Monday, January 22, 2007

Turning my TV off in disgust

Space is showing the Top 20 Super Vixens now. Which is from those 3 Bravo specials about Superheroes, Supervillains and.. women.

The opening narration went:

"they're good... they're bad... but they're never ugly"

And I couldn't watch nemore.

Besides that when they showed that montage of interviews at the beginning, one of the ppl said "(ranking) Super Vixens is as easy as cleavage".


Like, it's COMPLETELY not about nething other than our looks now. At all! >:|


It's bad enuf that women can't be in the Superheroes or Supervillains lists, but the Vixens list is nothing more than a Ms. Universe contest (actually at least they have a "skill" competition right? XD)

And by putting Bond Girls as a group at #2 they're saying that all of them are interchangable. >:|

Another comment by one of the ppl interviewed was "and men love her". Like, that's what women heroes are there for. It was said in a way like "she's strong, but you can still smex her, dun worry!"


I guess this goes back to my previous post. Men take off their shirts to show the big red S underneath, but we're expected to take off our shirts and show our lucious 34DD breasts. :\

I'm tired of hearing that I don't exist!

Gamer Girls.

Comic Book Girls.

Yah, we dun exist.

This is my rant, triggered by that post that's been going around about the women who was challenged by the guys at her comic book store to prove her "worthiness" to be a Batman fan.

I keep hearing that we dun exist. That there are no gamer girls. But what these guys mean are that there no gamer girls that fit THEIR fantasy. >:|

What they want isn't a girl who shares their interests, or knows as much about comics as them, or who plays video games. What they MEAN is that they want a girl who is

a) attractive

b) like a "normal" silly girl

c) is INTERESTED in everything they like, but has less knowledge than them

A gamer girl isn't a girl who games, it's one who will watch in awe as their boyfriend games and tell him how awesome he is and complain about how much trouble it is to get to lv10 with her blaster. XD

What they want is a girl who says "omg Batman is awesome, but I like Robin too" and then when they respond "Oh, Robin died, this is the third Robin actually" and we're supposed to go "REALLY? I didn't know that! OMG you know so much!"

They want a girl who's not gonna make them do things they dun want b/c they love everything they love, but wun hog the computer to play their video games. They'll just sit there in ever loving adoration. Just like how I hear some guys say the perfect girl is one who likes sports. Yet the girls they meet who do like sports scare them, b/c they're not the hot models you see in beer ads who giggle a lot. :|

These guys (and I'm not saying ALL guys) are self-conscious and feel that while they may not be "cool" in the traditional sense, they still are smarter and know more about comics/video games/whatever than nebody else. :\ So for a girl to show up and be their equal is scary. Esp when we're attractive. Then it's like "OMG, she can have ne guy she wants AND she wouldn't be impressed by what I say..."

I also rly dislike that most gamer/geek/whatever girls are dismissed cuz they're not supermodels. Like, I guess I'm lucky cuz I'm considered attractive? (And there's that whole Asian thing, but that's a rant for another day) But it's so annoying when guys keep complaining to me about the lack of gamer girls and how rare I am. HELLO!!! I know LOTS. LOTS!!! And it's funny that guys who spend most of their time behind a computer and not at a gym, want gamer girls to look like they spend most of their time at a gym and not at the computer. >:|

I knew a lot of geeky guys in HS, I was friends with a lot of them, and it was very bothersome how they seem to look down on girls, esp attractive ones. I guess their way of feeling that the universe is fair is to believe that attractive girls who dun want them (but they want) are stupid, vapid and not worth it. So when they come across one who isn't, it's like... what's your excuse now?

And it goes back to how some girls stay away from these interests and why ppl keep saying that there are very few girls who frequent their comic store. Cuz it feels like a boys only club sometimes! It feels like unless we're there to be the little playthings of the guys, to be their perfect cosplaying gamer girl, we aren't allowed to be there. :(

I think it is a self confidence thing tho. They feel that if they lose what makes them "special" if they're forced to relate to ppl without their shield of being smarter than them, they have nothing there that's special or attractive. :(

Or maybe I'm wrong XD But that incident does grate on me, and it does bother me whenever my guy friends complain about there being no geek girls in the universe. There ARE, just not the ones that are in your mind! >:O If you mean "how come there are no pornstar geek girls" out there, I should also ask "how come there are no pornstar geek guys" out there.

