairing or a possible OTP? :o

Writing my Blue Beetle review made me think about that bit where Brenda gets mini-jealous of Traci 13 :o And like... I know that Brenda and Jaime like each other sekritly and it's been hinted at, but it made me think about something that's bugged me a lot in the past and that's the idea that there's this "destined relationship" in some stories.

Like... MJ and Peter Parker. I'm not talking the current 616 universe, but the Ultimate universe, the Spiderman loves Mary Jane universe, etc... Like... I've read the complaints about how they arbitrarily broke Peter up with Kitty Pryde just to set up him and MJ in USM. And just how in Smallville we KNOW Clark and Lois despite having like 0 chemistry and everything screwed up in terms of history, will be together in the future. And.. esp for stories that exist in an open-ended, serial medium.. is it necessarily a good idea to "force" the issue if the development of characters and their relationships end up leading the story to naturally end up heading elsewhere?

Like, for good writing, sometimes characters and plot points take on a life of their own, and relationships happen and grow that aren't necessarily expected. If Gwen and Peter in another universe have amazing chemistry, is it a good idea for writer/editorial fiat to step in and go "sorry, we NEED MJ and Peter, so suddenly Gwen is gonna be a horrible person, or suddenly Peter will act ttlly out of character and dump her" or something?

Like the reason I'm having trouble enjoying the Traci 13/Jaime relationship is that I dun feel that it even has a chance to succeed. :\ This isn't a "I dunno if it WILL succeed". I wouldn't mind it if it was ttlly open ended, but it rly seems like Brenda and Jaime are destined. And I hope I'm wrong, but why can't Jaime and Traci 13 last a good long while, or even just like... keep on going? Is it not possible for Jaime and Brenda to acknowledge their feelings, and be super great close friends and not have dramuhforthesakeofdramuh. Why does everybody always have this oneandonlytruelove thing?

I think it would be rly great if Traci 13 and Jaime could go on indefinitely with no plans to break them up just to break them up, or just to explore the Jaime/Brenda thing. I mean if it ends up that way great, but b/c of all the set up at the beginning it rly seems like that eventually some writer is gonna do it b/c Jaime/Brenda had the OTP thing hinted at earlier. :\

I hope I'm wrong, but it kinda icks me inside personally, b/c it always makes me sad to see relationships that have great chemistry and are rly sweet get torn apart for illogical reasons (which is what I felt about the Gwen/Peter thing in SLMJ) in order to set up the OTP, which altho PLANNED may have gone off the rails in process of the story and characters growing.

Like personally, I think that if the story and chars end up going in another direction, you should go with it, even if it goes against the original idea you had planned b/c sometimes it's rly hard to plan how things are gonna go in a serial story like this where things are always changing and whatever, for a year or 2 years or whatever into the future. Sometimes better ideas come up, sometimes the characters just develop in ways you rly didn't expect. That's part of the fun in writnig and the creative process, and I think sometimes it's rly jarring when you just feel that the train has to be pushed back onto the "right track" just to get the OTP originally planned :\

So that is my worry with Brenda and stuff. And I LIKE Brenda and originally I RLY wanted to see her and Jaime, but I LIKE Traci 13 also, and I hope at least if they decide to go the BrendaxJaime route that Traci wun be shoved out of the series and whatever and maybe she can be this great BFF or something :D Cuz I think the Traci/Jaime relationship is great but I get kinda paranoid when I worry if it's just a diversion to make Brenda jealous, if eventually we're gonna run into breaking them up just for that, and it dampens my enjoyment of a relationship when I just feel that ominous "it's coming to an end, not b/c the development is there to support it, but b/c it has to", like with the complaints of Kitty/Spiderman (where ppl complained Kitty acted srsly out of character just to get Spiderman out of the relationship and to make it not his fault, PLZ DUN DO THAT TO TRACI DC) and stuff :|

I guess for me I'm just a "happily ever after" girl xD If I dun feel the possiblity is there for the relationship to honestly work, then it makes me not rly be able to enjoy it cuz I know that it'll end soon. :( I want at least the possibility that if it DOES work then the writer will go with it, rather than just "it's doomed to fail from the beginning cuz we said so". :\ That's fine if the relationship never worked, but sometimes things dun go according to plan and chemistry pops up that was never rly anticipated and, to me, it'd be nice if we (and by we I mean me obv XDD) at least got some hope that that relationship could keep going, or at least not end abruptly with character personality changes JUST to go ahead with plot point B and C.

