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About the Superman cover controversy

As many of you already know, there is some controversy going around regarding a new cover of Superman that features Superman bent over doggy style with Zod and his exposed penis pointing at Superman's... rear.. while Superman is looking scared and crying.

When asked about this cover, DC editor-in-chief Dan Didio had this to say:

First, I think people are reading way too much into that cover than was ever intended. I heard terms such as "anal rape" being thrown around when that in no way is what’s happening, nor does it happen in the book. That cock is from Zod who appears in the issue and is a major story point, Zod has a cock, sorry about that. . . . Also, Superman is a book that features a strong straight male lead protagonist who kicks major ass; somehow folks have forgotten to focus on that.

If I could draw well and quickly, I would draw a cover to go with that XDDD

It's not that simple :(

Rapists are not just creepy men who hide in alleyways with knives.

Racists are not just the KKK and cross burners.

Sexists are not just the Taliban.


It's not THAT SIMPLE. And we do ourselves a disservice when we believe it is, b/c then we start believing that "regular" ppl are above this and cannot POSSIBLY be like this. Or even believing that we ourselves can't be b/c we aren't these crazy ppl that we've distanced ourselves from and conveniently labelled as inhuman freaks. >.>

Does burning a cross on a black person's lawn make you racist? Yus.

Does clutching your wallet a little tighter whenever you see a black person make you racist? Yus. It does.

It's not on the same LEVEL, and I'm sure that you barely give it a thought, or you think "well I dun wanna bash his head in, so I'm not racist!" but it IS a racist thought :(

And it's important that we realize that many issues are not so clear cut. The villains do not only wear black hats >.>;;

Adam Hughes should also think about this. In fact, it might be worse that he created a sexist statue without MEANING to be sexist, cuz it means that it's subconscious and that he's also unwilling to deal with or even admit it. >.<;;

I'm sorry, but you CAN be sexist without meaning to. Ppl do it ALL the time. It's just the difference between those who acknowledge that they COULD be open to bad and negative and judgemental thoughts, and those they believe they're above those things.

And when you believe you can't trip is usually when you're most likely to. :(

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why I'm anti-vegetarian

I hate vegetarians!

Now I have nothing against vegetables. I love vegetables. Some of my best friends are vegetables. I admire them and love to eat them.

But vegetables are not meats. Vegetables cannot be eaten by themselves without like.. a beef patty for example. There are exceptions, but the reality is that vegetables are a side dish and meats are the main course!

But vegetarians hate meat. They seek to destroy meat and those of us who eat it. They're really bigots who just like vegetables!

There's condemnation about trans-fats and cholesterol in meat, but you never hear the same outcry whenever somebody chokes on a carrot!

Of course not! Vegetarians claim to be just a choice but rly they're hypocrites!

Whenever a vegetarian alternative is offered on a menu, do you know who loses out? That's right! MEAT DOES. That's another menu spot taken away from meat!

Most vegetables are happy as salads and seasoning, but nooooo... vegetarians think that vegetables can be a main course and that's just not the way nature intends it!

As if vegetables don't already have it so good! They have juice for instance! Have you ever heard of beef juice? Of course not! That'd be silly. In the same way, vegetables should know their place!

But these vegetarians are crazy irrational ppl! They complain that they can't get a vegetarian alternative in a restaurant, but the truth is, if the whole restaurant was vegetarian, nobody would eat there!

But meat sells like crazy! The statistics prove it!

There was a case in Nunavut where a person ate a hamburger and died, and everybody blamed the rancid meat, but did anybody blame the lettuce? Or the tomato? OH OF COURSE NOT!


But the second a piece of meat ends up in a salad, the vegetarian hivemind explodes like crazy!

Vegetarians hate everything meat and otherwise! They even hate people and squirrels and soil b/c it has meat in it! If the vegetarian conspiracy had it's way we'd all have our teeth ripped out and forced to chew cud like cows.

THAT is what a vegetarian is! And I'm sick of it! I'm sick of them forcing their ideals on this world and I'm SICK of their vegetable-superior attitude and I'm sick of the hypocrisy!

The facts prove that vegetables should not be a main course. Yet vegetarians still push their little agenda simply because they haven't had a good Big Mac yet, or maybe when they were small they ate a rotten cheeseburger. I hope that somebody grabs them and forces a nice big juicy hotdog down their throats.

And yes, I probably pissed off a lot of you, but good! I WANT to piss you off! I'm not angry, YOU'RE angry! I'm not irrational!  YOU'RE IRRATIONAL! You stupid vegetarians can rot in hell!

(For new readers, a response to this.)

Hits and Misses :D


This is what Powergirl should look like. :D

I wish there was a mono-syllabic word for woman tho. :\ I think the popularity of the "girl" suffixes is b/c it makes the name less clumsy. Like SuperMAN, BatMAN, PowerGIRL, etc :\ Wonder Woman works b/c it's WW and just rolls off the tongue well XD At least.. that's how I see it :O When I name my superheroes on City of Heroes, girl is less clumsy than woman b/c it's 1 syllable. :\


I think that Marvel got the wrong idea when their marketing executives told them that manga comics are very popular, esp amongst women and to incorporate that into their business model. XDDD

I think we're beyond male attraction here :\ Do (American) men actually find tentacle rape attractive? :O

Edit: In the words of my friend :D

it's totally porn. boobs + tentacles = porn.
that's how it works. >:[

Anger hurts :(

All the anger out there.. esp against the feminist conspiracy or against women and stuff... :(

It must be hard to live being angry all the time ;-;

When I'm mad, I get this lump in my chest that hurts :( I wonder if other ppl feel that way and how it must feel having that feeling all the time. :\


For some reason I dun feel mad about this, I feel bad :(

Monday, May 21, 2007

All wars should be fought using a RTS game XD


This is teh awesome XDDDD

Cyber-bullying: deal an additional point of damage for each minority group that target blogger belongs to

Here's a post that Tricia linked me to which highlights the differences between cyber-bullying used on men and women :\

The stuff said to that woman is horrible :( But sadly, it seems like what's been going on lately with the flames on female comic bloggers :(

When you're not a white straight male age 18-49, you get not just the regular flames and insults, but extra "fun" stuff too, attacking you just for being female/gay/black/asian/young/old/disabled/poor/etc...


