Monday, April 30, 2007

Maybe they were a superhero? :O

Brief Cranbrook lockdown over after report of man wearing women’s clothing

And I thought this was stupid. >:|

OHMYGOD, we saw somebody who looks like they could have been male wearing female clothing! :O



There's legitimate caution and then there's THAT.

Is it weird? Maybe. Maybe it was a drama student! Maybe it was a prank. Maybe it was a dare. Maybe it was a cross dresser, or a transsexual person OR A WOMAN! None of those possibilities are illegal OR suspicious.



I have trans friends, and many of them face harassment and fear cuz ppl are like OMG!!! Or they're accused of shoplifting and stuff for no other reason than ppl think they're "strange" and therefore suspicious. >:|

That's just as bad as stopping black ppl for being black >:O

This makes Ami angry! And sad :(

I wonder if this ever happens in the DCU XD

Classes in Metropolis went on as normal this morning after a brief lockdown, triggered by an allegation of a man wearing underwear on the outside of his clothing on the MetU campus.

A mother who was dropping off a student in the parking lot told authorities that she saw a 6-foot-tall man wearing red underwear, blue tights and a red cape.

Srsly tho... I think I know who this suspicious person on the campus was!


(or Everyman working for Circe >.>;;;)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wonder Woman would not act like that >:|

I got this from Thomas here :)

This is an article in CNN about Jodi Piccoult writing Wonder Woman.

Ignoring how CNN is so late to this party XD And also ignoring how it always takes a "real writer" to make the mainstream media care about comics... there's this choice quote :O (The bold is mine)

"You can be the strongest woman in the world, and be incredibly sure of yourself in many realms of your life, and yet there's always going to be a chink in your armor," she observes. "There's always going to be one part of your life that you wonder, 'Am I doing a good enough job?' "

It's that very real internal struggle that drives Picoult's fictional "Wonder Woman" story.

Recent events in the DC universe find Wonder Woman (and Prince) struggling with her place in the world.

"She is not human and elevating herself to the level of a superhero like Batman or Green Lantern. Instead, she is other than human and she's slumming it with all of us," Picoult observes.

Prince's struggle is further complicated by work as an agent for the Government's Department of Metahuman Affairs -- for which her assignment is apprehending none other than Wonder Woman.

In a rare moment of vulnerability, she tearfully asks her partner, Tom Tresser, "Why don't people just leave her alone?" Seconds later, duty calls -- and Wonder Woman is forced into action.

It's a moment that Picoult says any woman can relate to.

"You have your pity fit, you do what you have to do. But then, you move on. You just pick up the pieces, and you jump in. And that ultimately, is always going to be Diana's strength."

I... see. >:|

She's a woman, just like the rest of us emotionally unstable ninnyheads, but her "strength" is that she can suck it up and go on? :O


Would SUPERMAN have a pity fit?

Actually.. dun answer that question. Sometimes Superman is nothing but pity fits.. >.>

But srsly! In a serious situation, Batman, Superman, etc do not go crying and ask "why does everybody hate me!?" Esp since... they KNOW why everybody hates them XD B/c they're heroes, b/c they've got powers (or the projection of powers), and b/c they operate outside the law sometimes.

Wonder Woman KNOWS this.

She's only been a hero for like 10 years and part of the Justice League. And ppl hate the Justice League on and off too. >:|

But this also explains why the Wonder Woman characterization has been so off in her own book! >:| Jodi doesn't GET the character AT ALL. And, I think this is why there's been a lot of problems writing Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman is being used to represent ALL women again.

Superman doesn't represent ALL men. And he isn't supposed to!

But Wonder Woman, for some reason, has to. And that's why you get writers who think "oh what would the girl down the street do in this situation? Oh she'd cry!"

Heroes are supposed to represent us and who we want to be. Superman gives us hope that if we too had the powers to make a difference, we would. :) Batman fulfills our need to make sense of a world wracked with crime.

Wonder Woman apparently shows that even tho women are emotional crybabies, we can try rly hard and overcome that. >.>;;


I think the big problem is that Jodi is writing Wonder Woman has a "woman" first (and whatever that means to her) and a hero second. >.>;; That's the trap some writers fall into when they write some heroes.

