Friday, August 31, 2007


Giant Spider Web!!!


It's like Kingdom of the Spiders or Arachnophobia!!!!!!!!!!


The should get rid of it before we all get taken over by these super spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!



Oh and I LIKED Kingdom of the Spiders even tho it's so filled with cheese and Shatner (ew, that sounds like a gross celebrity omelette) XD

The ending is so obviously a matte painting, but the implication is so SCARY!!!! :O

To me >.>


Ami Angelwings: So not out to change the universe XD

I find it amusing when ppl accuse me of being part of the feminist hive mind. XD Esp when they accuse me of having an agenda or pushing my beliefs considering:

a) I never advertise this blog, I never tell others to link me and I never go around linking ppl to my articles saying "look what I said!" (except my friends to my satire XD)

b) I dun rly run around pushing my agenda on other ppl in their blogs, I RARELY get into fights, and when it turns into one, I dun get involved XD I rly dun care

c) This particular blog is just whatever comes to my mind XD My thought processes are not "an agenda" b/c I'm not out to accomplish nething. I dun organize campaigns, I'm not trying to rally the masses. XD Everything I write is for myself and a few friends I intended this blog for.

d) I get linked to by WFA but I dun ask for this so simply b/c you found me doesn't mean I'm pushing myself on to you!

e) I dun consider myself some sort of hero of my own story, I'm not fighting the good fight, or trying to get noticed, or be famous, or make some sort of difference, or educate others even. XD I just write whatever's on my mind.. mostly as stress reduction b/c I think so much. :O

So yus... I think WFA tends to cloud the issue a lot from ppl who just dun get it. On the face of it, it seems like we're some sort of hive mind working together, but we're so not. XD Everybody gets linked. :O

I think some ppl who ARE the hero of their own story, or who are on a crusade, or trying to change opinions or stuff, just assume everybody they meet must be the same. That's so not true. XD

I dun run around posting the same comment on ppl's journals, or fighting the same battles. XD I just post whatever's on my head and usually try not to make the person feel like I just intruded on their blog to make my own blog post and set up my own soapbox :D

I'm happy that I have readers, but if I had no readers, I'd be happy too. :D I write for me and some close friends. :)

Comments I leave on other ppl's journals are usually not thought out at all, and just off the cuff stuff. I try to avoid fights, I try to avoid disagreeing with entrenched thinkers (cuz there's no point for me XD), and I just feel like "hmm I have something to say!" not "OH YOU ARE SO WRONG YOU NEED TO BE EDUCATED" or "this goes against my agenda!"

Whatever this mysterious agenda of mine is. XD I vote turning the world pink. :o

I'm just me. XD

I'm not saying it's wrong to fight, or debate other ppl or try to make change! I NEVER say that my pov should be other ppl's povs. XD Merely that it's mine. :3 And this is who I am. And plz dun mistake me for somebody who's not me. :D

These are simply super cute rants of doooom :D Nothing more and nothing less. And they always will be! ^^

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Daddy Tropes :o

Why Are Movie Dads So Dumb?

The dumb middle aged guy in general is a big trope in tv and movies. :O

It's always the dad who's the dumb one of the two tho. :O Even in the Berenstein Bears, it's Papa who's the silly and impulsive one while Mama is smart and rational. Same (usually) on The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad.

I think King of the Hill has a good father figure tho. :D I luff Hank XD

But then there are also good dads. They seem to come in 3 sorts:

Deadbeat dads, good strong dads (father figures who help their kids when they need them and give fatherly advice) and goofy dads. XD

The 2nd category seems to usually be littered with single dads tho. :o Married dads often only help the son when he rly needs it, and usually only for like father-son manly stuff. Or so it seems neways. XD

The single dad trope is very popular (esp in adventure shows). :O You have Worf, Cmdr Sisko, the Sheriff from Eureka, Jake Cardigan from Tekwar. Often it's the dad having no idea how to raise the kid (if it's a girl you throw in the added oh-so-hilarity of not knowing how to raise a girl). XD

I dunno where I'm going with this. XD I dun think that the "dumb dad" trope is any more prevalent than any of the other father stereotype tropes, but for married couples, the dumb dad with smart mom trope is pretty popular. And often the dads aren't attractive while the mothers are. >.>;;

Also it seems like fathers are usually portrayed as stupid, absent, or busy-unless-called-on-to-teach-son-things unless they're single, in which case they're forced to actually care for their offspring. XD It's like.. if they're married, they can't raise the kid. For example, Keiko primarily raised Molly while O'Brian was often off (and in theory Keiko works too), while Sisko is always seen taking care of Jake.

It IS a little annoying that this happens. >.>;; And I think it's cuz portraying men as being stupid or dumb, just like women as being emotional and catty, is the way things are usually portrayed in media and tv. :\ Men are beer belly, hair, ugly things, and women are beautiful, emotional little balls of rationality except when it rly counts. xD

I dunno. I'm not fond of stereotypes in general >:\ And it is annoying at how often the fat dumb middle aged guy is used. >:O

Tropes abound!

What do you ppl think? And add your own tropes and/or examples :D

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vegetarian Vallacies, Part 172.5

Vegetarians are inherently illogical. Vegetarianism is an emotional and not rational based ideology.

All Vegetarian arguments boil down to 2 statements:

1) I don't eat it so it tastes horrible

2) It tastes horrible because I say it tastes horrible.

No matter what you say, or what facts you may state, or how many potatos you eat, that is the truth because I say it is.

Of course this makes vegetarians easy to counter as I have tons of facts and figures, all proven to be correct, that back me up.

It's a wonder there are SO many vegetarians out there and .. just lonesome old me fighting the good fight against those evil evil veggie lovers! All those irrational ppl out there. Given how SIMPLE it is that vegetarianism is evil and stupid, and given that all their supporters are stupid (since as I pointed out they're all not rational) you'd think that they'd HAVE NO SUPPORTERS AT ALL!

Yet they do.

People are weird.

So here are some of the things vegatarians and yes, even our own society, would like us to believe are true. Except that they're not.

They're vicious vicious lies!

I'll expose them for the lies that they are now:

1) "how I taste doesn't affect my opinions!"

You'll hear this often from cows or pigs or other tasty creatures. Some humans too. Humans can be so tasty in the right sauces. At any rate. Obviously those who are tasty would want to advocate some sort of unrealistic "PC" world where everybody eats what they eat, and they are allowed to live in happiness and harmony with the rest of us. Is it rly an enlightened philosophy or just plain jealousy? They're jealous at all the beautiful happy other animals and people who dun get eaten, and clearly then they are evil for being lucky! These idiots should just grow up and stop being jealous pricks and maybe lose a few pounds so that they wouldn't be so tasty with that succulent juicy fat.....

Moving on...

2) It's wrong that as a vegetarian my ability to make tasty meals and to choose restaurants for my friends is criticized or questioned.

It's not wrong! It's not prejudice! It's FACTS. COLD. HARD. FACTS. It's a well known fact that vegetarians have horrible tastes in food. Vegetables are a side dish, not a main course. And well.. TV says so! And all the fiction I read. And no, I dun actually have vegetarian friends, but I DO watch them eat and make assumptions! Besides, all vegetarians are EXACTLY THE SAME and they have EXACTLY THE SAME TASTES IN FOOD, so CLEARLY their judgement must be questioned! This isn't prejudice, it's just how vegetables are. Without meat, too much veggies will make people hungry and that makes it hard for them to make decisions!

3) "slipping" meat into a vegetable dish is the same as poisoning the dish

I've heard this argument been made ALL THE TIME! ALL. THE. TIME. It's weird that I hear it phrased EXACTLY LIKE THAT all the time too, because it's such a stupid argument that I'm shocked people make it! It makes no sense! Why is it immoral? How lucky it is for me that it's phrased in exactly a perfect way for it to sound stupid and make it easy for me to destroy! I'm rly the luckiest and smartest meat eater in the world! Okay so obviously it's WRONG b/c mixing up food happens ALL THE TIME. There's so many meat dishes that are forced to taste worse b/c vegetables are added! So why not the other way around? And often, vegetarians actually ORDER a dish with meat in it. Maybe the menu doesn't say, and maybe the person ordering just wasn't clear enuf when saying that they wanted no meat. Maybe they were coy or quiet. But they BETTER EAT IT. THEY ORDERED IT AFTER ALL! Vegetarians are SUCH hypocrites! Slipping is slipping, poisoning is poisoning.

4) Dangerous deadly pesticides is a vegetable issue

It so totally IS NOT. Sure, vegetables are affected and people who eat them are too! But so what!? You CHOOSE to eat vegetables, and if you're sick, that's your OWN DAMN FAULT. We shouldn't cure people who are sick from this either cuz they didn't HAVE to eat vegetables. So yah... WHATEVER. And you know who has to pick up the tab for all these health care costs? MEAT EATERS! Sometimes you'll hear the argument that you can't compare being sick because of chemicals to paying for health care costs. But first off, it's not rly even that sick! So you throw up a bit.. or get cancer.. or something... WHATEVER. I've had the flu, cancer can't be much worse! And paying for health care costs takes away from eating burgers for the average meat eater! These things are passed ON TO US! And since meat eaters also tend to the fields the vegetables are grown in, then clearly it's also a meat issue too! And I dunno why I have to say this at all but NOT BEING POISONED IS NOT A RIGHT!

5) There are less vegetarian alternatives in most restaurants than all meat dishes

First of all, that's not true. It's just the unpopularity of vegetarian dishes that causes this! Secondly, vegetarian dishes suck and taste horrible! Thirdly, when you compare all non-veggie restaurants ALL OVER THE WORLD you find that 50% of the menues are all vegetarian food! In fact, there are 80% more vegetarian only restaurants in the US than regular restaurants which just proves that vegetarians are complaining about NOTHING! Did you know that 74% of all vegetable dishes actually contain heroin? It's true! And 63% of all vegetarians have criminal records! The fact is when you compare vegetarian and regular dishes, you'll find that they're about equal in every restaurant all over the world! I know! I personally compared them all!

