Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Make good comics and people will read them, what a concept!!! XD

This is an excellent article about how what the comic industry should do if it's serious about attracting female readership. :)

This is basically everything we've all been saying for so long, just written out in a nice well laid out list :D

And it's true, the bottomline is to make comics GOOD and ppl of all sorts will read them. Write them well, draw them well, and people will come. Write them poorly, draw them poorly, and you'll be forced to use gimmicks like "hot girls" and "rape" and "omgmajorcharacterdeath/rebirth" to get readers to read, and that will only get a small niche each time. :\

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Green Lantern

Note: I'm not a very good artist :\ I have A LOT of trouble with perspective b/c I have NO visual imagination, so I rly dunno what something will look like until I trial and error draw it and see what looks okay. :O

Neways, this was kinda how I thought my GL might look. As I said she's an artist, and prolly like 15 or so :) She has a creative style and doesn't want to just look like she's part of a corps :D

I also based her heavily on my friend Elena, who I think would make an excellent Green Lantern :]

Some of the lines are harder than others :( Also I couldn't figure out what to do with her right hand, and the lantern, I was just tired with, so I made it 2d :\

All the white spots would be Green. XD And yus she wears green and black arm warmers and leggings XD Would all black leggings look better? :o

Either way... I know it's pretty different >.>;;;

Friday, February 23, 2007

It's a comic book, not life


I get more responses for my review of Civil War, then I get for nething else o_o And many are so.. argumentative and hostile :O

I dunno... I'm annoyed cuz I dun like conflict and I dun like internet arguments :( Also, I find arguing about a conflict inside a comic book silly XD I hardly even remember what happened in the earlier issues!

I guess it's sorta like what Bob McCown, who is a radio sports personality in Toronto, said about some sports fans. That ppl who go to the game or watch the game and get upset at stuff, he understands, but ppl who call him up 2 weeks later and are still upset, he doesn't understand, b/c it's just a game, and you go there to get away for a while from your life and enjoy yourself and get into it. But afterwards, if you're STILL emotional about it, then it's no longer just a game to you. :|

I feel the same way xD I react to the comics I buy right after reading them. Big issues like how Supergirl is portrayed or something, are stuff I'd still be upset about cuz I want it changed. But little continuity stuff, or like.. plot stuff... after a day, I just dun care that much XD

Maybe that's why I seem to be more forgiving to comic companies. It's not my life XD I read it, and I may like it or dislike it, but I take the enjoyment I can out of it, write my reviews to get my opinions out, and then move on :)

I just find it silly that people are trying to start an argument with me and telling me I'm WRONG about my opinions on an event that happened in a fictional world. XDD

Do I care about the portrayal of women and minorities in a popular medium? Yus, I def do :)

Do I care about the direction of heroes and what the definition of "heroism" in comics is? Yus I do too :)

Do I care about who Tony Stark brought to fight Captain America, and who threw the first punch?

No.. not rly XD

After reading the comics once (I tend to read most comics only once thru, and then maybe in a few months when I'm bored XD), I make my decision, write my review and move on. :)

That's prolly why sometimes my ratings and opinions seem a little "off" cuz it's all about how I felt right after reading it. I dun usually think too much about my ENJOYMENT of it. :) I may think a little about continuity errors and other issues that pop up, but ultimately, I read the comic, then go back to my life XD

It's a diversion for me. :)

If it was a real event, then I'd give it more thought. I wouldn't be so quick to say "this is what I think" and stuff. But it's not XD It's a comic book! And I find it odd that people seem intent on arguing about it. :\ And not even in a friendly way :(

*deep breath*

Okies, I feel better now! ^-^ I was just a little annoyed b/c I dun like conflict or ppl posting to try to draw me into an argument. :(

Grrrrr >:O

Men's T-shirt saying "No means aNOther drink"


I shop at those stores too!! :( Grrrrrrr >:O

A lot of their male shirts have rly dumb (and stereotypically "guy") sayings on them tho.

Sadly, I think some guys WOULD find that shirt funny and not just that, but agree with it. ;-;

"The only reaction we got is that that's the stuff people buy these days."