Like some ppl who write Superman as an alien first and a hero second. Or Batman as a crazy dark person first and a hero second. :o

It's why I love Gail, b/c she writes her characters as heroes FIRST. B/c that's who they are. Atom is a hero first, not a Chinese person first and a hero second. The focus is on him being a hero and not on him being an Asian stereotype.

I'm glad that Simone will be writing Wonder Woman soon :D

Negativity hurts Ami :(

I'm not going to refer to the post that triggered this b/c the poster wasn't respectful enuf to tell us what post HE was referring to (you can find it at When Fangirls Attack). >:|

But I'm just tired of the negativity!

I'm tired of ppl dedicating blogs to ripping other ppl's blogs, and I'm tired of ppl taking every bad thing that's happened in their life as an excuse to give themselves "jerk immunity". >:| I'm tired of ppl not just taking bad things but using those bad things to link to some other group and blame THEM. >:O

I just.. rly rly.. hate the negativity. I hate the flame wars. I hate ppl tarring other ppl with the same brush. :\ I hate everybody taking the moral high ground and accusing the other side of being irrational. >:|

I hate when ppl read about something that absolutely DOESN'T concern them, and they MAKE it their business. "Oh look women are complaining about objectification, well, I'm not a woman, but I'm gonna say that they're complaning about nothing and are morons." >:|

I hate when ppl say that our society is totally fair and happy and ppl should stop complaining.


B/c minorities can go to the same schools? B/c women can vote? B/c gay ppl aren't routinely killed?


Things are perfect now!

Oh thank you for letting us live!


And men who complain that women have it super awesome now and men are routinely discriminated against and are second class citizens now...

*throws things*

I'm just sick of all the negativity :\ I'm sick of "I have it worse than you". I'm sick of minorities complaining about other minorities trying to get rights b/c "hey it could be worse, you could be me".


Instead of wanting everybody to be just as miserable as you, why not try for the same happiness they're trying for?

Cuz that's what this is about! >:O We're so used to being angry and miserable and upset and feeling like life is horrible, that we get mad when other ppl try to make that life just a little bit better for themselves.

But no!

Everybody must be just as miserable as the rest of us!


Whether I agree with the person or not, I'm just tired of the negativity.

Ppl might call me naive. Or silly. Or whatever :\

But at least I'm happy. :)

And I want others to be happy too :D

Life is too short to be miserable and fighting and insulting all the time. :(

Honestly. I haven't had a great life. At all :( But I dun pull it out as an excuse to be mean to ppl, or to say that nobody can attack me b/c of it. :\

In fact, outside of a few references, I rarely talk about it, b/c that's not what I want myself to be. I'm NOT my tragedies. I'm NOT my personal demons.

And I'm not gonna let them consume me until all I see is negativity and all I want is to bash ppl and make them just as miserable as I am :(

I may not agree with ppl all the time... but I try to focus on what we DO agree on :) And.. yus.. I've had a lot of bad things happen to me. Do I want to be the person that THEY complain about that made bad things happen to them?

No. :\

That's not who I want to be and that's not who I am. :|

I'm Ami. I like things. And I'm happy.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kryptonite discovered :O

'Kryptonite' discovered in mine

Researchers from mining group Rio Tinto discovered the unusual mineral and enlisted the help of Dr Stanley when they could not match it with anything known previously to science.

Once the London expert had unravelled the mineral's chemical make-up, he was shocked to discover this formula was already referenced in literature - albeit fictional literature.

"Towards the end of my research I searched the web using the mineral's chemical formula - sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide - and was amazed to discover that same scientific name, written on a case of rock containing kryptonite stolen by Lex Luther from a museum in the film Superman Returns.

"The new mineral does not contain fluorine (which it does in the film) and is white rather than green but, in all other respects, the chemistry matches that for the rock containing kryptonite."


Now we're prepared for a Kryptonian invasion! >:D

Bring on Zod! XDDD

Maybe we should just use litter boxes xD

Sheryl Crow's war on toilet paper

Yus I heard about this on the Colbert Report :O

Crow suggests using "only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where two to three could be required".



Is this like... 1000 ply or something? XD

I completely support conservation and stuffs :) But...



