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50 Cent Dress Up Doll Game!

Now you too can live out your dream of making 50 Cent pretty! :D

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Open Question to ppl in the Greater Toronto Area :)

Hi! :D

If you live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) or know much about it, could you please tell me if there are any good comic stores in York Region (or possibly North York)? :D Preferably something in Markham, Richmond Hill or Vaughan. :D

You dun need to recommend nething in the city b/c I alrdy know what's there and I also know of the Wizard in Centrepoint :)

I just wonder if there's nething bigger than Wizard near me, or maybe someplace with good prices or good ppl? :D I just dun like having to go into the city all the time for my comics. :(

I'm preferably looking for someplace that a) has a good selection b) charges at least US cover prices, if not lower (the place I go to is 10 cents lower XD) and c) is friendly :)

I'm a loyal super-nice customer, I buy regularly and I'm oh so cute :3 You'd love having my business! :3


Thx! :D

*hugs and kisses*

Q and Picard slashy goodness! :D

I never realized how many slashy moments those two have had! :D


I've always liked the Q/Picard relationship tho and how Q isn't a villain or nething. :D

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Bad ppls :(

Poor girl :(

That refers to this incident which is bad enuf :(

But even if it's the right Aileen, it's still not right to flame her and say all those mean and bad things about her. :(

The fact that it's the wrong one is worse ;-; Her life must be so annoying right now and she didn't even DO nething other than having the same name as somebody who did. :(

I read some of the stuff online too and it's means :(

And it's TORONTO :o The chances of there being more than one Aileen Siu is great :O The name may SEEM unique, but I thought MY name was unique in this city too and it's not XD

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You can't stop me Batman! I am THE TORNADO MASTER!!!! XDDD


Is it bad that when I see this, instead of thinking "OMG THAT'S SO COOL" (I think that too >.>) I think "he's gonna be a super villain!"

It's like a Spider-Man or Batman villain! :O He'll lose his funding and go crazy and build a giant tornado machine to get back at ppl! XDD

Also the idea to use tons of giant tornadoes to cool down the Earth is scary >.>;; And again evoked the "well meaning but crazy ebil genius" thing XDDD

He can be the Tornado Master! Or something XD

Exclamation point mandatory! XD

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Chore Wars! :D Attack of the Chores! >:|


This is the greatest thing evar! XD

I wonder if ppl will rly pay 10 dollars for a Gold Account? :o

I guess they think that gamers dun do enuf chores and need to be motivated with promises of XP and Gold? :D

I think it's creative and cute! XD

Next! Personal Hygiene Wars! >.>;;;

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I was walking by the movie theatre and saw a poster...

There's a Bratz live action film!? :O

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>:O and :D

Ebil and uncaring parents >:O

I'm afraid this is just gonna lead to more ppl like Jack Thompson blaming video games for stuff again :\

Esp since this is clearly the fault of moronic uncaring parents, and not video games >:|

I feel so bad for the kids :(

Also GO HIM! :D

I was cheering for him when I read about it before and I'm glad he did well. :)

I also like how it's explained that he doesn't have an advantage compared to "normal" runners and is in fact at a disadvantage (b/c human legs are more efficient than the fake ones) :D

So it's not like he's cheating :D

I just like underdog stories :3

Alexandra Dewitt meet Tasha Yar

I was thinking about male vs female deaths in comics, and how it's pointed out that male characters do die and are brutally killed sometimes too. :o

However, I think that what upsets ppl isn't that female characters are killed, it's HOW they're killed and what circumstances the characters are killed in. :\

For example, it's unfair to compare Kyle Rayner's girlfriend's infamous death with Robin's death at the hands of the Joker b/c Robin is a superhero, a protagonist and somebody who has great mainstream appeal and has a following b/c of this appeal. :|

Male heroes are killed for effect b/c they're popular, while female characters are killed off b/c the effect on (typically male) fans will be "if that was MY girlfriend, I'd be SO mad!" and that violence against women in our society is just viewed as much much worse. :\ Esp since the women in these situations are helpless and innocent.

Robin's death is important b/c he's an important character, and had years of build up and a fan following. But oftentimes, girlfriends are introduced simply to be killed off cuz they know it'll give a huge reaction from the readers and make them sympathize greatly with the hero.

And then it made me think about Star Trek. :o

There haven't been a lot of major character deaths on Star Trek but there have been some.