Neways... this rly was a rant XD Not something I thought a lot about before writing :|

Back to your regularly scheduled cuteness! :D

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

*smack smack smack* >:O


I caught the "Top 20 Superheroes" thing on Space tonight. :| Apparently it's just a rebroadcast of a Bravo special from 2005. At ne rate, the choices were... silly... and very questionable. Honestly, I dun consider most of the ppl there superheroes. If you can consider them superheroes then you can consider Captain Kirk a superhero too.

Neways, I also noticed a lack of women (to which my sister remarked: "didn't you know that women aren't superheroes?") XDD

But now I've discovered that there were 2 other shows with it, "Top 20 Supervillains" and "Top 20 Vixens". No women in the Supervillains either... we're in the Vixens.

Wtf? We need our own category? All good and bad characters are there together. Like, we're not heroes OR villains, we're WOMEN. >:| Wonder Woman at #8, "Bond Girls" at #2!?

Honestly.. :\ What's the point? Not that I rly care that much since the ppl making it clearly are just picking for who has movie clips to show and that yes, it's geared for guys. Why? B/c... Bond Girls are #2.

Women aren't even ranked for influence or importance or heroism or nething. It's about smex appeal! If this was a fair list, Wonder Woman, Buffy and Lara Croft would be in the heroes list. :|

Neways, this is a pure rant. It's just for me to let out how annoyed I am right now >:O

I feel insulted that they had to reach for straws with Men In Black, Conan the Barbarian and Austin Powers for Superheroes like there weren't ne better ppl to choose and then lumped all the women together as "Vixens".

*kills all*

That's like having a male baseball championship and a male hockey championship, and then a "womens sports bra championship" b/c y'know, all women athletes are the same and it's more important how we look. :|

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Under my shirt is a big red S, just like the one that's under yours :)

I realized this while talking to somebody about comics today. It's why superhero comics means so much to me and I suspect why they mean a lot to many ppl. :) It's also why I think it's important that female superheroes not be just objects of lust for men. ^-^

Superheroes dun just represent what's best in us, and they dun just represent something to aspire to, or the idea that somebody will watch over us, tho they can represent those too, but the special and wonderful thing about superheroes and their mythology, esp the idea of the alter ego, is that they can be us. :)

The great thing about superheroes is that they are regular people, they have jobs and lives and usually very unspectacular ones, but when they put on the costume, they're heroes. They're brave and strong and liked. :) And superheroes makes us want to be them, and in many ways feel we are them. They give us hope, no matter who we are.

Bookish Clark Kent is Superman. Nerdy Peter Parker is Spiderman. :) Young Billy Batson, a little boy, says the magic words SHAZAM and becomes Captain Marvel! Freddy Freeman is a disabled boy but is a superhero as Captain Marvel Jr. Bruce Wayne, appearing to all as a spoiled uncaring playboy is the dark and brooding Batman. :O No matter who you are, there's a superhero you can associate with, one who makes YOU feel special. We all have our roles to play in life, whether chosen, born into or just given by other people, but we all know what's inside ourselves. We can believe that given the chance, the right moment, we can be more than what we appear to be, that we can be strong and bold, that taking off the shirt, or donning the mask, or saying the magic words, we will get the chance to show the world who we really are, how good we can be, how likeable we can be. :)

THAT is what superheroes mean to me and that is why I think they're always an indelible part of our society and that their stories and their mythology is so compelling. ^-^ And that is also why I think it's important that female superheroes are more than just eye candy.