I have no words... :|

Friday, April 20, 2007

Spider-man musical! :O

A Spider-man musical! :O


I think they should make a Batman musical! Or better yet a DARK KNIGHT RETURNS MUSICAL!!!!!!



Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yus Virginia, there is an Ami Angelwings XD

This is my response a post by Kevin Church who was under the impression that I'm a joke :(

I've seen actually this pop up a few times where ppl wonder if I'm just some sort of satire or something :\ I guess I can understand why they might think so, but it also hurts me :(

Esp when I read so many ppl with so much negative things to say about me. :(

So I'm going to post my comment that I left at his site here, and then hopefully that will be the end of it :D

Just b/c ppl seem to be confused about me and I want this confusion to end so that we can move past this and get on with blogging :)

Hi Kevin :D

I'm tired, so this might not be a good idea to comment :(

I noticed a lot of ppl were visiting my site from your site (thx to my little tracking thingie! XD) and I got curious why :o

I guess all I want to say is that my blog isn't a joke (tho I do tell jokes sometimes :D).

Also, the ending to Boys Don't Cry was very upsetting to me :( Rape and murder always upsets me and since it was based on a real event, it made me more upset :( All I wished when watching it and sobbing was that somebody would have stopped it. That somebody who is watching out for us would step in with the power to stop these horrible things from happening :(

Same for the shooting D: It was a horrible event... and it made me cry just reading about it when I first found out. How scared ppl were and how scared I would be and reading about the students that saw their professor get shot in the head right in front of them... nobody should have to go thru that :( And I rly do honestly wish that we had ppl with the power to stop these tragedies from happening.

I guess that's all I want to say :)

I know a lot of ppl dun like the way I write, or the way I talk, or the way I think. That's fine :3 I started my blog for my friends b/c they were interested in comics and esp what I thought about them but they couldn't afford them (or in the case of my friend in Australia, she can't get them as readily as I can) and so I started my blog :)

I'm glad that a lot of ppl are reading and enjoying it tho, and that's a HUGE bonus :3

However, I also understand that it's not for everybody, and I dun mind that ppl are turned off by it.

I just wanted to state definitively that I'm not somebody trying to be satirical or mocking feminists (as some ppl apparently believe) or nething else like that :D

I'm just a girl who reads comics and likes to write :D

I'm sorry if I offended ppl tho :( I didn't mean to. I was just being honest and trying to express how horrible the shooting made me feel and how I wished somebody could have stopped it. ;-;

If this means that I'm not the person you thought I was and that you'll stop reading my blog, I understand :

However, I didn't want to mislead you, or your readers, and I thought you should at least know that I'm NOT trying to be satirical or mocking, and make your own decisions about me from there :)

Neways :) Thanks for reading my blog! :D

I'm sorry for any ill feelings I've caused tho :( Esp for the ppl who felt rly offended. I'm sorry. :( It wasn't my intention to offend.

- Teh Ami :)


Neways... I'm rly rly sorry if ppl got offended by my last post. :( It was my honest thoughts ;-; That's all.

The shooting rly upset me (violence in general upsets me), and honestly, I'm offended that ppl think that I dun care about it or nething like that! >:O


I dunno what ppl want from me :(

Neways... that's all I wanted to say :)

Just that.. yus.. believe it or not, I AM A REAL PERSON :D And that I'm not playing some big prank on ppl.

I've written over 100 in-depth comic reviews that average 1000+ words over 6 months. XD

So... I dunno why ppl would think that this is a joke. :\

I appreciate the fact that ppl are reading my blogs tho :D And I'm rly rly sorry if some ppl find it hard to understand my writing :( And I understand why ppl wouldn't want to read it, and I dun mind :) As I said, I write for my friends :3



I'm sorry if ppl have been misled tho :( I just thought that since this is becoming a recurring theme, I should clear the air :D


Teh Ami

Monday, April 16, 2007


Gunman kills 32, then himself


Just reading this makes me so sad :\ I remember when Columbine first happened, and then when there was a threat on my school for a similar incident.... All I wished I could do was stop it... :(

This is why superheroes were created :| Not to fight supervillains but to make us feel that somebody will stop these senseless acts and punish the criminals. The great thing about Batman and Superman is that they dun allow these ppl to get away with suicide as an escape either. >:|

And these ppl... are just horrible bullies... they hunt defenseless ppl and it makes them feel like they're in control. And when they kill themselves, they're still in control. That's why superheroes are so great b/c the bad guys are no longer in control, no matter how many guns they have. They can't even kill themselves.