As if just being different is an insult in itself. :(

It's just... ugh... :( Clearly ppl say these things to hurt. But why are they so intent on hurting ppl? :( And... to a rape victim!? :(

*shakes head sadly*

Also with the original issue (joking about raping Condi Rice, etc). Why is it that with women hurting them always comes down to violence + rape? :\

It's a sad reality thing too! Like when you hear of horrible massacres in other countries where ppl are beheaded, or limbs chopped off (men and women), the women are also raped. :\

It's like.. SINCE WE'RE HERE!

It's something that I think is what's going on in comics too. Where since you're gonna be abusing a female character NEWAYS, you might as well throw in rape to make it extra worse :(

Like.. whenever ppl talk about how much they hate Bush or other male politicians, if they're super angry and crude it'd be like "I WANNA BASH HIS HEAD IN AND RIP HIS HEAD OFF" but with women, they have to throw in the rape too cuz.. well.. since you're being violent to a woman neways! :(

I wonder if some of these men realize just how scary rape is to us and how painful it is to happen to ppl. :(

Such uncaring meanness makes me sad :(

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr >:O This is a job for Superman!

Another incident that illustrates why superheroes are so enduring


Superheroes rly are our modern myths. :\ In the past we had heroes who fought dragons or armies or kings.

But now the biggest thing is crime, and the fear that criminals put in us. :(

It'd be so nice to be able to yell out "HELP ME SUPERMAN!" and have him show up and save you.

Or know that Batman's watching out for you and will scare these ppl who are trying to use fear for their own purposes. :)

When you read stuff like this, you just want to DO something. And superheroes let us express ourselves and our wish to be able to just DO something and stop these things from happening :(

Ppl who threaten others weaker than them, and who just like the idea of feeling powerful by making others feel weak, disgust me >:|

I feel so bad for her :(

But I've had my own bad experiences too... :\ You're so lost and scared when it happens, and worried cuz your future seems like a giant black hole and you have no idea what to do. And you wish somebody, nebody would show up and help. :|

I've also been a person who helps :) I tackled a thief at my old work place, and also on the subway, I physically blocked a person who was groping an older woman. :O I was shocked that it was a packed subway and ppl were just turning their heads :( I had to push ppl out of the way to let her escape and then I blocked him and stared him down. :\

But in these large cities where ppl dun care about each other, you just wish that somebody WOULD and somebody has the power to stop these ppl in their tracks, or strike the fear in them that they want to strike in others. Which is Batman :)

Starcrafty >:3


STARCRAFT 2!!!!!!!!!!



I <3 Starcraft :D

I dun lurve many games... but I <3 Starcraft XD I still play it to this day :D

I'm very Zergy >.>;;;

I can't wait :D

Ppl keep saying they want positivity right? XD

Ppl keep asking what women want in comics. :\ I've only posted over a hundred reviews >.>;; In those reviews are what I like and dun like in a book. And it's not usually a gender-related concern either XD

I'm a woman :o

Also.. :\ Whenever there's negative reactions to me is when ppl start reading my blog and my hit counter jumps. :(

Nobody evar reads my happy posts... :\

And then the accusations fly about always being negative :(



I've been trying to stay out of the MJ argument :\ In fact I DID make a post about the statue saying that I didn't think the clothing was bad at all, I didn't like ppl saying she was a whore or slut, and that I dress a lot like her :o

Of course, nobody read that one XD

Instead, ppl show up on a totally unrelated post where I dun even mention the statue, and attack points I nevar made. :\

I'm not part of a hive mind! You can't just use me as an easy feminist punching bag for ideas you read elsewhere cuz you know I wun fight back and you know I'm too nice to get mad at you or ban you. :(

I think a problem seems to be that a lot of ppl lately have just discovered WFA and they assume that it's some sort of community instead of just a linkpost. :\ So they're feeling that we're all connected instead of just individuals with individual opinions.

Ppl want to hear more positivity right? :o Ppl keep complaining that girls aren't talking about what they like.

Well THIS girl IS.

And she has been for over half a year! :|

But if I mention even one thing I dislike, everybody starts accusing me of hating everything :(

This post isn't to whine about my lot in life XD It's just to point out I point out lots of things I DO like :) And you can read my reviews if you want to know what I do and dun like :3

Honestly tho, I started both blogs for my friends and I still write on the assumption that only 3 ppl read it :) But that doesn't mean other ppl can't read it :D I just dun consider this a public blog where I'm trying to make a difference, or that I'm speaking to the masses in general or nething.

