Friday, November 30, 2007

Elitist fanboys is what happens when kids grow up without GI Joe xD


Lurker Without got me youtubing GI Joe PSAs b/c of his comment in my last post and I stumbled onto this one which all those "omg ur a girl, girls can't play games/like comics/etc etc" should rly have watched as kids. xD

As corny as those (and Captain Planet's) PSAs were, I personally always liked them! ^^ Their hearts were in the right places :] Tho even if she WASN'T good, she should be allowed to join them >:\ But to kids, it'd be harder to get a more complex lesson thru in such a short time, so this is good too :D

And now you know! And knowing is half the battle! :D (the other half involves Lirpas) XDDD

Rob S. gets his answer!

A follow up to this guy. xD You know, the guy who said that the reason he can't get a date is that he's too rich. XDDD

Rob wondered what the guy's "minus" was that cancelled out his big "plus" of wealth. Heavy Armor pretty much got it. xD

[00:15] Person: that's one reason I'm afraid of relationships, my brother is the same way as me, most people can't think on any higher level and so often times its hard to have any bit of a deep conversation and I would just hate to have someone that I can't properly communicate with other than just the day to day things, and its weird because my brother and I hardly talked, mainly just fought, growing up and yet we're so much alike despite having two diffrent lives, I can only think its because of genetics or some uninfluencable factour and no matter how much effort I could put into someone I can't enlighten them that's why I even have the concern with lana :/ its not an arrogance thing nor am I calling people dumb, but just most people can't talk on a higher level I don't know how to explain it really but its a terrible thing

I tried explaining to him that a lot of ppl can "talk at a high level". All of you can and do. :] I know LOTS of intelligent ppl, most ppl are way smarter than he gives them credit for. xD

Lana being the girl he wants to date but wun approach. xD

He continues:

[00:26] Person: I've talked to enough people and more so from enough different backgrounds and locations
[00:27] Person: I'm confident in my assertion, highly confident

I told him he doesn't know everybody and doesn't know HER at all, to make the judgement, much less for the WHOLE WORLD.

[00:28] Person: no because I've had it happen before
[00:28] Ami Angelwings: so?
[00:28] Ami Angelwings: lana's not the person before
[00:29] Person: no its because the truth holds no bias and the truth lies in the numbers
[00:32] Person: I've had it happen to me too many times, I know what will happen and instead getting out of the way I let it happen only to have happen what I knew what was going to happen, maybe I'm pent up on a particular idea, but I've yet to find anyone to break the trend

And then he gets mad and claims to be Data saying "no I don't get mad! I'm way too intelligent for that!"

[00:36] Person: I don't get mad, I'm either neutral or I'm happy you're seeing the neutral side now, I only have 2 sides to me

And concludes with:

[00:38] Person: I don't look down on people as being inferior unless they prove to me that's the way they intend to stay otherwise its merely an opportunity for improvement, every single day you can improve, that's just one small issue I have with people and me being the over analytical one that I am seeing ways to improve, people see it as insults and things don't go over too well

Gee, I wonder why girls dun like him. Besides that like.. he doesn't approach them. He's also so sure that everybody in the world is an idiot. xD

But no! It's all their fault! He's too rich AND too intelligent for them. And nobody can talk on his genius level! :O

I like how he doesn't look down on ppl as being inferior UNLESS. Ppl rly shouldn't look at other ppl as INFERIOR. xDDD Basically, he has OPINIONS like other ppl, but instead of seeing his issues with others as just ppl being different from each other, he sees them as being INFERIOR to his perfectness. >_>;;

So Rob, now you know, and knowing is half the battle! :D GI JOE!!!! XD

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hal is a man who knows what he wants! :D

From this week's JLA Classified - #47



If it wasn't for the bad influences of SallyP, Ragnell, Kalinara and those other GL fangirls, I would NOT have broken out into a giggle fit at this bit of dialogue!!! XDDD


At least we know his favourite position now :D


Fun games to share :D

Bubbles! :D

Also Platform: The Game which is a rly fun puzzle game in the mold of The Lost Vikings, but it requires a lot more hands on play :]

Oh and while I'm sharing flash games I like, I should also mention Steppenwolf: The X Creatures Project :D I know that's a little old but it was a lot of fun while I was sick last winter XD It's an adventure game like... Day of the Tentacle, or Runaway: A Road Adventure :D Super funs and an interesting plot too :]

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cat/Dog lurve :D

From Furikku:

That is the most adorable thing EVARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDD


I hope that the cat didn't hurt the dog at the end tho xDDDD


D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ^^

Christmas is about smex? :o I dun think that's what ho ho ho is supposed to mean mr. angrychristianpants!

This is a comment from a reader to the Toronto Star about Christmas shopping:

I thought Christmas had something to do about the birth of a man named Jesus Christ. We added the "mas" to his name and turned this event into a season of parties, drinking, sex and shopping. I decided long ago not to participate in any of this madness.
- John Missios, Toronto

That sounds like "Christian rantbot ver.1.2.5" xD

Not b/c he's Christian or nething (I am too :D Honestly I am! :]), but b/c it seems like such a generic complaint that he prolly uses for every single thing he feels is bad about modern society (this could also be "Cranky Old Man rantbot ver.1.2.5") >.>

Parties. Yus. Drinking and Shopping. Yus I can see how Christmas has turned into that... but sex?

I'm sorry... sex? XDDD

I KNOW that sex is in a lot of things nowadays but I honestly dun think nebody can say that Christmas has become about sex. At least not more than any other holiday (if he means that when ppl have time off to spend with loved ones, sex may happen).

I've never seen Christmas advertised as a holiday about sex. :o Shopping? Yus. Having parties and drinking and having fun? Yus. Sex? o_O

Althoo since Christmas is about the birth of Christ, maybe the holiday being about sex wouldn't be that off at all. :o

Tho personally I think the holiday should be about SMEX :D

Oh! And it's not our awful secular corrupt society that added "mas" to the end. It comes from "Christ's Mass". Talk about misguided anger. XD He doesn't even understand the origins of the very tradition he's claiming to be protecting!

I bet he complains that EVERY holiday he likes has been turned into a celebration of commercialism, partying, drinking and sex. xDDD

What's wrong with partying for Christmas neways? I thought he would be happy that ppl are CELEBRATING the birth of Christ (whether they intend to or not xD) :]

Also, I think that the rantbots need to be reprogrammed so that in ver.1.2.6, they say "smex" instead of sex :D

This is also the most you'll ever see me write the word "sex" xD

Yay a shower scene I like :D

OMG naked women can be strong too :D

I like this scene :] I dun consider it gratuitous, and it's well drawn and everything :D

Contrary to "popular" belief, "us feminazis" aren't out to "steal the sexy". XD It's not about "omg no clothes!" or "omg sex!" or "omg she's naked!" It's about context, and art, writing, everything that's important to making good comics. :]

And I think everybody, not just women will agree to that :D

Monday, November 26, 2007

"Nice guys" your problems are at an end! XD

Trish ran into this ad while checking her gmail. :o

Tired of being a nice guy? Just buy this system and you can be an Alpha Male too!



Quick, we need a test subject! xD

Edit: Trish also ran into this XD

Techno vikings are the best kinds of vikings! :D

ALL HAIL TECHNOVIKING! - Watch more free videos

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bitter angry lonely guy coping strategy 101: all girls are sluts inside

I think I get it. :\

I think the reason why so often women who are public figures (often women in power or women who are successful) end up being portrayed in comedy as having sex or being slutty or just being used for sex (sometimes it gets so bad that it's them being raped :( ) is the same reason ppl are told to imagine the crowd naked to feel less nervous while public speaking. :(

It's like... if you can imagine the crowd on equal footing, that despite everything, they're just regular ppl too, you wun get nervous.

And to the insecure jerks who like to portray women as being all "whores" inside, this is a way for them to not be intimidated by strong women. To them if women like Jade are just nothing but "sluts" and if they're reduced to nothing but just a female body to be used, then they become more "accessible" and less fearsome. They're no longer a) worth it b) better than than them. They're just reduced to another sex toy for the guy to look at and not feel like that irl, she'd walk by him as he stood by shyly looking down at his feet, hoping to catch a glance. >_>;;

It rly seems like this is a vicious and mean spirited and very insecure way to bring down women in their mind to give themselves some solace. >:|

These ppl of course do try to bring down everybody who they feel intimidated by, including men. But for women it always has to include sex and that we're nothing more than our body parts and it's so much easier to see us that way to give themselves confidence. :(

Edit: Oh yus..

And this

B/c we need to remind ourselves that a) women are idiots b) women are owned by men c) in the gaming industry you have to be careful that the women are not actually men b/c there are no women gamers (duh!) and that you straight men need to be careful that smeaky transsexuals aren't sekritly plotting to trick away your precious precious heterosexuality XD

I hate when some guys act like that transgirls are "gay trojan horses" >:| Like how some women see transgirls as "guy trojan horses" trying to sneak into women's spaces :\

So mebbe women with breast implants are "small boobed trojan horses" trying to smeak into the great big boob clubs!

