Saturday, June 30, 2007

Countdown can't even keep artistic continuity straight for 1 issue =_=;;


I mentioned this before in my review of Countdown #44 but now that I have my issue of Countdown #45 here, I actually have comparison scans!

You'd THINK that even with a giant series like this with many artists, there'd be some overriding editorial control! Or at least the artists would KNOW what the other artists have done! >.>

Here in Countdown 45 we have Holly Robinson in Gotham City, now homeless b/c she ran away from Catwoman, and is being approached by a person from the Amazonian-inspired Women's shelter:

It's obviously cold in Gotham City right now XD She's wearing a hat and a jacket and a scarf and her hands are tucked into her armpits. XD

Also she has chin-lengthed hair and doesn't look very tall. :)

One issue later, and apparently a few MINUTES DC time later, she's become Supergirl! She has hair past her shoulders. She's suddenly wearing a pink tank top (against her fashion sense regardless xD) and tight jeans! Plus bracelets! And I think she's grown half a foot XD

I guess the woman took her SHOPPING in between that issue and this one! XD Plus kids do grow up fast! :O

Tho considering that a FREAK HEAT WAVE apparently engulfed Gotham City in 5 minutes and raised temperatures by 20 degrees, I guess it WAS prudent that Holly shop to buy new clothes!



Countdown's continuity issues are bad enuf as it is, but they can't even keep things straight for ONE ISSUE!!! You'd think that they'd have SOMEBODY who would keep things straight. :\

It seems like the only edict that artists are given nemore in DC is "draw stuff".


*smighs* XD

The person who drew this clearly doesn't know who Holly Robinson IS, and doesn't CARE who she is. Draw a teenage girl? OKAY! I know what teenage girls look like! Generic Teen Girl I see At The Mall #5 coming right up!


What month are we supposed to be in in DC time btw? :O Cuz it's coat weather in Gotham City? o_O;;;

This is an odd distinction XD

Toronto has more Facebook members than ANY OTHER CITY



Well we're known for something at least! XD

Besides me >.>


Friday, June 29, 2007

GRARGH!!!!!! AMI SMASH!!!! >:O

Judge blames 10 year old rape victim for her own rape

Disgusting! >:O

His "justifications" are soooo stupid! Even the "she doesn't look 10 she looks 16" defence.

Oh okay, so it's okay to rape a 16 year old! I get it! >:O "Sorry we thought we were raping a teen, not a pre-teen"

"Understandable, I would have made the same mistake!"


And SHE'S the disturbed one!? >:O Clearly these men just couldn't help themselves cuz they're.. men... and men are wild animals!


Right >:|

Dressing provoctively CAN be dangerous, but not in the "it's YOUR FAULT" way! Same with her talking to two adult strangers. It's not smart, but it's not HER fault if they rape her. People are still responsible for their own criminal actions! >:O

It's kinda like not looking both ways before crossing on a pedestrian crosswalk on your light. :\ A car SHOULDN'T hit you, but sometimes it might. That wouldn't be your fault tho b/c the car ran a red light!

Obviously, dressing provoctively MIGHT invite unwanted advances or... rapists... but that isn't in any way the victims FAULT!

It's a sad fact of life and an indictment of the screwed upness of SOME PEOPLE, but no matter what, nobody, NOBODY has the right to violate another person like that!

There's no excuse! >:O

I HATE that the judge seems to treat the pedophile rapists here as the real victims! This isn't even a case where the smex MIGHT have been consensual or something. This is a clear rape that the judge just feels is understandable b/c the girl regularly wore "make-up, strappy tops and jeans".



Doesn't she know only hookers wear jeans!?


Moral dilemma MY FOOT!

There's no such thing as justifiable rape. >:|

You can kill in self defence. You can't rape in self defence >:|

Edit: There are actually ppl commenting on some of the news sites who DEFEND the rapists!? :O That's.. shocking =_=;;; Esp the ppl saying that if she consented it'd be okay to smex a 10 year old, b/c what are guys supposed to do?


Or are guys basically incapable of saying no to smex. Is that what they're saying? >:|

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Girl watching: Argle bargle or Foofarah? :O

This is an article from the Toronto Star about women watching :O

Is it just a harmless sport or can it be harrassment sometimes? :|

I know that sometimes men looking at me can make me rly uncomfortable. :( Esp if they're just staring and they're like... 40 or 50. >:|

I dun rly need other ppl looking at me to make me feel good actually :O I dun mind ppl looking tho or doing a double take, I think that's natural? But I think most ppl understand the difference between "wow" and *LEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR*

I look at girls too :D Girls are pretty! XD I also look at some guys also XD But I never just go O_O;; and just stare a hole thru them XD

Just "wow" and maybe a 2nd glance... and that's all! :D

I dun like the idea of being considered game in a sport tho :( And I dun like the idea that "if done right, it can be respectful and appreciative". It implies that we're stuff to "appreciate" like a painting on a wall and it's about how the VIEWER behaves, not nething else. As if we have no right to get offended if they 'stare properly'. >:|

What do other ppl think? :3 (random anti-women/feminist rants will be deleted, as will trolls >:\)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ami Angelwings: Slowly taking over the internets!

I'm slowly taking over Wikipedia! XD

Totally by accident I've discovered I'm linked from at least 2 Wikipedia articles O_O;;

One about The Red King and the other is from the Supergirl article! XD I'm there with Paperghost, Superman Homepage and Wizard! XD

Tho choosing us 4 seems SUSPICIOUS! :o B/c the other 3 are linked by me as other negative reviews. :O


I also find it weird that I'm there at all. :\

Neways I find that neat XD

Let's blame the victim! >:|

Chris Benoit is dead :(

But he killed his wife and son and committed suicide! >:|

I used to be a huge wrestling rat and I was a big fan of him too. :( But I also wun let that cloud the facts. :\

I'm just tired of hearing and reading all these comments from ppl DEFENDING him! Like.. wtf... esp the ppl blaming his wife, or some unknown person who framed him, or the police.

