Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Super Ami and Ami Angelwings :D

Today Supergirl and Ami Angelwings got to finally meet and have Brave and the Bold type cross over adventures together! :D Unfortunately Supergirl lost her cape somewhere along the way :( And Ami is lacking her magic bow and arrow (Ami Angelwings is actually a character in the Ami comic verse :D) XD But that's okay! :D

They teamed up and good fun was had by all ^___^

Ami Angelwings: The Ann Coulter of the vegetarian circuit? XD

I was having a bad day today. :( The medication I WAS on (which hasn't cleared my system yet) is completely screwing with my mood and my sleep and stuff and I can't sleep for more than 4 hours at a time and it's rly upsetting me. :( Also there are millipedes running around my house and it's CREEPING ME THE HECK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And I can't find a red cape or jacket to go with my practical Supergirl outfit (my supergirl shirt + blue skirt + my emus :D) :(

But then I checked my email and.. :O


Oh my goodness. There are people out there that apparently took my SATIRICAL anti-vegetarian rants SERIOUSLY and see me as the Rational Mad Man of the meat-eating circuit. :O Either that or ppl are sending me GREAT "feminazi" satire responses. I'm not sure what :O But since there are a bunch of new posts on my "Why I'm anti-vegetarian" post, it seems like somewhere somebody linked me as a crazy lunatic and now the hate mail is coming in :O

*blinks* I'm laughing so hard right now! XDDD If this is serious, there's a group of ppl out there who didn't get my over the top ranting as satire and instead think I'm just a horrible horrible person. I wonder if this is how RMM feels :O

For those that weren't around for the initial satirizing, I basically read some crazed anti-feminist screed and decided to take the same tone and arguments from it and use vegetarians instead of feminists to show how utterly insane the arguments were. :D And as far as I could tell ppl GOT what I was trying to do XD And I dun like openly "giving away" that it's satire by saying SATIRE or something cuz I think that good satire should have tongue firmly in cheek but not need to announce what it's trying to do. :D

Apparently I need warning lights. XD

NEWAYS. Here they are for your amusement :D

First is the email from [name removed as she has since apologized and said that she overreacted thinking that my post was in seriousness :)]. XD I have no idea how he got my email but he did apparently. :O It's a little creepy, but I do have it out there so it's not out of the question. :3

The title of the email was: [removed again]

I almost deleted it thinking it was spam XD

[email removed :) ]

Yus, vegetables are NOT ppl, did that not tip you off that I was being satirical? XDDD

His over the top angriness makes me so amused XD Tho I guess if you thought I WAS being serious my rant would provoke some harsh reactions. :O

I would think he was just matching satire with satire, if it wasn't for the fact that he sounds JUST serious enuf. >_>;;

Disturbing from the OTHER side of the fence is this comment on my post too from "Kyo" (I never check comments of my old posts, so I was shocked to find ppl are still commenting).

Well said!

I'm sure this posting targets the vegetarians who lecture that meat eaters should not eat meat for whatever reasons - I don't really wanna know those reasons.

If someone wants to be a vegetarian, then it's fine. No one would force that person to eat meat. As a matter of fact, meat eaters don't usually lecture vegetarians that they should eat meat because it's the RIGHT way.

I don't have a problem with vegetarians as long as they DO NOT say that other people should be vegetarian. But sadly, and annoyingly, many of them DO insist people should be vegetarians. And some of them even use megaphones to do their lectures to people on the streets.

I'm sick of hearing the lectures from those idiots. It's like someone saying that every single person should believe in God, because there's God.

It's not a matter of right or wrong. It's a matter of choice.

>_>;; I'm not sure if it's more disturbing that he thought I was serious or that he agreed WHOLEHEARTEDLY with what he thought I was saying. >_>;; I'm scared. :( Hold me. ;-;

Then there is this anon comment:

Whoever you are, you need to be a little more considerate of what you post on your PUBLIC blog. I am a vegetarian and by no means am I pushing anyone else to become one. I am one for religious reasons, in fact I used to eat meat - and guess what, I loved it! But now that I am vegetarian, it's not like I've said to everyone that "meat is disrespectful" or that they cannot eat that in front of me. So what makes YOU think that you can make such a general statement that all of us vegetarians are trying to impose everyone else to become one. And yes, if you would like to spread your views, do so, but then don't let your fans put up pictures of slaughterhouses, and talk up about killing animals. And don't call yourself an "anti-vegetarian" because guess what Ami, and all of you who have called us "vegenazis", that just makes you the nazis who are discriminating a certain group of people, whether by race, ethnicity, and in my case, my religious belief.

It's funnier still that not only is this person accusing me of being serious but accusing all of my readers and friends and their satirical comments as being serious as well. :O XDD I feel bad now! We must seem like the most horrible ppl in the world if you thought we were writing for real!

It must be like for a feminist to go to RMM's blog and see a whole bunch of ppl agree with him. XD

AWWW I feel awful now. :(


But this is just enforcing my idea that SOMEWHERE I'm being linked as an ebil anti-vegetarian cuz where are these comments coming from? And they're the ESSENCE of trolling too since clearly they've read NONE of my other posts OR any blogs of my friends. :O

And yet there's more!