But if you're here, and you want to know me better, reading the reviews will help you! :D

I may not be who you think I am :O

Psst: I'm sekritly a cat. :3

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Greatest Article EVAR :3

My counter reads 3333 :O

I dunno what that means XD

Greatest Article Evar

Lurve. :3

It wins :D

I never have to talk about these topics again XDDDD (But I prolly will >.>;;;)


Sorry, the article just made me happy XD And I'm very tired >.>;;;

I'd like to add one more thing to the "but you're just jealous of how they look" thing. :\

I'm jealous of how Kitson's women look XD I'm not jealous of how Ian Churchill's women look XDDD Simply b/c a woman is a male fantasy doesn't mean that's how WE want to look, or at least not how *I* want to look. >.>;;;

I'm a little annoyed when men assume that all women want to look like pornstars. :\



One of the many many reasons why I love the Legion of Superheroes and Barry Kitson :D

This is a picture of some of the characters


Not just that Supergirl is out of place cuz she's not wearing pants, but notice that all the female characters are in heroic stances too :D None of them are in stripper or porn star poses. They're not thrusting or strutting or nething :D They're in comparable poses as their male counterparts :3

And notice I'm not complaining that the women are standing a little more "feminine" than the men, b/c it IS a difference that exists (to various degrees, sometimes to no degree at all XD) :D I have nothing WRONG with that! I'm not complaining about their skin tight costumes or that some of them have skin, or that they have boobs XD


At all!

In fact it's teh awesome! :D

This is why I'll miss Kitson on the Legion of Superheroes :( But at least their costumes wun change either :3

Plus they all actually look like young ppl XD

And srsly, I find his characters attractive :D Are ppl telling me that his characters are UGLY!? (I'm too lazy to scan more detailed pictures so you'll have to use google XD) SRSLY! So unless they have DDDDDDDD breasts, no waists and are posing like strippers they're unattractive and unreadable? :O


I'm definitely gonna follow Kitson to Marvel :D Of course this is just about the art XD Waid does an amazing job at writing the chars too and giving them personalities. :D

Notice that Legion of Superheroes stars a lot of girls who wear attractive (and tight) clothing, and has a male leader, yet I lurve it totally and completely? :D

It's not as simple as "omg breasts" or "omg tight clothes" or "omg guy in charge", it's a lot of things that make up what's exploitive and what's not :D

And Legion of Superheroes is lurve right now :D


One more thing, as I was flipping thru my collection. His characters dun pose :D They're doing things, or they look casual. None of them, male or female, stand around posing for no reason just b/c Kitson's too lazy to draw them sitting down or leaning or just standing around :D

And in fights, there are no big splash pages. :) Instead it's fluid and shows the action well. There are no scenes that make you think "omg this is here just so we can make it a poster" or something :D

Edit: Tricia pointed something out too :D They're likeable :) Just from that picture, even tho you can't rly see them, you like them :) They dun seem mean or annoying or nething, they seem like nice ppl :3

OH YUS :D One more thing, notice that all the girls legs are the same length as the guys :D Like, if they're the same height, their legs start at the same places. :) Often comics will have women and men standing next to each other, but the women's legs start where the guy's stomachs are :\

Supergirl to lead the Legion of Superheroes? :D

This is the new cover of Legion of Superheroes #32 from :O

The preview for the story is:

"The Quest for Cosmic Boy" begins! The Legionnaires have lost their longtime leader, Cosmic Boy — but was he captured by enemies or did he flee responsibility for his "war crime"? The Legion's newly elected leader makes a hard decision her first day on the job and sends out teams of Legionaires in search of Cosmic Boy. Will they be prepared for what they find?


Is this implying that Supergirl will be the new leader? :O

I like that it's a she :D I think it's either her or Saturn Girl. :O

But it'd be odd to make her leader in such a short time. :| However, she has been a quiet force, and the team has been torn apart by politics over who should be leader that maybe a fresh face would be a good idea? :D

I still vote for Saturn Girl :D

Supergirl's been on the cover of a LOT of the books tho and she hasn't factored into most of them. :( There's been a few where she's on the cover but not in the book at ALL!

So this cover could mean nothing. :\

But still! She could be leader! :D

But since Kelly's Supergirl takes places AFTER she comes back from the 31st century, how can she be so mean, when she's so nice in the future AND lead a team. :O She can't be selfish AND a good leader, so clearly she's not selfish in the future. >:|

So is the official DC reason RLY that Black Adam zapped J'onn with evil mind rays and then Supergirl absorbed them when she flew thru J'onn? :\


I hope they dun ruin her now that Waid is off the series :(

HOWEVER, I *am* super glad that they're not taking Supergirl off this series at #30 and sending her home :D

Friday, May 18, 2007

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Sean McKeever is taking over Teen Titans from Adam Beechen!


Also Miss Martian looks so cute there! :3 She's totally who I want to be! Happy and sunshine and rainbows all rolled into one :D

I wish I was green :(

Also I <3333 Sean McKeever SO VERY VERY MUCH :D

I lurved Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane to DEATH! It was the cutest, greatest book evar :D

I can't wait to see what he does on Teen Titans!

Also they're saving Beechen face by giving him another title and explaining that that's why he's being taken off of Teen Titans XD But it seems unlikely that he would have wanted to drop Teen Titans, just after having taken it over, esp when he loves Robin so much :o And esp not for the continuing adventures of Starfire/Animal Man and Adam Strange. >.>;;

I guess DC realized that Beechen writes fanfic and was ruining all their characters (esp Batgirl) in his books >.>;;



Teen Titans is now back on my pull list :3

Edit: It gets better and better! :D Apparently Blue Beetle and Supergirl are joining the team now too! :D

Or maybe it's just for that 1 issue? :\


Behold my g-string of power!!!! >:D

About the argument that women who dress in thongs and stuff (including me XD) are actually true feminists and empowered b/c it makes men desire us when we dress smexy and proves just how much control of men we have and how powerful we are.

