Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr >:O

This has been posted everywhere alrdy but I thought I should put it here too. Stuff like this is hard for me to deal with so I had trouble formulating a post :( It is important to read and spread around tho >:O

RAWR (warning, contains descriptions of sexual harrassment and assault, may be triggering :\)


Crap like that and the harrassment I've faced at cons, is why I only go to cons with friends :\ And even then I've gotten verbal harassment occasionally but at least no more than that. >:|

I hope that SDCC makes a policy b/c of this outcry >:O I should prolly check if Fan Expo has one since I'm going in a week >.>;; I'm glad ppl are speaking out about this!

Those incidents make me SO ANGRY tho, esp just how ENTITLED these jerkfaces are and how they feel that women exist for their amusement and consumption >:O And I hate ppl who say that women who go to cons know what they're getting into and crap. Men aren't unthinking animals not responsible for their own actions and we shouldn't treat them as such! >:O And they should be held responsible for this, instead of doing victim blaming stuff! Nobody "deserves" to be sexually assaulted no matter what they were wearing, where they went or what they look like! >:O Period. Period period.

I hope every con that doesn't have a policy or at least a place where such incidents can be reported makes one NOW! >:O

This makes me want to start Ami-Con. >:D


  1. According to the United Nations, there's no document, contract or agreement you can make that's legally binding in any way if it involves giving up your human rights.

    You can't waive your human rights, it's not legal for governments to suspend them, they cannot be given away. Any contract that removes them from you is not a legally binding one and will not stand up in most international courts. They are an intrinsic part of you as a human being, like your skin or your identity.

    So buying a ticket for a convention in no way equals an agreement to accept sexual harrassment or violations of personal space and human dignity in any way, shape or form.

    I may be wrong, but because of that, I feel pretty sure the convention organizers could go so far as to put up a sign that says, "Passing Through These Doors Equals Permission For People to Harrass and Abuse You" and it still wouldn't be a legally binding agreement. They'd still be under certain legal obligations to protect convention patrons from egregious bodily harm and personal injury from either their negligence or the willful wrongdoing of others.

    It falls within reasonable limits, of course. I think a lot of tickets to any type of venue or show include legalese to that effect. You know, delineating the responsibilities of the seller and the purchaser and limiting or defining various responsibilities and liabilities in a reasonable fashion.

    And to my mind, it's completely reasonable for a woman (or a man for that matter) to dress in any way socially acceptable for the context (and this includes Red Sonja outfits at conventions, short skirts at nightclubs, bikinis at pools and beaches) and NOT be groped or grabbed or subjected to nonconsensual sexual behavior. Clothing choice does NOT equal consent.

    And even non-socially acceptable clothing (a bikini in an office, assless chaps at a children's birthday party) should only bear reasonable social sanctions that do not include violence or sexual violence.

    Therefore, there is no validity to this "you know what you're getting into argument."

    Also, just because someone is an asshole and you find yourself in a situation where you have to deal with them doesn't exist as an agreement on your part to put up with that asshole's assholery. Sure, someone could say you don't have to go to a convention...

    But at the same time, they can't explain why a convention must be a Total Asshole Zone. Why should people have the "right" to be cretins and jerks but you're somehow not allowed to wear angel wings with a bare mid-drift? Why should a harmful, jerk-ass behavior that impacts everyone negatively be protected at the expense of something harmless or even potentially beneficial?

    If we give in, then the assholes win and they have the conventions all to themselves and once again sci-fi and comic book fans marginalize themselves as fringe weirdos with no social skills.

    Who gave these guys supremacy over fandom and allowed them to decide arbitarily that they should have a place to act like fucking animals?

    For which I apologize to all nice animals out there. Like gorillas, who harm no one.

  2. The fact that we have to explain this stuff that's patently obvious to everyone else in the world is doubly enfuriating.