Stay tuned for the next departing installment of "Vegetarian Vallacies"!

Oh and I just KNOW I'm gonna be bombarded by those vegenazis now spouting their hate and illogic! Conveniently, I'm so smart I found a position where the only way to oppose it is to be an idiot and stupid and moronic! So those idiots are gonna be deleted from my comments. I'm not getting rid of opposing viewpoints, just idiotic ones that support an inherently stupid and irrational belief.

Edit: For those that want a primer as to why vegetarians are inherently stupid and illogical read my previous post

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Grrness and happiness :D

The FanExpo was.. mixed today XD

My "date" (who invited me to go with him), was.. horrible =_=

He ditched me several times, including for a long 2 hour period. He didn't talk to me (but at me XD) and spent all his time complaining about what's wrong with things, what's wrong with other ppl, there's too many ppl, cosplayers are weird, there's not enuf trees in the city, society sucks, everybody sucks, etc etc >.>;;

And he's new to comics (he wants to start reading them XD) but yet acts like he knows the most, talks down to me, refuses to listen to nething I have to say, or my suggestions for comics for him to read (since he likes X-men and Spiderman, I suggested good story arcs of those). And instead got a bunch of Civil War stuff that he.. complains about XD

He refused to buy TPBs (despite my warnings), and bought issues then complained about how he spent money on issues when TPBs were cheaper!


Plus he wasn't even talking to me! WHY WAS I THERE!?

He complained that there was no Nintendo booth until I pointed out there was then he complained that the Wii is boring, and dragged me away while I still wanted to play (I've never played Wii before and I played for like a few minutes before he decided he was bored) and when we did play Wii for those few minutes he talked down to me so much even tho *I* figured out the controls and had to teach HIM, he kept talking like he figured it all out. >:|

I walked around mostly by myself cuddling the Buneary pokemon plushee I bought XD

At one point I just sat in the corner and hugged Bunbun and cried a bit cuz I was worried he just completely abandoned me and it hurt a lot cuz I dun like feeling ditched, esp by somebody who asked me to come. :(

And he blamed me for everything! Even things that were his own decision (to go on the first day when of course the lines would be HUGE) and stuffs. :( Or getting lost coming back later cuz even tho he doesn't know the Skywalk (but I do, and I led us to the convention going there), we got lost on the way back and I said, this isn't the way to go and he's like no I remember this is it, and I'm thinking remember what? you've never been here! >:O And eventually I dragged him back. :\ And he blamed me everytime he just ditched me too.. it got very upsetting. :(

Oh and I posed for pictures with a RLY GREAT Rocketeer cosplayer! :D And I kissed him (on his helmet) too XD But the stupid person taking pics with my camera phone FAILED when taking that pic :(

GRrrr >:|

It was very annoying, and now he's banned from the Amiverse! >:O

Stupid talking down to me. >.>

At least I have the satisfaction of knowing that instead of reading some GOOD comics, he's sitting down at home reading Civil War and House of M tie-ins XD

Which he spent over $100 on :O

For $18, I bought 3 "Spiderman loves Mary Jane" TPBs :D And got a 50% off any graphic novel (hardcovers, tpbs, mangas, etc) coupon for the comic store I now frequent :D




I'm definitely getting something expensive and absolutely awesome with that XD

Suggestions? :D

I LUFF Spiderman <3 Mary Jane btw XD I stopped reading cuz my store stopped carrying them :( But I remember why I luffed it XD


Also I got a Resident Evil 2 comic which is SO much fun b/c it's basically just stories where the chars are playing the game. Like... they have to find keys and complete bizarre puzzles, and none of them EVAR question this. XD Like why there's a whole cache of assault rifles and shotguns and ammo at a zoo, or why a mail carrier had hollow point bullets on his body XD

Or when the dying security guard explains to Barry Burton that there are 5 parts of a bomb hidden around the building that he must find and construct. There's NO explanation as to WHY there would be a disassembled bomb scattered around a medical building (he's seeing a psychiatrist). XD



So despite crappy escorts, I had a great time XD

Here is a pic of me with the Rocketeer guy! :D

That's a tube top. XD I did get some stares >.>;;; I look so horrid in that picture! >:O Why couldn't he have caught the kissing pic XD


I have a Myspace as I keep saying XD

If you have one too add me :D

Ph33r the awesome background music :D

I luff my Buneary :D

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Imbalance of Terror

Sometimes I think some guys just have no idea how scary the idea of sexual violence is to women. Or how disturbing it is to find it almost everywhere in media.

It doesn't have to be rape. How often has a female hero been captured by the villain and touched or groped or forcibly kissed? What about the infamous line "in time you will grow to love me?" Or forced into marriage that the heroic men must stop (there's always this threatened honeymoon too)!

Or how about being held by the henchman who defy orders and try to touch her or do implied things to her (usually stopped by the "good guard" or the villain who shows up and smites them).

I dunno if it's even possible for these guys to understand HOW THAT FEELS or how scary it is for a possibility.

Many men seem to believe that rape is about sex, and that rape is just unwanted sexual advances and all about attraction. Men might be raped by gay men, or straight women. Women might be raped by straight men, or lesbians. But there aren't that many gay men out there (or at all in fiction XD) and usually gay characters are good, so that's... not a threat as far as those guys see.

And women, well, deep down (no matter what they might say to put forward a flimsy "but guys are raped too" argument), they're thinking that a woman forcing sex on a guy (a hot woman no less, for almost all slutty female villains are hot) isn't all that bad. And the heroes never feel traumatized by this except for "oh, I didn't want it (at that moment)"

It reminds me of something a friend told me once. :\ He was telling me about how at work his co-workers were talking about how horrible it'd be to go to prison and be anally raped and one of them said "except for gay guys, it'd be heaven to them". B/c rape isn't about power again. It's just unwanted sex, and everybody enjoys sex to some degree, even if it's unwanted right?

That IS how some guys seem to see it, and judging from some of the stuff I've read and opinions I've heard, it seems like many guys just feel "what's the big deal? get over it!" when it comes to rape. Men get raped too in comics!

By women.

And hardly in the same types of circumstances. :\

In fact, as iainpj points out, men are mostly raped by straight men irl. Often to humiliate them, to take away their power, to break them.

That's what rape is. That's something that even women who haven't experienced rape (which I hope is most of us :\) can understand, and is always in the back of our minds. :\ I dunno if guys rly ever can understand this, but at least some ppl put in an effort to. Others seem content to sit in their own little worlds of "rape is just unwanted sex". Just and nothing more.

For women rapists it seems like they're portrayed as "oh you dun want sex? well I need to get off baby, you're so hot, I need your seed, I'm so horny, I dun care!"

And maybe they think that that's how male rapists feel too "I need to get off, and you're here". Maybe b/c this is as far as most men will go in their thinking, which is GOOD, b/c... that's how most of us would prolly go in our thinking. That "why would nebody rape nebody? Except they're just so horny and can't control it, well I can."

But rape is about power and control. It's about "it doesn't matter what YOU want, it doesn't matter even if I'm not horny right now, I am going to OWN you, I am going to make sure you NEVER forget this, even if I die, this is going to be with you FOREVER".

And other stuff. :\

I'm not very comfortable talking about rape (my own personal issues, which I wun get into). :( And I hope I didn't offend nebody. :\ *sighs*

Just being touched in general, against our will, is disturbing, it's a violation of ourselves. And it's not about sexual attraction, it's about power, it's about "you can't stop me". :(

And maybe the only real comparison would be how guys would feel if a straight guy forced, debased and humiliated them, touching them, violating them. Guys are uncomfortable enuf with a hug from another straight guy, how would they feel about more, against their will, and not about the other guy being gay and just finding them that hot (i.e. absolutely no ego stroking allowed here)?

What if Batman was raped and broken by the Joker? Or Superman by Luthor or Zod? Just b/c they had them captured. Most female characters captured seems to be threatened with some sort of forced touching or threat or something. :\ The fanboys would HOWL if this happened. Superman Homepage would declare jihad against Dan Didio.

Superman being raped by Livewire? Bad storytelling.

But being raped by Zod? Broken and left on the ground? Their greatest hero debased in such a way? Even if this is a "growing" experience, JIHAD. Imagine if Superman was raped by Joker, and it was about Batman beating up Joker. Or Batman held by Zod and raped and Superman having to avenge him? Didio would be lucky if the male fandom didn't burn DC headquarters to the ground.

It's a fear that everybody has. It's just way more "realistic" and "closer to the surface" for women. And it's everywhere. Even growing up with the princesses being forced to marry evil overlords, or forced onto the bed and kissed before the hero shows up. :\ And "in time you will grow to love me"... That's CREEPY. Love is this special thing in us and that we can be broken to the point of just giving in like that? That a princess or a heroine will give in like that? Somebody we associate with in the story? UGH.

And some men kid themselves that it's about sexual attraction, that it can only rly happen between pairings where there's at least a 1 way sexual attraction (gay man + man, straight woman + man, etc), but that's not what rape is.