NEWAYS that was long and rambly XD

I was just wondering, are there any pairings in ANY fiction that YOU like that either ARE heading towards being torn apart or HAVE BEEN torn apart out of writer or editorial fiat that you think the development just isn't there to support? (MJ and Spiderman recently come to mind XDDD)

Or conversely relationships that happen in any fiction that you dislike that you think happened b/c the writer/editor/whatever wanted it to, even if there's no chemistry and it didn't fit at all iyo, and either happened out of the blue or rly was trying to force a square peg into a round hole? :o

And are you insane like me and care whether or not relationships are "doomed to fail" at the beginning due to a OTP of somebody else waiting in the wings in the future?

Also do you think that comics should have universal OTPs, like Spiderman seems to with Mary Jane where in movies and every tv show, and OOC series, they're destined to be together? Or would you like to see some change ups where maybe in other renditions, Superman isn't destined to be with Lois (tho in many Elseworlds she seems to be destined to be with Lex XD) or Peter with MJ, etc?

I dunno that was a lot more than I expected to write. XD It's just, this is how I personally feel about this xD Just that I want at least to feel that ANYTHING can happen and if Nightwing meets a girl, she's not gonna just end up as a WiR, or some sort of angsty break up or something, and that there IS a legitimate chance, and it's not just HESDESTINEDTOBEWITHBARBARAORSTAREFIRE or something. Just a CHANCE would give me lots of happiness and feel that the relationship isn't just a gimmick or passing plot arc or something :] Same with Spider-Man and like.. every other girl he meets. xD

I wonder if I have a OTP that I'm destined to be part of... :o


Edit: Dean brought up an interesting point about Paco and Brenda which I noticed alrdy but I thought it was kinda weird. Personally I always think the "best friends of the heroes falling in love" thing is rly rly cliched and I dunno.. I think it would be cool if Paco got his own g/f, b/c they're playing him too much as the unattractive nice guy and then Brenda would be the girl who doesn't realize the nice guy is right under her nose, and I'm not a fan of those "nice guy" tropes. xD I think Paco should be able to get other g/fs outside of Brenda and Brenda should get other b/fs too. Why should only Jaime be allowed to look outside his social circle for friends? xDDD I dunno... it's kinda cliche :( I think they make great friends, but just... it'd be nice to see relationships go outside this "keep it in the best friend circle" box :\

I vote for Paco and Wonder Girl! :D And Brenda and Miss Martian :O



How to win at the Oppression Olympics as a middle class straight white cisperson: Lie.

Since pretending to be somebody you're not in order to win some medals at the Oppression/Angst Olympics and sell some books is the in thing to do these days now we have:

A white woman who grew up in a suburban neighbourhood and attended private school published memoirs where she claimed to be a biracial native American abuse survivor foster child of a black family who grew up in South Central LA and became a Blood and drug runner.

A nice summary of her claims is here XD

The NY Times fell for her act, hook line and sinker too XD At least until they found out otherwise. xD

Funny how the pic they had to represent her changed drastically huh? xD

Of course, when confronted she takes the "well-meaning white middle class liberal" tack and says:

“I was in a position where at one point people said you should speak for us because nobody else is going to let us in to talk. Maybe it’s an ego thing — I don’t know. I just felt that there was good that I could do and there was no other way that someone would listen to it.”


“I’m not saying like I did it right,” Ms. Seltzer said. “I did not do it right. I thought I had an opportunity to make people understand the conditions that people live in and the reasons people make the choices from the choices they don’t have.” Ms. McGrath said that she had numerous conversations with Ms. Seltzer about being truthful. “She seems to be very, very na├»ve,” Ms. McGrath said. “There was a way to do this book honestly and have it be just as compelling.”