CLEARLY a celebrity cannot do horrible things!

Like.. ppl who say he's a wonderful person and would never do this. Did you know him?

*smighs* It's just... a horrible thing happened... and instead of mourning his family, ppl seem intent on saying it has to be their fault! Or that his wife framed him.

Yus, she tied herself to the bed and with her THIRD ARM strangled herself to death! >.>;;


Blaming the victim just annoys me so much :(

Or that Benoit seems blameless in many fans eyes b/c well.. he's such a wonderful person!

I bet they wouldn't be so generous to just any other person who killed their family. :(

Even if it was some magical 3 day "roid rage", he's still responsible. :\ If you drink and drive and kill somebody, you're still responsible, even tho you weren't in full control of your faculties. :(

Even more silly is the ppl who claim it's an elaborate police set up, or that somebody broke in, overpowered two musclebound wrestlers and hung Chris Benoit WITHOUT USING WEAPONS or leaving a trace. >.>;;; Yub yub... ppl have been watching too much Law and Order SVU XD

*sighs* :( It's sad... :\ I just hate that ppl are blaming the victims and some ppl are saying she deserved it b/c clearly she was nagging him or something. And I hate when ppl say a woman deserved domestic abuse or worse. :(

Antonia Zerbisias also wrote a piece about this too and domestic violence and spousal homicides in general. :(

*sighs* :\

Edit: I want to clear up that it's not that I think Benoit is a horrible person or nething. :\ I dunno him, only what he's done. But I dun think he's blameless and a saint like some ppl. :( I'm mostly angry that ppl are blaming the victims just to absolve him of responsibility, and that's wrong. >:|

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm too adult for your virgin eyes :(

What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Free Online Dating


Apparently b/c I mention the words "Pain" and "Gay" too often o_O;;

Puritans... >.>;;;


Edit: I have the feeling the rating system is supposed to be assuming that our blogs are like movies. :O And that the "words" are "content". So having "death" means that your blog contains scenes of violence and death, etc :D

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Unfocussed Rant XD


This is a mini-rant and it's about attitudes that some male gamers seem to have when it comes to female gamers. :\

They dun MEAN to annoy me, but it just does! >:\

Since it's Double XP weekend on City of Heroes, I've been playing a lot :D

I also have lots and lots of friends on City of Heroes. :O

I'm also quite good at it XD In a year of playing, I got 5 lv50s. :O Which is ahead of basically all my (male) friends in the game with a couple of exceptions. :\

What bothers me is how they still treat me like I'm some stupid n00b even tho I know more about the game than they do! >:O

Tho, it's not rly my friends who do it that much, they do something ELSE. But random (male) players who are experienced will be impressed by other male players who have many lv50s. But when they find out I do, it's like.. >.>;;

I've been accused on power levelling, being done favours b/c I'm female, having ppl help me along b/c clearly, that's the ONLY way I could possibly achieve more success than them in the game!

Also, something I've noticed, is when I start becoming friends with a guy player, they start "teaching" me about the game. >.>

These ppl aren't jealous, they MEAN well. :) They rly do. They take me under their wing like a little girl and tell me all sorts of things about the game, how to play, etc...

except... um.. I know these things!

And they KNOW I know!

They know which chars I have, how long I've been playing, and they've SEEN me play! And they still treat me like I should be wide eyed about everything!

I dun mind rly. :D I find it kinda cute? XD But it DOES grate after a while, esp from ppl who should know better. :\

More than that tho, I hate how it seems like, guys can and want to help me. My friends offer me money when I need it (in theory, we share money b/c it's easier than having to switch characters to move it around XD), help etc...

But when I offer THEM money or help...

They refuse.



a) they then turn around and ask a GUY friend for money

b) I have more money than BOTH OF THEM COMBINED

c) I happily give money :D As I always say, I make money to help my friends XD

But it always turns into an argument fest where they're like "nono, I wanna help YOU!"

And I'm like "but you need money!"

"No I'll be fine!"

And then a few minutes later, they ask somebody else on the team for money. :\

This is not impressive. >.>;;

That's not to say I've only had bad experiences. :D I've had many good ones :)

Usually ppl are very impressed by how well I can lead a team, or help ppl, or herd without being a tank. XD Tho I dunno if they know my gender at that point. :\

I've definitely gotten my share of random tells where ppl "compliment" me on being "hot" or asking me if I'm rly a girl. :\

I even had somebody accuse me of NOT being a girl b/c my character was attractive. o_O;; His reasoning was that a girl would not make a character which a guy would be attracted to.


Which I guess is the same as the reasoning that if women wrote comic books, nobody would read them b/c they'd all be about hairy amazon women who run around castrating men. XD

I made a character named CUTE Girl (C.U.T.E. stands for Civilian Utility Transport Engine), who's a 16 year old super genius that wears a pink armoured suit that allows her to go at super speeds. XD

And I was accused of being male too b/c only a guy would want to make a "cute" girl. I tried telling him it was an acronym, but he didn't know what an acronym was XDDD


But like!

Sometimes I'm not taken seriously at all! Like no matter what I do, I'm still a little girl who needs to be helped around with kid gloves, praised for not dying, and heaven forfend *I* help a guy out. >.>;;

But then if I AM taken seriously, it's like if I'm a serious girl gamer, I must be some sort of head shaven angry feminist who would only make super tough girls, and couldn't possibly make a character a man would be attracted to!



