Thursday, May 17, 2007

I honestly dun get it :( Why would ppl choose to be angry? :\


I honestly dun understand why ppl spend their time trolling other ppl's blogs posting extremely long comments and then responding 5 minutes later angrily with more long comments for hours and hours.

Do ppl rly have nothing better to do than pick a fight? :\ What's worse is that they think they're 100% right, and therefore, it's not a debate, it's not a discussion, it's a fight. For a fight's sake. It seems like many ppl are posting simply to get into a fight. It's not their journal. If they just wanted to express an opinion, they could write in their journal. Instead, they show up on other ppl's journals just to say "UR WRONG". :\


Srsly... why?

I just dun get it :(

And it keeps going on and on and on...

I see lots of posts I disagree with. I never comment. B/c.. why should I? I'm not gonna change their opinion, and it's rude to show up on ppl's journals that you dun agree with simply to get into a fight. :\ If I have my own opinion I blog about it :)

I dunno why everybody has to be RIGHT.

I disagree with lots of ppl, I dun rly care that they dun share my POV. I dun call them names, or make assumptions about them or nething. >.>;

The negativity hurts me. :( I prefer a live and let live mentality :)

It seems like a lot of ppl have to prove themselves sometimes :\ I dun. I disagree with ppl, and honestly, I see lots of holes in their arguments. But what's the point of fighting online? Ppl get angry, NOBODY evar gets convinced and it ends up with both sides shouting at the wind.

This is why I'm so confused lately :\

Ppl blogging in their OWN PERSONAL BLOG about why they hate the statue, or even complaining to the ppl who made the statue makes sense XD Ppl showing up on blogs that they've prolly never even heard of until they found a Fangirls Attack post, just so they can yell at the person and tell them how wrong they are...



I guess what bothers me most is the ppl who show up just to pick a fight. Did these ppl comment on nething else I've posted? No. Did they wish me a happy birthday on my birthday post? No.

So they're here just to fight.

Um.. no.

My blog is not for fighting. Sorry XD

*puts up "Trolls are not welcome" sign on her lawn* :)

Honestly tho... all these ppl who are trolling and insulting and spending hours and hours refreshing a screen waiting for new comments to argue about...

How does any of this affect you? XD Why does it matter what other ppl say? You're not gonna convince them and they're not gonna convince you... so... what's the point? XD

I'm just confused :( As I said, I read lots of opinions online on other ppl's blogs I disagree with. I've NEVAR commented. B/c, it's their life and their opinion XD They're welcome to have it and unless they're leading my country or something, I rly dun care what they think :) If you spend your time getting angry that other ppl dun think like you... you're gonna be angry for the rest of your life :(

I prefer to be happy :D


  1. How does any of this affect you? XD Why does it matter what other ppl say?

    I agree that coming to another's blog just to fight is pointless and stupid. Especially when you know that nothing you are going to say is going to change their minds. You can usually tell by reading a few posts if they are an open-minded enough person, that they will entertain a point-of-view not their own. And once you can see that isn't the case, to say anything really is little more productive than yelling at a wall.

    However, in the case of stuff like the MJ statue, there is one small thing that is different. Yes, people are stating their opinions, but in doing so a lot of people are also making sweeping judgements about other people. Women painting men with the same brush. Men insulting women, as if they are all the same. And for most of us, it isn't that they don't like (or do like) the statue. It isn't about wanting better standards of marketing. It's about being labelled in a way that villifies and is insulting to you, simply because you don't agree with what said blogger is saying.

    Just because I don't see a problem with the MJ statue, is not an automatic inditement that I'm a sexist pig out to hinder feminism. And you seeing a problem with it, doesn't make you a cranky and bitter-minded bitch, who needs to get a man and get laid. But, sweeping judgments like these have been made by many bloggers over this. And a lot of people just aren't going to sit there and let them think it's okay to do that.

    Of course, it usually degenerates quickly after that, since everyone will take offense at any view that doesn't support their own and the insults will fly and strawmen arguments are made, only feeding into the hostility that the blogger originally begun.

    Personally, I don't think anyone should blog when they are mad. It never results in anything positive and usually only leads to more hostility. There's a reason most of us don't shoot off our mouths like that in real life to others, like so many they seem so willing to do online. And that's because we know they'd be consequences to our actions. Online, though, there is no such fear, having the safety of anonymity and distance from those whom you insult with your venom. It's just a recipe for troublemaking, IMO.

