Thursday, December 27, 2007

Vanishing, I'm sry :(

I may not be around for a little bit b/c I need time to come to terms with something that happened to me... But then I may still post b/c posting is distracting.. I dunno. :(

I.. dun rly want to talk about it... I'm just crying a lot right now ;-; But I wanted ppl to know so I dun just vanish. I rly appreciate everybody who reads my blogs but I just need time. I will still be around in email and IM possibly to talk tho... but I do not know what shape I will be in. :\

Here's a video in the meanwhile that is cute :)

Barbie needs an EZ Bake oven for Christmas >_>;;

From McBangle:



Or RIBS? o_O;;

That's... so.. ugh... it freaks me out just to look at her "waist" and "hips". :\

So much for the "more realistic" Barbie :\

Underweight, superskinny emo cutting Ken better be next, followed by chain smoking Skipper >___>;; They can call them Mattel's "healthy lifestyles" series xD

Edit: And continuing with the theme of the lessons we teach girls, Wal-Mart undies! Yus, remember girls, you should trade what's under those panties for money!!!! >___>;;

Yay! Apparently they've been pulled after complaints on blogs! xD So much for internet activism not actually doing nething or the "complaining on your blog doesn't change nething" troll whine XD

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from Starlight Angel , Ami Angelwings, and teh Anti-Monitor xD


*hugs everybody* :)

Since I wanted to do something special on my blog for everybody for Christmas I've made a little something :D My Christmas present to everybody is a picture of Starlight I just drew :D B/c I'm a horrible artist it took me almost 5 hours to complete it XD I had PLANNED to make a big Christmas photo scene of the Heroes United, but 5 hours later I decided just Starlight will suffice xDD

I hope you like it, I drew it for all my friends here :D

I luff you all :)

I hope you all are having a great and wonderful Christmas and holidays filled with love and joy and cats galore :D (Except for ppl allergic to cats.. they can have anti-cats xD)

Oh and I've tried to wish all my friends a Merry Christmas and other good holidays of joy on their blogs but if I missed you by accident or I didn't know your blog, I'm sry! :( But I wish it to you now :)

Be goods :)

<3 Teh Ami




Have a very Merry (anti) Christmas :)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Well, it IS IGN >.>;;;

IGN's end of year awards has for the movie awards a "Hottest Movie Babe" category. >_>;;

Oddly they didn't have that type of category in any other of the genre awards (such as hottest superheroine, hottest tv char, hottest video game babe, etc... so this is an odd blip xD). Odder still, they dun have any "best actor" or "best actress" awards either (tho there are for the TV category it's so inconsistant it's hilarious xD). >_>;; This reminds me of the "top 20 superheroes" and "top 20 supervillains" list on Bravo which were all men and then they had the "top 20 vixens" list >_>;; Cuz y'know, women aren't heroes or villains (or actresses), they're just smex appeal first and foremost! -_-;;

Oh and.. yus.. babe >.<;;;

Where's the hottest movie stud!? >:| Mind you this is IGN, the site that threw a hissy fit b/c Gabe from Penny Arcade disagreed with reviewers (not IGN reviewers it turns out either xD) about Assassin's Creed XD So they're alrdy kinda a joke, like Wizard I guess xD

I vote for having a cutest movie aminal category! :D

More questions! :D

Vags was late to this meme, and to be nice, I let him ask me questions after the bell, so here they are and the answers:

1. King, King of Fighters
2. Det. Nola Falacci, Law & Order: Criminal Intent
3. Jake Cardigan, TekWar
4. Dr. Eric Foreman, House M.D.
5. Dr. Rodney McKay, Stargate: Atlantis
6. Teh Anti-Monitor, DC Comics
7. Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge, Star Trek: The Next Generation
8. Linka, Captain Planet
9. Bunny Justice (Bunny Luv), Teh Ami-Verse :D
10. Sabin Figaro, Final Fantasy VI

4 and 3 have an argument regarding the veracity of 7's claims that 2 is greater than 1. Which of them is right?

Okay xD So... Foreman and Jake have an argument about Geordi's claim's that Nola is greater than King? :O Or that the number 2 is greater than 1 cuz Geordi knows his maths! >:o

Geordi has notoriously unfortunate taste in women, like.. accused murderers and married women and holograms xD So... he's prolly wrong.. :\ I'd guess that Foreman would say that King could beat Nola and Jake would say otherwise cuz he thinks Nola is a hottie soooo.... Foreman would be right. xD

10 and 8 are both found wearing dresswear. Which looks better?

Sabin and Linka? :O Linka xD

5 accidentally turns 9 into a puppy and takes him for a walk to the seaside where a magical sea nymph transforms 9 into 6. Apart from now being upside down, what other similarities do 9 and 6 have, and how did 5 manage to turn 9 into a puppy anyway!?

McKay turns Bunny Justice into a PUPPY!? :O And then a sea nympth turns her into teh anti-monitor? :o

Umm.. McKay prolly used some weird ancient device meant to defeat the Wraiths by turning them into puppies but instead the puppy Wraiths became too cute and were even more powerful than the regular Wraiths and had to be exiled to another planet, locked away forever, until Sheppard decides to wonder what's behind that door in a future episode.. xD Neways.. what similarities do Bunny Justice and Teh Anti Monitor have? :o Wellllll, they're both snappy dressers and... they both have big ears! Why do you think he wears that helmet? :o


Friday, December 21, 2007

Neat flash about the "reality" of beauty magazine covers xD

Click on the magazine cover :D

That's very neat :O In the "sad but true" way :\

Edit: Also this is hilarious xDD

Better than the opera! xD

A contest :O

A create your own super-heroine contest :O

I'm tempted to enter with either Bunny Justice, CUTE Girl or Darkshayd (or Starlight :] ) :o

What do ppl here think? :D

I doubt I actually have a shot :(

I'm not sure which of my chars would be best to represent the whole tho :(

DJ Black Adam's Voice > j00 xD


So teh Ami-verse's resident anti-hero: DJ Black Adam was on NPR for a 2nd time today! :D

His appearance is here :D

He is awesome as usual xD

If you wanna hear his previous appearance it's here :D

Warning: he has a secksay voice :D Srsly he DOES!!! xDDD It's very glompable :D *nods* And he's often the smartest person in the discussion esp when they were discussing the Denzel movie, he hit everything on the head and wasn't afraid to say the stuff that needed to be said :]

I wish I was there to yell at ppl for him tho, like his private irrational, yelly fan brigade! xDD "OBV IF YOU WERE BLARING MAROON 5 TO SHOW YOUR AWESOME THUGGISHNESS (*snerk*) IT WOULD BE BAD TOO!!!!! ARE PPL DOING THAT!!!??? LISTEN TO BLACK ADAM OR PH33R HIS L33T SKILLZ!!!!" XDDDD

Also he has a secksay voice. You could take over a country with that voice (*nudgenudge*) xDDD

I officially nominate him to do the voice for any future animated Black Adam appearances! :D


Edit: For those who asked me questions for the 10 characters of doom meme, I answered every one of them in the post below :D Plz read :]

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Teh 10 Characters of Doom Meme Answered! :D

FYI the original meme that I'm answering is here
:D I think everybody should do it on their own blogs too! :D

Kk so here are the 10 chars I chose sekritly! :D

1. King, King of Fighters
2. Det. Nola Falacci, Law & Order: Criminal Intent
3. Jake Cardigan, TekWar
4. Dr. Eric Foreman, House M.D.
5. Dr. Rodney McKay, Stargate: Atlantis
6. Teh Anti-Monitor, DC Comics
7. Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge, Star Trek: The Next Generation
8. Linka, Captain Planet
9. Bunny Justice (Bunny Luv), Teh Ami-Verse :D
10. Sabin Figaro, Final Fantasy VI)

From Zhinxy:

What does Three make for dinner when ten comes over?

I don't remember if Jake knew how to cook or not. :\ He'd prolly get Nika to find some awesome ordering service online and hack somebody's bank account to pay them, then say she's awesome, and then pretend he cooked the food all by himself xD Or mebbe not... >_> Either way Sabin wouldn't care. Food is food. xD

What does 4 like the most about two?