It's like the ending to Boys Don't Cry which always makes me sob :( I keep thinking "this is when Batman should show up" ;-;

Superheroes give hope to hopelessness.

We could sure use some :(

R.I.P. to the victims :( And .. I dunno... all my emotions and sympathies and everything to their families ;-;

Maybe this is why so many male heroes are crotchless wonders xD

Men look at crotches

Among the many interesting things in Online Journalism Review's article about using eyetracking to increase the effectiveness of news article design is this odd result:

Although both men and women look at the image of George Brett when directed to find out information about his sport and position, men tend to focus on private anatomy as well as the face. For the women, the face is the only place they viewed. Coyne adds that this difference doesn't just occur with images of people. Men tend to fixate more on areas of private anatomy on animals as well, as evidenced when users were directed to browse the American Kennel Club site.


Wow.. :O

That explains some of the comic art I see XD I guess if guys are fixated on crotches, they wouldn't want to draw any on their male characters since they'd just be like "ick". o_o;;

I guess? XD

I dunno... given the "macho anti-homosexual" male culture, I would think that men wouldn't be staring down there :O

Ian Churchill is free lancing >.>;;;

This is an ad for the Toronto Squash Open.

I might be wrong, since I dun play squash, but I *THINK* (and remember I dun play squash), that female squash players have arms, and faces, and... torsos... >.>;;

But I could be mistaken.. >.>;;;

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Evil + Female = "Sexually Aggressive"

This is some fanart that I found here. >.>;;

I find it funny that her sexuality is mentioned when not much else is. :O

Again, being evil and female = sexually aggressive. >.>;;

At least to this person :O

But it seems like whenever a (presumably male) creator comes up with an idea to turn a female hero into a villain, the first thought that pops into their mind is "how is she going to behave sexually?"

And it's like... all they can think of is the male fantasy of the "bad girl slut", who pushes boys into their lockers or beckons them into the janitor's closet. >.>;;;

Male villains want to take over the world, female ones want to smex heroes. >.>;;

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rape is funny! >:O


Spoof of campus feminist 'appalling'

What was said and some commentary

Upon seeing the chaos, London Police Chief Murray Faulkner stopped greasing his nightstick and intervened.
He grabbed the loudspeaker from Ostrich's wild vagina and took it into a dark alley to teach it a lesson.
To Ostrich's dismay, the vagina followed, giggling as it said, "I love it when a man in uniform takes control."


Yus... rape... hahahaha... isn't everybody having a good laugh? >.>;;;

There's edgy funny and then there's just anger and hate disguised as "satire". Cuz I didn't find nething "satirical" about the article. :\

It'd be like if somebody wrote an article about a civil rights march and characterized the people there as apes and cannibals and then had the leader of the march raping and eating a white woman or something.. >.>;;

Is that satirical? >.>;; Or would that be KKK propaganda?

Also, the chief of police was made out to be a rapist... >.>

I'll just quote from the blogger:

Satire is one thing. Making fun of feminists? Sure, we've all seen that before and I'm sure that's nothing we all haven't had to endure, like the obvious slights at Take Back the Night and the Vagina Monologues. I hate it, but you VERY MUCH cross the line when you suggest that "taking someone into a dark alley to teach them a lesson" is ok and when you suggest that a woman, any woman, but especially MY FRIEND -- not to mention, an active feminist and someone who was actively and vocally criticizing the Gazette, be raped to be "taught a lesson" and that she would enjoy it. Rape is not an ok thing to suggest to teach someone a lesson or to put someone in their place, or to suggest that someone was asking for it. It's a joke? Not only is it not funny, it's violence.

Yus... this "article" makes Identity Crisis look like a women's shelter booklet. >:O

And it's not even funny! XD It's just mean :( There's genuinely funny where you mock something, and then there's playground "hahaha you're ugly let's throw rocks at you".

Sunday, April 01, 2007

:O These are teh awesome! :D

:DDD Beetle and Booster!!! :D And Max Lord!!! :3