    Sadly, I can see already that someday, someone who gets villified online by some blogger is going to snap, track them down and go "Columbine" on them (and don't think it couldn't happen, because you'd be scared to death to know how easily you can find personal information of people online, even it they hide with a user name). Personally, I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet.

    But one day it will and everyone will be shocked and horrified. And only then, maybe, will people think twice bfore they are so quick to spew such hostility at others online. Sad as it is to say, it usually takes a tragedy before people take responsibility for what they do. I hope I'm wrong about this, but if history is any judge, I'm probably more right than even I would like to be.

    Sorry for the long reply, Ami (I know you've complained to me before about them, as well as in this very post). But since you did as the questions sincerely, I felt it was only right to give you my thoughts in that same way. I hope some of it has made sense to you. :)

  2. James, the questions were rhetorical. >.>;;

  3. And rly... it doesn't matter if ppl are tarring other ppl with brushes. It's their blogs. You dun have to read it, and you can stop when it starts annoying you xD

  4. Also James, to be honest, I was also thinking about you when writing this b/c of the comments you've left on other blogs. :(

    Even tho you dun like the fighting, you're only helping to propagate it :(

    You dun have to take it personally if ppl are saying stuff you dun like. And you dun have to keep responding and then responding on other posts which mention you, etc etc and then respond to responses. It doesn't matter if ppl are making assumptions or being mean. Let them. XD

    *hugs* You're better than that :D

  5. Me, I like being right. That means ideally I should remain calm and have a proper dialogue to try to understand where 'right' is. I'd prefer to persuade them of that too, if they don't already have it.

    But usually I do not bother commenting whether I agree or disagree. Usually I do not have the knowledge to have an opinion that deserves to be taken seriously, or the time or the interest to explore the topic as thoroughly as it deserves. Or the temper. Or I think they don't. Or- Stop.

  6. Awww :(

    Tricia, you have lots to say tho :D And honestly, everything you say should be taken srsly :) *hugs* Esp since you're so aware of yourself :o It's better to be the person who speaks little but says important stuff when they do talk :D It's quality not quantity that's important! :3

  7. James, the questions were rhetorical. >.>;;

    Oh, NOW you tell me! ;) Maybe you should have mentioned that in the original post. I wouldn't have tried so hard to be philosphical and everything. :D

    And rly... it doesn't matter if ppl are tarring other ppl with brushes.

    Well, I guess it's just a failing of mankind, Ami. No one wants to be belittled, no matter where it is. Everyone wants to be liked. And being disliked over something as unimportant as a statue, well, as I said, it's just a failing of mankind.

    You dun have to take it personally if ppl are saying stuff you dun like. And you dun have to keep responding and then responding on other posts which mention you, etc etc and then respond to responses.

    Well, it is hard, when because you don't agree with someone, they seem to villify you for it. I'm not a bad guy. I don't kick puppies, I don't forclose on old folks homes, I don't tie helpless girls to railroad tracks. Yet, because I don't see an issue in something someone else does, I'm a misogynistic pig?

    As for the responding to responses, I'm afraid that's something I picked up from my days in the great GL debate. You learned quickly that if you didn't reply to something someone said, you were automatically procliaming them correct. Sounds silly, I know, but it's sort of become like a war wound that you always know is there.

    Even tho you dun like the fighting, you're only helping to propagate it :(

    You know, on some level I know that. But I've just always felt that if you bring the right logic to a debate, it helps more than it hurts. Maybe I'm wrong. Wouldn't be the first time and sure won't be my last.

    *hugs* You're better than that :D

    Awwwww... :) Thanks, Ami. I do try. Lord knows I probably fail a lot, but I do try.

    And hey, look at this, I replied to three responses, but only made one. I think we are making progress here. ;)

  8. I usually deal with trollers like that by ignoring them. Most of them don't even care about the opinion they are expressing and just want to be little shit disturbers to get attention.

    They are the kind of people that I try to ward off by enabling comment moderation. Not that I'm a ruthless comment dictator. I'll post a differing opinion if the post seems informed. I'm always up for an intelligent debate. But if the postee decides that the best way to get their point across is to attack my person, my opinion, or the person/opinion of my friends I reject their post without a second thought. No one else needs to see that.

    Marr Vell