You are disgusting,cheap,insensitive,uncultured and a moronbig time.You know why??
No you don't I am sure because for that you need to have a brain and a heart.
I am vegetarian and by no means i am any less than you and those so called idiots who are praising you all over in this blog.
I bet if somebody gives you a million bucks to cut your one hand, you will not do so.Why because it hurts and it pains..If you care so much about yourself do you ever think that a poor animal has to go through so much of pain and agony just for your one time meal.Have you seen in its eyes before it goes to knives, you have never. Ya i know even if you have seen it wont make difference to you because for that you need to have a heart,a breathing and sensible heart.You stoneage moron

This is from "Rajesh".

For the record, I would take a million dollars to cut my hand. XD Also for the record, I'm actually mostly vegetarian (slowly getting there :D) >_>;;

Tho some misogynists also claim to be feminists.


I'm becoming ebil. :(



But.... yah... if this is the type of stuff right wing commentators and misogynists and basically anybody with a strong opinion gets, then I kinda feel bad for them and I guess if they feel THAT'S a good representation of Liberals or Feminists or whatever, I can see why they'd think we were crazy. :O

Except I'm not an idiot and I know that even if these ppl are serious, they do NOT represent most vegetarians. :D

So hateful tho :O

And finally:

hey everyone should check out this website!

have fun!

Another anon comment :D Prolly hoping we'd see it and throw up and recant our ebil beliefs. XD


This rly made my day :D I have a huge smile now and I'm just so amused at this reaction. XD I wish I could see the board or post I'm linked on and read what ppl are saying about this Earth-3 Ami. :O

I honestly do wonder. Are these ppl being serious? Did they actually think I was writing seriously? :O


So yus. I'm a horrible horrible person. And all you ppl who wrote agreeing with me. You're horrible too! >:O Shame! SHAME!!!!


Strangely tho, a lot of these pro-vegetarian ranty pants ppl seem to be misogynistic themselves, esp in their attacks on me. Which is ironic considering the whole post was a satire about anti-feminist arguments. :O


I am so amused :3

Watch. Some clever little vegetarian will see my post, and make her own post satirizing mine except using feminists and women as the target instead of vegetarians!!!! >_>;;

Now it's getting too PoMo. :(

Edit: I FOUND IT!!!

This is where they're coming from! XDDDD

How you know you've been reading too many comics XDDD

I had the craziest dream :O I barely remember much of it, but it involved me and like everybody here. :O Like all the bloggers I know (Thom, Ragnell, Kalinara, SallyP, Trish, Filby, DJBA, Joel, Giant, Sooz, Rachel, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc) and all my friends and some crazy ebil villain group like the Sinestro Corps was attacking Earth and we had to stop them but they were so powerful that even ppl who didn't normally like me had to team up with us and we teamed up with them (I always liked teamups between groups that usually oppose each other :D), including like RMM and Scott and everybody else that.. like.. my brain thought of. :O

And we presented a united front to fight off the bad guys! >:D Or.. badder guys. XD But I can't remember if we won. :(

It was neat but so weird!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

But we cannot fail with DJ Black Adam and the powers of Shazam behind us :D

I dunno who nebody was so dun ask me. >_<;; I wish I remembered more. XDD


But fun! :D

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

*shapeshifts* >:D

Your results:
You are Mystique

Poison Ivy
Mr. Freeze
The Joker
Lex Luthor
Dark Phoenix
Dr. Doom
Green Goblin
Sometimes motherly, sometimes a beautiful companion, but most of the time a deceiving vixen.

Click here to take the "Which Super Villain am I?" quiz...

Wizard and the reason we're fat ugly lesbians

Once upon a time I once read Wizard for stuff about comics and I thought it was a comic mag.

Apparently I'm wrong and it's a men's magazine!

How 90s :O

Very cutting edge. XD

I guess now they can just say "well it's not FOR you" if ppl have complaints XD

But then.. who is it for?

What bothers me most is how they say: "Admit, if you're a guy, you've paused a game or two to admire sexy video game vixens".


Do all guys do that? What if some guys do not? Are they not allowed to read the mag? Are they stamped "NOTAGUY" on their foreheads? :O

What about girls who do (I do! :D) am I a guy now? :o Am I allowed to read Wizard? Have I passed the super sekrit guy test and gotten my decoder ring? :O

This isn't just sexist one way, it's sexist ALL ways. Men do not benefit from this sort of stereotyping either, and honestly, it's men who do it worst to themselves. :\ In wanting to reinforce gender roles for women they reinforce them for themselves too, and it almost becomes like an "excuse" in their mind.

That if they feel ALL men do this, then it's okay for them to do it.

Since well, y'know, all men do it!

Actually this kind of sexual determinism is the reason we have all these people running around saying that feminist women are "fat", "ugly" "lesbos" and that feminist men are "emasculated" "eunichs". :\

B/c if you subscribe to the theory that "boys are boys" and that men just are pigs, that they are just aggressive, lustful creatures who bash heads, drink and roar at each other, and women are pretty little delicate flowers who are naturally more caring, emotional and flighty, then there's NO REASON why anybody should be different, b/c this is who we are NATURALLY right?