What does Foreman like most about Falacci? Prolly that she'd stand up to House even if she was a patient of his and out sarcasm him at every turn :D

Why is six afraid of seven? ;)

Why is the Anti-Monitor afraid of Lt. LaForge? Why WOULDN'T nebody made of Anti-Matter be afraid of Geordi? He'd quickly whip something up that'd KICK HIS ASS!! And prolly turn him into something that powers the Enterprise? xD "Pssht, anti-matter! In the 24th century, we eat anti-matter for breakfast! And sometimes lunch!"

What would six never, ever want two to know?

Hmm.... Falacci is investigating some crime that the Anti-Monitor did? xD He would prolly not want her to know of the countless lives he'd taken b/c Falacci would bust his butt right there and take him to court where McCoy would start losing the case, then find some way to win, and it's off the 24th century and the Enterprise's engine room for teh Anti-Monitor! xDDD

From Renee:

Nine changes gender for the day. What's the first thing they do?

Bunny Justice? :O She'd go get a new costume. And prolly have to find a new job xD

From Urthona of Centurion Circle:

One kills Two. Three brings One back to life. Why to former and how to latter?

King kills Falacci? :O I... dunno why that would happen. Um... I guess Falacci tried to arrest her brother for something? Or killed her brother resisting arrest. :\ That's the only thing I could think of where King would snap and kill somebody. She and Falacci have a lot in common, they're both strong women in typically "male" professions and they both are looked down upon sometimes for their gender. :O They'd prolly be friends :D

Why does Jake Cardigan bring Falacci back to life? xD Cuz she's hot and he wants to seduce her duh. xD As for how... he'd annoy Nika to find some futuristic way to bring her back and then get Beth Kittridge to use the method to do it xD Of course Beth would prolly get annoyed once Jake started putting the moves on Falacci tho! xDD

Barring that there's always Bascom. >_> He can do ANYTHING :o

From Owesome:

4, 5, and 6 form a band. Who plays what, what's their genre, what're they called, what's their gimmick, etc?

Foreman, Rodney and Teh Anti-Monitor form a band!? XD Hmm... Rodney seems like he'd be instrument phobic to me. He'd create some sort of program that made the music for his part xD Foreman... I dunno... does he play an instrument? Mebbe guitar? :o TEH ANTI-MONITOR DOES NOT PLAY LOWLY MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, THE UNIVERSE IS HIS INSTRUMENT!!!! Also drums.

They're called Teh Anti-Monitor Experience. Originally Rodney wanted to call it the Rodney McKay Experience but Teh Anti-Monitor ate him. xD Luckily Foreman was able to use McKay's research to bring him back from the Anti-Matter that he became. xD

Their gimmick is that they have 2 doctors in the band. XD WHAT, YOU THINK IT'D BE ABOUT THE ANTI-MONITOR!? HE'S MORE THAN JUST A SUPER VILLAIN MADE OUT OF ANTI-MATTER YOU KNOW!!! Racists >_>;;; xDDD

2 and 9 decide to form their own super-team. Which three people from the list do they invite, and why?

Why is everybody avoiding 8? o_O

Falacci and Bunny Justice form a super team? :D They would be very super. >_> No crime would go unsolved between them! >:D Hmm

They'd bring King for some asskickery, Foreman for his medical knowledge and Geordi LaForge for his technical knowledge (which is superior to or at the very least the same as McKay's except he doesn't have the temperment of a child xD)

1,5,and 10 start a business. What is it, who reports to whom, and is it successful?

King, McKay and Sabin start a business? o_O McKay would put himself in charge and King would kick him in the head and then put herself in charge! xD McKay would report to King, Sabin doesn't care about heirarchy so he wouldn't fight that.

They'd prolly start a club. King is a bartender after all, and Sabin would be a great bouncer and McKay (under threat of King) could handle the sound tech :D

It'd be very successful b/c King makes great drinks, McKay's sound system would be amazing and there'd never be any trouble makers b/c of Sabin :D

What is 2's top five current ongoing comic book list?

Falacci? :o


1. Birds of Prey
2. Batman/Detective Comics
3. The Punisher (does he have a series right now? Whatever he's currently in >_> )
4. Lady Death
5. Wonder Woman

I'd say Witchblade but I think that series is over right? I dun pay that much attention to things I dun read. xD

From Filby:

Who would win in a dance off between 2 and 8?

Yay Linka! xD I say Linka :D She'd break out the 80s dances and just pwn! xDDD I've never seen Falacci dance :o

Also, 7 wins a billion dollars. What does s/he do with it?

Money has no meaning in the 24th century xD Geordi wouldn't care >_>;; If he had 7 billion pieces of gold pressed latinum, he'd keep at around for future haggling purposes if they run into the Ferengi :D

From Sharon W.:

3, 5, and 7 are all prostitutes in a brothel, what is each's speaciality?

Cardigan, McKay and LaForge!? XDDD OH EM GEEEE XDDDDDD Kk... umm... I'm laughing too hard xD McKay wouldn't have sex. EVAR. If forced to it might be a handjob tops. >_> His specialty would be talking and emoing to any Holden Caufield-esque customers who pop by and just want conversation xD

Cardigan would do it ALL, he is one hot, smexy, kinky man! xD

LaForge's specialty would be that he has amazing fingers and knows all the right buttons to touch :D xD Or nothing at all. :\ In TNG he had a lot of dating troubles :(

8 sees 10 naked, what happens?

Linka sees Sabin naked? xD Sabin wouldn't care. xD Then they'd smex. Provided that Linka was 18 at the time :D Or mebbe this is just my slashy fangirl speaking xD

1 somehow gets glued to 4, what crazy shennanigans happen?

King got glued to Foreman? xDDD Foreman wouldn't be able to do his job with King wanting to beat up House constantly for his sexist comments XD He'd also be screaming in fear as King dragged him into street fight after street fight xDD She'd still win of course, she's King and therefore awesome :D

4 sets up 8 and 9, does it go well? If it doesn't, what do they do to 4?

Linka and Bunny Justice get set up by Foreman? xD They'd hit it off awesomely as Linka is very open minded (she IS a planeteer xD) and Bunny Justice and her would have a lot in common with their ideas of social justice and caring about the environment :D Just for fun they'd use Linka's ring to torture Foreman for a while tho xD

From Lea:

4 and 7 find out they are related. How, and how does their relationship change?

Wow :o Nice luck xD Foreman and LaForge are related? They COULD be since LaForge exists several generations into the future and they're both black :O Um... they dun have a relationship but if they did it prolly wouldn't change much except that they'd open up more to each other and LaForge would ask more questions of Foreman :D

What ideological rift may exist between 1 and 10?

King and Sabin? It's possible that Sabin might be sexist growing up as royalty but I never got that he rly had any issues and he DID reject the throne and his life so he prolly doesn't care. In fact both of them would have lots in common since they both love fighting and care more about that than any ideologies :D

From Rob S.:

4 and 2 are born conjoined twins. One of them wins the lottery. What happens?

Foreman and Falacci? XD Everybody seems to like Foreman and Falacci xD Ok... Um I guess they'd work together to solve medical mysteries then. xD If one won the lottery, he or she would use the money to have them seperated :D Even if other doctors said that there was no way, Foreman would just ask House and he'd find a way :D

From Kalinka Blue:

Assume everyone had a seasonally seasonal Christmas party. They might!

Okay! :D

Quick, now. One is offered something that looks like goo on a spoon on the ground and told that it is candy. Do they take it? What do they dooo with it?

King would take it and offer it to Ryo to see what happens to him xDD

Meanwhile Two, cleverly waits under the mistletoe for a kiss, from which of the ten guests?

Nola is waiting for Jake duh :D They'd make such a secksay couple! :D

Three, being the mischievious one, plays a prank on Ten. What is the prank?

Jake plays a prank on Sabin? xD Um.. he'd put itching powder in his pants xD

Four watches on. What does Four think of the prank? Does Four stop it?

Foreman wouldn't stop it cuz he wants to see the fallout and it's not particularly mean. xD

Five stands alone on the dance floor. Five wants to dance, but can't - why?

McKay can't dance cuz he doesn't know how xD

Six glances at their reflection in the punchbowl. Does Six *really* need braces? I mean, really?


Seven stares at Five. Seven has been chosen to play music at this party. What kind of music is Seven playing? Is there a special song that they want heard?

Awww the two tech heads are in luff! xD Um.. in the Star Treky future everybody tends to like classical music (I'm ignoring the existence of Voyager right now xD) so Geordi will prolly play some of that :D

Eight, somehow, has ended up on the roof. How are they going to explain this when they eventually get down?