Doesn't that imply that women who are not desirable to men have no power? :\

Our "power" is defined by whether men find us attractive. And we have power if they do and no power if we dun. :(

That doesn't sound like real power to me :(

This doesn't mean at ALL that I dun think women can wear tube tops or g-strings (I do it XD) but it means that I dun buy that dressing in ways to make men desire us is feminist (it's not anti-feminist either) OR that it truly empowers us. :|

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I honestly dun get it :( Why would ppl choose to be angry? :\


I honestly dun understand why ppl spend their time trolling other ppl's blogs posting extremely long comments and then responding 5 minutes later angrily with more long comments for hours and hours.

Do ppl rly have nothing better to do than pick a fight? :\ What's worse is that they think they're 100% right, and therefore, it's not a debate, it's not a discussion, it's a fight. For a fight's sake. It seems like many ppl are posting simply to get into a fight. It's not their journal. If they just wanted to express an opinion, they could write in their journal. Instead, they show up on other ppl's journals just to say "UR WRONG". :\


Srsly... why?

I just dun get it :(

And it keeps going on and on and on...

I see lots of posts I disagree with. I never comment. B/c.. why should I? I'm not gonna change their opinion, and it's rude to show up on ppl's journals that you dun agree with simply to get into a fight. :\ If I have my own opinion I blog about it :)

I dunno why everybody has to be RIGHT.

I disagree with lots of ppl, I dun rly care that they dun share my POV. I dun call them names, or make assumptions about them or nething. >.>;

The negativity hurts me. :( I prefer a live and let live mentality :)

It seems like a lot of ppl have to prove themselves sometimes :\ I dun. I disagree with ppl, and honestly, I see lots of holes in their arguments. But what's the point of fighting online? Ppl get angry, NOBODY evar gets convinced and it ends up with both sides shouting at the wind.

This is why I'm so confused lately :\

Ppl blogging in their OWN PERSONAL BLOG about why they hate the statue, or even complaining to the ppl who made the statue makes sense XD Ppl showing up on blogs that they've prolly never even heard of until they found a Fangirls Attack post, just so they can yell at the person and tell them how wrong they are...



I guess what bothers me most is the ppl who show up just to pick a fight. Did these ppl comment on nething else I've posted? No. Did they wish me a happy birthday on my birthday post? No.

So they're here just to fight.

Um.. no.

My blog is not for fighting. Sorry XD

*puts up "Trolls are not welcome" sign on her lawn* :)

Honestly tho... all these ppl who are trolling and insulting and spending hours and hours refreshing a screen waiting for new comments to argue about...

How does any of this affect you? XD Why does it matter what other ppl say? You're not gonna convince them and they're not gonna convince you... so... what's the point? XD

I'm just confused :( As I said, I read lots of opinions online on other ppl's blogs I disagree with. I've NEVAR commented. B/c, it's their life and their opinion XD They're welcome to have it and unless they're leading my country or something, I rly dun care what they think :) If you spend your time getting angry that other ppl dun think like you... you're gonna be angry for the rest of your life :(

I prefer to be happy :D

The Toronto Star jumps on the bandwagon too XD

The Toronto Star has apparently jumped on the MJ Statue bandwagon with this article. :O

It's much better written and researched than the NY Post article and also includes an interview with both somebody from Girl Wonder and from Marvel :D

Marvel's defence seems to be something like "this statue is for mature audiences, and is not sold to everybody, so therefore it's fine" XD

At any rate :O I'm amazed at how this has grown so much! o_o;;;

If I were DC, I would deliberately release a strong, un-cheesecake statue of Lois Lane ASAP and make sure the mainstream media knows of it. :D

Srsly, if they had ANY business sense, they would take advantage of this right now, since it's now hit the mainstream press and as far as most non-comic readers know, this is par for the course for Marvel. And DC can make themselves look good to the non-comic readers :D (but then they'd be very disillusioned when they actually went
to read a DC book :O)

I'll be happy when things calm down again :(

This is a comment (edited to take out a name) I found on another blog. :)

You know, normally I’d feel rage at this. But really, why do you care so much about what other people say?

XD I've been wondering about this too :O The legions of ppl who are going around attacking other ppl for simply having an opinion is... very sad :( All ppl are saying is that they dun like something, and suddenly... explosions :O

And now the mainstream press has picked up on it too XD It's even funnier that they're reporting on the blog explosions and not actually like.. interviewing Marvel or a feminist professor or nething >.>;;;

I can't wait until this goes away :( I'm tired of the trolls, and the flames, and everything else... :\ Ppl being mean to other ppl makes me sad ;-;

I feel like the little sister caught up in everything XD Esp when ppl try to pick a fight with me :( After the last controversy where everybody went on and on about how stupid I am, and how silly I write and stuff, I would think picking a fight with me would be like going into a bar and challenging the smallest person there to a fight :O

Sadly, I also feel a lot like I did as a little girl when my parents were constantly fighting and yelling and worse... I would hide under a bunch of cushions in the sofa with my dog and cry :( And, like other families like this, it would ultimately spill out and then ppl start yelling at everybody else too and me :(

This is why I dun argue, or fight much. :\ The negativity and anger has to end somewhere. No matter how much I disagree or how upset I am, it's pointless to engage in an argument when the other person is only interested in being right and arguing more. :\

Neways.. I can't wait until things calm down :)


Hopefully that'll help :3

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Own resort :D

I wonder if Dan Didio would have caught that? XD

He prolly would have let it get by and then when questioned about it would say:

"2007 became the new year of its own resort, therefore it was never actually the new year, and it's still 2006"


The perfect quote for the backlash against ppl who have opinions about the MJ statue xD

Stephen Colbert: "Remember, there are two sides to every debate."