And men with toupees or hair transplants are "bald trojan horses"! XDDD

Srsly >_>

Fighting for Truth. Justice. And free comics! :D

I was gonna add in my previous (much longer) post about my issues with the Fragdolls but I decided it needs it's own post :D

K. I dun like the Fragdolls b/c rly, why does a company need to manufacture it's own group of gamer grrls? >_> It's got this creepy Ultimen feel to it. XD

Besides, how can they be a true group of gamer girls without me leading it? XDDDD

I should totally form my own Justice League of Gamer/Comic/Geek Girls! :D

I vote moonbase, teleporters and giant swimming pool for Atlanteans included! I'd also be okay with the satellite, but no matter what, we are NOT having our headquarters in Detroit ok? (I'm not very fond of the cave either, and definitely NOT a stupid sunken spaceship (as shown in that rly rly rly awful Justice League of America live action tv series pilot)) XD

I call Supermangirl! :D

*hands out application forms :D*

Positiveness :D

On a side note :D

Knowing of the existence of Jade as a female video game producer makes me happy b/c I always had a hard time visualizing myself in the video game industry and stuffs b/c I didn't have any examples that I saw that encouraged me. :( It seems dumb, but these things are very important sometimes :\ I KNOW that I can be, but it's hard when I imagine it :(


So yay Jade! :D

I guess the one "good" thing about this "controversy" is that more ppl know about her now that didn't and despite the negativeness of some of the "publicity", she can serve as a role model for other girls that despite the awfulness that others bring on women in the industry they can succeed and go on to great things :D

Edit: On a totally random note. I think that I'm about to set a new record for number of posts on this blog in a month. XD So far in November I have 39, August had 43 and May had 40. XD

I rly can't explain why some months have so many and other months have so few :O

Me and my genes do not exist for you

Usually I avoid "hot" controversies XD It's not b/c I'm all cool and edgy and dun wanna talk about things other ppl talk about, but it's mostly b/c ppl usually have said everything I want to, and I find out about it too late. xD

I'm prolly the last to find out about this again, but this time I'm RLY pissed off and I need to vent >:O

This is actually quite long and stream of consciousness and just based on my own experiences and stuff. :] So just warning you :D

Also FYI I'm referring to ppl who think like Dave Cheung. To the ppl who got so worked up about Jade, and not to ALL men or nething. :]

This thing about Jade Raymond is beyond moronic.


Esp since my childhood dream was to be a video game producer, this cuts deep >:\

I've also lost all respect for Dave Cheung. :\ Even tho I've always had issues with his webcomic Chugworth Academy, I did read it regularly and often was a fan of it and linked my friends to it. No more >:O

His comic was disgusting and awful! And I found his justification for it specious.

I esp found the fact that he called his critics "morality fags" to be hilarious, since he's the one writing a comic about how a woman being pretty is a whore, and his attitude reeks of old fashioned moralizing. XD

The thing about Jade, and about lots of other women who have to put up with this, including to a lesser degree gamer girls, comic reading girls, etc (yus including me >_>).. is that she's not supermodel, porn star, actress, "hot". But she's "attractive" to men, and in a field that men dun expect to find "attractive" women. So it's our fault. :\

She's the producer, is it SO ODD for her to talk about the game or be the public face? Even if she wasn't, very often the charismatic, knowledgable and/or decently presentable employees are the ones who get to work the PR for a group.

Men often complain that feminists are against true equal treatment, and that skills and qualifications and stuff should matter before gender and other stuff.

Well FINE. So now that we HAVE somebody who to my mind is qualified to talk about the game, suddenly there's an outcry b/c she's.. pretty? To men. I mean obv everything is about them. And not to ALL men. Are ALL men falling over themselves? No. Does Dave speak for ALL men? No! He just seems to act like he does. HE finds her attractive, so CLEARLY all men do, so CLEARLY Ubisoft is targetting all men b/c he IS ALL men and he can feel the Eye of Sauron Ubisoft look upon him when he stares at her pictures.

Why do I feel like this has less to do with these gamers (who I bet have no problem with instances where companies actually do use sex to sell games) sudden moral awakening of how awful Ubi is to "pimp" Jade like this, and more to do with the same reasons that ppl come up with the "highschool cheerleader is a slut" "girl of my dreams is a whore" "I bet that pretty celebrity has STDs everywhere" trope. :\

There they are looking at their favourite games, their little safe zone away from real life where real girls are ignoring them, and at least they have video games, video games will never hurt them, will never just want to stay friends with them, and they're made by ppl who understand their pain!

And then.. BAM!... JADE!



She CLEARLY doesn't belong! CLEARLY she must not be qualified. CLEARLY she slept her way to the top. CLEARLY her mere EXISTENCE in PICTURES, PROVES that she's there to titillate. Why? Cuz they're getting hard looking at her. So.. she must be FOR them! Why else would she exist? Why else would she be hired?

And look! She's wearing clothes that's not a burqa!! And she's attractive!

At first they're happy! But then they realize... how come they can't meet gamer/programmer girls like her? It's not fair!

But then they realize, it IS fair. B/c gamer girls dun exist! It's not that they're ignoring gamer girls, or that even gamer girls aren't interested in them, it's b/c .. well.. gamer girls dun exist!


I get this attitude a lot too. Where ppl say that the reason I'm so good at games and stuff is not b/c I'm good at them but b/c guys must be falling all over themselves to help me, and that I must actually suck and am just lucky to be pretty and have guys help me.

I constantly get ppl talking about how hot I am (I'm not even hot!) on CoH and Bnet and other places. How they want to do me. How altho my breasts are small, I have a nice butt, stomach, etc etc


And then there's that guy who found out I wasn't a virgin and started to call me a slut and whore. :\

And the funny thing is that in all the pix I've seen, Jade is wearing pretty conservative clothing. :o So, is her crime just having good jeans? She hasn't piled on the make up, or gotten implants or nething. :\ She just EXISTS! And that's obv an awful awful awful thing.

How many "Jades" ARE there out there? B/c they're acting like she couldn't possibly be there for non sexual reasons b/c pretty girls just aren't hired! Isn't there a good chance that at least ONE producer in all of gaming would be an attractive woman?

If they ALL were platinum blonde EEE sex bombs who last worked in a strip bar or something, fine, mebbe there's something going on about trying to use sex to entice gamer guys. But honestly. Is it not possible she's actually qualified to do her job?

This is so so so so so dumb. They're essentially saying that just being a woman is pushing the lines of sexuality. Which I've always felt has been a disturbing undercurrent in our society. :\ The idea that just our very bodies, our curves, breasts, etc... are "slutty".

B/c men are attracted to those features, any attempt NOT to hide those features, must be an attempt to SEDUCE and MANIPULATE them. B/c a) it's all about them b) it's never about us. :\

As I said, it's not her clothes, it's not her hair, it's not her make up, so exactly why do they think she's trying to seduce and draw them in? Cuz she's naturally pretty? Cuz she has good genes?

If it was a woman they found "unattractive" who wore the same clothes, had the same hair, and smile and the same exposure, they wouldn't blink (except to complain about all the ugly girls in gaming).

So is the idea that the prettier you are the more you need to hide your body or you'll be a slut? I know! How about a covering of some sort. Something long... and black to hide curves and stuff... and it should cover the face.. and the whole body just to be safe!

I wonder what we should call it?

Obv this is pushing it. But what exactly do they want? What would make them think an attractive woman is NOT a slut or is there to titillate them?

Cuz this is totally ridiculous. :\ If we're unattractive to men we're worthless to them, if we're attractive to men, we're condemned for THEIR thought processes. :( THEY are attracted to us, it's OUR fault. Either we should just smex them, or we should hide ourselves from their view.

This isn't about our morality. If nething, this is about THEIR screwed up "morality" when it comes to the worth of women.

Neways :( This whole thing got me rly upset b/c all my dream jobs are in heavily male entertainment industries (comics, video games, etc) and it just scares me that ppl will care more about my looks than nething else. That just b/c I'm an attractive woman in an environment where these fanboys didn't expect to find one, I'm going to be put on that pedestal and then knocked down and called a slut and a whore and stuff b/c they're going thru their "cheerleader wun date me, she's clearly a slut" sour grapes highschool flashback phase. :\

It alrdy happens to me with gaming, where ppl focus more on "omg you're hot" "omg you're Asian?" "omg you're thin!" than my actual gaming! >:|

And the downside of that is the higher I'm put on that pedestal the easier it'll be for me to say something wrong, do something wrong, or just for them to decide to see me in a different light, and attack me.. and for something that I have no control over (my race, my body shape, my genes, etc) :\

And this is something ALL women face, every day. And it's just so unfair and stupid and dumb and mean >:O

You know what? Jade doesn't exist for you. The fact that she's attractive and happens into your little slice of life while she's doing her job, is not proof positive that she's out to seduce you for your moneys, or that Ubisoft is using her to. Ubisoft can get your money without her. They have. They'll continue to do so.

But I have a better solution to this problem. Instead of controlling what women wear and complaining that women look attractive. What about if ppl like Dave Cheung who are so offended by the idea that a woman with good genes can wear non baggy clothes and appear on websites they frequent, just wear a little black cloth over their eyes? Then they can live in their happy world where attractive women exist only in porn for their entertainment and the rest of us can live in the real one.

Edit: FYI, if Ubisoft was actively trying to use her as sex appeal to promote their game I def disagree with this too >:| But from what I see, they were tacitly allowing the various blogs and video game news sources to continue with their sexualizing of her as free advertisement, which is still dumb, but it'd be worse if they decided to step in and demand control over the media. XD

So yus, Ubisoft is def not off the hook if they were trying to do this, but it doesn't justify that comic, nor the general attitudes our society has towards women in traditionally "male" industries, where they are treated just as smex objects or have their gender used against them in attacks. I KNOW it happens to other minorities too (even tho rly we're not a minority are we?), but would we accept ppl making slave references to black employees? No. And this is just as wrong. >:|

Oh and as for Dave Cheung, it annoys me when ppl immediately take the "all criticism of my work is from overly moralistic anti-free speech unintellectual ppl with no sense of humour" tactic. I'm sorry but it's not black and white. Mebbe ppl dun like your work cuz it's BAD. And honestly, the government is not trying to CENSOR you. Ppl are telling you that they dun like your comic and it's bad. They also are allowed free speech to criticize. Free speech is NOT a get out of jail free card from criticism!