Is that rly stuff that ppl buy these days? :(

Supergirl SMASH!!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Ami-Verse: Green Lantern

So last post I talked about the idea of having a new "ultimate" DCU where the heroes would be brought back to being "new" with Supergirl being the "Superman" of this new DCU. :)

I was talking with my friend Trish about various ideas I had for this new DCU, and I thought about Green Lantern. :O I think I would like her to be a variant of Kyle Rayner (Kylie Rayner? XD) HER b/c as I've pointed out before, none of the Earth GLs have been female for some reason. And why not? XD

One thing tho is that I've always felt that the Green Lantern mythos never seemed to be used in a way that it could be used very effectively. The ring is powered by will, but also inner strength and requires creativity. :O Green Lanterns are supposed to be brave, and righteous, and without fear.

So logically, it's a male airforce pilot XD

But that's just like.. not just an obvious choice.. it's a superficial choice.

This isn't nething against Hal (I like Hal) XD I'm not criticizing the current GL mythology, I'm merely saying what I would do in my verse to make it different. :)

Remember what I wrote before about heroes being our inner strength, and why superheroes are so important to us? :o The Lantern ring is almost a perfect literal example of this. It doesn't require you to be physical strong, or obviously brave, it reflects what's INSIDE you.

So wouldn't it be great for the ring, having to choose a person on the planet that is worthy of it, choose somebody who isn't an "obvious" choice?

I see it like King Arthur and the sword in the stone. :o It wasn't the big strong knights who pulled it out, it was a boy. I personally rly liked the Disney version, so I'll use that example (it's a good movie!) XD Arthur didn't believe in himself, and nobody believed in him either. However, he had it in himself to be strong and brave, and was worthy of the sword regardless of what he appeared to other ppl as, or the fact that he wasn't a knight.

An airforce pilot getting the ring is a lot like the big strong knight getting the sword.

There's nothing wrong with it, I just see it as a bit of a wasted opportunity. :]

About Kyle Rayner, I've always loved the fact that he was an artist. I love the fact that his creativity plays into his command of the ring, and I would like to see the creativity be a bigger part of the mythos :)

It's prolly obvious where I'm going with this now XD But I would like the Ami-Verse Green Lantern to be a young girl. Maybe a young teenager :o She might be the youngest of my Justice League XD Tho I dun mean like.. 6 XD But 16 or so :o She is creative. An artist or a musician, but also somebody that ppl look down on.

The great thing about the ring is that you dun need to be a perfect speciman of humanity like Batman or Superman or Wonder Woman to have the power (Superman being perfect b/c of his Kryptonian physiology under the yellow sun). So she can just be a regular girl. No crazy Michael Turner art here :)

And she gets chosen b/c the ring sees the qualities in her that nobody else sees and maybe even she doesn't see (and will discover over time). :O It'd be a great story of growth and about the hero that is inside of everybody coming out, literally thru the ring :]

I personally always love stories about ppl who are not ppl we would think would be heroes by looking at them, but are inside, and powers give them the chance to show it. :) I think it strikes a chord with me b/c that's true of everybody. We all are seen in certain ways, and a lot of ppl dun see who we are inside, or know how strong we can be. Just b/c somebody's body isn't athletically gifted, doesn't mean he doesn't possess the characteristics necessary to be a great basketball player (for example). He just doesn't have the physical gifts to match what he has inside: determination, strength of will, sportsmanship, an analytical mind, etc...

And sometimes, it's even harder to show that when everybody's laughing at you and not giving you the chance. :\

The ring gives you that chance. And it ignores what you're not blessed with, and rewards you for the person you are inside. :)

That's my Green Lantern. :) A creative young girl who was chosen to be guardian of Earth. :)

I only wish I had the artistic talent to design some of my new DCU XD

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My proposal for Supergirl

Hmmm... all this talk about Supergirl has made me think back about an idea I had for Supergirl a little while back :) I had come up with the idea to "put my money where my mouth was" and write short stories about Supergirl the way I would like to see her. :)

However, I ended up liking the idea too much that I adapted it for Starlight Angel instead. :]

But neways, while explaning what Supergirl means to me here, I started to think about the idea again, and with all the talk about what Supergirl should look like, I figured I should share what I think she should be like. :)

Also, Dick, who's blog that is, suggested that maybe DC would make a standalone Supergirl in MINX, and I think that would be a great idea, if DC didn't have it in their heads that Superheroes and girl audiences dun mix XD

So I thought it would be interesting if we just scrapped the whole DCU to start. :) We would have Supergirl come to Earth instead of Superman. But the ages would be the same, so the Kents would be older and maybe alrdy have a child. :]

What I was thinking was that they would alrdy have a daughter when they find Kara crashed as a little baby. :) She would grow up a normal girl. Since her powers wouldn't manifest until her teens, she would be nearsighted and thus need glasses. Her powers dun fix her vision, but merely allow her to suppliment her vision with telescopic vision (i.e. compared to a "perfect" kryptonian on Earth, she would prolly be able see a few feet less, but compared to us it's still WAYY WAYY WAYY better).