While a guy wants to take off his shirt to reveal the big shining S and be Superman, I want to do the same and be Supergirl :) I too want to be the smart, beautiful, brave woman I know is inside me. ^-^ However, that feeling is broken when Supergirl is drawn and portrayed as a slutty whiny girl. :\ When superheroes are drawn as objects of lust, as pornstar look alikes. That is NOT who we want to be when we take off the civilian clothing. We want to be beautiful, powerful, strong figures like our male counter parts, not porn stars dripping with smex appeal. Superheroes are our ideal and it's important that we remember this. Just as male superheroes are the avatar for guys, the female superheroes are our avatars. They aren't just there for male consumption but as a reflection of who we are inside just as Superman or Spiderman is. They represent what's hidden from the world.

The big question is how to get women to read comics. There's no magic to it. There's no gimmick, no lure. They read Superhero comics for the same reason men do, for the Superheroes. We want to see ourselves in the books. We all have a favourite hero, somebody we associate with, somebody we want to be, or feel that we are inside. And if you want women to read, you have to remember that the heroines are us, and not just the girlfriend you want us to be. ^-^

Sometimes I think boys think that girls want nothing more than to be the object of their fantasies, but that's not true at all. :O We want to be able to rip open our shirt and show the big red S and be a hero as much as they do. The details might be different but the impetus and the feelings behind it are the same. :)

Superheroes are special and unique. They are heroes who are not limited by their race, religion or gender. They're not limited by physical or mental ability or their background. Women are as equal as men, children as adults, b/c of super powers. Superman is not stronger than Black Canary b/c he is a man, but b/c he's Superman. Wonder Woman is equal to Superman b/c she's Wonder Woman. The Thing is as equal a hero as Captain America. :) Nobody is hired as a hero, it is not something you can be prevented from doing b/c of how you look, as the X-Men prove. The only requirements are courage, bravery and integrity. :) And I think those elements are in every single person on Earth, and superheroes give us belief in ourselves that despite what ppl see on the outside, or our role in life, that we are just as good and just as beautiful and just as powerful given the chance. ^-^

Maybe that's hoping for too much. But that's what I believe and that's why superhero comics endure even now and sometimes I think we forget that. We forget that it's not just an outlet for the artists fantasies, it's an outlet for EVERYBODY'S fantasies, our hopes and our dreams. EVERYBODY. Male and female.

If you want women to buy superhero comics, to read superhero comics and to enjoy superhero comics. Remember that, like men, like everybody, we are superheroes inside too. :)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Idealized women, fine, but whose ideal?

Okay, so my first rant XD

Before I start I wanna say that I do understand this issue (at least from my own pov). I'm a bi girl, I like women, but I also like myself. I try to balance both my attraction to women and yet being a girl myself when I read comics and see how they are portrayed. :]

This is just something that's been bugging me a lot... esp being a gamer/comic girl, b/c it's something I encounter a lot :o And that of course is how women are portrayed visually in those mediums. :\ And what I rly hate is hearing the defence from ppl that it's expected that in a fantasy realm to have "perfect" women.

Fine, I do understand that XD I mean there are no fat Superhero men after all. They're all fit and in shape. However, it's what "perfect" means that bothers me. :| Whose idea of perfection? Whenever this is brought up the arguments I always hear are the same, nobody would buy a game or read a comic if the female character was a ugly, chubby librarian and that it's just having an ideal figure.

But, wouldn't an ideal figure for a superhero be that of somebody who is athletic, eats well and keeps in shape? It IS that way for the men AFTER ALL. And this makes SENSE since they have to get up every morning (or night, if you're Batman I guess XD) and fight crime. :o

For some reason, ppl always act like it's a choice between the porn star look we get in comics, or some ugly fat person. Why? There's no middle ground? Is the ONLY way we're attractive is if we weigh 100lbs and have 34DD breasts? >:O Like, other than that it's ugly?


Here's what I mean:

This is a picture of the Huntress from before with her old costume. And this is a different picture. (To be fair, this is not from a comic book, but it's a good example of the type of women that appear in comic books and it's drawn by an accomplished comic book artist)

Ignoring the fact that the costume just got a heck of a lot less practical for a Batmanesque hero with no powers, are you telling me that the first picture is unattractive? :O

I have no problems with the first one! I think she looks very beautiful, very strong, and (except for the fact that she let's her hair flow loosely, which is impractical for fights) fairly realistic. She's clearly in good shape, her breasts are close to her body, which is what would happen if she was in fighting shape and had been working out, and seems to be wearing a bra. :)

Now the second one is the types of portrayals that rly irk me and make me go "ugh" when reading a comic. :( Besides the caked on make up (and who would wear make up when you're hunting criminals at NIGHT), there's the fact that her ginormous boobies have no support. :O I've NEVER understood the comic book artist's obsession with drawing breasts under clothing without a bra or nething on. I'm FAIRLY certain Batman wears a jock and underwear. He doesn't just leave things dangling about.