Friday, November 23, 2007

What time is it? It's time for ninjas! xD

Haven't you always wanted to kill ninjas using a giant clock hand? :D

Well now you can! :D


I killed 1148 on my first try :O

How many can you kill? :D

Edit: Yay 2953! :D

Double Edit: Third try: 5090! :D I had a rly bad moment where 39 ninjas entered after tons and tons grabbed my hand b/c I got greedy trying to lure more in before I hit the bell :(

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Best excuse evar XD

I was talking to my other guy friend who is complaining about why girls dun date him and started to use the "nice guy" excuse. >_> He was actually self aware enuf to realize that he was seeing girls as a "goal" and not as actual ppl he wants to have a relationship with.

But then the excuses came out.

Girls dun like him b/c

- he's too smart and too intellectual

- he's too nice

- girls like "el badasso"s

- fate is against him

and the best one:

- he has a good paying job, a nice car, a fancy phone and girls prolly assume he's rich so they're intimidated by him



guys dun have a nice job, a nice car and a nice phone and they can't get dates and it's our fault for being superficial bitches.

guys DO have those things but can't get a date, and it's our fault.. ALSO!?

wtf >:O

Oh also:

: I'm VERY VERY analytical about EVERYTHING so most people take it as an insult when I'm just trying to show them a better way to do something or a way to improve

I dun think it's a turn on for ANYBODY to be criticized about "EVERYTHING". >_>

And then:

Person: because of my things like i.e. my phone and car people think I'm loaded so I know for a fact at least some girls are intimidated thinking I'm already set Iknow that's the case with at least some people
Ami Angelwings: so having a nice phone and car is a turn off to girls?
Person: no, but some see me and think I'm not even gonna approach him
Ami Angelwings: and do you?
Person: no :/ most of the time I'm too particular(I'm like this with clothes, food, and so many other things, things have to be a certain way more or less) or I just don't feel its worth it

Okay... so he doesn't even WANT the girls (since he's particular) and that they're not worth it.

So what's he complaining about!?

He's saying that girls think he's too good for them and wun approach them (which btw, he knows thru mind reading I guess since he doesn't approach them XD), and then he... doesn't approach them.


So he complains about not getting a date b/c of all these "flaws" he has (they're mary sue flaws like "caring too much" or "trying too hard") and then says that he doesn't even want the girls cuz they dun measure up to his standards and he doesn't even talk to them...

so uhh...

how was he planning to get a date?


At least he's accepting of my suggestions :] We are having a mostly pleasent convo except it'd help if he stopped going into self pity mode so much. SO not attractive. XD

Also I pointed out to him that around me he's comfortable and relaxed, but as I suspected, it's cuz I'm his Starcraft playing friend and he doesn't see me as a real girl or a "target". Thx. >_> I wonder if he sees the irony. XD


damn those pretty girls for making me want them so

XD Yub... it's all your fault girls! Stop MAKING guys want you! Also.. this pretty much confirms the "girls dun like me" = "pretty girls I want dun like me" generalization :\

Edit 2:

well I don't just go for the pretty girls though people have to look decent, because my rule is I can never respect someone if they can't first respect themselves



He's not exactly HOT STUFF himself and he just strolls around in tshirt and glasses and unkempt hair. SO WTF.

Secondly, that's again putting the onus on the girl so that you dun think of yourself as a selfish superficial loserhead. "Well it's not that I'm superficial but obv if they're not attractive to ME they dun respect themselves".

Uh huh.

People respect themselves by being themselves, not by being pretty for other ppl. >:\ Also unless he's just talking about personal hygene (clearly not), he's doing that usual schtick about women needing to do whatever it takes in order to fit a standard of beauty, otherwise they dun "care about themselves".

and where's his six pack and penis enlargement surgery?


And for the curious, I'm included in the "pretty girls" category for him XD

As I should be >:D

But then he added that he luffs Asian girls and that all guys do, which is why I have it so good. o_O

Yay for stereotype fetishes! >_>

Me luff you long time!

On nice guys :]

I was linked to this site that has a section for the "nice guy" myth that I thought was rly neat. :O There's a lot of differing opinions, and many of them are from men who posit about the "nice guy" thing and why it's not that simple as what some "bitter nice guys" are trying to make it seem like. :]

This is a great bit by a GUY who doesn't even agree with everything on that site, and admits to not knowing how women think, but his analysis is pretty good :)

Women don't want nice guys. In my experience, with friends, partners, and other interactions, they like *KIND* guys. The difference is a subtle one, but it's important.

'Niceness' is a set of completely superficial behaviors that boils down to 'being inoffensive.' Someone can be a 'nice asshole' just as easily as a caustic asshole. Niceness also comes along for the ride with kindness in many cases, but is motivated by genuine care for others regardless of how it 'pays off.'

My experience has been that most of the deeply embittered 'nice guys' are just as self-centered as the jerks they gripe about; they just don't have the balls to weather rejection from healthy women while playing the numbers game, hitting on women until one responds favorably.


There's a difference between somebody who is genuinely kind, who is compassionate and caring and doesn't expect nething in return, and isn't hoping to date you in exchange for his niceness. That's the issue I have with some ppl's "chivalry" and with the whole "omg I'm a nice guy but my friends wun date me!"

It IS superficial. Even just COMPLAINING about it, proves that you're expecting something that you're dissapointed and angry that things didn't turn out the way you think they should have, and that you're mad that you were nice and didn't get a "reward" for it.

And yus, complaining about it IS self centred. Like it's all about them. There's no way the girl might have other interests or attractions. There's no way that other guys might be less superificial, or more genuine in their kindness. There's no way that the other guys who are of course "jerks" could be decent ppl inside, or interesting ppl. There's no way the girl can be more than a superficial bad-boy-loving bitch! It's all about you and how bad YOU have it and how unfair it is to YOU, and how clearly you are a great person, and it's feminism's fault!


This is also a great comic and SO SO SO SO SO true. xD IN FACT, it's totally ironic that when similar situations happen, the "nice guy" doesn't get that he's doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING to the girl that he's complaining about. She's his friend, she likes him, and he ignores her cuz she isn't what he wants. XD

But srsly.. I do hear this a lot... it's what I was complaining about in my previous geek girl post. I hear lots and LOTS of guys complain on Starcraft and City of Heroes and stuff, that there are no geek girls, when there are LOTS, but when I ask them more about it, it turns out what they want is a HOT geek girl. What these "nice guys" want is an easy way in. They're afraid to get rejected by outright asking girls out, so they try to sneak in, thinking that it works like in movies and tv shows, and of course the girls that they befriend hoping to get in with, or are "targetting" are the hot ones. >:O

To them, girls ignore them b/c ATTRACTIVE GIRLS (at least in their mind) ignore them.

Also I bet that if rich cool "bad boys" start complaining that they girls wun date them even tho they buy everything for them, and give them rides in their cars and get into fights just to impress them, these "nice guys" will have no sympathy at all. It's the same principle. Both are doing something not genuine with the intention to "get" a girl and they "expect" to be "paid" for their "service". :\


I just found the site neat :] And as I said, it happens to both genders. XD Guys ignore "nice girls" ALL THE TIME. Mostly b/c they're just not "attractive" and fly under their radar. Which is another thing "nice guys", do you rly consider yourself such hot stuff that you expect girls to luff you just cuz you're NICE to them? We're not dogs. Just petting us is not gonna make us form an everlasting bond with you forever. XD

Tho I am a bunny >:D Bunny Ami away! :D

Edit: To those coming from WFA (who tend to look at the one post and ONLY the one post), the discussion about "nice guys" started here in the comments and the sequel to this post is here :]

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Men! Today is your lucky day! This girl is willing to give up her awesome female privilege to you for the low low price of your male privilege!

Dear mens who say women are so lucky to be "protected" and "respected".

I will gladly trade you my near-mint condition copy of "Chilvalric Protection - #1" and my mint condition copy of "Condescending Respect Annual 80 page spectacular", for your fair-to-poor condition "Male Privilege - #132" (you know, the one with the ape on the cover holding a tank), curled yellow pages, coffee stain and all, k? :D

Since you think I'm so lucky for owning those 2 very prestigeous and highly valuable issues, you wouldn't mind giving up your crappy, heavily used and worn copy of "Male Privilege" that you clearly see no value in, for them right? :]

Please, pay no mind to the reviewers that call Male Privilege - #132 one of the greatest comics of all time, or that Chilvalric Protection - #1 can't be read without a special decoder key that only the comic publisher has, and that Condescending Respect is only 2 pages long and contains no words longer than 1 syllable. My comics are in much nicer condition, and comics are for putting on your mantle and admiring not reading right? :]

Oh wait... you suddenly decided you need to read it over a few more times first?

Oh okay :] I'll just wait here then... tell me when you're done with it. :)

Get to know Ami thru flawed quizzes tour 07! XD

You Are 89% Feminist

You are a total feminist. This doesn't mean you're a man hater (in fact, you may be a man).
You just think that men and women should be treated equally. It's a simple idea but somehow complicated for the world to put into action.