Linka is on the roof b/c she wants to look at the snow and make patterns out of the falling snow with her ring xD She gets down by using her ring to create a soft wind to help cushion her fall :D

Nine, nine, nine, niiiine has found themselves faced with a crisis. There is a man at the door. He is dressed in white and red. He is saying, "don't you think it's time you were in bed?" Nine ponders this profound statement but is suspicious of the man. How does Nine react to this flamboyant (and philosophical) visitor?

Bunny Justice WOULD do that since she's not from Earth and she wouldn't know what was going on. XD However, she would use her empathic powers to realize he has no ill intentions and invite him to join the party :D

Ten, not wanting to be outdone by Three's dastardly prank - organizes some form of revenge.

Sabin's idea of a "prank" would be kicking Jake's ass all over the house with his deadly Bum Rush! xD

From Originalslugboy:

Three meets three coming out of the elevator!!! Clone, time traveller, evil bearded twin, robot duplicate, or what?

Jake meets Jake? xD Definitely a clone.

Nine, Seven, Four, Three and Three's mysterious duplicate share rent in a 3-bedroom flat. A) Who gets the solo room, and who gets stuck as roommates? B) Who's hiding from Mr. Ferley and why? C) Which of the remaining characters is the wacky next door neighbor? d) Who keeps eating Four's cooking class homework before it can be graded

Bunny Justice, Geordi, Jake and Jake's clone? :O They'd make the Jake's sleep together after Bunnny uses her powers to ascertain that the clone Jake is not an ebil clone. xD

Bunny is hiding from Mr. Furley b/c she is a Bunny and discriminated against. :\

Rodney McKay hands down. That or the Anti-Monitor! xD


Foreman takes cooking class? XD Bunny Justice might be. :o It's full of fibres! xD That or the Anti-Monitor.


Okay.. I'm sry! xD Bunny Justice it is then >_>;;

From Lurkerwithout:

Seven and six get married, where do they go for their honeymoon?

Geordi and Teh Anti-Monitor!? xDDDD Risa of course! xD Teh Anti-Monitor needs more sun neways! xDDD And it would do him some good to get out of that armour and into some speedos :D Just thinking of the kinky kinky things Geordi could and would do to all that anti-matter in him makes me giggle in amusement xDDD


From Trish:

3 and 10 have to band together to save the world from 1. What happens?

Jake and Sabin band together to save the world from King? xD What happens? They lose. That's what. xDDDD Without any of their brainy characters around, the best those two will come up with is to attack her, and she'd whup them both good xDDD Sabin's bum rush? Pah! She'd auto hit combo him to death! xDDD

Everyone else is throwing a party for 8. Um, I can't decide if I want to ask what event the party is for or what gifts they get or what kind of party it is.

A party for Linka? :o Earth day! xD Duhhh :D That or her birthday >_> Mebbe both :o

King brings the beverages and a bottle of wine as a present (organically grown hopefully xD)

Falacci gets her some awesome nail polish b/c Falacci has awesome taste in nail polish! (not tested on animals of course!)

Jake Cardigan gets her some future clothing that's not made from aminals :D

Foreman umm.. gets her a gift certificate or something. :o

Rodney gets her a book written by him and signed by him xDDD That or some kind of Ancient device that allows her to remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere xD


Lt. LaForge would give her some future power source to replace our polluting ones, but he's not allowed to interfere in the past, so he'd give her one of Data's paintings :D .. which she would then show somebody who gets inspired and using not-yet-invented painting techniques, he'd create glorious paintings that stun and awe the masses so much, they declare him a god and he takes over the world, and orders a giant statue of himself to be built, which is so high that the Vulcan ship crashes into it when it tries to make first contact with Earth causing the Federation to never exist. :O Oh Geordi...

Bunny Justice gives cabbages :D

Sabin gives her some exp points and a new Blitz technique! xD

And I guess the party would be an environmentally friendly party with lots of 80s music and no disposable dishes or forks and knives xD Which means it's up to the Anti-Monitor to wash them (he was the last person to say "not it" when Linka asked for volunteers b/c he was busy looking in the punch bowl at his teeth xD)

And that's it! :D I hope you like my answers! xDD This was tons of fun to do :D

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yay for random santas and cat ears! :D

I bought a cute and awesomes cat hat today :D I thought of the bunny ears hat but it was floppy ears and they look funny on me :( Dun I like cute? :D

There was a Santa with helpers and a TTC (subway) worker on the subway today and he was posing with ppl while the worker took pics and gave it to the person, and we got candy :D It was super fun and greats :) ^_____^

*chomps on candy cane* :D

So your girlfriend has claws for feet...

Apparently we're censoring toes now. >_>;;

Why do I get this annoying feeling that somebody thought guys wouldn't be attracted to a beautiful woman if she had claws on her feet and decided instead it'd be better to give her barbie feet with no toes? >_>;; I guess we should be thankful that at least she wasn't given stilettos for feet. XD

It's an annoying statement of the attitudes that are prevalent in comics and video games and stuff that I start wondering why exactly an Atlantean's toes were removed from a cover of a comic book (even if just to sell it on a website xD) :\

"OMG stop the presses we need to fix the cover of Atlantis Rising!"

"What? Why?"

"Tha.. that... thing..."

"You mean the woman on the cover?"

"Ye.. yes! She's.. she's.. HIDEOUS!!!!!"

"What are you talking about? She's gorgeous!"

"No.. look at her feet! We could lose the entire foot fetish fanboy demographic!!! We'd be RUINED!!!!"

"On the OTHER hand, we could attract lots of people who like the idea that non-human races might look... not human!"

"Like who? Women? They don't read comic books!"

"How do you know?"

"Look over there"

"Over where?"

"There by the garbage can."

"At.. the blank wall?"

"EXACTLY! Do you see any women reading comic books there? No! I didn't think so! GAME SET MATCH!"

"Uh... okay... suree... let's ignore that you're wrong... what about the men that want to see more variety in women in comics?"

"Pssht, we all know men are just uncontrollable hormone bags that can't help themselves staring at women and their beautiful beautiful feet until I just have to take off my pants and str.... Are you gonna help me airbush them out or not!"

"Airbrush them out? But then they'll look like little smooth triangles!"

"Exactly! That's how Rob Liefeld draws his feet and he's like a gajillionaire respected by everybody right? Now get to it or you're fired!"

"You can't fire me! Wait.. do you even work here!? Who are you!?"

"I'm your mom that's who I am!"

"Impossible! My mom is dead! So is my girlfriend.. and sister... and the girl scouts that used to sell me cookies... actually every woman I know has died in some horrible awful way that was meaningless, totally random and sometimes made NO sense at all, like with the sister of my friend's chiropractor's butler's butler's furnace repairman! She was so beautiful, and... NOOOOO!!!! CAITL- I mean CATHARINE!!! I'LL AVENGE YOU I PROMISE YOUR DEATH WILL NOT BE IN VAIN!!! I WILL BECOME A BETTER PERSON AND I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER THE 4 PANELS YOU SHOWED UP IN AND HOW MUCH YOUR 2 LINES OF DIALOGUE MEANT TO MEEE!!!! I WILL NOT REST UNTIL I FIND THE MAN WHO SHOT YOU WITH A CYANIDE TIPPED RADIOACTIVE TYRANNOSAURUS BLACK WIDOW SPIDER WITH KATANAS THAT CHOPPED YOU UP AND PUSHED YOU OFF A BUILDING WHERE YOU WERE RAPED BY A HUNDRED DEMON SPAWN TENTACLE SHARK CROCADILE LION MEN AS YOU FELL TO YOUR DOOM INTO A VAT OF ACID INSIDE A... Wait.. WHO ARE YOU!? STOP THAT AIRBRUSHING!!!"

"NEVAARRRRRRR!!!!!!! Now it's perfect! Finally! Look at her smooth smooth beautiful doll-like feet! Look at the smoothness, like one single toe, like a beautiful pink pear dripping with juices in a.... I need to go now..."

"Hey wait where are y- crud... this is the 8th time it's happened! Oh well, it's still better than working for DC."