And clearly this Huntress hasn't been eating OR working out. Tho there's much worse out there. There's at least some semblance of muscle. A lot of women heroes are drawn with no lines at all, giving them a very soft, fleshy, look. This is deliberate (as told to me by the artists in Wizard's "How to Draw: Heroic Anatomy"). :|

This just adds to the pornstar look. Big breasts, soft body, no muscle. :(

But apparently, THAT is the idealized woman. And NOT Huntress in picture one. Cuz she's ugly.. or something... >.>;;;

So again, WHO is idealizing us? :O Clearly not ourselves, cuz if I had to choose, I'd want to look like Huntress 1. I'd be pretty happy to have *that* body XD

So the argument that this is OUR fault is specious. I've heard it before, even from other women, that hey this is what we want to look like. Okay, so I'm not EVERY woman, but I'm fairly sure that the majority of us want to look good, and attractive, but NOT in the big boobed, wasp thin waist, "soft" way. :O

I HATE when guys seem to think what they want is how we wish to look. Sometimes I think that they're under the impression that all of us wish we were platinum blonde 34DDDDDDD pornstars and that we're all just jealous we're not. Nuh-uh! >:O

As I said, idealized me would look like Huntress in picture 1. So it's not like I'm totally against everything prettier than me. :| But it's not just a choice between picture 2 and dumpy looking girl with acne and glasses. >:|

If you wanna argue about how men are idealized too, be fair. Men in comics are well built, like ppl who work out. They're fit. But they wear jocks and underwear. There is NO emphasis on how big their packages are, or how tight their butts are. Srsly, they wear tights but somehow the detail on their butts isn't quite as pronounced as on the women. >.<;; So clearly it's not about SEX with the men. It's about radiating strength.

For women it's about radiating gravity from those planets they call breasts. XD

Fair is fair. If comics are about idealizing people to the level of attractive, athletic, crime fighting human beings, then draw the characters, both male and female, with that in mind.

If comics are however, about porn, then we better be emphasizing the same things for both genders. >:O And I'm sure most guys who read comics would be turned off if they had little Superman staring them in the face every other panel. XDDD

And if people (male or female) dun find toned girls with B or C-cups and a svelte figure attractive enuf and NEED anorexic girls with balloons on their chest, then they have way more problems than complaining about "feminazis" ruining their enjoyment of comics. >:O I shudder to think that the attractive girl they see at the mall isn't "good" enuf for them, and all they can think about is what's in porn mags. :(

I'm sure we can all agree that we want comics and the characters in them to be attractive and pleasing to look at. :) But there's a middle ground between realism and fantasy. Women can be attractive to men, AND be something that we can read and not go "ugh" at. :)

Hi! :D

Hi! :)

Yes it's me, Ami, back again with another comic blog! :) Why do I have another blog? :o Well... cuz I have a lot to say about comics in general sometimes and sometimes it has nothing to do with a review of an issue. >.>;; So I decided to have a seperate blog for my opinions and stuffs :)

Yay! ^___^

Neways, I usually try to refrain from going on too many rants b/c I dun like conflict or arguments and I dun want to start annoying ppl and starting flame wars :( But sometimes I like to be able to state my points and complain :) Or praise! :D

And yus, I do look at comics from a "female pov" whatever that is xD But I do complain about female roles in superhero comics, etc... b/c these are things that are important to me and affect my ENJOYMENT of the comic, so these are not little things. XD


Neways... welcome to my new blog! :D But still, keep checking out my reviews b/c I'll still be posting them! ^-^

<3 <3 <3

Teh Ami :]