That quiz was wayyyy too simplistic. :\ I rly hate "agree or disagree" questions cuz you dun get to choose the statements and there's lots of complexity to these things :(

What Your Underwear Says About You

You like your underwear to make you feel girlish and pretty. Let's hope you're a chick.

You're a closet exhibitionist who gets a thrill from being secretly naughty.

I AM girlish and pretty XDDDD It's my underwear who needs me to feel better about itself! XD

You Are a Total Tease

You're all about flirting and fun, but you often give guys the wrong idea
Most men think they have a chance with you... but come on!
You've got high standards, and most men you flirt with aren't going to make the grade
And while your tease act will work for a while, every guy you know will eventually be the wiser


This is another quiz I wish I could choose more answers for. XD They're SOOO loaded >:|

Your Driving Is is: 59% Male, 41% Female

According to studies, you drive both like a guy and a girl.
This means you're a pretty average driver, with typical quirks.
Occasionally you're frustrated and or a little reckless, but that's the exception - not the norm.

Based on imperical research!!! XDDD Apparently driving well makes me drive like a guy! XD Which always confused me about the "like a guy" and "like a girl" things XD How can I possibly drive nething other than like a girl? I AM A GIRL. So whatever I do is what A girl would do. I am A girl. XD It's sorta annoying that driving well is considered a "guy" quality >:|

You Are a Normal Girl

You are 40% Good and 60% Bad
Sure you've pulled some bad girl stunts in your past.
But these days, you're (mostly) a good girl.

"Normal"? XDDDD The smoking thing is confusing. :\ I USED to smoke, I dun nemore.. what do I answer? xD

You Are 68% Girly

You're a pretty girly chick, and you're not ashamed to admit it (or wear pink).
But you're also practical. You can hang with the guys, as long as they're not too gross!


Stop being gross you guys!!!! XDDDD

I WOULD own more than 5 pairs of heels if I wasn't so tall that heels make me tower over almost everybody. :\

I dun understand how being "girly" by those standards means that you can't hang out with guys tho? XD What if I scored 100% (if you phrased some questions differently it could happen! XD) Does that mean CLEARLY I dun wanna hang out with guys? Or I can't like guy things too? :\

Being unathletic is not a stereotypically "girly" quality XD In fact it seems to be a stereotypically "male" quality if TV is to be believed. xD

You are a City Girl!

Whether you live in the city or not, you've got the heart of a city girl.
You're up on the latest trends - what's hot in music, food, and fashion.
And you love to be on the go. Your perfect day is filled with tons of fun.
Your perfect guy is a city guy, so head to LA, NYC, Sydney, or London to find him!

I hated the choices! XD But City Girl sounds right for me >:D

And finally...

You Are Chocolat Orange Pocky

Your attitude: funky and flavorful
Rich and deep - yet zingy and zesty
You are the perfect partner in crime


I have Pocky right now >:D I wish I was Strawberry tho and all pink like :( Chocolate and orange!? >_>;;;


That is all in your "get to know Ami thru flawed quizzes" tour. XD

Ami brings the news :D Cute and balanced XD

This was originally in my last post but as it grew I decided to give it a new post :]

This is awful :(

Tasers should be used in situations guns would be used, but not just as "phasers on stun, we'll sort it out later" :( I def think that police should defend themselves and have the means to (I definitely am not in the "ban tasers" group, but there's a middle ground between using them recklessly and not using them at all), but sometimes I think police are too eager to use it in situations it shouldn't be b/c it's "easier" to. :(

The video is painful for me to watch ;-; There must be other ways to restrain him since he wasn't being violent or hurting ppl. He was just confused :(

There's an inquiry now. >_>;;

I feel so bad for the mother!!!! :(

And this is disturbing :( I dunno what to think but.. :(

8 and 9 y/o rapists? :\ Or is the 11 y/o girl crying rape cuz she regretted having smex with them!? :(

Blah :(

And I was wondering what ppl thought about this which is about a Canadian Muslim woman who works as an airport security guard who found the uniform skirt too short and the pants were uncomfortable and showed off her curves, so she made an ankle length skirt and was suspended for it. :o

Here are some opinions from various ppls :\

Also the pic isn't available online but she is wearing a hajib and the skirt is ankle length. Which is what some of the letters was referring to.


Um.. that is all? XD




[02:12] IDIOT BOX: Umm
[02:12] IDIOT BOX: Listen
[02:12] IDIOT BOX: cutie
[02:12] IDIOT BOX: Batman
[02:12] IDIOT BOX: Fights crime
[02:12] IDIOT BOX: he doesn't
[02:12] IDIOT BOX: solve it


(btw, he's not actually named IDIOT BOX, that's just his designation from me for tonite XD)



Actually he doesn't, but he talked down to me so much like clearly I dunno what I'm talking about. Complete with "cutie" :\

Tho I am a cutie! XD

But that's besides the point. >:\

It's almost like he was saying "you're cute but stupid and know nothing of comics".








Besides, can't I be a cutie ANDDDDDDD be smart and know things about comics? :D

After much yelling I have convinced him that he's wrong >:D

More than that he's SHOCKED when I told him that there are OTHER ROBINS besides Dick Grayson! :O And he had NO IDEA who Tim Drake is XD Or that Selina knows Bruce's identity.. or nething else :D

SO FWAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! :]


Given Batman's inability to figure out that Thunder and Grace are lovers, mebbe he is dumb >_>;;;

Monday, November 19, 2007

My geeky Americans!

All you political gamer types out there will prolly rly like The Campaign Game which is basically a strategy rpg akin to Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem but about the Democrat/Republican presidential races :]

It's super neat and funs and you can even play online against others :]


Is Myspace responsible for teen's suicide? :o

Faked online friendship led to girl's suicide, parents say


I think they just want somebody to blame. :\ It seems that a lot of things led to it. She was alrdy depressed, and from what it says she had a fight with her mother right before she ran into her room and hanged herself. :(

Also has it says users of Myspace have to be over 14 and her parents knew she was using Myspace. :\

But it is horrible about cyber bullying and pranks and mean stuff like that. :( But it also happens irl. :( And I think it's important online to be aware that ppl may not be who they claim they are.

It's also suspicious that her dad found a msg from "Josh" telling her that she should die, but the police haven't been able to retrieve this mysterious msg. :o

I rly DO NOT like ppl making fake accounts (esp parents who should KNOW BETTER) to spy on kids and stuffs :\

I had a guy friend's mom do that to me once (pretending to be somebody else online to make me say awful things to show her son) and I felt rly angry. >:O

But I dun think Myspace is to blame for this tragedy! :(

This should be about teen depression and suicide (and possibly teen bullying, tho it appears a parent was behind it), not about "omg myspace is ebil and ppl can be fake on it!"

It's one of those things that annoys me about mainstream media which still treats commonplace internet things as "OMG WTF!?" :\

Question to ppls, and Law and Orders stuffs :O

Today after having a fight with somebody, I left the house angrily and took a drive. >:(

But since it was rly dark and cold I suddenly had this weird thought that this would be the perfect time for me to be killed. :o Prolly cuz I watch WAYYYY too much Law and Order. XD And I imagined how the opening scene would be like a police cruiser pulling me over and then the person (who would be a fake cop or something) would shoot me and kill me. :(

And I started thinking about how the episode would progress and who I want investigating and stuffs :o

And then I thought mebbe the person who killed me had powers and this was a Smallville episode! :O But then I'd have powers and I'd beat the heck out of Clark until she started being more heroic. >:O Also I'd sekritly replace Kara as Supergirl >_>;;;


Neways, I concluded I prolly want Goran and Eames from Criminal Intent or Logan and Falacci (who is MY NEW FAVOURITE CHAR ON TV B/C SHE'S SO KICK ASS AND COOL AND MAKES LOGAN LOOK LIKE THE "GOOD COP" AND UNLIKE MOST TUFF GIRL CHARS ON LAW AND ORDER SHE DOESN'T HAVE A DEAD COP HUSBAND OR IS SINGLE, SHE HAS A HUSBAND AND KIDS WHO WAITS FOR HER AT HOME :DDDDD ALSO SHE WEARS BLACK/PURPLE NAIL POLISH!). :] The SVU crew is starting to become rly sloppy and emotionally attached to everybody and everything. :\ I dun trust them nemore >:O

Except I doubt that I'd be important enuf for Major Case. :\

I want Alexandra Cabot (ADA from SVU in Season 2-4) to prosecute and/or Casey Novak (SVU 4-9) :] I find Jack McCoy kinda crazy sometimes >_>;;

But... but... I'd also want Dr. Hwang from SVU on the case too cuz he's super awesome and smart XDDD And Munch cuz he's cynical and sarcastic :]



I do watch too much SVU. :\

Or I'd want Batman to investigate... <_< :]

As a side note, I wish that when Julianne Nicholson comes back from maternity leave, that Wheeler would be the senior detective and Fallaci be the junior one on CI. :\ But I know that wun happen cuz of Logan (who I also luff to death xDDD) But I want to see an all female cop duo on Law and Order for once :( Or at least a female senior detective. :(

Also the last episode of SVU (Blinded) amused me b/c Stabler got brutally injured and blinded (temporarily of course) in order to give Olivia angst and anger to get revenge against the suspect. :o I thought at first that this was gonna be about Stabler being blind in one of those "hero is blinded and gains new insight" episodes but after he got hurt it wasn't about him at all. :O


It's like boyfriend in the refrigerator! :o And Stabler wasn't hurt in a fight, or a shoot out, or nething, but while leading the suspect to the car, so he didn't "go down fighting". It was sudden and brutal! :(

I know Stabler and Olivia have been injured or put in peril in the past to give each other drama (as I said I watch way too much SVU XD) but I dun think I've ever seen it happen like this where it's not about the one who was injured at all and all about the other one. :O

K... I'll shut up about L&O now :]

On to what I wanted to ask to ppls :D

Out of curiousity, if you were killed or something, what fictional crime solving ppls would you want to investigate your murder? XDDDD

You can be as detailed or as fangeeky as you want in how it's solved or what they would do about it, etc if you want XD

Note :]

I said this before but I'll say it again so it's clear. XD

I allow non-blogger comments b/c many of my freinds and ppl who want to comment do not have blogger accounts. :] But you can still put a name to your comments. :)

If you can't even bother to do that, I'm going to delete it. :\ Considering you dun even need to have a blogger account or nething, it's not like I'm being unreasonable.