Feminism is totally foreign to ppl who want a world with sexual determinism and believe in it, so they need a reason it does exist. It's not that they want to demean it as much as to them it makes no sense. Why WOULD ppl defy their natures? Why WOULD ppl do things that make them unhappy?

If men naturally can't help themselves and male lust is just natural and normal and wanting to grope and touch women and wanting to stare at big boobs everywhere and insulting ppl and being rude and having no manners is just what guys are, then why are there guys who aren't like that?

Obv it is b/c they have been beaten into submission. They have been shamed and scared and defeated. :\ That's the obv reason. They must be such self hating, pathetic creatures who are unhappy with their lives and cry themselves to sleep at the feet of their mistress every night.

And if women naturally are emotional, scared little faeries who have this drive to have kids, wear dresses, have long hair and shop, why are there so many women who dun do this? Why are there so many women who DEFY how good girls should be?

Well clearly these are the fat and ugly women and lesbians. We WANT to be good girls but we CAN'T be b/c we are failures. We're fat and we're ugly! Guys dun want us! And so we're mad about it. We hate ourselves and we hate everybody. WHY ELSE would we want a freedom of choice? B/c since all men and all women are alike, there'd be NO REASON why we would want to be different unless we were just bitter and hateful cuz we're not pretty enuf to get a rich husband.

And men are not successful enuf or too lazy or something to be a rich husband so they need to grovel at our fat and ugly feet for acceptance.


If you grow up and accept this idea that men are A and women are B and that they all are the same and should be like a list of traits and stuff, and you have all this media and stuff telling you that this is how it is and that "if you're a guy then you've done X unless you're a gay pansy", and if all of this makes sense to you as the way it is and should be, then obv ppl who are feminists must not actually want to be feminists but just CANNOT reach the happiness of fitting neatly in the gender box that all good boys and girls want. :(

So clearly feminist women must be fat and ugly and lesbians and feminist men must be short, castrated gay guys. :(

What other choice is there?

Varying personalities? Differences in thinking, philosophy and ideas? Different views of what happiness is? Being unhappy at being forced to fit a certain role based on what you are and not WHO you are? Being more the sum of your parts? Being more than just an animal governed by base instincts?


Life is not that complex. Life is simple!

As a co-worker once said when I asked him why he stereotypes so much "it makes life easier".

And it does! You know how hard it is to treat 6 billion people differently? Or even 600? It's annoying! You have to get to know people, and talk to them and understand them...


I have shopping to do, guys to worship and babies to make! I dun have time for this!

But if you subdivide the world into 4 races, 2 genders, 3 religions, 1 sexual orientation (2 if you wanna be "Liberal" about it, and 3 if you wanna be all pinko Commie hippie) and a partridge in a pear tree, then it's much much MUCH easier!

Blacks are strong, whites are leaders, Asians are computer geeks, Australians are criminals, men are tough but crude (Michaelangelo's a party dude!), women are caring but silly, Christians are right, Jews are semi-right, Muslims are wrong, gay ppl are the exact opposite of straight ppl in all ways (if they even exist! :O)

Yub yub! Then it's easier! Everything is nice and happy and ppl should be nice and happy in those roles! Except men, they can be mean and happy. Nice men = pansies that should be strung up and shot... full of testosterone and steroids! >:D Then they will be fine in the head again *nods*

And I think a lot of ppl do not want to see beyond simplifications like that. It happens everywhere, to everybody. It's just easier to group ppl than to get to know them. It's just easier to justify yourself as "normal" by assuming everybody in your "group" does everything you do. It's just easier to never have to grow, never have to change, never have to mature, and never have to think outside your own box, if you just believe that you can't. You are who you are, and that's who you will be for the rest of your life.

And if ppl defy that, clearly there must be SOMETHING wrong with them.

So they must be fat, or ugly, or abused, or crazy, or bitter, or angry, or SOMETHING.

B/c heaven forbid that life is more complicated than choosing a character class in the original Dragon Warrior!

But is this healthy? Is it good to be forcing ppl to be nething at all? I'm not saying all women should be proud lesbian feminists or that all men should be cute, adorable little femmy guys, or nething! Personally, I DO luff to shop and I am the sub caring one in a relationship and other stereotypical stuff.

But wouldn't it be nice to have some choice? Shouldn't ppl be allowed to be who they want to be? Shouldn't ppl be defined the way they want to be, if at all? Do we rly think it's healthy to have ppl hate themselves, and fight against the life they feel they've had to have just b/c they are raised in a culture that says they SHOULD be happy in their little niche and so they try so hard to be when in fact it's making them so miserable?

Life is short, is it rly worth it to make other ppl miserable so that we can feel better about ourselves and hey, it's okay if I slap women around b/c all men do it and that's just natural and how it is?

Shouldn't we have more self confidence than that that if OTHER ppl dun subscribe to our way of life, that'd be just fine as long as they're not hurting each other? Are ppl rly THAT fragile in their self esteem that a guy who ISN'T a beer drinking, trash talking, wall punching, T&A groping manly man, shakes their world so much?

Why can't ppl just be who they want to be? :o Manly men can be manly men, not manly men can be noy manly men. Who cares? :O

When Wizard acts like men must luff boobs and when comic apologists say "well comics are for guys", aren't they ultimately being sexist against men too? Aren't they just saying that men ARE only a certain way? Even if comics were ONLY for guys, are all guys like that?