But as I said, that doesn't happen all the time. XD Ppl I meet are often nice! :D

There are the usual jerks XD But they're jerkfaces to everybody XD And, a lot of the time my friends rly DO mean well, they just come off kinda... attention starved. XD

It's just frustrating when it happens! Esp lately, when it seems like my money is not good newhere! I have SO much money sitting on my characters right now, more than prolly most of my friends combined. XD AND THEY JUST REFUSE TO TAKE IT WHEN THEY NEED IT!

Even when they have no place else to turn, then it's just "Well I guess I'll go with expired enhancements for a level since I can't find nebody to give me money".




On the bright side I'm getting close to my goal of getting the rest of my chars to at least lv20 before this weekend is up :D

Neways.. random ramble. :(

I dun rly have a point to make, I'm just releasing steam XD

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tonight on the Trish Report :O

Trish is interviewing me now! :D

1: What new power(s) does Superman need?

Continuity vision XD So he can see what's RLY canon in the DCU and tell the rest of us >.>;;

2: Pick one female superhero or villain (not Supergirl, but you can say if she would have been your first choice) to make male.

I think Supergirl would rly benefit from not being jailbait and using that to get her way XD Otherwise... :O >.>;;; Sue Storm! Cuz I think that would be funny XDDD

3: How would you make Batman less grumpy?

Give him a hug :D And a new Kryptonite ring :)

4: Too many comics related questions but, if you could invite one superhero to hang out with at your place (or you with them) who would it be?


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm >.>

Nightwing.. >.>;; I know this goes against my principles, but he's the smexiest superhero my age :( And I would like to hang out with him :D

5: Cats? Cats! :D

Soon FOX News will be intereviewing me! XD

Now Rob Staeger is asking me questions XD

1. You seem to be more of a DC fan than a Marvel fan. What is it about the DCU that appeals to you?

I dunno. :o I think it's cuz the DCU streamlined itself with the first crisis (and now has UNstreamlined itself) while Marvel's history is extremely confusing? They've changed Spider-Man SO much he's unrecognizable. :\ I guess that's kinda why I got into the DCU a lot easier? Since I'm not a long time fan. It was easier for me to get in cuz I recognized the characters and they were generally the same as I knew them?

While in Marvel, Spiderman lost an eye, ripped out a threat, grew a new body, and has mystical Spider powers? And then House of M and Civil War confused matters more. :( It's mostly b/c DC was easier for me to get into when I started being interested in comics (I actually picked up most of the House of M comics at the time XD) than Marvel. :\

2. What non-superhero comics do you read?

:O Dilbert? XD I dun think I rly read nething other comics that aren't comic strips? :( I suck ;-; OH! I used to read some Manga! But not nemore :(

Thx to an anonymous poster, I remember that I DO read American Virgin! It's just that I haven't read the last 4 issues cuz I can't find Issue #12 :(

3. Who’s your favorite Muppet? Fozzy :D Cuz he's fuzzy :3

4. Do you drink? If so, what’s your poison? Not much. :( When I do, usually rum and coke? XD

5. What’s your favorite superhero/supervillain gadget? I think I've always wanted Spider-Man's webshooter :D Or Batman's rope line? :D Being able to swing around would be so cool :3

Oh and if you're interested in having me ask you questions, the original meme thread on my blog is here. :D

100th post :D

Giant Killer Mantis now is interviewing me! :D YAY! :3

1. If you were to go on a roadtrip with any superhero (in their secret id), who would it be?

Clark Kent! :D Cuz I think he would be good to talk to (assuming we both knew I knew his identity :) )

2. Robots or Dinosaurs?

:o Disonaurs! :D

3. Pitch a new superhero book, set in the DC universe. Could be a team book, a solo series, could take place in any period or any version of the DCU (including a new one).

Supergirl :) Kara Zor-El is sent to Earth as a child, but Kal-El (for reasons I'll explain later XD) didn't. :( The Kent's alrdy have a child (biological) named Clark but who has no powers and marries Lana. Kara gains powers as a teenager, and goes to Metropolis University for school :D In the city she finds a lot of crime that makes her want to help, and she dons a costume to become Supergirl! :D While she is glamourous as Supergirl, she's uncomfortable with the fame, and is still a regular girl inside :) It'd be like an Ultimate DCU flagship book :)

4. What's something cool about Toronto?

Me! :D Also the CN Tower :)

5. Once in a while you mention how your sister hated something that you liked. Will we ever see an Ami's Sister's Super Snarky Comic
Reviews? ;)

Never :( She doesn't like public blogging. :\ She's also more critical than me? :O But it would be fun! :(

XDDDD Get to know me even better! :D

Now Kalinara is asking me questions too :D

1. Celery or carrots?

Carrots! With dip! :D I'm a bunny >.>;;;

2. If you could re-design one hero/heroine's costume, what would it be and how would you do it?

>.>;; ONE!? ONLY ONE!!??????? >.<;;; I would design Superman's costume to be a symbiote that is magically attached to the costumes of the other female superheroes in the DCU. :o It constantly does calculations of average skin shown, location of skin shown, tightness of costume and location where it becomes so tight, and modifies itself accordingly on Superman. :D And it CANNOT BE REMOVED FROM SUPERMAN. >.>;; So either DC re-designs the female costumes or Superman is going to be quite embaressed. :D

Otherwise, Supergirl, just cuz she's such an iconic character and she deserves a better outfit. :(

3. If you could say one thing to the Powers That Be at DC and Marvel, what would it be?

There's an interview with all the major news networks about how great the state of comics is going on RIGHT now, and your competitor is alrdy there! Hurry!