You can just put your name so that we know what to call you by and it shows respect for both me and the other commenters. :]

That is all XD I'm just tired of anon trolls, and not being able to tell the anons apart. :\

So if your anonymous comment is deleted, that is why. :\

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sour keys are yum :]

This is a meme that I got from Bianca :]

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car)
- KiKi Tercel

2. GANGSTA NAME: (favorite ice cream flavor, favorite cookie) - Mint Chocolate Chip (which is both my favourite ice cream and cookie :O )

3. DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal) - Pink Kitty :] (or Panther! xD)

4. STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first) - Angam :O Ew >_> (and yus I used Angelwings as my last name :D)

5. SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd favorite color, first tool that comes to mind, put “The” at the beginning) - The Blue Hammer :o SUCH LIES XD

6. STRIPPER NAME: (favorite candy, the name of your favorite perfume/cologne) - :\ Sour Keys are my favourite candy XD But I dun have a favourite perfume cuz I dun use them :(

7. PORN STAR NAME: (First pet and street you live on) - KiKi Niles XD

I wanna be KiKi Sour or KiKi Keys (altho that has a bad acroynym :\) or KiKi Sourkeys for my stripper name! :D

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ami Angelwings: Fat women, straight guys being raped, and superheroines in peril!

B/c I've been storing these up cuz they amuse me so, here are all the search topics since I started using my statcounter that I found funny or odd or wondered how they managed to get to my blog (like the Harry Potter one, I never once mentioned HP). :o

Or some that just make me wonder WHY ppl are searching for that! Or what they could be trying to find. XDDD

Some are just cute :] I'm going to include comments next to some :] vibrator blowjob
legion of superheroes television breasts
nymphet video (Ew... :\)
ms. marvel tentacle photoshop (You dun need photoshop for that pic XD)
slade raven porn flash (Creepily enuf I recently ran into what they were looking for!!!! :( )
supergirl naked
cute rape (cute rape!? :OOOO)
life i'm sick of
rape comix
evil sue richards fanfics (I told you there's a fetish for this stuff XD)
supergirl beaten (fetish again >_>)
superman,cock (I'm just amused at what this could be about)
young ppl losing hea ( o_O )
rape is funny (It totally is.. >_>;;;)
ami angelwings controversy (CONTROVERSY!? :O what controversy!? :o I dun ever remember being controversial XD)
never say a man cute (say woman cute! ugh! me want woman now!)
selina kyle moustache (O_O;;)
ami supergirl (Damn straight I am! >:D)
batgirl knocked out
evil female
psylocke swimsuit (Isn't Psylocke's costume basically a swimsuit neways? :O )
super buff guy
iam cute i want rich woman (XDDDDD I wonder if he found one on google)
super cute models
regular cute white guys (awww what about the irregular cute white guys? :\ I think they all read this blog XD)
supergirl parody (under Kelly, Supergirl was ALRDY a parody XDD)
cute reasons for going to school ( THIS ONE IS MY FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What ARE cute reasons for going to school? :D I wanna know! XD )
wonder woman hentai
supergirl stripper
supergirl rape (wonder woman hentai, supergirl as stripper, batgirl knocked out, supergirl rape :\)
teen titans raven tied up (and again...)
robin tied up gagged (now THAT'S a change! XDDD Poor Robin :( )
cheesecake hawkgirl
gay angel wings (am not!)
superman lois lane spanking ( o_o;;; )
how to look super cute this year (angelwings are a must! *nods*)
supergirl undressed
slutty supergirl photo (pick up any Supergirl issue before #20)
pictures were batman saves innocent woman
gay review porn countdown (gay reviews are the best kinds of reviews)
superman super cock
which characters die death hollows (I rly dunno how they got to my blog with this XD )
hypocrites vegetarian (They are! >:O)
nothing can penetrate superman (I just thought the wording was hilarious XD I dunno why)
world war hulk kills everybody
previews gayz go grazy (grazy? o_O)
punching sucking boobs (!?)
small, cute breasts
super large breasts (the fact that those 2 were next to each other in terms of times searched amused me to no end)
giant breasts
women with giant breasts
super bigger boobs
brian spank lois
older women giant breasts
cute superman shirts for girls
legion of superheroes porn
super super super super super fat women games (they must rly like fat women games :O )
giant breasts pressed
attractive fat women
super fat women
men being raped (o_o poor mens :( )
fat girl pic
how to get a nice butt guys (all you guys out there better read this blog to find out!)
hairy male super heroes (Wolverine.)
men love fat women (As well you should XD )
straight guy raped ( :\ WHAT IS WITH PPL AND RAPE?)
skinny men and fat women
fat woman with cute boy (You'd think that by now ppl would know that my blog has nothing to do with fat women XD )
super large breasts
hot straight guy tied and raped by a gay ( "by a gay" >_>)
evil fat women
old fat women and to men
pictures straigt men being raped (all you straight mens out there... i'd be careful >_>)
cute guys with beards (Riker! :D )
how to get fat go to the butt area (I wanna know how to do that too XD )
rants about teenage girls (ABOUT!? ABOUT!? XD)

And I'll leave you with this spam email subject that I couldn't stop laughing at. XD

Beat her womb with your new big rod, so that she knew who wears the pants!

Words to live by XDDDDDDDDDD

Supergirl porn? :o Or just run of the mill Supergirl?

This is Supergirl from a pr0n artist site :O (kinda NSFWish)

She's well drawn :o (actually the artists there (DEF NSFW) are RLY good and draw rly hot stuffs :D But I guess I should leave that to my arty friends like Joel and Thom to judge :])

What I find interesting tho is that her skirt (meant to be a sexy take on the outfit and to titillate like everything else on that site :D) is not that much shorter than some artists *coughchurchillcough* take on Supergirl. :\

And she actually has flesh on her body and isn't super thin! :O And her breasts aren't just balloons sticking. :O And she has muscles! And ankles! :O And her skirt (altho super short) actually cuts off higher at the top than Churchill's (which is ridiculously low!!!!!!!!!!) or even Turners. O_O

In fact, except for mebbe the skirt (which just looks jarring in general), you'd think that this was the mainstream supergirl and Ian Churchill's was some fetish fan artist's work! :O

It's sad when the real official thing is out porning porn. :\

And since apparently some ppl didn't get it the first time I wrote about superhero erotic pix: I have no problem with porn XD AT ALL. I luff porn and erotic stuff >_>;; But when I want eroticism, fetishization, etc, I look at that. I want heroism and bravery and strong and good heroes looking strong and good when I read superhero comics :]

Besides XD There's no taboo or extra sexiness from fetishizing superheroines if the ultimate costume and body looks exactly the same (or better!) than what's in the books. XD

Friday, November 16, 2007

Your newspaper comic is bad and you should feel bad!

The top 5 most unintionally hilarious comic strips



Wrestling FANS are fake!? :O


As a former wrestling fan I have to say this is 100% true... nobody can rly be fans of pro wrestling... we're paid to do it and we try to do the best job we can. :]

Also we have a sekrit handshake :D

Thursday, November 15, 2007

How to make a stripper think you're gay in 5 easy steps! :]

I was flipping around last night and I saw some program for guys or something and they were interviewing this "girl expert" guy who give his surefire way to "bring home" a stripper. B/c apparently according to the program every guy wants to date a stripper. o_O;;

So here are the 5 steps! xD

1) Become a regular at the bar and go only on slow nights

2) Sit as far away as you can from the girls, do not pay them attention or look at them

3) Bring another, hotter, girl to make the strippers jealous b/c according to the guy whenever a girl is around another girl they're always competitive and jealous.. yus :\ Guys are that important to our lives XD

4) Do not tip or pay the girls since strippers are users and they'll see you as a customer rather than smex material >_>

5) Host a party and invite them! All strippers love to party and if they know you host parties they'll want you bad! (that's actually what he said >_> (tho not word for word obv XD)


Except that there's some serious flaws in that plan. XD

First of all it contradicts itself. If they're users and stuff, wouldn't they just see you as a host of parties and just go to your parties? :\ Why would they want to smex you? Are you not inviting any other guys to this party? XDDD

Secondly, it would creep me out a lot if this guy just hung around the bar all the time, not wanting a dance or nething and possibly just staring at me as a potential target when they think I'm not looking, and not paying me money.. and then suddenly invites me to a party. I think I'd be scared <_<;;

Not all strippers are party girls >_> Or "sluts". Or super hot either. And just saying "Imma throw a party!" is prolly not gonna make them go "OMG U SO SMEXY!" A lot of what guys "know" about strippers (and prostitutes, and just about any girl they both lust after and look down on at the same time) is based on assumptions and stereotypes. :\ Some of my friends have worked in the smex trade, and stuffs... it's not this super slutty omg I'm an idiot and I'm horny hehehehe fuck me! thing >:\

More than that, if these guys can get hotter girls that will apparently do w/e they want (like follow them every day into a strip club and sit around doing nothing), why is it so important to get a stripper? I'm confused. >_>;; It seems like this is a lot of time and effort (and money since presumably you'd be eating/drinking there) just to "go home" with a stripper. >_>;;

I dun even know what the appeal of that is XD It's not like they're any different than other girls :o

Plus it's dumb how they're like "bring a girl!" Is this a stripper from another bar you hired to be your arm candy or something? It's like we're just accessories and bringing one along is as easy as bringing an Ipod with you. XD

But more hilariously and the reason this amused me so much is that if *I* was a stripper, and I saw a guy who came every day with a girl (who presumably isn't following these bizarre steps), but never paid attention to us, never paid us money, and just kinda sat there... I'd think this

Wtf is up with that creepy guy? He has absolutely no interest in girls. He's prolly gay. I bet that's his lesbian friend who brings him here against his will. Look how disinterested and bored he looks! She's hot tho! :D I wonder if she's single!