Which I guess is where the trash talking comes from. B/c in order for those arguments to work, the world rly HAS to be that simple, so all guys ARE like that, and the guys that aren't.. well.. they dun count. They're not REALLY guys, b/c they're emasculated pansies on the leashes of their fat ugly lesbian mistresses. They fail at life and are miserable and would do nething to be a nice strong manly rational man. And if they're lucky they'll even be a mad one!

And comics for girls are for girls, b/c girls who dun like them are not rly girls. They're bitter angry fat lesbos who can't get married and are mad that they can't sit at home churning out kids and watching soaps and being happy and contented with their boob jobs and fancy shoes.

So rly, it proves itself!

All men are men and all women are women, except for the ones that aren't who dun count b/c they're all screwed up and miserable for defying their true natures neways!

See! Res ipsa loquitur.

So remember guys, pause those video games, stare at those boobs, and if your girlfriend wants to play and not just sit on your lap watch and giggle about your l33t skillz, dump her.

She's obviously a lesbian.

And you might want to check her room for extra strength, high tension girdles and scar concealing make up. >_>;;

Edit: B/c it seems ppl are reading the first sentence and stopping, I'd like to clarify that I never said Wizard has no right to do that, but that this is a reflection of a larger implicit idea that ppl are defined by their birth sex. :\ As well, to comic readers, Wizard seems like a stupid mag, but honestly, to a lot of non comic readers (such as my friends), it is the ONLY comic/geek mag they know about and read, so there is that too. And aren't "horny fanboys" still people? Or is it okay that they can be treated like some homogenous group and dismissed cuz, who cares about them they're stupid? :(

It just reminded me of something I wanted to write about for a long while XD And it was kinda a stream of consciousness thing :) But this is less about Wizard than the idea of gender determinism that is everywhere in ads, media and entertainment. :(

Monday, October 29, 2007

This mindless little fuckbunny is not pleased >:O

He and RMM should be best friends (I think I've just given him a new hero XD, tho to be fair I think RMM is a little more Liberal minded (at least from what I've read) than Coren and he's not that hateful).


His argument is filled with everything I hate about misogynist arguments including putting women on a pedestal

Used irresponsibly, it has reduced women to the level of the worst of men

acting like women are at the subject whims of men and cannot make decisions on their own

On an ideological level, the Pill was supposed to liberate women and give them control over their bodies.

Instead it has empowered irresponsible men who can insist on sexual intercourse because, after all, "if you love me you will and anyway you can't get pregnant.

And treating women like baby machines and distilling us down to simply the sum of our parts. :(

We've also become convinced that the Pill is a force for good. Not so.

Even using the very word "pill" is one of the most outrageous misnomers in the modern lexicon.

Pills make us better. The contraceptive Pill doesn't do anything of the kind, except stop the body from doing what it is supposed to do and denies human life.

His solution is not to have contraceptives and instead just start arresting ppl who are having sex and arresting their parents. Notice he puts almost ALL the blame on the guys in question, b/c in his mind girls are just mindless little fuckbunnies and boys are the intelligent smart creatures god put on Earth to watch over us, and yus they have crazy crazy urges they can't control and boys will be boys, but they must protect us from ourselves and not take advantage of our silly inner sluttiness. We must be kept pure and perfect until we get married and have kids kids kids!


We're not people to him (in fact the way he treats guys in his post, THEY'RE not ppl to him either) we're just means to an end and we need to be protected like a car b/c if your car is broken it can't get you from point A to point B and we're just here to make kids. And if we have pre marital smex, well it's like having your car stolen by somebody and used to commit crimes, the car is now tainted but it's not the car's fault, it has no say.

Apparently neither do we. :(

And his other columns are even worse, so I'm not just extrapolating a viewpoint from 1 column. XD He's written columns saying that women should not be allowed to work (protecting us from our own crazy stupid silly female selves again), representing Wiccans as child molesters and what he says about transsexuals is just so awful that had it been any other minority I dun think he'd have a job nemore. :\

He also used Thanksgiving as a platform for him to attack every minority he hates in Canada (and I thought he considered himself respectful of traditions, using a good spirited holiday as a bully pulpit? :\) and even when he apologizes he manages to turn it into a rant about how right he is and how stupid everybody else is. :(

It must be lonely being the only smart person on Earth among a bunch of mindless angry stupid slutty violent immoral fire breathing soul stealing kryptonite using furby breeding demons. >_>;;

*flails angrily*

But he's right you know. :\ I am sekritly trying to take over the world >:O with my ebil anti-baby slut ray that shoots feminists with gays in their mouths and when they try to give you ebil slutty seductive blowjobs they shoot gays at you! >:O (I'm still waiting for Chuck Dixon to write that comic btw XD)

And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling hateful, bitter, angry old men!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pink Yoshis and White Amis :D

I bought a pink Yoshi today :D And the super cutest best evar Hello Kitty handbag :D It's so fuzzy! :3


I am pleased :D

Also I thought I looked cute today and I'm vain so I also posted pix XD I'm a little slouchy in the last pic :(

And apparently according to my poll nobody wants to look at me neways! >:O They'd rather read memes XDDDD

Does gold pressed latinum live up to the hype? XDDD

I thought that this week's Photoshop Phriday from was esp fun and creative :D

Here are my favourites :3 I would like to see these magazines! >:D

Esp Faxim and ARGH >_>;;

ARGH Magazine :D

Rolling Rocks, the magazine for the modern dwarf xD

Faxim :O

Right: The opposite of wrong!