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Yay Muslim hero! :D

Vs 10 attackers :O

Boo awful mean ppls who would attack others purely on religion! >:|

I'm shocked ANYBODY can show an image of Jesus, start violence and still keep a straight face and not die from the irony! >:O

It's awful that ppl are so mean and hateful but great that there are regular ppl out there who will stand up for others and put themselves at risk to save others :)



Last call on the 10 characters of doom meme before I start posting the results :D

A greats interview :)

Yay! This is an excellent interview about women in video games with Jane Pinckard :D She hits lots of stuff right on the head, and I rly do think many guys just dun get how scary sexual violence, forced sexual behaviour, and the threat and implication of such to women is. They just shrug it off as "oh I'd luff that" but they rly wouldn't. >:|

It's like this stupid thing my friend was telling me about how guys at his work were talking about how awful it'd be to go to prison b/c of the gang rape, but then they agreed that it'd be heaven for a gay guy.

Cuz y'know, gay guys can't be raped by men cuz they're GAY and they like men! Straight women can't be raped b/c they like men and so it'd be great! >:|

It's stupid, and it shows a complete lack of even WANTING to see things from another side, and it's total straight male privilege, the idea that rly you're never at great risk to be raped, and it's not hovering over you constantly in the media and jokes and everything, and so they have NO real idea. To them rape is rough smex. >:|

And of course it's assuming that we just want EVERY guy, and gay guys just want EVERY guy, and everybody would just be sooo flattered about the prospect of being in a gang bang.

I agree with her, it was very disturbing and very frightening :\ It isn't "just teh internet" thing, this isn't some random flame war, or omg somebody was mean to me! :( It's an awful attack on our gender, it was saying that if we're pretty we exist for men, we exist to be their sexual play things, whether we like it or not. I dunno if some straight guys will ever get it, cuz they dun have to face it or worry about it or have this fear. :\ It was an awful awful thing, and more to the point it capped off what was awful "media" coverage of Jade, it wasn't just "omg some idiot drew something awful" but it was part of everything that was happening, and that's more than just an isolated flame war, and it's an attitude that affects all women, b/c Jade wasn't attacked for nething she did, but for being female. :(

Also I agree with her that if guys wanna look at boobs, just look at boobs. >:| It's annoying when you have a strong and beautiful heroine and then it's like some guy said "yus she can be strong and great BUT WHATTABOUTUSSTRAIGHTGUYS!? We're TEH MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN TEH WURRRLDDDD!!!" and draws her with DDD breasts and giant puffy lips and a tiny waist and no clothes. Plus you get idiots like that guy who was complaining that WoW species dun have hot enuf women. >:|

NEWAYS, I rly did enjoy the interview. :) I was worried it might be one of those purposely middle of the road, I don't want to offend too much, interviews, but it was rly great and she said everything I thought and stuffs :D She's right we need to stick together, support each other, and not take stuff that demeans our gender lying down :)

o_O I guess this sounds like me :D

I Am A: Neutral Good Human Bard (3rd Level)

Ability Scores:

Neutral Good A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order. However, neutral good can be a dangerous alignment because because it advances mediocrity by limiting the actions of the truly capable.

Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like.

Bards often serve as negotiators, messengers, scouts, and spies. They love to accompany heroes (and villains) to witness heroic (or villainous) deeds firsthand, since a bard who can tell a story from personal experience earns renown among his fellows. A bard casts arcane spells without any advance preparation, much like a sorcerer. Bards also share some specialized skills with rogues, and their knowledge of item lore is nearly unmatched. A high Charisma score allows a bard to cast high-level spells.

Find out What Kind of Dungeons and Dragons Character Would You Be?, courtesy of Easydamus (e-mail)

:D Also I got 0 for evil in the extended results xDDD

Monday, December 17, 2007

Giftmas Cards :D

I know this is rly late xD It just occurred to me now >.>

If any of my friends here want a Christmas card from me, email me your mailing address and I'll send you a card :D Also tell me who to make it out to (I dun wanna just end up using your blog handle xD) and what holiday you celebrate (Christmas, Giftmas, Hannukah, Festivus, etc :D)

I'm feeling particularly jolly :D

It might be a little late tho I'll try to get them out ASAP :] (I'm sry again for teh lateness xD)

New 10 characters of doom meme :D

From Radiosoldier

I'm gonna make a list of 10 characters, it is a secret list. If you want, comment to this post with a question like, "2 and 8 have a dance off, who wins?" and then I answer them in a seperate post and it is the most fun meme ever. And you can ask as many questions as you like.




So yus, ppl, ask away and I'll answer in the next post in a few days :]

Edit: Teh results are up here :D

Sunday, December 16, 2007

:OOO The Dark Knight Trailer :D

It looks super duper awesome :OOOO

Also this one :D

This is useful :D but watch the foreplay >_>;;;

Urination on command >_>


OMG xD >.> It'd prolly be a good idea to inform your dates of this if you had it just so some "fun" doesn't turn into... something gross :\


That's neat tho and awesomes that they can help ppls with those problems :D

Now if only there was a button on me that I could push and make myself sleep on command :( I still have so much trouble sleeping and stuffs b/c of everything I'm dealing with and the memories that are trigged when I lay down in the dark :\

Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's like the chicken and the egg Will! The chicken and the egg!


WTF is going on here !??? :o

Apparently Portsmouth has it's own temporal anomaly forming! xD Quick, we need the Enterprise and for Picard to exist in 3 time periods again! xDDD



X-Cats :O

Glow in the dark CLONE cats :O

They should start a superhero team of genetically modified cats :D


Tho I dunno how glowing in the dark is a useful super power >.>;;


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hi, I'm a USB programmable vibrator. And I'm a penis.

The I-vibe? :O

12 January 2006 16:10 GMT - A UK company has answered the prayers of thousands of women by launching the world's first USB programmable, non-penetrative vibrator.


Each handset comes with 10 30-minute Grooves stored in its memory that control up to three different pads of different shapes that come in the box, but there is no limit to the number that can be created.

Women can download new Grooves, write their own on a PC or Mac using Je Joue's PleasureWare software and download the new simulations via USB. They can also swap favourites with friends by email if they are so bold.


I am so amused right now. xDDD

This is awful >:(

THIS is absolutely horrible, disgusting and ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! >:\

I support multiculturalism and stuff, but this is BS, I'm sry but w/e your culture, I dun care, but you do not own your daughter, you do not control her, and you CANNOT TOUCH HER, ABUSE HER AND WTFKILLHER! >:O

That's bs! The news reporting from the Star has been very... kind.. to the father despite talking about how awful she had it. A lot of the reporting has been about how it's hard for parents to deal with the "cultural" differences when rly this is MORE than that. Cultural or not it's misogyny and some of the cultures (or the interpretation some ppl have of their culture) is absolutely misogynistic, with ideas that women should be seen not heard, or not even seen! That we need to protect those poor out of control men from their smexy smexy powers >:O

Yus men have cultural issues, too but they are more "respected", women dun even get that at all!

W/e. And her brother tried to block the police investigation >:| INTO HIS SISTER'S MURDER!!!

It's awful nobody was doing nething about this either! And it's awful that only in one article in a small bit did somebody suggest that this might be a case of male power being used to control women. ORLY? YA THINK!? The whole issue of forcing women to wear certain clothing, FORCING, is misogynist! "Culture" or not, welcome to Canada, your daughter has the right to wear what she wants, and you ABSOLUTELY do not have the right to beat or STRANGLE her!