And maybe that's why there's a disconnect about why it's such a disturbing thing to happen to our heroes, or just a disturbing plot device in general to get from point A to point B (usually point B is the male hero kicking the crap out of the villain). Maybe that's why male rapes are thrown away so lightly and shown as having little effect on them. B/c for the male writers, well being raped by a girl can't be that bad. It's almost like they see it as being punched. Girls cry when punched or hit cuz well, we just suck. We're emotionally and physically weaker and can't take a punch as hard. So clearly the same must be for rape too, since most men thinking about being forced by a woman dun seem to see it as that big a deal. :\

Neways... talking about rape makes me.. ill... =_=;;;

So I'll stop here. :\

I just wanted to get out how disturbing it is to see something treated so trivially and ppl acting like "oh there's not enuf rapes to rly justify being upset" or "what's the big deal" or any of these other attitudes. To put it bluntly, and maybe I'm being unfair, many straight men will never understand how women feel about rape, b/c they prolly dun imagine a similar type of situation for them (a straight man taking away their power and violating them). :(

I'm not saying all (I never said all once for good reason xD) but that, I think this is something ppl need to THINK about and not just quickly react with their first instinct with. And I praise and admire the men who DO think about it and who DO try to see things from our pov (many of the guys who read this blog for instance!). :)

But rape is not about sex. It's about power. And there's rly not a good enuf example in comics to make a comparison about between male and female rapes. But maybe if this was a legitimate fear of straight men, if maybe they understood how frightening this is, that this isn't just "being beaten up" or bullied or nething, maybe there'd be more respect towards female characters and sexual violence in fiction, maybe male writers will think twice before just casually throwing in this threat of sexual violence, violation and nething else, to "ratchet up" the drama. :\

But I'd like to think that MORE fear and MORE violation isn't what we need. :( That we dun need guys to go thru this to understand it, or to feel the same fear or threats or just see themselves in their fiction being put thru such debasement, to understand. That they'd respect us and the characters we want to be, enuf to get it. Maybe I'm just hoping for too much. :( But I like to think that there's some empathy out there. :\

I dun want to see more male rapes by men out there to "balance" things out. I dun want to see more male rapes by women, I dun wanna see more women rapes by women, or NETHING. I dun want a "balance of terror". I wanna see less rapes in general, esp as plot devices.

I'm sorry again if I offended ppl, esp real rape victims. :( I'm rly not very comfortable talking about this D:

Sorry :(

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This is the best scene evar XD

From this week's Blue Beetle :D

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stargatetrek stuff XD

I just stumbled on this fact while reading thru the summary of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Q-pid at Memory Alpha. :O

Ironically, Marina Sirtis and Gates McFadden were the only members of the cast that were trained in sword fighting, but only the men were allowed to use swords. (TNG Season 4 DVD Bonus Features)

It reminded me of what Andy pointed out in a comment in a previous post I made. :O

And.. that's.. so bad :O Why are only the men allowed to use swords? :o Crusher and Troi should both be trained in combat since they're Starfleet officers (and all cadets are trained in various kinds of combat b/c of the types of species they might encounter). And it's not like Geordi is rly much of a fighter (in fact, he NEVER fights, and often gets knocked down), but he gets a sword :o Troi and Crusher instead just throw pots on ppl. :\

And given that the actresses actually CAN use swords.. the fact that their chars are not allowed to is even worse. >:|


And I just realized that Stargate is rly white washed... and male. Except for aliens. Aliens are black. With a couple exceptions almost all of the Earth humans are white and male. :\ Including all the army extras and other SG teams. :(

In Atlantis, they have multi cultural scientists. Canadian, Scottish, Polish, Russian, etc.. and they're all white. :\ You might see a few black soldiers occasionally, but that's it. :(

And I didn't even rly notice it until today b/c it just seems so normal for white male to be the default. But it rly stuck out that all the non-white characters (except for Rainbow, and they got rid of him early on) are aliens. :o Teal'C and the Jaffa, Teyla, Ronin... :\

The aliens are allowed to be Asian and female and black, but not the Earth humans. :\

In fact there's a LOT of women among the Tok'ra and Goa'uld. :o


Tho for the "main" supporting cast they were better for women with Janet Fraser too :)

But for minorities.. I just find it very annoying that Atlantis is this huge multinational force of scientists, and there's so few scientists of colour (ARE there scientists of colour at all?) in the group. :(

It seems like black characters are always the tuff guys (Teal'C, Teyla, Ford, Ronin) on Stargate. :\

The scientists are usually just portrayed as white (often male) nerds :\

I still luff Sam tho :D

Monday, August 20, 2007

He-Man: Weird and Naked

I was talking to Trish about old cartoons and this popped up XD

[07:31] ami_angelwings: i definitely liked she-ra more than he-man
[07:31] ami_angelwings: i found he-man weird and naked
[07:32] Trish: he-man: weird and naked
[07:32] Trish: that should totally be their new marketing strategy


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Personality test o_o

Apparently I'm an advocate :O


Nude virgins flee sex blaze

I think that's the best newspaper headline evar XDDDD

Poor ppls tho :( I hope they're all right? :\ They prolly got into huge trouble with their parents tho! :(

I wonder.. if this sorta thing happened, is the relationship basically over? :O I can't see them having a very stable relationship nemore with this in their memories o_o

Fires scare me :(

Meme catch up #2 XD

Thom Wade is now being nosy and asking me questions too! >.>;;;


1. What’s your favorite Marvel character?

It used to be Ironman. :( Now it's... The Sentry? :D I kinda feel for him cuz he has mental issues and depression and stuff? And so do I. :(

2. You're suddenly given the position of E-I-C of DC (or Marvel)…first act as The Boss?

Get every writer and editor together and work on streamlining the universe. :D

3. If you had to choose one super hero to go all evil-who would it be? How would it happen?

Which superhero hasn't gone all evil yet? XD

Hrm... :o

The problem is that no matter who I choose, if it's a major hero, I'll have ruined him for everybody unless I did the whole "mind controlled/clone/alternate universe/time travel/etc" thing and then that's a cop out. :(

I'll choose...... Robin! XD

Just cuz NOBODY would expect it! And he could turn out to know Batman more than he knows himself since Batman let him in, and Batman's so sure he's always on top of everything. :o

And given that Robin lately has been rly mean to ppl, esp with the death of Conner, it'd give him some reason to. Maybe he tries to cross a line to bring Conner back? Kinda like GL and coast city I guess? Or something very traumatic happens along those lines to cause him to lose it. :o

Tho, if there's a "mysterious" villain and then the "big reveal" is Robin, ppl are gonna get rly upset XD Unless he's portrayed as rly smart and devious and capable, and handles Batman perfectly. :O

Neways... I'd read that XD And Adam Beechen's prolly alrdy written it on some fan fiction site neways :3

4. Sunshine or Rain?


Unless I'm indoors.. then rain... cuz I enjoy feeling safe but I feel all left out if it's sunny and I'm stuck indoors. :(

5. Alien invaders or Zombie Hordes?


It depends XD

For fun, Zombie Hordes. For actual survivability and stuff, alien invaders, cuz they always end up losing and even if Earth is a bit harmed, we can rebuild, while almost every zombie movie has "WE LOSE" ending XD

But I do luff being trapped with a group of dispirate personalities and having zombies surround us XD I generally like situations where ppl are forced to work together :)

Meme catch up #1 XD

Okay.. :\ I've been tagged for many memes, and I keep not doing them cuz I get lazy. :(

And now I feel bad XD

So I'm catching up on my memesheepness now! :D

From Lisa Neptune the 8 questions of blazing death meme:

Here are the rules:
- Each player starts with eight random facts about themselves.
- Those who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight facts and post these rules.
- At the end of the post, choose some people to get tagged and list their names.

1) I have a giant round giraffe that guards my scanner. :3

2) My first superhero comic evar was an "educational" team up with Spider-Man, Ghost Rider and BJ the Blue Jay (mascot of the Toronto Blue Jays) versus drugs in Toronto XD

3) My house number if a multiple of 5. XD

4) Commander Riker is my favourite Star Trek char evar >.>

5) I'm 5'9" >.>;;

6) I had a 98 Degrees obsession for a whole year in high school XD

7) I have 5 lv50s in City of Heroes, 1 for each Archetype (Tanker, Scrapper, Blaster, Controller, Defender) and Origin (Natural, Technology, Science, Mutation, Magic). XD Totally by accident too... I didn't realize it until later >.>

8) I have my own comicverse in my head that I write little stories about XD


That is all. <.<;;

I tag Thom Wade, Joel Bryan, Filby, DJ Black Adam, Paperghost and Trish XD

Edit: I've just realized that I've been tagged by 2 others for this meme! XD It seems kinda cheap to give the same answers so I guess I'm giving up 24 things about myself! >.>;;

Does this mean I also get to tag a WHOLE LOT OF PPL!? XD

I guess I'm so mysterious ppl wanna know more about me? :O

For Walaka:

1) I've been to only 3 states in America :O

2) My cat is named after a character in a Final Fantasy game XD

3) I have posters of Supergirl and Wonder Woman above my bed ^^

4) Some giant lego world I built was in a lego magazine sometime in the 80s. >.>;;

5) Once when it was rly windy, my friend yelled out in anguish "WIND!" and I got this mischievious look on my face and shouted out "WATER! FIRE!! EARTH!!! HEART!! (I know they're in the wrong order XD)" and started singing out the Captain Planet song loudly while walking thru downtown Toronto XDDD

6) I luff skinny jeans XD

7) I often dream that I'm Sam Carter from Stargate SG-1 >.>;; Tho sometimes I'm also Daniel XD

8) When I was in grade 8, I got my hand caught in a drill press at school. :(


I hope my facts aren't too frivolous or nething! XD

And for Rich:

1) My grade 12 English teacher gave out end of the year "awards" and I won "Best Writer" :O

2) I dun own an mp3 player :(

3) I have 8 pairs of shoes currently, and I need to buy at least 2 more XD

4) I luff fighting games, esp SNK ones and the King of Fighter series ^^ I'm unbeatable with Kyo Kusanagi in Capcom vs SNK 2 XD (as far as I know neways >.>)