Cookie of Fortune XDDD

I only linked instead of posting the pix to save ppl with dial up grief :D

Friday, October 26, 2007

I hack you ded! >:O

This is amusing XDDD

From Trish :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Now I feel bad for misogynists, they can't help who they are XD

Misogynists are born that way

Taken from Trish's blog :D


This amuses me so much. XD

A loser (luz-R) gene XD

“It may be that early human populations carrying the recessive gene in their genome benefited from having certain individuals who were more likely to stand there and lecture the lion about how man is clearly the most fearsome predator on the savannah and then be eaten, thus allowing the rest to escape. It’s puzzling, though. We clearly need to study the issue further.”


Now I know what some of those trolls on feminist blogs are for! Bait! >:D

Is it respectful to others to think only of yourself?

I was reading a blog where somebody went on about how he treats his guy friends poorly (b/c they enjoy it) and if he is like that to women (being mean, putting them down, etc) then it is respectful b/c it'd be disrespectful for him to treat girls differently than guys. He also says that all guys act the same way and treat people the same way. >_>;; And boys will be boys.

Neways that got me thinking about respect and stuff, so here is my comment about it :D

I dun think that treating ppl any way they do not want to be treated is respectful tho. If a guy told you he didn't want you acting that way towards him (or if you go too far for example) wouldn't it be respectful to respect his wishes?

Sexism isn't about treating a whole group of ppl one way or another. You should treat people men and women alike differently depending on who they are, not WHAT they are.

It'd be just like saying that you should talk the same way to somebody who is not that educated as compared to somebody who is very well versed on a subject, and if the person who doesn't understand the subject needs help clarifying terms, well TOO BAD, b/c it would be disrespectful to treat them differently?

Every person is different, and you should respect how they like to be treated. Some people (men and women) like being treated the way you said you do to your friends and it would be disrespectful to treat them otherwise. Other people do not. You do not have to change HOW you treat them, but they do not have to feel gratified that you do not respect their wishes either. :\

The point is that you shouldn't see people as series of GROUPS but as people. :) You should not say that "I treat black people like white people, I am not racist". Simply by making that statement you are being racist, you are saying that there is a way you treat white people and that all black people will now be treated in the same uniform way. :(

Should nudists walk around naked in public b/c they do so with their friends? Should people who have anger problems or who are violent hit other people b/c that is just how they operate?

If some random person came up to you and flashed you b/c that is how they treat their friends and they're all happy with it, would you like that and feel respected?

Respect is a two way street, and both people involved must be comfortable with it, for it to be respectful. It is not respectful to do something YOU think is okay but other people are uncomfortable with. :\ That doesn't mean you can't (tho in the above cases that would be breaking the law) but just that it is impolite. :(

Ultimately tho, we're not all just groups.

Every person is different, it makes life way more complicated than grouping them, but I think that we should realize that we should respect every person as who they are, unique individuals, and not as part of some interchangeable homogenous group.

I'm not "just" a woman just as you're not "just" a guy. You aren't EVERY guy, and it would be disrespectful for me to treat you as nething other than an individual :)

I also want to add that it's not simply a choice between "patronizing" and "being a jerk". :\ In the above example, it's not just "talk with big words and skipping over explanations and too bad for your friend if he can't follow" or "patronize him and act like he's stupid". Both would be disrespectful b/c neither takes into consideration what HE wants, merely what you want or what you think he wants. :(

And it would be further worse to treat all educated and all "uneducated" people the same way, like assume everybody wants to be talked to and acted the same based on again, WHAT they are and not WHO they are. >_>;;

*hugs* :)

And guys, are you rly all the same? :O *checks your barcodes*

God what is up with my guy friends lately!?


So I had another guy friend want to stop being friends with me out of the blue b/c he said that he met me while he was having issues with his g/f (I didn't even KNOW HE HAD A G/F) and that now they're back together and it wouldn't be fair to her to stay friends with me.

And I'm like WHYYYYYY!???????? We've never flirted. Evar (or even close). I'm not even remotely interested in him. If I met him at another time would he not be friends with me, or would I be safe and still be allowed to be his friend?

Does he think every girl likes him or something? He said his g/f wasn't jealous or nething and he's acting like he's worried I'll fall for him and cause problems cuz y'know he's soooo hawt and all girls just can't help themselves! We're giant emotional balls of uncontrollable drama!angst!

He acts like that girls are special objects and that he can't just be friends with them but we occupy a special "space" >:O Like well we can't be friends, b/c we are too good for that, he must treat us specially and delicately!

Also >:| He acts like friendship isn't a two way street. I get no say in this, and he was shocked that I would be annoyed somebody just said "yub, we can't be friends no more!" And it just feels like it's not like he sees me as a friend as much as (APPARENTLY) a teddy bear for him to get comfort from while he doesn't have a g/f.. or something.