These men think that they control their women. Women are taught that men control them, that they're second class citizens and have to listen like slaves to their fathers or husbands! >:\ And this is absolutely about the feeling of having privileged male power, that as a father, as a man, as the head of the family, how DARE your daughter defy you! >:O

This is disgusting and awful and makes me feel ill. >:|

I feel so awful for her, her friends and ppl who rly do care about her. :(

*cries and flails*

This crap happens to guys too, but they're more "respected" in these "traditional" families/culture (and def I'm not talking about EVERY immigrant culture, it's why I've been using quotations >:| ), and they dun get beaten, raped, killed, stoned, lashed, or punished for being raped. They get shunned, disowned, hated, but they're still seen as human beings, not chattel that is being disobedient. >:|

Honestly, it's not about some sort of benign "culture clash". This is about violence, abuse, control and misogyny that cannot be simple shrugged off or tolerated under the guise of "multiculturalism" (the hatred of homosexuality, transsexuality, etc being "justified" by culture/religion/tradition is something else I can't stand, but it's a separate topic >:| It's also the reason why I'm banned from my (traditionally Chinese) family gatherings/dinners/etc tho. :( ) . >:|

This is so awful! :( I hope she's in a better place now. :\ *cries*

The greatest smex scene evar along with the greatest GTA player evar xD

This fanfic author is brilliant! XDDD (NSFW but then again... it's not safe for nebody who can read xD)

They truly know how to write smex. xDD I always talk like that during smex, dun you? XDDD

Clearly they were hungry while writing this >.>;; Plus, as we all know history is written by the victors, the losers write fanfic xDDDD


That guy is awesome. O_O;;; It's like watching a video game :o Too bad he got caught tho xD He needed more power ups! Or an extra life. >_>;; Restart from save point!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Oh Noez! MAH MEDS MADE ME GHAYYYY!!!! (glarfed from Megan Julca :) )


The compulsion and stuff I can understand and see as being a result of the meds, but clearly there's something ELSE about him he's prolly in denial about xDD Also it's silly that they make it sound like the meds turned him gay, rather than focussing on the real problem (that it apparently made him compulsive and he couldn't stop gambling).

Gambling is a real problem >:|

Plus it implies that being gay is a disorder (since they said "Jambart was given different medication and his disorders disappeared.") >:O

Hopefully he comes clean with his gay/bi-ness to himsef now xD But sably, he prolly wun and will prolly sue in the future that it permanently made him gay/bi :(

On another note:

Somebody searched for:


and found my blog. xDDD

I enjoy how it's in all caps too xDDD

Of course those pix aren't on my public blog, they're on my pay-per-view site! xDDDD

Sry to dissapoint. :D

For my readful friends :D

LibraryThing's Secret Santa thing seems rly cool :DDD

Trish linked me to it and I figured I'd spread it around to see if nebody who likes to read would be interested :D

Make up is a natural part of a girl's skin secretions xD It's why we can keep it perfect during a fight!

I was just watching TV and I saw a commercial about a video game (I dun remember the name) that had a gun running around in an Indiana Jones type way fighting like... smugglers or something. xD I dunno.. it involved a radio. Neways, I noticed that he was stubbly, sweat soaked and sweating, deshevelled and grimey. Just as somebody who had been thru a lot of action would be.

Then I thought about the Heavenly Sword commercial with the girl who beats up like a billion guys xD Her make up is FLAWLESS. Not dripping or nething. Not a hair out of place. No sweat, definitely not soaked in sweat. :\ (and the voiceover emphasis is of course about how beautiful she is)

Other video game commercials seem to be similar. While there's lots of focus on more realism for women to give them better "jiggle physics", apparently having them look like they've actually been thru a fight is just too realistic. xD

The NFL and NBA game commercials also show lots of men sweating due to physical activity. Women.. perfect. Make up doesn't run (and we've always got the eye shadow and mascara and lipstick caked on in these things), clothes aren't soaked in sweat, no dirt caked on our perfect prestine skin, our hair isn't matted down or thrown in disarray. >.>

I'm just tired of this idea of "female perfection and purity" that says basically a girl hero has to look like a porn star or supermodel with perfect make up that never ever runs, and that her looks are more important than the fact that she's kicking ass. :\

Of course, in game characters rarely DO sweat or get dirty (unless it's Rumble Roses' mud wrestling matches xDDD I do admit to luffing that game tho b/c all it's chars fit a fighting game trope (including typically male heroic ones) and they're all women!!! :D) b/c it's just too annoying to program xD But when you're selling, again... games r 4 boyz yo... girls play pink stuffs! And heaven forfend ANY boy see a girl sweating or showing signs of fight WHILE FIGHTING!!! Tha.. that would just be too much for their precious precious boy brains!

Cuz remember, women in video games exist for hetero men. >_>;;

It just always bugs me when I see superheroines and video game heroines who dun just look good and are pretty but have apparently caked on tons of make up that nobody in their right mind would put on before a fight (obv many artists dun draw that way, but some do). >_>;; Srsly, is prettiness not enuf for hetero boys that they need the full blown porn star make up look or well... they just can't play as a girl! That would be GHAY. xD

The funny thing is that one of the huge big things that guys I knew were so excited about when they saw trailers for the "next gen" consoles (before the 360 and ps3 came out) was that you could see dirt and grime and sweat on ppl's clothes and stuff. But then for the girl's they were so excited to see her eye shadow or OMG more jiggle physics (they didn't shut up about the jiggle physics). It's funny that when it came to guys they loved the "realism" which to them was that guys in a fight would get hurt, would sweat, etc, but for them "realistic" girls means that they are perfect fantasy figures with perfect caked on make up, perfect hair, jiggling boobs and no dirt or sweat or blood on them. >_>;;

Their "reality" is a little scary to me. xD




OMG it's so cute! :D

I hate commuting tho! >:| I would just live in the 90s >_> Tho.. ewww... the comics! xDDD Mebbe if I live in the 2010s! By then I'll be in charge of the universe and be writing my own comics that everybody reads! >:D

(credit to Trish for showing it to me btw :D)

WTF!? >_O

Um wtf!?

Cairns-based District Court Judge Sarah Bradley did not record convictions against six teenagers and gave suspended sentences to the three others over the 2005 rape at the Arukun community on Cape York.

The girl had "probably agreed" to have sex with the youths, Judge Bradley said during her sentencing remarks, The Australian newspaper reported today.

Um WTF!?

A ten year old cannot CONSENT to sex! >:| And worse, the judge didn't even say that she had consented (ignoring the statutory rape part), but that she "probably agreed" to it.

wtf >_>

I can't totally blame the judge though since..

the prosecutor asked for those "penalties" >:O

“My submission in relation to this particular offence is the same that I make in relation to children of that age … they’re very naughty for doing what they’re doing but it’s really - in this case, it was a form of childish experimentation, rather than one child being prevailed upon by another,” he said.

Childish experimentation? o_O "naughty"?

Um... naughty?

Stealing from a cookie jar is naughty. Participating in a gangbang rape of a 10 year old!? >:|


I'm sorry but wtf.

One of them was 26!? This isn't "oh 12 and 10 year olds fooling around" >:\ A 26 y/o having sex with a 10 year old is WRONG no matter what planet you're from no matter how seductive she tried to be (assuming of course she was at all). And that 26 year old should DEFINITELY know better (as if the 17 and 18 y/os wouldn't have known better too!) and not just NOT participated but STOPPED it.

And no criminal conviction recorded. Yay them!

The four juveniles are aged 14 to 16 years. They and the adults come from some of the most prominent and powerful Aboriginal families on Cape York.

The child victim, now aged 12, does not enjoy the elevated family status of her attackers, and has had to be removed from Aurukun and put with foster parents.

Classism too! YAY!!!




I know I have some Australian readers. xD Nebody know more? :o

I'm rly rly rly tired and sick right now and kinda in a weird mood, so I can't rly parse this news well :(

Monday, December 10, 2007

I'll build you a robot of great power! :D And it has guns! Do you want it? xD

The poll's not nearly close to done yet but I'm alrdy amused at ppl's aversions towards using technology created by other ppl, and using guns. xDD

But prolly b/c why would you want to do EITHER of those things when there's ALL THESE OTHER POSSIBLITIES! And build your own tech xD

I'm saddened that not many ppl wanna be part of a mythical culture like the Amazons or the Atlanteans tho. :(

I do! :D

I'm not surprised that the GL Corps has so many votes tho xD

Edit: xD And now somebody has voted for technology of other ppl's design and for guns! :D

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Awww! I wish all wedding dances were this much fun! :D

This is so awesome!



I didn't embed b/c it blocked the poll :(

It's awful that fantasy cultures might not actually cater to your libido! You poor poor boy.

Oh noez, WoW does not allow you to create sufficiently hot women of non-human races!

So I've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft lately, and I only have one real complaint:

Not much ability to make hot Horde chicks.

Whenever I play an MMO, I always play a girl, under the (quickly spreading) theory that if I'm going to stare at an ass while I play, it should be a nice one. There are countless ways to make beautiful women with Night Elves or Humans. But on the Horde side options are slim. Orc women are pretty ugly. Tauren women are hideous, and undead women have missing chunks of flesh and really bad hair.

See, I think Blizzard really missed the boat. The Horde is (sort of) evil. So they missed out on their opportunity to make: Evil Booty.