Then I would lead them into a room and lock them in and refuse to let them out until they listen to me. >:D

4. If you went evil, what's the first thing you'd do?

I think questions 2 and 3 alrdy answered that? :D

But maybe those aren't RLY evil. :o I would... DRESS IN SKIMPY TIGHT CLOTHES AND WEAR BLACK!! Also I would smex everybody :D

5. If you were a superhero, what ridiculously silly secret identity would you be using?

I'd pretend to be Supergirl! XD Nobody would EVAR guess I was a hero then :D

Otherwise, I'd be a mild mannered millionaire air force scientist. :D

Get to know your local Ami Angelwings better :)

B/c I'm a memesheep, I asked DJ Black Adam to interview me and he did! :D So here are his questions and my answers :3 They're not very exciting :(

1. When did you start reading comics AND what made you start (I know, thats a two in one)!

:o When I was 21 I think? :o It's recent I know XDDD And the Superman/Batman crossover with Supergirl did :O B/c I was like "OMG A NEW SUPERGIRL!" and she seemed very interesting and exciting XD

2. Why do you love Zod?

Cuz he's Zod! XDD

3. Picard or Kirk?

:O >.>;; Hmm... When I was younger, Kirk, b/c he was very cool and a great tactician and very action-y. :o But lately, Picard, b/c he's so calm and collected and doesn't make a lot of mistakes (like Kirk) XD He isn't the best captain for battle (Riker is the best of the Enterprise D's staff) but he's prolly the best captain in Star Trek history overall. :D

4. If you could date one Super Hero or Super Villian who would it be?

:O If he wasn't such a jerk.. Nightwing. XD But he is a jerk... hmmmmmmm... :| Jaime Reyes? :D Or Wonder Girl! XD She needs to get over Conner alrdy! >:O

I just realized while thinking about this question how many male superheroes are portrayed as being horrible boyfriends! XD Or complete wet blankets about their relationship history! :O Dick Grayson, Ryan Choi, Kyle Rayner are all ppl I would WANT to date, except their histories with relationships and how they feel and treat women are just so >.>;;; turn off-y XD

5. If you could be one Super Hero or Villian who would it be?

:\ Can I make different choices than the hero/villain? :D I'd like to be Supergirl! Otherwise... Ravager >.>;;; Or Miss Martian! :D I have 2 very different sides of my personality depending on if I feel bad or good :(

Neways so that's it! :D

If nebody on my list wants to be interviewed here is the meme :3

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."

2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions. (They probably won't be the same ones you see above!)

3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Joe Kelly wins again!


The Superman Homepage review (which is sadly not by Neal Bailey) agrees with ME AND Wizard's review. :O A rare trifecta!!!

You know you've written a bad story when 3 reviewers who normally nevar agree, suddenly all say the EXACT SAME THING XDDD

Here's an editted excerpt of some of the best parts of the review :D

So, if we're to go by this issue... Joe Kelly thinks we who wish Kara was more than has been presented to us lately are whiners who just want Kara to be perfect all the time, an agent of The Monitor (who has one of the most ludicrous outfits I've ever seen and looks right out of a 1992 comic by Image) decides to test if Kara belongs in the universe by... hiring assassins to kill her and turning the sun red for no apparent reason, and Kara still has wacky crystal powers and still killed a room full of children and the phantoms are still all over earth.

To sum up: Nothing Happened.

And then Dark Angel says Kara should do the right thing "all of the time." That she shouldn't have problems, because who wants a Supergirl with problems they can relate to?

Because, you know... killing a roomful of kids and believing you were sent to kill your cousin and not caring about your last remaining relative is something we can ALL relate to. Especially teen girls. Oh yeah, that's right up their alley. If I have to read ONE MORE NEWS STORY about a teen girl killing a roomful of kids and telling off her cousin, I tell ya...

Oh wait.

Manufactured story reason notwithstanding, this feels like Kelly telling those of us who want better for Kara to go take a flying leap because we just want a "perfect" character that, apparently, no one can relate to.

This fails on so many levels I don't even know how to address them. I don't ever recall seeing a single person saying they wanted Kara to be perfect, or that she shouldn't have problems. Even Superman isn't perfect, and I wouldn't want him to be.

Their humanity, their problems and failures and striving to do better are what make them relatable, amazing characters. But their problems and failures, actions and feelings need to be justified. They need to make sense. They need to have a purpose. "Supergirl", as a book, has largely failed on all fronts since its inception, especially so under the Kelly run.

She should see his selflessness, his courage, his strength of spirit, his hope, and it should inspire her to want to emulate him. Doesn't that sound like an amazing story? Yes, I do believe it does. And that's what we should have had.

Instead we get ten issues of her whining and complaining and then she suddenly loves and respects Kal with no character motivation whatsoever. Why would this Kara now suddenly feel that way about him? Yes, it's what we all want, but there's NO REASON for it.

The story was supposed to move her there.

It didn't. It shifted her around, let her chase boys, had her whine and complain and suddenly arrive at the destination without ever taking the journey. It's A to C with no B, and B is what makes the whole thing work.

B is the heart, and that's what Supergirl, both the book and the character at this point, lack.

Fight off some mercenary killers and this means you're not an anomaly from a different world or universe?

Oh of course, silly me. I guess I must have slept through that lecture in my "How to prove what universe someone came from" class in college.

So rampant were the inconsistencies and character leaps-without-logic I honestly cannot believe this was written by the same person who wrote Action Comics #775. It's not even possible.

I now equate Kelly's run on "Supergirl" to Chuck Austen's run on "Action Comics". And boy howdy, does that ever make me sad.

The only explanation I have is that Joe Kelly isn't actually Joe Kelly, but is really Dark Angel trying to make sure that all of us still reading aren't anomalies from another universe.

Although, if you're still reading this title, you might be.