This also means that the glasses aren't a disguise, and she keeps them b/c it's who she is. :)

Eventually, she goes to university and moves to Metropolis to attend. Life in the city is different from what she's used to, but she also likes it. :) However, there is a lot of crime and things are more complex thatn she's used to. Much like Clark in "Lois and Clark", she wants to help ppl, so she asks her family to help her make a costume. :)

She doesn't wear a mask b/c she doesn't want to hide herself, and she doesn't want to scare people, she wants the people she rescues to see her smiling face and feel comforted and not scared. She wants to bring hope to a city devoid of it. B/c she arrives later than Clark would have, Luthor has more control of the city since he's been unopposed for about 10 years longer. Lois is editor of the Daily Planet now.

Both Supergirl and her regular identity are who she is. :) Supergirl allows her to be more confident without fear, and to be friendly and help people. At the same time, she isn't comfortable with the celebrity spotlight. Her costume makes her seem more glamourous than she is. Much like Superman's costume accentuates his build, her costume does the same. It's the celebrity thing. The Brittney you see in music videos is not the one you'd see on the street (in fact you prolly wouldn't recognize her). And I mean this before the hair shaved thing e_e Just.. without the make up, without the lights, without the clothing to emphasize her curves, she looks totally different. :O

It's the same way. :) Ppl are looking for this perfect girl, and it's not just the glasses that fool them, it's their own perspectives. It's kinda using the fanboy thing against them :)

I was thinking she could have her own "Lois Lane", either in Lucy Lane or a new character :) Like a journalism student or something who becomes her study partner :] And yus, a girl.. I dunno.. XD My Supergirl likes girls (or at least likes both). I think it's cuz I like both? :) But why not? :o

There could be various sorts of plots, including one where we find out what happened to Kal-El and maybe it's Kara who has to teach HIM about Earth. :)

It's sorta the best of both worlds, where you can play around with new ideas and a new take on Kara (would Zor-El be the voice in the fortress? Would she have one?) and still stay in a familiar setting :) New fans would enjoy it, and old fans would get a kick out of seeing new takes on old characters. :D

I also had the idea of expanding it to a whole new DCU, where the gunman didn't leave Batman alone and injured him too. :O Batman would then be unable physically to fight his war on crime but still train himself as much as he could. He recruits a young Dick Grayson (who still loses his parents) and trains him. Nightwing then becomes the Batman figure. :o Supergirl and Nightwing being the big 1 and 2 would be fun :] And their relationship might not be the same as Superman and Batman, prolly less adversarial and more friendly :)

There's lots of ways that you could have a lot of fun with this. :D Well, IN MY MIND NEWAYS XD

But I think it would allow for a real Supergirl to exist, one who can be the Superman to girls. B/c she is not just the cousin of the biggest hero, she IS the biggest hero. :) She fights for good things b/c they are good things, not b/c her cousin wants her to. The S is hers b/c it was the blanket she was wrapped in. And she is also relatable, just like Superman is, as a regular person who is also a superhero. :] She is Supergirl to inspire hope and to help others, but despite that, she is rly her sekrit identity as well. Supergirl, like Superman, is the strong person inside of all of us, and who we all aspire to be and can be given the right circumstances. :)

With the multiverse now back (apparently), why not give us this Supergirl? :)

I personally would rly like to see this :D But maybe it's just me? I'm sure everybody has their own ideas on who Supergirl is and what she means to them :)

- Teh Ami

Between Superfriends :o

This is from the comic strip "Between Friends" :)

These came out at the end of January but they weren't available online until recently. :O I saw them in my newspaper when they first came out but was too lazy to scan them XD

Neways... these caught my eye cuz they talk about superheroes obviously and from a female standpoint. :O

However, I dun rly know what to make of them XD It's odd but I have zero opinion on them (I'm not even sure if there's rly nething for me to have an opinion ON there) and I just wanted to know what ppl thought about them :)