The Word: "Mine and wrong"



Also this:


On sucking it up >.>;;;

Note: This is just about looks purely. There's a lot more factors at play obviously .. like poses, portrayals, etc.. >.>;;;

Lately, I keep seeing the argument that men are exploited in comics, and that they're beefcake for girls and that guys just suck it up so therefore us girls should too >.>;;

I have a number of questions... just to ask ppl who read this :)

1) If you're a woman, do you read comics b/c you consider it beefcake? :o Do you consider superhero men to be beefcake?

2) If you're a man, do you feel exploited by portrayals of men in comics? Does it detract from your enjoyment?

3) Why does what one person choose or not choose to do, set a standard for other ppl? :o

Ultimately... it rly doesn't matter :o

Like... just cuz I can live with the pain of a stubbed toe, means that ppl with cancer should not get treatment for it and just "suck it up"?

First off, is the comparison fair?

Secondly, even if the comparison is completely equal, why would what I choose to do affect what other ppl should choose to do? :o

If the men who feel exploited choose to not say or do nething about it, that's their choice >.>;;

But I dun see how that should have any bearing on what other ppl choose to do when they feel uncomfortable or exploited or nething else :)

Btw... I can only speak for myself but this is MY idea of cheesecake XD

It seems like that if some guys can convince themselves that their heroic ideal is female beefcake, then therefore their cheesecake must be our heroic ideal, so it's all okay >.>;;


This guy is like a supervillain :O

Imagine what he could do with all 4 limbs! Maybe he's like one of those fantasy supervillains who ancient mages took his limbs and scattered them in order to prevent him from gaining his full power :O

And when he gets them he'll destroy us all! :OOO

Like the Mummy >.>;;;

Neways, they caught him apparently :O I wonder if it was that Samurai vigilante who did it? :O


And yus, I heard about this first from the Colbert report :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


It amuses me that the same ppl who think that bloggers are going too far by expressing an opinion (in their own personal blogs no less) that other ppl read for free, are also ppl who think that fans have no right to demand nething from companies that take their money and produce a product.

So... ppl who write opinions on their own personal journal which ppl are free to both read and not read, should be held accountable.

Companies who produce product that we pay for, should not be held accountable (nor should we even be complaining about their product).



If it's silly to get super angry at a figurine. Isn't it even sillier to get super angry at ppl who are super angry at a figurine? :o

As Obi-Wan Kenobi said, "Who's the bigger fool? The fool? Or the fool that follows him?"


Sorry I had to quote him cuz I <3 Obi-Wan to death :D

The title of the post came from the title of this Penny Arcade comic btw just cuz I love the title so very very much XDDD

Monday, May 14, 2007


Teachers stage fake gunman attack on 6th-graders

OMG >:|

I'd be SO mad if I was one of those kids or a parent!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Perfect illustration


These are images from a slut quiz online...

It's got nudity, but if you've been reading superhero comics lately, this should be nothing XD

Neways, sadly, this illustrates what I meant :|

This is on the assumption that "slut" is a good thing, and for this quiz, it is (apparently XD)

Male slut

Female slut

There.. >.>;; Unequal power fantasies. >:|

The male "slut" is dominant, happy and doesn't have to use his mouth.

The female "slut" is submissive, unhappy and does have to use her mouth.

How come the 2 guys aren't smexing in that picture? :O

Or how come the male "slut" isn't lying down while the 2 girls ride his dick and mouth? :O

At "least" she's using a vibrator.. so there's a little indication she cares about her own pleasure? XD


Also note that the male motto is "you're all whores" while the female motto is "now boarding". The male may be a "slut" but he's in charge. The woman is just a train to be ridden. :\

It's also a weird coincidence (that I ran into these pics) that they're both portrayed as superheroes with capes :O

Also worth noting is that for the actual quiz results, the first few "almost a slut" "you are a slut" etc answers have the same picture for both men and women, that is, a girl having smex with a guy (or giving a blowjob). :o

Which apparently means that a slut guy is one who gets a blow job, while a slut girl is one who gives them o_o;; Shouldn't a slut guy be giving oral too? >.>;;

It's just what I mean by unequal power fantasies :\

Because somebody has to do it XD

About the whole Johanna "comics aren't for girls" thingie that's exploded...


There.. somebody finally brought him into this particular internet argument!

Now it's jumped the shark. XD Are we done? :D

(I can't wait to see which search engine results lead ppl to my blog now XD)

The difference

This is something that's been bugging me a lot :\

Things aren't equal... but ppl like to say they are. :(

But when I start talking about how hard it is for me to see myself as a girl in power fantasies.. and how as a kid, I always ended up picking a male hero from a TV show to be on the playground, or how often hero characters I wrote in HS ended up being men... and then ppl saying "oh there are strong women too"... I started to realize that the power fantasies are unequal and the REASONS for it. :O

Guys fantasize about being a hero, but common ones are sports fantasies where the person would be hitting the walk off home run to win the World Series, hitting the game winning 3 pointer to win the NBA Championship... hoisting the Stanley Cup, etc etc :o

I like sports :) I'm also very competitive. When I feel down, I like to indulge in those fantasies too... but I can't.