And his plan will backfire badly. XD

NEWAYS... I always find these "tips" very hilarious and very.. odd. XD They rly dun think very highly of other ppl, male or female, and act like guys are moronic horndogs and girls are crafty gold diggers. >_>

But I found those tips even funnier cuz they're just.. so... flawed. XD And contradictory. :o

Mebbe the "expert" was just trying to eliminate the competition :o


But but but... now guys... YOU KNOW HOW TO PICK UP A STRIPPER!!!!

Aren't you pleased? :] Now go out and hang at bars! :D

I volunteer myself to be the decoy girl X3

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Welcome to teh Amiverse: STARLIGHT ANGEL :D YAY!

Kk so it's finally time for Starlight Angel :D The Superman/Supergirl of my universe :)

Her origin isn't actually complicated. It just SEEMS more complicated cuz of how I wrote it. XD

I try to make ALL the origins tellable in 1 or 2 pages much like the original Superman and Batman origins were told in only a couple pages. :D In this case it'd be that there's a Starlight Kingdom, the Queen was betrayed by her jealous sister and left to die but was saved, the jealous sister reappeared to kill the queen who gave her life to bring back Starlight's parents. Starlight was born, had powers, became a hero :D

Here's the longer version XD

Origin: High above the human world, on another plane of existence, there was a vast kingdom of Angels known as the Starlight Kingdom. They have watched and tended over the planet since it's creation, led by their wise and just Queen Anthea.

However Anthea had a sister, Antania, who coveted her throne jealously. :( She hated that her sister loved the life on Earth and nurtured and encouraged it's growth, including humanity, which Antania saw as a savage species.

One day, during one of their many arguments about humanity, Antania suggested that they visit Earth together to watch humans. Anthea agreed and they went, but it was a trap! :O Antania betrayed her sister, severely wounding her and stranding her on Earth, sure that Anthea would be destroyed by the savage humans in her weakened state (which she saw as an ironic death). :(

Antania, returned to the Starlight Kingdom feigning shock and sadness, saying that Anthea had been set upon by humans wielding magic and killed. :( As next in succession, she took the throne and leadership of the Angels.

On Earth, Anthea wandered through the city, injured and dying but found nobody willing to help her. Worse yet, people took advantage of her state and she was attacked by thugs with nobody lifting a finger to aid her. :(

However, a young couple who was nearby, saw what was going on and rushed to help her :D They were able to fight off the thugs and find out that she had no place to stay and nobody to help her, they took her in and helped nurse her back to health :D

She stayed with them for a short time, getting to know them and their young daughter well :) She was impressed by their kindness and caring and how they helped her even though they didn't have much money and had a small child to tend to as well. :]

It was around this time that Antania discovered that her sister was still alive. :O Angered, she came to the home of the young couple to find Anthea and finish the job herself. However, the couple intervened, and was killed. :( Anthea, though, was strong enough to fight off her sister and escape. But as she saw the young couple's child weeping over her parents dead bodies, she realized she could not abandon the people who had been so good to her. She made a deal with Antania. She would allow Antania to destroy her if she was allowed to heal her friends, and that Antania would promise not to harm humanity in the future. Not caring about humans much, Antania agreed.

Anthea embued part of her angel essence into the couple and changed into her true angel form, giving the couple's child her pendant before going outside where her sister killed her. :(

The young couple awoke not knowing what had happened, and thinking that their guest had left, fleeing the thugs again. They thought their child was making up stories when she told them what had happened. They tried looking for Anthea and put up posters, but no word was ever heard from about her again. :(

Soon the couple had another child whom they named Melissa. :) Although they were Asian, Melissa was born with blonde hair. :O Not knowing why and not wanting their child to attract attention, they dyed her hair throughout her youth. However, she stopped it when she was a teenager, as she liked her natural hair colour and just told ppl she dyed it :]

However, her sister, Rachel, was jealous of Melissa b/c she was special with her blonde hair and that her parents seemed to favour her. As well, her sister was starting to doubt her own sanity and was haunted by what she witnessed as a child. :(

One fateful day, after a fight with her parents, she ran off into the woods near their home. She wandered further and further until she came to a sheer cliff. The rocks under her foot gave way under her weight and she fell, managing, barely, to grab onto the edge!

At home, Melissa went out to find Rachel to comfort her when she heard the screams for help! Running as fast as she could she headed through the woods to the cliff. As she reached the edge though, her sister lost her grip and fell. Throwing herself forward, Melissa graspsed her sister's hand just in time, saving her. :D She was glad that she managed to grab her before she fell too far.

But then she noticed her sister staring. Looking back, Melissa found herself hovering in the air. :O Rachel HAD fallen off the edge, but Melissa was flying! :O

They also realized that her sister had wandered a long way away and Melissa had covered that distance in mere seconds, plowing a path through the forest. :O

Going back home, Rachel told her about what she had seen all those years ago, and showed her the pendant. :] They told their parents who finally believed their daughter's stories and surmised that maybe was an angel and Melissa was her daughter :)

Several years later, Melissa left home and went to Hong Kong for university b/c her sister was living there and she moved in with her. :) Her first time in a big city, Melissa was overwhelmed at everything, but she also saw a lot of ppl in need of help for the first time in her life and being a good person, she used her powers to help out. :)

However, she was getting worried about attracting too much attention b/c she also wanted to live a normal life, so she asked her sister for help. :D Her sister suggested she wear a costume to hide herself ^^ Melissa didn't want to wear a mask though as she didn't want to feel like she had things to hide, and she wanted ppl to see her happy smiling face helping them, and comforting ppl who needed it. :D

So instead of designing a costume that hid her, Rachel instead made one that made Melissa look bigger than life. :D Drawing inspiration from the angel she saw from so long ago, she designed a costume for Melissa to be a hero in. :] It was designed to accentuate Melissa's figure in deceptive ways, so that ppl would not think that Melissa looked like the hero at all. :]

As well, Melissa wore glasses in her normal guise b/c she had been nearsighted all her life and although she could use her vision powers to compensate, she was still nearsighted, and preferred wearing glasses rather than always having to use her powers :D Adding to that, when Melissa used her powers, she generated a very subtle glow around her, which is what gives Angels their "angelic" appearance. :] So using that her hair looked inhumanly blonde and perfect, as well as it hid all imperfections on her skin and further served to skew the cameras.

The celebrity effect helped as well, as Melissa the hero was seen to be so perfect and special and beautiful and bigger than life by the public, people couldn't see Melissa as that person. It was like a celebrity without their make up and camera effects on them.

Melissa soon became a great and well known hero not just for the city but for the whole world. :D B/c of her appearance and the star symbol on her chest (based on her pendant), she was known as Starlight Angel, the greatest hero the Earth had ever known :D

Powers: Super Strength, Flight, Invulnerability, Laser Eyes, Enhanced Senses, Super Speed

Yus :D Her powers are NOT exactly the same as Superman's :)

First of all, her speed isn't SUPER DUPER DUPER FAST. It's kinda fast. She can fly faster than a car, but not at the speed of sound or nething. She CAN go rly rly rly fast, but it's like warp drive. She has to have a clear path to where she's going and she can't slow down or turn. So she can get all over the world fast, and then switch to "maneuvering speed" to get around and fight and stuff :D

But it prevents her from zipping everywhere and making CUTE Girl useless. XD (it's my solution to the Superman/Flash double power thing XD)

She can't spin her body to make a drill or nething. XD She's just rly strong XD

Her laser eyes is her ability to generate energy using her angel aura :D Using it takes power from her, and she can't use the beams too often or she'll tire easily. :( It's basically like transferring the power she'd use to protect herself or throw a punch into her eyes. XD

She doesn't consciously do transferring btw :D

She can hear and see better than the average person but not to the ends of the universe like Superman and she doesn't have x-ray or microscopic vision.

Bunny Justice does. :]

She's a regular girl outside of being a hero, and she looks very normal (and has supposedly dyed blonde hair :D) She's studying to be a writer and lives with her sister who is also her best friend :)

I wanted her to have a simple disguise like Superman. Who doesn't want to be a superhero and not have to wear an annoying mask? :D Instead I go by the idea that she looks different enuf as Starlight that most ppl wouldn't guess. :o Like... celebrities and stuff do look quite different in movies than if they were just like a regular person. Ppl do notice them obv, but b/c we know what they look like as regular ppl and they're being followed cuz their private lives are publicly known.