Think about it. Instead of spindly flesh-missing things with saggy breasts, they could have made beautiful goth-chicks with glowing red eyes or something. And just cause male orcs are ugly doesn't mean the females have to be. They could have really nice figures and cute little fangs. And female taurens could be basically furries. But no, they had to make Horde women ugly. However, you can make a reasonably attractive troll. So that's what I did.

Still. Insufficient Evil Booty.

Yus cuz AMERICAN standards of beauty must apply to EVERY species. :\ Personally I think most WoW players male and female alike would be annoyed if every species just turned into a Star Trek "humans with funny ears or foreheads" thing. >:O

That webcomic btw is quite funny sometimes xD Esp when they do science and geek humour, but occasionally his "soft misogyny" slips thru. Where it's clear he looks down on women (for example he has a male char who is the smartest char in the strip, but in an alternate universe, he is female, and stated literally to be "not as smart" as the "original" version, but other male alternate universe versions of this char are JUST as smart as the "original" version) and thinks we exist for men and if it wasn't for men, we'd have no right (and no point) in existing at all. Which leads to the idea that only pretty women are women worth a damn. >:\

Isn't it logical that other races might have their OWN standards of beauty? I like how he casually dismisses that the men are ugly in an "yah but who cares about MEN?" way. What about straight women, gay guys and guys who care about artistic aesthetics? I'm sure LOTS of ppl not only PLAY male characters but want them to look good too!

Tho honestly, I haven't heard lots of complaints that WoW forces you to make ugly characters at all! THIS is hetero male privilege, the idea that things exist FOR YOU, and how DARE they have women they dun fit MY standards of beauty in a video game played by millions!

Also the implication that female characters exist to be played by men (WoW is played by LOTS AND LOTS of women too, and men who dun fit his way of thinking).

But I can understand it I guess. When you grow up around a society that as far as you know, caters totally to your particular attraction preferences, it must be annoying to find a tiny scenario in a massive game (that also caters to your preferences) that does not. >_>;; Isn't it kinda logical that if you want your women to look human (which seems to be his main complaint, that the women dun look human enuf and therefore not attractive to him), you should be human-looking races (like elves and humans)? Complaining about orcs looking like orcs is so silly >:\

Honestly, if they got rid of ALL ability to make "sexy women" in WoW, that'd be wrong too! There obviously must be choices. What he's asking for is that other races must discriminate between male and female chars, that while male chars can look as the creators (and the fanbase) envisions, female chars must not. They must look TOTALLY DIFFERENT, completely ruining immersion and the idea that these are DIFFERENT races that have their own cultures and standards. :\ More than that I'm sure that most of the player base would get annoyed if the world they knew changed simply so a small handful of boys who can't get enuf cheesecake elsewhere can make pornstar figures to stare at. >:\

Srsly. WoW!? >.>;;

Isn't there enuf cheesecake out there for him? >_<;;

Or he can go play City of Heroes! He'll never be dissapointed! xDDDD He can make Rob Liefeld women! With legs twice the size of their bodies and torpedo boobs that go on forever!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Ami Angelwings is also mean to polar bears! xD



I am SOOOO tired now :(

I saw

That pic in the Toronto Star about scientists researching the arctic. xD And... I couldn't stop laughing at it. xDDD

It started with this which was just me having fun with it in a lolzcat way :D

And then... I got more and more and more ideas! xDDDD

Behold! xDDDD

Jewish Bear
Ipod Bear
Star Wars Bear
Sinful Bear
Bush Bear
Gummi Bear
Law & Order Bear
Internets Bear
All Your Bears
Slutty Bear
GRS Bear
House Bear
Microsoft Bear
RPG Bear
Rare Bear
Screw Bear


I totally support ppl making their own tho! :D I originally just wanted to post that pic and shout GO and see what ppl came up with :]

I bet you guys will have wayyy more creative ideas than me :D


Feel free to take them or spread them around or w/e too :D B/c I know some ppl have alrdy started using them (esp Law and Order bear) for forum avatars and stuffs xD Just credit or link me plz :)

I rly wish I knew who those scientists are xD I bet they'd get a kick out of them being dialogued :D


And no :( There were no Superman, Batman or Stephen Colbert jokes b/c I'm just TOOO tired to think of them. :( I wanted to make a Superman fortress of solitude joke but I couldn't think of how to make one at ALLLLLL ;-; And I avoided the "He's dead, Jim" joke cuz other than that line I couldn't think of nething to do with it :(

Oh, and Law & Order Bear is dedicated to the memory of Jerry Orbach (who played Det. Lennie Brisco on L&O) :D That type of dialogue is so immediately recognizable b/c of him :]


I know everybody's heard of this by now but it's SOOOO awful! :(


A rly good friend of mine skipped work to go shopping, and she JUST MISSED going there when it happened!!!!! :\ *hugs Bianca tight*


Like the Virginia Tech tragedy this just makes me want to cry. :( I rly wish Batman or Superman existed! >:| It's why superheroes are so important and will always exist. We want to believe somebody has the power to stand up to them, to strike fear in them and to take power away from them b/c they think they're in control when they do stuff like this and it makes them feel like for once they are in control of their lives and in control of others, and I want somebody to swoop down and show them NO THEY ARE NOT >:O


*cries and cries and cries* :(

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dear guys

This is the greatest thing evar xDDDD When I rule the world, I'm making it mandatory for all men to wear XDDD

That is all :]

A declaration of love to a strong manly man from a silly stupid girl

Dear Professor Creepoid Professor Sexy Manly Man,

Thank you so much for rescuing me from the big bad photocopier today! I had no idea what to do when the paper just stopped moving! It said something like.. jam... teeheehee, it took me a while to realize what it was! Isn't jam something I eat?

I'm so glad that you were there to save me! I had NO idea how to get it open. It was just a TOTAL ACCIDENT that I opened it, cuz I was actually just pawing helplessly at it like a cat and wow the door opened! And when I was down there, I wasn't fixing the.. jam thing, I just dropped my lipstick and had to find it! I mean, how am I supposed to get a big strong manly man like you to help me if I don't have red luscious lips?

And it was really nice of you to sit there and mock me while asking me constantly if this little stupid girl needed your "expert" help because I realy didn't know that I even needed help! I'm so silly! If you hadn't mocked me and reminded me that girls know nothing about machines, I'd have had no idea!

It's silly that I pulled this crumpled up white sheet thing out tho! I dunno what it is. Is it important? Did I do something bad? Why does the machine no longer say that there's a jam? Is it peanut butter time instead? It must be telling me to make sammiches for you!

But I'm so glad you've now pushed me out of the way because obv I had no idea what I was doing. I'm glad you didn't ask for my permission or listen to my silly mewling because I was just SO PANICKY I had this CRAZY idea that I had gotten rid of this silly jam thing!

It's SOOO awesome of you btw to almost burn your finger off reaching towards the part that said "CAUTION: VERY HOT DO NOT TOUCH"! I know it was just to teach me a new phrase, because I had NOOOOOO idea what that was! Words are silly! I'm sorry I grabbed your hand away at the last minute though! I know that you'd have been okay because you're a big strong manly man! But it was really really hot, and I could feel it from even where I was, and it just scared me! Like an animal's scared of fire! I'm just such a panicky scared little girl!

Thank you so much for closing the lid too! Closing lids is hard! And when you declared that you had "saved" me and that you were so smart and knew everything, I just was so happy! Had you not told me what you'd done, I'd have no idea that the crisis was over! Thank you so much for saying that you rescued me and making sure I knew how smart and awesome you are! Tee hee hee! I had it in my silly little brain for a second when I took out that crumpled white thing, that I might have solved the problem, but you know better! I definitely did need a "man's touch"! And thank you for telling me it's not a big deal that I'm dumb and a girl and need a big manly man's help. I always thought it was a big deal!

Also thank you for not calling me by my name! I know it's hard to remember. It's SOOOO many letters, I forget ALL the time! I used to wear a chain around my neck with it just to remind me, but when I looked in the mirror, I always ended up calling myself IMA and ppl said that was wrong! I'm soooo confused!

So I'm so glad you call me by everything but my name! In fact, I notice you do that to all the women in the building and I bet they all love it too!