B/c I'm never going to win a World Series or an NBA Championship. It's not the same as most guys saying "well I'm never going to either!" At least they can fantasize about it. And at least they have a bigger chance than 0%.

I try to put myself there... except... how is a girl going to be on an NBA team, much less hitting the winning shot? I CAN'T. There's no comparison. No man can tell a woman that it's the exact same fantasy cuz it's not :\

OUR dream is something like "being the first woman to play in the NBA" or "being the first female president". Not being the BEST president or the BEST player. B/c we're not even close to that yet. >.<;;

No... we've achieved something special when we're as good as the worst male in our field >.<;;

Ppl can say "well you can think about being in the WNBA". Yus.. but it's not EQUAL. Not that the talent level is different, or that women are worse players but...

NBA players have the glamour. They have the fame. They have the money. And they have the audience. The power fantasy doesn't work without the idea that you've done something rly great, rly memorable. :D

Nobody dreams of being Superman to be Clark Kent typing up a story. They dream of lifting a train that's about to fall off the tracks.

And our fantasies and the ideas we get in our minds about what SUCCESS and what real awesome achievement is, comes from all around us.

And all around us, it's MJ making the shot to beat the Jazz in the dying seconds of the game.

Nobody cares about the WNBA :\ And you're not going to have 10s of thousands of ppl standing up and cheering, chanting your name as you score the winning goal, or hit the walk off home run. :(

I want to be able to believe my fantasies and not feel like "what am I doing here?" And I want to feel like I'm Ami hitting the shot not "the first girl in the NBA evar, and omg she also hit a shot".


When I was a kid, it was easier, but as I grew older and older it started becoming "what am I doing?"

Apply this to a larger context. :o

Most fictional "power fantasy" stories are written by men for men. :o With some exceptions obviously :) But the large majority of them are. And what we pick up everywhere, growing up where the 4 Ninja Turtles are male and April O'Neill is the damsel in distress (or observer to events) or the guy beats the bad guys and gets the girl at the end. James Bond.

James Bond is rly rly rly rly rly cool. :O

I want to be him. :(

I'm always Donatello XD Cuz I <3 him. He's intelligent. He's creative. And without him, the Turtles lose in 80% of the episodes (srsly, he's the Deus Ex Machina all the time).

But why do I HAVE to be male in my fantasies in order to be strong, or achieve the same level of success?

This is what gets me angry when ppl are like "oh women can play basketball too", yus, and nobody cares. :\ It's not THE SAME.

And it's why my power fantasies end up CONFUSING THE HECK OUT OF ME.

And yus, ppl will say "BUFFY"

I dun rly like Buffy :( I've never rly enjoyed that show, tho it is interesting at times, I dun strongly associate with Buffy. :(

There's nothing WRONG with her, she's just not a hero that I associate with. I dun associate with LOTS of heroes. :)

But the problem becomes that ppl are like "Oh we have Buffy, and Xena and Lara Croft", so what are women complaining about?

AND HOW MANY MALE HEROES ARE THERE? There's tons! And none of them are treated like "O M G A MALE HERO" while female heroes are. It's like "here's a female hero, that in itself is interesting and worthy of your fandom".

And there's lots of male heroes to choose from... so even if you dun like Bond, you may like somebody else :)

While ppl are just like "hey there's Buffy, what are YOU complaining about?"

What if I dun like Buffy?

Well then I should die in a fire!


Women want power fantasies too. We want to be strong and heroic and not feel like we're the "female hero" or the "girl who finally gets to play with the boys". We dun want to feel like we have to represent all women when we shoot the last shot. Only ourselves. :3

And that's why Superhero comics are great :D Cuz we DO have women heroes. Of all sorts! Many of whom have their own books and ARE the stars. :)

But it's also why ppl are complaining about how they're portrayed or drawn.

B/c it's not about if ULTIMATELY they're a hero, it's about what's the priority when we read the character and what we pick up when we're immersed in this world.

We want to be a hero first, not cheesecake first and also a hero. :o

It doesn't matter if Stripper Girl Supreme ends up saving the whole world at the end of the issue, if 90% of the panels are of her standing in impractical but oh-so-smexy poses. Or if she tends to thrust out her butt and chest whenever she can. :\

B/c the msg we pick up subconsciously (and sometimes consciously) is clear. You're not equal to male heroes. You're here to look good first, and save the day second.

What if I dun feel like looking good? :\ My smexual fantasies might involve me being rly slutty (I'm not confirming or denying this xD) but my POWER fantasies do not, and I rly dun wanna mix the two. >:|

My power fantasies might involve OTHER ppl being rly slutty (which is prolly why many supposedly "for male" superhero comics do this to the female heroes XD) but not ME.

And why do I have to be forced to just keep thinking "Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Wonder Woman" over and over again just to not feel like the object of a male gaze (and even then... >.>;;)

I'm just tired of ppl saying "OH BUT BUFFY" or "OH BUT WONDER WOMAN" or "women can play basketball too"

It's not the same.

It's just not. >:| And maybe some ppl dun get it. And maybe some ppl will NEVAR get it.

But it doesn't change how I feel, and how I think many ppl feel. And I think many ppl just take their power fantasies for granted. :\

I'm not saying that the entire society has to be destroyed and overhauled (tho.. now that I think about it XD), and I'm not saying that there's smexism keeping women out of male sports (I understand why there aren't women in the NBA for example), but I'm saying that for whatever reasons, our power fantasies are NOT equal.

At all.

And for things we can change, things that dun involve physicality or average height amongst genders, or nething else, we should be more aware of these things. :)

Women basketballers will generally be on average shorter and weaker than their male counterparts.