Spock, Kirk, Yar and Dax (and Tucker)

I dun rly consider Enterprise canonical, so that's why he's in brackets! XDDD

Spock dies heroically, to save the ship. Khan is alrdy dead, so it doesn't make Kirk more motivated to fight Khan or nething. His death is meaningful, useful and heroic.

Kirk dies to save the universe >.>;; In either version (the stupid version where he gets shot in the back and the slightly less stupid version where a bridge falls on him) he does it in the course of saving the universe and his death is meaningful in and of itself. It ACCOMPLISHED something. And it's not used to fuel Picard to go Super Saiyan. >.>;;

Tucker dies saving his captain as well. Sacrificing himself to take out the enemy. Again, like the other 2 deaths, this is the key point in ending the situation that they're in. He IS the hero in the situation, and his death wasn't to inspire Archer to go super angry and save the day. Tucker's death saved the day and he died a hero.

As Yesterday's Enterprise even said in canon, Yar's death was hollow and meaningless. :\ She didn't die in battle, or saving nebody. Armas killed her to show that he could. I know Denise Crosby was leaving the show, but they still could have given her a heroic death. Instead she's just blinked out.

Her death doesn't solve a problem and she doesn't die saving nebody or even heroically. She died b/c the villain said "ok you die now! muhahahahaha!"

And it pissed EVERYBODY off. >.>;; Mostly, it made Armas look super ebil bad (he kills ppl!) and inspired Picard to risk his own life to prevent deaths to the rest of his crew. >.> In fact it's PICARD who sacrifices himself (tho he doesn't die cuz he's Picard XD)

A death in line with the other 3 would have been if Yar had offered to stay behind at the end (and didn't do that wacky trick that Picard did of making Armas sad and therefore decrease his powers) in order to save everybody else. :D

And then there's Dax who is one of my favourite characters in ST history. :( Considering how brave and strong she normally is and how she doesn't hesitate to risk her life for her crew members, did she HAVE to die just to show off Gul Dukat's super cool powers?

Not only that she had that stupid Identity Crisis woman-in-peril+10 gimmick done to her where they reveal she's pregnant too just so.. OMG DUKAT KILLED A PREGNANT WOMAN!!!


She didn't die saving nebody. In fact she was just sitting in the station while all the other heroes were off fighting the bad guys, when Dukat pops up and kills her in cold blood.

Clearly, killing somebody in cold blood IS a diabolically and ebil thing to do. But isn't it funny how it's the women who seem to be thrown under the bus? >.>

It's not INTENTIONAL, or rly misogynistic in the sense that the writers are going "man, I HATE women! Let's kill some!"

But it just make SENSE!

I also understand this automatic "sense" cuz I do it sometimes when I'M writing. :\ It's just SUCH an easy way that we've gotten used to seeing in fiction to create drama and show off how bad the bad guy is and to push the male characters to go super saiyan >.>;;

Oddly, even tho I keep using it as my example, in Dragonball Z, Goku goes Super Saiyan for male deaths... but DBZ has very few female fighting characters XD


But srsly. :\

Dax's death was mostly to screw up Sisko and piss off Worf. :\ Worf ended up going crazy and needed to do some suicide mission to get Dax into heaven and Sisko went on a spiritual journey and fixed the wormhole. >.>;;

Also Dukat got +1000 ebil points.

Dax however, like Yar, just died. >.>;; Both were VICTIMS, not HEROES. :(

We could throw Damar's weird death in there too since he also died fighting.

Oh and Data!

I HATE Nemesis, so I blocked that out.

Another heroic, I'll SAVE YOU CAPTAIN, death!

And again, his death SOLVED the crisis and Shinzon was alrdy dead, so it wasn't a reason to make Picard go "OMG I'LL KILL YOU SHINZON!" And it didn't add +1000 ebil points to Shinzon since he was dead. >.>;;

Oh and also in Nemesis, Troi gets "mind raped" by Shinzon via his first lieutenent. >.>;; Even tho Troi gets "revenge" by revealing the location of his cloaked ship, her suffering set up Riker's fist fight with her "rapist" in the bowels of the ship. :\

But to sum up it up:

Spock: Died saving the Enterprise from Khan's Genesis Wave, Khan -> Alrdy defeated, Saved Kirk
Kirk: Died saving the universe from Soran, sacrifices his life to destroy the missile, killing Soran, Saved Picard
Tucker: Died saving Captain Archer, killed the bad ppls with him, Saved Archer
Data: Died saving the Enterprise from Shinzon's *sigh* 7-minute warning weapon, Shinzon -> Alrdy dead, Saved Picard

Yar: Died while walking, killed by Armas to show how ebil he is, Armas defeated by Picard
Dax: Died while praying, killed by Dukat to show how ebil he is and his fancy new powers, Dukat eventually defeated by Sisko

In the first 4 cases, not only do the characters die HEROICALLY, but their deaths SAVED THE DAY, and in fact SAVED THE MAIN CHARACTER, making their deaths mean THAT MUCH MORE

In the last 2 cases, they died to show off a villain's power and ebilness, and not actively doing nething to help. They didn't sacrifice their lives, and their deaths only served to motivate the main character to save the day.