5) I own over 40 plush penguins :D

6) I luff Skittles XDDD

7) I was born in Toronto and have lived here all my life! (boring I know :( )

8) I liked Crystal Pepsi (and I miss it! XDD)




I was running out of stuff to write ;-;

I also additionally tag: Alex, Giant Killer Mantis and Marr :D

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A confession :(

Adalisa Z's great post about how as a female comic creator she created a character that she disliked and embodied stereotypical "girl hero" characters from mangas made me think about my own experience. :\

Like everybody else I grew up on hero fiction where boys and men were heroes and women were princesses to be rescued. :\ I played Batman, Obi-Wan and Donatello at recess (my thinking being that they were the smartest and therefore most versatile and safest chars XD)

But I dun think I ever realized just how much growing up with all this fiction rly affects us. :\

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, there was a series of stories online that was a bit of a superhero type story (but not exactly). :\ They were quite popular, for a story on a few stories sites but the author decided to retire from web writing and to write screenplays. :O And since I was a fan of his I offered to take over and he let me ^^

His story was pretty standard fair and contained a lot of things that we all complain about: all male hero cast, an evil lesbian, helpless women who turn away from the evil lesbian once she is defeated by the brave male hero... etc >.>

It was also pretty fun and hero-y :o

When I took over I was more serious about it. I was a new writer (at least in terms of writing nething that ppl outside my friends would read XD) and I wanted to be taken srsly and also to try my take on the characters...

My stories were a LOT longer, and also a lot more superheroish. I introduced more characters, things had a darker tone, and I added more depth to the heroes and villains (including repowering the lesbian villain and bringing her back since she was depowered at the end).

I submitted it to the original author hoping to impress him and he rly did like it with a couple caveats. :O 1) my reference to homosexuality in one of the main characters had to be taken out, the audience was almost entirely male and he said that they'd react badly to it 2) he was shocked I repowered the villianess and brought her back as he considered her annoying and disposable (I liked her XD) :\

But it was good, and he put it up and I was eager to please since I've never had an audience and I felt under a lot of pressure to write something that ppl would like!

I got LOTS of feedback. WAY more than I expected some webstory to get :O Ppl loved it and loved the dark tone. They asked for another chapter, so I obliged. :|

The 2nd one was even DARKER than the first. There was much more violence. Including me building my new villain (who was male) by having him harm and sexually assault several women. :\ It seemed like the best way to quickly build him up as a bad person (he's the character I wasn't allowed to give homosexual thoughts). >.>;;; And it was just something that bad guys DID right?


Plus there was another villain who raped another character. :(

And this one got even LOUDER applause. :\ Ppl were hooked and actually sat thru my huge way way way longer 2nd part. :O Guys loved the dark tone and praised me being edgy and cool, and willing to push the boundaries. :(


So part 3 came out... :\

I introduced the first female hero in the entire series so far. And before the episode was over, she had been depowered, raped and rescued by an unpowered hero who was all edgy and kickass. Why was he edgy and kickass? Cuz his girlfriend had been raped and put into a coma by the villain and he's out for revenge!

She got repowered at the end and I had planned for her to save him later. I didn't THINK much of this at all! I SHOULD have! >:| But all I thought was I was making stuff ppl liked. I was this unknown writer and ppl LIKED my stuff and I was writing what I knew and read in comics and saw on tv and read in books. :\ Abusing women got villains over, rape was a good character building exercise for female heroes, victimized girlfriends are good motivation for the heroes!

I had also made plans to have the hero share his much beloved girlfriend tho with 3 other guys she loved, in order to try a twist on the old "hero with many girls who luff him" story (like in Wheel of Time) XD

But I never did complete the story. :\ I felt so disgusted by how dark this one was and how NOT FUN things now were. >:| And how I had to keep pleasing the happy fanboys.... and just... how hard it was for me to write her reaction to being violated. I made it real.. and that's when it started hurting when I started to write for her. :(

So yus... that was 6 years ago and it's just some webstory and I STILL get email about it telling me how much ppl want me to follow up on it. But I just can't. :\

And I still feel rly bad about it.

"Just make your own comics" doesn't work so easily sometimes. :( B/c it's in us, and we need to be aware of it. We're trained to see certain things as the natural progression that plots take. We're trained to see rape as just a tool to create drama and the abuse and victimization of women as a way to make bad guys look bad. Dead girlfriends are a great way to make a hero dark and edgy, and if ppl are dying and swearing and killing and women are falling to the sidelines like meat then... that's good drama! That's DARK that's EXCITING it's REALISTIC.

So is castration or homosexuality or straight men being raped.

Those happen irl, and they dun seem to be very common as a plot device. :\

And it scares me how easily I fall into writing this as a new writer wanting to impress and even tho I MEANT well with what I was writing, after all I was introducing FEMALE HEROES (2 of them actually and both got depowered) but I threw them under a bus without even blinking b/c it just seemed like the thing to do. :\ It was something I saw and read all the time in fiction and didn't think twice about doing it myself. :(

Women in jeopardy = GREAT DRAMA. :\


And having a rabid teenage straight male fanbase as the only source of feedback on my stories rly... makes it hard to judge objectively. :\ Everything they praised I tried to give them more of. And I became a bit like Frank Miller, where I start becoming a parody of myself, each character becoming meaner, and darker and the violence being moved up a notch in order to keep up with my frothing fanbase. :\

Until I just couldn't do it. I'm not that dark. I can't do that. :(

But I know how easy it is for this to happen. And why it happens, and how we're so used to these stories they just seem "right" to us. And why so many ppl dun understand why we complain b/c isn't that just how fiction is supposed to work? Men are heroes, women are damsels in distress! I was associating more with my MALE heroes than my female ones b/c female heroes are novelties, male heroes are REAL heroes, they're the heroes I played on the playground, they're the ones who were the REAL heroes of the show and the book. :\

And it's just so... easy to fall into this. :S So it's important to be aware. It's absolutely important for us to discuss why these tropes aren't healthy and how they should be watched out for and not become just "part of storytelling" where ppl just absorb it and get the idea that rape is a nice character building exercise and that is good for dramuh. :( Or that strong women should always be brought down at least once to show that she's still a woman inside. :\


Neways... I guess that's my confession :(

Even Ami Angelwings can be Frank Miller under the right situation. :\

Men get fat, women are fat

I was talking to Trish about this after reading Thom Wade talk about the lack of fat superheroes and general heroes in fiction esp that most are just used as comic relief. :o

I pointed out Scotty and various detectives from Law and Order and NYPD Blue and Trish was talking about how Mr. Incredible from the Incredibles had to lose all his weight but it was dissapointing that the wife never gained weight or nething... :\

And I realized something... it seems like gaining weight in fiction is something men do, they start off fit and thin but when they get old or they get lazy or eat too much they start getting fat.

Women never GET fat.

They're either fat or they're not fat.


The recent Supergirl high school argh (arc) is a perfect example where her "friend" is a fat girl who's made fun of. She's not fat b/c she over eats, or doesn't exercise or nething.. she's just fat.

High school stories seem to do this a lot with fat characters who are just fat.

Usually when women age they dun get fat, they get old. :\ Picard, Geordi and Riker all got fat in the future, Beverly is old (Troi is dead >.>)

When heroes come out of retirement, or when they go INTO retirement (like Zorro) they're out of shape, they're getting chubby. Women just get old. :\

It seems like if there's a fat female character, it's "a fat female character" and it's b/c she's fat. So fluh.

She'll always be fat, b/c showing her losing weight would destroy the point of a "fat female character" and showing a thin female character GAIN weight (and not b/c of a weight gaining ray or some sort of nightmare scenario that her mind conjured up to make her miserable or something, just natural weight gain) would also destroy the point of a token "fat female character". :\

The flip side is that male heroes who are fat are fat b/c they let themselves go, never b/c that's the way they are genetically, or nething. They were once fit specimens, but they're not nemore. :\

For Superheroes (or other action heroes) getting into shape is a must! So it's time to fit back into that suit!

Oh! And Catwoman putting on her suit and not fitting after pregnancy was great! XD That's an exception :)

There's prolly more... >.> I just notice that it seems either a female char is pegged as being "normal" in which she's thin and beautiful or "fat" in which she's huge and never shown to be any other way (or able to help it). :\

Men however are portrayed as totally being able to help it! They're just lazy or old or dun care or George Costanza. >.>


I luff Scotty tho. :(

Best List Evar *nods*

This is the greatest list evar


She missed one tho. :\ If Canada is actually shown as not a giant lush aboreal forest populated by 100 ppl most of the scruffy hairy sort, it's usually treated just like a Scandanavian country where ppl are white and blonde. :\

Tho in comics, I think that trope is less done b/c in comics, Canada is an empty forest with like 100 ppl. XD


It IS sad that ppl either have religion or they dun. Nobody's casually religious or not orthodox or nething. Ppl either believe in stuff fervently and constantly push it so that the readers KNOW that they are, or they believe in nothing. :\

I always wonder what happens to Canada in fiction tho. XD It seems like everybody else gets attacked but us. Esp by alien invasions when they target "every major city in the world" including most American cities but Canada is always forgotten XD B/c I think many Americans just assume that even the smallest city in America has to be bigger and more important than Toronto or Vancouver or Montreal XD

I think one day this should backfire and Canada should be the launching pad for a counter attack that destroys the aliens! XD And then the plaid wearing, beer swilling, lumberjack hockey player hero can say "take that... EH?"


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This is horrible!!!! :(

This is so horrible!!!