Oh! I just remembered! All the girls in the building wanted me to tell you how much they appreciate that you treat them like the little dumb bunnies that they are, because usually people treat them like well... like they can do things! And it's really annoying when they can't and need a big strong manly man like you to do it! It's so hard to find a small 70 year old man these days to save us!

And also that it's REALLY great that you call us all those names, and tell us what you want to do to us, or how many of us you'd like at a time. It makes us feel loved and wanted! ESPECIALLY when you do it to the students and other people's 12 year old daughters! I can just see in their eyes HOW HAPPY they are when you treat them like a grown woman by flirting with them, and talking dirty and acting like you want them! It's SUCH gentlemanly behaviour!!! I bet your wife adores you so much.

And teeheehee, it's so wonderful when you make sure we're all right, or that we have stuff on our clothes, or all those little things that you just need to touch us for! I never realized how much dust must be collecting on my shirt and the bottom of my pants until you pointed it out to me! I'm sorry though that I keep getting rid of it before you can. I know how much you like rescuing me. YOU'RE SO SELFLESS!!!!

I'm also sure those litte young girls also appreciate the same effort!

It's so great that you don't see ages! I bet they lie in bed dreaming that they'll meet a boy in school just as wonderful and handsome as you are!

And I think it's great that you let the secretaries do your computer work and typing for you! I KNOW that you actually know how to do this even though you've never touched a computer in your life and refuse to learn! But I know that in truth you're just humouring us and you're a computer EXPERT! But you're so nice and sweet, you want the girls upstairs to feel useful sometimes too! Awwwwwwww. So you let them do ALLL your work for you. But I know it's not because they're more capable than you or that they know how to work a computer! When you don't know how to turn one on, or type with 2 fingers, I KNOW you're just trying to make us feel better! I wish I could type with TWO fingers! I need to use all ten to type! You're 8 fingers more efficent than me! At least.. hehehe.. I think it's 8. Lesse... 1... 2.. 3... 4... um... I lost count.. where was I again?

Oh! Right! It obviously can't be because you lack a skill right because according to you women have no skills and men can do everything better and we need your help to do the simplest tasks!

You are SUCH a catch! I wish I were married to you! I bet your wife is so proud to have a husband that is so manly that he has to spread his manly affections around to every woman and girl and child!

I KNOW some people think you're creepy and weird, but not me! I THINK YOU'RE GREAT!!!

Oh, um.. one more thing...

I got this.. jam.. peanut butter thing again.. uh.. the copier is yelling at me! Can you please defeat it and save me? Yes, it's in there, just reach in, a little further, you almost got it... do you see that thing that says that CAU.. CAUT.. COW-TIE-ON thing? I think that's what's wrong! Please fix it with your strong manly man hands! I promise I won't screw up and pull you away this time!

Your eternal Gorean love slave,


Mebbe Supergirl's new sekrit identity will be as a bisexual pants wearing Canadian dinosaur! :O

So the results are in after 60 votes! :D

Strangely, no choice had a super clear majority (nothing was over 60%), but ppl seem to mostly want Supergirl to get her own cast of characters, a sekrit identity, change her costume (possibly to one where she wears pants :) ) and have a female love interest (YAY!!!! :D)


Also her new direction should involve dinosaurs, and possibly underwear, punching Dan Didio in the face and moving to Canada. xD

I'm a little disturbed by the 10 ppl who voted for "way more underage cheesecake" tho :O

*looks about suspiciously*


*glares at Lurkerwithout, Filby, Kalinara, Zhinxy, Rob, Owesome, Rocketlex, Tim Liebe, DJ Black Adam and uhh... (eenie meenie miney moe) Ragnell* it's YOU isn't it! >:O

YOU SHOULD ALL BE VERY VERY ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!! Tsk tsk! Looking for underage cheesecake in superhero comics! As if!!!


Neways.. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!! Supergirl should be bi, get a girlfriend, move to Canada (which works out great actually XD) wear underwear, wear pants, punch Dan Didio in the face, take on a civilian identity and get her own cast of characters (preferably consisting of dinosaurs) :D

Actually, yus I know, the people haven't spoken in any clear majority, but then, that never stopped Canada or the US (and possibly other countries.. but I know not of other countries FOR I AM AN IGNORANT NORTH AMERICAN YO) from electing leaders with less than the majority right? xD

Like, to start the game, like, you should TOTALLY press the start button, it's like... the button in the middle of like.. that thing.. you hold!

For us clueless girls out there: The Girls Guide to Gaming!

Of course it's pink too. xD

Do you want to take on the boy's at their own game and beat them every single time? You want to prove that games AREN'T just for the guys anymore! Are you, your daughter, your niece or your best friend a Nintendo DS or DS Lite girl gamer? Tired of other gaming publications ignoring all your favourite games in favour of the latest big boy's toys? So you want all the latest gaming gossip and the hottest hints and tips especially written for you? So do we, and its about time. The Girl's Guide To Gaming! is the must have accessory for all Nintendo DS and DS Lite gaming girls, just like you.

Yus, "ignoring all your favourite games in favour of the latest big boy's toys?" B/c girls dun play guy games! Even tho just above they said that we do. >.>

Let's just assume that all girls like the same games!

Plus "your daughter, your niece or your best friend", no girlfriend or wife. xD I know that they are prolly targetting "young girls" with all this pink (cuz every girl likes pink! *I* like pink and even I know that it's not a GIRL colour xD) But there seems to me to be an implication that older girls wouldn't play video games once they discover boys and dating and clothes!


I do however think that ALLL gaming systems, games, gaming magazines and basically the WHOLE WIDE WORLD should be pink... and also under my control... but that has nothing to do with gender at all. :] That's just my dreams of world domination >:D Which according to Professor of Biology Gene Simmons, I dun have... >_>

So you want all the latest gaming gossip and the hottest hints and tips especially written for you?

Ooh gaming gossip! Teeheehee. I heard Peach broke up with Mario and is dating Luigi now! NO WAI!!!!!!!

Usually in gaming magazine's they'd say "gaming news and rumours" not "gossip". xD If I wasn't alrdy so suspicious of how patronizing this book was, I might give that a pass, but I think that was deliberately chosen with the idea that the word "gossip" would appeal more to girls. >:\ And that using "gossip" with some guys will make them insecure in their manhood. xD What? I don't read GOSSIP I read RUMOURS YO!

Written esp for me? :O Unlike.... what?

"jump over the enemy, now go left and enter the secret door" will become.. "like you should totally like.. press A! cuz like.. that's TOTALLY the button with the A on it! And then your character will jump over the big bad monster!! WHEEE!!!!!!!! then you go left, you know, the hand you like.. totally don't write with!"

Poor left handed girl gamers :( So left out and discriminated against :\ XDDDD

And finally:

The Girl's Guide To Gaming! is the must have accessory for all Nintendo DS and DS Lite gaming girls, just like you.

Again, I think a normal video game magazine would say "is the must have resource" not accessory. Altho accessory can apply, the usage of words like "gossip" and "accessory" makes me think that these were specifically chosen with the idea that girls would better "relate" to it. :\


And of course all the games listed are like... "Animal Crossing", "Nintendogs", "My Sims". xD You know... GIRL GAMES! :OOO


Honestly a video game mag for girls MIGHT be one without the blatant sexualization of women in it, or articles about how sexy Jade Raymond is, or which video game vixen is better to date (tho imo, that's a video game mag for EVERYBODY not just girls :D ).

But yus... instead we have the usual thing that default "video game magazines" are actually "guy's video game magazines" and then we get pink little fluffy things. xDDD But as I said, rly, is there a DIFFERENCE? Even with regular magazines, ignoring the little bits of fan service they might throw in, tips are still tips, strategies are still strategies. I srsly doubt that girls would have trouble understanding them! I certainly never have. xD

So silly XDDDD

And this blue/pink divide is stupid in general. Lots of GUYS like Animal Crossing and Super Mario Bros. (srsly when did THAT become a girl game xD) and Sims. It's insulting to guys too to act as if war games and fighting games are ALLL guys care about! And it rly reinforces this idea that guys that dun like these ultra violent games (aka "guy games") are "wussy" or "not man enuf". :\

This comic also sums up the attitude that bugs me about "women having all the power" that underlies the whole "nice guy" thing I talked about earlier and Gene Simmons' comment about women not understanding what it is to be heroes.

The idea is basically that men are strong and powerful and brave and everything. Women are smexy and they should use that smexiness to control guys to do stuff. YAY GIRL POWER!