There it is :O

Joe Kelly wins a rare hat trick! Ami Angelwings, Wizard AND Superman Homepage all agree that this issue is not only horrible, but is him lashing out at his critics XDD


I hope I never have to mention myself and Wizard in the same sentence again! XD

It's too bad IGN didn't review it, but I bet they just thought it was too bad to review XDDD

I bet Joe Kelly will write another issue lashing out at the critics of him lashing out. :O Where he himself will don the Supergirl shirt and rip ppl mocking him to shreds! XDDDD


Sunday, June 10, 2007


That btw is a great drawing of Huntress in the recent Birds of Prey. :O

I didn't even realize that she's had a full body outfit for a while. :D Yay! :3

But yus, the pose, the proportions, everything. :O She looks strong and confident and everything :)

So.... guys.. umm...

is that ugly? :o

Do you find her considerably (or even slightly) less attractive than this version of her? XD And since ppl love to answer this question, which version would you prefer to date (looks wise XD)? :D

Cuz apparently the art that us feminazis like would be rly ugly right? :O

Or so I'm told XD


Oh! And, I wanted to point out the brilliance of her belt! It has extra straps to hold it to her waist! Instead of hanging there magically around her hips like belts and pants seem to do for other superheroines XDDD

Traits are not deeds and Supergirl is not a hero

I think Supergirl should have landed on another planet and become a hero in one of their cities and then run into Superman and the other heroes at some point when they show up, seemingly as invaders. :O

Or something XD

I think Supergirl is better to develop on her own than for her to seem like Superman's cousin who has to follow in his footsteps, b/c if she does, she ends up seeming not like her own person. And if she doesn't, it becomes this annoying "I dun wanna be a hero simply b/c Superman wants me to be one" thing.

Which is ALSO her not being her own person. She's being reactionary which is just as contingent on what Superman wants, just the opposite. :\

Like shopping at Hot Topic and believing that that in itself makes you a unique individual cuz you're not shopping at the Gap. XD

I honestly think more ppl would be okay with Supergirl (including me) as she is now, if she was a side character in Superman's book. Like... Krypto. XD

Then she wouldn't even need a costume or to be Supergirl. She can just be Superman's Kryptonian cousin who hates everything and everybody XD

But Supergirl has her own series which is (supposedly) about her being a HERO. Ppl argue she's growing and becoming a hero. :\ But.. she's not. :\

The logic of that argument seems to stem from the fact that she's a teenager, teenagers are immature and whiny, adults are not. Therefore when she grows up she'll be ferpectly fine!


Except that that's not how it works. That's a stereotype. :\

Teenagers are not all immature and whiny. In fact many teenagers who ARE immature and whiny are prolly more mature and responsible than ppl believe, and what they do when a teacher isn't yelling at them or something, is prolly different than what you'd believe. :O

Spiderman is a character that was a hero as a teen and grew up. :o He had his issues. MANY MANY issues. But that never stopped him from helping ppl.

Which is the key.

A hero isn't just a person who stands up for themselves (as Kelly keeps trying to insist) or ppl who insist on being "themselves". :\ That CAN be heroic. But that in itself is not heroic.

Magneto stands up for what he believes in. He'll die and kill for what he believes in. Ppl try to change him and he refuses. Is he a hero? :\

I would use President Bush too, but I'd rather not XD

But there are lots of ppl who insists that they never have to change, and that ppl keep telling them that they're wrong but they get back up.

Exactly as Supergirl does at the end of Supergirl #18.

Does that make them heroes? No.

Actually, for better or worse, it makes them stubborn.

Which in itself is neither good nor bad.

The difference is WHAT they are standing up for. :o

Being a hero isn't simply a list of traits. Certainly determination can be a heroic trait and is something most heroes have.

It's also something most villains have.

Intelligence, charisma, strength, will and righteous anger are also great traits to have to be a hero, but are also things that a lot of villains have as well!

What makes somebody a hero is what they believe in and what they DO.

What does Supergirl believe in? What does she do?

Currently she believes in satiating her own desires and caring about her own pain. :\

She fights other heroes, she's left an entire city to die in exchange for her own selfishness (a glimspe of Argo City), she broods, she mopes, she experiments with drugs, she teases boys, and she hates having to be a hero like Superman. >.>;;

Ppl will say these are understandable things.

Yus, they are. Certainly ppl with bad lives can often participate in self destructive behaviour.

The question is.


Are they?

Are the ppl you know who hurt themselves and their loved ones b/c they're wrapped up in their own pain heroes?

Heroes are NOT people without pain. And they are NOT people who dun feel their own pain.

In fact many heroes feel their pain a lot. Heroes like Spiderman or Batman.

Heroes like police officers and fire fighters, and soldiers, many of whom have bad lives, or have seen things so horrible that they would make Supergirl cry and slit her wrists.

And they do not and will not give up or give in to their own issues when they can help others.

Supergirl however sees everything as a chore she HAS to do and in fact refuses to do it.

She complains and makes ppl around her miserable. She FIGHTS other heroes, which is completely unhelpful! And she justifies everything by saying she has a bad life and nobody understands her.

So yus, she fights for her right to be selfish. That's... great.

But is it heroic?

She's a "regular" teenager. Okay. If you believe that's how a regular teenager behaves, fine. XD

But does that make her a hero?

Yus, maybe she'll grow into a hero in the future. Maybe in issue 19 or issue 90 she'll become a hero. Maybe Joker will become a hero in the future too. Maybes are pointless. :\

IS SHE A HERO NOW? Currently?


And simply writing an ending to an issue to have her go "I NEVER GIVE UP RAWRRRRRR" does not make her a hero. :\

It makes her stubborn.