Okay. I get that XD

That's reality.

So what's fiction's excuse? XD

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Not a whore

I usually try to avoid popular internet controversies, mostly cuz by the time I hear of them, ppl have alrdy blogged everything I wanted to say XD Plus normally it'd just be like "AMI SMASH!" neways XD

However, I just have something to say about this.

It IS smexualized, and it does make me go >.<;;; Plus, it's gratuitous.. it's a scene that wouldn't happen except that they wanted it to to promote a male fantasy. :\

However, I dun have nething wrong with how she's dressed... >.>;;

I know I know... :(

But.. it's how *I* dress!

I guess my problem is the posts calling her a whore and stuff...

Does that make me a whore? :\

I have more of a problem with how she's posed, or the fact that the whole statuette smacks of the male gaze, but how she's dressed... is not a problem... at least... she's a supermodel right? Even if she wasn't... I can understand that she'd wear clothes like that.. >.>;;

I think the supermodel thing is a cheat tho XD It's like when creators make characters strippers or pornstars or whatever... then they can say when fans complain about how the girls look "oh she's a pornstar, she would want to show off her body".

I guess that's always been my problem with MJ, that her supermodel status is used as an excuse to over smexualize her and then explain it. XD

Also honestly... girls dun ALWAYS want to show off our bodies. Sometimes I do, and most of the time, I spend my days in sweats and a t-shirt. >.>;;

This is a bit off-topic, but if I was a superhero, I definitely wouldn't wear a skin revealing outfit. >.>;; I prolly would wear showy stuff in my civilian form, but for something I have to wear constantly, sometimes for days at a time fighting crime, I KNOW for sure that I wouldn't be in the mood to be all smexy all the time :| A lot of the time the last thing I want is for ppl to look at me! There's no switch. It's not like "smex on/smex off" or that girls are either prudes or sluts, or that there's either good girls or bad girls.

It's not one or the other. >.>;;

Okay I went off topic, I guess I'm just saying that even if a girl was a pornstar, model or stripper, that'd be their JOB, it doesn't mean that they always feel like running around in nothing. :\

But back on topic XD

I dun rly like that statue, but I dun like ppl calling her a whore cuz of what she's wearing :\ I wear stuff like that and I'm not a whore... am I? :(

The games we play :O

This is a rly interesting piece on boy and girl roles based on what we play as kids :O

I also relate a lot to it and feeling like "adventures are for boys" often :\ Even if I consciously can overcome that there's still an underlying feeling that I'm not sure where it comes from that boys are the heroes and girls have to be something special to be heroic :\

Also, I do play Magic too XDDD


I had a rly good deck in HS :D

Friday, May 11, 2007

Hypothetical situation away! :D

The Fountain of Youth :O

I was thinking about Welcome to Tranquility and the corrupting effects that discovering a (limited) fountain of youth would have on superheroes that found it :O

It's kinda like those movies where a group of ppl accidentally kill somebody and then while everybody's panicking one of them says "hey, there's no problem, we just dispose of the body, and pretend it never happened" :O And that leads to a corruption of the characters as they cross a line and keep going, crossing more lines, as they cover up their initial crime :|

A lot like The Last Supper actually where they initially accidentally kill somebody but then it becomes easier for them to kill subsequent ppl :O



It's taking me like 3 hours to write this XD

I just was thinking about how heroes might react :O I think for sure in the Marvel Universe, that Ironman would be somebody who would support keeping the fountain for themselves (whoever is with him) and that it would be for the greater good to have immortal heroes :O He also has the leadership, charisma and the pragmatic personality that would allow him to sway other heroes :|

In the DCU, I'm pretty sure I know what Batman would do :O He would think that this would be very dangerous, esp tempting the heroes with basically godhood and making them feel that they're complete guardians of the Earth. :O When you're immortal you start thinking longterm (which is why this suits Ironman to a T :\) and suddenly a loss of life here and there doesn't seem that bad when you think about the future :\

Batman would also know that he himself might be tempted by the thought of being immortal and keeping everybody around him safe forever, so he would want to remove the temptation immediately :| Batman's a very "do what needs to be done" hero and he'd immediately try to destroy the cave (assuming this is like Tranquility and there's a cave) :D

And that would make a rly interesting Identity Crisis situation where the heroes with him try to stop him, even if they aren't sure if it's the right idea to keep the cave, they haven't decided yet, and it IS tempting :O In the process, somebody might accidentally kill him (I can see Hawkman hitting him with the mace :\)

Or what if Superman, trying to break up the fight accidentally kills Batman with his heat vision? :\ His best friend :( Would that be something that they could manipulate Superman (who is always vulnerable to guilt and self-pity) that it's the right thing to do? :o And that if Lois had it he wouldn't have to watch her die either? :o

Would Green Arrow accept it? :| This kinda goes back to Identity Crisis where the heroes were okay with doing something extreme and immoral for the "greater good". :\

It's rly interesting to think about it :O And to think of the reasons why and why NOT your favourite heroes might give into the temptation of immortality (for them and their loved ones) and what they might do to secure their sekrit. :D

Esp with ppl with that much power, and whose lives revolve around saving ppl and keeping the world safe and "the greater good" :O It's easy to be tempted with immortality :|

Going back to Welcome to Tranquility, I rly like how the fountain there had no ill effects, like insanity or nething :O Too often, stories (like Stargate SG-1's sarcophagus or Ra's Al Ghul's Lazarus Pits) cheat by having there be some sort of penalty or corrupting influence that comes with immortality. But the truth is immortality in itself can be corrupting :O Esp when there's not enuf to go around for everybody.