It's worth noting that there WAS a Superwoman (there's actually been many Superwomen, but this one is a hero and not from an alternate reality or nething). She came from the future and helped out Superman on a couple of occasions. She had no powers but utilized furturistic technology to simulate having powers (much like Booster Gold). :) I have her stories on my computer actually XD They are silver age silly, but I love them :) Plus her outfit is rly great and sensible! (Well, except for the high heels...)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

How old does Supergirl look? :O

So this is Dean Trippe's redesign of Supergirl for that Supergirl meme. :) I rly like it! :D

However, one of my friends said she looks 8, while I think she looks believable for a 15 y/o.

Now I'm curious what other ppl think? :o 8 year olds do NOT look like that (to me neways...) and I think that maybe ppl are just used to seeing super developed teenagers on tv and in entertainment? :o

Or am I just crazy and she rly does look 8? :O

I just want to know what ppl think :)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Why I love Geoff Johns :D

I got this from Comic by Comic :)

This explains why I love Miss Martian so much and why I keep thinking 'wow I wish that was Supergirl'.

She was supposed to BE Supergirl

NRAMA: Were you thinking of Starfire when you created Miss Martian?

GJ: Originally we wanted Supergirl on the team, but she was in Legion and they didn't want to confuse people. And she was also going through some kind of “rebellion” phase or something, so we thought -- oh, we'll just make up our own alien character. And if we would have made Supergirl up, maybe we would have made her more like this. And we just came up with the idea -- a hero with a mysterious background as a White Martian, but making her a very delicate character who got her feelings hurt really bad.

Yus! Supergirl would have been an EXCELLENT addition to the Teen Titans ESP if she was written like Miss Martian!

I love how Johns doesn't seem so enthused about the Kelly Supergirl either XD

But yah.. I love Geoff, and now I love him more!

If only he was allowed to use Supergirl or create her the way he wanted to! :(

Oh wells

Now I can love Miss Martian even more! :D

I know I always play sports in my gogo boots


I was walking thru First Markham Place today which is one of our many Chinese malls XD They have these stores that sell models of various anime/game characters, usually of the "fan service variety".

And I saw a model of the female ninja in the new Ninja Gaiden game. :O

She looks even worse in that model. :\ How do we know she's a ninja? Cuz of those huge breasts and the total lack of muscle XD

Her model was riculously devoid of muscles, esp when compared to the male ninja model who has defined musculature and is very lean and athletic (which is something female characters rarely seem to be).

And doesn't every warrior fight in heels and a bikini bottom?

This is what bothers me. :\ I LIKE using female characters. I tend to associate more with using them than male characters. But can they at least be like... somewhat not a pornstar/sexual fantasy? Like... even a LITTLE? Do the breasts HAVE to be huge? It's not like I'm even complaining about her being a blue eyed blonde or nething. It's not unreasonable! Does she NEED heels? Is an outfit akin to the other ninjas not appealing enuf for men? Like... HOW EXAGERRATED DO WE HAVE TO BE FOR MEN TO FIND US ATTRACTIVE!? Are you telling me a girl with C cups or B cups or having a lean, fit figure isn't attractive? That's JUST not good enuf for the fanboys?

Nething less would offend their sensibilities?


This is why I get so frustrated. >:|

And the solution is not to tell us that we can have "mimbos" or that "hey we'll give you smexy men too!" or that we can have girl games or nething! What about just... not objectifying people to a ridiculous degree?

There's nothing wrong with attractive characters. But surely a pornstar is not the ONLY type of woman that men find attractive. Right?

Right? o_O

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Josh Whedon out of the Wonder Woman movie



I didn't expect that! :O

I dunno how to feel.... Unless I actually get to read the script or something, I have no idea of knowing if his ideas were off base or what... :(

But it's sad b/c this will just slow down production or maybe like the Superman/Batman movie that never came to be, it'll just die off and become a totally different movie 5 years later. :|

I guess a Wonder Woman movie is harder to do than other movies tho cuz her GOOD adventures are rarely as simple as Superman's or Batman's and she doesn't have the same type of rogue's gallery, nor is she that sort of hero who just battles her rogue's gallery or nething. :o I rly think WW works best in context and interacting with other heroes. :) So it might be hard for people to figure out exactly how to write it.