In one of the few "male deaths to spur on the male hero", David Marcus (Kirk's son) is killed by a Klingon, making him hate Klingons and spur him on. However, David was killed SAVING Saavik from being killed, and tackled down the Klingon and fought him before dying! :O So again, the male character goes out fighting. :\

David Marcus is a CIVILIAN and he gets a more noble death (sacrificing himself to save Saavik) than two Starfleet OFFICERS (Yar and Dax), one of which was the chief of security, and the other an honorary Klingon warrior. >:|

The least they could have done for Dax was to have Dukat start blowing away security officers on his way to the orb, forcing Dax to try to stop him alone. Rather than her just being there and then getting killed to show his super new force powers. >.>;;

In some Stargate SG-1 examples, there are no real major character deaths, except for Daniel Jackson, who ALWAYS DIES SAVING THE DAY.

As usual, his death(s) lead to helping to solve the crisis (sacrificing himself to stop the naquadria bomb, mentally fighting Replicarter to stop the Replicators)

But as for the examples of one-off characters... >.>;;

Shaun'ac was introduced as Teal'c's temple priestess girlfriend, and she's killed by the traitorous Tanith. This sparks a period where Teal'c becomes obsessed with killing Tanith and Tanith rises from a 1-shot character to a recurring villain whom we all hate cuz, Teal'c hates him cuz he killed his girlfriend! :O

Daniel Jackson lost his wife to Apophis (via symbiote infection), giving him LOTS of reason to hate Apophis. >.> And motivating him to join the team.

To be fair, Jack O'Neill also lost Skaara to Apophis, but that also falls into the "endangering women, children and small animals" cliche to motivate the hero and give the villain +1000 bad points. >.<;;

Later Daniel loses Sarah, who was introduced as his former girlfriend, so that she could be taken over by Osiris and have Daniel go "OMG NO!" again >.>;;

On Carter's end... she's had a couple male relationships and to my knowledge none of them have ended in tragedy except for Orlin, who was an Ancient who unascended to be with her.

At the end, he sacrifices his life to stop a dangerous weapon from being used, and ascends, taking the naquadah generator away as it was about to explode (and would have killed Carter). >.>;;

Heroic sacrifice nebody?

Oh and talking about Skaara and Sha're (Daniel's wife),

Ultimately, Sha're is killed by Teal'c as her symbiote controls her to kill Daniel. Daniel has a vision where he hates Teal'c, but Sha're tells him not to and motivates him to continue his quest and search for the Harsesis (her child with Apophis which would have all the knowledge of the Goa'uld).

Skaara, gets the symbiote removed from him ultimately, and dies fighting off Anubis' forces helping SG-1 find the Eye of Ra. He ascends at the end with the rest of Abydos and basically tells SG-1 that everything is okay now.

Sha're's death - Victim, motivates Daniel
Skaara's - Heroic, gives closure to Jack


I watch too much TV >_<;;

And yus, there's prolly some counter examples. I'm not saying EVERYTHING is like this, or EVERY male death is going to be heroic (tho almost all of them seem to be) or that EVERY female death isn't heroic.

But far, far too often, female deaths, main character, side character, hero, bystander, or otherwise, are done to motivate the male characters, and to make the villains look ebil and bad ass. Even if they're strong characters (like in Yar and Dax's cases), too often they're killed as victims, just to show the villain's power.

While male deaths are often heroic and self-sacrificial. Even Jason Todd got free and started to escape, not willing to leave his mother behind. And Blue Beetle's death was ALL ABOUT showing how heroic and great he was and how in the face of death he wouldn't blink, and rather than join evil, he chose to die.