I wanna cry just reading about it. :( Normally I'd say we need Superman, but I think this is something Supergirl should be handling! >:|

ANY Supergirl (even Kelly's)! >:O

Fighting for the poor oppressed male fandom part 2!

I've actually heard this a few times, where guys claim that they're put under the same pressure (or worse) in heroic fiction that women are, except there's is success, in that they have to be successful men professionally to be heroes, like the implication is that women have to be beautiful to be heroes.

This is of course true.

After all we remember the rich space oil tycoon that Luke Skywalker was when he started, or Peter Parker the popular jock with a dozen MVP trophies under his arm.

Oh wait...

In fact, the opposite tends to be true, that many heroes are UNSUCCESSFUL.

Indeed, heroic fiction is about power fantasies, it's about the idea that real life pressures such as success and beauty and money dun matter, b/c it's about being a hero. Everybody who called you a loser suddenly becomes meaningless b/c you saved lives. Most heroes start (and remain) in humble situations. Some go on beyond that (like Luke) but others stay (Wally West is still a mechanic as far as I know and Peter Parker is a teacher now? After what, 10 years of being a free lance photographer and not graduating from university?)

The point is that it doesn't matter if you're rich, poor, successful or unsuccessful. It doesn't matter what job you do, all that matters is that you're a good person and a hero.

It should work the same way for women. :\ If success for men = beauty for women, then there should actually be way more plain and unattractive women heroes in heroic fiction! Heroism should be a way for women to transcend what society says is important for us (paralleling success being important for men, if the analogy is assumed to be correct).

Yus there are rich and successful men (Batman, Ironman), but there are many who aren't. Most are students. Some are artists, or have other menial jobs. Even Superman is... a reporter. Altho in SOME continuity's he's won pulitzers, it's never been stressed as an important part of him. In fact he's often berated for being late and on the verge of being fired cuz he's always away.

Sentry is clinically depressed (I think) and as far as I can tell he has no job.

But every woman is super beautiful. :\

But it's not beauty or your job that's important, it's HEROISM in heroic fiction, and that's the point that's very true for men. It doesn't matter what humble origins the hero started in. It doesn't even matter if they're a spoiled rich brat (Ollie Queen) or a street kid (Jason Todd), they all can be heroes and make their lives meaningful by doing so.

So rly, it's not an accurate comparison. If anything, the idea of a hero unsuccessful in life is very popular!

And the idea of being "successful" at heroism doesn't work b/c heroic fiction is about being a hero. Unless heroic fiction for women is suddenly "beautiful fiction", it's not important if heroines are beautiful or not. I doubt nebody's ever looked at Luke Skywalker thinking "that is SO unrealistic and UNFAIR! He won at the end! I could never do that!"

Heroism is inspiring. :) For both genders.

And while there aren't many examples of the handsome man liking an unattractive woman (tho there are many where the woman is poor or ostracized but very attractive), there are lots where an unsuccessful man has a beautiful and successful woman fall in love with them apparently seeing right past what's supposed to be "important" in society. Mary Jane and Peter Parker for instance, and Linda Park and Wally West. It could be argued about Lois Lane and Clark Kent as well since Lois is often seen as the better and more famous reporter. :)

So shouldn't there be more stories where love triumphs over the unattractiveness or even hideousness of a woman? :\

And since all sorts of men can be heroes (including the large green ones and the hairy beastial ones), it should only be fair for the same to apply to women, ESPECIALLY if beauty is the way women are judged in real life. B/c heroism is about those judgements NOT MATTERING, and in fact we should have lots and lots of women of various appearances! :)

Unless of course this is just a smokescreen and rly they just believe that women should be hot b/c heroic fiction is for men and not women to read. >.>;;

But that could never be!

However maybe men rly do feel oppressed by this standard for success. But if this is true, then maybe instead of telling us to stop complaining, THEY should stand up for themselves!

If it's truly something that men feel stressed, oppressed and controlled by, they should fight back! Why sit still and let this horrible unrealistic success standard hold you down and make you feel you can never be a hero b/c you're not a 28 year old free lance photographer!

But maybe the complaint is more basic than that! After all almost all superheroes have JOBS! This is clearly way too high a standard!

Honestly, I'd love to see male fans rise up and protest this unequal and totally unfair treatment of male superheroes and this pressure to have a job in order to be a hero!

Then us flat chested single angry feminists calling for ugly women heroes can join our basement dwelling unemployed angry male brothers and fight for more hobo male heroes!


Monday, August 13, 2007

Win XD

My sister was telling me about a group of ppl she considered a "clique of white ppl". XD

I'll call her Emi (cuz her name starts with E :D)

Ami: How comes cliques are always of white ppl? Aren't there cliques of not white ppl?

Emi: Those are called gangs.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Deformed? Male? No problem!

While reading JSA and about Damage complaining about never being able to get a girlfriend with his face and Liberty Belle telling him that that's not true, I realized something...

There's a LOT of stories, esp children's stories about women falling in love with ugly and deformed or beastial men. :O

Beauty and the Beast is the obvious classic one of course XD There's Shrek and the Thing in modern times.

It's a pretty common theme, even in small doses (girl "seeing past" the appearance like in Phantom of the Opera).

There's Two-Face in the Batman Animated Series, with the way his fiancee still wants to be with him. And Metamorpho and his girlfriend.

Darkman follows a similar plot.

Girls are taught in storybooks that looks dun matter when it comes to guys, that beasts and disfigured men are people too and that they are good ppl and dateable. XD

Which is a GOOD LESSON.

I just wish lessons existed the other way. :\

In fairy tales, women who are deformed are evil and I can't think of one (tho I dunno every story and could be forgetting some) where the guy is fine with marrying a deformed woman. :\

When women have their beauty (or age, which is the same thing in fiction XD) taken away from them in stories it's the "worst thing evar" and is ALWAYS rectified at the end while for men it's not always the case (tho sometimes it's given as a "reward"). Scarred and deformed men never need to be "fixed" tho and they never seem to have problems finding women who "see past their deformities".

The lesson growing up of course is that the important qualities of men are not how they look and girls should look beyond looks when it comes to men, it's what's inside that counts.

But girls themselves need to be pretty princesses or their prince will never notice them. Ugly girls are ignored or mean or bad. They dun get the guy. :\

I find it odd that there are so many cases of men turning into beasts or creatures or being scarred and deformed in comics, but not many the other way and still being heroes. :\

The Hulk turns into this frightening large creature, but conveniently She-Hulk turns into a tall beautiful woman with many admirers. >.>

Altho I think there are SOME (Marrow maybe?) mostly, it's the men who become the Beasts, Hulks, Things, Metamorphos and Damages in the comic world.

Of course if there were women in the same situation, guys wouldn't buy the books right and artists would get annoyed and Greg Land wouldn't be able to trace from porn. XD

It's almost like that taking away a woman's beauty is somehow worse than death or just takes them out of our public consciousness as being a hero. :\

I'd like to see more stories where a guy sees past the hideousness of a woman and is fine with it :) I'm tired of it seeming like guys looks dun matter (as pointed out before there are a lot of movies and tv shows where homely men seem to get rly beautiful women) and that it's "what's inside that matters", but for girls guys dun seem to be told the same thing (teen comedies dun count b/c the "ugly" girls there are NEVER ugly, they just wear glasses and keep their hair up XD).

And this also calls into question the idea that men and women are treated the same in comics in terms of looks b/c ppl keep saying "men and women in comics are both perfect". Not true tho! There are any number of scarred and deformed or beastial men! There are definitely WAY FEWER women in that department that are heroes. :\

I honestly can't think of many examples at all (right now I'm completely drawing a blank) and definitely I dun think there are many of the same stature as Thing and Hulk and Beast. :\

Being beautiful and a heroine go hand in hand sadly. :( In stories, female heroes are described as being very beautiful, that's one of their key traits. Even in something like Encyclopedia Brown, Sally Kimball isn't just the toughest character, she's also the "prettiest girl in fifth grade".

It's rly hard to grow up and basically be told that being strong and heroic are linked to being beautiful.

I remember watching a special on TV about superheroes, and they were interviewing various (male) artists and writers about their favourite heroes and a lot of ppl gave Hulk, Beast, Colossus, Thing answers cuz they were big guys when they were young, or were made fun of, or felt ugly, and they all said that the existence of those characters made them feel better, and that despite being unattractive or big-boned, they too can be strong heroes.

They said that!

Is it that farfetched that girls who are unattractive, big-boned or picked on would also want characters to associate with who are like them rather than every heroine being thin and beautiful?

The argument that "superheroes are all perfect physical specimans" is bunk when it comes to this b/c as I pointed out there are lots of mainstream, big name, famous superhero men who are way outside the "perfect physical speciman" spectrum! Even Wolverine! He's short (5'3"), gruff and looks like a wildman most of the time. Nobody finds that odd, and he has no problem attracting women.

I've alrdy mentioned the obvious ones (Hulk, Thing, Metamorpho, Beast). There's now Damage, and as Liberty Belle said, his looks aren't a problem.

So why can't there be scarred and beastial and ugly women? B/c it wun sell comics? B/c suddenly when it comes to girls the "perfect superhero" argument is suddenly raised? B/c straight men honestly dun care about how other men look but they definitely care how their women look?

Somehow I think I've hit the jackpot with that last one. >.> Where's mah money? XD

So then we come back to the "comics aren't for girls" thing again. :\ Where we dun get a Thing or a Hulk to associate with, b/c it's just assumed that while boys wish to be heroic, girls wish to be beautiful, and we'd want to associate with beautiful female superheroes b/c that's just who we want to be.

And conveniently enuf who "we want to be" is exactly what men want!

Um yah.