Yus! It's like blackface! I mean, who wants to actually SEE minorities when you can just have white ppl pretending to BE them! The only way "someone would listen to it" would be if a privileged white person pretended to be a minority b/c well, y'know, minorities, they can't handle themselves, they need white ppl to take care of them!


"I thought I had an opportunity to make people understand the conditions that people live in and the reasons people make the choices from the choices they don’t have."

Then get real people who have real experiences to speak, don't presume to speak FOR THEM! >:O

Honestly, I rly DO hate when ppl make up angst and tragic pasts for themselves for WHATEVER reason. But it seems sometimes that ppl do it b/c they feel ppl who have minority status, who have had horrible things happen to them, who have been abused, or raped, or whatever, have it "better" somehow, that they get special treatment or sympathy or SOMETHING, and it COMPLETELY NEGLECTS WTF HAPPENED TO THEM! As if they're "lucky" cuz they have "cred" or some crap! >:O


I'm too angry to keep raging >:\ It's just so f-ing stupid! But also hilarious xD

I feel awful awful for her kid tho, who has to grow up with all this crap, esp from the lies that her mom told about her. :\ I'm glad that the truth came out NOW so she didn't have to grow up with all thise falsehood surrounding her. :|

It's also hilarious how offensive she comes off with her playacting at being a minority and being poor with her throwing in "homies" and "homegirl" and "homeboy" randomly into all her sentences, cuz y'know that makes you SO "street". XD

The point is she didn't GO THROUGH any of those things, and she did not have to go through life as a poor person of colour, and so it's absolutely offensive that she writes in first person pretending to be those things and given her feelings towards fictional events in a fictional life she never experienced! This isn't something you can just "learn" about and then be like "well that's the same as living it"! It's BS. And it's worse that she thinks her fictional accounts and what's basically her take as a middle class white woman on poor minorities, is just as accurate and just as insightful and just as correct as a true account b/c y'know, she means well!


If she wants to write social-commentary fiction, fine (she can join Joe Kelly in the "rly bad attempts by ppl who dun get it" category). If she wants to write a book about disadvantaged minority youth and interview them fine. But she's not doing those things, she's claiming that identity as her own and claiming HER THOUGHTS ON THAT MATTER as being authentic (and she's LIVING the lie too when interviewed which is unconscionable). >:\

I'm tired of this "I mean well" crap. I'm tired of privileged ppl treating others like pets and children like "dun worry I'll speak for you and tell you what you want and what you need and who you are!" >:O We can speak for ourselves! Men dun get to tell women what they want and what they need and what they should care about and who they are. We do that. And white ppl dun get to tell minorities what they want and what they need and what they should care about... and etc etc!!!

Oh and then there's also her pretending to be a survivor of abuse and crap! >:O Again, as if nebody can accurately truly know what that's like without having been thru it! You can understand it to a degree and even help, but to rly KNOW like she's claiming? IT'S NOT THE SAME!!! >:O You can speak on BEHALF of ppl, but not FOR them! There's a difference. Plus the way she shrugs off the sexual abuse like it's no big deal b/c she would know right?


*calms down*

On the other hand, I think I dun have enuf medals in the Oppression Olympics. I need to start making up more crap in my life.

Kk.. so from now on JYD is a one eyed black mercenary with a gun for an arm. Um... Filby is a FtM paraplegic with magical powers. Zhinxy is alrdy a Libertarian, so she's weird enuf. Hmm... I should throw intersex in there just to be safe. And Rob S and DJ Black Adam and GiantKillerMantis are now conjoined triplets who killed my parents and burnt down my house! >_> And Trish is my drug dealing, demon cat. :O

Oh and I'm multiracial now and a member of EVERY MINORITY GROUP EVAR!!!! >:O AND I'm Kryptonian! :O


If you're gonna kill off a female character Jericho shows you how to do it >:D

I'm rly enjoying season 2 of Jericho :D Except that with only 7 episodes and possibly no renewal on the horizon, things are RLY rushed :o

Which is also good which means nothing ever drags, but it means plot points are introduced and resolved in the same episode and it seems like each episode has 3 or 4 episodes inside it xD