He wasn't sitting at home waiting for Booster Gold when Max Lord came in, shot him and stuffed him into a refrigerator. >.>;;

And rly, this is b/c... of the society we live in, and just what seems "right" growing up in this society. :\

It's not BAD per se. Stories NEED heroic sacrifices, and victims. The problem is that the heroic deaths are often the men and the victim deaths are the women. :\

And it IS b/c the writers are primarily men, who see themselves as the hero, and can imagine themselves dying heroically. And they WANT to die heroically! But b/c they think of themselves as the hero, when they need to throw somebody under a bus, they think "OMG if my girlfriend died, I'd be SO PISSED!"

And it IS very satisfying to think of a close female friend or girlfriend, being killed, or hurt, and YOU the big strong hero, holding her dead body then looking up at the villain and going "I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!"

I think we've all had that power fantasy before, and I'd find it hard to believe if a lot of ppl tell me that it's not appealing. :\ It's EVERYWHERE.

Again, this isn't purposefully misogynistic. It's NOT "I HATE WOMEN THEY MUST DIE!"

It's more like.. unthinking sexism. :|

It DOES exist. It may not be true for EVERY case, but it clearly is true, and maybe a lot more than ppl realize (since I didn't even THINK of Star Trek being like this until today). :(

And it's important to acknowledge that these biases exist in storytelling and in the thought processes of writers.

As I said, I even fall into that trap. :( I realize that in a lot of my older stories, attempted rape, and victimization of girls happens A LOT, simply to give the hero a reason to fight the villain.

It's so natural for us, b/c our society says "girlfriend gets in trouble, boyfriend beats up the bad guy". It's the prince charming thing. Girls are supposed to feel happy and rescued (or avenged), and boyfriends feel heroic and strong!

And they get a kiss >.>;;

Basically, a story with a male death is often ABOUT that death, while a story with a female death seems to have that death as part of the story, but the story is more about the conflict between the hero and the villain and the death is there to up the ante. :\

The thing is of course (as shown by the David Marcus and Skaara situations), female characters die usually b/c the heroes are hetero males and therefore their significant others would be female. A death of a son or surrogate son (David and Skaara and Robin) also works, but all 3 went out fighting. :\ Even Samantha Carter's Ancient love interest (Orlin) dies saving the day. :\

It seems if they're male, they HAVE to struggle and fight back and be defiant before death. That has to be made CLEAR, so we can see their noble and heroic death. While female characters can die off panel, or quickly be dispatched by superior foes who kill them without a fight. :( Even as victims, men are shown to "go down fighting" or "sacrificing themselves".

So while, you can easily name just as many (if not more) male characters who die in comics/tv/movies as females, if you compare, you realize that more often than not, there's a difference in the WAY they die, and the effect their death has on the plot. :\ Without this comparison, you can look at Star Trek and say that the writers must hate men b/c male main characters die twice as often as female ones. Yet the WAY they die is glaring. :O

Men are heroes in death, women are victims. :(

Again, this is b/c of the way we view the sexes in our society, and that male writers tend to identify more with male characters and identify with women as a man (i.e. as a guy with a girl friend, or a girlfriend), so if a male character dies, they know that in THEIR position, they would fight back, even hopelessly. :\

But as I said, I also do this sometimes when I write. :\ It just seems "natural" cuz we see it so much and b/c we're fed these storybook ideals since childhood. And it makes sense that in a society where male is viewed as the "default", that many writers would write from a male hero point of view, where female deaths are a means to an end where a male death tends to be an end in itself.

I totally DO understand this tho! And I also DO like stories that follow this pattern, but not CONSTANTLY, and also I AM aware of this trend and the reasons behind it and the fact that it exists.

Which means it opens my mind when I'M writing and let's me write with more options :)

Which is good right?

It's bad to just shut your eyes and say "lalalala there's no problem, I'll just write the same story over and over and over again 10000 times! I'm so creative!"

Right? :o

What's wrong with a little self-awareness? :3

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Hugs > All




Maybe if they had hugged Black Adam more WWIII would never have had happened! :D


Hehehehehe... I just find the whole story cute!

Hopefully he doesn't go trying to kill or rob ppl now tho! >:O

Karassie? :O

This is a review of Supergirl #19 from The Superman Homepage.

I'm glad I decided to skip this issue!


did Kara rly kiss Wonder Girl!? O_O;;

And yet I bet neither are actually bi or les. :(

Which just makes the kiss annoying...


Why DID they kiss? o_O;;

I would TOTALLY support a Kara/Cassie relationship tho!

Relationship being the key word >.>;;;

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Up up and away! :D

This is the greatest thing EVARRR!!!!