Enuf alrdy. =_=;; There's a double standard, not just in comics, but in fiction, esp children's fiction in general! Is it no wonder that the pressure on male physical attractiveness is way lower than for women? We're taught from childhood that the appearance of guys is secondary to their soul, while women's souls and attractiveness are tied together. We're good if we're beautiful and we're heroes if we're the beautiful heroine.

*shakes head*

I want more stories with heroic women that aren't super beautiful. Maybe women who are not attractive, or are bigger boned than others, or are beastial (not just a girl covered in fur for the catgirl fetishists *cough*Tigra*cough*), and having men see thru their appearances and loving them for who they are :D

I want more Hunk and the Beast stories! :D

Edit: Trish makes a good point also! That if a woman is supposed to be ugly b/c of a scar or something she'll still be drawn hot and her negative features downplayed. :\ Which reminds me of a post I read recently on a blog where ppl were complaining about Marrow being "hottified" :o If nething, instead of being an "unattractive" character (like Metamorpho, Damage and the Thing are supposed to be), the "unattractive" women still get to look attractive, just oops she has a scar, or a missing eye (like Ravager), or different coloured skin (Mystique). But that doesn't matter cuz she's still super hot! So if nething it just becomes a fetish. :\

Edit II: The Revenge: JYD brings up another good point! Aliens are also treated the same, if not in an even worse disparity! Lots of alien men are weird or grotesque. Just look at the Green Lantern Corps! There's the ball like guy, and Kilowog and the chicken guy with the headfin and stuff! But the women all more or less look like beautiful human women with different coloured skin or minor alterations. :\

And it's very odd that while Earth standards of beauty dun seem to move from planet to planet when it comes to men, it definitely seems universal with women. :\

And then there's the convenient "other alien cultures have less modest morals" and it's an easy excuse for the women to dress exactly as men on Earth find super attractive and hot. >.> The universe sure is a great place for straight human men! Everything is made just for them! XD

Friday, August 10, 2007

Glorifying pain

I'm in a crappy mood right now :(

*sighs* >.>;;

I wonder why there's so much glorification of suffering and angst and pain in our society? Why whenever nebody asks for a better hero, there's a backlash calling for angry anti-heroes and wanting every hero to basically be Batman or Punisher. :(

Why is being angry and hateful and selfish and mean considered realistic?

Our music videos seem to say that having a broken home is the norm, and as they keep pushing the message that being damaged isn't abnormal, and pushing against the "mainstream", it's starting to BECOME the mainstream that teenagers should be damaged and angry in some way, that they need some sort of pain.

Rappers talk about street cred and being shot at, life on the street etc. :\

Whenever ppl talk comics, it's about how great Spider-Man is over Superman. I hear it constantly on City of Heroes or just talking to ppl. "Superman sucks" "He's boring" "He's unrealistic" "Nobody's that good" "Nobody has a good life" "Spiderman is realistic" "People aren't good for no reason", etc..

So many superheroines have tragic backgrounds or rape or prostitution or abuse in their backgrounds cuz we're told they need a reason to be heroes, or that rape makes them a better person, that they need some sort of driving force. :( That they can't be relevent unless they had this horrible backstory!

Even Supergirl has an abusive background now (which may or may not be real xD) and ppl talk about how realistic or interesting this makes her. How her selfishness and meanness and not wanting to help all the time is great and shows her strength.

The message is clear. Being "okay" is bad. Good is bad. Nobody should be good for no reason. If you have no guilt, you better get some. If you have 2 parents who support you and love you and take care of you, you better go out and find some reason to hate yourself. You better go out and get some street cred. You better find some reason to complain about your life otherwise you're going to be left behind as everybody compares scars.

And the heroes we look up to? They're becoming more damaged every day. Heroes are supporting draconian measures, they're locking other heroes up, they're fighting each other. And now Mary Jane is dying so Spider-Man can have even MORE angst b/c I guess he's falling behind Daredevil.

And all this hits home for me, b/c I haven't exactly had a very good life but I've never dwelled on it. It's PART of me. I can't change it. But I wouldn't wish it on other ppl.

Kelly makes the ridiculously patronizing argument that the only ppl who wouldn't like his Supergirl would be those that dun understand "real" girls and their issues, abusive homes, broken homes, parents who hate each other, self esteem issues.

CLEARLY if you're a good person you can't have had pain b/c then you wouldn't be a good person for the sake of being a good person.

In fact, it's better to be a bad person!

Who needs heroes neways. Comics aren't for kids. They're for adults! Duh.

Kids should just get some f-ing pain and grow up and live in the real world alrdy!

As I said, I should luff Supergirl right?

Abusive father? Check!

Dead father? Check!

Father who abused her mother in front of her? Check!

Father who tried to mold her into something else? Check!

Self esteem issues? Check!

Being harrassed and beaten up every day when you just want to be yourself? Check!

Being robbed of her childhood? Check!

Sadly I feel like my life should be put on a pedestal. That I should be in the next Good Charlotte video. That I'm the girl ppl wish to be, cuz dammit, if they had this background they'd never have to take responsiblity again! They could just point to the pain and say "DID YOU EXPERIENCE THIS? I'm gonna go cry in my room and ignore ppl now"

Save ppl? No way!

Unless I have guilt! Unless I'm driven EVERY DAY to help ppl b/c I just want to make it up to my dead father.

Or something >:|

Our experiences do not necessarily shape us. They CAN. We can LEARN from them. But they are not the end all and be all of if we're good or bad people.

Ppl who grow up poor can and make it rich can use their money to help the poor knowing where they came from, or they can think "I am so great for making it, you idiots should be as great as me and work hard, it's that simple".

Ppl who grow up rich can be selfish and spoiled or they can feel bad that others aren't as lucky as them and help them. :)

There's examples of all of these and more in our history :)

My point is that why does every hero have to be an anti-hero now? Why does every story have to "dark and edgy?" How does rape or murder make a story better or more relevent than one about heroes who stop villains who aren't raping or murdering?

How does having 100 dead girlfriends, mothers, aunts, sidekicks, pets, in your background make you a better or more relevent or even more RELATABLE person?

Do we rly need to glorify RAPE and ABUSE as this wonderful "growth" experience that makes girls into heroes? Do we rly want to tell girls that "hey being raped is actually GOOD for you b/c it makes you a superhero?" Or that kids need something tragic to be worthwhile?

What's wrong with Superman? What's wrong with Supergirl? What's wrong with somebody who only wants to help? What's wrong with somebody who has the good fortune to be invincible and thus have no cares of his own, deciding to spend his time helping others? What's wrong with somebody who doesn't need to be raped or abused or nething to be a good person?

Is that so horrible?

Is it impossible for us to believe that police officers become police officers cuz they care about the job and not b/c their wife was raped and killed and the suspect is still out there somewhere?

Or that a teenage girl can be more than a selfish hormone crazed partygirl? That even with a horrible background she can be good?

If we push for all characters to start being the same, then exactly how is being an anti-hero any less mainstream than being a hero?

Why can't there be heroes for all sorts? And they are all different but equal?

Why is it one or the other?

I love Batman.

I love Superman.

I love Spiderman.

They all represent different things to me.

But why should we try to change Superman into Batman?

Or Supergirl? As I said, Supergirl isn't just any character, fair or not. She's the concept of Superman made into a girl. :)

And maybe the fault isn't that her character is "outdated" or "old" or "boring".

Maybe the fault is that there aren't ENOUGH female characters out there for girls that are well done. That b/c Supergirl has this huge profile and there's no Batgirl anymore (*sighs*), everybody wants Supergirl to be something that she's not.

But I guess my point ultimately is that pain is not fun. Angst isn't fun. A horrible backstory isn't fun.

It's not.

And being a hero isn't about pain. It's about who you are, regardless of your upbringing.

There are lots of horrible ppl who grew up in great situations, and lots of horrible ppl who didn't, and lots of great ppl who did, and lots of great ppl who didn't.

And maybe it's naive for me to want to read about good heroes, genuine heroes who care about OTHER PEOPLE and not just themselves and THEIR guilt. Maybe it's naive for me to want stories that can be intense and interesting without rape and horrific murders.

Maybe we need more female heroes who are just HEROES and dun need horrible things happening in their background like rape to give them motivation or "character". :\

Maybe I feel this way b/c I never rly had a childhood. B/c my childhood was spent coping and "growing up" and facing all this "realism".

But honestly, I've had enuf "realism" in my life. And I think that there is a place for anti-heroes and other such stories in our fiction, but there's also a place for heroes.

Somehow we've gone from the idea that you dun have to have had a good life, or have been a good person, to end up being a good person and a hero to the idea that you NEED to suffer to be a good person, and in fact being a good person is boring and that not only should you have a bad life, you should be a "bad ass" about it, and you're perfectly justified in taking it out on other ppl, b/c nobody can understand the pain you've been thru.

And I'm tired of ppl using their pain as a bludgeon to get what they want or be selfish.

And maybe our world would be a little better off if we stopped treating the idea of a hero and being a good person as such a backwards, old fashioned, boring thing. :\

And more importantly, if we stopped acting like ppl are better or more realistic or have more crediblity if they've had a horrible life or were a horrible person at some point in their life.

I wouldn't wish a horrible life or anybody. Not even my worst enemy.

Honestly, abuse doesn't make you a better or worse person. Rape doesn't make you a better or worse person. Dead girlfriends don't make you a better or worse person.

It means that you had a lot of bad stuff happen to you. It means more stuff to deal with. But does it makes you a good person, a more interesting person, or a more selfish person? No.

And maybe we should stop telling ppl that you must suffer to be worthwhile.

Star Treky Goodness and Thoughts :D

I was watching the ST:TNG episode "Quality of Life" and the opening made me think. This is the script for it :)



Riker, Beverly, Geordi and Worf at the poker table.
Beverly is shuffling. Geordi notices that Worf is
looking at him peculiarly.