Starlight's life is not publicly known and like Superman, ppl just assume that she's not human and has no sekrit identity. She's an Angel and prolly lives in Heaven somewhere. XD

And also, she takes advantage of the fact that most of the media attention will make her look way more beautiful than she is and her costume is designed to play on that, making her look curvier and taller and stuff than she should. Basically, it's what they do in movies and porn and stuff XD

She wants to feel real in both guises which is why she doesn't wear a mask. She is both Melissa and Starlight. :) She wants to be able to smile at ppl and have them see her eyes and feel like things are going to be all right when she shows up. :]

As I said before she's like Wonder Woman and Superman together :] She has a magical/mythical background but also is simple like Superman :) She's very much a human inside and isn't a trained Angel Warrior all her life or nething :]

In the same way Darkshayd is like Batman/Superman. She's dark and broody and has a tragic background, but she's an alien and is the last of her kind, sent away. :]

Erin is Batman/Wonder Woman. She's human and represents humanity, but has been trained all her life for this role and is quite different from humanity in that way and cannot always relate :)

Umm... I think that's all. XD

Starlight has no weaknesses, at least not like Superman with the red sunlight/green K/blue rainbows. I hate the idea of the "one thing that can hurt her" thing, so I decided that she's just super strong and super tough and you could prolly hurt her with a missile or something. XD B/c she is magical, magic also hurts her cuz it operates on the same level. Jewel's blade for instance.

Technology and biology tends not to unless it's just brute force. She's immune to diseases, telepathy, Darkshayd's claws, etc...

Her powers are natural to her and happen naturally, but they are adaptive. For example they dun interfere with her life. If she needs to shave her legs or cut her hair, she can do it without the scissors breaking or something. :] The aura just turns off or lessens when it needs to. However it's defaultly on. If you tried to sneak up on her to cut off her hair it wouldn't work. If you knocked her out she'd still be invulnerable, etc. :D


Neways here are her pix again:


Her story doesn't end there btw :D Here's what happens to wrap up the open story from her origin :)

Starlight had alrdy been a hero for a while when her apperances finally caught the eye of Anatania, the new queen of the Angels. Seeing the symbol of her sister splashed across Starlight's chest scared her and she wondered if her sister had somehow survived, or if Starlight was an agent of hers. Worse, this rogue Angel, whoever she was, was helping humanity and inspiring them to be better. This angered Anatania. Wanting to take no chances, she sent the Captain of the Royal Guard to kill her.

The Angels attacked without warning, and Starlight fought them off to the best of her ability, battling across the city she had sworn to protect. Although she was able to defeat all of the soldiers, the captain proved to be too well trained and to tough for her to beat. :( Alrdy exhausted, Starlight saw some ppl about to be crushed under a building that was crumbling b/c of their battle, and she managed to save them but took the brunt of the collapse on herself. :( B/c she was so tired alrdy and beaten up, she couldn't get herself out fast enuf to escape. :\

However the captain (known as Starlight Seraph) was impressed by her self sacrifice and that she chose to help people instead of escape to fight another day. :O She told Starlight that she would go back to the Angels claiming to have killed Melissa. All Melissa had to do was lie low. However, she wouldn't b/c she knew that ppl needed her. :D Instead she offered to go with Seraph and face the Angels herself. :]

Accompanied by her sister, she met the Angels who were suspicious of her but shocked to find that she had the pendant of their former leader. :O Worried, Anatania tried to suggest that her parents killed Anthea and lobbied them to kill Melissa but Seraph vouched for her.

Not wanting to actively oppose such a high ranking Angel, Anatania switched tactics and said that Starlight could avoid death if she became a true Angel. However she would have to pass the final test that all Angels had to pass to become true Angels. :O She was thrown in with the rest of the trainee angels who looked down on her as she was seen as being a weak human. :( None would do the final test with her (which required a partner) and it looked like she would fail by default until one of them, an Atlantean Princess, volunteered :D

Both were seen as outsiders and neither were expected to pass, but working together they did and became good friends :D

Starlight was accepted by the Angels as one of them finally and spared death. :] Anatania then decreed that she had to stay in the Kingdom with the other Angels but it was then that Rachel played her trump card and threatened to reveal what she knew to the other Angels knowing it would sow enuf doubt to threatened Anatania's position. Forced into a corner, Anatania relented saying that Starlight would ease the humans view of Angels and allow them to better accept them in the future. However, privately, she was plotting to find ways to destroy her once and for all. :o

Melissa left the Starlight Kingdom feeling mixed. On one hand she had met new friends and allies and found out about her heritage. On the other, she had a new enemy and knew that her dealings with the Starlight Kingdom were not finished...

Much later on, Starlight would discover from Starlight Seraph that her Angel mother was in fact still alive and held captive in the Brimstone Depths. :( With the Heroes United's help she managed to rescue her and defeat Anatania once and for all, restoring Anthea to the throne :) However, since the HU's base had been destroyed b/c of Anatania's attempt to destroy all life on Earth, Anthea made a new base for her daughter and her friends in the Starlight Kingdom :D


Starlight Seraph becomes a hero herself later as does Rachel Tse. :D

Did I forget to mention Starlight's last name XD It's Tse.

In an homage/parody/whatever of the Death of Superman, Starlight is presumed dead after a big battle (there's no body however). 4 heroes take her place: Starlight Seraph, Twilight Angel, Ami Angelwings (:D) and USAngel :] Her sister is Twilight Angel. She has no powers and is a lot like Batman. She merely wants to honour her sister's memory and keep the city that they love clean :)

Seraph takes over the Heroes United in Melissa's place and the team promptly disbands b/c of her heavy handed militaristic leadership. XD

USAngel was created by the US Government to have the top hero in the world represent America instead of China (altho Starlight doesn't represent China, she works in a Chinese city and that worries the US).

Ami Angelwings is a sekrit :D You'll have to read the book to find out what her role is!

And no, none of them are ebil :D They're all good and a the end they work together to save the world :)

ACTUALLY I wanted Starlight to operate in a FICTIONAL Chinese city but I can't think of a name for it! Any ideas? :D



I'm sorry :(

Also I'm rly rly rly rly rly rly rly rly rly tired so I can barely type or think straight so I apologize for spelling errors and stuffs :( If you have questions plz ask :D

Starlight is definitely who I think Supergirl should be and I luff her very much :) I hope you do too!

Comments are greatly appreciated! :]

Monday, November 12, 2007

Again? :\

From the DC solicit for Supergirl - #25:

And wait until you see the startling new direction the book takes!

Again? >_<;;

How many "startling new directions" does Supergirl need to take? This better not involve even MORE guest stars. :|

This "startling new direction" better be her getting a sekrit identity, a regular life, her own city to patrol and her own recurring cast. >:o

Rather than... Supergirl: Warrior Princess or Supergirl: Intergalactic Stripper, or something! >:O


Supergirl needs STABILITY not to have a new direction to her character/book every few months! :(

Welcome to teh Amiverse: Darkshayd >:|

Now it's time for Darkshayd! :D

Darkshayd is complicated tho :O Her original origin story had her being very selfish, and it worked for the world it was set in, but when I rebooted ppl, their origins changed as well, but I could never rly nail down Darkshayd's. :\

The big problem is that it's rly hard to think of a good "angst" background without adding a lot of dead ppl killed by criminals in the background. :\

But I drew a lot on my own battles with depression and the deep dark hole I'm always trying not to fall into. :( I also had a rly awful time when I just collapsed and tried to kill myself too and everything was dark and awful so painful.

I still struggle with it and that's kinda what I want Darkshayd to represent.

I noticed that there weren't actually a lot of female superheroes who brooded. There are those who start off broody or dark but quickly evolve into happy, friendly characters (like Huntress). Or they become strange Dragon Lady villainesses out of the blue. XD

But there aren't a lot of Spiderman/Batman chars. And I remember watching Spiderman (the 90s show) and wishing I was like him, able to go to tall buildings and look down and be alone. Or Batman. :] It's just being "social" seems to be a trait that ppl feel needs to eventually be given to a female hero no matter how dark they are. :o

Darkshayd is not very social :] She's like Batman in that way. XD She keeps to herself and Starlight is the only hero who is kinda like a friend to her :)

I wanted to make her seem heroic without being "destined" or "angsted" into it. I didn't want her to constantly feel like she HAD to be a hero. She IS a hero, but she has her own demons to deal with :(

So I dunno :) She means a lot to me as a character. :] The summary is rough tho (and long). :\ I hope you like it :)

Origin: Aurora Kayleigh Avalon was different from other kids growing up. Her father committed suicide b/c of his severe depression when she was a baby. :( She grew up with one less parent than the other kids, less money than the other kids, and she was weaker and less athletic and "normal" than the other kids. :( She was constantly bullied and harrassed every day and was picked on and beaten up a lot. :\

She soon started to get more depressed and fearful of school and life in general. :\ Every day was torture and hell for her. :( Eventually she learnt how to kill off her emotions and just stay distant from ppl, away and observing, keeping safe, and the fear at bay. :( She wouldn't cry, and she learnt to fight back but most importantly she got back up each time and stared back defiantly. She wouldn't give up. :D

When highschool rolled around everything changed however. :O One day she woke up and she was perfect, beautiful, tall, fit, etc.. :o She made some money doing modelling on the side to help her mom and fund her new happy wonderful life and everything was perfect, it was like her nightmare was over, the darkness the never ending fear, the hating of waking up every day... everything she'd ever wished for came true :D

Her mother was also able to turn her father's small tech company around and was instrumental in inventing a new piece of software that revolutionized the industry, making the company into a multibillion dollar concern :]

But the happiness didn't last long. :( After a couple of years Aurora slowly began getting more depressed for no reason. It was like the world was getting darker around her and she felt like she was sliding back into the hopeless dark pit she thought she had escaped. :\ She had nightmares every night where she saw herself as some horrific monster that was hunted and alone. Sometimes she was sure she even saw that in the mirror.