I do love Supergirl XD As a symbol, as proof that a girl can wear the S and represent it just as well as Superman. And for this current Supergirl, as proof that a girl with a background of domestic abuse, and who is lonely and different, can get past that, and not wallow in it, and see that other ppl have bad lives too and deserve help. :D

It means a lot to me b/c my life has actually been similar to this life that Kelly seems to love saying "NOBODY CAN POSSIBLY HAVE IT THIS BAD SO IT'S UNATTACKABLE!!!" and it means a lot to me to see a portrayal where somebody can move beyond that, even while suffering, to see that other ppl are in pain too. :\

I think a big thing for instance would be the high school issue. :o Here, Supergirl doesn't reveal herself until SHE'S the victim of bullying. Then she flies off with the throwaway line that ppl should be themselves. :o Convenient! Considering that nobody else can fly away and go back to their wonderful life of being a pretty blonde, having superpowers and having no responsiblities! The rest of us cannot just avoid school b/c we hate it. Or avoid our lives cuz we hate it! She leaves everybody to their own devices b/c she doesn't like it. :|

It'd be like Nicky Hilton (not Paris cuz she's in jail now XD) telling me that if I just lived the life I was given, everything would be great, b/c that's what she does and life is great too!

What would have been heroic would be for her to continue going to school (b/c it sets a good example as well XD) and be NICE to ppl. She realizes that ppl are unhappy in school and that not having friends and the clique-ishness is making lives miserable, and instead of running away b/c it's more fun for her to party with Captain Boomerang, she not only stays in school, but also is NICE to ppl. :D Even tho she has so many issues, she realizes other ppl have issues too, and altho she can't change the world, she tries her best to make sure other ppl dun feel as she does. :D

That would be heroic. :D That would be a Supergirl that would have "problems" but also be a hero AND not be giving up. :D It's the type of Supergirl that would mean a lot to me and I'm sure many other ppl. :)

So I'm going to keep hoping for a heroic Supergirl and I'm going to keep writing about the importance of heroes and Supergirl and being heroic for young people and teenagers.


Because I never give up. :D

Never ask a man for directions XDDDDD

This post from my friend is.. wow. :O I guess I didn't expect it to be this stereotypical? XD

A student of mine, Christopher Thomas, recently did a term paper looking at the responses to requests for directions. He and a woman friend each asked 25 women and 25 men for campus directions to (a) a fake hall, (b) an obscure hall, and (c) a well-known hall. In total, they asked 300 people for directions.

The women generally replied the same whether the asker was a woman or a man. For example, 19 of the 25 women asked about the fake building sent both the woman and the man askers to an information booth. This is a community-building response, showing concern for the asker and including the asker in the community of the askee. It was the same pattern for the obscure building; those who could not give directions sent the asker to an information booth. In both cases, where directions were given to the obscure building, almost all were correct. Every woman gave both the woman and the man correct directions to the well-known building.

For the men, the pattern was very different, heavily dependent on whether the asker was the woman or the man. For the man as asker, they mostly refused to give directions or gave very vague directions. For the fake building, they mostly brushed him off. For the obscure building, only one-third of those who gave directions were correct, and even for the well, known building only 15 men gave him directions. Not once did a man direct the asker to an information booth.

For the woman asker, on the other hand, she was given directions every single time, including directions to the fake building from the 25 men she asked. Not once, in all three questions, when the woman asked a man, did any of the men just say they didn't know. AII of the men replied with some directions to the building. For the obscure building, only 10 out of the 25 were correct!

At no time did any man say "I don't know" to the woman. No man ever sent anyone to an information booth.


That makes so much sense tho from what I know of how guys act. :O They always want to impress girls. :( But are more like "too bad sucker" for other guys who are subconsciously competition. :\

For the record, I help everybody who asks for directions. :D I have a great directional memory XD And if somebody asked me for a place I didn't know, I'd either ask somebody else or send them to an info booth. Or if I had time I'd take them to the info booth. :D

Being lost is scary. :(

The original article is here. :D

Also, obviously this isn't true for all men. :O I'm sure lots of them actually ARE willing to admit they dunno things to women or even other men. :D

But I still find this so funny XDDD

OH! This also reminds me of my experiences in tech stores like Futureshop or Best Buy. :O Where the guys working there would be SOOO patronizing and ULTRA helpful to me (assuming I know nothing) but extremely rude to my guy friends (who know lots also) and being very vague to them (esp in front of me) and pressuring them for details about their computer, as if to prove to me that "hey your boy here knows nothing about computers, but *I* do". :\

It's very obnoxious. :(

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Guys dun want regular guys in their fiction? :o

(Male) critics are apparently complaining that 'Knocked Up' is unrealistic b/c it features an "ugly" guy who gets a "hot" girl. :O

This seems more like jealousy/inferiority than nething tho. :O Like "well *I* look like that, how come I can't get a girl that hot". :O

But I find it odd, b/c I always hear from guys about "oh superhero men are super hot too and you never hear us complaining". But they would complain if they were not super hot? :o

Maybe that's the difference between how women view fiction and how men? Maybe it's cuz of the male gaze? :o

Like... that we dun want to be super hot smex objects b/c we know that if we are, those characters would be objects of desire for men and written AND SEEN as such.

But men aren't the objects of desire (at least not to them neways XD) they're the avatar that men want to be? So they better BE buff? :o

And maybe that's also why a lot of guys take the "you're just jealous of her" tactic?

Cuz that's how THEY feel? They WANT to be a super buff man with a hot girl b/c it's a fantasy they want? But if it's a regular guy with a hot girl they feel annoyed, cuz they can't BE him, they alrdy ARE him and therefore it's a wtf, how come he has a better life than me thing? :o

Maybe that's why guys seem to have such a hard time understanding the complaints that women have about their portrayal in fiction? Cuz they feel like "well I would never want a regular joe like me as a superhero, why WOULDN'T you want a perfect woman?"