Commander... is it your intention
to continue growing your beard?

I'm not sure, Worf. Why?

I am just asking.

Seven-card stud, one-eyed jacks
are wild. Frankly, I like your
beard, Geordi.

Thanks, Doctor.

She has finished dealing, and inspects the table.

The king is high... your bet, Wil.

The players contribute chips during the next.

Of course, I'm always a little
suspicious of men with beards.

In that she's sitting at a table with three bearded
men, this brings a reaction.

For what reason?

I don't know... it's as though
they're trying to hide something.

STAR TREK: "The Quality... " - REV. 10/02/92 - TEASER 1A.


Hide -- ? Doctor, that's
ridiculous. Beards are a proud
and ancient tradition.

Some of the most esteemed men in
history had beards.

I know... but after the razor was
invented... I think beards became
mostly a fashion statement.

She deals the next round.

I am not concerned with fashion.
To a Klingon, a beard is a symbol
of courage.

I think it suggests a certain...

Sure. After all, women can't grow

Doctor, I get the feeling you
think beards are nothing more than
an affectation.

I do. I'm not saying there's
anything wrong with that... women
wear makeup and nail polish for
the same reason.
I just think you men should admit

My beard isn't an affectation.

Oh? Then why not shave it off?

I could lose it in a minute.
I've just gotten used to it.

STAR TREK: "The Quality... " - REV. 10/06/92 - TEASER 1B.


Beverly glances around at all of them, then at her

Okay... what do you say we up the
stakes a little? If I win this
hand... you all shave off your

What if one of us wins? What do
you give up?

I'm open to suggestions...

I've always wondered what you'd
look like as a brunette...

I tried it once when I was
thirteen. I couldn't wait to
change it back.

That makes me even more curious...

She gives him a look... so it's going to be like this,
is it? She glances down at her cards... obviously
feels very confident.

Fine. If one of you wins -- I
become a brunette. Are we on?

There's a hesitation... they look at their cards...
then at each other, hoping someone has a good hand.

We'll take that bet.

Worf glares at him... he'd better have a good hand.

(are you sure?)

Beverly raises a good point! And I think this is also part of the whole "men are strong, women are pretty" priorities in comics.

Rly, a beard IS just something that men think make themselves look good.

There's nothing wrong with that XD But of course men can't ADMIT that. Heavens forbid men ever believe they care about how they look b/c they want to look attractive or something!

No, it's about STRENGTH!



And as Beverly points out, how convenient that something that represents "power" is also something women can't grow. In fact oftentimes many men WANT to grow hair b/c it makes them feel like they're more "manly" and presumably less "girly" b/c they wouldn't have a babyface. :o

Neways that mebbe why the argument about whether men are treated the same as women in artistic portrayals in comics is the wrong argument. :\

B/c it's not a fair question in the first place.

We've been conditioned to see "good looking" men as the strong tuff men. In comics cases it's not beards but large muscles and cool poses.

Good looking women are the docile ones. They're the ones in the stripper poses with the super large breasts and bubble butts. :\

There's no power there at all. :\

Of course it's b/c "manly" things, large upper bodies, big arms, beards, etc are conveniently seen as "powerful" things and not as something to pretty men up with XD

Even tho we all know that they are also that.

But it's very convenient that the images of "power" we have is something women can't get.

And it goes back to the male privilege thing. :\

It's hard for some ppl to see outside this and realize that a lot of women aren't very happy being the sex bunnies at all. I know that TV and other media always seems to portray that women LOVE their roles, but that's hardly true. Who would love the fact that their gender period gets to define whether or not they're naturally "powerful" or not? :\

The thing is that men avoid being "objectified" by equating their sexual and attractive properties with strength and power.

THAT'S the difference between a strong upper body for men and a large chest for women.

Male traits are "powerful", female traits are "sexy" :\

And you can argue that it's "nature" or whatever... which is bunk XD But you can argue it.

So then it comes down to what about us then?

So you're born a woman you lose the gender lottery? Oops too bad, go cut your hair and be a man? :\

Is that the type of society we want?

Of course it's impossible to turn our society on it's head overnight and make female "traits" to be powerful. And having all strong female chars cut their hair, butch up and have no breasts isn't the way to go at all! Unlike what some ppl seem to think, it's NOT that feminists hate attractive women.

But at least treating them like they are powerful and strong would be a start (they ARE heroes after all). Not having the victimization or the slut poses is another great thing. There rly are no "male" or "female" poses. Those aren't biology at all. Women can't grow beards, they CAN throw a ball with their shoulder and not their elbow. The "throwing like a girl" is b/c women are taught to have limited personal space and therefore they feel exposed if they move outside of that space. :(

It took me some time to learn how to throw a ball properly, but I did it. It's definitely not a "this is natural to girls from birth" thing :\

But yus. We may not be able to control the way our bodies naturally are, but we can control other things. Like the way women are posed in comics, the situations they're in, the camera angles IN such situations. Why do men get panels that are from angles to make them more imposing while the women get "from the ground up" angles that show their butts? :\

And muscles. :\ Fit women HAVE them, and their breasts would be smaller cuz breasts are mostly fat. :( This isn't a man or woman thing. Muscles are not a "male" quality. They're a people quality. Women can have them too and they WOULD have them if they worked out or stayed in shape XD

These are the things we CAN control. And honestly that's not asking for much right? :\

There's way more to it of course. :\ Which better heeled writers can and have talked about :) I'm not rly all that versed in feminism and stuffs :( And I'm still sorting all this out. XD

I just saw that scene on TNG and it rly hit home to me. :\ And I wanted to throw out what was running thru my mind XD

Also men with beards are smexy. >.>;;

But men have beards and women can't. And women have breasts and men can't.

So why is one powerful and the other not when neither have anything to do with physical or emotional strength? :\

Super good post :D

A greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreat super awesome post about patriarchy :D

Also the title is super great too! XD

The NYT brings the ten commandments down from up high! :O

This is a good post about getting rid of offensive comments on blogs and stuff :)

And that "code of conduct" is silly. :\

Honestly, to me, ppl have their own blogs and if they dun like your comment, then it goes away. It's not illegal. And it's as immoral as telling somebody you dun like to get off your lawn. >.>;;

It's not censorship, and it's not like not being able to comment on somebody's own blog is THE END OF THE WORLD™ or even "a slippery slope". XD

And even the "you're too sensitive" or "if you dun like it dun blog" thing is silly.

Ppl should be allowed to blog as they choose. If they dun want to allow comments or only want to allow CERTAIN comments, let them.

Ppl can choose to talk and communicate with whomever they like right? :\ If I'm sitting at a table talking with my friends and some guy comes up and starts yelling at us, and we leave, is that wrong? No. I dun wanna listen to him nemore (and if he follows me home I can call the police XD).

Nobody's stopping him from going up to other ppl and talking to them or talking in general.

Is it censorship if a movie theatre asks a noisy patron to leave? Is it censorship if somebody in my home is saying horrible things and I ask him to leave my home?

No. B/c nobody's stopping the person to talk to ppl outside the theatre or outside my home. In fact they can email all their friends or stand in a street corner and speak.

Wikipedia defines Censorship as: Censorship is defined as the removal and/or withholding of information from the public by a controlling group or body.

Blogs and bloggers are not a "controlling group or body" and the information is not being removed or withheld from the public. The public can easily access your opinions on your OWN blog.

As my friend Trish said it's the difference between the right to free speech and the right to be published. :)

If your manuscript is rejected by every publisher in the world, or you can't get a job as a newspaper columnist, or no TV station on Earth will allow you to speak on camera, that's not necessarily censorship unless ppl were actively discouraging you from speaking period.

Nobody's stopping you from starting your own newspaper, or self publish your own books, or from finding publishers/newspaper/etc that share your views or like your writing :D

There's LOTS of blogs out there for ppl to comment on, and they can start their own blog. :D NOBODY'S stopping them from doing that :) So to cry "OMGCENSORSHIP" b/c 1 blog finds you flamey (or maybe just doesn't like your taste in clothes, they rly dun need a reason, it's their blog), isn't censorship. :\

So this whole "omgweneedacodeofconduct" thing is silly and I think most bloggers rly dun think it's that big a deal (or the END OF THE WORLD™). :D Cuz it's not. XD We dun need a "code" or permission from the NYT to ban or delete comments xD It seems like more out of touch mainstream newsppl who suddenly discover that there's a whole net community out there and decide "well we need to show them how to do things" XD

And as I said, nobody's stopping ppl from getting their own blogs and talking about what they believe right? :D It's NOT censorship, cuz if you get banned from commenting, just write what you believe someplace else. :)

It's just a live and let live thing :) Everybody is different, and if ppl want to ban comments or be selective, let them XD

Blue vs Pink :(

Girl angry she can't fish with the boys

The municipality's warden, Richard Dauphinee, agreed there was nothing wrong.

"We're always tried to be innovative. This is a pilot project, we've never run it before," said Dauphinee. "They decided they would try just girls things for the girls and just boys things for the boys and see how it worked."

"girls things", "boys things"

That's the problem :(

Ppl dun see the sexism in what they do b/c our very THINKING is sexist and it's just so ingrained we dun see it. :(

And the argument that things are more often done by boys over girls and therefore it's okay to call it a "boy thing" (just like how breathing is a girl thing I guess cuz there are more women than men in the world? XD) ignores that this idea only perpetuates the results that "justify" it. :\

If you keep telling girls that they can't or shouldn't be doing something, they may not try it, and may not realize that they like it. :( Or that if they do like it, it's nothing something they SHOULD like.