Also our sexuality was created by Satan! >_> Cuz girl sexuality is EBILLLL and if it wasn't for our boobs, men would be free to be good and wonderful! But sadly they have no choice but to like us b/c men are untrollable animals governed by their lust (also the justification in some ppl's mind for awful things like rape :( ). :\

Also lesbians can't have "power" unless they go against their nature!? And gay guys.. what.. are super lucky? Or they dun have power neways, so who cares about them? >:O

It's insulting to everybody >_>

So no wonder there are ppl like Gene who have it in their minds that girls dun get heroism at all, cuz we got boobs yo, and we can be the hot g/f to the superhero and tell him "GO PUNCH SUPERMAN IN HIS BIG FAT JERKFACE" and sit back and giggle and do our make up!

It's also why some ppl have it in their minds that feminists must only be "fat and ugly" or "flat chested" women, b/c since we dun have these "sexual powers" we must clearly be jealous since we'd have no powers at all! Of course since our powers come from the fact that men must find us attractive (and therefore we need to fit their defintions of beauty to even qualify)... rly.. it's not power, cuz it's not ours, guys can take it away any time they want, or give it to somebody else. :\

It's so so so very silly. XD As Zhinxy said before, there are legitimate facets of society where women have an unfair "advantage" over men (such as not being drafted) which def are stupid and need to be addressed, but that women have it super awesome and greats b/c we have boobs and control those poor poor "nice guys"? That we have it greats b/c of "ladies night" where we get free drinks in exchange for being eye candy and on display in a meat market?

The idea that women have it awesome b/c of our magical boob powers is made of fail. xD

I DO want boobs that can shoot laser beams out of them tho! Like Cyclops except.. boobier!!! I'd wear a ruby bra and then if I flash somebody BAMM!!!! Pew pew! XDDDD

Now THAT'S a real power that I could use XDDDD

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

For BSG fans :D Season 4 trailer!


I can't wait! XDDDD I still think that they'll find that Earth is populated by cylon/human hybrids or something. xD Mebbe we're all cylons! :O

Also my readership has jumped so much recently and is holding steady at almost 4x what it used to be :O I wonder why. xD

*bops* Any other BSG fans out there? :D Do you know if the writer's strike is gonna affect it at all? :\ I know the next season is supposed to be in Spring 08, but I wurry it'll be even longer if this strike continues, or did they alrdy write everything ahead of time? :O

I'm confused xD

The trailer looks cool tho :D

Monday, December 03, 2007

Finally a leader for feminists that has balls! xDDDD

Man finally put in charge of feminist movement


It's about time! I thought the Hive Mind was lacking something xD We needed a Borg King not a Borg Queen! :O

I agree that he should def go head up the gay rights movement too... unless he wants to spend more time with his wife. XD

Also (warning NSFW):

Racist slur in porn causes uproar

Shocking! :O XDDDD

Mebbe after helping us poor wimmins, that guy can tackle race issues next! XD After all there's nothing ppl can do that a white hetero man can't do better!!! xDDDDDD They're like.. Kryptonians on Earth :D

The best thing evar >:D

Ganked from Filby :D

Longer version is here :]


It's like watching her pwn your childhood!!! It's so great :D

Why can't our geek conventions have cool promo videos like this? XDD Also she's exactly how I'd like my Supergirl to be like >:D Fun and neat and happy and super powerful cool!!!!

This is the "prequel" xD Blowing up the USS Enterprise is the best thing evar :D

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The 4th commandment for women: Thou Shalt Not Hero!

Apparently women can't understand superhero comics! It's biological! xDDD

Gene Simmons on being asked what his partner would think about Superman:

Oh, women don't have a clue. They never did. It's biological. Our aspiration to be heroes, to physical greatness and ruling the world is something totally foreign to them.



Honestly, it's making me laugh so hard. XD Women dun aspire to be heroes! Durh! Their heroes are Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears! xD

Mind you, with attitudes like that it's no wonder some ppl have such a hard time understanding that women superheroes dun exist 100% purely for men. xD And why certain writers portray Supergirl as not being heroic and then wonder why girls dun like her. XD

So.. women dun wanna rule the world? :O

I thought that was like a villain thing neways xD And I thought the whole fear is that women out of control will destroy you utterly with their magical smex powers >_>

All these stereotypes are conflicting and confusing me. :(

So yus... apparently everything I wrote before was bunk xD Supergirl isn't the strong heroic woman inside of me, b/c.. there is none! It's biological! Didn't you hear Dr. Simmons? xD

Supergirl is the slutty little stripper thing inside of me that rly wants to go down on every guy I see. :]

It's just.. with my little girl brain, I get confused sometimes! XD *giggle* But now that Professor Simmons has sorted it out for me, I know better :D

So that time I saved that woman from the creepoid who was groping her in the crowded subway and chased him off? That was a fluke >_> What I was ACTUALLY doing was trying to jump his bones, but he clearly misinterpreted it. xD


So now I know, and knowing is half the battle! The other half is fought by those strong manly men. xD Preferably with white and black facepaint >_>;;;

OMG xD This is what overblown superhero guys would look like irl XDDD

Rob Liefeld would be so proud. xD

Sexay isn't he? XDDDD Men are totally being uber sexualized! I know that kinda body makes me just run away screaming drool. xDDDD

Honestly, with guys like that and women with broken spines atop stilts and who look like crustaceans I dun think that us "feminist fangirls" want to "take the sexy OUT of comics", if anything, we wanna put it back IN xD

A little more moneys :)

I got a raise! :D

It's rly small and actually still below what I should have gotten (it's complicated and involves politics that I'm unfortunately an unwilling pawn in) but I still got one! :D

More comics for me! ^^

Sably's sellers wun ship to Canada nething I want. :( I'm not paying $30 for Crisis on Infinite Earths at my comic store if I can get it for $10. >:|

Oh! And this is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! XDDDDD Explosive kitty :O

The 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings


My sis linked me to this :D

It's the

40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings


Personally I think they missed a couple (namely this one XD), but what they chose is still hilarious and I luff the commentary. :]

I think my favourite is

The leg drop! XDDD

Srsly, I've watched enuf Hulk Hogan matches to know a leg drop when I see one! XDDD

What? He's getting kicked backwards? YOU LIE!!!

Also that one just makes me laugh so hard I can't breathe. XDDDD

Saturday, December 01, 2007

:O I'm like Dr. Weir? o_O

Which Stargate Atlantis character are you most like?
Your Result: Dr. Elizabeth Weir

A natural born leder, Weir cares about the people around her. As well, she has a love for languages, and is a humanitarian and social activist. Being simmilar in personality to Elizabeth is a good thing. It means that you know your place in the world, and you are a genuinely good person.

Teyla Emmagen
Dr. Radek Zelenka
Dr. Carson Beckett
Col. John Sheppard
Dr. Rodney McKay
Ronan Dex
Which Stargate Atlantis character are you most like?
Take More Quizzes

I guess it would kinda make sense that I'm a mix of Weir and Teyla :D


You are 72% easy

You are easy. You like sex… a lot. You do have some reservations about who you do it with though. Only the hottest of the hot.

Take this quiz at

Damn right! XD Only the best for teh Ami! >:D All my answers were on the assumption that I kinda had a read on that person too :]

Also I have a Facebook now! :D For those that care XD

Wheeeeeeeee! :D

My hair is even blonder than before! It's like Jessica Alba as Sue Storm blonde! xD Except the ends >_>


I'm so pleased :]

I actually wanted to post a rant about Gamespot firing their reviewer who gave a game that they had heavily advertised a bad review. Also about how IGN is petty and dumb b/c they declared war on Gabe (from Penny Arcade) for disagreeing with "reviewers" about Assassin's Creed. xD

What is it with ppl and internet vendetta's? XD I'll never understand it. >_>;; Ppl take things way too personally sometimes xD And it's the internets! There's always gonna be somebody out there who insults you. It seems so childish to me to hold a grudge and solve your differences by being schoolyard bullies. These are grown men (in theory)! Esp funny since Gabe wasn't even talking about them. :O


More proof (as if the Jade fiasco wasn't enuf) that the video game "news" world is utterly devoid of actual news and crediblity. >_<

But I'm too tired to talk about those in detail :( So I'm going to bed :] I need sleep sooooo bad :(