BEND, Ore.–Last weekend, Kent Couch settled down in his lawn chair with some snacks – and a parachute. Attached to his lawn chair were 105 large helium balloons.

Destination: Idaho.

With instruments to measure his altitude and speed, a global positioning system device in his pocket, and about four plastic bags holding 19 litres of water each to act as ballast – he could turn a spigot, release water and rise – Couch headed into the Oregon sky.

Nearly nine hours later, the 47-year-old gas station owner came back to earth in a farmer's field near Union, short of Idaho but about 310 kilometres from home.

I want to do that! XD Srsly, like.. haven't you ever dreamt while you were sleeping about flying and seeing your house and town from above but not in a plane or something? :D

And like... it's not very effecient (or safe I guess XD) but.. it must feel so freeing! :O

I'd use a bunch of pink Supergirl balloons tho! XD


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

To blog or not to blog >.>;;

I'm considering making a blog for my City of Heroes adventures.. and other video game stuffs xD

But I'm not sure if I should >.>;;;

Monday, July 09, 2007

For Joel and other fans of Cassandra Cain :)

This video is such a great tribute to her :D

But it also makes me mad at DC and Beechen all over again >:|

Saturday, July 07, 2007

So close :(

The Adventures of Darwin!

Awww :(

I was hoping this would be the Adventures of Darwin! XD

That would be so amusing! XDD And silly >.>;;;

This was hard! :O

Your Score: English Genius

You scored 100% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 100% Advanced, and 100% Expert!

You did so extremely well, even I can't find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don't. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you're not afraid to use it properly! Way to go!

Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it!

For the complete Answer Key, visit my blog:

Link: The Commonly Confused Words Test written by shortredhead78 on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test


But I got perfect! :D Yay me! :3 I know my English! XDDDD

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Fighting for the poor oppressed male fandom!

Whenever ppl complain about sexism in comics and the way women are drawn and portrayed, there's always the inevitable rebuttals of "BUT GUYS ARE VICTIMS OF SEXISM IN COMICS AND WE'RE DRAWN HORRIBLY SEXIST" and "But men are drawn unrealistically too!"

So it occurs to me.

If this is true, and these guys that "rebut" are not just trying to be contrary to diminish the opposing arguments, if they honestly ARE offended by superhero comics and their inherent male sexism as they claim,

Then what should be improved? :O

Lots of ppl have alrdy given their thoughts, thru ideas and thru sketches and drawings about how women superheroes should look in comics and how they should be portrayed.

Since these guys claim that it is just as bad or worse for men, then they should make suggestions to fix this awful anti-male bias in comics, and give sketches or ideas about how guys should look that wouldn't offend their sensibilities. :D

After all, if you don't like it, make your own.

So, I suggest a new meme: in your own blog, fix those sexist male character designs that demean and objectify men that apparently offends so many! Fix those horrible sexualized depowering depictions of male superheroes in comics today, and give us a truly empowering vision of strength and not sexuality that ppl so desperately crave! :D

The hardest Stargate test EVAR

Your Score: Lt. Colonel

Congratulations! You scored 74!

Some say you would have a unhealthy obsession with the show, but you don't care. Get some civilians together and share your love of the show.

Link: The Ultimate Stargate Test written by joram on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test



I'm proud to get 74% b/c apparently that's rly rly good :O

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Ami wants YOU

Hi! :D

Me and Filby have been playing a lot of Magic: The Gathering lately. :D Online, using Magic Workstation which serves as a database for every card in existence as well as a "virtual tabletop" so that we can play with our virtual decks! :D

It's a lot of fun! :) Esp since you can design the decks of your dreams XD Tho I like to keep within my own rules like, not to use the "power 9" cards and abide by restricted and banned rules.


I wanted to ask if other ppl out there are interested in playing? :D Or alrdy do using MWS? :o It's very easy to use and connect and play! :D

Just so I have more ppl to play with, and ALSO that maybe we could have a private little tournament or something? :3

MWS is even nice enuf to provide us with a sealed deck generator for those that like to play sealed deck tournaments (which I dun XD). :D


Just a thought! XD

And I'm borrrreeeeddd..... XDDD

*kicks can*

It's also free btw! So it doesn't cost you nething but time! XD And if you're interested but dunno how to play I can teach you! :D

If you're interested, comment here and I'll give you my IM :D

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I want to see Superman with a grill! XD

This post in Manstream made me think about the whole "but other girls do it" argument when it comes to female superheroes wearing exposed thongs, belly shirts, and super tight revealing clothing. >.>

The argument is that this is how girls are dressing now a days, and therefore this is how girls should be dressing as superheroes.