But I also think the problem for THAT, is that the ppl who say that dun understand that it's men deciding the "perfect male" AND also deciding the "perfect female" and they just can't understand why girls are not all desiring to be a pornstar? :o

I'm not sure :(

I know this article triggers SOMETHING in me but I'm not sure what? I'm also too tired to sort things out :O

Mostly I want to know what other ppl think! :D Esp the guys :D What do you think about pairings of hot girls with regular guys? :o

But I also want to know what everybody in general thinks about this :)


Paramedics rescue ducklings


That inspires hope :)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Ami and Wizard agree :O omg >.>;;;

When even Wizard hates Supergirl #18, you know it's bad XDD ME AND WIZARD AGREEING ON THE SAME THING!!!!

OMG O_O;;;

The world is coming to an end :(

Less a comic than a passive-aggressive 22-page rebuttal to the book’s critics, this issue of Supergirl sees two competing versions of the character duke it out to be the universe’s One True Supergirl. The false, evil Supergirl is a perma-grinning parody of the classic good-girl take on the character, prone to lecturing the regular version about how people don’t want a Supergirl who has the same real problems they do. This, of course, is a total straw-man argument. No one’s objecting to a Supergirl who isn’t cardboard-cutout perfection—rather, they’ve got a beef with presenting an underaged character who combines grim’n’gritty angst and violence with a hypersexualized look. As if to subtly acknowledge—and mock—the real objection, the evil Good Girl Supergirl is shown wearing a lot more clothes than the normal version, the implication being that three-dimensional characters with genuine emotions go hand-in-hand with belly shirts and panty shots. If you ask me, the wrong Supergirl wins this fight.

I can't believe Wizard even saw this! I'm looking forward to the Superman Homepage review now :) I'm so glad alrdy that I'm not the only one who can see right thru this issue :D Sometimes I fear I'm alone in my hate for Kelly's Supergirl. :(

Also this is the greatest thing evar from my friend Joel :D


Different Standards

How come it's always teenagers and esp teen girls who are put down in the name of "realism" and "relatability"? :\

Superman doesn't sit around the house drinking beer all day, or cheat on Lois, or get fired from his job for not getting along with his co-workers. These are all "realistic" things that "real" adults do.

If he did these things ppl would COMPLAIN that he's no longer a hero. Esp if he STOPS heroing, b/c he wants to go to a strip bar, or b/c he wants to watch the hockey game, or b/c he just doesn't care after a hard day at work.

Imagine if Superman comics were all about how much he hates his job, how he hates Lois and how much she yaps at him, how he can't stand Chris and how much attention he needs, how he's the last Kryptonian, and wtf is Batman complaining about with losing his parents, at least he knew them for a couple years, etc etc etc...

And he refused to help ppl and spent his time attacking other heroes.

Would that be defended as "oh he's just like other 30 year old guys, I know a lot of them like that!"




So why is it when a teenage hero is completely self absorbed, whiny, mean, randomly violent, and the worst traits that stereotypical "teens" are, it's defended as being good writing of a teenage character and "realistic"? :\

Notice it's never teenagers or girls or young ppl who defend it either XD

You know what? :o A lot of teenagers are way more responsible than ppl would suspect. They ARE! They have to prepare for university, many have jobs, and volunteer, and are a part of sports teams or bands. >.>;;

Most young ppl are MORE idealistic than old ppl. Whether it's naivetee or youthful enthusiasm, or whatever... it's true. Young ppl tend to be more liberal and less religious, etc than older ppl.

So why are the adults the optimistic never-give-up superheroes who can put aside their lives to help ppl and the teens are the ones who are portrayed as horribly selfish ppl who not very heroic? :\

You read about it in newspapers, you even see examples of it on the street. Old ladies need a seat on the subway, ppl who are carrying heavy luggage can't get it up stairs, ppl holding groceries can't open doors, etc etc..

and you know what? >.>;;

A lot of young ppl help them out! Ppl who look like "thugs" or "ditzy cheerleaders" or "angry goths" will stop and help.

You know who passes by and averts their gaze? The business men and women. The professionals. ADULTS.

I'm not saying adults are bad (I am one XD)

I'm just saying that it seems like there's this "truism" that keeps being repeated like it doesn't need any proof or justification at all, and that is "teenagers are whiny, selfish, mean ppl, esp girls, who are just vapid and stupid and care only about themselves, clothes and boys".

Except.. honestly.. those popular kids ppl like Joe Kelly are prolly looking at and thinking "they are horrible terrible ppl". Are prolly not. :\ A lot of them are surprisingly good ppl. :O They might be mean at school to some ppl, which is true. :( MIGHT. But they might also volunteer, and help ppl they see in trouble!

Nobody is a 2-d characiature. :)

Maybe I'm just one of the few ppl who DIDN'T hate high school, but I'm tired of this "high school is super hell" thing and "hot girls are mean". :\

Not everybody's high school experiences are great. :o A lot of ppl prolly had horrible ones, but that doesn't mean every experience is bad and it definitely doesn't mean that the ppl you envied or never got to know in high school are horrible horrible ppl.

Nobody thinks that Clark Kent's life is unrealistic b/c he's not a drunk with a shrieking wife, and he doesn't spend all his time on the couch right? :\

So why is Supergirl "realistic"?

I keep hearing "oh girls are like that" or "it's understandable b/c of what she's been thru".

It'd be understandable for Batman to be completely evil and killing ppl and kidnapping boys to take out his childhood frustrations on too, but he doesn't do that.

Oh wait.. I just described All-Star Batman and Robin. XDD

But srsly.

The truth is that these ppl have LOW opinions of youth, and female youth. :\

Maybe it's b/c of their own teenage experiences, or maybe they've just gotten so caught up in hating the MTV/Paris Hilton/12 year old wearing belly shirts culture, that they dun realize that not everything is just what it looks like on the outside!