However, in today's episode Bonnie died :( I rly liked her too!!! D: She was cute and smart and awesomes :D PLUS her actress is also deaf like the character which I think is a good casting choice and also means when she signs and stuff, you know that it's not just somebody who took a crash course in sign language trying to get by. :) Plus it means her expressions are natural like ours would be just talking :] And I think it is important in general :)

BUT SHE DIED!!! D: Which is SO SAD! D: Tho I rly rly rly luffed that she absolutely kicked ass in her death scene, where she protected Mimi and held off Ravenwood with a shotgun!!! :]

But sably Goetz killed her, to build up his villain cred D: Of course so that her brother can have angst ;-; It is superficially WiRy sorta in that they killed off a female char related to a male char to give the villain heat and to give the male heroes angst and more reasons to kill the bad guys, BUT she WAS also built up well AND she died fighting which is sably something a lot of guy chars do but not a lot of girl chars. :\ Plus it wasn't an empty death b/c she fought them to protect Mimi and did it with no hesitation at all :D


Kickass! XD

But she's dead now :( Unless she miracle!recovers in the hospital. :o


There goes one of my favourite tv chars evar :(

but.. but... shotgun! :D

It was a rly heroic way for her to die tho and shows the strength of her character, the fact that she wasn't a victim, that she CHOSE this fight when she could have run with Mimi and that she knew she could (and prolly would) die, rly shows the respect the writers have for the fans and the character and everything, which I think is great :D She fought Goetz. She lost, but at least she fought and killed lots of Ravenwood (I HATE RAVENWOOD) :D I just wish she killed Goetz >:OOO

But still. :D Yay for good death scenes :) Boo for dead Bonnies D: It still makes me sad and it's still annoying that they killed her to build up Goetz for the male heroes to eventually off, but it was a great way to go and it was more about HER than about Goetz or even her brother :D (except that ultimately the plot is such that it is about her brother and Goetz and Jake :\ but if you're gonna skirt close to WiR this is a good way to do it than just having her as an empty victim) I just thought when the first Ravenwood guy died that it was Goetz and I thought how AWESOME it would be if ultimately it was Bonnie who killed him, but sadly his power level is 999999 and hers is only 999998 ;-;

Interestingly enuf, she got an even better death than Johnston Green did, when HE died to give his son Jake angst and heroism powers :D He just got shot while leading a tank onto the battlefield, she died in a fight with the badguytoendallbadguys. :D

And she's a civilian who was fighting mercenaries :D It's great to see ppl fight back even if they're not "heroes" or "trained" or nething. It's clear that they had slated her to die to advance the plot, but they could have easily had her be killed in cold blood as a helpless girl civilian and played up the disability card to make her even more sympathetic to be killed as a pure victim but they didn't on either count and I rly respect that :D She had agency :D And a shotgun! >:D

I hope Mimi gets a few shots at Goetz when he finally is killed. >:| Every person in Jericho and New Bern should get a shot at Goetz's body at the end. They should just hang him up in some public place between the two towns or something >:D

Bai Bonnie, I'll miss you :( (still hoping for miracle recoveries! Aasif Mandvi, we're counting on you! >:O )

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A tricky but fun game :D

This game is so frustrating sometimes but there's lots of satisfaction when you finally beat a level :D

Thieves >:O This is a job for Comic Book Store Guy! >:|

Some guy tried to steal a GIANT stack of comics and tpbs from the comic store I go to today! :O I guess he hoped that he could just waddle out of the store and down some alley before nebody caught up to him. :o

However, the owner caught up to him just when I walked by to get to the store and a scuffle ensued :O The owner got all his stuff back tho :D But they were wet and dirty cuz of all the water and grime on the ground :(

Also I'm back to reviewing! :D

So that is the good news I guess :]

Saturday, March 01, 2008

The greatest video of all time xD

This just makes me SO HAPPY xD It's impossible to be sad while watching this! I must have watched it 20 times alrdy! XDD

In other news I think I will be back to comics blogging soon :) Hopefully xD