I feel annoyed and used >:O And also insulted.

Wtf :( Why am I always the odd person out? :\ I'm hemmoraging friends for no reason!!!!!!!!!

Oh and jerkface is now showing up in online games I play to msg me :\

Wednesday, October 24, 2007




So it's better for kids to watch tv shows, listen to music and play video games and read comics that involve sexual innuendo and sexual situations (and sometimes actually smex XD) than read an award winning book that contains it? XD Okay >_>;;

Links :)

Aww this is so excellent. :D

Also thx to Thom Wade we know now that Philadelphia is the ugliest city in America. XD

The full list is here :D

Monday, October 22, 2007

Absolutely not

I've noticed something that's annoyingly used a lot in bloguments, and of course anti-feminist arguments. Mostly that's turning everything we say into a "bizarre absolute" so that they can hold our points up to ridicule and then declare the whole thing worthless. :\

It's like if somebody says that they're disgusted by the way some female heroines are treated, someone else will say "are you saying ALL women are treated like that? Have you seen cover x or cover y? SEEE YOUR ARGUMENT IS WRONG YOU LOSE, WOMEN ARE FINE IN COMICS!"

That's kinda like if somebody says "women are raped and killed irl and that's unacceptable and we have to stop this!" And somebody else says "my mom hasn't been raped or killed! Neither has my sister! YOU TOTALLY NEGLECT THAT WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR POINT! THERE IS NO PROBLEM!"

I have no idea why it's bad that ppl are angry about having their heroines put into demeaning situations :\ The fact that there are heroines NOT put into those situation doesn't rly change nething b/c whether or not all of them are or some of them are or 2 of them are doesn't change the fact that those ones ARE and for gratuitous reasons. :(

I'm not saying that NO arguments should be made against this, or that arguing whether or not there is a PREVALENT problem or an ALL ENCOMPASSING problem or DELIBERATE MYSOGINY is stupid and meaningless, obv there are other point of views.

But it's annoying when ppl turn our arguments into "bizarre absolutes" and then brush their hands off and declare the issue settled b/c they proved that it doesn't happen in exactly that manner 100% of the time.

It's like if 50% of superheroines were degraded and the other 50% were dominatrixes it'd be all great and good and we can all live happily ever after, there is no problem. >_>;;

Ultimately it's unhelpful to everybody when that generalization is made b/c it completely moots the debate. One side has declared victory over an argument nobody made, and the other side hasn't been addressed, but it just makes everybody involved angrier and perpetuates the "stereotypes" about whomever they're arguing against (that they're crazy, irrational and making broad sweeping statements such as "every superheroine evar has been raped and abused and killed" or "all men hate women"). >_>;;

So in conclusion, the argument that all feminists make absolute statments 100% of the time every day of their lives, is bunk, and I think people are stupid to say that.



Saturday, October 20, 2007

Confusions :(

[11:28] X: Apparently not. Regardless, I wish to apologize for my behaviour yesterday. It was cruel and uncalled for, and I am sorry. I will now silence myself, should you ever desire additional chatter, then I will not be hard to find. *bows*

He keeps making new accounts. And today he made another one and is apparently asking for my forgiveness? :\ (I'm still totally ignoring him)

I dunno :(

This seems like a trap ;-; And... *sighs* I dunno... the niceness in me wants to accept and stuff... :(

Friday, October 19, 2007

Ami smash >:O

[22:44] Ami Angelwings: :( i feel bad we're not friends nemore :\ but you keep saying you're not gonna talk to me nemore and yet you're the one who keeps msging me
[22:45] X: Right. Because I'm an asshole, so I feel like being mean. I'll stop soon, presumably.
[22:45] Ami Angelwings: ok
[22:45] Ami Angelwings: XD
[22:45] Ami Angelwings: i'm gonna take a shower now >_>
[22:46] Ami Angelwings: need to wash all that cum out of my pussy :D
[22:46] X: ...
[22:46] Ami Angelwings: also my ass, it was a rough day today XD
[22:46] Ami Angelwings: night :D
[22:46] *** X signed off at Fri Oct 19 22:46:20 2007.


*mean* >:D

He seems upset too XD I bet he thinks I was being serious >_>

And this goes back to what Michelle was saying that ppl think that by declaring that they are aware they are bad ppl, it makes it okay for them to be jerks >:|

W/e >_>

He's blocked now XD

But *growls*

He was my friend ;-;

But I dun need friends like that right? :O


Edit: He's making new accounts to msg and insult me now too :(

Follow Up

He msged me out of the blue today and said:

I am irked and feel like being abusive, therefore: I think you are a whore.

and that we can't be friends b/c

Because I find you more repulsive than you are redeeming.


Then went on to say that he doesn't mean prostitute and gave me the dictionary definition (which basically proved him wrong) and said he was referring to me being sexually promiscuous (as if there's nething wrong with that regardless). >:\

But then goes on to say that I am b/c I had smex.

So.. clearly... if I had smex ONCE I am going to go sex crazy and have sex with LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of ppl right?