Also... I think that a lot of ppl, esp guys, only see what they want to see. That is the pretty stuck up girls they might catch at the mall or on tv. :\ And since they keep seeing that (as it keeps catching their eye), they start thinking "that's just how girls are!"

I dunno!

I'm not them.

The point is that when there's an adult hero, they're good and if they're given problems ppl start complaining (like Tony Stark being a drunk, or Antman being a wife beater). But Supergirl? Wondergirl? Batgirl?

Oh that's just how teen girls are!

Stop complaining! I know lots of teen girls like that!

I also know lots of rly horrible adults.

Your point? >.>;;

Those horrible adults aren't HEROES. They're just adults. A superhero youth is STILL a superHERO. :\ The "oh I know teens like that" excuse doesn't work b/c those "teens" you know are prolly a lot different when they're helping somebody or when they care. :) And there are many teens and young ppl out there who ARE heroes, in all sorts of ways, from small ways to big ways, just as many adults are. :D Those adults are the ones that get the portrayals in comic books and the same standard should apply towards youth. :D

I'm sorry, young women aren't Paris Hilton just b/c she's on TV 24/7. :\

And I'm sorry, teenage girls with bad lives and abusive parents aren't selfish and angsty and absorbed in their own pain just b/c the newest Good Charlotte video says they are.

And just b/c it looks like the blonde cheerleader who is always happy has a perfect life, it doesn't mean she is, or that she's a bad person, or that your feelings for her in high school prove that teenage girls are just horrible ppl. :\

Maybe you should try being one first before telling us how we "are". >:|

At least we have Blue Beetle :D


Is it too much to ask for young characters to be treated with the same respect from the writer as older ones? :)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

We need heroes, just not.. gay ones XD


"Yes, apparently the only thing worse for these candidates than another terrorist attack would be a gay hero stopping it." XD

It's sad tho. :( They need everybody they can get for this war, esp considering how unpopular it is, but then they're like "no, gay ppl, go away! SHOO! We dun want YOUR help!"


I wonder if ppl rly do have a problem with the idea of a gay hero tho :O

Monday, June 04, 2007

I wonder if they'll ever make a Nymphet video game >.>;;

The Nymphet thing reminded me of this Nintendo DS game that is (I think) only in Japan right now and made by SNK. :o

The game is basically that there are "witches" running around in your school and you have to discover who they are by touching them until their heart races.. or something.. and... it shows whether they're a witch or not. >.>;;



It seems a little sketch to me XD

Esp since the little toolbar at the bottom seems to allow you to use your lips as well as hands to do the.. touching >.>;;

Penny Arcade does a great comic about it too :o

Neways XD Nymphet just reminded me of this game. >.>;;;

Oh and of course the comment sections are littered with ppl loving the game and upset about how nebody could find the concept disturbing XD And that they see more skin at the local mall. >.>;;

But the problem is that the game is about touching girls against their will. >.>;; I would assume neways since the witches dun want to be discovered. :O

I also am getting a little tired of the "girls in my highschool look a lot sluttier than nething in comics/nymphet/etc" argument. :( SO?

I rly dun understand what one has to do with the other. >.>;;

What about Bob? XD


Written by Gail Simone; Art by Mike Norton and Trevor Scott; Cover by Ladrönn

Part 3 of "The Hunt for Ray Palmer," tying into COUNTDOWN! Ryan Choi, Donna Troy, Jason Todd and Bob the Monitor continue to search the Nanoverse for Ray Palmer — and the travelers find themselves in what some might call…Heaven.

DC Universe | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US

On Sale August 1, 2007


Bob... the Monitor? :o

It looks like Jason Todd and Donna are going to be in every book thanks to Countdown.. :\

Why do I get the feeling that the good!Monitor is Bob the Monitor and will be leaving his other Monitor friends to help the heroes? >.>;;;

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Wonder Woman's Wise Words


Teflon Joe

If it's the fans' fault for not liking or "getting" a comic/cover/etc and therefore it's our fault for bad comics (since the comics aren't bad, merely we think they are) shouldn't we also get credit for the good comics?

Joe Quesada is only too happy to take credit for the comics that are praised, but when things are criticized, he throws the artists and writers under a bus and says "*POINT* THEY DREW/WROTE IT" and "you fans just dun get it". >.>;;

So it's his brilliance when things go well, and our stupidity when they dun. :\

If we love a comic it's b/c he's so brilliant that he came up with the ideas that we love, if we hate it, it's b/c we're just too stupid to get it. :\


I'm perfectly happy to accept the blame that it's my fault I dun like the H4H cover, if I also get praise for liking other comic books. :D

But when a book is good, the creators are praised for being able to make something that is easily accessible and interpreted well, etc...

but when it's criticized, instead of accepting responsiblity for making something that isn't as accessible as they intended, or is difficult to interpret the way they wanted, the blame is shifted on US.

It's our fault we just are too dense to get it. >.>;; But when we DO get it, we dun get praised for being smart and getting it. NO, it's the creators who are (rightly) praised for it.

But you can't have it both ways. :\

Friday, June 01, 2007

Men, you have Joe Quesada's permission to be as sexist as you want

“The concept for that cover, soup to nuts came from a female artist…While I appreciate the sentiment and the feelings that some may have about this, I honestly feel that there is way too much being read into this cover.”

Joe Quesada says that b/c the cover "came from" a woman, therefore it can't possibly be smexist against women. :o


I just realized that NOBODY can be smexist against women now! Not even men, no matter what they say or do :O


Cuz men came from women too :O

Hear that boys? :o Go crazy!



Spammy Supervillain caught :D

'World's top spammer' arrested


He's so prolific that investigators say that internet users should notice a decrease in the amount of junk mail we get. :O

He's like a ... super villain! :D

Spam Man!

Or.. The Spammer!

Or Dr. Spam! :D

At least they caught him >.>;;;