Worried for her daughter, her mom tried everything to help her, therapy, psychiatry, psychology, medication, everything... but nothing worked... :( Eventually Darkshayd learnt to deal with it, but it got worse and worse and each new "normal" was darker than the last. She was slowly adapting her way into oblivion. :(

Eventually it got so bad she could barely function. Her mother began to worry more and try to help more and it made her upset and depressed and worried as well. Darkshayd tried her best to get by every day. :(

And then tragedy struck again. :( Her mother, who was very stressed from trying to help her daughter had to also deal with an attempt to take the company away from her. :\ She got into a car crash one night and was hospitalized in a coma. Darkshayd blamed herself for causing so much pain to everybody's lives and gave in to her greatest fear, that she was destined to end up like her dad. :\

However that night as she was having serious suicidal thoughts, a vision appeared to her in the form of an alien. He claimed to be a scientist from an advanced and enlightened world. Facing extinction they created a program to preserve their civilization and created a monument to their existence so that they would not be forgotten. :o She was that monument. In order to facilitate her life on Earth, she was created to appear to be the perfect human according to the social norms that the program read from her environment. :o The program needed many years to gather information though which is why she had a sudden change. :O

The scientist revealed that she was in the process of gaining the knowledge and wisdom and personality traits of the greatest of their race as well as getting the athletic and physical prowess of their greatest athletes and heroes. Unfortunately, their race has moods lower than humanity and also all of the processes going on in her mind were affecting the human side of her which was causing the depression. :(

The program was to ensure her survival at all costs however, as they valued life, even "artificially created" life. As well, even without everything, her existence as a human would still mean more to their memory than nothing at all. :\ So he said that the program would remove everything and she would go back to being a regular normal happy person :o

But she could not let that happen. She could not let an entire civilization fade away like that. :(

So she chose to stay the course, even if it meant a living hell for her every day. :(

It got worse after that. So bad she could barely deal with it. Eventually she found she could change her appearance to match those of her alien creators. Pale white skin, deep black hair, markings on her skin around her eyes. To humans she looked very vampirish and she had superior athletic abilities. :O

She began to distance herself even more. She was used to it by now. She became like a wraith in the night, observing and hiding, falling deeper into her hole. ;-; She spent most of her time inside her alien constructed crystalline cave brooding or being outside in human form feeling like she was just in a shell and didn't deserve to be there at all, feeling distant and alone. :(

However, upon hearing reports of what ppl described as a vampire lurking around the city, her former psychiatrist saw the correlation between what she was hearing told to her (she also worked as a police consultant) and the dreams that Darkshayd had reported to her when she was her patient.

Going out into the city she managed to track Darkshayd down and tried to talk to her, to help her. She realized that Darkshayd was beyond human medicine and psychotherapy as her psyche was alien. However, alien therapy should be able to help her. Using Darkshayd's cave computers, and Darkshayd's skeptical help, she was able to bring online the AI of the scientist who created Darkshayd, the one who spoke with her. He was able to bring up the psychatric subroutines and incorporate them into his program and provide her with somebody to talk to, who understood her and could help her :)

Working together with the program and her doctor, Darkshayd was able to control everything that was going thru her mind and her new and old emotions. :) She was no longer at war with herself. :] It was then that she realized how much pain was out there and possible in humanity. What drove her father to suicide, what some ppl like to inflict on others. She understood fear all to well, and watching a corrupt and crime ridden city for so long as an outsider, she knew how much horrors were out there, how afraid ppl were, and how hard life is for everybody. :\

She swore to give herself a purpose then, to use her powers not just as a monument to the existence of her ppls, but to their heroism and morality, and to human heroism and morality, for she was a monument to both :D She wasn't just going to exist, she was going to do something >:D

And so she became Darkshayd, the wraith in the night, terrorizing and arresting those who preyed on the weake and less fortunate. She would bring fear to those who used it as a weapon. She would take power away from those who thought they had powers thru intimidation and terror. She would bring hope to ppl, b/c they would know no matter how powerful and strong a bully was that threatened them, somebody was looking out for them that was not afraid. :D

She now works with her psychiatrist who helps her solve cases and also is a good friend and mentor, to fight crime :D Her mother has since awoken, but has turned her company (which they held onto after uncovering the misdeeds of the ppl who tried to take it from them) over to her daughter to run, as she recovers :)

Darkshayd shoulders her depression as a price to help ppl, and give hope. :]

Powers: Enhanced reflexes, speed, strength and agility, Ability to focus her physical strikes to a degree of 1cubic mm, able to leap incredible distances, Wields Quantanium Claws that can disrupt most molecular bonds, Enhanced mental capacities


Yus :D

I took the idea of being a monument from the TNG episode "The Chase" where we learn that all humanoids in the galaxy were seeded by a dying race as monuments to their existence. So this is the same way. :)

Darkshayd is a mix of Batman and Superman also. :] She has a cave but it's like the Fortress of Solitude. It's made from dark crystals and she has a father figure there who helps her and stuff :] It also gives her somebody to talk to and monologue with for filling in the plot for readers! XDDD

She's also gay :D But that has nothing to do with the aliens. XD In fact she asks her "father" once if they're naturally gay or something and they dunno what she's talking about, b/c they dun have 2 genders. XD

Many of my chars aren't straight tho. :O CUTE and Cinder are bi (or at least bi, I think at least one is gay). Bunny is pansexual (like most bunnies), and Starlight is bi. :]

So Darkshayd isn't rly unique :D

It's hard to tell b/c of CoH's crappy "everybody is white with different skin tones" thing, but she's supposed to be half black and half latino. :]

I'm not happy with her costumes just cuz she's one char that's RLY limited by the CoH char creator and I wish I could actually draw (or had an artist work with me XD) to try different ideas for her costume. :\

I want her to show her skin first off b/c the less weight on her the better since her advantage lies in speed and mobility. She avoids getting hit rather than armours herself to lessen blows. :] And also b/c she's supposed to appear scary and vampire like. And the more she covers, the less that is apparent to criminals and she'd just appear to be a person in disguise. :\ I want her to actually SCARE ppl, and seem inhuman to them. To the point where it's not just Batman with the "crazy guy in a bat costume" that scares them but the idea that there rly is some sort of creature stalking the night.

But CoH's skin costumes are so.. all or nothing. :\

NEWAYS onwards! :D

This is her original costume and the one I still use. :o I'm annoyed cuz her cape should be like Batman's, very long and drapey and going around her body. Secondly, the straps would be so much cooler if it was even around her body instead of becoming garters around her legs and opening up this big hole near her chest. :\

She does look kinda vampirish tho :D

This is her armour costume which she wears in situations involving supervillains who can hurt her. :o Or if she goes out with the Heroes United to fight aliens or something. XD Her suit is all alien technology, and is lightweight for the most part. :] The mask protects her face and also gives her different visions (like binoculars) and glows red to add extra scariness :D

This is Aurora :D I rly liked the top part of the top which is why I kept it. She's still known for being a model. :) But I hate how high it cuts off. But as I said, CoH has this "either/or" mentality. Either you have a full top that includes going all the way up to your neck, or you show ridiculous amounts of skin (for women of course XD). :\

Also all they have is straight hair or the "Heroes for Hire tentacle cover" fro, where it's all straight at front and is a big poofy melon at the back :\

It's sad, but City of Heroes rly is a great example of the problems in superhero comics sometimes. XD

Like that the idea of a hero is generically white male, and women are scantily clad and have large breasts and small waists and stuff. And it's so accepted nobody questions that the char creator is slanted towards this :\

Originally I wanted her to have a trenchcoat and I still do. :] She wears this as well :) Often when she's investigating crimes, rather than patrolling the streets :] I hate my limited choices for her chest and legs again and she looks a lot like Zatanna b/c of this >:O

This outfit rly annoys me :\ I LIKE the leather buckles but there is no leather buckle top that matches except for that boob top. :(

Also her hair is always an issue. XD For the mask I tried having it not have hair but the way it is it just makes her look weird :\ It'd be like if Batman's cowl instead of going down smoothly to his back, shaped snugly to the contours of his skull. :\

She has a variety of claws she uses to fight with depending on the situation. :]

It was rly hard to come up with a profession for her too just cuz I wanted her to be rich and stuff, but it was hard to figure out what she could do that would allow her the freedom to crime fight. :\ Originally I wanted her to be a basketball player and rly make women's basketball something that ppl cared about :D But that'd give her NO TIME to fight crime! During the season she'd either be practicing, or training, or playing, or travelling with the team. :\ And she'd be watched by the coaches to get back in time to sleep and stuff.

And even as a model or actress, she'd have responsiblities that would keep her from being able to go out and fight crime at a whim :(

So she's even more like Batman now. XD But that's ok :] I didn't want her mom to die just cuz I didn't want EVERYBODY to die in her life :\ And her angst doesn't come from loss and tragedy as much as it comes from her struggles with her depression.


I hope ppl like her. :\ I know she's not rly like my other heroes so I'm worried ppl will not. XD But she's actually my FIRST female superhero (evar) and so she means a lot to me :] Also in that she deals with similar things that I deal with :(

Next: Starlight Angel :D