And YET, male superheroes are not wearing grills, bling, super baggy pants that hang at their thighs, giant hoodies, unlaced shoes or expensive basketball sneakers.

Am I stereotyping? YUS I AM

And even if it's what you see girls wearing when you go down to the local mall, what you see GUYS wearing doesn't make it into comic books.

Which again goes back to "comic book male heroes are for men to be, female heroes are for men to have".

Most guys who read comic books (generalizing) wouldn't want to be a male superhero who had a costume based on this.

So why should girls want to be a superhero who had a costume based on that?

The point is that "oh this is what girls are (supposedly) wearing" is NOT a justification for the horrid female superhero costumes since the guy costumes aren't being based on what guys are supposedly wearing. >.>;;

YAY ME!!!!!!!!!! :D


I beat my old record of 49.28 seconds on Rainbow Road in Mario Kart Super Circuit for Gameboy Advance by 1.5 seconds! :O I just posted 47.98 seconds! :D


I know it's not the fastest out there. :( But it's faster than a video I saw that inspired me to try for a fast record which had a time just over 48 seconds :D

*cheers* :D

I'm not claiming to be the best or the fastest tho but I am damn proud of my accomplishment cuz I've been running it over and over and over XD And I usually screw up one lap. :(

It's hard! XD



I uploaded my achievement onto Youtube so I can be flamed by ppl who use l33t speak and tell me that they could beat my time if they rly tried XD

Actually I uploaded it mostly for you ppl to watch it :D

The internet is weird tho XD The idea that ppl I dunno but I feel close to can actually see something that's happening in my room is neat! :D

And makes me feel not so far away XD

Neways! :D

There you go! :D

Oh and the laps were:



In theory I should be able to AT LEAST cut my time down by another .17 for the last lap and my fastest first lap has been 16.05 I think. :O

Plus it's possible on the first set of jumps to go an even faster route, but I can only do it like 1 out of every 20 tries, so it's not practical for me to use right now. :(

So I can still improve! XD

*trains harder*

*goes Super Saiyan*


Guys are delicate flowers XD

I was playing City of Heroes today with friends and one of them was using a female character and complained that he had been hit on today. >.>;;

I pointed that out that I'm CONSTANTLY being hit on and in fact HE had just hit on me a few minutes ago and also that he kept talking about staring at my butt and being distracted by it.. etc >.>;;



And then he said to my statement that I'm hit on a lot more than him, that "that's different".




But it's "different" cuz he's a guy and a guy hitting on a girl who turns out to be a guy is gross.

But a guy hitting on a girl is OKAY cuz like... we're sluts and we should just love all the attention we get right? >.>

He couldn't understand AT ALL why I found all the attention annoying. Cuz, DUH, I'm a girl! But he's a boy, so it's not okay to hit on him and THAT'S clearly harrassment and he's upset about it. But me? That's "different".


And then he went on to say about grabbing a girl's butt isn't harassment or "hitting on" her, it's showing affection and being appreciative.


Sure. >.>

I'd like a guy to grab HIS butt!


Somehow I dun think he would find that very affectionate or that the person was being appreciative of his body XD


Edit: Tricia's comment made me think of that Simpsons episode where they lose their home and go on a reality show where they get a new home but they have to live like it's the 1800s or something. XD It was a stupid episode, but at the end the cast of a reality show turns on the crew behind the show that was tormenting them XD

Crew Member #1: Gee, now I know what if feels like to be tormented.
Crew Member #2: And yet I learn nothing!


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ph33r teh ghey

Oh Noez! :O

Lesbian and gay gangs will rape your children and turn THEM gay! :O


What they fail to mention is that the women were defending themselves.

Buckle is seen on the video grabbing and pulling out large patches of hair from one of the young women. When Buckle ended up on top of one of the women, choking her, Johnson pulled a small steak knife out of her purse. She aimed for his arm to stop him from killing her friend.


Their "crime expert" is a private eye. >.>;;

And I've heard of the Pink Pistols! XD They're not a gang but a gun-rights organization. >.>;;


Sadly a lot of ppl who prolly are ill informed about the world and just want their knowledge given to them in sound bites, prolly are going to hate gays even more after this and take it as proof that they are indeed forcing children over to the other side. >.>;;

Still, the idea of a "gay gang" like they describe it is making me giggle just imagining it XD