Either way, this is sad. :\ I would have liked to see a Wonder Woman movie. Hopefully we'll still see one soon. :]

Thursday, February 01, 2007

What about me?

I rly hate when ppl say that girls dun read COMICS. When what they mean is girls dun read SUPERHERO Comics. :| B/c this just screws everything up and DC brings out MINX thinking that girls are just avoiding the medium and not the genre.

Girls read all sorts of comics. We also read Superhero Comics, except that since they're written almost exclusively for a male eye, we get rly annoyed by them and find very few characters we can associate with.

As I said before, superheroes are our fantasies, they are somebody we can be and believe that we can be. :) They're the goodness and the strength inside us! So if we can't ge that sort of enjoyment from reading comics, it's hard to like them. :|

But the solution is not to give us a bunch of "girl" comics which aren't about Superheroes at all!

As I said the problem isn't that medium scares us or nething!

I'm just tired of being treated like I dun count! Like, I'm not a girl who likes reading manga. I'm not a girl who wants to read MINX. I want to read Superhero comics, but I feel like I'm being told "you dun like Supergirl, well we're helping you, you can read MINX!" That's like complaining about somebody putting anchovies on your pizza when you ordered pepperoni, and their solution is to tell you to eat a hamburger! >:O

I feel like us girls that like video games and comics and aren't into stereotypical "girl" genres (puzzle games, manga) are treated like we should just shut up and be "one of the boys" or their fantasies or something. Like we can't be our own demographic. If we like Superhero comics we must clearly think like the boys who like them too!

I think the problem is gender dividing everything. :| Why assume that girls are turned off by Superhero comics b/c only boys like Superheroes and therefore girls must want stories about highschool? :\ We just want superhero portrayals that we can associate with and want to be. :) It's not the medium we're turned off by, or even the genre. It's the details. It's the writing. It's the art!

I want to be able to play a fighting game and not have to avoid using the female characters b/c they have D and E cups when they're supposedly well-toned ninjas. :\ Maybe the problem isn't that girls dun like fighting games, or superhero comics, or nething else, but that there's an assumption that we dun like these things, so we're just ignored and everything is catered to the boys! >:|

And I think some of the male fanbase is spoiled by this. B/c for so long they didn't rly have to care. It's sorta like an all male club I guess. They feel they dun have to watch how they talk or the jokes they make. It's part of the reason that I keep reading about other girls and how they're treated poorly or talked down to in comic stores. It's like 'this is OUR place, what are YOU doing here!?'

And they can play their games and read their comics and not feel guilty about having their fantasy pushed to the extreme on it. And so I think that's what there's a bit of backlash whenever we try to ask for some fairness in superhero comic portrayals. Kinda like "this is OUR genre, go read MINX".

And if MINX was female superheroes written by women for women, I would gladly read it. :O But it's not. It's a totally different genre that apparently I should like b/c hey I'm a girl and we know girls are scared of comics unless those big bad superheroes are put in a box somewhere.

I'm not saying ALL girls are like me, or even that girls who read manga or like puzzle games (I actually love puzzle games too and certain mangas) are perpetuating a stereotype or nething! I just think that we shouldn't pigeonhole ppl! Guys should be able to like Sims2 without worrying that it's a "Girl's Game" (surprisingly I have many guy friends who refuse to play it b/c they're worried it'll make them look like less of a man) but also that girls should be taken into account as a possible audience when writing/drawing comics and making video games! ^-^

I just think that an attitude that's prevalent is that ppl are like "oh girls wun be playing this game neways, they like puzzle games, it's just gonna be guys, so let's give them rly hot girls" >:O

I feel like when the companies are getting together and looking at demographics they're like "oh girls aren't playing/reading this, that must be b/c they dun like action, or heroes, let's give them some highschool misfit girls who come of age together, then they'll like it!"

Not all girls or women are the same. We dun ALL like action, or puzzles, or superheroes, or romance. We like DIFFERENT things. But there is ONE thing we have in common. We want to be treated with respect. And we want ppl to care about us as they would any other fan or consumer.

I'm a girl.

I like video games.

I like superhero comics.

I have money to spend on both.

I matter. :)


Teh Ami

Real Life Superhero!? :O

This is not a rant XD

Sword-Wielding Do-Gooder saves cops


Wow! A real life superhero!!! XDDDD

So crazy!

They should come up with some sort of katana signal for him!