Some heroes may start thinking "well, what's average joe going to do with immortality? But me? I can save the world for the next 2000 years and keep everybody safe AND have my loving wife by me the whole time" :o


Just food for thought :D

What would YOUR favourite heroes (DC, Marvel or otherwise) do? :O And why WOULD and why WOULDN'T they be tempted? :3

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Superheroes among us :D

Passersby lift SUV off woman's arm

Ten passersby held up an SUV for nearly half an hour after a two-vehicle accident trapped the driver's arm underneath her vehicle in a Pickering parking lot today.


This makes me happy :3

Dance battles can be fatal! :O

Man dies in parking lot dance faceoff


Maybe a 48 year old shouldn't be participating in dance battles >.>;;;

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Blasphemous Kombat XDDD

Bible Fight


A Street Fighter-esque Tournament Fighter game using Bible Characters :O


But where's Samson or David or Goliath!? :O

Maybe that's coming in Super Bible Fight II Turbo XDD

Monday, May 07, 2007

What's wrong with Spider-Man!? :O

A crazy Spider-Man game :O

The rag-doll physics are kinda neat :D But... what's wrong with Spiderman! XDD He moves like he's been taking horse tranquilizers! XD

Edit: Also this is way more fun than it has any right to be XD

The guy's enthusiasm is just so awesome :D

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Poor Mario! :(

Awwww... that was cute XD But sad :( Poor Mario ;-;

Spider-Man 3 review from my friend JD :D

His Spider-Man 3 Review :D


He rly didn't like it :O Has nebody else seen it? :O I'm curious to know what other ppl think! :D

I wun be seeing it until next week with my sister prolly >.>;;

Friday, May 04, 2007

I am not a plot device

I've been thinking, and I think that why diversity of characters in superhero comics is SO very important to it's fans, possibly above other genres even, is because only in the genre of superhero comics can every character be THE hero.

I'm not just saying A hero. I'm saying THE hero :D

In, say, a generic fictional story, being silly, or being cute, or being a woman, or being a minority, or being a wise cracking character, would make you a supporting character. That character would be used for a specific role, and although they may expand the role, the story ultimately runs through the main character.

However, in superhero comics, this isn't the case. The Flash may not be the top hero in the Justice League next to Superman, but in his own book, he is THE hero. It's HIS book, and the hero of it. He fights, he wins or he loses, and everything runs through him.

Same with Blue Beetle. Or Booster Gold. Or Supergirl.

This allows us to associate and become whichever character we feel a strong connection to, who we understand, who we want to become, or wish we were. And it allows us to be the hero, no matter WHO or WHAT we are. Whether we're male or female, gay or straight, black or white. Whether we're intelligent and quiet, or loud and obnoxious, or quick-witted and flighty, we are never the side character relegated to cute remarks, or smart-alecky jokes, or being the love interest to be rescued.

That's why diversity is important. That's why treating every hero like a HERO and not treating some heroes like objects of desire first and heroes second, is important. It's why having strong female heroes of different personalities and types is important. It's why it's important to have black heroes and gay heroes and scientist heroes and big boned heroes. It's why a Jaime Reyes is just as important as a Clark Kent.

Because there's somebody out there who sees himself or herself in the hero. And what you do to that hero, you do to them too. Because in this genre, being flighty and silly and inappropriate and witty doesn't make you comic relief... it makes you The Flash.

And when you disregard a character. When you just treat them like a nuisance, killing them off and then ignoring the death, or having them do things they would never do without a good reason, or just treating them like some bit player, it angers people. Because to the writer Supergirl might just be the ditzy blonde they hated in school, or Batgirl might just be a tool to make Robin look good, but to their fans, to us, they are who we want to be, they're the S on our chest when we take off our shirt. They make us feel that hey, we too can be heroes when it comes down to it, that really, anybody can be a hero without having to imagine ourselves as totally different.

I don't have to become Superman in my mind to be a hero and change the way I act or the who I am. I have other characters who are just as much a hero, and who are more like me. :)

And that's why superheroes are so powerful and lasting. It's why even though people always predict the end of comics, they persist, and why fans care about the characters and what happens to them.

It's also important because these fans are the ones who buy the books. And it's important to keep in mind that just because Supergirl is a blonde girl doesn't mean that the only people who care about her are guys who want her as a girlfriend.

The point is that ideally, superheroes are US. They're the BEST of us. And the great thing is that each of them is THE hero and not just a side character. B-list or C-list of F-list, they're A-list in their own adventures, regardless of their race, creed, gender, personality or sexuality.

And that's why diversity is important. Not just superficially, but also in terms of personality and in terms of background. And it's why respecting the characters is important too. It's why heroes should be treated equally. Not in that none of them should ever die or be harmed, but that they not be used as casual plot pieces and then shrugged off or forgotten.

Is that really so much to ask for an industry that depends on sustained fan readership and for a fanbase that associates strongly with its heroes?

I might have to be a damsel in distress everywhere else, but when I open my comic book, I'm Supergirl and I can save the world. :D

All I'm asking for is to give us all a chance to wear the S on our chests because we're all worthy of it. :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to Ami :D

This is actually a little late xD Since it should be May 1 but..

Happy Birthday to me!!!! :D


My sister got me a 1-up Mushroom! XDD Yub yub :D A plush 1-up Mushroom like the kind in Super Mario Bros! XD It's the size of my head :O

Now I have an extra life! XD

Unfortunately I'm also old :(