Stupid virgin/whore stereotype thing >:O

I think I need to block him XD

I just assumed that since he declared he never wanted to talk to me again that he wouldn't be msging me again >.>;;

I'm not here just to be his punching bag!

He keeps declaring he's never going to talk to me again then keeps msging me to tell me what a "slut" and "whore" I am. :( >_>



Wtf :(

Mebbe he liked me and suddenly he saw this idea of me being this wonderful girl (cuz I know he rly used to like me as a person so he said neways) ruined and now feel it's all my fault for betraying him, or something?

I dunno :(



Where are the decent guys in my life? XD

Rawr >:O


A guy friend of mine found out that I'm not a virgin and called me a slut and said he couldn't be friends with me anymore and implied that clearly I must be having sex with lots of guys constantly. :(

I was stunned before I could say much and he just said he'd never talk to me again :(


wtf :(

All I said was that I had smex, not how many times or how many partners (as if that's nebody's business) and then it's like "UR A SLUT". :\

He's a virgin btw. And he's not religious or nething. :( It seems like he feels intimidated or something being around somebody more experienced? I dunno ;-;


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Complex social stuff hurts my brain :(

After a misunderstanding with a friend I want to clarify my last post which I thought I alrdy made clear XD

I'm not saying "treat women badly like you do men" or that etiquitte towards important situations (a date, out with friends, out with family, a business meeting, etc) is bad. But that there's a difference between importance of situations (and roles) and importance of "gender".

It's one thing if you want to be nice to a date (of any gender, we're not assuming the world is entirely heterosexual are we?) but when there's a whole "treat every woman you meet like a princess to be taken care of", it's a whole different story.

I'm against attitudes like "we should be mean to guys cuz they can take it and treat girls with kid gloves b/c they are delicate fragile beautiful creatures to be glimpsed at in the floating pond of eternal life" not against being polite in general.

If you hold doors for all your friends and stuff that's great, tho I bet some of them might be annoyed if you start acting like they're too "good" to do things for themselves. XD

And if you treat guys like crap b/c well they're guys and can take it, that's prolly a bad attitude to have too >:|

But no matter how you defend it, generally people should be treated as they would like to be treated, not as you want to treat them (presumably these ppl are not trapped in a cycle of abuse where they dunno what they want or something, there are always going to be exceptions). No matter how good your intentions are or how much you worship and adore a woman, if she doesn't WANT that type of treatment, then you should respect that, not b/c she's a woman and you have to humour her, but b/c she's a person. :)

I think ppl should just be nice to EVERYBODY in general regardless of who they are :)

Unless they are they are Joe Kelly >.>;;;


Speak for Supergirl! :D

What do you think she's saying? :D

What would Joe Kelly make her say? :(

Best answers win hugs! :D

Your pedestal is uncomfortable :\

Dementia said...

I whole hearted agree with your sentiment Lilith, but I am slightly concerned by your tone of putting us poor right wingers in the same bed as misogynists. Women are to be protected, respected and generally worshiped. You will find misogynists in every make, shape and model and there are just as many liberal and supposedly free thinkers who are just as harsh as from any other group.

That's a comment in the review of Shredded Moose on "Your Webcomic Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad". Which is a great scathing review of a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE webcomic >:|

This guy prolly worships at the feet of Ian Churchill and Michael Turner. >_>;;

In fact, I feel like he's one of those ppl who gets into drawing comics just as an excuse to draw nekkid women smexing. :(

But that comment annoyed me too. :(

That type of attitude is not much better either and I hate hearing it from my guy friends when they act like they are the greatest guys in the world and not some dirty sexist. :\

Just cuz... it's attitudes like that, the ones that put us on pedestals as something perfect to be taken care of, worshipped, etc that continue misogynistic ideas.

If we're perfect baubles to be admired and polished and taken care of, clearly we are "too good" to work, and should not. Women who work would therefore be tarnished.

Women who do not fit or are seen as goddesses to be worshipped are "whores" and "sluts" and are clearly imperfect and useless.

It's the same sort of attitude that I was complaining about earlier when guys hit on me by acting like I'm perfect (thinking that this will flatter me and make them a gentleman) while putting down everybody else. :(

Respect yus. Worship? No >:|

I'm not an idol to be placed on your mantle and prayed to every night. I am not some prized trophy to be locked in a case and taken care of. I'm a person too. >:\

And if you think that the only alternative is to treat a woman "like a man" and that means being a jerkwad to her and that's clearly out of the question, mebbe you should examine how you treat other men, and not think "oh women are too delicate and must be treated like flowers to be tip toed around".


*throws things*

Also Shredded Moose needs to DIE NOW XD

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Awww this is excellent :3

Monday, October 15, 2007


Dear idiot guys who hit on me,

Contrary to what you may believe, putting down other girls and talking about all women as sluts and idiots except for me who is a goddess and perfect and virginal and should not defile herself by having sexuality b/c she's not "like those other girls" DOES NOT IMPRESS ME!!!

Honestly! Do you think I enjoy you putting down my gender just b/c you treat me like I'm some sort of special bauble to be put on your desk and stared at ever so lovingly?

Do you think I feel complimented when you tell me what I should wear just b/c you think that I'm "too good" to wear "slutty" clothes, or whatever?