But in general this is just stupid, and so is the "sorry if we let her in we have to let others in"


Is that so horrible?

Are these camps for the children or to enforce the rules? They're supposed to be for the children right? So if a child wants in they should be allowed in >:|

Same if a boy wants to join the "girl stuff" camp.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Winning the War on Horror!


From Johnny Zito :D

I didn't know that all along I've been playing GUY games! :O

Glarfed from Thom Wade

Video Games For Girls!™


That should be Imagine Master CHIEF XD

Also ppl shouldn't target groups... that just makes bad games. :( No matter what group. :\ It turns out to be a half-assed game that has bad playability, tons of bugs, and was clearly forced out. :(

Even when they capitalize on "trends", like all the GTA clones. :(

They should just make games that are fun. :)

Like Sims :D

Who needs Imagine Fashion Designer when you have Sims xD


Coming soon:

Games For Black People™

Games For Gay People™

Games For Jews™

Games For Amputees™

Games For Lonely Gamer Gu-

Oh wait, they alrdy have Dead or Alive Volleyball! XD

Poor poor men :(

I rly should stop linking to him. XD

But I just found this "essay" hilarious xD

There's only one double standard in male/female relationships and it's that girls have the advantage b/c they sit back and reject guys, and if only girls would stop being so scared and just ask guys and risk rejection then things would be fair and those poor emasculated lonely men will finally have equal rights!

And then he finishes off by declaring that other than that there are no double standards!

Uh... huh... XD

I AM getting tired of guys saying how easy girls have it and how if we just spread our legs or go out and look trashy, we can get laid, while guys can't. :\

Cuz... it's that simple >.>

And I wonder if he realizes that the world he envisions isn't such a great one at all. I've heard this from my guy friends and what they expect is that they'll be the like the "hot girl" at the bar and be sitting there while this beautiful woman comes up and hits on them and they have wonderful sex!


Except that they're not the hot stuff they think they are, and I think that if the tables were turned they'd learn pretty fast that being the "target" means you get objectified which means suddenly your appearance and everything about you is being judged, and they can't just throw on a t-shirt and expect to be picked up.




It's like the White Man's Burden thing :\

If you dun want the privilege, I'll gladly take it off your hands xD

Get your pokemon commissions here! :D

My Super Talented Friend™ is bored and desperately looking to do small Pokemon commissions from ppl so I'm helping him spread the word here! :D

If you're interested, feel free to look at his stuff and apparently you can contact him via DA or something? :o

If not, if you're interested he'll give you his contact info :)

So yus. :o

He might do other commissions also? It never hurts to ask! :D

So yus... spread the word plz :) He's very bored :(

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Awww I like this ;-;

This is the perfect video to follow-up on what I said about why Supergirl is important to me. :D Even tho the ending is sad. ;-;

Jon and Stephen Slashy Goodness! XD

Remember once you've watched it you can't UN-watch it! :D

Monday, August 06, 2007

I'm Supergirl

It seems like whenever ppl call for a stronger Supergirl, or at least a BETTER Supergirl, there's always the question about why she's important. Why not become fans of Wonder Woman, or make a new character?

So I'm going to say why she's important to ME. :D

I dun claim to speak for other ppl or nething. These are just MY reasons. :)

I'll also brush upon why I like Superman too (when he's written correctly) XD

Right now I'm listening to the Krystal Harris song "Supergirl" which is kinda my inspiration for this post actually :)

"I'm Supergirl and I'm here to save the world"

Exactly. :)

That's what Superman and Supergirl do. They save the world. They dun clean up the city their parents were killed in, one street at a time. They're not here to represent another culture, or patrol a city out of guilt and responsiblity.

They save the world.

Whatever that entails.

And why does Superman save the world? B/c it's the right thing to do.

And that's also why I've never thought of Superman as too much of a boyscout. :)

Nor do I think it's unrealistic for Supergirl to be a good person.

When I see a hurt animal or a person in need of help, whether they just need help opening a door or crossing the street or to get away from harassment, I help them. :D


It's not b/c I made a promise on my parents grave. Or that I feel guilty that my previous inaction led to somebody's death.

It's cuz I want to help.

It's cuz seeing ppl in distress calls out to us. And stripped of cynicism, and rationalizations, it's something that I think we can all relate to. :)

It's like the child like optimism, before reality sets in, that all ppl are good, everybody wants to do the right thing, and we should all do the right thing b/c it's the right thing to do.

And yus it's a bit naive and stuffs, but so what? XD

This isn't to say that I dun like Wonder Woman or Spider-Man or Batman. I luff those characters too!

I just dunno why it has to be one or the other. It's almost like a lot of ppl seem to feel that if they announce that they dun like Superman, it makes them grown up, b/c kids like Superman, adults like Spider-Man and Batman.

They each embody different parts of humanity. :)

But that's the point. Why do all heroes have to be angsty and mean? Why do they all need "reasons" to be heroes?

Can't we have some heroes who are just good ppl and dun have to become good ppl?

Why do girls need to be hurt or suffer some tragedy to be a good person?

Can't they just crash land on a planet and be a hero? :D

Not that there can't be female heroes with angst or drama or anything.

But to hear some ppl talk, you'd think that EVERY girl hero was a perfect Supergirl alrdy and making Supergirl like that would be boring.


Cuz if she became angsty with lots of guilt and having lots of relationship problems, that'd make her unique among teenage superheroes would it?

And why can't heroes save the world and smile while doing it? :o

Police officers and firemen save ppl and comfort them too. Police officers dun go "yah whatever" and swing off into the shadows when they rescue a rape victim. It's not less heroic to be nice or nething. :\

Why does everybody have to be an anti-hero!?

Aren't we even allowed a few happy heroes? :)

It's just not such an "either/or" thing for me. It's not like if we have Supergirl and Superman, we can't have Batman and others. :o

It's the same thing when ppl tell me that Wonder Woman would be better.

Can't I like both?

Wonder Woman is DIFFERENT. She's a warrior born. To me, the idea that I need to be a warrior born and train to be a warrior all my life in a world of warrior women, in order to be strong and respected is hard for me to relate to. :\

It's like in order for me to be an equal, I need to be something special, devoted purely to the job.

While Flash and others (except Batman XD) just got their powers. And they dun need to be a warrior to do that.

What I like about Supergirl is like Superman, she just HAS her powers. She's a regular person but she has powers, and she uses those powers to help ppl :)

Which brings me to my other point.

Superman is an icon.

Boys grow up wanting to be him. They want to rip open their shirt to show the S. To show that even if they are picked on on the outside, inside they're heroes.

Without Superman, would Parker have done that in the Spiderman movies?

Superman isn't just a hero, he's THE hero. Above every hero, including Batman. He's on stamps, he's beyond mainstream, he's iconic and part of our modern mythology.

Old ppl know him, kids know him. His symbol is just as recognizable as the crucifix.

And to me Supergirl's existence isn't a girl living in Superman's shadow. It's somebody who shares that iconic status.

Why do you think even tho Supergirl's been written so badly, she still sells merchandise? XD Pink Supergirl shirts sell. Girls want to wear them. Ppl want to buy them for their kids.


Cuz she's Supergirl.

There doesn't need to be more than that.

The S is iconic and having a girl wearing it means a LOT.

And the name itself is important.

There's SO many songs called "Supergirl".

Like Superman, the name says it all. She's Supergirl. She's a girl who's super.

And anybody can be her simply by embodying what she embodies. :)

And lastly, I think it's the simplicity of the Superman mythos which draws me. :)

He's not a complicated person. He doesn't have a ton of inner conflicts.

He punches giant robots and saves falling planes.

What's not to love about that?

And why can't a girl punch giant robots and save falling planes too? :o

Why do I have to be an Ambassador to Man's World, or the victim of some sort of tragedy, or track down disturbed serial killers?

Can't I just fly up and punch a giant robot in the face?

No prerequisites.

I think that the thing is, and this applies especially to children. Boys want to be Superman.

They want to be able to fly and have powers and save the day and punch giant robots xD

They dun rly care about his origins, or his angst (now that he has angst). Nobody dreams about escaping Krypton or growing up as a farm boy.

They just want to be iconic, to be the greatest hero ever, and to feel that they can DO ANYTHING.

And I think for girls, Supergirl isn't his cousin. It doesn't MATTER her origins. Just that she exists. Superman isn't a character, he's an idea. And Supergirl is the SAME idea.

Why can't girls share in this idea? B/c Superman isn't just any hero. He's SUPERMAN. He always wins. He saves the day. He can do anything. And he does good things. And boys aren't the only ones who want to be that person.

Superman is not just a superhero, he's an idea. Newspapers refer to ppl as "Supermen". Songs sing about Superman without going into detail about the character at all. Nobody writes that a person who saved another person is a "Spiderman" even tho Spiderman saves ppl too, b/c Spiderman and every other hero is defined by his powers and his character.

Superman is different.

And if a girl saves somebody and it makes the news. What does it say? She's a Supergirl :D

Supergirl isn't Superman made female. B/c Superman himself isn't a MALE character. He's an idea embodied in a man. And Supergirl is the SAME idea embodied in a woman.

Sometimes, you just dun wanna think about how complicated life is. Or how right and wrong can be so grey. Or rly, nething else. :\

Sometimes you just want to punch a robot in the face and save the day :D

Sometimes you just want to feel Super. :)

Which brings us full circle back to the song XD "I'm Supergirl and I'm here to save the world". It doesn't matter her origins, or if this Supergirl is THE DC Supergirl. Supergirl is the hero and she saves the world :) It's as simple and as comlpicated as that :)

I guess ultimately, I can only just sum it up as this.

She's Supergirl.

That's why she's important.

And so am I.

Just a Super Girl. :D

And I'm here to save the world.