*kicks idiot guys in the head*

Putting me on some sort of pedestal as some all perfect goddess does NOT win you my affection ESP when you insult all other women to do it >:O

Blatant disdain for my gender and repressed anger and hatred just seeping through everything you say is SO NOT A TURN ON!!!!




Teh Ami

Too bad Larry Craig didn't think of this XD

Not gay, just pretending, priest says

In an interview with La Repubblica newspaper, Monsignor Tommaso Stenico said he frequented online gay chat rooms and met with gay men as part of his work as a psychoanalyst. He said that he pretended to be gay in order to gather information about "those who damage the image of the Church with homosexual activity.''



Sunday, October 14, 2007

Guest Column! :D

My guest column at Girls Read Comics (And They're Pissed) is up! :D

I hope you like it :D

It's what's been stressing me all week cuz up until yesterday I had NO idea what I was going to write for it XDDD



I'd like to thank Karen greatly for asking me to write it and stuff :D

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cuz I know you've always wanted to play it XD

One Dimensional Tetris!

I got the link from this site which talks all about crazy Tetris stuff including AI to play Tetris and 4 dimensional Tetris! :O

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The origin of the Borg is happening :O

"Cyborg" professor at University of Toronto


Whoever thought the beginnings of the Borg would happen in Toronto XDDD

Watch, soon he'll figure out a way to link his brain into a computer, and convince some students to do the same and network their minds to solve problems faster. But there will be bigger problems, mebbe the solution to the world's problems is still beyond them and they need more brain power, so for the good of humanity, they decide to get more people into their network, and more.. and more and mo..

We are the Borg.

You will be assimilated.

Resistance is futile.

We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Spaghetti sauce without tomatoes

This has been everywhere now but I have to comment and spread the word. >:|

It is SO MANY SHADES OF DUMB!!!!!!!!!!



What's next? No more movies with black leads b/c Norbit "clearly" proved that there's no appetite for that? Mebbe we should scrap all animation b/c of Superman/Doomsday!

This is just like the "comics without sex will not sell" thing. It's not about sex, or women leads, or nething else, it's about creating a GOOD STORY!!!!!!!

It's like they're cooking spaghetti and are like "my sauce tastes AWFUL! Well it has tomatoes as it's main ingredient, clearly THAT'S the problem, let's take tomatoes out of the recipe completely!"

Mebbe it's not the ingredients, it's the recipe or your crappy cooking.

Mebbe it's not the gender of your leads, it's your crappy scripts and decisions!

WB head person... you are FULL OF FAIL. >:|

Monday, October 08, 2007

Powerful women = Single women?

While watching Law and Order: CI, I realized that Eames is another female cop (Beck being the other that comes to mind immediately) with a deceased cop husband. :\

And I started to think about cop shows and superhero comics and I realized that a LOT of "powerful" female heroes, soldiers, police officers, superheroes tend to be single or have "powerful" husbands, who are also soldiers and police officers and superheroes.

It seems like while it's more "natural" for a male hero to have a civilian spouse, it's a lot harder to imagine it the other way around. >_>

Of course I'm generalizing XD But it seems to be the general attitude that I get when I watch and read these things. :( Like for male heroes it's way likely for them to meet a girl and you can see them marrying and might even hope they do. But for the female hero, it's almost like marriage would "ruin" their power, like it's so hard to imagine an independent heroic woman being married to just some insurance broker.

In SG-1, almost all of Sam's love interests are something "powerful" (Ancient, Cop, etc) but Teal'c's and Daniels tend to be priestesses, scientists, regular girls.. :\

It's like the (presumably) male writers just find it difficult to imagine themselves with a woman in a position of some sort of heroism if they themselves are not also heroic (or they would feel unmanly I guess). :\

And it seems like while a lot of female heroes dun get married (or stay married), they do get children. XD Single mother storylines are very popular!

But... it's just like the idea that for a woman to be powerful she must also be single. Possibly b/c of the social gender imbalance? Where it's generally viewed that a man is "in charge" of a relationship, so a woman with a husband would be more "tied down" than Superman or Spiderman being married? (Tho according to Joe Q that's a problem too!)

It's just like... with Robin and other male heroes it seems like they date "regular women" a lot more in their books, while Supergirl and Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman are always dating other superheroes lately (or military men). :(

I think that mebbe a lot has to do with the assumption that women want men who are strong and assertive. So a strong woman would not want some pansy regular guy, but they'd be interested in somebody "equal" or "stronger" than they are?

I do feel that pressure myself a lot too :( And I do admit I prefer "stronger" guys too. :\

I dunno. :o

I dun state this as a "rule" or a WiR syndrome or nething. It's just the overall feeling I get from my own experiences reading and watching heroic fiction :)

I find myself also finding it difficult when WRITING fiction myself to write girl heroes who aren't either lesbians or single (or in serious relationships that work out). :\ And I'm not rly sure why. :( I think it's just the whole "male hero/girl supporting love interest" cliche that's been drilled in my head. :\

I think Supergirl should have an accountant boyfriend! XD

Or mebbe a veterinarian :D Aminals are cute :)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Routercat :D

My cat luffs my router XD

Friday, October 05, 2007


Trans-abled ppl